Sunday, 3 March 2013

Induction of Sue - Part 1

In the middle of December (just after term ended) it was time for the winter sex party in York. This was the party that we had agreed to take Sue along to and we met her there on the Friday evening. On the Saturday morning, we only had a brief morning session – in keeping with our usual sex party rituals of abstinence before the party. I did things with Jen and Mike had taken Sue. We had to be quite careful in the hotel as we’d only got a double room (to save paying for two rooms), so we couldn’t make too much noise, but we’re practiced at silent sex so quiet sex isn’t anything too difficult. Once we’d had our one allowed pre-party orgasm, we showered and got ready to go out. While showering, Sue and Jen shaved each other and then Mike shaved me and I trimmed his pubic hair (when it’s really short I think it makes his cock look bigger).

Having spent the previous weekend with Emily, we thought that we should meet up with Sara and so on Saturday, we went out for a drink with her. She knew that we were going to the party that evening, but (for obvious reasons) didn’t want to come along. We introduced Sue and told Sara that she was going to get her induction to the parties and that we expected her to get fully involved. Sara asked a little bit about Sue and if she was really understood what the party would be like and recounted how surprised she was when Emily first took her to one. She had been told about them, but actually seeing a whole group of people openly fucking had rather shocked her at first. We assured Sara that Sue would be able to cope with it and as a way of demonstrating this, Mike slid his hand up Sue’s leg and rubbed her pussy, then quickly lifted her skirt up to show that she was going commando.

Sue actually had a much easier journey to York than we did as she had got a job not too far away at an advertising agency. We had heard a little about it from her during the past week, but we hadn’t spoken too much as we’d known we would be seeing each other at the weekend. Apparently a lot of the guys in the place were gay and she was considering telling them that she was bi in order to try to fit in a bit better (they were a relatively friendly bunch, but Sue was a few years younger than anyone else). We’d already explained to Sue about Sara and Emily (and had also told her what Sara was like to sleep with). We did feel a bit bad about seeing Sara and knowing that we would be doing things with Emily and everyone else that night while she was alone (okay, so she was actually planning on going out with friends, but she wasn’t planning to have as much fun as we were). After we’d gone our separate ways, we gave her a call and asked if she wanted to come up and visit us the next weekend (to which she agreed).

Mike, Jen, Sue and I returned to the hotel and rested for a while. We ended up teasing each other a little, but made sure that nobody came and after having an early dinner we returned to our room again to get ready. Sue hadn’t decided exactly what sort of first impression she wanted to make and had brought a few things with her, but as she hadn’t really moved all her stuff from home to her new place yet, I’d brought down a few items for her to choose from as well. As this was meant to be her party (from our point of view anyway) neither Jen nor I went with anything fancy so if Sue wanted, she would be able to make a strong impression. In the end she went with our advice though and wore a simple pleated skirt (easy to wear while doing things) and a blouse (so she had the option of just unbuttoning it instead of having to remove it completely to let anyone get at her breasts). All three of us went with hold ups (Mike chose not to join us, which is good as I don’t think they work well with hairy legs!).

We went for our customary drink before the party and went over the rules of the party one more time with her (they are simple, you can do whatever you want with whoever you want, providing it is legal and they are willing) and as a corollary, you don’t have to do anything with anyone unless you want to. As a secondary rule, you are also meant to be nice to people and not make any disparaging comments about their performance, endurance… We assured her that at least one of us would try to always be around her and reminded her to ensure she used protection, but she told us to stop worrying and that from what we’d told her about past parties, she was going to have a great time and enjoy herself. Mike and Jen confirmed with her that they would be the first to take her at the party so she could get used to everyone seeing her.

We headed off to the party and when we arrived, we found that things seemed to have gotten started a little faster than usual. There was a couple on a sofa going at it and we could hear a more energetic session going on upstairs. We said hello and I introduced Sue to a few people and after we’d watched what was going on downstairs, we headed up to see what all the noise had been. Gareth had been hammering Caroline , who was still lying on the bed with her legs spread, having apparently enjoyed herself quite a bit. I sat beside her and started to play with her pussy (just gentle fingering) and casually chatted about the holidays. Mike meanwhile had decided that he’d waited long enough and pushed Sue’s skirt up and asked if she was ready to show off what she had.

She knelt on the bed beside Caroline and I introduced them while Mike pushed into her and started to fuck her. Sue later said that it was a very surreal way to meet someone for the first time, but she was enjoying Mike’s cock pumping in and out of her and after a minute or so, Jen reached around to her front and undid her blouse before unsnapping her bra and letting her breasts free. Caroline had let me continue to caress her and was now beginning to respond to my touches so I asked if she was up for giving me a hello kiss. She knew what kind of kiss I meant and when she agreed, I quickly shed my skirt and climbed over her face. Being eaten while using protection doesn’t feel anywhere near as nice, but it was still very enjoyable and Caroline got quite into it. I’d already made a fair mess of her pussy from my fingering so I just carried on using my fingers but promised her that if she wanted I would happily eat her later on. I got her to spread her legs wide so I could spread her pussy, exposing her clit to my fingers and exposing her insides to the people watching. I occasionally glanced over at Mike and Sue who were progressing well. Mike had a hand on Sue’s clit and her breasts were swinging back and forth – I could tell she was getting fairly close as she looked quite flushed and true to form, she came about a minute or so later.

