Monday, 18 March 2013

Christmas 2012

On Christmas Eve we headed home to my Mum’s place. Jen was spending Christmas with us and then we were all heading to her parents; for New Year. The journey home was rather difficult (we should have known that travelling on Christmas Eve would be a nightmare) but we eventually made it.

That night, Mike slept in Sue’s room – ostensibly on the floor, but actually in her bed with her. Although they had spent a while playing with each other and he had made Sue cum a couple of times already, Mike didn’t actually cum in her until past midnight, which (in his mind) meant that he was the first person to give her a Christmas ‘present’. He told her to try to keep a hold of his cum so that Jen could eat it out of her the next day, but gravity and fluid mechanics did their job overnight and Sue woke up to the usual damp patch. Mike helped her to make up for this by first going down on her and once she had cum, he fucked her again and gave her a fresh batch of his cum. This time, she slipped on a pair of panties so the cum couldn’t get too far and Sue spent the morning with the damp material pressed up against her crotch. Jen got a chance to lick Sue clean when we went upstairs to get dressed properly (we just wore dressing gowns for opening the presents).

Jen had brought along her new Santa’s helper dress so she could look festive for the day (but she also wore red panties under it just to be on the safe side). Sue quietly told Mike that the dress looked very sexy on Jen and Mike passed this on to Jen who promised to let Sue be the one to take it off her that night. While getting dressed, Mike and I presented Jen with another present – I had bought it at the same time as her new nipple clamps, but hadn’t let Jen see it. It was a clit clamp with a chain to attach to the nipple clamps. Jen wanted to try it out, but we didn’t think we could stay upstairs for too long and leave Mum to make the whole lunch by herself, so Jen only tried it out briefly.

Not much happened during the day (other than eating and lazing in front of the TV). When it was time for bed, we had a proper play with Jen’s new toy and Sue happily joined it. We tried attaching the chain at various lengths – using the whole chain, Jen could easily stand and move about without any pressure on her. We found a suitable length that meant she occasionally got her nips or clit tweaked when she moved and then made it much shorter so she had to bend over or have the chain pulling on her. I could see that we could have a lot of fun with this (as could Jen), but we let her go off with Sue to bed while Mike and I had our Christmas fuck (with me being eaten first of course).

Jen let Sue try out the chain and at first, the clamps were far too tight for Sue, but once they had been eased off, Sue said she quite enjoyed it (but she didn’t keep it on for long). The previous pinching gave Jen an excellent excuse to spend time kissing Sue’s clit and nipples better (not that she needed an excuse as Sue now happily accepts Jen’s attention). Jen ate Sue to orgasm and then wanted her to use one of her (Sue’s) vibes to get her (Jen) off. Unfortunately, Sue had already moved her toys to her new place and she doesn’t take them with her when she travels (in this case because she knew that both Mike and Jen would be available to make her cum). To make up for this, Sue used her toothbrush on Jen’s clit (very gently) and once she had cum, Jen fucked the toothbrush and let Sue brush her teeth with it.

On Boxing Day, Mike did his usual quota of man-chores around the house. Mum has actually been seeing someone for a while, but they aren’t at the stage of him doing all of these sorts of jobs around the place. We are fairly certain that they have slept together though, although Mum didn’t do anything at home while Sue was still living there. We know a little bit about him from Sue (although I haven’t met him yet) and after she told us that she thought he was quite nice, we teased her endlessly about her wanting to fuck him and wondering whether he would be interested in burying his cock in her while Mum watched. We knew full well that when Sue said ‘nice’ she meant ‘nice for Mum’, but it was fun teasing her.

We went for a walk in the afternoon (Jen, Sue, Mike and I) and as you would expect, we took advantage of being away from the house and Mike and Jen turned first on me and then on Sue. We were fingered, groped, partially stripped and then made to cum using a vibe (used first on and in me and then on and in Sue). It seemed only fair to subject Jen to the same treatment and we got her naked from the waist down while we made her cum. This just left Mike but he didn’t seem to mind our assault on him and he was ‘made’ to fuck me and then Sue. We didn’t make him cum (but gave him the option) as I knew he would probably want to save it for Sue later on.

That night, it was Mike’s turn to sleep with Sue again, but before that, Jen wanted a turn with Sue and I together. We used Sue’s room for this and Jen lay on her back with Sue sitting over her face while I ate Jen. Mike wanted to join in so he took me from behind and he made me cum, but once again he refrained from cumming himself so he could service Sue properly afterwards (which he did once Jen and I had gone back to my room). The next morning, it was Mike’s turn to have us both and I sat over his face while Sue fucked him (he’d already eaten Sue). It was harder for Jen to get involved in this session but she sat behind Sue and caressed her breasts. Later that morning, we set off for Jen’s parents’ place (and this was a much easier journey).

