Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sex Party January 2013 - Part 3

Scott started to fuck her next but Laura said that it was time to switch. I assured him that he could use me and as soon as I was in place between Laura’s legs, I felt him push in to me and start. I broke contact with Laura’s cunt to tell him that as long as he could find someone to take over and make me cum, he could just use me if he wanted. It is at times like these that I realise how lucky I am with Mike as many men really seem to enjoy just being able to fuck until they cum and not worry about the girl cumming (although sometimes it’s nice to just be used – which is why I’d asked Scott to do so). He fucked me very quickly and I tried to pass this on to Laura, although it was clear that Sue had already gotten her quite close to cumming. When I looked up her body I could see her working feverishly on Sue and I tried to give Sue a wink, but she was too distracted so I just went back to work. I felt (or heard) Scott cum and pull out of me, then felt someone else push into me. We were apparently putting on a good show as I could hear our audience clapping and cheering. This got louder as Laura came and I switch to kitty kissing her (and I guess most observers probably couldn’t tell the difference between this and proper eating) and there was another cheer when Sue came.

Laura climbed out of the way and it was just me left on the bed (with Craig standing behind me still fucking me). I was getting close to cumming now and told him to go harder (but not to cum yet). Meanwhile, Laura had spoken to Mike and told him to fuck Sue (just a couple of strokes) and then present me with his cock. It’s by no means the first time I’ve tasted her juices off of him so I took him in my mouth and bobbed back and forth. The transition to a spit-roast also seemed to go down well and people told Mike to push right into my mouth – fortunately he didn’t do this as he knows I can’t deep-throat. Craig continued to fuck me and play with my clit until I came, at which point Mike told him that he could use me and finish off. He did this and I carried on sucking Mike until Craig came and pulled out of me. I felt pretty good and collapsed down on the bed but when Jen gave my ass a slap I decided that I still had enough energy left to retaliate and wrestled her onto the bed.

As we still had a fair number of people in the room, I pinned her down, pulled her skirt up (not that it was hiding much anyway) and gave her a few good slaps back. I offered her ass to anyone else who wanted it (girls only) and once Laura and Sue had spanked her, a number of the other girls joined in. Hannah and Clare wouldn’t do anything at first, but when even Kiyomi and Miyako gave her a slap, they caved in to peer pressure and gave her a few token slaps. Nobody had hit her really hard, but there had been enough slaps to give her a fairly red ass. I spread her ass cheeks and slowly fingered her pussy before asking if anyone wanted a lick (girls only again). I looked around for Vicky as I was hoping to get her to put on a show, but couldn’t see her so I called Emily over and it didn’t take much to convince her to bend down and eat Jen. I helped by spreading Jen’s ass cheeks and once Emily had finished with her, we had a sloppy kiss and I thanked her before letting Jen up (who acted all indignant, but had really enjoyed her ‘punishment’).

I had a break from doing things and went down to get a drink and watch others. Clare was letting Brett fuck her and Giles seemed to be enjoying watching them go at it. I chatted to the Japanese girls for a bit – they weren’t looking quite as polished by this stage but had adapted to the party well enough that they had their breasts out (also partly as many of the guys kept groping them so covering up was somewhat pointless). Vicky reappeared and told me that she had let Bennett fuck her. I told her that she should have let me know so I could watch but she had taken him off while Jen and I had been entertaining people with our mini-S&M session. I congratulated her on her first proper party fuck (Mike didn’t really count as she’s slept with him before) and asked if she was going to do anyone else but she thought she’d been brave enough for one evening.

Things were beginning to wind down anyway although a few people were still going at it. In her quest to convert all girls to lesbians (or at least being bi), Laura had convinced Clare to let Melissa go down on her (which I though was quite a good job) and in return for this, Clare fingered Melissa (and gave her a couple of licks, but this is more difficult to do when using protection). I tried to coax Neil’s cock back to life, but he didn’t think he could cum any more so I pushed his hand between my legs and let him gently finger me while we watched Clare make his girlfriend cum. (To be fair to him, there was a little life left in his cock, just not enough to fuck.)

I realised that I had forgotten something – I hadn’t had my usual kitchen fuck. I wanted someone I hadn’t done things with already that night and Paul stepped up to help me out. I started sitting on the workbench in the corner so I could spread my legs and I let him use a beer bottle on me for a while before I climbed down and presented my cunt to him. He played with my clit as he fucked me and I felt my breasts swinging back and forth as we pushed together. I pushed his fingers harder against my clit as I really wanted to get a final cum in, and while it wasn’t a particularly strong orgasm, he still made me cum (and he came), so everyone was happy.

A few people left and we thought that we’d help Sue gain further acceptance before we headed back to the hotel. Mike and I sat on either side of her on the sofa, pulled her legs apart and pulled her down so her legs were in the air and her cunt was exposed. Mike and Jen fingered her while I played with her breasts. I’d been hoping to get at least one of the guys to fuck her, but they were all spent so Jen went down on her. I did at least get Vicky to finger Sue for a minute or so (Bennett had left), and had hoped she would do more, but Mike ended up finishing her off with a bottle and his fingers. We didn’t let Sue go once we’d finished and kept her legs held apart with her cunt pointing to the sky so everyone left could get a good look at her. This was made better by the fact that as people left, we could see out the front door and knew that she would be visible from outside.

