Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Weekend With Sara - Part 1

Following some of the comments on the blog, we decided to introduce an anti-rape agreement to (try to) cover us in the case of someone complaining that they had been eaten/fucked/fingered awake one morning when staying with us (without their consent) and we also included ourselves in signing these. We are well aware that such an agreement probably wouldn’t stand up in court should we ever find ourselves in the situation where someone accuses someone else of something by waking them in an interesting (and enjoyable) way, but I’d hope that it would at least help that we could show that we were acting in good faith, the person was aware that we would be doing this and we believed that they had consented. Sue and Sara were the first people (other than Mike, Jen and me) to get to sign this agreement – we obviously didn’t tell them where the issue had been raised, but they agreed that it was probably a sensible (if slightly stupid) idea.

The weekend after the January sex party, Sue and Sara both came to visit. This was another part of Jen’s plan to ensure Sue remained bi (she actually wanted to turn Sue into a lesbian, but had a) conceded that this wasn’t likely to happen, and b) compromised with Mike as he wanted to be able to keep doing things with Sue. Sara didn’t know about any of this, but she didn’t seem to care as she had been a relatively good girl since splitting up from Emily and the idea of having three girls to take care of her was too good an opportunity to pass up (and she was quite happy for Mike to be present).

Sara had clearly adapted to the parties quite well as she didn’t seem at all nervous about doing things with Sue – this was even the case when they both arrived (separately) at the house on Friday night. Mike and Jen had gone to meet them at the station – Sue had arrived first and Mike had brought her home and then Jen had turned up half hour or so later with Sara. I think that as we all knew we were there to play, things got started quickly and instead of even heading out for a drink, we just got stuck in.

The first item on the agenda was to let Sue and Sara get acquainted with each other. We embarrassed Sara quite a bit by describing her pussy lips to Sue in exquisite detail and raving about how wonderfully soft and squishy they were, along with how amazing they felt in your mouth. Sara seemed much less embarrassed when we actually removed her clothes and Sue could see (and touch) her directly – but then again, once the touching and licking started, she was slightly more distracted! It was only fair to get Sue naked as well and so while she played with Sara, we gradually undressed her and then suggested that she climb over Sara so they could play with each other. It was an arousing sight and I soon had a hand wrapped around Mike’s cock and fingers in Jen’s cunt. Sue looked up to see what we were doing and reminded me that she wanted Mike’s cum (isn’t it good that we share so well?) and I assured her that we were just teasing each other while enjoying their show. With the added use of a couple of vibes, they gave each other an orgasm and we sat chatting for a while, continuing to caress and tease each other.

We agreed to split Sara and Sue (Jen obviously taking Sue) and once Jen and Sue had 69ed for a while, Sue went down on Jen properly while Mike took her from behind (he loves doing this as he can slam into the person really hard and transfer the movement to their mouth on Jen’s cunt – as if she’s the one he is fucking). Sara and I shared a dildo, but I also explored her pussy with my mouth for a short time (Mike isn’t the only one who really enjoys this). Mike, Jen and Sue finished up first (but they are more used to playing together) and then they helped us out by stroking our clits, kissing us and playing with our breasts. Not unexpectedly, I was given Mike’s cock to suck clean of Sue’s juices and managed to coax it back to life while doing this, but I was mostly concentrating on my approaching orgasm. We finished off by humping against each other – I came first and then remained pressed up against Sara while Jen reached between us to finger her clit.

We hadn’t figured out sleeping arrangements and decided that instead of splitting up, we would make a big bed in the living room so Mike and I went off to move the furniture to give us space and then set out the duvets. We didn’t actually go to sleep for quite a while and Sara quizzed Sue about her experiences at the parties. Sue knew not to mention Emily, but Sara brought her up and Sue admitted that she had eaten Em and enjoyed her taste. Sara admitted that she missed the way Emily tasted and said that they were considering getting back together (or Sara was considering getting back together with her as Emily had been the one who cheated). I told Sara to be careful as I didn’t want to see her get hurt and she said that if anything did happen between them again, she would set some strict rules about how things had to be. She either saw the look of panic in my eyes or had thought this through already as she added that she didn’t want to stop being able to experiment and play, but that everything had to be open and honest between them.

Mike asked Sara if he could eat her awake the next morning (partially as a continuation of the anti-rape agreement thinking, but mostly as we’re never sure quite how much she ever wants to do with him – or other guys) and she agreed, but for the usual price. We told her that Sue knew about the sort of things Sara enjoyed and Sara blushed a bit but Mike said that he’d done exactly the same thing to Sue and she had liked it so he was more than happy to pay the price if it meant he got to eat her. As our conversation had gotten us worked up, we thought that we may as well go for a final round before sleep (and to allow Mike to give Sara what he’d promised). As he’d already fucked Sue, I paired up with him for this and he fucked me while I ate Sara and he rimmed and speared her ass. She obviously really enjoyed this and it was the perfect opportunity for Jen to get Sue to go again. Sara came with a satisfied series of grunts and then blushed in her cute way for having been so unladylike (as if that is ever an issue for us).

As promised, the next morning, Mike ate Sara awake and spent quite a while on her. Jen had time to go down on Sue, then me and it was only while Sue and I were taking care of Jen that Mike let Sara cum. She acknowledges that he is quite good at eating her and as payment, she spent a while sucking him, but didn’t want him to cum in her mouth so he just enjoyed it for a while and then we went for breakfast. We discussed the fact that Jen still won’t let Mike eat her (some people had commented about this on the blog as well, so Jen had effectively been primed for this conversation), but Jen stuck to her story that it was too much fun being able to tease Mike and that she wasn’t ready to give this up just yet. We told Sara that we were considering having children and the interesting issues that would be involved in this but our conversation was cut short by Jen playing with Sara and asking her if she would play along properly.

Initially I just thought that Jen wanted to take Sara back to bed but then remembered that Sara knows about Jen’s watersports fetish. Jen had intended to take Sara into the shower but I suggested we do something more interesting for her and asked how well she thought she had adapted to the colder weather. Now Jen used to ‘play’ outside in the cold and wet when she was younger – partially as her legs were likely to get wet anyway and also as it meant she was more likely to have the woods to herself and wouldn’t be interrupted, but she lived a lot further south. She was up for finding out though, especially as she knew that doing things outdoors meant that they didn’t have to worry about the mess and could be a lot less restrained. I quickly fetched one of the large (in length) dildos and we all hurried out to the garden.

It was fairly cold and the ground was rather wet so we knew that we had to be fairly quick, but I wanted Jen to enjoy herself so I quietly asked Mike to convince Sue to join in. He worked on her while Sara and I rolled Jen around on the ground, getting her covered in grass and a fair bit of dirt. We used the dildo on her quite forcefully and Mike and Sue played with Jen’s nips equally forcefully. We got Jen a good way towards cumming and left her to her own devices while we prepared ourselves for her orgasm. Mike had quite a difficult time getting his erection to go down and kept telling Jen to wait just a little longer, but once he thought he was soft enough, Sue, Sara and I stood over Jen and waited for her signal. We watched her pumping the dildo into herself and her fingers flying over her clit, but she’d been close enough for long enough that it took her no time to push herself over the edge. As she came and started to squirt, we all let go and peed as hard as we could onto her. We called her all sorts of names and told her to keep fucking herself until we had all finished. I did the best I could to aim the stream of my pee over her body and felt Sara behind me do the same (it’s not as easy for girls so she hit my leg a few times). Mike aimed up and down her stomach and chest as well as peeing directly onto her cunt.

Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and (as instructed) kept using the dildo in herself until we had all finished peeing on her. We stepped away and went to cover up but Mike suggested that she might want to lick us clean. Jen said that she wanted to do this, so we took turns sitting over her face and she lapped at our cunts. Neither Sue nor I would do the same to her but Sara lay on top of her and they briefly 69ed (Mike also offered to lick Jen clean, but as usual this was rejected).

We returned indoors – Jen was shivering slightly so we let her shower first to warm up and then Mike had an idea. Before we implemented it, the rest of us showered and we let the hot water replenish slightly before Jen returned to the shower with Sara. Jen started off by giving Sara a rim job and she then used the pulse setting on the shower directly on Sara’s ass. This needed a few of us to do properly so I helped to spread Sara’s ass cheeks while Jen aimed the shower jet (or licked her). As Jen had been on the receiving end of everyone’s attention we thought we should do the same for Sara and Mike got Sue to climb back into the shower so she could eat Sara while Jen paid attention to her ass. Sue was instructed to avoid Sara’s clit so we could draw things out and they spent quite a while slowly bringing her closer to cumming. Only when the hot water started to run out did they let her cum and she shook as a strong orgasm tore through her.

It was nearly lunchtime and we hadn’t even got dressed yet but Sara wanted a rest so we returned to bed and Mike spent a while eating Sue (her payment for having helped Sara cum). He got one orgasm out of her and got her close to a second one with his tongue, but finished her off in her favourite position (she was lying face down on the bed with Mike on top of her, fucking her and rubbing her clit). Sara watched as I sucked Mike clean (again) and we discussed the things that Sue and I would and wouldn’t do together while we got dressed and headed out for a (now) late lunch. We tossed a coin to select who should wear a dildo and Sue lost so Mike helped to slide one of our long dildos down the inside of her left stocking and then bend the other end up and into her cunt. Experience has taught us that it is important to get a good length of the dildo inside, otherwise it can fall out and there is then the interesting task of keeping it from flowing down below your hem line while getting somewhere that you can either remove or re-insert the dildo. Accordingly, he got it as deep inside her as he could and then we adjusted it so she could walk comfortably (despite the frequent cries of ‘deeper, deeper’ in porn, it is all too easy to have something ‘too deep’ inside – and it isn’t comfortable).

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sex Party January 2013 - Part 3

Scott started to fuck her next but Laura said that it was time to switch. I assured him that he could use me and as soon as I was in place between Laura’s legs, I felt him push in to me and start. I broke contact with Laura’s cunt to tell him that as long as he could find someone to take over and make me cum, he could just use me if he wanted. It is at times like these that I realise how lucky I am with Mike as many men really seem to enjoy just being able to fuck until they cum and not worry about the girl cumming (although sometimes it’s nice to just be used – which is why I’d asked Scott to do so). He fucked me very quickly and I tried to pass this on to Laura, although it was clear that Sue had already gotten her quite close to cumming. When I looked up her body I could see her working feverishly on Sue and I tried to give Sue a wink, but she was too distracted so I just went back to work. I felt (or heard) Scott cum and pull out of me, then felt someone else push into me. We were apparently putting on a good show as I could hear our audience clapping and cheering. This got louder as Laura came and I switch to kitty kissing her (and I guess most observers probably couldn’t tell the difference between this and proper eating) and there was another cheer when Sue came.

