Monday, 25 February 2013

Savouring the Nectar of Lust – Part 1

The first weekend in December, we invited Emily up. We knew that we would have be seeing her at the party the following week anyway, but it was partially as I felt a little bad about being mean to her at the previous party, but also because I had missed the way she tasted. We knew that she had made up with Sara (not in the sense of getting back together, but Emily had apologised for cheating and Sara had accepted her apology).

Jen met Emily at the station in the middle of the afternoon and escorted her home. I got home first and found them both naked and asleep in Jen’s bed. On waking them I found out (unsurprisingly) that Jen hadn’t been able to wait and had wanted to taste Emily, which had developed into eating her properly and this in turn had developed into them 69ing (and then having a nap). As I knew that Mike would want to eat Emily when he got home, I thought that it was probably best for me to have a go first (just so we didn’t expect too much from her at once) so I stripped off and joined them in bed. I was pleased to discover that Emily had shaved really well and her lips felt incredibly smooth. She tasted as good as I remembered (one of the few girls I know who always tastes good no matter what time of the month). As Jen had 69ed with Emily, she offered the same to me and I eagerly took her up on the offer. I hungrily ate her, devouring every drop of her pussy juice that I could get my tongue on and I managed to make her cum before I came. She stopped eating me as she came, but continued soon after while I kitty kissed her.

Once I’d cum, we remained in bed, chatted, kissed and fondled each other until Mike came home. Emily was nice and wet again by the time he arrived and he quickly joined us in bed so he could sample her pussy. He ate her to orgasm and she told him that he could fuck her but he said he didn’t want to spoil her taste just yet. As a compromise, he half-fucked her and she sucked him clean while he kitty kissed her. She wanted him to cum in her mouth but he told her he wanted to fill her cunt with him cum later on. The three of us then attacked her and Mike ate her to another orgasm while Jen and I played with her breasts, kissed her and caressed her body. By the time she came she said that she was exhausted and we had to remind her that she had agreed to be our little sex toy for the weekend (Emily knows perfectly well how much we adore the taste of her pussy and was under no illusion as to why she was visiting us).

We gave her a break and went out to buy some food for the evening. Emily was told that she could only wear a coat and didn’t have anything suitable with her (long enough to hide her ass) so had to borrow one of Jen’s. We had told her initially that we were just going to get a take-away, but we have decided to eat a bit more healthily (having lost lots of weight once, I don’t want to put it back on) and so we went to a supermarket. This came as a bit of a surprise to Em as we had forgotten to give her a way to fasten her coat shut so she had to wander round the brightly lit store holding the front together with a hand. Each of us took an opportunity to open her coat and caress her breasts and pussy (only briefly) and on the more secluded part of the way home, Jen and I each held one of her hands so the coat flapped open slightly (not much, but enough that if anyone had been walking towards us they would have known she was naked). We’d hoped to make her cum on the way back, but left it too late and there were too many people around so once we got home, I attached one of our dildos to the window and told her that she had to fuck herself on it (we did at least turn the lights out in the room so people outside wouldn’t be able to see as easily). We did help out by playing with her clit and Mike gave her his cock to suck on – only when she had cum did we go downstairs and have dinner.

With dinner out of the way we moved into the kitchen to clean up and somehow the handle of a spatula ended up inside Emily. This was more for show than to do anything to her, but Mike gladly took over and he fucked Emily while she leant against the counter and I knelt between her legs and licked her clit. We got her off again like this and suggested that we then head out for a drink. Emily agreed to wear the coat again, but only on the condition that we gave her a belt for it. This seemed like a good compromise as it meant she still showed off a fair bit of her chest and when she sat down, she had to be careful as to how the coat road up (it covered her ass while walking, but wasn’t much beyond mid-thigh length so she didn’t have much material to play with).

We discussed the upcoming party and Emily wanted to know a little about the person we were bringing along. Jen told her how she had been the one to introduce her to girls and Mike described how he had fucked her multiple times but we didn’t tell her that she was my sister. We didn’t stay out too long and returned home to have a bit more fun. By that time it was unfortunately it was too cold to stop and do anything on the way home and once indoors, we all climbed into bed with Emily to warm her up. Mike went down on her while she ate Jen and once they had finished I 69ed with her and then handed her back to Mike for her final cum of the night.

