Thursday, 28 February 2013

Savouring the Nectar of Lust – Part 2

We went out for a drink first and our breasts certainly seemed to be popular with some of the guys at the bar (not very subtle staring and a couple of guys talking to them instead of to our faces). I did managed to lower one guys gaze even further when I sat up on one of the stools and gently stroked the bare skin just below my skirt, but he wasn’t that appealing so all I did was tease him a little. We then went to a new club (it’s been open a few months, but new to us) and as we were early we didn’t have to queue too long. When we got near the front of the queue, we unbuttoned out coats (it was still cold) and when the bouncer spotted us we managed to skip a few places. Once inside, us girls went to the toilet to make sure our outfits were ready and Mike went to get a round of drinks. Emily’s outfit was adjusted to show the maximum amount of cleavage and thigh and Jen helped to readjust my bra to give my breasts maximal lift. The club was quite nice and had a decent area to dance and a good range of places to sit or stand and chat. We managed to get a fair amount of attention from guys (or at least Em and I did as Jen was ‘with’ Mike). If there had been any sufficiently secluded bits of the club, I would have been tempted to help some of the guys enjoy their night even more and I’m fairly certain that I could have got Emily involved in any games, but it was too open plan for this so we just had to satisfy ourselves with flaunting our goods. Mike wasn’t entirely left out and he spent some time with Jen sitting on his lap while he stroked her legs and worked his fingers up right to the top of her thighs. It certainly looked like his hand was far enough up her skirt to be caressing her crotch but he was keeping his fingers off her pussy (as per the rules). Jen quite liked the attention though and reciprocated by gently wriggling around on his lap and feeling the bulge of his cock pressing against her leg or ass depending on how she sat on him.

We left a little after midnight and headed home. Despite the cold, we fooled around a little on the way back. Emily had her panties removed and we fondled her for a while and Mike bent me over and licked me from behind. I didn’t want Jen to feel left out so I had her sit up on a wall and Em and I both had a quick lick of her pussy. For the rest of the walk home, we alternated between hiking Emily’s dress up or pulling the top down and having her walk partially exposed (until we saw someone and she was allowed to cover herself). Once indoors, it was no time at all before we’d stripped off and dived into bed. Jen would be spending the night with Emily so our main aim was to let Mike and I have a play with her, but Jen got involved as well.

Mike lay on his back while Emily sat over his face. He ate her while Jen humped against his cock but she knew that he wanted to cum in Emily so she didn’t carry on for long enough to make him cum. Mike did however make Emily cum and once she had recovered from her orgasm (during which time, I went down on Jen), it was my turn to play with her. Jen asked Mike if he would mind not cumming in Emily after all (so she could enjoy her taste) and Mike complained a bit, but Jen promised a proper ‘hump job’ later in the week if he complied. He agreed to just cum over her but Emily said that she wanted his cum inside her so they settled on a compromise of him fucking her ass and emptying himself into it.

Emily and I 69ed (with her on top) and I had a good view as Mike pushed into her ass and then fucked her. He told her to do a good job licking me and she did indeed work wonders on my cunt. She even reached down a number of times and licked around and pushed in to my ass (which I guess was Sara’s influence). Emily really seemed to enjoy being double teamed like this and Jen seemed to like watching the three of us as when I looked over I could see her sitting with a hand between her legs and her other hand tweaking her nipples. Emily came first by quite a long way and I briefly kitty kissed her but decided that as Mike was still pumping away in her and I hadn’t cum, that we may as well go for a double shot so I started to concentrate on her clit more.

I ended up cumming next and Emily seemed to have decided that if we were going to torture her (in a good way) then she would do the same to me and even when I’d cum, she didn’t stop attacking my cunt. It actually got to the point where it felt too intense to be pleasurable, but I didn’t intend to give in to her (and Mike *still* hadn’t cum) so I endured it and attacked her back. Both she and I were panting and moaning into each other and Mike really enjoyed listening to this. I could see that he had sped up his strokes and assumed he was waiting for Emily to cum again – and when she did, my guess was confirmed and he pushed into her a bit deeper and then held her ass in place as he just moved a little bit while he came.