Laura climbed out of the way and it was just me left on the bed (with Craig standing behind me still fucking me). I was getting close to cumming now and told him to go harder (but not to cum yet). Meanwhile, Laura had spoken to Mike and told him to fuck Sue (just a couple of strokes) and then present me with his cock. It’s by no means the first time I’ve tasted her juices off of him so I took him in my mouth and bobbed back and forth. The transition to a spit-roast also seemed to go down well and people told Mike to push right into my mouth – fortunately he didn’t do this as he knows I can’t deep-throat. Craig continued to fuck me and play with my clit until I came, at which point Mike told him that he could use me and finish off. He did this and I carried on sucking Mike until Craig came and pulled out of me. I felt pretty good and collapsed down on the bed but when Jen gave my ass a slap I decided that I still had enough energy left to retaliate and wrestled her onto the bed.

As we still had a fair number of people in the room, I pinned her down, pulled her skirt up (not that it was hiding much anyway) and gave her a few good slaps back. I offered her ass to anyone else who wanted it (girls only) and once Laura and Sue had spanked her, a number of the other girls joined in. Hannah and Clare wouldn’t do anything at first, but when even Kiyomi and Miyako gave her a slap, they caved in to peer pressure and gave her a few token slaps. Nobody had hit her really hard, but there had been enough slaps to give her a fairly red ass. I spread her ass cheeks and slowly fingered her pussy before asking if anyone wanted a lick (girls only again). I looked around for Vicky as I was hoping to get her to put on a show, but couldn’t see her so I called Emily over and it didn’t take much to convince her to bend down and eat Jen. I helped by spreading Jen’s ass cheeks and once Emily had finished with her, we had a sloppy kiss and I thanked her before letting Jen up (who acted all indignant, but had really enjoyed her ‘punishment’).

I had a break from doing things and went down to get a drink and watch others. Clare was letting Brett fuck her and Giles seemed to be enjoying watching them go at it. I chatted to the Japanese girls for a bit – they weren’t looking quite as polished by this stage but had adapted to the party well enough that they had their breasts out (also partly as many of the guys kept groping them so covering up was somewhat pointless). Vicky reappeared and told me that she had let Bennett fuck her. I told her that she should have let me know so I could watch but she had taken him off while Jen and I had been entertaining people with our mini-S&M session. I congratulated her on her first proper party fuck (Mike didn’t really count as she’s slept with him before) and asked if she was going to do anyone else but she thought she’d been brave enough for one evening.

Things were beginning to wind down anyway although a few people were still going at it. In her quest to convert all girls to lesbians (or at least being bi), Laura had convinced Clare to let Melissa go down on her (which I though was quite a good job) and in return for this, Clare fingered Melissa (and gave her a couple of licks, but this is more difficult to do when using protection). I tried to coax Neil’s cock back to life, but he didn’t think he could cum any more so I pushed his hand between my legs and let him gently finger me while we watched Clare make his girlfriend cum. (To be fair to him, there was a little life left in his cock, just not enough to fuck.)

I realised that I had forgotten something – I hadn’t had my usual kitchen fuck. I wanted someone I hadn’t done things with already that night and Paul stepped up to help me out. I started sitting on the workbench in the corner so I could spread my legs and I let him use a beer bottle on me for a while before I climbed down and presented my cunt to him. He played with my clit as he fucked me and I felt my breasts swinging back and forth as we pushed together. I pushed his fingers harder against my clit as I really wanted to get a final cum in, and while it wasn’t a particularly strong orgasm, he still made me cum (and he came), so everyone was happy.

A few people left and we thought that we’d help Sue gain further acceptance before we headed back to the hotel. Mike and I sat on either side of her on the sofa, pulled her legs apart and pulled her down so her legs were in the air and her cunt was exposed. Mike and Jen fingered her while I played with her breasts. I’d been hoping to get at least one of the guys to fuck her, but they were all spent so Jen went down on her. I did at least get Vicky to finger Sue for a minute or so (Bennett had left), and had hoped she would do more, but Mike ended up finishing her off with a bottle and his fingers. We didn’t let Sue go once we’d finished and kept her legs held apart with her cunt pointing to the sky so everyone left could get a good look at her. This was made better by the fact that as people left, we could see out the front door and knew that she would be visible from outside.

We were one of the last to leave so helped tidy up (a little) and then headed home. As had become custom, people didn’t put anything back on if they’d taken it off (and kept it off) during the party so Jen returned just wearing her little skirt, Sue was naked (apart from socks) and Vicky was topless (she still had her dress on, but she just carried her bra and wasn’t allowed to zip the dress up). Back at the hotel, we stopped at the bar for a drink (non-alcoholic) and I slipped my hand up Vicky’s leg and caressed her bare thigh, playing with her suspender belt (one of her stockings was torn, but I think that just added to the look). I didn’t think she knew that there were a couple of guys watching us as she didn’t say anything or try to stop me as I cupped her pussy and slipped a couple of fingers into her. I wasn’t trying to make her cum, and the guys couldn’t actually see my fingers in her, but I think it was obvious what I was doing. Only when we went upstairs did Vicky say that she knew they had been watching us, but she hadn’t cared so I pulled up her skirt and gave her a slap for being such a naughty little minx.

It was Mike’s turn to have Vicky for the night and I went with him (leaving Sue with Jen). We were all fairly beat, but we managed one last session, repeating what we’d done earlier where Mike fucked Vicky and they both ate me, but this time – once I’d cum – we changed position and Mike spooned with Vicky while I licked them both. Mike hadn’t been expecting to cum again but by the time Vicky came he said he was feeling pretty turned on and carried on moving slowly inside her until he pulled her tight against his body and he came (probably without any actual cum).

In the morning, he ate us both awake (switching between us and fingering one while he licked he other). We then moved into the other room and he got to eat Sue (they’d still been asleep). So Jen wasn’t left out, Sue 69ed with her, but while they worked on each other, Mike knelt up on the bed, positioned his cock by Sue’s ass and pushed into her. She had jumped a little when he first pushed against her, but then settled down and pushed back until he slipped inside. He had really wanted to fuck her cunt while Jen ate her, but this was all that Jen had agreed to (so they still stuck to ‘the rules’, but they still got to share Sue). I explained this to Vicky (she already knew about Mike and Jen not actually having sex, but the whole Sue thing was still new to her). Sue came fairly quickly (but she was having bother her cunt and ass stimulated) so Mike suggested to Jen that they push her to a double orgasm. Vicky and I watched as he continued to fuck her ass and Jen’s tongue lashed against her cunt and clit. Sue seemed to give as good as she got, but once Jen came, she licked and sucked Sue even harder, which seemed to distract Sue enough that she eased off on Jen. Vicky was amazed that my younger sister (who was just a little girl when she first met her) was now (pretty much) every bit as dirty as me, and Sue did a good job of confirming this with her language as they pushed her to her second orgasm. Mike had been holding back so he came in her pretty much as she was cumming.

Mike was very happy as he’d got to eat three different cunts and fucked an ass – all before breakfast. As Sue had been double teamed, it only seemed fair to do something similar to Vicky so after breakfast, we got her to lie on the bed and between us we played with pretty much every part of her. Jen naturally concentrated on her breasts and Mike probably spent longer going down on her, but Sue and I both also did this while Vicky ate the other one of us. Between us, we gave Vicky a couple of decent orgasms, with a good bout of kitty kissing in between them and we spent a fair amount of the morning in the hotel room. As a final session, Mike fucked Vicky while she 69ed with Sue – I would have quite liked to be in Sue’s place, but Mike was working with Jen to ensure that Sue didn’t relapse into her former heterosexual ways (while we hope to remain ‘special friends’ with Vicky, it’s more likely that Jen will remain in contact with Sue and she want to be able to continue to play with her for many years to come.

It was finally time to leave the hotel and after convincing Vicky to forgo her shower so she could remain stained with our juices and Mike’s cum, we went out for a light lunch before heading back to our respective homes. It was too cold to go without tights and I’d only bought a couple of pairs of thigh-highs so Sue and Vicky agreed to skip their panties (although in Vicky’s case this meant she had to be careful not to sit on her skirt as Mike’s cum leaked out through her tights as we walked to the café and ate our lunch. She thanked us for inviting her along and said that she wanted to come again. I congratulated her on having been daring enough to fuck someone on her first trip and told her that we hadn’t even made it that far (at which point Sue chipped in and pointed out that she had fucked half the party on her first visit (hmm, maybe she isn’t just ‘nearly as’ dirty as me after all).

We knew that we’d be seeing Sue the following weekend (as long as the weather didn’t cause any more travel disruption) and Vicky wanted us to visit her but we had things planned for the next month or so (Jen was missing her Uni friends so we needed to visit them a few times). We promised Vicky that we’d get down to visit her and said that we might even bring Sue along (if they both wanted this).

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sex Party January 2013 - Part 2

Apologies for the delayed post - I forgot. Next post on Wed to make up for it.

On the Saturday morning, Mike and Sue came in to our room (although they had to wear robes to make the trip) so we could decide who would do things with whom for our customary single pre-party fuck of the day. We quickly came to an optimal solution – Mike fucked Vicky in the missionary position, which meant I could lie over her face and have her eat me while Mike helped to lick around my pussy and ass and Jen got to 69 with Sue. This didn’t stop Mike from having a quick lick of Sue (and Jen and I doing the same to Vicky) after we’d all cum, but none of us were allowed to cum again.

