Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Weekend With Sara - Part 1

Following some of the comments on the blog, we decided to introduce an anti-rape agreement to (try to) cover us in the case of someone complaining that they had been eaten/fucked/fingered awake one morning when staying with us (without their consent) and we also included ourselves in signing these. We are well aware that such an agreement probably wouldn’t stand up in court should we ever find ourselves in the situation where someone accuses someone else of something by waking them in an interesting (and enjoyable) way, but I’d hope that it would at least help that we could show that we were acting in good faith, the person was aware that we would be doing this and we believed that they had consented. Sue and Sara were the first people (other than Mike, Jen and me) to get to sign this agreement – we obviously didn’t tell them where the issue had been raised, but they agreed that it was probably a sensible (if slightly stupid) idea.

The weekend after the January sex party, Sue and Sara both came to visit. This was another part of Jen’s plan to ensure Sue remained bi (she actually wanted to turn Sue into a lesbian, but had a) conceded that this wasn’t likely to happen, and b) compromised with Mike as he wanted to be able to keep doing things with Sue. Sara didn’t know about any of this, but she didn’t seem to care as she had been a relatively good girl since splitting up from Emily and the idea of having three girls to take care of her was too good an opportunity to pass up (and she was quite happy for Mike to be present).

Sara had clearly adapted to the parties quite well as she didn’t seem at all nervous about doing things with Sue – this was even the case when they both arrived (separately) at the house on Friday night. Mike and Jen had gone to meet them at the station – Sue had arrived first and Mike had brought her home and then Jen had turned up half hour or so later with Sara. I think that as we all knew we were there to play, things got started quickly and instead of even heading out for a drink, we just got stuck in.

The first item on the agenda was to let Sue and Sara get acquainted with each other. We embarrassed Sara quite a bit by describing her pussy lips to Sue in exquisite detail and raving about how wonderfully soft and squishy they were, along with how amazing they felt in your mouth. Sara seemed much less embarrassed when we actually removed her clothes and Sue could see (and touch) her directly – but then again, once the touching and licking started, she was slightly more distracted! It was only fair to get Sue naked as well and so while she played with Sara, we gradually undressed her and then suggested that she climb over Sara so they could play with each other. It was an arousing sight and I soon had a hand wrapped around Mike’s cock and fingers in Jen’s cunt. Sue looked up to see what we were doing and reminded me that she wanted Mike’s cum (isn’t it good that we share so well?) and I assured her that we were just teasing each other while enjoying their show. With the added use of a couple of vibes, they gave each other an orgasm and we sat chatting for a while, continuing to caress and tease each other.

We agreed to split Sara and Sue (Jen obviously taking Sue) and once Jen and Sue had 69ed for a while, Sue went down on Jen properly while Mike took her from behind (he loves doing this as he can slam into the person really hard and transfer the movement to their mouth on Jen’s cunt – as if she’s the one he is fucking). Sara and I shared a dildo, but I also explored her pussy with my mouth for a short time (Mike isn’t the only one who really enjoys this). Mike, Jen and Sue finished up first (but they are more used to playing together) and then they helped us out by stroking our clits, kissing us and playing with our breasts. Not unexpectedly, I was given Mike’s cock to suck clean of Sue’s juices and managed to coax it back to life while doing this, but I was mostly concentrating on my approaching orgasm. We finished off by humping against each other – I came first and then remained pressed up against Sara while Jen reached between us to finger her clit.

We hadn’t figured out sleeping arrangements and decided that instead of splitting up, we would make a big bed in the living room so Mike and I went off to move the furniture to give us space and then set out the duvets. We didn’t actually go to sleep for quite a while and Sara quizzed Sue about her experiences at the parties. Sue knew not to mention Emily, but Sara brought her up and Sue admitted that she had eaten Em and enjoyed her taste. Sara admitted that she missed the way Emily tasted and said that they were considering getting back together (or Sara was considering getting back together with her as Emily had been the one who cheated). I told Sara to be careful as I didn’t want to see her get hurt and she said that if anything did happen between them again, she would set some strict rules about how things had to be. She either saw the look of panic in my eyes or had thought this through already as she added that she didn’t want to stop being able to experiment and play, but that everything had to be open and honest between them.

Mike asked Sara if he could eat her awake the next morning (partially as a continuation of the anti-rape agreement thinking, but mostly as we’re never sure quite how much she ever wants to do with him – or other guys) and she agreed, but for the usual price. We told her that Sue knew about the sort of things Sara enjoyed and Sara blushed a bit but Mike said that he’d done exactly the same thing to Sue and she had liked it so he was more than happy to pay the price if it meant he got to eat her. As our conversation had gotten us worked up, we thought that we may as well go for a final round before sleep (and to allow Mike to give Sara what he’d promised). As he’d already fucked Sue, I paired up with him for this and he fucked me while I ate Sara and he rimmed and speared her ass. She obviously really enjoyed this and it was the perfect opportunity for Jen to get Sue to go again. Sara came with a satisfied series of grunts and then blushed in her cute way for having been so unladylike (as if that is ever an issue for us).

