Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mel and Julia's Wedding - Part 1

The 2nd last weekend in November, we headed down to the West Country for Mel and Julia’s wedding. They had been quite worried that it would have to be cancelled due to lots of flooding, but fortunately the place they had booked was relatively unaffected (other than some people having to take detours to get there from certain parts of the country).

We went down on the Thursday night as Jen, and I were part of the group of bridesmaids. On the Friday night, after the ‘final supper’, Mel went to stay with her family and Julia stayed in the place where the reception was going to be held. The bridesmaids had agreed between us that we would give them the best shave possible that night and we even got Lucy to join in and help (we were taking care of Julia). We gave her an incredibly thorough shave, removing every bit of hair (under arms and legs as well as pussy). Of course, we concentrated on her pussy and once finished, we massaged some cream into it to make sure there were no red marks. We left Julia to get some sleep and after waiting in our room for a while to let everyone else get settled, we were just about to sneak in to see Lis and Lucy when Julia called and said that she felt restless and could do with some help getting to sleep.

For anyone else this might have meant a glass of warm milk, but for our little Julia it could only mean one thing. I offered her Mike and she said that she didn’t want to fuck him so she could be ‘clean and pure’ (her words) for the next day (as if there is any chance of Julia ever being pure), but he offered to just go down on her and she agreed to this (she knows that he loves doing this and is quite good at it). As there were some members of Mel and Julia’s family staying in the hotel, I went down with him so it wouldn’t look so suspicious if anyone saw us entering the room. We made it without being spotted and Mike promised her that he would eat and lick her for as long as she wanted and got stuck in straight away.

I hurried back to collect Jen and we made it down to Lucy and Lis. Lucy still didn’t want people knowing that she was doing things with us, although didn’t seem quite as bothered about this as before. It was quite late anyway so we just had a single session – I ate Lis while Jen ate Lucy and we then swapped partners so Jen and I could cum. We got back to our room before Mike did – Julia had only wanted to cum twice, but he had kitty kissed her for quite a while in between sessions. Julia had been quite well behaved (for someone who was getting cunnilingus from a third party on the night before her wedding) and had stuck with her resolution to not fuck him. This meant that Mike was more than ready to cum and as he wasn’t allowed to fuck me (as we were doing things with Lis and Lucy), he asked if I would suck him.

I did as he asked and as an extra bonus, I gave him Lis’ panties (they had the same agreement as before, in payment for him not cumming in me for a couple of days, Lis would let him have her used panties). He inhaled her scent off the panties while I swirled my tongue around his glans and Jen described to him how Lucy’s pussy had felt in her mouth. As Jen had been helping out, I thought it was only fair that she should get to experience his cum (plus he’d drunk a few cups of coffee and that often makes his cum taste bitter so I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth). To finish off, Jen lay down on the bed and Mike straddled her waist. I leaned over to use my mouth until he was very close and then finished him off with my hands. His cum jetted out, one lot going up over Jen’s hair, one pretty much right up the middle of her face and a number more that splattered over her chest. Jen complained that she would have to wash her hair in the morning (as if she wouldn’t have done so anyway) and I told her it served her right for having helped get him so excited. I told Mike to rub his cum into her and he massaged her breasts and then pushed his hands up her body, up her neck and rubbed over her face. He then sat up and squeezed a few more drops of cum out of his cock directly on to her face. Jen had been well and truly creamed and I was tempted to go and fetch someone to admire the way she looked but it was late and we didn’t know who was still awake (which is probably just as well for Jen as I would have wanted her to walk to the other room naked with Mike’s cum dripping down her body).

The next morning, Jen and I had a quick session as we had to go and help Julia get ready. We debated signing her pussy for luck, but she wanted to have a wholesome ceremony (and was even wearing panties, which is just as rare for her as it is for me). Jen and I showered together and then did each other’s hair. While I sat, Mike knelt between my legs and licked me. I knew that I was unlikely to get away with just being teased and he did indeed carry on until I came. He offered to do the same for Jen (and as expected was denied), so he went to shower. He came back and commented on the water pressure. We had noticed this while showering and wished that we had bought one of our pulse shower heads with us as the pressure was so high (high enough that if you put the shower on needle spray at full power, it was actually painful). The ‘champagne’ setting on the shower felt very nice, but was too large a stream to be of use (in stimulation – it was actually quote nice to shower under).