Once we’d showered and dressed, we went out for the morning. Mike went off with Vicky and Jen and I took Sue. Jen spent the morning teasing Sue in various changing rooms (still no cumming) and even took her to one of the sex shops so she could expose her. Mike had a more civilised morning with Vicky, but their conversation was still centred around the upcoming party, what the rules were and making sure she knew that she didn’t have to do anything, could do things just with us or could choose whoever she wanted to play with. We all met up for lunch with Sara and I introduced Vicky to her (we’d already told Vicky about Sara and Emily). Sara was impressed that we kept finding girls willing to come along to the party and I encouraged her to come back but she said that things were still ‘complicated’ between her and Emily. We once again made arrangements for Sara to come and visit us so she could play with Sue and our goodbye hugs were a lot more gropey than they had been the previous time we’d met with her. When we’d left, Vicky asked if Sara knew who Sue was (and we told her that she didn’t).

At lunch, Jen had told everyone what she had been doing to Sue all morning and we felt it was only fair to subject Vicky to some of the same teasing so we found a few suitable spots and we took turns playing with her. We got her quite close to cumming a few times but backed off as we didn’t want to torture her (too much). We returned to the hotel and had a rest, then out for a quick dinner and back to prepare for the party. Vicky had brought along a couple of outfits, one that was way over the top (black stockings and suspenders with matching bra and tight dress) and a more toned down simple outfit with light pink underwear (still sexy, but not as slutty). As we had time, we got her to model both outfits, both with and without the dresses and settled on the cuter skirt with the slutty underwear (Vicky liked the underwear but we pointed out the impracticalities of the tight dress if she wanted to put it back on after doing things).

I just went with my usual schoolgirl(ish) outfit, but skipped the panties as there didn’t seem much point. Sue had a similar outfit (at the request of Laura who still wanted her ‘sister sandwich’ as payment for keeping our secret) and Jen went with a very short skirt, tube top and twin tails. Mike convinced her to tie the tails up in a circle so she could compete with the Japanese cosplay girls (and Jen had been growing her hair for quite a while now so it is really quite long). Due to the length (or lack of) of Jen’s skirt, we decided to take a taxi to the party, but I made sure that Jen sat with her legs spread (it wasn’t fair that only Sue and Vicky had been teased that day).

We arrived a bit earlier than we had last time so things hadn’t really started (although Neil and Melissa were clearly on the way as they were kissing passionately on the sofa). Vicky was welcomed (and Sue was welcomed back) and Vicky then told me that she knew someone there. It turns out that Bennett used to go to the same Salsa class as Vicky so she was used to being pressed up against him, just not in the same way that other people at the party are. They had a slightly awkward conversation and I reminded Vicky that she didn’t have to do anything, but I helped to break the ice by pushing Bennett’s hand between my legs and pulling his cock out while he fingered me. As he’d already been inside Sue at the previous party, I called her over and asked if she wanted a second helping of his cock. Despite having got properly involved at the previous party, Sue was a little nervous as nobody else downstairs was actually having sex so we went up to one of the bedrooms and we let Vicky watch as Bennett took Sue from behind and then she had a turn on top. I tried to convince Vicky to help them out but Laura opted to take this role and sat behind Sue so she could reach round and rub her clit while Sue bounced up and down.

As soon as Sue and Bennett had finished, Laura wanted her payment from us but I convinced her to give Sue a short while to recover. I felt that it was time for me to get started properly and offered to do things with Vicky but she wanted to just watch for a little while so I decide to put on a nice show for her and let Gareth fuck me. The first fuck of the party (almost) always feels nice as I’ve abstained from cumming for the day and I get to do things in front of a proper audience. Knowing that Gareth doesn’t always last for long, I played with my clit as he fucked me and I came before he did, but not by too much (I think my moaning and description of what his cock was doing to my cunt helped to spur him along).

Emily had arrived while we’d been upstairs and as usual, a number of people wanted to taste her (obviously only the ones who were ‘clean’ were allowed to eat her without protection). Mike shared his turn at this with Sue and partially fucked both of them, but let Sue be the one to make Emily cum (who then returned the favour). Jen meanwhile had sampled Melissa (and by ‘sampled’ I mean fingered and licked to orgasm) and had her sights set on Clare. I had decided to try to get as many of the men as possible (and as they outnumbered the girls, this seemed fair) and over the next hour I fucked David and Michael and blew Giles while Clare fingered me (Giles loved watching this).

Surprisingly, the two Japanese girls turned up again and they received the same sort of attention as they had the previous time, but they had obviously come prepared this time as they were more willing to get involved with people. At first, this was still with a lot of giggling and a couple of kisses with each other, but as their outfits were pulled off and people got to play with their breasts, they concentrated on the individual who was fondling them. They were once again wearing very cutesy cosplay costumes; Kiyomi was dressed as a cat of some sort with lots of black ribbons, a short black layered skirt and black knee socks while Miyako was in a similar outfit but with more pink and white (and no cat bits). To Jen’s, Emily’s and my dismay, they weren’t as interested in doing things with girls as we had hoped, and to the guys’ dismay, they didn’t seem to want to do any more than breast play (although they really seemed to get into this – possibly even more than Jen). Corey was front and centre and got a good suck on their nips. I saw him rubbing his cock up against them, but they wouldn’t let him (or anyone) touch between their legs. Mike managed to get a bit of time with Miyako (although he would have preferred to play with Kiyomi) and said that she was very responsive to having her breasts fondled

Following his Japanese experience, Mike really wanted to fuck and while he would have happily taken any of the girls there (assuming they’d wanted him) he wanted to encourage Vicky to join in. He took her upstairs slipped her dress off and fingered her through her panties while he played with her breasts (we know she is proud of her breasts so he wanted to show them off before getting down to the serious business). He pulled her panties to the side and ate her, then pushed her back onto the bed and slid into her (still with her panties on). As they fucked, he freed her breasts completely and when he convinced her to go on top, he promised her that he would get her a new pair and then tore her panties off. He saw Emily watching them and called her over so he could slip his fingers into her cunt and he fed Vicky a little of her juices. She took a couple of licks but didn’t want any more (which was fine by Em as she’d been eaten plenty and was in the middle of looking for a cock to fuck). Mike pulled Vicky down on top of him and while he hammered into her he asked if she had liked Emily’s taste. Vicky said she had, but she didn’t want Bennett to know that she was bi (which we hadn’t considered as we hadn’t though that she might know someone at the party) but Mike assured her that anything that happened there would remain there.

He carried on fucking her, reaching back to spread her ass cheeks so anyone watching could see him sliding in and out and he told her how everyone was closely watching her cunt swallowing his cock over and over and asked her if she wanted to cum for them all. She told him (between quiet moans as she was getting quite close) that it felt very strange, but she didn’t care if they saw and Mike told her that she had the right attitude and he kissed her deeply as he pushed her over the edge and she moaned into his mouth. Once Mike had pulled out of her, Vicky covered herself up again and said that she felt rather embarrassed, but had really enjoyed herself and that her orgasm had felt pretty good.

They caught up with Jen and I and told us that Vicky had put on her first show and I told her that Laura wanted a chance to make her cum (as part of her general initiation for all new girls at the party). Mike explained about Vicky not wanting Bennett to know she was bi and I said I didn’t think this would be a problem as Laura generally gets to eat all of the girls anyway (I think everyone who currently goes has allowed her to ‘experiment’ with them at some point or other and a number of them are then willing to experiment more widely at the parties). Vicky wasn’t fully convinced and our conversation reminded me that we still owed Laura something so I invited her and Sue upstairs to let Laura have us both. We offered her the choice of who she wanted to eat and she said that she wanted things both ways round, so we started off with Sue eating Laura (while she ate me). The news that there was an all-girl threesome quickly spread and most of the people came to watch us. I pointed out that Sue’s cunt was available and a couple of the guys wanted to use it so I told them that whoever didn’t get Sue, could use me. Corey went first and when I told him to just fuck her hard and fast so someone else could take her (and pointed out that Laura was going to eat Sue afterwards anyway, so she would get to cum), he just went for it and fucked her until he came.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sex Party January 2013 - Part 1

We knew that the first weekend in January was going to be interesting. This was the weekend that Vicky would be coming along to her first sex party and this would mean that we had to tell her about Sue (who having been to the previous party, desperately wanted to come back for more).

It was left up to Mike to explain the situation to Vicky and he did this one evening while going over exactly what she could expect and making sure that she was still interested in coming along. He broke the news to her gently, telling her that there was a fourth person who would be joining us, that is was someone that he had fucked a number of times and that recently(ish), Jen had also been playing with her. At first when Mike said it was Sue, Vicky didn’t catch on and he had to explain that it was my sister (Vicky has met her a few times when Sue visited me at Uni, but she was much younger then). Needless to say, Vicky was rather surprised by this and didn’t believe that I would be fine with Mike (and Jen) doing things to my sister, but when he pointed out that we all get to do things to many different people, she sort of came round to the idea that it wasn’t really any different (although still a little odd). He asked if she still wanted to come along and even promised her that if she had changed her mind, he would visit her and spend a weekend making her cum, but Vicky’s mind was set and even the increasing strangeness of our sexual situation didn’t deter her. Mike was very glad about this as even though it was only a month or so since we’d seen Vicky and assured her that she would get to have as much fun as she wanted at the party.

Mike, Jen and I headed down to York early(ish) on the Friday afternoon and Sue met up with us after she finished work. We’d had to get two rooms in the hotel as squeezing four people into a bed is difficult enough, let alone five. We hadn’t decided what the sleeping arrangements would be yet as both Mike and Jen wanted to be able to do things with Vicky and Sue and I wanted a chance to do things with Vicky as well. Mike went to meet Vicky at the station and Jen took the opportunity to strip Sue and eat her. As we pretty much knew it would be the position of the weekend, I joined in and Jen changed position so she could eat Sue while I ate her. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m still amazed at how normal it now seems to see Sue being made to cum (or having her see me cum) – which is probably just as well as Mike and Jen both love it so much.

We hadn’t started until a while after Mike had left (and we were taking our time), with the specific intention of still being in the middle of things when he arrived back with Vicky. He had warned her of the state we would be in so when he opened the door I just gave her a wave and we carried on (we had switched around so I was sitting over Jen and Sue was eating her). Even pre-warned, Vicky seemed a little shocked but once they had dumped her bag on the floor, Mike moved over behind Sue and caressed her ass, then slipped a couple of fingers into her and fucked her while he talked to Vicky. I told him not to make her cum as that was Jen’s job and we carried on in our threesome until both Jen and I had cum. Sue wiped her face clean of Jen’s juices before she climbed out from between her legs and she half covered her breasts while saying hello to Vicky, but Jen told her that they hadn’t finished yet, pushed her (Sue) down onto the bed and set about eating her to orgasm. Jen was fairly forceful and it was obvious that she was attacking Sue’s cunt with some force – but this also meant that it was only a short time before Sue came.

