Saturday, 9 March 2013

Induction of Sue - Part 2

Hmm - I didn't realise I'd forgotten to paste the text - work's been quite busy and I was distracted!

Mike wasn’t the only one who was hoping to get to fuck the Japanese girls (this was the reason Corey had invited them along). I suggested to Sue that she might want to try out some of the guys and took her over to see Bennett. Our tops were still open with our breasts hanging free and Bennett fondled us both at once. I’d been intending on letting him take care of Sue while I went to see if Corey was up for some action, but decided that I wanted to feel his cock inside me as well so asked him if he thought he could fuck us both to orgasm. Bennett is slightly older than us (he’s a PostDoc) and has a bit more experience than some of the younger students so I didn’t think this would be beyond him (plus he’d already cum once) and he took the challenge on. I fished his cock out of his trousers and Sue and I fondled it back to life. Once he was nice and hard, I poked one of Sue’s breasts and asked if she was up for using them properly (indicating the cock we had in our hands).

I grabbed a condom and rolled it over his cock, then knelt and took him in my mouth (or as much as I could fit). I challenged Sue to do better and she managed to get a bit more in and then bobbed up and down. I reminded her not to do too much as he had to make us both cum but I joined her and we kissed around his cock and then switched to sandwiching it between our breasts and rubbing up and down the length of the shaft. I was enjoying putting on our little show, but wanted him inside me so we didn’t do this for long. I stood up, leaned against the wall and presented myself to him. He eagerly pushed into me and started to fuck me, then reached around to play with my breasts and then clit. I let him do this for a couple of minutes and told him that it was Sue’s turn. She paused for a bit (and later said that it was because there were more people watching), but then took up position beside me and Bennett switched over to fuck her. I quickly shed my blouse, but kept my skirt on and reached over to use a hand on Sue’s breasts while using my other hand on my pussy (I didn’t think it was fair for him to have to do all the work to make us both cum). Once he’d had a couple of minutes in Sue, I told him that I wanted his cock back (and got it). I told Sue to keep herself stimulated but she was a bit more reserved about actually touching herself with so many people intently watching her. She did make a half-hearted attempt though and I just enjoyed Bennett’s cock sliding in and out of me and his hands on my body.

I felt that I was beginning to get close so told him to switch back to Sue and I kept myself at about the same level of arousal while she had her turn. Once he was back inside me I told him that it was time to make me cum and I pressed his fingers harder against my clit and pushed back against his thrusts. My breasts swung back and forth as we moved faster and I noticed that Sue was doing a slightly better job of playing with herself this time (she at least had her fingers properly between her lips and was stroking herself). I moaned (not too loudly) my way to my orgasm and as I came I reminded Bennett that he still had to take care of my friend (I nearly said sister), but told him to stay buried in me just for a moment so I could enjoy the feeling of his cock as my orgasm faded.

I sat against the wall and watched as he gave her the same treatment, nice long strokes that got faster and harder as the session progressed. I reached up and stabilised one of Sue’s swinging breasts and gave her a smile. I could see her chest and neck starting to get flushed and told Bennett that it looked like she was getting close, but that he had to make her cum before he came. Jen encouraged him to pump harder into Sue and I told her to push back against him until there was a very satisfying slapping sound as their bodies came together. I had a good view as Bennett frigged Sue’s clit and Mike and Jen could see him pumping into her cunt. Sue came and Bennett sped up a little and carried on fucking her until he came. Sue was panting by the time he had finished (he had carried on playing with her clit the whole time) and when he pulled out I thought he’d done a sufficiently good job that I took hold of his cock and slowly but firmly stroked him. Sue went to sit down and straightened up her skirt.

I chatted to Laura for a while and told her that we would have to have our New Year’s fuck at some point before the end of the evening. Laura wanted to get to know Sue a bit better (even though she knew that she was bi, so the thrill of turning her wasn’t present). Sue was still over on the sofa talking to Jen and Corey and I told Laura that all she had to do was go over and ask her. As Jen was present, I went off to find someone else to reacquaint myself with and suggested to Scott that we head upstairs to have a play. As the girls were somewhat outnumbered by the guys, Michael ended up tagging along and I gave them the option of how they wanted to do things. I had been expecting them to want to DP me but they chose to have one of them fuck me while I sucked the other. We started off with Michael in my cunt and Scott in my mouth and then switched over. Both of them said that they wanted to cum in my cunt so I made sure not to do too much to Michael while I was sucking him and once Scott had finished, Michael moved back between my legs and fucked me. I would have been quite happy for them both to make me cum, but Scott finished before I did so I just let Michael concentrate of enjoying himself while I lay back and played with my clit. (I made sure that I came before he did though).