Mike pulled her legs up and slid into her, then used long strokes while Jen and I played with her breasts again and I reached down to play with her clit. Mike threatened to fuck her through her first orgasm and only cum in her when she came for a second time, but Emily convinced him to just cum in her when she came (and we thought that she’d done pretty well for one day so this seemed fair). He offered her the choice of position for her orgasm and she said that she didn’t mind, so he chose to stay on top (but actually lay down on her). I reached between their bodies so I could continue to play with her clit and between us we got her nice and close to cumming before I moved my hand away and let Mike take over with just fucking her. This had the desired effect of her cumming and Mike being able to pump away in her until her orgasm had ended before he came. He whispered to her to be louder and dirtier the whole time she came and Jen and I had a pretty good view of his cock sliding and out of her. Mike carried on fucking her for a minute or so after she’d cum before he finally came in her and when he pulled out, we got her to keep her legs spread so we could watch as his cum oozed out of her cunt. We pulled her lips open and got her to push until a decent amount had leaked out and then gave her the option as to whether she wanted to sleep in the bed with the wet patch. She said that she didn’t mind so Mike and Jen went into his room and (once he was hard again) they half spooned (his cock pressed up against her ass) while they fell asleep.

I spent the night with Emily, but nothing else happened (other than talking). I did warn her that we weren’t going to go any easier on her the next day and she said that she was ready. I woke her up in the morning by going down on her but she still tasted of Mike’s cum so I went to fetch Jen to clean her out before I had a go with her. I let Mike fuck me while I ate her and Jen sat over her face. Once I had made her cum, Mike kitty kissed her for a while (so he could taste her) and then he got her to stand facing out the window and he took her from behind, cumming inside her again. After breakfast, we let Mike shower with her and he buried himself in her and used the pulse shower on her clit to give her another orgasm.

We gave Em a chance to recover while Jen and I showered and dressed and Mike showed her some of the pictures of Sue. Emily noted that Sue was wearing a schoolgirl costume in a number of the pictures (and some of the ones where Mike was buried in her) but this was easily explained as just being a look that Mike enjoyed. We gave Emily a short shirt to wear (but long enough that she was properly covered) and convinced her to go out without a bra on (her breasts aren’t really small enough to get away with this, but her youth helped in this regard as her breasts are still quite firm. The morning was fairly standard – we took opportunities in shops and changing rooms to tease her a little, but didn’t make her cum and by lunchtime, her pussy felt wet enough that I really wanted to be able to go down on her properly.

We managed to find a quiet enough café that we could tease her more over lunch. As it was the run up to Christmas, it wasn’t sufficiently deserted for us to make her cum, but we all managed to get a hand between her legs and fondle her (and even properly finger her in Mike’s case). It was enough to confirm that she was indeed feeling horny and was as wet as I had suspected so we decided to take a trip to the cinema after lunch and chose what we assumed would be the least popular film. We weren’t the only ones in the place, but we managed to sit far enough away from the other people that we were fairly safe and once the film started (and the lights were dimmed), I pulled out our silicon coated vibe and told Emily that she had to make herself cum so we could all see. She was a little nervous, but she is hardly a prude so once she was sure nobody else was coming in, she hiked her skirt up, lifted her legs over the arms of the chairs either side of her and got to work. Jen and I (who were sitting beside her) each took a turn with the vibe, but we let Em do most of the work and it didn’t take too long for her to cum. We smeared her juices over her pussy and thighs – which gave us a wonderful aroma and then told her that it was her job to now make Jen and I cum.