Jen greeted Vicky properly and asked if she wanted to play with her (while pushing her hand between Vicky’s legs and rubbing her crotch). Vicky kissed Jen before she realised that Jen’s face was still smeared with Sue’s juices, but Jen was being as forceful as she’d been with Sue and she had already undone Vicky’s jeans and pushed her hand into them. Vicky didn’t stand much of a chance – especially as Mike and I helped to pull her jeans and panties down and then free her breasts. Vicky submitted to our assaults and we soon had her on the bed beside Sue. Mike Jen and I caressed, licked and kissed her and took turns wiping her cunt and rubbing her juices over Sue’s breasts and thighs and then offering our fingers to Sue to lick clean. She did this willingly (but then again she is related to me) and when we pointed out to Vicky that Sue was eating her, Mike slipped his cock into Sue, fucked her briefly and then offered it to Vicky to suck. She had either accepted everything that was happening or was just sufficiently turned on from our fondling that she took the head in her mouth and let Mike pump in and out (a little). It only seemed fair to do the same in return so we moved back and let him fuck Vicky, then offer his cock to Sue to suck clean. Now that the ice had been broken, we carried on playing with Vicky and made her cum – with the occasional transfer of pussy juice from Sue’s cunt to Vicky’s mouth.

Once Vicky had cum, we sat on the bed naked and chatted. There was a fair bit of fondling still going on and Sue was clearly looking at Mike’s cock, which was still nice and stiff (as he hadn’t cum) and shining with a mix of Sue and Vicky’s juices. She took it in her hand and then her mouth and it really looked as if Vicky was jealous. I told Sue not to be greedy as we had to share Mike and we didn’t want to waste his cum in someone’s mouth. I told Vicky that she would still get the best deal if we shared him as she would be the one who could lick Sue or me while he fucked us, but she would get the option of having both Sue and me licking her while he fucked her. Vicky wasn’t sure how this would work so I explained that while Sue and I didn’t actually have sex with each other, Mike and Jen had talked us into kissing (mostly for their amusement). Mike felt that the best thing would be for a demonstration and he pushed into Vicky and then presented us with his cock. Sue and I kissed around it and did a fair amount of tongue work on the head.

Vicky seemed impressed so we set about playing with her again. Sue and I each took one of her breasts while Jen ate her – this didn’t last long though as Jen wanted to indulge her breast fetish and (with a bit of effort) Vicky, Sue and I each presented her with a nipple to suck on. Mike fingered the three of us while Jen lapped away and said that he wanted to fuck someone. Both Sue and Vicky were up for this and we decided that whoever he fucked would spend the night with Jen while the other person could spend the night with him. Mike made it a bit more interesting by saying that he wanted whoever he was inside to be eating the other person, but before they could decide who would do what to whom, he suggested that we go out and get some food as he was hungry.

They couldn’t really complain about him teasing them as he was also going to have to wait to cum, but he made things worse by repeatedly fondling them while we got dressed to go out. At one point he bent Vicky over and fucked her and when Sue complained it wasn’t fair, he did the same to her. We eventually made it out and found somewhere to eat. Jen teased Sue quite a bit during the meal and managed to get her to fuck herself with her the handle of her knife. Vicky said that Sue seemed rather different to how she’d been when she had visited me in York (but then again, the first time Sue visited me in York was back in my undergrad days when she was still sweet and innocent). Vicky said that she thought the new Sue was more interesting and Mike convinced her to go down on Sue while he fucked her. Sue was fine with this as it meant she got to sleep with Mike and I then opted to spend the night with Jen and Vicky.

We hadn’t gone too far from the hotel to eat and wanted to get back quickly as it was quite cold, but we stopped off briefly so Mike could fondle Sue under her skirt and Jen and I could once again undo Vicky’s jeans and get our hands into them (which meant pulling them down a little). Cold hands on warm cunts can feel quite interesting and we got both Sue and Vicky fairly aroused in a short period of time and then headed back to the hotel. As soon as we were in the room, Sue got undressed and Vicky was pulled out of her clothes. Mike and Jen had a quick lick of Sue and Mike, Jen and I then had a quick lick of Vicky before Sue lay across the bed, spread her legs and Jen held Sue’s pussy open for Vicky. Vicky bent down and started to eat Sue, at which point Mike pushed into her and used long hard strokes to fuck her. Jen played with Sue’s nips and then decided that she may as well make use of her before she disappeared with Mike, so she climbed over Sue’s face and lowered her cunt to Sue’s mouth.

I reached under Vicky to play with her breasts and then decided I would be more generous and take care of her clit so Mike could concentrate on fucking her. I had a fairly good view of Vicky eating Sue and she certainly didn’t seem to be holding back. Now that he just had to fuck Vicky, Mike was leaning back a bit so he got a good view of his cock sliding in and out of Vick’s cunt. I felt a little left out as I was the only one who wasn’t going to cum, but to make up for this I told Vicky that I wanted her to fuck me next and I imagined being in Sue’s position. Sue and Vicky came first (but we had teased them a fair bit) and Jen was next. As usual, Mike held back and carried on fucking Vicky for a few minutes, but them emptied himself in her – and he seemed to deposit a fair amount as when he pulled out, I saw his cum leaking out of her so I told Sue to come and look. She climbed off the bed and I kissed Vicky as (at Mike’s request) Sue helped to stop Vicky from leaking over the floor by licking his cum out of her. Sue then took his cock in her mouth and told him that he had better get hard again soon as she wanted to be fucked as well. Mike promised to do his best and they went into their room for the night, leaving Jen and I to play with Vicky.

Sue dared Mike to make the trip between the rooms naked and he agreed as long as she did the same (it was only next door so they weren’t in the corridor for long). Mike went down on Sue for a while and they then fucked – he kept up his promise to cum inside her and then (after a bit of recovery time) they spooned while discussing the party and going to sleep. In our room, Jen and Vicky shared a dildo and I licked their clits and once they’d both cum, Jen and Vicky both fingered me (two fingers each) and played with my clit. This turned out to be a very effective way to make me cum quickly and Vicky and I snuggled up afterwards and let Jen play with our breasts again (Jen basically has the same appetite for breasts as I do for cumming).

Monday, 18 March 2013

Christmas 2012

On Christmas Eve we headed home to my Mum’s place. Jen was spending Christmas with us and then we were all heading to her parents; for New Year. The journey home was rather difficult (we should have known that travelling on Christmas Eve would be a nightmare) but we eventually made it.

That night, Mike slept in Sue’s room – ostensibly on the floor, but actually in her bed with her. Although they had spent a while playing with each other and he had made Sue cum a couple of times already, Mike didn’t actually cum in her until past midnight, which (in his mind) meant that he was the first person to give her a Christmas ‘present’. He told her to try to keep a hold of his cum so that Jen could eat it out of her the next day, but gravity and fluid mechanics did their job overnight and Sue woke up to the usual damp patch. Mike helped her to make up for this by first going down on her and once she had cum, he fucked her again and gave her a fresh batch of his cum. This time, she slipped on a pair of panties so the cum couldn’t get too far and Sue spent the morning with the damp material pressed up against her crotch. Jen got a chance to lick Sue clean when we went upstairs to get dressed properly (we just wore dressing gowns for opening the presents).

Jen had brought along her new Santa’s helper dress so she could look festive for the day (but she also wore red panties under it just to be on the safe side). Sue quietly told Mike that the dress looked very sexy on Jen and Mike passed this on to Jen who promised to let Sue be the one to take it off her that night. While getting dressed, Mike and I presented Jen with another present – I had bought it at the same time as her new nipple clamps, but hadn’t let Jen see it. It was a clit clamp with a chain to attach to the nipple clamps. Jen wanted to try it out, but we didn’t think we could stay upstairs for too long and leave Mum to make the whole lunch by herself, so Jen only tried it out briefly.

Not much happened during the day (other than eating and lazing in front of the TV). When it was time for bed, we had a proper play with Jen’s new toy and Sue happily joined it. We tried attaching the chain at various lengths – using the whole chain, Jen could easily stand and move about without any pressure on her. We found a suitable length that meant she occasionally got her nips or clit tweaked when she moved and then made it much shorter so she had to bend over or have the chain pulling on her. I could see that we could have a lot of fun with this (as could Jen), but we let her go off with Sue to bed while Mike and I had our Christmas fuck (with me being eaten first of course).

Jen let Sue try out the chain and at first, the clamps were far too tight for Sue, but once they had been eased off, Sue said she quite enjoyed it (but she didn’t keep it on for long). The previous pinching gave Jen an excellent excuse to spend time kissing Sue’s clit and nipples better (not that she needed an excuse as Sue now happily accepts Jen’s attention). Jen ate Sue to orgasm and then wanted her to use one of her (Sue’s) vibes to get her (Jen) off. Unfortunately, Sue had already moved her toys to her new place and she doesn’t take them with her when she travels (in this case because she knew that both Mike and Jen would be available to make her cum). To make up for this, Sue used her toothbrush on Jen’s clit (very gently) and once she had cum, Jen fucked the toothbrush and let Sue brush her teeth with it.

On Boxing Day, Mike did his usual quota of man-chores around the house. Mum has actually been seeing someone for a while, but they aren’t at the stage of him doing all of these sorts of jobs around the place. We are fairly certain that they have slept together though, although Mum didn’t do anything at home while Sue was still living there. We know a little bit about him from Sue (although I haven’t met him yet) and after she told us that she thought he was quite nice, we teased her endlessly about her wanting to fuck him and wondering whether he would be interested in burying his cock in her while Mum watched. We knew full well that when Sue said ‘nice’ she meant ‘nice for Mum’, but it was fun teasing her.

We went for a walk in the afternoon (Jen, Sue, Mike and I) and as you would expect, we took advantage of being away from the house and Mike and Jen turned first on me and then on Sue. We were fingered, groped, partially stripped and then made to cum using a vibe (used first on and in me and then on and in Sue). It seemed only fair to subject Jen to the same treatment and we got her naked from the waist down while we made her cum. This just left Mike but he didn’t seem to mind our assault on him and he was ‘made’ to fuck me and then Sue. We didn’t make him cum (but gave him the option) as I knew he would probably want to save it for Sue later on.

