Friday, 15 March 2013

The Weekend Before Christmas - Part 2

We're down in York for the end of term sex party. Sue couldn't make it this time but Vicky has returned for more (right now, Mike is busy 'saying hello' to her before Jen and I go and greet her). Back to Christmas...

It was fairly late by the time we actually left the house so we went straight to a club. We had to queue for a while, which Jen found quite cold (her dress wasn’t incredibly thick and as you would expect, she didn’t have anything on underneath it). Once inside, we danced for a while to warm up and a number of guys tried to hit on her, but other than dancing with a couple of them, they didn’t get anywhere. Jen certainly looked very appealing in her outfit though and when I had a slow dance with her, I told her in great detail all the things I wanted to do to her and asked if she thought the club would mind if I stripped her naked and did her on the bar.

We ended up going home fairly early and I got Jen to leave her dress on (but unbuttoned) while I went down on her. Mike lay naked beside her and he kissed her and fondled her breasts while I ate her. All the white fluffy bits looked very nice and we had a long gentle session. Mike got Jen to describe what it was like playing with Sue, Lis, Lucy, Sara, et al and describe her favourite things about each of them. He was especially interested in her descriptions of Lucy (as he isn’t allowed to do anything to her) but as Jen got closer to cumming, he got her to describe how my pussy felt and tasted. Jen did this through her mewing and it was nice hearing her say how soft my lips felt and how nice my juices tasted. It felt like my pussy was very wet and it would have been nice to have someone else present to take care of me – but the weekend was meant to be about the three of us, and I knew that Mike would deal with me in time. I kept up the slow pace with Jen and even after she had finished cumming I continued (although even more gently). I then crawled up beside her and she described how her orgasm had felt while Mike and I kissed and stroked her breasts.

She’d had a nice long deep orgasm and said that it felt like her pussy was still glowing from it. I told her that her descriptions of things had made me incredibly wet and when she dropped her hand to my crotch, her fingers returned with enough of a coating that a little dropped off onto her chest (which Mike took care of). Jen sucked her fingers clean and said that she would eat me if I wanted, but she could tell that Mike was feeling just as horny as I was from the way he was rubbing his cock against the side of her thigh. I told Jen that she could rest for a bit while Mike and I put on our own show. We weren’t as slow or gentle and Mike pushed straight into me and we briefly fucked to a series of squelching sounds. I was then offered his cock to suck clean, after which he went down on me for a minute or so and we then resumed our fucking. Once again, it was clear that we weren’t trying to take our time and I ended up on my back, with my legs up in the air and Mike knelt on the bed and gave me a deep fuck. He didn’t play with my clit at first and it was only when he started to get close that I was given extra stimulation. I think I could have probably cum without it (although not in time for Mike’s orgasm as he wasn’t holding back), but I wasn’t given this option (and didn’t care). I came first and Mike fucked me for just a little longer before cumming in me.

He stayed inside me while he dropped my legs to the bed and lay on top of me. We kissed as he continued moving in me and I felt his cock shrink. After a couple of minutes he was completely flaccid but still inside me and moving back and forth. It was a strange feeling, but enjoyable, so we made sure not to move too far apart so he fell out (as there was no way he’d get back in to me). After a couple more minutes of kissing and soft fucking (I have no idea what to call it), we looked over at Jen and saw that she was sound asleep. It would have been mean to wake her so we decoupled and between us, rolled her onto her side so we could remove her clothes. I’m often quite amazed how Jen can go from being so incredibly sensual and sexual to looking so incredibly sweet and innocent in such a short period of time.

Mike and I spooned (no penetration) and he thanked me for being willing to experiment with girls. This was a silly thing for him to say as I have probably benefited from this far more than he has (I ended up with Jen), but it sort of fitted in with our ‘us’ weekend, so I took the thanks and told him that I was glad he wasn’t the jealous type or we’d never have been able to have so much fun.