It was a simple ceremony and Mel and Julia wore matching cream dresses. I knew that Julia could look quite cute but Mel also scrubbed up quite nicely and actually looked quite different to her usual self. The rain meant that they couldn’t get many outdoor photos, but the as we were staying in a really nice country house that had lots of picturesque areas for photos so it wasn’t too big a deal. The meal was really nice and nothing to embarrassing was said in the speeches (although people had been threatened with extreme violence if any of the ‘games’ at Uni were mentioned.

During the evening reception, I danced with Julia’s brother and promised him he could visit me later if he wished. I also get to meet some of Julia’s old friends and I let them know that I knew about the things they used to get up to. They were a little worried at first, but I assured them I was acquainted with Julia in the same way and that she was no less insatiable. I also thanked them for having helped to awaken her libido and said that I could thank them properly if they wished – unfortunately Lynne (who used to babysit for Julia) said that she didn’t really do things with girls anymore but her brother seemed interested so I led him away and promised to return him shortly (although I was hoping, not *too* shortly).

For privacy, we headed up to our room and once inside I pulled my panties down, tossed a condom over to him and hiked up my dress to present my pussy and ass to him. I told him that I wanted to see if he was as good as Julia had described so he got me to tell him what I knew and in return I got him to tell me some more of the things they got up to while he fucked me. He was fairly good and (as I should have expected from knowing what Julia is like) enjoyed playing with me. I had my clit rubbed, a thumb in my ass and my breasts fondled (although I told him not to crease the dress so he didn’t do this much). He was considerate enough to ask if I wanted to cum first and I told him that if he made me cum, he could continue to use me until he finished and I received a short but strong pounding once my orgasm hit. After he pulled out, I removed the condom and wiped his cock clean with my panties (which had the added bonus of me not being able to put them back on).

We returned to the party and danced a while longer. Abrahii caught hold of me a bit later and asked if I was willing to join her in a game. I knew it wasn’t likely to be charades so willingly agreed and was told that she intended to tease one of Julia’s uncles that she had caught looking at her (he was single so we weren’t promoting adultery). She didn’t have any trouble getting him to dance with her and afterwards, she sat and chatted to him and let her dress fall so she showed quite a bit of leg. I briefly joined them and as we talked, I caressed her thigh and despite him shifting position a number of times, there was an obvious bulge in his trousers. Abrahii whispered to me and then led him outside onto a small balcony. It was still raining so they sat near the back on a bench and when I went out to join them I squeezed past Abrahii and then (much more slowly), squeezed past the man, ensuring there was good contact between my ass and his crotch.

After a few minutes, Abrahii said she felt a bit cold and he was enough of a gentleman to offer her his jacket. I pointed out that her legs were still likely to get cold and squeezed past him again so I could sit on the other side of Abrahii. This time I trailed my hand over his crotch as I went past and once sitting my Abrahii I stroked up and down her legs. She leaned back and spread her legs slightly so I asked the man if he would help by warming up the leg closest to him. He was a bit uncertain at first, but then mirrored what I was doing and once he was using more confident movements, I started to push my hand up higher under Abrahii’s skirt. She spread her legs further and I soon reached her panties and caressed them. I pushed the material between her lips and was going to pull them aside so I could finger them properly when the door at the other end of the balcony opened. The man almost jumped back from her but Abrahii gently closed her legs and suggested that we go back inside.