That night, it was Mike’s turn to sleep with Sue again, but before that, Jen wanted a turn with Sue and I together. We used Sue’s room for this and Jen lay on her back with Sue sitting over her face while I ate Jen. Mike wanted to join in so he took me from behind and he made me cum, but once again he refrained from cumming himself so he could service Sue properly afterwards (which he did once Jen and I had gone back to my room). The next morning, it was Mike’s turn to have us both and I sat over his face while Sue fucked him (he’d already eaten Sue). It was harder for Jen to get involved in this session but she sat behind Sue and caressed her breasts. Later that morning, we set off for Jen’s parents’ place (and this was a much easier journey).

I didn’t get as many chances to play with Chris (Jen’s brother) as I had hoped. I got to suck him off just after we arrived and I was ‘unpacking’, but a lot of the remaining time, Jen’s parents were around. They did go out on the morning of the 29th and Mike and Jen quickly decided to go for a run together. I told Jen to call me about 10 minutes before she got back so I could prepare the shower for her and this provided us with the cover for Chris to be sure that we wouldn’t be interrupted. As soon as they were out the door, I dragged him up to his room, pulled my clothes off and told him I wanted him to make me cum as many times as he could and that he could use me however he wanted in the process. I bent over his bed and wiggled my ass at him and he eagerly slipped into me. I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could and got him to tell me about who he’d fucked since we‘d last seen each other (only two girls). I pushed back hard as he thrust into me and asked if he wanted to do anything else and he told me that my ass looked nice so I suggested he try fucking it. I felt his cock press into me – maybe a little too quickly, but I had been encouraging him so I didn’t complain. I told him I was going to finger myself and reached down to do so. I didn’t hold back and played with myself until I came and then let him continue to use my ass until he came.

I reminded him that we didn’t have too long and I wanted to cum more so I lay back on his bed and let him finger me and play with my clit. I came fairly quickly and he still wasn’t ready to fuck again so I got him to eat me and almost as soon as we were done I pulled him onto me and we fucked. I could really have done with a little break, but we only had about 20 minutes left and I wanted to have a proper fuck with him. We used a number of different positions but finished off with him back on top of me and I pulled him into me with each thrust. I made sure that I came before he did, but once I’d cum I described to him how I was going to wash Jen down in the shower, play with her breasts, slide my fingers into her cunt, eat her and make her cum. Chris came in me and then pulled out but before he could remove the condom I grabbed his cock and took the end in my mouth. I flicked his glans with my tongue a few times before pulling the condom off, pouring the small amount of cum over my breasts and wiping his cock over my nipples.

Jen still hadn’t called so I took a while gently caressing his cock, which first went soft but then came (slightly) back to life. When Jen did call, I chatted to her while squeezing Chris’ cock and caressing his balls, but then had to leave him to prepare the promised shower. When Mike and Jen returned, I greeted them naked in Jen’s room and quietly told them what we’d done. Understandable, Jen didn’t want to hug me before I was clean of Chris’ cum so we went to the shower together and once I’d been hosed down, I did as I had promised Chris and fingered and ate Jen to an orgasm.

On New Year’s Eve, we went out with friends (some of Jen’s and some of Chris’) and had a fairly good time. Mike had agreed to let Jen and I spend the night together alone as it was the anniversary of our meeting and once we returned home, we had a long, gentle session. This was partly due to having to be sufficiently quiet that Jen’s parents’ didn’t hear too much. She isn’t so paranoid about them knowing we have sex now, but she still doesn’t want them to hear.

The only other time I got to do anything worthwhile with Chris was when Mike, Jen, Chris and I went out for a walk together on New Year’s Day. We went to one of the places that Jen used to play outside (although Chris doesn’t know about Jen’s outdoor watersports fetish). Jen dragged Mike off to see something and while we were waiting, I lifted my skirt and urged Chris to fuck me. He took me against a tree, holding my left leg in the air and mauling my breasts through and then under my top. Mike and Jen had been watching us from a distance and as soon as Chris pulled out of me, they moved out into view (still in the distance) and Chris had to hurriedly tuck his still hard cock back into his trousers with the condom on (which I found out then leaked as we walked home so he had a damp crotch).

We promised to return and visit again soon (or as soon as our schedules would allow) and we already had some ideas of how to have fun. I gave him a pair of my panties (which I’d worn especially) and told him to use them to cum as many time as he could until my return and that I wanted to see how cum encrusted he could make them. He once again told me that he wished he had known me better while at school and I agreed that we could have had some fun.

The only other news of interest for this entry is that when we had returned home and made it back to bed (following our nightly session), Mike announced that he would like us to consider trying for a baby this year. It’s not something that we’re going to do right away, but it is now something we’re considering.

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Weekend Before Christmas - Part 2

We're down in York for the end of term sex party. Sue couldn't make it this time but Vicky has returned for more (right now, Mike is busy 'saying hello' to her before Jen and I go and greet her). Back to Christmas...

It was fairly late by the time we actually left the house so we went straight to a club. We had to queue for a while, which Jen found quite cold (her dress wasn’t incredibly thick and as you would expect, she didn’t have anything on underneath it). Once inside, we danced for a while to warm up and a number of guys tried to hit on her, but other than dancing with a couple of them, they didn’t get anywhere. Jen certainly looked very appealing in her outfit though and when I had a slow dance with her, I told her in great detail all the things I wanted to do to her and asked if she thought the club would mind if I stripped her naked and did her on the bar.

We ended up going home fairly early and I got Jen to leave her dress on (but unbuttoned) while I went down on her. Mike lay naked beside her and he kissed her and fondled her breasts while I ate her. All the white fluffy bits looked very nice and we had a long gentle session. Mike got Jen to describe what it was like playing with Sue, Lis, Lucy, Sara, et al and describe her favourite things about each of them. He was especially interested in her descriptions of Lucy (as he isn’t allowed to do anything to her) but as Jen got closer to cumming, he got her to describe how my pussy felt and tasted. Jen did this through her mewing and it was nice hearing her say how soft my lips felt and how nice my juices tasted. It felt like my pussy was very wet and it would have been nice to have someone else present to take care of me – but the weekend was meant to be about the three of us, and I knew that Mike would deal with me in time. I kept up the slow pace with Jen and even after she had finished cumming I continued (although even more gently). I then crawled up beside her and she described how her orgasm had felt while Mike and I kissed and stroked her breasts.

She’d had a nice long deep orgasm and said that it felt like her pussy was still glowing from it. I told her that her descriptions of things had made me incredibly wet and when she dropped her hand to my crotch, her fingers returned with enough of a coating that a little dropped off onto her chest (which Mike took care of). Jen sucked her fingers clean and said that she would eat me if I wanted, but she could tell that Mike was feeling just as horny as I was from the way he was rubbing his cock against the side of her thigh. I told Jen that she could rest for a bit while Mike and I put on our own show. We weren’t as slow or gentle and Mike pushed straight into me and we briefly fucked to a series of squelching sounds. I was then offered his cock to suck clean, after which he went down on me for a minute or so and we then resumed our fucking. Once again, it was clear that we weren’t trying to take our time and I ended up on my back, with my legs up in the air and Mike knelt on the bed and gave me a deep fuck. He didn’t play with my clit at first and it was only when he started to get close that I was given extra stimulation. I think I could have probably cum without it (although not in time for Mike’s orgasm as he wasn’t holding back), but I wasn’t given this option (and didn’t care). I came first and Mike fucked me for just a little longer before cumming in me.

He stayed inside me while he dropped my legs to the bed and lay on top of me. We kissed as he continued moving in me and I felt his cock shrink. After a couple of minutes he was completely flaccid but still inside me and moving back and forth. It was a strange feeling, but enjoyable, so we made sure not to move too far apart so he fell out (as there was no way he’d get back in to me). After a couple more minutes of kissing and soft fucking (I have no idea what to call it), we looked over at Jen and saw that she was sound asleep. It would have been mean to wake her so we decoupled and between us, rolled her onto her side so we could remove her clothes. I’m often quite amazed how Jen can go from being so incredibly sensual and sexual to looking so incredibly sweet and innocent in such a short period of time.

Mike and I spooned (no penetration) and he thanked me for being willing to experiment with girls. This was a silly thing for him to say as I have probably benefited from this far more than he has (I ended up with Jen), but it sort of fitted in with our ‘us’ weekend, so I took the thanks and told him that I was glad he wasn’t the jealous type or we’d never have been able to have so much fun.

The next morning I awoke to Mike between my legs. I let him know I was awake and then just enjoyed the feelings of his tongue on and in my pussy. He sucked my lips into his mouth and then did the same to my clit. Jen woke up and asked if we’d been doing things all night (which I’m sure would be wonderful if we could get enough energy to do that). She reached over and caressed my breasts but had to take a bathroom break. When she returned I was much closer to cumming and I pulled her over me so I could eat her. I came before Jen did and we changed position so I could use a vibe in her while licking her clit and after Mike had pumped in me briefly, he went to get breakfast ready. Jen and I had finished by the time he returned and to make up for it, I ate a fair amount of my yoghurt directly off his cock, making sure I cleaned him up thoroughly each time. He had a bit of time to relax while we finished eating breakfast and I told him that I wanted to see if he could make himself cum with just a single finger (a trick we learned from Sue who could get her ex-bf to cum this way).

It was decided that if he was going to do this, then Jen and I should do it as well. We nearly called Sue to get her to join in, but then remembered that it was just meant to be the three of us so we arranged ourselves on the bed in a circle and got to work. It was slightly unfair as it is much easier for a girl to masturbate with just one finger than for a guy to do so. We weren’t allowed any penetration and just rubbed our clits while Mike rubbed the front of his glans. Jen had to be told off for caressing her breasts, but even when she stopped doing this, it was clear that she was progressing much faster than Mike or me. She slowed down the stroking of her clit and we continued until I got close to cumming. Mike was taking longer than us (as expected) but he used a bit more pressure and eventually got close. Even then, Jen and I came first, but out moans (and mews) spurred him on and we watched as his cum squirted up out of his cock. As he was sitting upright, most of it splattered over his stomach, cock and hand, but he also made a reasonable mess on the bed (fortunately Sunday is laundry day).