I hadn’t expected Mike to actually cum in her (assuming he would save it for someone that he didn’t get to fuck as often), but he decided that he may as well use his first load of cum in a pussy he could fuck properly and he pumped away in her a little longer before cumming and then pulling out. As soon as his cum began to leak out of her, Jen knelt down in his place and started to eat Sue. This got a few cheers of approval from the people watching (who I think were happy to see that the ‘new girl’ was going to be fun (or at least fun to watch). Mike gave Sue his cock to suck clean (which is actually much easier just after an orgasm as once he’s gone soft, you can give it a good licking without It growing and getting too big) and Jen carried on eating Sue until she came again. Both Caroline and I had cum while she had been working on her second orgasm so I was able to watch closely. She looked a little sheepish as she stood up and a couple of people gave her a clap, but Jen told her that she’d done well and suggested she remove her bra but keep her blouse on (undone).

It was only fair that we join her so I did the same and Jen just removed her top (she was braless anyway). We went for a walk and encountered Emily, who we introduced Sue to. Jen told Sue that she really should taste Emily and they went back to the bedroom. Jen wasn’t quite as selfless this time and decided that if Sue was going to get to cum again, then she was certainly going to get to cum as well. Things started off easily enough, Jen sat Emily down on the bed, pulled up her skirt and had a taste, then told Sue to try. As expected, Sue thought that Emily tasted really good and Jen told them that they should get to know each other properly. Sue was still a little nervous, but never passing up an opportunity to make her more of a lesbian, Jen convinced them to 69 (it didn’t take much convincing). To make things easier, once Emily was on top of Sue, Jen unsnapped Sue’s skirt and slipped it down her legs, then did the same with hers and climbed up on the bed with them in a scissors position with Sue. She politely asked Emily if she would mind eating two cunts at the same time and Emily bowed her head and said that it would be her pleasure. Jen did pull back a couple of times during the session so that Em could have a proper go with Sue, but she also wanted to cum herself so didn’t let this happen for too long. Emily came first but Jen told Sue to keep eating her and once Sue had cum, Emily concentrated on Jen’s clit.

The whole thing didn’t take more than about 10 minutes, but actually worked out quite well for me. Just after Jen and Sue had gone with Em, I had bumped into Laura who was looking very pleased with herself. I found out that she had just finished eating Clare. I was a bit annoyed about this as I had been hoping to be the one to break Clare, but traditionally Laura (bi-girl) was the one who did things with girls (at least before Jen and I showed up). I went in to the other bedroom and greeted Clare and Giles, then told them that I knew what had just been happening. Clare blushed a bit but I assured her that it wasn’t anything she should be embarrassed about and told her that as long as she’d enjoyed herself, then it was good. She admitted that it had felt good and I told her that I wished I’d been able to eat her as her cunt looked so nice. She blushed again at this but Giles told me that I was quite welcome to have her if I wanted.

Clare was still recovering from having people watch a girl go down on her, but their audience had disappeared once she’d cum and there was apparently something interesting going on in the next room that people wanted to see (I didn’t know at this point that Jen was also involved). Giles seemed quite torn as whatever was happening next door sounded quite fun, but the idea of watching his girlfriend being eaten by a second girl in one evening also seemed to be quite appealing to him. I asked Clare if I could just have a little lick, seeing as I’d helped her and Giles cum at the previous party and she said that I could if I wanted. I quickly climbed down between her legs and examined her pussy. I told her that she had a beautiful cunt and she blushed and covered her face so I told her not to be so shy and to relax. After a brief further examination of her pussy, I had a quick play with her clit and then applied the dental dam. I gently ran my tongue over her lips and spiralled round and round before lapping over her hole. I suggested to Giles that he play with her breasts and watched as he pulled her top up and started to caress them. Clare slowly relaxed and once it was clear that she was actually enjoying what was happening to her, I told Giles that if he was allowed, he could always make use of my cunt (and I wiggled my ass a bit to emphasise the point).

I licked Clare harder and could hear her beginning to pant a little. Giles moved around behind me and said that he’d already done this with Laura while she had been eating Clare. I swore into Clare’s cunt (as I’d now missed out on the chance to be the first party person to have either of them), but as Giles pushed into me I stopped being annoyed and just let myself enjoy things. Clare was obviously letting me do more than just give her a ‘little lick’ and I fully intended to make her cum. Giles felt surprisingly good inside me and I pushed back against him. I pulled Clare’s lips further apart and concentrated more on her clit, wondering what it would be like to eat her properly. As Clare came, I could feel Giles speeding up and guessed that he was going to cum long before I did. I was right and he came in me, then pulled out. I broke contact with Clare to ask if she was up for finishing me off, but it was clear from the look on her face that even though she was prepared to let a girl eat her, she wasn’t ready to do the eating. I asked Giles if he wanted to eat me and when he said yes, I slapped a dental dam on and let him get to work. He concentrated almost wholly on my clit so it didn’t take too long for me to cum and I reached over to fondle Clare’s breasts as I did so.

I thanked Giles for making me cum and told Clare again that I thought she had a beautiful pussy and told her not to be selfish and keep it to herself. I mentioned to her that Jen might well want a lick later on and she said that she would think about it. I left them and went to find the others – they had finished by this point and were downstairs. I found Mike talking to two Japanese girls in very strange costumes. I found out that they had been invited along by Corey and they kept grabbing each other as if in shock when they saw people doing things, but then giggled lots. Mike was obviously hoping to get to do something with some real Japanese schoolgirls (if you count University as a school), but other than being prepared to kiss each other, it became apparent that they weren’t prepared to participate (but they were happy to watch and giggle).

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