Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mel and Julia's Wedding - Part 2

We're having a nice Valentines weekend alone together. It confused the restaurant a bit when we asked for a Valentine's table for three, but we managed to convince them to accommodate us. Back to the wedding now...

Later in the evening, Jen led me out to another balcony area, but this went around a corner so there was a part that was out of sight of the door. She crouched down, spread her legs and told me that I had to rub her and she would pee when she came. I did as asked and rubbed her through her panties at first before pushing my hand inside them and caressing her directly. I wanted her to take them off but she said she had to keep them on. We moved around a few times to find the best position and I ended up beside her with her leg between mine. She mewed into my mouth as we kissed and just before she came I was told to take my hand out of her panties and rub her through them. I did as asked, sought out her clit through the material and rubbed away. Jen told me that she was cumming, but I already knew this as her panties had rapidly dampened and then started to drip as she peed. I carried on rubbing until she said she had finished and then pushed my hand into her panties and massaged her whole pussy. Jen told me that she was going to stand up and she held her skirt up until I had pulled her sodden panties off and wiped her ass and thighs down with a napkin from her bag (she was prepared). We left her panties draped over the railing of the balcony (and they had gone the next morning).

Jen and I went to talk to some of her Uni friends and I danced with Susan (the new girl in the group). I told her that I’d heard that she had loosened up a bit and she blushed but I held her tight and told her that she didn’t need to be embarrassed and being able to enjoying herself was a good thing. I rubbed my crotch against her leg, but not too much as there were lots of ‘normal’ people around and we had all promised to be discreet. I also chatted to some more of Julia’s old friends and teased Lynne about having just fucked her brother and wished that she had been there to join us. She said that it was a long time since she had seen her brother naked and I told her that if her body was as good as his, then it was a shame she wasn’t fucking girls anymore - although in reality it probably wouldn’t have been as good. While it is certainly much nicer doing things bareback, I find it much less intrusive to have a guy using a condom inside me than for me to use a dental dam when going down on a girl (and while not the taste of a girl is not always nice, it is a large part of the experience).

As things wound down and Mel and Julia disappeared to consummate their marriage (I’m not quite sure how lesbians consummate a marriage, but if anyone can do it, Mel and Julia can), I grabbed Abrahii and told her that she still had to eat Jen. I told Alex (Julia’s brother) that if he wanted to join us then he should come along to our room and we separately made our way up there. Abrahii also brought Richard and James along which I wasn’t expecting and it meant that there were a few more people than I had intended. I’d hoped that Abrahii could have eaten Jen while Alex fucked me but Richard wanted to fuck Abrahii while she worked on Jen. He actually came in her quite quickly and Alex seemed quite surprised when James sucked Richard’s cock clean. Mike eagerly took up position behind Abrahii once Richard finished with her and he gave her a good fucking with long steady strokes. Abrahii was already dripping with Richard’s cum before he started and by the time Mike came in her, she had far more cum dripping out so I gave her a sloppy fingering and Let Alex help out with this.

I certainly got the impression that Alex wasn’t comfortable with James sucking Richard and dared Mike to let James suck him clean. Mike doesn’t really like doing things with guys, although has given a hand job and been sucked off, so he isn’t completely adverse to the idea. The fact that I actually dared him to do this is probably what encouraged him though and he let James take his cock in his mouth (and get a fairly good length in). He only stayed in place for about a minute, but his cock was definitely hard when he moved away from James. At the time Mike didn’t know that I’d done this to see Alex’s response (Alex didn’t make any comment, but I still got the feeling he wasn’t comfortable). He left not long after and as James and Richard were going back to their room, Abrahii asked if she could spend the rest of the night with us. Jen and I had intended to go and see Lis and Lucy, but couldn’t tell he this so we made an excuse and said that we were feeling quite tired, but offered her Mike and she accepted this. He went off to her room and after 10 minutes, we snuck down to Lis and Lucy.