He wished he had cum over us so we could have been cum-encrusted when we went out for lunch – to make up for this we promised that we would find another way to make lunch interesting. I showered with Mike while Jen cleared up the breakfast things and I used the dildo on the patio doors to fuck myself while Jen coloured her hair (she is still giving a slight extra red tinge so it is closer to Sara’s hair colour). Mike loves Jen’s hair and she sometimes lets him wrap it around his cock, but doesn’t let him use it to masturbate often as it damages it (she doesn’t mind his cum being in her hair, but doesn’t want him actually rubbing his cock with it too often).

Jen and I tossed a coin to see who would get to wear the strap-on harness (so we could use the internal vibe) and she won so we lubed it up and strapped it on to her. I decided to try something I hadn’t done for a while and inserted a couple of golf balls into my pussy and then applied a bit of the tingle gel to my clit. I had forgotten how nice this could feel – the way they moved around inside me as I walked, the small dimples giving them a nice texture and occasionally feeling them knock together if I did anything energetic like skip up or down a kerb or step. Even though they weren’t giving me anywhere near enough stimulation to make me cum (which I’d known would be the case), they still felt wonderful. Jen was also enjoying the stimulation from the vibe but it was only when we got to the café, she slipped off one of her shoes and sat with her leg folded under her so she could use her heel to press the crotch of her harness against herself much harder that the vibe really took effect. She isn’t quite sure exactly what was different from other times she has worn it, but the vibe seemed to press against just the right spot on her clit and she said that it felt much stronger than usual. She told us (quietly) that she was easily going to be able to cum and I envied her and squeezed my pussy around the gold balls as much as I could (which felt nice, but still wasn’t going to get me off).

I suggested to Jen that she put her head down on the table as if she was nursing a hangover and this was enough to hide the expression on her face as her orgasm hit her. She did a good job at being quiet (we have practice) and other than a bit of heavy breathing, we wouldn’t have known that she was cumming. She moved her heel away from her crotch to reduce the pressure, but when she looked up it was quite funny as she was still pretty flushed and had an obvious (to us) contented glow in her expression. She needed to turn the vibe off so made a trip to the bathroom (it’s a slight design flaw that you need to undo the harness to access the internal vibe). By the time she returned, her colour had returned to normal, but she still looked quite happy and she tried to describe why it had felt so much stronger than usual.

We had lunch and then headed off to one of our usual sex shops. We don’t often go on a Sunday and it was a different guy behind the counter than usual so it would have been remiss of us to not take advantage of this. I’d been wanting to get something for Jen for a little while and after looking around we found a suitable item – nipple clamps connected by a chain so that items could be attached (to pull on them). I got Jen to ask the guy if she could test out the item and when he said that he guessed it would be okay, we pulled Jen’s top off and I helped her fasten the clamps to her nipples (this was much easier on the second nipple as it had stiffened by this point). Jen enjoyed the feeling of the clamps and I liked the fact that the top part of the harness was clearly visible above her skirt. Jen left the clamps on and pulled her t-shirt on. They were fairly visible (but this was partly due to her having hard nips) and after purchasing them, we set off for a wander around town.

Everywhere was still very busy and as much fun as it would have been to enjoy some time in a changing room, we didn’t want to bother waiting to get in to one (and thinking about it, we’d probably have been interrupted if we’d spent too long doing things anyway). Once back home, we tried attaching various things to the chain – partially to see what worked and was enjoyable and partly just to see how silly we could make Jen look with different items dangling from her nips. We managed to keep Jen’s nips erect for a long time and when it was finally time to relieve her, I went down on her while pulling on the chain. This was more than enough for Mike and he didn’t want to just watch so he knelt behind me and fucked me while reaching around to play with my nips (much more gently than I was doing to Jen’s). As she got close to cumming, he fucked me harder so my face was pushed against Jen’s cunt in time with his thrusts (so he was fucking her by proxy).Once Jen’s orgasm has subsided, he slowed down again and resumed playing with me. I kitty kissed Jen for the whole time Mike and I fucked and I covered my face with her juices (the nipple clamps had done a good job at arousing her).

Mike helped to kiss my face clean (or at least cleaner) and we then climbed up on either side of Jen, removed the clamps and took care of gently kissing and sucking her nipples. Jen was still surprisingly wet so I scooped up some of her juices and rubbed them into the breast Mike work working on and after a while I realised that I was grinding my pussy against Jen’s leg fairly forcefully. Jen had fully recovered from her orgasm and while she didn’t need to cum again, she was kind enough to offer to service me so I climbed over her face and she ate whatever of Mike’s cum remained in me and then proceeded to eat me properly until I came again.

Mike had watched us for a short time, but as he’d just cum even his lust to watch us play together wasn’t enough to keep him fully interested and he went off to get dinner started. Jen and I spent longer in bed than he had expected (I had cum but we then just rested) and by the time we surfaced, things were pretty much ready. Mike had set the table, dimmed the lights and lit a few candles (he hadn’t thought of this all by himself, we had agreed to have a romantic meal). Jen and I had already dressed – I had my Japanese schoolgirl outfit on and Jen had her sexy Santa’s helper dress on with white stockings. Mike had to go and finish getting ready so while we served the meal, he put his dress shirt and dinner jacket on (I think this is quite a sexy outfit). We had a wonderful meal and were all well behaved until it got to time for dessert. For this, we had chosen chocolate mousse, with the specific aim of eating it in the messiest way possible (well, the messiest way that would be fun).

We didn’t want to waste the effort of getting dressed up, so took a break before we started dessert and sat together so we could admire and enjoy the way we were dressed. There was a fair amount of fondling and caressing and various bits gradually got uncovered and touched, fingered, kissed and sucked more and more. We worked ourselves up into a mini-frenzy and when we agreed that it was time for pudding we removed our remaining clothes and Mike put down a couple of large towels while I fetched the mousse. We started off slowly, using the mousse on each other’s nipples (even Mike’s) and all licked each other clean(er). The application became sloppier and our chests ended up covered in smears of mousse and then hands started drifting lower to our crotches. I covered Mike’s cock in mousse and set about licking him clean while Jen smeared mousse over my pussy and tried to clean me. The mousse ended up in places that it really shouldn’t and as we ate and licked each other our faces got more covered with the stuff. Mike used the mousse as a lubricant to caress my neck and I covered Jen’s cunt with it before ferociously eating her. By the time we finished (and had all cum), we were covered in chocolate, but we’d planned for this and Mike wiped his hands clean on an extra towel before going and getting shower running so Jen and I could join him.

We showered each other down (and in Jen and my case this included holding our lips open so we could be showered internally) and it took a fair time to get clean. As an added bonus for Mike that night, Jen let him grind against her pussy while I was sitting over her and both she and Mike licked me. It was easy enough for me to cum and Mike managed to get Jen off but they were worried that if he moved fast enough for him to cum, he could end up slipping in to Jen so they switched positions and Jen sat over him and humped against him until he came. He was out of cum, but Jen’s juices left his cock nice and sticky so he had to shower again in the morning before we set off for my (family) home.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Weekend Before Christmas - Part 1

The weekend before Christmas, Sue and Sara were meant to come up and visit us, but due to bad weather and people not feeling well we had to postpone. This was a bit of a shame as we’d had a fun time planned (and Mike had been hoping to get to fuck Sara again), but we would at least see Sue over Christmas. This gave us the chance to have a weekend with just the three of us and it was really nice to spend some time alone (as much fun as our weekends are, they are usually quite hectic and we don’t get much real quality time during the week between work, housework and general life). Once we knew that we were going to be alone, we agreed that we would spend as much of the weekend completely naked as possible.

For Jen and I, this started on the Friday evening before we’d even left work. Jen came to my lab to meet me (as often happens) and we sat chatting while I finished off my work. Jen was wearing her usual cold weather outfit of denim shorts and opaque tights. She had a small ladder on her left calf and as I stroked her leg, I pulled at this until it became a large ladder and then a hole. I then tore at the other leg and once her tights were in shreds, she had no choice but to take them off. There were still another couple of people in the lab, but at the end near the door and she couldn’t walk past them to get to the toilet so between us, we tore the material away and I got her to unbutton her shorts so I could cut away the top part. We pulled the remainder of her tights off but before I let her do her shorts up I handed her the scissors and told her to cut her panties off (they were only plain ones, but games like this do contribute to a higher than usual lingerie budget – which is somewhat ironic as we rarely wear any panties). Jen did as instructed and I reached up under the crotch of her shorts and pulled her panties out, adding them to the remains of her tights in my bag.

There wasn’t much Jen could do in retaliation to this as I didn’t have anything on under my skirt and I thought it was a shame to waste access to her pussy so I retrieved my emergency vibe from the back of my drawer and pushed it down the front of Jen’s shorts and angled it so it was pressing against her crotch. This meant that it made an obvious bulge in the front of her shorts, and even more so when she did them up again. The vibe pushed the material away from her body at the front and if she spread her legs, I could see right up to her pussy and the business end of the vibe nestling between her lips. Jen told me I was a bitch, but I just pointed out that I was her bitch and if I wanted to make her cum, then that was my right. I had only put the vibe on low and it was only a small one anyway (just for the times at work when fingers alone weren’t enough). I pointed out to her that I could have just as easily used my emergency vibrating egg (which is much more powerful) and that this would make the journey home more interesting.

We decided to take the bus and for a while it was very crowded, this gave us the opportunity for my hand to push up against Jen’s crotch and hold it right against her clit. I managed this for long enough to get her off and then let go so the feeling didn’t become too intense for her. Once the bus cleared a little, we moved to the back and Jen undid her shorts to relieve the pressure of the vibe a bit more. Jen pushed her hand up my skirt and used her thumb on my clit. She didn’t have long enough to make me cum though before we got to our stop. The brief fingering did mean that as soon as we got indoors I was ready for more and she pulled her shorts off, letting the vibe fall to the floor and we quickly moved into the bedroom to continue our session. We knew that Mike was planning on being back soon, so left him a clue as to where we were by leaving a trail of clothes up the stairs and into the bedroom.