Fortunately, Emily stopped eating me (so I didn’t have to admit defeat) and I watched as Mike slowly withdrew himself from her ass. She rolled off me and I apologised to Jen but said I was sure that Emily would be able to do a bit more after a short break. Jen decided that she was sufficiently far along with her masturbation that she didn’t want to wait for Em so we were treated to a little show from her (not for long as she was already fairly close to cumming) and we watched as she used three fingers in her cunt and reached under one of her legs to use a couple of fingers in her ass at the same time (which is one of my favourite positions for masturbating – although I generally just play with clit and pussy in this position). Jen’s orgasm wasn’t anything spectacular, but we all enjoyed watching her cum. I’d been feeling quite horny before she had even started (due to Emily’s continued licking) and was now certainly ready to do more, but I was saving myself for my time along with Mike.

Once Jen had finished and we’d got her to explain why she’d been feeling so impatient, Mike and I went into his room and left Emily and Jen, but not before I pulled the small whip and nipple clamps out of the cupboard and suggest to Emily that she might want to use them on Jen. I was lying with my legs spread and his mouth on my pussy when I heard the spanking start and it was still going when Mike make me cum and then moved up behind me to spoon. He fucked me fairly gently (partially so we didn’t make too much noise ourselves and could listen in to Jen and Emily). It certainly sounded like they were having fun and Emily seemed to be quite good at the masochist role. Mike and I finished up while they were still going (but nearing completion) and he stayed inside me as his cock went soft and we tried to imagine exactly what had been going on in Jen’s room.

He fingered (or more accurately frigged) me awake the next morning and once I’d cum, we went into Jen’s room but they were still asleep (although we woke them up). We gave them a little time to come round and went to make breakfast; on our return, we got the full details of their S&M session.

Emily had been as enthusiastic as it had sounded – she had used the nipple clamps, tingle and heat gel, the whip and various vibes. Things had started out with Jen on all fours and Emily spanking her ass, using both the whip and her hands. Emily had roughly fucked Jen with one of our larger vibes and then tried to push it into Jen’s ass but it didn’t easily fit so they moved on. Jen lay on her back and Emily removed the nipple clamps and then slapped her breasts and tweaked Jen’s nips. Jen had to hold her legs up and she was roughly fucked again and then Emily used a smaller vibe in Jen’s ass and DP’d her. Emily made Jen fuck herself with these vibes while she played with Jen’s nips (forcefully). Jen came like this, but Emily hadn’t finished and got Jen to turn over for some more ass slapping, use of the tingle and heat gels and then reapplication of the nipple clamps. Em then tied Jen’s arms and legs to the bedposts and sat over her face, telling Jen to lick her while she rubbed her pussy back and forth over Jen’s face and reaching down between Jen’s legs to slap her clit. Emily admits that she was fairly vocal at this point (which is what Mike and I could hear as we were finishing our session), but once she’d cum, she concentrated on Jen’s clit again and pulled her lips back to fully expose it before using an egg directly on it. This gave Jen a very strong orgasm (which we’d heard while wondering what they were doing), but Emily left things after that (and untying Jen).

We commented on how she seemed to be a natural at that sort of thing and she said that it had been fun, but only as a bit of experimentation (so I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in a full leather suit with a proper whip anytime soon). Jen said that the whole thing had been very intense (although not as painful as earlier in the year when we had whipped her breasts and pussy). She still felt a little tender, but said that if we were gentle, she thought that we would be able to make her cum, and with an invitation like that, we couldn’t resist so got her on all fours and started working on her.

Emily lay with her head under Jen’s crotch and I lay on top of Em. Em took her pussy and I kissed and licked around her ass (occasionally dropping my tongue to her pussy and Emily’s tongue) while Mike stood at the foot of the bed and alternated between licking, fingering and fucking us both. A couple of times he moved up beside Jen so he could reach under her and fondle her breasts, but he really liked having two pussies to play with simultaneously so his eternal obsession with Jen was momentarily forgotten. We made Jen cum and he said that he was getting close so Emily and I stayed in position and kissed. Just before he came, he pulled out and sandwiched his cock between us. He pushed back and forth, which didn’t work as well as it could have, but he had at least a little lubrication from our pussy juice and it was good enough that he came and we felt the warmth of his cum as he unloaded over our mons and lower stomachs.

Mike sat beside Jen on the bed - his cock covered with his cum – and Emily and I decided that we should 69 to maximise the mess we could make with his cum. This worked out really well as I could easily rub my neck against her mons and get it covered in Mike’s cum and then quickly switch back to eating her (it had been a few days since any of us had shaved so while she was still mostly bald, there was a slight prickliness). The cum was mostly away from her pussy though so I still got her sweet natural taste and we lapped away until we’d both cum (I came first but Em licked me gently once I’d cum). Just as planned, we were both now somewhat messy with our juices and Mike’s cum (but messy sex is good) and after a rest we decided that we should have a shower to clean up. We did rock, paper, scissors to see who would shower with Emily and Jen won (she almost always chooses paper, expect when I choose scissors in which case she almost always seems to know and chooses rock).