By the time we went back downstairs, Laura had finished with Sue. They’d had a more interesting session as Jen and Corey had each taken one of Sue’s breasts and sucked on her nips while Laura had eaten her. Brett had decided that it would be a shame to let Laura’s position go to waste so he’d ended up behind her and had given her a pretty decent fucking from what we were told. Almost as soon as they’d finished, Mike pointed out that it was now only fair that Sue should repay the favour and eat Laura back (and then added a comment along the lines of ‘as long as Laura can take it’ to goad her on). Laura was adamant that she could cum again and Sue didn’t complain, she just moved down onto the floor in front of the sofa and once Laura was in position, she started to eat her. Mike went over and caressed Sue’s ass, slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and asked if anyone else wanted a piece of her (obviously he was referring to the piece that his fingers were buried in). Neil said that he would take her if it was okay and Sue nodded so he moved around behind her and took her in the same way that Brett had just done Laura.

It was a little after this that I re-joined the group downstairs and was pleased to see that Sue was getting on so well with everyone and participating just as much as she had claimed she would. I watched as Sue got Laura off and Neil pounded away in Sue. He came before she did (but she had cum only a few minutes before so I suggested that she might want another cock and Corey had decided he’d had enough of breast play (he’d been helping Jen with Laura’s breasts) and moved round behind Sue. I stood behind him and pushed my breasts over his shoulders and around his head (or at least against the sides, they’re not large enough to go right around!). I told him how Sue liked to be touched and caressed and encouraged him to make her cum and then to cum in her. Corey did as instructed and Sue came fairly quickly (it wasn’t as if Neil hadn’t done anything worthwhile to Sue). I told him that Sue liked having her breasts fondled so he reached around her and squeezed them while he finished off inside her. I considered telling Corey to rip her skirt off, but as I quite liked the one she had on (and it was mine), I didn’t want it to get ruined. Once Corey had finished with her, we spread her lips so that people could see right inside her and then helped her to sit up on the sofa so she could have a rest.

I hadn’t done anything with Brett so far and asked if he was ready but he said he needed a bit more time. I talked Hannah into coming upstairs with me to have a little fun and she was willing to let me eat her, but only wanted to finger me in return. I was a bit disappointed at this, but an orgasm is an orgasm and she at least ended up using a beer bottle to fuck me (which people always seem to enjoy watching). When we went back downstairs, I made a suggestion to Mike and he thought it was a good idea. He and Jen started to work on Sue and then moved her into the kitchen so they could take turns eating her while she sat up on the counter. They then moved to using a wine bottle to fuck her (just the neck) and Mike then lifted her down onto his cock and fucked her a bit more before moving her over to the dining table and lying her down on it. He fucked her a bit more and then got Jen to use the wine bottle on Sue (it was empty). I asked Sue to ask people of they wanted to play with her breasts and a number of the guys wanted to have a grope so I suggested that someone could also play with her clit. This went down fairly well too and Michael and Neil took turns caressing her. If the table had been a bit smaller, we could have got her head to hand off the edge so she would also have sucked someone and I mentioned this to Mike but we decided that she could just do this later.

Jen was quite forceful with the wine bottle and swirled it around inside Sue’s cunt as well as pumping her hard with it. Mike told people that if anyone wanted, Sue would happily eat them once she’d cum and Michael said he wanted her to do that. With the multiple sources of stimulation, it didn’t take too long for Sue to cum and as soon as her orgasm had faded, we helped her back onto the sofa and she was fed Michael’s cock to suck.

She started off slowly, but as she got her breath back she got more into it and put on the sort of display we’d been expecting of someone with her talents. I thought about offering her pussy around again while she was busy (she had said that she wanted to join in), but decided that I wanted a last fuck for the evening and offered myself to David (who had been looked at Sue in an interested sort of way). As people were still interested in watching the new girl, I went into the kitchen with David and we made use of the counter. He started off sitting up on it (which put him at a good height for me to suck him). We then switched places and he ate and fingered me and I then leant against it while he fucked me. He asked if he could do my ass and I told him that as long as he wasn’t too forceful and also played with my clit, then he could, at which point he immediately pulled out of my cunt and pressed into my ass. It was a bit sudden so I had to try to relax, but once I’d done so (and he reached under me to rub my clit) it felt pretty good. I let him bury himself pretty deep in me and he told me that I felt really tight. He came before I did, but it was easy to keep him hard (it’s obviously much easier to squeeze in this position) until I came.

I returned to find Sue being made to cum again – mostly by Michael (as payment for the blow job), but Jen and Emily were also helping out. There were fingering and frigging her and Sue looked quite helpless as their hands stroked, probed and stimulated her pussy. By the time her orgasm finished, she looked quite tired and as if she had reached her limit (not that that usually stops us). Jen encouraged Emily to have one last lick (or number of licks) of Sue and she was left to rest (again) on the sofa. A couple of people had already left and we debated getting a taxi back to the hotel, but that would spoil the fun on the walk home. The air seemed to perk Sue up a bit (coupled with the fact that her skirt was bunched up in Mike’s pocket) and we traded stories of what we’d been up to.