We were one of the last to leave so helped tidy up (a little) and then headed home. As had become custom, people didn’t put anything back on if they’d taken it off (and kept it off) during the party so Jen returned just wearing her little skirt, Sue was naked (apart from socks) and Vicky was topless (she still had her dress on, but she just carried her bra and wasn’t allowed to zip the dress up). Back at the hotel, we stopped at the bar for a drink (non-alcoholic) and I slipped my hand up Vicky’s leg and caressed her bare thigh, playing with her suspender belt (one of her stockings was torn, but I think that just added to the look). I didn’t think she knew that there were a couple of guys watching us as she didn’t say anything or try to stop me as I cupped her pussy and slipped a couple of fingers into her. I wasn’t trying to make her cum, and the guys couldn’t actually see my fingers in her, but I think it was obvious what I was doing. Only when we went upstairs did Vicky say that she knew they had been watching us, but she hadn’t cared so I pulled up her skirt and gave her a slap for being such a naughty little minx.

It was Mike’s turn to have Vicky for the night and I went with him (leaving Sue with Jen). We were all fairly beat, but we managed one last session, repeating what we’d done earlier where Mike fucked Vicky and they both ate me, but this time – once I’d cum – we changed position and Mike spooned with Vicky while I licked them both. Mike hadn’t been expecting to cum again but by the time Vicky came he said he was feeling pretty turned on and carried on moving slowly inside her until he pulled her tight against his body and he came (probably without any actual cum).

In the morning, he ate us both awake (switching between us and fingering one while he licked he other). We then moved into the other room and he got to eat Sue (they’d still been asleep). So Jen wasn’t left out, Sue 69ed with her, but while they worked on each other, Mike knelt up on the bed, positioned his cock by Sue’s ass and pushed into her. She had jumped a little when he first pushed against her, but then settled down and pushed back until he slipped inside. He had really wanted to fuck her cunt while Jen ate her, but this was all that Jen had agreed to (so they still stuck to ‘the rules’, but they still got to share Sue). I explained this to Vicky (she already knew about Mike and Jen not actually having sex, but the whole Sue thing was still new to her). Sue came fairly quickly (but she was having bother her cunt and ass stimulated) so Mike suggested to Jen that they push her to a double orgasm. Vicky and I watched as he continued to fuck her ass and Jen’s tongue lashed against her cunt and clit. Sue seemed to give as good as she got, but once Jen came, she licked and sucked Sue even harder, which seemed to distract Sue enough that she eased off on Jen. Vicky was amazed that my younger sister (who was just a little girl when she first met her) was now (pretty much) every bit as dirty as me, and Sue did a good job of confirming this with her language as they pushed her to her second orgasm. Mike had been holding back so he came in her pretty much as she was cumming.

Mike was very happy as he’d got to eat three different cunts and fucked an ass – all before breakfast. As Sue had been double teamed, it only seemed fair to do something similar to Vicky so after breakfast, we got her to lie on the bed and between us we played with pretty much every part of her. Jen naturally concentrated on her breasts and Mike probably spent longer going down on her, but Sue and I both also did this while Vicky ate the other one of us. Between us, we gave Vicky a couple of decent orgasms, with a good bout of kitty kissing in between them and we spent a fair amount of the morning in the hotel room. As a final session, Mike fucked Vicky while she 69ed with Sue – I would have quite liked to be in Sue’s place, but Mike was working with Jen to ensure that Sue didn’t relapse into her former heterosexual ways (while we hope to remain ‘special friends’ with Vicky, it’s more likely that Jen will remain in contact with Sue and she want to be able to continue to play with her for many years to come.

It was finally time to leave the hotel and after convincing Vicky to forgo her shower so she could remain stained with our juices and Mike’s cum, we went out for a light lunch before heading back to our respective homes. It was too cold to go without tights and I’d only bought a couple of pairs of thigh-highs so Sue and Vicky agreed to skip their panties (although in Vicky’s case this meant she had to be careful not to sit on her skirt as Mike’s cum leaked out through her tights as we walked to the cafĂ© and ate our lunch. She thanked us for inviting her along and said that she wanted to come again. I congratulated her on having been daring enough to fuck someone on her first trip and told her that we hadn’t even made it that far (at which point Sue chipped in and pointed out that she had fucked half the party on her first visit (hmm, maybe she isn’t just ‘nearly as’ dirty as me after all).

We knew that we’d be seeing Sue the following weekend (as long as the weather didn’t cause any more travel disruption) and Vicky wanted us to visit her but we had things planned for the next month or so (Jen was missing her Uni friends so we needed to visit them a few times). We promised Vicky that we’d get down to visit her and said that we might even bring Sue along (if they both wanted this).

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