As per the plan, Jen didn’t waste the shower and made sure that Emily got another good sample of the pulse setting. So I didn’t feel left out, Mike did the same for me when I showered with him and once we’d dried off and Emily had packed her things up, we set about giving her a goodbye session. She had done exceedingly well as our sex slave (or master in the case of her session with Jen) and the best way to thank her (we thought) was to give her a final bout of orgasms. We still had a reasonable amount of time so we went slowly at first and all three of us kissed, stroked, fingered and ate her and we gave her what she described as a very deep orgasm.

After a brief pause (during which we carried on caressing her, but eased off on her pussy and clit), Mike went down on her and Jen sat over her body and rubbed against her breasts before moving up to her face so that Em could eat her. I used Emily’s arms to hump against (changing sides) and once Mike had made her cum (and Jen had cum), we switched round so I could eat Em and she could suck Mike. While we did this, Jen rubbed herself and smeared her juices over Emily’s breasts and body and once I’d made her cum, it was time to switch round again (as you can probably guess, Mike didn’t want to cum in her mouth as it didn’t fit our plan). I now got to sit over Emily’s body and rub myself against her while Jen ate her – and then as things progressed I sat over her face and let her eat me. It took a bit longer for Emily to cum this time, but Jen got her there and on the plus side, it gave me a good chance to rub myself all over her face and upper body.

It was now Mike’s turn to cum and for this, Emily was put on all fours. Mike took her from behind while Jen and I sat either side of her and caressed her body. We transferred as much of our own juices onto Emily as possible, rubbing ourselves and then rubbing her back, front, breasts, ass and legs. Mike gave her a good fucking and played with her clit until she came and then started his final run. He pumped away inside her and decided that instead of cumming over her (which had been the original plan), he wanted to cum in her properly. We knew that his cum would leak out of her anyway so this didn’t seem like too much of a problem so he went ahead and shot his load into her (and as it was his second time cumming that morning, we knew he wasn’t likely to produce too much cum anyway).

Emily lay down on the bed but we got her to stand up and caught Mike’s cum as it dripped out of her and rubbed it over her breasts and body. We fingered as much out of her as we could and then suggested that we head out for a quick lunch before she got the train back to York. She started to complain that she was covered in our secretions, but realised that had been the whole point of the session (well, that and everyone getting to cum). She was at least allowed to straighten up her hair, but was once again given one of Jen’s short skirts to wear and had to go without panties (we did at least give her some opaque hold-ups as it was still quite cold out). All through lunch, Emily said (quietly) that she could smell us on her. Our scent was noticeable if you got close enough to her and it was quite arousing. When we finally took her to the train station, we ducked into the ladies toilets and while Jen kept a look out, I reached under Emily’s skirt and gave her another brief fingering before getting her to suck my fingers clean. Someone came in, but while they were in the cubicle, I produced a remote controlled egg from my pocket and slipped it into Emily’s pussy. She was instructed to keep it in her throughout the journey (although not turned on the whole time as that would end up irritating her pussy). Just before she boarded the train, Mike was given the remote to turn the egg on and he then put the remote in her pocket.

Later that evening, we totalled up what we’d done and notified Emily that we thought she had cum over 30 times during the weekend. She was rather shocked at this number, but said that her body felt like it had been through a fair amount.


  1. Very hot. Wish I could get the hubby to do these things. I miss fooling around with other women. Has been so long...

  2. Are you really claiming that you can't get your husband interested in having a threesome with another woman? How can that be the case....!!?

    1. He's too damn conservative. He doesn't even know I have been with other women.

    2. You really think he wouldn't be at all interested - have you ever tried to suggest the idea to him, even as a 'drunken joke'?

      I'm sure there are men who wouldn't be interested in trying out threesomes - and I'm aware that the groups I hang around are probably quite a bit more adventurous than many people, but I really thought it was practically every (straight) man's fantasy.

  3. Not mine. I thought about it once but came to the conclusion that for whatever reason, it just didn't do anything for me.

  4. That's fine - I'm sure there are plenty of people who would find my fetishes strange (just as I don't quite get Jen's watersports fetish or Mike's pussy eating fetish). Do you have any fetishes that you would be willing to share or do you just like vanilla sex?