Monday, 25 March 2013

Sex Party January 2013 - Part 2

Apologies for the delayed post - I forgot. Next post on Wed to make up for it.

On the Saturday morning, Mike and Sue came in to our room (although they had to wear robes to make the trip) so we could decide who would do things with whom for our customary single pre-party fuck of the day. We quickly came to an optimal solution – Mike fucked Vicky in the missionary position, which meant I could lie over her face and have her eat me while Mike helped to lick around my pussy and ass and Jen got to 69 with Sue. This didn’t stop Mike from having a quick lick of Sue (and Jen and I doing the same to Vicky) after we’d all cum, but none of us were allowed to cum again.

Once we’d showered and dressed, we went out for the morning. Mike went off with Vicky and Jen and I took Sue. Jen spent the morning teasing Sue in various changing rooms (still no cumming) and even took her to one of the sex shops so she could expose her. Mike had a more civilised morning with Vicky, but their conversation was still centred around the upcoming party, what the rules were and making sure she knew that she didn’t have to do anything, could do things just with us or could choose whoever she wanted to play with. We all met up for lunch with Sara and I introduced Vicky to her (we’d already told Vicky about Sara and Emily). Sara was impressed that we kept finding girls willing to come along to the party and I encouraged her to come back but she said that things were still ‘complicated’ between her and Emily. We once again made arrangements for Sara to come and visit us so she could play with Sue and our goodbye hugs were a lot more gropey than they had been the previous time we’d met with her. When we’d left, Vicky asked if Sara knew who Sue was (and we told her that she didn’t).

At lunch, Jen had told everyone what she had been doing to Sue all morning and we felt it was only fair to subject Vicky to some of the same teasing so we found a few suitable spots and we took turns playing with her. We got her quite close to cumming a few times but backed off as we didn’t want to torture her (too much). We returned to the hotel and had a rest, then out for a quick dinner and back to prepare for the party. Vicky had brought along a couple of outfits, one that was way over the top (black stockings and suspenders with matching bra and tight dress) and a more toned down simple outfit with light pink underwear (still sexy, but not as slutty). As we had time, we got her to model both outfits, both with and without the dresses and settled on the cuter skirt with the slutty underwear (Vicky liked the underwear but we pointed out the impracticalities of the tight dress if she wanted to put it back on after doing things).

I just went with my usual schoolgirl(ish) outfit, but skipped the panties as there didn’t seem much point. Sue had a similar outfit (at the request of Laura who still wanted her ‘sister sandwich’ as payment for keeping our secret) and Jen went with a very short skirt, tube top and twin tails. Mike convinced her to tie the tails up in a circle so she could compete with the Japanese cosplay girls (and Jen had been growing her hair for quite a while now so it is really quite long). Due to the length (or lack of) of Jen’s skirt, we decided to take a taxi to the party, but I made sure that Jen sat with her legs spread (it wasn’t fair that only Sue and Vicky had been teased that day).

We arrived a bit earlier than we had last time so things hadn’t really started (although Neil and Melissa were clearly on the way as they were kissing passionately on the sofa). Vicky was welcomed (and Sue was welcomed back) and Vicky then told me that she knew someone there. It turns out that Bennett used to go to the same Salsa class as Vicky so she was used to being pressed up against him, just not in the same way that other people at the party are. They had a slightly awkward conversation and I reminded Vicky that she didn’t have to do anything, but I helped to break the ice by pushing Bennett’s hand between my legs and pulling his cock out while he fingered me. As he’d already been inside Sue at the previous party, I called her over and asked if she wanted a second helping of his cock. Despite having got properly involved at the previous party, Sue was a little nervous as nobody else downstairs was actually having sex so we went up to one of the bedrooms and we let Vicky watch as Bennett took Sue from behind and then she had a turn on top. I tried to convince Vicky to help them out but Laura opted to take this role and sat behind Sue so she could reach round and rub her clit while Sue bounced up and down.

As soon as Sue and Bennett had finished, Laura wanted her payment from us but I convinced her to give Sue a short while to recover. I felt that it was time for me to get started properly and offered to do things with Vicky but she wanted to just watch for a little while so I decide to put on a nice show for her and let Gareth fuck me. The first fuck of the party (almost) always feels nice as I’ve abstained from cumming for the day and I get to do things in front of a proper audience. Knowing that Gareth doesn’t always last for long, I played with my clit as he fucked me and I came before he did, but not by too much (I think my moaning and description of what his cock was doing to my cunt helped to spur him along).