As we walked back, she handed the jacket back to the man, suggesting that he might need to strategically hold it to cover his bulge. She whispered to me that she wanted to carry on so I asked how much she wanted to do and she said that we may as well see how far we could take him. Abrahii went straight upstairs and after a minute I told the man to meet us in her room. I left the reception and waited in the hallway until he appeared and told him that if he was good, he would get to have some fun and then led him up to Abrahii’s room. She was sitting on the bed with her legs spread, stroking her panties and we sat on either side of her. I pushed her hand out of the way and replaced it with mine, but this time I worked my fingers around the side of her panties and fingered her pussy directly. I didn’t want to be away from the party for too long so got her to stand up and remove her dress. The guy certainly liked the view, and he seemed to like it even more when I stood behind her and caressed her, pushing her bra up so I could caress her breasts and pushing a hand down into her panties. She turned to face me and I quietly asked who else she had fucked (her pussy felt wetter than usual) and she told me that it was just Richard and he was clean.

Armed with that knowledge, I knelt and slipped her panties down, pushed her onto the bed and gave her pussy a few long licks. I didn’t want to get too far behind so I slipped out of my dress and removed my bra while Abrahii helped the guy to undo his trousers and free his cock. Fortunately she also had a ready supply of condoms and by the time I was naked, she had slipped one on him and had him in her mouth. So as not to be left behind, I sat on the other side of him and we both kissed around his cock. He had a hand on the back of each of our heads and pushed us up and down. He wasn’t a bad size and I asked Abrahii if she would like the honour of sampling him first. He was told to stay sitting and Abrahii stood facing away from him, then lowered herself onto his cock. As soon as she was in place, I got him to spread his legs so I could kneel in front of him and lick her clit along with his cock. She bounced up and down on him for a couple of minutes and we then changed position.

This time, he lay on the bed properly and she mounted him the other way round (facing him). I knelt behind her and reached around to fondle her breasts (and remove her bra) but the guy wanted to play with them so I reached down to rub her clit and reached behind her to caress his balls. I moved up and down in time with her to help get a decent bounce on the bed and then told her not to be greedy. She moved off his cock and I quickly mounted him, riding him faster and leaning forwards to offer him my nipples (which he happily took in his hands and sucked on in turn). After another few minutes, Abrahii slapped my ass and told me it was her turn again so I pulled myself off his cock, but stayed sitting over his stomach as he seemed to be enjoying my breasts. I could feel Abrahii’s hand brushing against my ass and guessed she was playing with her clit. I could also hear her familiar panting as she got close to cumming and told the guy to fuck her harder. He did this and I asked if once he’d fucked her, if he wanted to watch Abrahii eat me (which he did). I thought that I should let them finish off properly so I climbed off his body and lay beside them, occasionally stroking Abrahii’s breasts or pussy, but mostly gently playing with myself. They guy came and Abrahii stayed on his cock and frigged herself until she came, then climbed off so we could see the damage. There was a reasonable volume of cum in the condom and we carefully removed it and towelled his cock dry.

I asked if he thought he could get hard enough to fuck me but his cock was already soft and he said it might be a while. I had wanted to sample him properly but settled for lying on the bed and letting Abrahii eat me. I tried to put on a good show and played with my nipples while moaning and panting (without going over the top). I noticed that despite his claim to need some time, he had managed to get hard again so I asked if he was up to fucking me. Abrahii got him prepared and I told him to kneel and pull my legs up so he could get deep inside me. I felt it was only fair that he should get to see one of us being eaten so I pulled Abrahii over my face and put on a show of licking her clit and spreading her lips so I could lick inside her. She reached forwards a few times to play with my clit and the third time was enough to make me cum. I told them when I was getting close and asked the guy to pound into me as fast as he could. When I came I pulled Abrahii back over me and ate her furiously, trying to get her to cum as quickly as possible. The guy came in me first but she wasn’t too far behind.

We dried his cock and both fondled it (along with his balls) until he was on the way to being hard again. I really wanted to get back downstairs so we told him that was all he was getting, but he seemed more than satisfied (which isn’t really surprising – he’d had two girls who had a combined age less than his). He left the room first while we finished dressing and I told Abrahii that she had to corner Jen and eat her at some point in the evening. We returned to the reception and continued to mingle – occasionally swapping nods with the guy (and in my case also with the guy I’d fucked earlier). I spent some time with Jen and told her what Abrahii had planned but Jen had plans of her own and showed me an area she had identified that she could have some of her own fun (not that she had been entirely well behaved while I’d been busy).

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