I let Jen sit over me and I cleaned up the mess the vibe had made while she used a vibe in my pussy and an egg on my clit. It didn’t take too long to cum and instead of being greedy and going for round two (Jen’s orgasm on the bus was just a warm up so it didn’t count), we decided to wait for Mike. Not that we didn’t kiss and caress each other while we waited, so by the time Mike arrived, I was nice and wet again and Jen’s pussy was glistening with her juices. He wanted to go down on me and while I really wanted him to fuck me, being eaten (and having to cum again) was a small price to pay for the promise of a hard fuck when he’d finished. I fingered Jen some more while I was being eaten and when it came time to fuck, Jen sat beside us and used a dildo on her pussy while I rode Mike. She fucked herself for a while and then let Mike suck the dildo clean (or at least the end of it, he really wouldn’t be capable of deep throating without gagging). Mike appreciated the Jen-juice though and it meant that he was sufficiently distracted that I could use him and experiment with different ways of moving. I settled for the tried and tested method of grinding against him (better clitoral contact for, although it doesn’t feel as good for him as when I ride up and down on his cock). He let me enjoy myself like this until I came, at which point I was grabbed and pulled down onto him so he could fuck me. I was given a hard and intense (but fairly short) fuck before Mike emptied himself into me and I stayed on top of him while we watched Jen playing with herself (not to orgasm).

We felt this was a good start to the weekend and had a break to make dinner. This was done according to the staying naked plan and over dinner we agreed that we would try to do things on demand (whenever one of us wanted to do things, one of the others would have to oblige – with the usual Mike-Jen rules in place of course). We also agreed that while there would probably be some exhibitionism, we wouldn’t get anyone else directly involved (so it really would just be the three of us). We debated going out for a drink, but opted to stay in and curled up in bed together. We talked about the different people we got to do things with, what we enjoyed, what we wanted to do with them (and made appropriate plans). We made some specific plans for Christmas, but (as usual) we knew that we would have to be fairly flexible and adapt to the situations.

Mike wanted to eat me again and I ended up getting a double helping (pussy and rim job). I did the same to Jen and we fell asleep with Mike spooning me and me spooning Jen. Well, the plan was to fall asleep like this, but Mike moved in me enough that it was clear he wanted to fuck and I transferred his movements to Jen’s pussy (where my hand was resting). We fucked as a threesome but in the position we were in, Mike couldn’t get his hand onto my pussy to play with me. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me and imagine I was Jen and we would try to make her cum at the same time he did. I quickly frigged Jen until she reached her mewing stage (which both Mike and I find very sexy) and then kept her there while Mike pumped into me. He told me when he was getting close and I sped up my stroking of Jen’s clit so I could get her off as soon as Mike said he was about to cum. Mike came in me as Jen came and she squeezed her legs around my hand (very hard) as her orgasm ripped through her. Mike pushed hard into me and stayed still for a while before offering to eat or finger me but I told him that I was fine and we could just spoon. Unfortunately, having just cum, he didn’t stay hard for very long, but we stayed in the spooning position as we actually fell asleep.

I woke up first the next morning and had to decide who I would go down on. I opted for Jen (her juices taste nicer than Mike’s). I ate her awake and Mike woke up while I was doing this. He reached between my legs and gave me a brief fondle but went off to make breakfast while we were busy. I made sure to take my time and was still going on his return so he put the tray down and climbed over my legs so he could slide his cock between my ass cheeks and into my cunt. He didn’t try to fuck me, but just moved in and out of me slowly. It felt very nice being sandwiched between my lovers like this and was even nicer when he moved my hair to the side and caressed my neck. He got his hands pretty much the whole way around my neck (but only touching very gently) and I told him if he carried on doing this for long enough that I would probably be able to cum. We thought this was worth the effort and I continued to gently lap at Jen’s pussy while Mike slowly fucked me and his fingers played over the surface of my neck and I felt the familiar, agonisingly slow build-up of my orgasm.

I had to resist from humping back against him or speeding up what I was doing to Jen, but from experience, I knew that it would be worth it. I could hear Jen mewing away and Mike telling me how soft, hot and wet my cunt felt. I was getting fairly close by this point but it still took what felt like ages for my orgasm to build. I concentrated on Jen’s clit but carried on just licking her slowly – the aim being to get her off, but in a controlled way so I could still enjoy the subtle sensations of the situation. When I finally came, I sucked on her clit but concentrated on my orgasm as it throbbed out from my pussy and neck. Mike carried on moving slowly in me and it felt like I came for a while. Only near the end did I flick my tongue over Jen’s clit a bit faster and elicited an orgasm from her (which also seemed to be quite strong, but sharper than mine). I wish that Mike had cum in me, but he had other plans and while his cum would have been nice, his cock buried in me had done a pretty good job.

We broke for breakfast and I attached our stick on dildo to the patio door, the idea being that Jen and I could use it whenever we wanted. We had a quick shower (just because we were going to spend the weekend fucking, it didn’t mean that we didn’t want to be clean) and Mike got his wish to shave both Jen and me (he was still fairly well trimmed from the party preparation so we didn’t need to do any work there). He then requested Jen’s presence in the bedroom and I followed along to watch as she sat over him and humped herself against his cock. I added a bit of tingle gel between them and Jen lay down on Mike so they could kiss. A couple of times when Mike moved, he came pretty close to sliding into Jen properly so he was instructed to stay still and let Jen do the work. He still caressed her ass and they talked about what it would be like when he finally got to fuck her. They each described how they thought it would feel and Mike told her that he wanted to fill her cunt with his cum and then stay buried inside her until it had all been absorbed. Jen was in a playful mood and told him that she would let him cum in her as many times as he could and as often as he wanted – then added that he just had to wait until she was ready.

She got called bitch for this and he slapped her ass hard (but Jen likes that) so she kissed him and sped up. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and carried on humping against Mike until he came and after sitting up so we could all see the mess, she told him that she had just faked her orgasm and he now had to let her use him until she actually came. I was quite surprised as I had really thought she’d cum. Jen continued to grind against Mike, but pushed even harder against him. He quite liked this as he knew his cum was getting rubbed over and between her lips, but at the same time he was very sensitive after having just cum so it took quite a bit for him to endure it. Fortunately, Jen wasn’t rubbing over his glans too much as she wanted to be able to move quickly without having to worry about him ending up inside her. Mike helped out by fondling her breasts and nipples and she came with proper mewing (although I still couldn’t tell the difference). Both her pussy and his cock were now a sticky mess with a combination of their juices and I congratulated Jen for her display.

We decided to head into town for a short while and to capitalise on the mess that was Jen’s pussy, she was made to wear her shorts and tights outfit (with new tights obviously). I went with the same outfit and we used seamless tights so we didn’t need panties. We also wore shorts that were looser around the leg in case we got a chance to play (although we were aware that town was likely to be rather busy on the weekend before Christmas). Jen and I did manage to get a couple of chances to grope each other’s asses (and Mike also copped a few feels), but we didn’t do much more than that. We did find a sexy little fur edged, red ‘Santa’s helper’ dress that was on offer and bought it for Jen. We got her a pair of long red socks to go with it and told her that she would have to wear it out that evening. It seemed a bit of a waste to only have her wear it once though so we popped in to the toilets in one of the big department stores and Jen changed into her dress and socks. Her shoes weren’t really right for the outfit, but they were good enough for now and she knew what she was going to wear that evening). She certainly got a number of appreciative looks from guys as we walked home, with just one stop to get an additional touch for the outfit.

On arriving home, we felt that we should probably make better use of our time alone and I got Jen to impale herself on the dildo on the patio doors while Mike and I fucked on the sofa. I let him finger me while I sucked his cock and he then pulled me over him so he could eat me as well. We didn’t cum like this though and I finished off in the reverse cowgirl position. Mike was going to wait and cum over me later before we went out, but I wanted to feel his cum in me (or more specifically, leaking out of me) so he did as I asked and we carried on fucking until he came in me. I hadn’t been ready to cum again in time, but he didn’t let me off and I was pulled to the side of the sofa so my head was on the cushion and my legs were in the air with my back resting against the arm of the sofa while he stood and ate me. Jen had finished getting herself off by this point so she joined in and played with my breasts until Mike finished eating me and made me cum. He was then sent over to sample Jen from the dildo (about the only time he doesn’t mind sucking on a cock) while Jen and I kissed and fondled each other.

We did a few boring house things for a while, had dinner and then got ready to go out. Once Jen had her dress and socks back on (with a pair of black patent high heels), Mike went to work and used fabric glue to stick some white fluffy trim to the top of her socks. It matched her dress quite well and a large black belt completed the look. Mike kissed around Jen’s legs (there was a couple of inches exposed between her socks and the dress) and then kissed further up. He avoided the forbidden areas, but spent a while nuzzling on her inner thighs and admiring the aroma coming from her pussy. It was obvious that even without any direct vaginal or clitoral contact, that his kisses were arousing Jen and I debated going down on her properly before we went out, but thought that it would be more fun to have her wait.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Induction of Sue - Part 2

Hmm - I didn't realise I'd forgotten to paste the text - work's been quite busy and I was distracted!

Mike wasn’t the only one who was hoping to get to fuck the Japanese girls (this was the reason Corey had invited them along). I suggested to Sue that she might want to try out some of the guys and took her over to see Bennett. Our tops were still open with our breasts hanging free and Bennett fondled us both at once. I’d been intending on letting him take care of Sue while I went to see if Corey was up for some action, but decided that I wanted to feel his cock inside me as well so asked him if he thought he could fuck us both to orgasm. Bennett is slightly older than us (he’s a PostDoc) and has a bit more experience than some of the younger students so I didn’t think this would be beyond him (plus he’d already cum once) and he took the challenge on. I fished his cock out of his trousers and Sue and I fondled it back to life. Once he was nice and hard, I poked one of Sue’s breasts and asked if she was up for using them properly (indicating the cock we had in our hands).

I grabbed a condom and rolled it over his cock, then knelt and took him in my mouth (or as much as I could fit). I challenged Sue to do better and she managed to get a bit more in and then bobbed up and down. I reminded her not to do too much as he had to make us both cum but I joined her and we kissed around his cock and then switched to sandwiching it between our breasts and rubbing up and down the length of the shaft. I was enjoying putting on our little show, but wanted him inside me so we didn’t do this for long. I stood up, leaned against the wall and presented myself to him. He eagerly pushed into me and started to fuck me, then reached around to play with my breasts and then clit. I let him do this for a couple of minutes and told him that it was Sue’s turn. She paused for a bit (and later said that it was because there were more people watching), but then took up position beside me and Bennett switched over to fuck her. I quickly shed my blouse, but kept my skirt on and reached over to use a hand on Sue’s breasts while using my other hand on my pussy (I didn’t think it was fair for him to have to do all the work to make us both cum). Once he’d had a couple of minutes in Sue, I told him that I wanted his cock back (and got it). I told Sue to keep herself stimulated but she was a bit more reserved about actually touching herself with so many people intently watching her. She did make a half-hearted attempt though and I just enjoyed Bennett’s cock sliding in and out of me and his hands on my body.