I was actually feeling a little tired and didn’t need to cum again (having had quite a good variety of experiences throughout the evening), but I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to make Lis or Lucy cum. The session didn’t go quite as planned as when we were arrived, we were treated to a little story of events that had happened earlier that evening…

Mike had danced and flirted with Lis a number of times and they had (quietly) discussed the various things that they had done. Mike had teased her about how much he enjoyed the scent and taste of her pussy from her panties and asked if he was going to be allowed to taste her directly. Lis was still enjoying teasing him and leading him on, saying that maybe one day, when Jen finally decided to let him eat her, then she might do the same. Later in the evening, Mike reminded her that she still had to furnish him with a pair of her panties so he had something to use (at that point, he didn’t know that he would be spending the night with Abrahii). He suggested that they go somewhere so she could give him the ones she had on but Lis wasn’t sure about being at a wedding reception and being naked under her dress so she said that she would go to her room and change into another pair. He went up with her and tried to convince her to let him remove the panties with his teeth but Lis has seen me so this to Julia and knows full well that the opportunity can be used to nuzzle.

Once in her room, Lis told Mike that (providing he behaved) he could use his hands to slide her panties down. She stood beside the bed and lifted her skirt while Mike knelt on the floor in front of her, hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties and slowly peeled them off before letting the slide to the floor. Lis stepped out of them and Mike put his hands on her thighs, telling her that she had an incredibly beautiful pussy and saying how wonderful her scent was. He still wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy, but by pressing on her inner thighs with his thumbs, he managed to ever so slightly spread her lips. Lis quite enjoyed the feeling of having Mike kneeling before her and she found it quite thrilling knowing that he was examining her so intimately (even if it wasn’t as intimately as he would have wanted). She could also feel his breath on her pussy and she savoured the sensation.

Mike picked up her panties and asked her if she would rub herself with them so he could get as much of her as possible from them and she took them and did as he asked. She even pushed them slightly inside herself before handing them to him and saying that she now needed to find a new pair. She bent over to look in the drawer and then reached back to pull her skirt up, saying to Mike that Jen had told her he liked this view (and he isn’t the only one – a cute pussy peeking out from between legs is very alluring). He told her that she looked very sexy and she wiggled her ass so he moved over behind her and pressed the bulge of his cock against her. Lis pushed back and ground herself against him, then asked if he wanted to try being inside her again. Of course, Mike said that he would and he quickly had his cock out ready to go. He spread Lis’ lips, positioned himself and told her to push back. He slipped in a couple of inches and after they pumped together a few times was in the whole way.

They moved around slightly so Mike had his back to the wall and Lis was holding on to the side of the drawers and they pumped back and forth. Mike complimented her on how good her pussy felt and Lis said that his cock felt pretty good too. Their movements sped up and Mike reached up to unzip Lis’ dress so he could get a hand in the side and onto her breasts (technically onto her bra, although as they carried on he pushed this out of the way so he could fondle her breast directly). They carried on fucking and Mike was really enjoying the experience. Lis’ dress was now in disarray as he had pushed it up to make it easy to caress her ass and back as well as reach in to her breasts. Lis pumped back and forth really quickly (from the way he described it I guess it was kind of the equivalent to the ways she licks) and before Mike realised it he knew that he was getting close to cumming. He told Lis to slow down (although he was still pushing into her in time with her thrusts) and tried to calm down, but it had been a while since he’d cum, he’d had a bit to drink and he was inside Lis’ tight cunt. He finally admitted to himself that he had lost and pushed Lis off his cock, then grabbed it with his hand and aimed away from her cunt in case he actually did cum. He managed to hold back (although was tempted to just cum over her legs) and told her not to press back against him as he was in a delicate state.

Lis realised how close they had come and told him that she hadn’t been too far off cumming (which is what she had been aiming for). He assured her that he hadn’t cum inside her and offered to eat her but the moment had been spoiled by this point. She told him that she didn’t mind if he wanted her to watch him cum (by which she meant that she actually quite enjoys seeing him cum), but Mike said that if she wasn’t going to cum, then he wouldn’t either. Once he’d put his cock away and she had straightened herself up (including putting on her fresh panties), they kissed and he told her that he would be up for a rematch and would make sure to hold back so she could cum. Lis told him that this might be fun, but didn’t commit to anything and they went back down to the reception together.