Mike had spent quite a bit of time talking to the Japanese girls (as had a number of the other guys) in the hope of getting to fuck them, but nobody had gotten anywhere. He had at least got to go down on a number of girls and had fucked Emily and Laura (as well as Sue). Jen had realised earlier on the Japanese girls weren’t going to do anything so hadn’t wasted as much time with them (but admitted that she would have happily joined them if they had wanted some girl-girl action). Jen had got to play with Laura, eat Emily, be fingered my Melissa (doing the same in return) and 69ed with Hannah (which annoyed me a bit as Hannah hadn’t been prepared to eat me). We agreed that we needed a better game plan for the next party so we could get a wider spread of the people between us, although we also knew that if Vicky did come along, we would probably have to look after her in the same way we’d done with Sue. We still hadn’t figured out how to tell Vicky about Sue (as she wanted to come along as well) and we decided to leave this to Mike as he gets on with Vicky so well.

Once back at the hotel, we headed up to our room and while walking towards a couple of guys, I stopped holding my coat shut and indicated to Sue to do the same thing. The discussions on the way home had clearly gotten her worked up again as she didn’t hesitate and let her coat fall slightly open. It wasn’t much (for either of us), but was enough to see that I only had a skirt on and that Sue was naked. We chatted as we walked past the guys and when I glanced back they were both staring at us, so I pulled up the back of Sue’s coat and caressed her ass. If it had been Jen, I would have pushed my fingers right between her legs and played with her, but we were just at the corner anyway so we turned out of their sight. We made it to our room and clambered into bed. We were obviously going to make Sue cum again and Mike thought that he could manage another orgasm so we paired off and Jen took Sue while Mike and I fucked. Even though Jen had already made Sue cum, he then 69ed with her (Sue). He didn’t cum again, but she did and it was now really time for us to get some sleep.

Laura called us the next morning and asked if we wanted to meet for lunch before we headed home. This sounded like a good idea so we agreed, but when we turned up we found out that Laura wanted to quiz us about who Sue really was. She already suspected that Sue was my sister from the way we look (which I find odd as we don’t look that much alike other than being about the same height and breast size) and her suspicions were strengthened when she noticed that Sue and I didn’t really do anything to each other (apart from kissing and sharing Bennett’s cock). We had to admit the truth to her but she promised not to tell anyone else and in return we promised her a sister sandwich at the next party.


  1. Long time reader here. I think your theory of a 'sexual preference scale' where you have solidly straight on one end and solidly gay on the other and a person is situation somewhere in between is a rather astute observation.

    I've noticed also that, throughout the blog it is obvious that one can be 'nudged' in the direction of the gay end of the scale and a person can be nudged towards the straight end of the scale (*gasp* oh no he didn't!). The polarity of gay/straight is a misnomer and people are somewhere in between and most definitely can be influenced one way or the other, though not more than their natural tendency is but more on the outer boundaries of that tendency.

    The other point to consider is their 'tolerance' to vary on that scale. For example, someone solidly straight with low tolerance to change can perhaps be convinced 'that guy looks good' but no further, whereas someone with high tolerance for change on the scale can perhaps be convinced to do some things but not go 'all the way' and someone with extreme tolerance. It then is the 'bisexuals' that are actually one or the other (straight / gay) with extreme tolerance for change on the scale and can be convinced to go 'all the way' with either end of the scale. These people probably feel a natural attraction to one over the other, but honestly can do anything with either.

    It is an interesting theory I like playing around with in my head and also find it amusing that while society is tolerant of the straight person being influenced towards the homosexual side of the scale it categorically rejects the ability to influence it towards the hetro side. Usually it is the 'heterosexual community' that reject the "I can turn you gay" theory and the 'homosexual community' that rejects the "I can turn you straight" theory yet, theories of this type must work both ways, or they are invalid yet (and nobody is 'turning' anybody just influencing them slightly towards one side or the other to the limit of their tolerance) this intolerance for tolerance (ha ha) I find amusing.

    Just some thinking points.

  2. I don't think we (our group) sees much difference between making the straight person experiment with same sex and a gay person experiment with the opposite sex. Just as Richard has been involving Abrahii in his relationship with James and Lis has fooled around with Mike (despite protesting only a couple of years ago that she was completely gay)...

    I like the idea of balancing 'tolerance' with natural tendency. That also explains the people who repress their feelings. My aim is to create a world (or at least a group of people) who are willing to do anything with anyone (they want to) and can enjoy themselves :)