As an added complication, she had to do things to us both at once, but this didn’t turn out to be too difficult as we spread our legs and she used the vibe on me while reaching over with her other hand to fondle Jen. The vibe went between us a number of times and Jen came first, which left Emily free to concentrate on making me cum. I wasn’t too far off so this didn’t take long and she then swapped seats with Jen so she was beside Mike. He knelt on the floor in front of her (which isn’t easy in cramped cinema seats) and ate her and she then had the task of repaying him. She started off in her seat and reached over to use her hand on his cock, but she was on his right side and couldn’t get a consistent enough rhythm with her left hand so she ended up crawling onto the floor between his legs and sucking him. He quietly discussed with her whether he should cum in her mouth, over her face or if she should get naked so he could cum over her body. She wasn’t prepared to strip completely but did pull her top up and free her breasts from her bra (although it was too dark to be able to really see much). They still hadn’t decided where he was going to cum by the time he was close and they settled for him cumming in her mouth, but then Emily pulling her top away from her body and letting his cum dribble out of her mouth and over her breasts. Mike massaged his cum into her breasts before she climbed back up onto her seat and straightened out her clothes.

Jen and Mike fondled her a bit more as the film progressed and got her to sit with her legs over the arms of the chair again and just before the film ended, I gave Jen the vibe back and let her get Emily off one last time. Em wasn’t allowed to put her legs back down or pull her skirt down until the lights had come up, but she did so before any of the people in front of us had stood up and would have been able to see her. Her clothes were quite dishevelled and it looked fairly obvious to us that something had been happened, but I doubt anyone else would have been able to guess exactly what that had been.

We returned home and let Em rest some more (she isn’t used to cumming this much) and as Mike wasn’t going to get to spend a night with her, we let him spoon with her and he gently fucked her while she fell asleep. He was hardly moving in her, but was pressed in so deep that he said he could have cum in her if he had wanted (and he nearly did), but as I’ve said before, he much prefers having his partner cum just before, or during his orgasm, so he contented himself with just staying close to orgasm for quite a while and then dozing off while still inside her.

Em seemed quite refreshed after her nap so we went for a girls only session and I shared a double dildo with her while we scissored and humped against each other fairly energetically. Jen didn’t want to be left out and shared one of the longer dildos with Em, at first with both of them on their backs, but Emily then climbed over Jen and I took over sliding the dildo between them and playing with their clits. Mike’s cock came back to life while watching this and he wanted to eat me, but also wanted to carry on watching what was going on, so we agreed that he could eat me once I’d helped them cum. Jen came first again, but this made things easier for Emily who sat up and fucked herself on the dildo (which I held upright with the other end still in Jen) and Mike helped by playing with her clit. She came and then lay back to watch as Mike kept his promise and ate me.

We rested some more, made and ate dinner and then quickly showered to refresh ourselves before getting ready to go out. Em was quite prepared for us decreeing what she would wear and we managed to squeeze her into one of Jen’s tight dresses (Em isn’t much larger than Jen, but this dress is tight on Jen, so it really hugged Em’s figure). This wasn’t helped by the addition of a push up bra (which she obviously put on before the dress) and to finish it off, we have her some black stockings and a suspender belt. She was allowed a pair of black lace panties (I think white would have looked cuter, but they wouldn’t have matched the stockings) and with a bit of fiddling, we adjusted the dress so that her cleavage was very visible and the hem of the skirt was only just covering her ass and showing off the suspenders and her naked thighs nicely. It certainly wasn’t the look that I usually find appealing, but she had a certain slutty charm about her and we were fairly sure that she would get lots of attention while out. I wasn’t prepared to let her steal the limelight and I wore one of my half cup bras that push my breasts up but leave a fair amount of my nipples exposed (not one of the ones that really exposes them as these don’t provide as much lift). I wore a tight, low cut top over this and paired it with one of my usual short flippy skirts and hold ups (Mike isn’t the only guy who likes ‘zettai ryouiki’ (the absolute area of uncovered thigh between long socks/stockings and the skirt). Jen dressed a little more conservatively (for her), but she wasn’t trying to attract any guys.


  1. I have never heard of "zettai ryouiki" before but I have heard of Japanese school girls selling that area of their body to advertising agencies and they wear their logos (via stickers) in exchange for money.

  2. Thanks for the blog. Got me so hot and ready to take care of the husband. Thanks

  3. Hmm - I'm not sure if they should be encouraging people to look at that area on real schoolgirls (but I bet the advertising works)

    Zettai ryouiki is a wonderful look (on the right person) and I've found it certainly works to get men to look where I want.

  4. I'm glad we helped to get you horny - that's one of the aims :) Feel free to share what you got up to with him in return!