The next morning I awoke to Mike between my legs. I let him know I was awake and then just enjoyed the feelings of his tongue on and in my pussy. He sucked my lips into his mouth and then did the same to my clit. Jen woke up and asked if we’d been doing things all night (which I’m sure would be wonderful if we could get enough energy to do that). She reached over and caressed my breasts but had to take a bathroom break. When she returned I was much closer to cumming and I pulled her over me so I could eat her. I came before Jen did and we changed position so I could use a vibe in her while licking her clit and after Mike had pumped in me briefly, he went to get breakfast ready. Jen and I had finished by the time he returned and to make up for it, I ate a fair amount of my yoghurt directly off his cock, making sure I cleaned him up thoroughly each time. He had a bit of time to relax while we finished eating breakfast and I told him that I wanted to see if he could make himself cum with just a single finger (a trick we learned from Sue who could get her ex-bf to cum this way).

It was decided that if he was going to do this, then Jen and I should do it as well. We nearly called Sue to get her to join in, but then remembered that it was just meant to be the three of us so we arranged ourselves on the bed in a circle and got to work. It was slightly unfair as it is much easier for a girl to masturbate with just one finger than for a guy to do so. We weren’t allowed any penetration and just rubbed our clits while Mike rubbed the front of his glans. Jen had to be told off for caressing her breasts, but even when she stopped doing this, it was clear that she was progressing much faster than Mike or me. She slowed down the stroking of her clit and we continued until I got close to cumming. Mike was taking longer than us (as expected) but he used a bit more pressure and eventually got close. Even then, Jen and I came first, but out moans (and mews) spurred him on and we watched as his cum squirted up out of his cock. As he was sitting upright, most of it splattered over his stomach, cock and hand, but he also made a reasonable mess on the bed (fortunately Sunday is laundry day).

He wished he had cum over us so we could have been cum-encrusted when we went out for lunch – to make up for this we promised that we would find another way to make lunch interesting. I showered with Mike while Jen cleared up the breakfast things and I used the dildo on the patio doors to fuck myself while Jen coloured her hair (she is still giving a slight extra red tinge so it is closer to Sara’s hair colour). Mike loves Jen’s hair and she sometimes lets him wrap it around his cock, but doesn’t let him use it to masturbate often as it damages it (she doesn’t mind his cum being in her hair, but doesn’t want him actually rubbing his cock with it too often).

Jen and I tossed a coin to see who would get to wear the strap-on harness (so we could use the internal vibe) and she won so we lubed it up and strapped it on to her. I decided to try something I hadn’t done for a while and inserted a couple of golf balls into my pussy and then applied a bit of the tingle gel to my clit. I had forgotten how nice this could feel – the way they moved around inside me as I walked, the small dimples giving them a nice texture and occasionally feeling them knock together if I did anything energetic like skip up or down a kerb or step. Even though they weren’t giving me anywhere near enough stimulation to make me cum (which I’d known would be the case), they still felt wonderful. Jen was also enjoying the stimulation from the vibe but it was only when we got to the cafĂ©, she slipped off one of her shoes and sat with her leg folded under her so she could use her heel to press the crotch of her harness against herself much harder that the vibe really took effect. She isn’t quite sure exactly what was different from other times she has worn it, but the vibe seemed to press against just the right spot on her clit and she said that it felt much stronger than usual. She told us (quietly) that she was easily going to be able to cum and I envied her and squeezed my pussy around the gold balls as much as I could (which felt nice, but still wasn’t going to get me off).

I suggested to Jen that she put her head down on the table as if she was nursing a hangover and this was enough to hide the expression on her face as her orgasm hit her. She did a good job at being quiet (we have practice) and other than a bit of heavy breathing, we wouldn’t have known that she was cumming. She moved her heel away from her crotch to reduce the pressure, but when she looked up it was quite funny as she was still pretty flushed and had an obvious (to us) contented glow in her expression. She needed to turn the vibe off so made a trip to the bathroom (it’s a slight design flaw that you need to undo the harness to access the internal vibe). By the time she returned, her colour had returned to normal, but she still looked quite happy and she tried to describe why it had felt so much stronger than usual.

We had lunch and then headed off to one of our usual sex shops. We don’t often go on a Sunday and it was a different guy behind the counter than usual so it would have been remiss of us to not take advantage of this. I’d been wanting to get something for Jen for a little while and after looking around we found a suitable item – nipple clamps connected by a chain so that items could be attached (to pull on them). I got Jen to ask the guy if she could test out the item and when he said that he guessed it would be okay, we pulled Jen’s top off and I helped her fasten the clamps to her nipples (this was much easier on the second nipple as it had stiffened by this point). Jen enjoyed the feeling of the clamps and I liked the fact that the top part of the harness was clearly visible above her skirt. Jen left the clamps on and pulled her t-shirt on. They were fairly visible (but this was partly due to her having hard nips) and after purchasing them, we set off for a wander around town.