Emily had arrived while we’d been upstairs and as usual, a number of people wanted to taste her (obviously only the ones who were ‘clean’ were allowed to eat her without protection). Mike shared his turn at this with Sue and partially fucked both of them, but let Sue be the one to make Emily cum (who then returned the favour). Jen meanwhile had sampled Melissa (and by ‘sampled’ I mean fingered and licked to orgasm) and had her sights set on Clare. I had decided to try to get as many of the men as possible (and as they outnumbered the girls, this seemed fair) and over the next hour I fucked David and Michael and blew Giles while Clare fingered me (Giles loved watching this).

Surprisingly, the two Japanese girls turned up again and they received the same sort of attention as they had the previous time, but they had obviously come prepared this time as they were more willing to get involved with people. At first, this was still with a lot of giggling and a couple of kisses with each other, but as their outfits were pulled off and people got to play with their breasts, they concentrated on the individual who was fondling them. They were once again wearing very cutesy cosplay costumes; Kiyomi was dressed as a cat of some sort with lots of black ribbons, a short black layered skirt and black knee socks while Miyako was in a similar outfit but with more pink and white (and no cat bits). To Jen’s, Emily’s and my dismay, they weren’t as interested in doing things with girls as we had hoped, and to the guys’ dismay, they didn’t seem to want to do any more than breast play (although they really seemed to get into this – possibly even more than Jen). Corey was front and centre and got a good suck on their nips. I saw him rubbing his cock up against them, but they wouldn’t let him (or anyone) touch between their legs. Mike managed to get a bit of time with Miyako (although he would have preferred to play with Kiyomi) and said that she was very responsive to having her breasts fondled

Following his Japanese experience, Mike really wanted to fuck and while he would have happily taken any of the girls there (assuming they’d wanted him) he wanted to encourage Vicky to join in. He took her upstairs slipped her dress off and fingered her through her panties while he played with her breasts (we know she is proud of her breasts so he wanted to show them off before getting down to the serious business). He pulled her panties to the side and ate her, then pushed her back onto the bed and slid into her (still with her panties on). As they fucked, he freed her breasts completely and when he convinced her to go on top, he promised her that he would get her a new pair and then tore her panties off. He saw Emily watching them and called her over so he could slip his fingers into her cunt and he fed Vicky a little of her juices. She took a couple of licks but didn’t want any more (which was fine by Em as she’d been eaten plenty and was in the middle of looking for a cock to fuck). Mike pulled Vicky down on top of him and while he hammered into her he asked if she had liked Emily’s taste. Vicky said she had, but she didn’t want Bennett to know that she was bi (which we hadn’t considered as we hadn’t though that she might know someone at the party) but Mike assured her that anything that happened there would remain there.

He carried on fucking her, reaching back to spread her ass cheeks so anyone watching could see him sliding in and out and he told her how everyone was closely watching her cunt swallowing his cock over and over and asked her if she wanted to cum for them all. She told him (between quiet moans as she was getting quite close) that it felt very strange, but she didn’t care if they saw and Mike told her that she had the right attitude and he kissed her deeply as he pushed her over the edge and she moaned into his mouth. Once Mike had pulled out of her, Vicky covered herself up again and said that she felt rather embarrassed, but had really enjoyed herself and that her orgasm had felt pretty good.

They caught up with Jen and I and told us that Vicky had put on her first show and I told her that Laura wanted a chance to make her cum (as part of her general initiation for all new girls at the party). Mike explained about Vicky not wanting Bennett to know she was bi and I said I didn’t think this would be a problem as Laura generally gets to eat all of the girls anyway (I think everyone who currently goes has allowed her to ‘experiment’ with them at some point or other and a number of them are then willing to experiment more widely at the parties). Vicky wasn’t fully convinced and our conversation reminded me that we still owed Laura something so I invited her and Sue upstairs to let Laura have us both. We offered her the choice of who she wanted to eat and she said that she wanted things both ways round, so we started off with Sue eating Laura (while she ate me). The news that there was an all-girl threesome quickly spread and most of the people came to watch us. I pointed out that Sue’s cunt was available and a couple of the guys wanted to use it so I told them that whoever didn’t get Sue, could use me. Corey went first and when I told him to just fuck her hard and fast so someone else could take her (and pointed out that Laura was going to eat Sue afterwards anyway, so she would get to cum), he just went for it and fucked her until he came.

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