Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Weekend Before Christmas - Part 1

The weekend before Christmas, Sue and Sara were meant to come up and visit us, but due to bad weather and people not feeling well we had to postpone. This was a bit of a shame as we’d had a fun time planned (and Mike had been hoping to get to fuck Sara again), but we would at least see Sue over Christmas. This gave us the chance to have a weekend with just the three of us and it was really nice to spend some time alone (as much fun as our weekends are, they are usually quite hectic and we don’t get much real quality time during the week between work, housework and general life). Once we knew that we were going to be alone, we agreed that we would spend as much of the weekend completely naked as possible.

For Jen and I, this started on the Friday evening before we’d even left work. Jen came to my lab to meet me (as often happens) and we sat chatting while I finished off my work. Jen was wearing her usual cold weather outfit of denim shorts and opaque tights. She had a small ladder on her left calf and as I stroked her leg, I pulled at this until it became a large ladder and then a hole. I then tore at the other leg and once her tights were in shreds, she had no choice but to take them off. There were still another couple of people in the lab, but at the end near the door and she couldn’t walk past them to get to the toilet so between us, we tore the material away and I got her to unbutton her shorts so I could cut away the top part. We pulled the remainder of her tights off but before I let her do her shorts up I handed her the scissors and told her to cut her panties off (they were only plain ones, but games like this do contribute to a higher than usual lingerie budget – which is somewhat ironic as we rarely wear any panties). Jen did as instructed and I reached up under the crotch of her shorts and pulled her panties out, adding them to the remains of her tights in my bag.

There wasn’t much Jen could do in retaliation to this as I didn’t have anything on under my skirt and I thought it was a shame to waste access to her pussy so I retrieved my emergency vibe from the back of my drawer and pushed it down the front of Jen’s shorts and angled it so it was pressing against her crotch. This meant that it made an obvious bulge in the front of her shorts, and even more so when she did them up again. The vibe pushed the material away from her body at the front and if she spread her legs, I could see right up to her pussy and the business end of the vibe nestling between her lips. Jen told me I was a bitch, but I just pointed out that I was her bitch and if I wanted to make her cum, then that was my right. I had only put the vibe on low and it was only a small one anyway (just for the times at work when fingers alone weren’t enough). I pointed out to her that I could have just as easily used my emergency vibrating egg (which is much more powerful) and that this would make the journey home more interesting.

We decided to take the bus and for a while it was very crowded, this gave us the opportunity for my hand to push up against Jen’s crotch and hold it right against her clit. I managed this for long enough to get her off and then let go so the feeling didn’t become too intense for her. Once the bus cleared a little, we moved to the back and Jen undid her shorts to relieve the pressure of the vibe a bit more. Jen pushed her hand up my skirt and used her thumb on my clit. She didn’t have long enough to make me cum though before we got to our stop. The brief fingering did mean that as soon as we got indoors I was ready for more and she pulled her shorts off, letting the vibe fall to the floor and we quickly moved into the bedroom to continue our session. We knew that Mike was planning on being back soon, so left him a clue as to where we were by leaving a trail of clothes up the stairs and into the bedroom.

I let Jen sit over me and I cleaned up the mess the vibe had made while she used a vibe in my pussy and an egg on my clit. It didn’t take too long to cum and instead of being greedy and going for round two (Jen’s orgasm on the bus was just a warm up so it didn’t count), we decided to wait for Mike. Not that we didn’t kiss and caress each other while we waited, so by the time Mike arrived, I was nice and wet again and Jen’s pussy was glistening with her juices. He wanted to go down on me and while I really wanted him to fuck me, being eaten (and having to cum again) was a small price to pay for the promise of a hard fuck when he’d finished. I fingered Jen some more while I was being eaten and when it came time to fuck, Jen sat beside us and used a dildo on her pussy while I rode Mike. She fucked herself for a while and then let Mike suck the dildo clean (or at least the end of it, he really wouldn’t be capable of deep throating without gagging). Mike appreciated the Jen-juice though and it meant that he was sufficiently distracted that I could use him and experiment with different ways of moving. I settled for the tried and tested method of grinding against him (better clitoral contact for, although it doesn’t feel as good for him as when I ride up and down on his cock). He let me enjoy myself like this until I came, at which point I was grabbed and pulled down onto him so he could fuck me. I was given a hard and intense (but fairly short) fuck before Mike emptied himself into me and I stayed on top of him while we watched Jen playing with herself (not to orgasm).