I didn’t get as many chances to play with Chris (Jen’s brother) as I had hoped. I got to suck him off just after we arrived and I was ‘unpacking’, but a lot of the remaining time, Jen’s parents were around. They did go out on the morning of the 29th and Mike and Jen quickly decided to go for a run together. I told Jen to call me about 10 minutes before she got back so I could prepare the shower for her and this provided us with the cover for Chris to be sure that we wouldn’t be interrupted. As soon as they were out the door, I dragged him up to his room, pulled my clothes off and told him I wanted him to make me cum as many times as he could and that he could use me however he wanted in the process. I bent over his bed and wiggled my ass at him and he eagerly slipped into me. I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could and got him to tell me about who he’d fucked since we‘d last seen each other (only two girls). I pushed back hard as he thrust into me and asked if he wanted to do anything else and he told me that my ass looked nice so I suggested he try fucking it. I felt his cock press into me – maybe a little too quickly, but I had been encouraging him so I didn’t complain. I told him I was going to finger myself and reached down to do so. I didn’t hold back and played with myself until I came and then let him continue to use my ass until he came.

I reminded him that we didn’t have too long and I wanted to cum more so I lay back on his bed and let him finger me and play with my clit. I came fairly quickly and he still wasn’t ready to fuck again so I got him to eat me and almost as soon as we were done I pulled him onto me and we fucked. I could really have done with a little break, but we only had about 20 minutes left and I wanted to have a proper fuck with him. We used a number of different positions but finished off with him back on top of me and I pulled him into me with each thrust. I made sure that I came before he did, but once I’d cum I described to him how I was going to wash Jen down in the shower, play with her breasts, slide my fingers into her cunt, eat her and make her cum. Chris came in me and then pulled out but before he could remove the condom I grabbed his cock and took the end in my mouth. I flicked his glans with my tongue a few times before pulling the condom off, pouring the small amount of cum over my breasts and wiping his cock over my nipples.

Jen still hadn’t called so I took a while gently caressing his cock, which first went soft but then came (slightly) back to life. When Jen did call, I chatted to her while squeezing Chris’ cock and caressing his balls, but then had to leave him to prepare the promised shower. When Mike and Jen returned, I greeted them naked in Jen’s room and quietly told them what we’d done. Understandable, Jen didn’t want to hug me before I was clean of Chris’ cum so we went to the shower together and once I’d been hosed down, I did as I had promised Chris and fingered and ate Jen to an orgasm.

On New Year’s Eve, we went out with friends (some of Jen’s and some of Chris’) and had a fairly good time. Mike had agreed to let Jen and I spend the night together alone as it was the anniversary of our meeting and once we returned home, we had a long, gentle session. This was partly due to having to be sufficiently quiet that Jen’s parents’ didn’t hear too much. She isn’t so paranoid about them knowing we have sex now, but she still doesn’t want them to hear.

The only other time I got to do anything worthwhile with Chris was when Mike, Jen, Chris and I went out for a walk together on New Year’s Day. We went to one of the places that Jen used to play outside (although Chris doesn’t know about Jen’s outdoor watersports fetish). Jen dragged Mike off to see something and while we were waiting, I lifted my skirt and urged Chris to fuck me. He took me against a tree, holding my left leg in the air and mauling my breasts through and then under my top. Mike and Jen had been watching us from a distance and as soon as Chris pulled out of me, they moved out into view (still in the distance) and Chris had to hurriedly tuck his still hard cock back into his trousers with the condom on (which I found out then leaked as we walked home so he had a damp crotch).

We promised to return and visit again soon (or as soon as our schedules would allow) and we already had some ideas of how to have fun. I gave him a pair of my panties (which I’d worn especially) and told him to use them to cum as many time as he could until my return and that I wanted to see how cum encrusted he could make them. He once again told me that he wished he had known me better while at school and I agreed that we could have had some fun.

The only other news of interest for this entry is that when we had returned home and made it back to bed (following our nightly session), Mike announced that he would like us to consider trying for a baby this year. It’s not something that we’re going to do right away, but it is now something we’re considering.


  1. That is pretty funny that he thought he almost got caught. You should arrange it so you're both fully clothed yet riding him and have Mike casually stroll through as if he forgot a book or something. He'd have to throw a blanket over himself and pretend you two are just sitting there chatting or whatever.

    It is also interesting to see how many people would fuck another mans wife without regard for the husband if given the chance.

  2. I like the idea of having him inside me and Mike and Jen 'not noticing'. I think we'll try that out next time we visit.

    I actually try quite hard not to sleep with people who are married or even dating other people (unless their partner knows about it and is fine with it - or better still wants to join in). It's not entirely Chris' fault though as I did lead him on quite a lot (but I agree with your point). Remember that it's not just Mike that he thinks I'm cheating on, it's also his sister... (I don't know if that makes it better or worse!)

  3. That is very true and your efforts are applauded and because of that if there IS any fault to lie it is with the other person as they seem to be more than happy to fuck a married individual without even asking if their husband/wife would be OK with it and the fact that you take that step makes all the difference.

  4. I'm not sure I would go that far, but thank you anyway :) I'm sure there would be many people who would be appalled with my behaviour and my constant 'cheating' on Jen and Mike (but I guess they'd probably also be appalled with the fact I have both Jen and Mike)