I felt that I was beginning to get close so told him to switch back to Sue and I kept myself at about the same level of arousal while she had her turn. Once he was back inside me I told him that it was time to make me cum and I pressed his fingers harder against my clit and pushed back against his thrusts. My breasts swung back and forth as we moved faster and I noticed that Sue was doing a slightly better job of playing with herself this time (she at least had her fingers properly between her lips and was stroking herself). I moaned (not too loudly) my way to my orgasm and as I came I reminded Bennett that he still had to take care of my friend (I nearly said sister), but told him to stay buried in me just for a moment so I could enjoy the feeling of his cock as my orgasm faded.

I sat against the wall and watched as he gave her the same treatment, nice long strokes that got faster and harder as the session progressed. I reached up and stabilised one of Sue’s swinging breasts and gave her a smile. I could see her chest and neck starting to get flushed and told Bennett that it looked like she was getting close, but that he had to make her cum before he came. Jen encouraged him to pump harder into Sue and I told her to push back against him until there was a very satisfying slapping sound as their bodies came together. I had a good view as Bennett frigged Sue’s clit and Mike and Jen could see him pumping into her cunt. Sue came and Bennett sped up a little and carried on fucking her until he came. Sue was panting by the time he had finished (he had carried on playing with her clit the whole time) and when he pulled out I thought he’d done a sufficiently good job that I took hold of his cock and slowly but firmly stroked him. Sue went to sit down and straightened up her skirt.

I chatted to Laura for a while and told her that we would have to have our New Year’s fuck at some point before the end of the evening. Laura wanted to get to know Sue a bit better (even though she knew that she was bi, so the thrill of turning her wasn’t present). Sue was still over on the sofa talking to Jen and Corey and I told Laura that all she had to do was go over and ask her. As Jen was present, I went off to find someone else to reacquaint myself with and suggested to Scott that we head upstairs to have a play. As the girls were somewhat outnumbered by the guys, Michael ended up tagging along and I gave them the option of how they wanted to do things. I had been expecting them to want to DP me but they chose to have one of them fuck me while I sucked the other. We started off with Michael in my cunt and Scott in my mouth and then switched over. Both of them said that they wanted to cum in my cunt so I made sure not to do too much to Michael while I was sucking him and once Scott had finished, Michael moved back between my legs and fucked me. I would have been quite happy for them both to make me cum, but Scott finished before I did so I just let Michael concentrate of enjoying himself while I lay back and played with my clit. (I made sure that I came before he did though).

By the time we went back downstairs, Laura had finished with Sue. They’d had a more interesting session as Jen and Corey had each taken one of Sue’s breasts and sucked on her nips while Laura had eaten her. Brett had decided that it would be a shame to let Laura’s position go to waste so he’d ended up behind her and had given her a pretty decent fucking from what we were told. Almost as soon as they’d finished, Mike pointed out that it was now only fair that Sue should repay the favour and eat Laura back (and then added a comment along the lines of ‘as long as Laura can take it’ to goad her on). Laura was adamant that she could cum again and Sue didn’t complain, she just moved down onto the floor in front of the sofa and once Laura was in position, she started to eat her. Mike went over and caressed Sue’s ass, slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and asked if anyone else wanted a piece of her (obviously he was referring to the piece that his fingers were buried in). Neil said that he would take her if it was okay and Sue nodded so he moved around behind her and took her in the same way that Brett had just done Laura.

It was a little after this that I re-joined the group downstairs and was pleased to see that Sue was getting on so well with everyone and participating just as much as she had claimed she would. I watched as Sue got Laura off and Neil pounded away in Sue. He came before she did (but she had cum only a few minutes before so I suggested that she might want another cock and Corey had decided he’d had enough of breast play (he’d been helping Jen with Laura’s breasts) and moved round behind Sue. I stood behind him and pushed my breasts over his shoulders and around his head (or at least against the sides, they’re not large enough to go right around!). I told him how Sue liked to be touched and caressed and encouraged him to make her cum and then to cum in her. Corey did as instructed and Sue came fairly quickly (it wasn’t as if Neil hadn’t done anything worthwhile to Sue). I told him that Sue liked having her breasts fondled so he reached around her and squeezed them while he finished off inside her. I considered telling Corey to rip her skirt off, but as I quite liked the one she had on (and it was mine), I didn’t want it to get ruined. Once Corey had finished with her, we spread her lips so that people could see right inside her and then helped her to sit up on the sofa so she could have a rest.

I hadn’t done anything with Brett so far and asked if he was ready but he said he needed a bit more time. I talked Hannah into coming upstairs with me to have a little fun and she was willing to let me eat her, but only wanted to finger me in return. I was a bit disappointed at this, but an orgasm is an orgasm and she at least ended up using a beer bottle to fuck me (which people always seem to enjoy watching). When we went back downstairs, I made a suggestion to Mike and he thought it was a good idea. He and Jen started to work on Sue and then moved her into the kitchen so they could take turns eating her while she sat up on the counter. They then moved to using a wine bottle to fuck her (just the neck) and Mike then lifted her down onto his cock and fucked her a bit more before moving her over to the dining table and lying her down on it. He fucked her a bit more and then got Jen to use the wine bottle on Sue (it was empty). I asked Sue to ask people of they wanted to play with her breasts and a number of the guys wanted to have a grope so I suggested that someone could also play with her clit. This went down fairly well too and Michael and Neil took turns caressing her. If the table had been a bit smaller, we could have got her head to hand off the edge so she would also have sucked someone and I mentioned this to Mike but we decided that she could just do this later.

Jen was quite forceful with the wine bottle and swirled it around inside Sue’s cunt as well as pumping her hard with it. Mike told people that if anyone wanted, Sue would happily eat them once she’d cum and Michael said he wanted her to do that. With the multiple sources of stimulation, it didn’t take too long for Sue to cum and as soon as her orgasm had faded, we helped her back onto the sofa and she was fed Michael’s cock to suck.

She started off slowly, but as she got her breath back she got more into it and put on the sort of display we’d been expecting of someone with her talents. I thought about offering her pussy around again while she was busy (she had said that she wanted to join in), but decided that I wanted a last fuck for the evening and offered myself to David (who had been looked at Sue in an interested sort of way). As people were still interested in watching the new girl, I went into the kitchen with David and we made use of the counter. He started off sitting up on it (which put him at a good height for me to suck him). We then switched places and he ate and fingered me and I then leant against it while he fucked me. He asked if he could do my ass and I told him that as long as he wasn’t too forceful and also played with my clit, then he could, at which point he immediately pulled out of my cunt and pressed into my ass. It was a bit sudden so I had to try to relax, but once I’d done so (and he reached under me to rub my clit) it felt pretty good. I let him bury himself pretty deep in me and he told me that I felt really tight. He came before I did, but it was easy to keep him hard (it’s obviously much easier to squeeze in this position) until I came.

I returned to find Sue being made to cum again – mostly by Michael (as payment for the blow job), but Jen and Emily were also helping out. There were fingering and frigging her and Sue looked quite helpless as their hands stroked, probed and stimulated her pussy. By the time her orgasm finished, she looked quite tired and as if she had reached her limit (not that that usually stops us). Jen encouraged Emily to have one last lick (or number of licks) of Sue and she was left to rest (again) on the sofa. A couple of people had already left and we debated getting a taxi back to the hotel, but that would spoil the fun on the walk home. The air seemed to perk Sue up a bit (coupled with the fact that her skirt was bunched up in Mike’s pocket) and we traded stories of what we’d been up to.

Mike had spent quite a bit of time talking to the Japanese girls (as had a number of the other guys) in the hope of getting to fuck them, but nobody had gotten anywhere. He had at least got to go down on a number of girls and had fucked Emily and Laura (as well as Sue). Jen had realised earlier on the Japanese girls weren’t going to do anything so hadn’t wasted as much time with them (but admitted that she would have happily joined them if they had wanted some girl-girl action). Jen had got to play with Laura, eat Emily, be fingered my Melissa (doing the same in return) and 69ed with Hannah (which annoyed me a bit as Hannah hadn’t been prepared to eat me). We agreed that we needed a better game plan for the next party so we could get a wider spread of the people between us, although we also knew that if Vicky did come along, we would probably have to look after her in the same way we’d done with Sue. We still hadn’t figured out how to tell Vicky about Sue (as she wanted to come along as well) and we decided to leave this to Mike as he gets on with Vicky so well.

Once back at the hotel, we headed up to our room and while walking towards a couple of guys, I stopped holding my coat shut and indicated to Sue to do the same thing. The discussions on the way home had clearly gotten her worked up again as she didn’t hesitate and let her coat fall slightly open. It wasn’t much (for either of us), but was enough to see that I only had a skirt on and that Sue was naked. We chatted as we walked past the guys and when I glanced back they were both staring at us, so I pulled up the back of Sue’s coat and caressed her ass. If it had been Jen, I would have pushed my fingers right between her legs and played with her, but we were just at the corner anyway so we turned out of their sight. We made it to our room and clambered into bed. We were obviously going to make Sue cum again and Mike thought that he could manage another orgasm so we paired off and Jen took Sue while Mike and I fucked. Even though Jen had already made Sue cum, he then 69ed with her (Sue). He didn’t cum again, but she did and it was now really time for us to get some sleep.

Laura called us the next morning and asked if we wanted to meet for lunch before we headed home. This sounded like a good idea so we agreed, but when we turned up we found out that Laura wanted to quiz us about who Sue really was. She already suspected that Sue was my sister from the way we look (which I find odd as we don’t look that much alike other than being about the same height and breast size) and her suspicions were strengthened when she noticed that Sue and I didn’t really do anything to each other (apart from kissing and sharing Bennett’s cock). We had to admit the truth to her but she promised not to tell anyone else and in return we promised her a sister sandwich at the next party.