We felt this was a good start to the weekend and had a break to make dinner. This was done according to the staying naked plan and over dinner we agreed that we would try to do things on demand (whenever one of us wanted to do things, one of the others would have to oblige – with the usual Mike-Jen rules in place of course). We also agreed that while there would probably be some exhibitionism, we wouldn’t get anyone else directly involved (so it really would just be the three of us). We debated going out for a drink, but opted to stay in and curled up in bed together. We talked about the different people we got to do things with, what we enjoyed, what we wanted to do with them (and made appropriate plans). We made some specific plans for Christmas, but (as usual) we knew that we would have to be fairly flexible and adapt to the situations.

Mike wanted to eat me again and I ended up getting a double helping (pussy and rim job). I did the same to Jen and we fell asleep with Mike spooning me and me spooning Jen. Well, the plan was to fall asleep like this, but Mike moved in me enough that it was clear he wanted to fuck and I transferred his movements to Jen’s pussy (where my hand was resting). We fucked as a threesome but in the position we were in, Mike couldn’t get his hand onto my pussy to play with me. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me and imagine I was Jen and we would try to make her cum at the same time he did. I quickly frigged Jen until she reached her mewing stage (which both Mike and I find very sexy) and then kept her there while Mike pumped into me. He told me when he was getting close and I sped up my stroking of Jen’s clit so I could get her off as soon as Mike said he was about to cum. Mike came in me as Jen came and she squeezed her legs around my hand (very hard) as her orgasm ripped through her. Mike pushed hard into me and stayed still for a while before offering to eat or finger me but I told him that I was fine and we could just spoon. Unfortunately, having just cum, he didn’t stay hard for very long, but we stayed in the spooning position as we actually fell asleep.

I woke up first the next morning and had to decide who I would go down on. I opted for Jen (her juices taste nicer than Mike’s). I ate her awake and Mike woke up while I was doing this. He reached between my legs and gave me a brief fondle but went off to make breakfast while we were busy. I made sure to take my time and was still going on his return so he put the tray down and climbed over my legs so he could slide his cock between my ass cheeks and into my cunt. He didn’t try to fuck me, but just moved in and out of me slowly. It felt very nice being sandwiched between my lovers like this and was even nicer when he moved my hair to the side and caressed my neck. He got his hands pretty much the whole way around my neck (but only touching very gently) and I told him if he carried on doing this for long enough that I would probably be able to cum. We thought this was worth the effort and I continued to gently lap at Jen’s pussy while Mike slowly fucked me and his fingers played over the surface of my neck and I felt the familiar, agonisingly slow build-up of my orgasm.

I had to resist from humping back against him or speeding up what I was doing to Jen, but from experience, I knew that it would be worth it. I could hear Jen mewing away and Mike telling me how soft, hot and wet my cunt felt. I was getting fairly close by this point but it still took what felt like ages for my orgasm to build. I concentrated on Jen’s clit but carried on just licking her slowly – the aim being to get her off, but in a controlled way so I could still enjoy the subtle sensations of the situation. When I finally came, I sucked on her clit but concentrated on my orgasm as it throbbed out from my pussy and neck. Mike carried on moving slowly in me and it felt like I came for a while. Only near the end did I flick my tongue over Jen’s clit a bit faster and elicited an orgasm from her (which also seemed to be quite strong, but sharper than mine). I wish that Mike had cum in me, but he had other plans and while his cum would have been nice, his cock buried in me had done a pretty good job.

We broke for breakfast and I attached our stick on dildo to the patio door, the idea being that Jen and I could use it whenever we wanted. We had a quick shower (just because we were going to spend the weekend fucking, it didn’t mean that we didn’t want to be clean) and Mike got his wish to shave both Jen and me (he was still fairly well trimmed from the party preparation so we didn’t need to do any work there). He then requested Jen’s presence in the bedroom and I followed along to watch as she sat over him and humped herself against his cock. I added a bit of tingle gel between them and Jen lay down on Mike so they could kiss. A couple of times when Mike moved, he came pretty close to sliding into Jen properly so he was instructed to stay still and let Jen do the work. He still caressed her ass and they talked about what it would be like when he finally got to fuck her. They each described how they thought it would feel and Mike told her that he wanted to fill her cunt with his cum and then stay buried inside her until it had all been absorbed. Jen was in a playful mood and told him that she would let him cum in her as many times as he could and as often as he wanted – then added that he just had to wait until she was ready.

