Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sex Party January 2013 - Part 1

We knew that the first weekend in January was going to be interesting. This was the weekend that Vicky would be coming along to her first sex party and this would mean that we had to tell her about Sue (who having been to the previous party, desperately wanted to come back for more).

It was left up to Mike to explain the situation to Vicky and he did this one evening while going over exactly what she could expect and making sure that she was still interested in coming along. He broke the news to her gently, telling her that there was a fourth person who would be joining us, that is was someone that he had fucked a number of times and that recently(ish), Jen had also been playing with her. At first when Mike said it was Sue, Vicky didn’t catch on and he had to explain that it was my sister (Vicky has met her a few times when Sue visited me at Uni, but she was much younger then). Needless to say, Vicky was rather surprised by this and didn’t believe that I would be fine with Mike (and Jen) doing things to my sister, but when he pointed out that we all get to do things to many different people, she sort of came round to the idea that it wasn’t really any different (although still a little odd). He asked if she still wanted to come along and even promised her that if she had changed her mind, he would visit her and spend a weekend making her cum, but Vicky’s mind was set and even the increasing strangeness of our sexual situation didn’t deter her. Mike was very glad about this as even though it was only a month or so since we’d seen Vicky and assured her that she would get to have as much fun as she wanted at the party.

Mike, Jen and I headed down to York early(ish) on the Friday afternoon and Sue met up with us after she finished work. We’d had to get two rooms in the hotel as squeezing four people into a bed is difficult enough, let alone five. We hadn’t decided what the sleeping arrangements would be yet as both Mike and Jen wanted to be able to do things with Vicky and Sue and I wanted a chance to do things with Vicky as well. Mike went to meet Vicky at the station and Jen took the opportunity to strip Sue and eat her. As we pretty much knew it would be the position of the weekend, I joined in and Jen changed position so she could eat Sue while I ate her. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m still amazed at how normal it now seems to see Sue being made to cum (or having her see me cum) – which is probably just as well as Mike and Jen both love it so much.

We hadn’t started until a while after Mike had left (and we were taking our time), with the specific intention of still being in the middle of things when he arrived back with Vicky. He had warned her of the state we would be in so when he opened the door I just gave her a wave and we carried on (we had switched around so I was sitting over Jen and Sue was eating her). Even pre-warned, Vicky seemed a little shocked but once they had dumped her bag on the floor, Mike moved over behind Sue and caressed her ass, then slipped a couple of fingers into her and fucked her while he talked to Vicky. I told him not to make her cum as that was Jen’s job and we carried on in our threesome until both Jen and I had cum. Sue wiped her face clean of Jen’s juices before she climbed out from between her legs and she half covered her breasts while saying hello to Vicky, but Jen told her that they hadn’t finished yet, pushed her (Sue) down onto the bed and set about eating her to orgasm. Jen was fairly forceful and it was obvious that she was attacking Sue’s cunt with some force – but this also meant that it was only a short time before Sue came.

Jen greeted Vicky properly and asked if she wanted to play with her (while pushing her hand between Vicky’s legs and rubbing her crotch). Vicky kissed Jen before she realised that Jen’s face was still smeared with Sue’s juices, but Jen was being as forceful as she’d been with Sue and she had already undone Vicky’s jeans and pushed her hand into them. Vicky didn’t stand much of a chance – especially as Mike and I helped to pull her jeans and panties down and then free her breasts. Vicky submitted to our assaults and we soon had her on the bed beside Sue. Mike Jen and I caressed, licked and kissed her and took turns wiping her cunt and rubbing her juices over Sue’s breasts and thighs and then offering our fingers to Sue to lick clean. She did this willingly (but then again she is related to me) and when we pointed out to Vicky that Sue was eating her, Mike slipped his cock into Sue, fucked her briefly and then offered it to Vicky to suck. She had either accepted everything that was happening or was just sufficiently turned on from our fondling that she took the head in her mouth and let Mike pump in and out (a little). It only seemed fair to do the same in return so we moved back and let him fuck Vicky, then offer his cock to Sue to suck clean. Now that the ice had been broken, we carried on playing with Vicky and made her cum – with the occasional transfer of pussy juice from Sue’s cunt to Vicky’s mouth.