As promised, the next morning, Mike ate Sara awake and spent quite a while on her. Jen had time to go down on Sue, then me and it was only while Sue and I were taking care of Jen that Mike let Sara cum. She acknowledges that he is quite good at eating her and as payment, she spent a while sucking him, but didn’t want him to cum in her mouth so he just enjoyed it for a while and then we went for breakfast. We discussed the fact that Jen still won’t let Mike eat her (some people had commented about this on the blog as well, so Jen had effectively been primed for this conversation), but Jen stuck to her story that it was too much fun being able to tease Mike and that she wasn’t ready to give this up just yet. We told Sara that we were considering having children and the interesting issues that would be involved in this but our conversation was cut short by Jen playing with Sara and asking her if she would play along properly.

Initially I just thought that Jen wanted to take Sara back to bed but then remembered that Sara knows about Jen’s watersports fetish. Jen had intended to take Sara into the shower but I suggested we do something more interesting for her and asked how well she thought she had adapted to the colder weather. Now Jen used to ‘play’ outside in the cold and wet when she was younger – partially as her legs were likely to get wet anyway and also as it meant she was more likely to have the woods to herself and wouldn’t be interrupted, but she lived a lot further south. She was up for finding out though, especially as she knew that doing things outdoors meant that they didn’t have to worry about the mess and could be a lot less restrained. I quickly fetched one of the large (in length) dildos and we all hurried out to the garden.

It was fairly cold and the ground was rather wet so we knew that we had to be fairly quick, but I wanted Jen to enjoy herself so I quietly asked Mike to convince Sue to join in. He worked on her while Sara and I rolled Jen around on the ground, getting her covered in grass and a fair bit of dirt. We used the dildo on her quite forcefully and Mike and Sue played with Jen’s nips equally forcefully. We got Jen a good way towards cumming and left her to her own devices while we prepared ourselves for her orgasm. Mike had quite a difficult time getting his erection to go down and kept telling Jen to wait just a little longer, but once he thought he was soft enough, Sue, Sara and I stood over Jen and waited for her signal. We watched her pumping the dildo into herself and her fingers flying over her clit, but she’d been close enough for long enough that it took her no time to push herself over the edge. As she came and started to squirt, we all let go and peed as hard as we could onto her. We called her all sorts of names and told her to keep fucking herself until we had all finished. I did the best I could to aim the stream of my pee over her body and felt Sara behind me do the same (it’s not as easy for girls so she hit my leg a few times). Mike aimed up and down her stomach and chest as well as peeing directly onto her cunt.

Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and (as instructed) kept using the dildo in herself until we had all finished peeing on her. We stepped away and went to cover up but Mike suggested that she might want to lick us clean. Jen said that she wanted to do this, so we took turns sitting over her face and she lapped at our cunts. Neither Sue nor I would do the same to her but Sara lay on top of her and they briefly 69ed (Mike also offered to lick Jen clean, but as usual this was rejected).

We returned indoors – Jen was shivering slightly so we let her shower first to warm up and then Mike had an idea. Before we implemented it, the rest of us showered and we let the hot water replenish slightly before Jen returned to the shower with Sara. Jen started off by giving Sara a rim job and she then used the pulse setting on the shower directly on Sara’s ass. This needed a few of us to do properly so I helped to spread Sara’s ass cheeks while Jen aimed the shower jet (or licked her). As Jen had been on the receiving end of everyone’s attention we thought we should do the same for Sara and Mike got Sue to climb back into the shower so she could eat Sara while Jen paid attention to her ass. Sue was instructed to avoid Sara’s clit so we could draw things out and they spent quite a while slowly bringing her closer to cumming. Only when the hot water started to run out did they let her cum and she shook as a strong orgasm tore through her.

It was nearly lunchtime and we hadn’t even got dressed yet but Sara wanted a rest so we returned to bed and Mike spent a while eating Sue (her payment for having helped Sara cum). He got one orgasm out of her and got her close to a second one with his tongue, but finished her off in her favourite position (she was lying face down on the bed with Mike on top of her, fucking her and rubbing her clit). Sara watched as I sucked Mike clean (again) and we discussed the things that Sue and I would and wouldn’t do together while we got dressed and headed out for a (now) late lunch. We tossed a coin to select who should wear a dildo and Sue lost so Mike helped to slide one of our long dildos down the inside of her left stocking and then bend the other end up and into her cunt. Experience has taught us that it is important to get a good length of the dildo inside, otherwise it can fall out and there is then the interesting task of keeping it from flowing down below your hem line while getting somewhere that you can either remove or re-insert the dildo. Accordingly, he got it as deep inside her as he could and then we adjusted it so she could walk comfortably (despite the frequent cries of ‘deeper, deeper’ in porn, it is all too easy to have something ‘too deep’ inside – and it isn’t comfortable).


  1. As far as I see it, Jen not letting Mike eat her is nothing but her loss from the way his skill is described.

  2. It's all just a game to them - the game will probably be coming to an end soon once we start trying for children (which will obviously entail Mike doing certain things with Jen, so he will presumably also get to eat her).