She got called bitch for this and he slapped her ass hard (but Jen likes that) so she kissed him and sped up. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and carried on humping against Mike until he came and after sitting up so we could all see the mess, she told him that she had just faked her orgasm and he now had to let her use him until she actually came. I was quite surprised as I had really thought she’d cum. Jen continued to grind against Mike, but pushed even harder against him. He quite liked this as he knew his cum was getting rubbed over and between her lips, but at the same time he was very sensitive after having just cum so it took quite a bit for him to endure it. Fortunately, Jen wasn’t rubbing over his glans too much as she wanted to be able to move quickly without having to worry about him ending up inside her. Mike helped out by fondling her breasts and nipples and she came with proper mewing (although I still couldn’t tell the difference). Both her pussy and his cock were now a sticky mess with a combination of their juices and I congratulated Jen for her display.

We decided to head into town for a short while and to capitalise on the mess that was Jen’s pussy, she was made to wear her shorts and tights outfit (with new tights obviously). I went with the same outfit and we used seamless tights so we didn’t need panties. We also wore shorts that were looser around the leg in case we got a chance to play (although we were aware that town was likely to be rather busy on the weekend before Christmas). Jen and I did manage to get a couple of chances to grope each other’s asses (and Mike also copped a few feels), but we didn’t do much more than that. We did find a sexy little fur edged, red ‘Santa’s helper’ dress that was on offer and bought it for Jen. We got her a pair of long red socks to go with it and told her that she would have to wear it out that evening. It seemed a bit of a waste to only have her wear it once though so we popped in to the toilets in one of the big department stores and Jen changed into her dress and socks. Her shoes weren’t really right for the outfit, but they were good enough for now and she knew what she was going to wear that evening). She certainly got a number of appreciative looks from guys as we walked home, with just one stop to get an additional touch for the outfit.

On arriving home, we felt that we should probably make better use of our time alone and I got Jen to impale herself on the dildo on the patio doors while Mike and I fucked on the sofa. I let him finger me while I sucked his cock and he then pulled me over him so he could eat me as well. We didn’t cum like this though and I finished off in the reverse cowgirl position. Mike was going to wait and cum over me later before we went out, but I wanted to feel his cum in me (or more specifically, leaking out of me) so he did as I asked and we carried on fucking until he came in me. I hadn’t been ready to cum again in time, but he didn’t let me off and I was pulled to the side of the sofa so my head was on the cushion and my legs were in the air with my back resting against the arm of the sofa while he stood and ate me. Jen had finished getting herself off by this point so she joined in and played with my breasts until Mike finished eating me and made me cum. He was then sent over to sample Jen from the dildo (about the only time he doesn’t mind sucking on a cock) while Jen and I kissed and fondled each other.

We did a few boring house things for a while, had dinner and then got ready to go out. Once Jen had her dress and socks back on (with a pair of black patent high heels), Mike went to work and used fabric glue to stick some white fluffy trim to the top of her socks. It matched her dress quite well and a large black belt completed the look. Mike kissed around Jen’s legs (there was a couple of inches exposed between her socks and the dress) and then kissed further up. He avoided the forbidden areas, but spent a while nuzzling on her inner thighs and admiring the aroma coming from her pussy. It was obvious that even without any direct vaginal or clitoral contact, that his kisses were arousing Jen and I debated going down on her properly before we went out, but thought that it would be more fun to have her wait.


  1. You and Jen are always willing to try new things and be adventurous and be punished. Is Mike interested in being submissive at all? If I had two beautiful women to fuck I would let them use me any way they want! :)

  2. Mike isn't generally submissive, but will occasionally let Jen or me 'force' him to do things. He is a lot more submissive with Jen as he knows that way he will at least get to grind against her.

    Maybe we should tie him up sometime and see how much we can use him...

    1. Seems only fair. See how long he can hold out while one fucks or sucks him and the other works his prostate.