Once Vicky had cum, we sat on the bed naked and chatted. There was a fair bit of fondling still going on and Sue was clearly looking at Mike’s cock, which was still nice and stiff (as he hadn’t cum) and shining with a mix of Sue and Vicky’s juices. She took it in her hand and then her mouth and it really looked as if Vicky was jealous. I told Sue not to be greedy as we had to share Mike and we didn’t want to waste his cum in someone’s mouth. I told Vicky that she would still get the best deal if we shared him as she would be the one who could lick Sue or me while he fucked us, but she would get the option of having both Sue and me licking her while he fucked her. Vicky wasn’t sure how this would work so I explained that while Sue and I didn’t actually have sex with each other, Mike and Jen had talked us into kissing (mostly for their amusement). Mike felt that the best thing would be for a demonstration and he pushed into Vicky and then presented us with his cock. Sue and I kissed around it and did a fair amount of tongue work on the head.

Vicky seemed impressed so we set about playing with her again. Sue and I each took one of her breasts while Jen ate her – this didn’t last long though as Jen wanted to indulge her breast fetish and (with a bit of effort) Vicky, Sue and I each presented her with a nipple to suck on. Mike fingered the three of us while Jen lapped away and said that he wanted to fuck someone. Both Sue and Vicky were up for this and we decided that whoever he fucked would spend the night with Jen while the other person could spend the night with him. Mike made it a bit more interesting by saying that he wanted whoever he was inside to be eating the other person, but before they could decide who would do what to whom, he suggested that we go out and get some food as he was hungry.

They couldn’t really complain about him teasing them as he was also going to have to wait to cum, but he made things worse by repeatedly fondling them while we got dressed to go out. At one point he bent Vicky over and fucked her and when Sue complained it wasn’t fair, he did the same to her. We eventually made it out and found somewhere to eat. Jen teased Sue quite a bit during the meal and managed to get her to fuck herself with her the handle of her knife. Vicky said that Sue seemed rather different to how she’d been when she had visited me in York (but then again, the first time Sue visited me in York was back in my undergrad days when she was still sweet and innocent). Vicky said that she thought the new Sue was more interesting and Mike convinced her to go down on Sue while he fucked her. Sue was fine with this as it meant she got to sleep with Mike and I then opted to spend the night with Jen and Vicky.

We hadn’t gone too far from the hotel to eat and wanted to get back quickly as it was quite cold, but we stopped off briefly so Mike could fondle Sue under her skirt and Jen and I could once again undo Vicky’s jeans and get our hands into them (which meant pulling them down a little). Cold hands on warm cunts can feel quite interesting and we got both Sue and Vicky fairly aroused in a short period of time and then headed back to the hotel. As soon as we were in the room, Sue got undressed and Vicky was pulled out of her clothes. Mike and Jen had a quick lick of Sue and Mike, Jen and I then had a quick lick of Vicky before Sue lay across the bed, spread her legs and Jen held Sue’s pussy open for Vicky. Vicky bent down and started to eat Sue, at which point Mike pushed into her and used long hard strokes to fuck her. Jen played with Sue’s nips and then decided that she may as well make use of her before she disappeared with Mike, so she climbed over Sue’s face and lowered her cunt to Sue’s mouth.

I reached under Vicky to play with her breasts and then decided I would be more generous and take care of her clit so Mike could concentrate on fucking her. I had a fairly good view of Vicky eating Sue and she certainly didn’t seem to be holding back. Now that he just had to fuck Vicky, Mike was leaning back a bit so he got a good view of his cock sliding in and out of Vick’s cunt. I felt a little left out as I was the only one who wasn’t going to cum, but to make up for this I told Vicky that I wanted her to fuck me next and I imagined being in Sue’s position. Sue and Vicky came first (but we had teased them a fair bit) and Jen was next. As usual, Mike held back and carried on fucking Vicky for a few minutes, but them emptied himself in her – and he seemed to deposit a fair amount as when he pulled out, I saw his cum leaking out of her so I told Sue to come and look. She climbed off the bed and I kissed Vicky as (at Mike’s request) Sue helped to stop Vicky from leaking over the floor by licking his cum out of her. Sue then took his cock in her mouth and told him that he had better get hard again soon as she wanted to be fucked as well. Mike promised to do his best and they went into their room for the night, leaving Jen and I to play with Vicky.

Sue dared Mike to make the trip between the rooms naked and he agreed as long as she did the same (it was only next door so they weren’t in the corridor for long). Mike went down on Sue for a while and they then fucked – he kept up his promise to cum inside her and then (after a bit of recovery time) they spooned while discussing the party and going to sleep. In our room, Jen and Vicky shared a dildo and I licked their clits and once they’d both cum, Jen and Vicky both fingered me (two fingers each) and played with my clit. This turned out to be a very effective way to make me cum quickly and Vicky and I snuggled up afterwards and let Jen play with our breasts again (Jen basically has the same appetite for breasts as I do for cumming).

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