I was very surprised that Lis had gone so far (okay so she’s had his cock in her before, but that was only briefly). Lucy said that she was going to tell Mike off, but Lis was adamant that it wasn’t (all) his fault and she had been pushing things (literally) as well. It at least now made more sense to me why Mike had deposited so much cum into Abrahii. As recompense for him nearly impregnating Lis, I went down on her and then got Jen to lick as deep inside her as she could. I distracted Lucy while Jen did this and within no time, we were too busy for anyone to worry about anything. We only came once during the session (apart from Lis who’d had her bonus orgasm) and I still felt incredibly horny as people went to sleep. I ended up retrieving Lucy’s hairbrush from the bedside table and pushing it into me from behind so I could contract myself around it while I replayed what we’d done and Lis’ story. I only really succeeded in keeping myself feeling horny and eventually let the brush fall out of me.

I didn’t have any dreams that I remember but still felt reasonably horny when I woke up. I went down on Lucy and also used her hairbrush on her. Lis woke up while I was doing this and Jen sort of came round, but was still groggy so I told her that I would take care of Lis as well, and once I’d done this, I helped Jen wake up properly by eating and brush fucking her. This still left me and having made the three of them cum, I was now sufficiently horny that I just sat back and started to use the brush on myself. Fortunately Lis came to my aid and took over and as I got closer to cumming Lucy joined in and strummed her fingertips back and forth over my clit. I could have quite happily been quite loud as I came but I kept myself quiet and just concentrated on enjoying myself.

Jen and I left the room separately, but neither of us was seen. I went to fetch Mike from Abrahii on the way back to our room, but he’d already finished with her and she was in the process of getting ready to go down for breakfast. I got Mike’s version of the story with Lis when I got back to our room and it didn’t vary too much (Lis had been quite fair). His excuse was that he had expect Lis to just be teasing him again so he was enjoying it as much as he could and then when she started properly fucking him, he was enjoying it too much to stop. I couldn’t really blame him as I’ve given in to temptation and done more than I should with Lis a number of times. Over breakfast, he quietly apologised to her but she didn’t seem bothered about it. When alone, Mike repeated his offer to her to let her use his cock to cum if she wanted and said that she would think about it, but she had already done a lot more than she had meant to and didn’t think that almost fucking him to orgasm could be counted as ‘just teasing’. She was willing to keep her end of the bargain up around the panties though and told him that he would get the final pair before they left.

We didn’t get to see much of Mel and Julia as everyone wanted to talk to them and wish them luck, but told them that we wold give them a special wedding treat the next time we saw them (their Uni friends knew what we meant by this). We knew that (unless plans changed), we weren’t going to see any of them until after Christmas so we said our goodbyes, wished people happy Christmas (which felt a bit odd as it was still November) and went up to pack. Lis dropped by to say that she and Lucy were about to leave and as a thank you to Mike for not cumming inside her, she let him have a quick kiss of her pussy (only a single kiss, no tongue allowed). Jen was disapproving, but Lis thought he deserved it (and Jen didn’t really disapprove). We weren’t going to see Lis or Lucy until the New Year either so we went and said goodbye properly (just kisses) and Mike even got a decent kiss from Lucy.

While the weekend had been a lot more eventful for him than he’d expected, I still got a long fuck from him before we left (just so he could use our bed properly) and I got the pleasure of loading up the taxi with his cum dribbling out of me. The train was too busy for us to play with each other, but I nestled one of our vibrating eggs between my lips and held my thighs shut to hold it in place. It didn’t have as much contact with my clit as I would have liked, but I pretended to doze while I fantasised about various things and as I got more aroused, I gave in to temptation and reached under my skirt to adjust the position of the egg (I had my jacket over my lap). This was enough that I managed to cum, which Mike and Jen thought was fairly obvious as I got flushed, but they knew what I was doing so I’m not counting their opinion. I left the egg in place and had it turned down low for a while longer so when we arrived home I was ready for more and gave Mike a pretty energetic fuck while I ate Jen.


  1. Mike is brave. My wife gets really turned on seeing another guy suck me. For myself, its a bit weird and as long as I keep my face buried in her pussy as he sucks me, I will humor her. She comes instantly when getting eaten and seeing me cum in another guys mouth.

  2. That sounds about the same as Mike. He acknowledges that it technically feels nice, but guys don't turn him on and outside of dares and challenges, I doubt he's ever going to do much with guys (but then again, I didn't think I would ever do anything with girls at first so maybe someday Mike and I will share a football team/marine regiment...)

    (Just to clarify - this is my fantasy and Mike says that he's happy for me to imagine, but it's never likely to happen!)

    1. LOL. Yeah, my wife would love to see me take a guy in the mouth or ass but don't know if i can humor her that much!