Everywhere was still very busy and as much fun as it would have been to enjoy some time in a changing room, we didn’t want to bother waiting to get in to one (and thinking about it, we’d probably have been interrupted if we’d spent too long doing things anyway). Once back home, we tried attaching various things to the chain – partially to see what worked and was enjoyable and partly just to see how silly we could make Jen look with different items dangling from her nips. We managed to keep Jen’s nips erect for a long time and when it was finally time to relieve her, I went down on her while pulling on the chain. This was more than enough for Mike and he didn’t want to just watch so he knelt behind me and fucked me while reaching around to play with my nips (much more gently than I was doing to Jen’s). As she got close to cumming, he fucked me harder so my face was pushed against Jen’s cunt in time with his thrusts (so he was fucking her by proxy).Once Jen’s orgasm has subsided, he slowed down again and resumed playing with me. I kitty kissed Jen for the whole time Mike and I fucked and I covered my face with her juices (the nipple clamps had done a good job at arousing her).

Mike helped to kiss my face clean (or at least cleaner) and we then climbed up on either side of Jen, removed the clamps and took care of gently kissing and sucking her nipples. Jen was still surprisingly wet so I scooped up some of her juices and rubbed them into the breast Mike work working on and after a while I realised that I was grinding my pussy against Jen’s leg fairly forcefully. Jen had fully recovered from her orgasm and while she didn’t need to cum again, she was kind enough to offer to service me so I climbed over her face and she ate whatever of Mike’s cum remained in me and then proceeded to eat me properly until I came again.

Mike had watched us for a short time, but as he’d just cum even his lust to watch us play together wasn’t enough to keep him fully interested and he went off to get dinner started. Jen and I spent longer in bed than he had expected (I had cum but we then just rested) and by the time we surfaced, things were pretty much ready. Mike had set the table, dimmed the lights and lit a few candles (he hadn’t thought of this all by himself, we had agreed to have a romantic meal). Jen and I had already dressed – I had my Japanese schoolgirl outfit on and Jen had her sexy Santa’s helper dress on with white stockings. Mike had to go and finish getting ready so while we served the meal, he put his dress shirt and dinner jacket on (I think this is quite a sexy outfit). We had a wonderful meal and were all well behaved until it got to time for dessert. For this, we had chosen chocolate mousse, with the specific aim of eating it in the messiest way possible (well, the messiest way that would be fun).

We didn’t want to waste the effort of getting dressed up, so took a break before we started dessert and sat together so we could admire and enjoy the way we were dressed. There was a fair amount of fondling and caressing and various bits gradually got uncovered and touched, fingered, kissed and sucked more and more. We worked ourselves up into a mini-frenzy and when we agreed that it was time for pudding we removed our remaining clothes and Mike put down a couple of large towels while I fetched the mousse. We started off slowly, using the mousse on each other’s nipples (even Mike’s) and all licked each other clean(er). The application became sloppier and our chests ended up covered in smears of mousse and then hands started drifting lower to our crotches. I covered Mike’s cock in mousse and set about licking him clean while Jen smeared mousse over my pussy and tried to clean me. The mousse ended up in places that it really shouldn’t and as we ate and licked each other our faces got more covered with the stuff. Mike used the mousse as a lubricant to caress my neck and I covered Jen’s cunt with it before ferociously eating her. By the time we finished (and had all cum), we were covered in chocolate, but we’d planned for this and Mike wiped his hands clean on an extra towel before going and getting shower running so Jen and I could join him.

We showered each other down (and in Jen and my case this included holding our lips open so we could be showered internally) and it took a fair time to get clean. As an added bonus for Mike that night, Jen let him grind against her pussy while I was sitting over her and both she and Mike licked me. It was easy enough for me to cum and Mike managed to get Jen off but they were worried that if he moved fast enough for him to cum, he could end up slipping in to Jen so they switched positions and Jen sat over him and humped against him until he came. He was out of cum, but Jen’s juices left his cock nice and sticky so he had to shower again in the morning before we set off for my (family) home.

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