Monday, 29 April 2013

Thanks for the towels...

Once again this follows on from the previous post...

After dinner, we picked a few bits of wax off of her nipples and pussy lips. It came off easily enough as we could just squish the skin under the wax so it came free (the wax, not the skin). I find it difficult to spend so long close to Jen’s pussy without playing with her and this time was no exception so I started to ‘kiss it better’, which rapidly degenerated into licking her properly. I had initially intended to just tease her, but carried on until she came. Mike had decided to join in and had convinced Julia and Abrahii to let him eat them. He ate one while frigging the other, but spent about equal amounts of time with his tongue buried in them. Once Jen, Julia and Abrahii had cum, he semi-fucked me and then let them all have a lick of me, but I wasn’t allowed to cum. I didn’t mind this too much as it just put me in a more playful mood for going out, so when I got dressed I chose long black socks for the zettai ryouiki look (exposed skin between top of socks/stockings and bottom of skirt). I chose another light skirt, the aim being that if I could draw people’s gaze down to my skirt, whenever the wind blew it up, they would get a good look at my pussy. I paired this a relatively conservative top to minimise cleavage (and hopefully prevent that from pulling anyone’s gaze upwards).

We headed over to Abigail’s place and had the door answered by a naked Susan. She was then made to spend the evening sitting on various people’s laps (both male and female). I wasn’t sure how much we were allowed to grope her so I was fairly well behaved, but did stroke up the inside of her thighs and applied some pressure to encourage her to spread her legs. Abigail knelt in front of Susan a few times and rubbed her pussy. She made Susan cum while sitting on Richard’s lap and he took advantage of the situation and had a proper feel of her breasts. Only when it was finally time to go out was she allowed to get dressed, but she was given an even lighter dress to wear then my skirt. In Susan’s case, this wasn’t to let it blow in the wind and more a case of being revealing. She had to wear a black bra underneath it, which easily showed through and made it all the more apparent that she didn’t have any panties on. She was given some knee high white socks to wear (that I’m fairly sure were mine or Jen’s and we’d left at Julia’s place).

We hit a couple of our regular places, drank and danced. We got a fair bit of attention from guys and a couple of the guys in our group seemed to be having some success with other girls. I tried to convince Mike to try and pull someone but he was mostly happy with sticking with us (to be fair, he was a fair bit older than many of the girls in the club, but he was by no means the oldest guy they would have had hitting on them). We lost a couple of people throughout the night but still had a decent group by the time we left. I had been fondled while dancing by a couple of our group (who all knew I was fair game) so was in the mood to do something more exciting. We stopped off at a student hall on the way home and Julia dared me to put on a roof show. Even though it was a little cold, I was up for this so we headed up, found the roof and the dare was made.

Susan was told to do whatever I did as well and we stood still to let the others undress us. It was much windier on the roof than it had been at ground level and the air felt really nice on my bare skin. Susan didn’t seem at all bothered at standing there in just her socks and shoes (we kept these on as the roof was covered in stones). We had to walk round the perimeter, stopping occasionally to bend over and expose ourselves to the surrounding buildings. We had to reach between our legs and masturbate at one point and to finish, sit on the best lit part of the roof and make ourselves cum. Our display had been too much for Richard who got Abrahii to lean against the railing and fucked her. Abrahii got him to remove her coat and free her breasts while he did this and then made advantage of the cover of the wind to tell him to fuck her hard. He unloaded into her and then stood watching Susan and me finish playing with ourselves with his cum running down her legs.

It had started to spit while we’d been playing, so by the time we finished we felt pretty cold. The challenge was extended to go and shower together to warm up, and we were told that we weren’t going to get our clothes (or coats) back until we’d done this. We carefully made our way down the stairs and then found a bathroom (this was another one of the older halls of residence that hadn’t been converted to having en-suites yet). Susan and I showered together and I dared Abrahii to join us and promised I’d make it worth her while. She feels the cold anyway so took the opportunity to warm up. Julia extended our dare once again and we had to semi-dry ourselves with our clothes, put them back on and then go and try to find a towel to dry off properly with.

Susan’s dress clung to her body and we thought it would be better for her to forgo her bra. Her nipples were fairly visible through the thin wet material and I told her that I wished I had a similar dress. We walked down the hallway and listened at a few doors until we found one with a guy’s name on the door and heard what sounded like a single person in the room. We knocked and when he opened the door, we explained that we’d come over to visit a friend but had got caught in the rain and wondered if he could lend us a towel so we could dry off. He didn’t seem to be able to stop looking at Susan’s body, which her dress did very little to hide and he said he’d get a towel. We followed him into his room and once he handed the towel to me, I dabbed at Susan’s hair and tried to rub her down. Her dress really was too wet for her to wear on the way home so I asked if he minded if we threw it over the radiator, but didn’t wait for an answer before unbuttoning the back and whispering in Susan’s ear for her to lift her arms so I could peel it off. I handed it to him to put on the radiator and then stepped out of my skirt so he could dry that too. I felt a bit stupid standing with my top on so I removed that, but left my bra on and set about towelling Susan down (which was now more effective).

As I dried her thighs, I brushed the side of my hand across and between her lips a number of times and whispered to her to do the same to me as I handed her the towel. She did as I’d asked and I thought that I may as well remove my bra so she could dry my breasts. I asked the guy if he could lend us another towel as we had a friend with us who’d gotten so cold she’d had to take a shower. He obliged and then followed us down to the shower. I ran ahead (leaving Susan with the towel) and it felt quite strange to just be wearing socks and shoes, but also quite liberating. I quickly got the others to hide in other shower cubicles and by the time Susan and our plaything arrived, Abrahii had turned the shower off and wrung out her hair. She asked the guy to wrap the towel around her and I carried her clothes back to his room. Once inside, we finished towelling each other dry and thanked the guy for helping us out.

Being considerate people, we wanted to find a way to repay him so we gently caressed each other and asked if there was anything we could do for him. The bulge in his trousers had become fairly prominent and he gave up his efforts to hide it when I leaned over to kiss Susan and slid my hand up Abrahii’s thigh and pushed a couple of fingers into her. I suggested that we could put on a little show for him and he liked this idea, but after licking Abrahii a couple of times I said it would be more fun if he could join in. Fortunately he had condoms (mine were in my coat, which was still with the others) and while he dug them out, I lifted a small lava lamp down from his desk and impaled myself on it. I turned it on and fucked it while it warmed up (but stopped before it got too hot) while Abrahii helped him to apply the condom. I resumed eating Abrahii and indicated to him that he should slide into my cunt. He did this and I let him fuck me for a minute or so, then suggested he lie on the edge of the bed so Abrahii could mount him and I could lick them both. After giving him a couple of minutes of this, we switched position again and I lay on my back with him fucking me and Abrahii over my face so I could eat her.

Abrahii got Susan to sit up on the bed beside us and they caressed each other’s breasts while Susan masturbated. This seemed to be a bit too much for the guy as he pumped away inside me and came fairly quickly. While it would have been nice to cum, we were more concerned at wasting the chance to further Susan’s training so we explained to the guy that she was gay (so he couldn’t play with her), but got her to lean back against us, spread her legs and play with herself while we each caressed one of her breasts. We told him to watch closely as she came – she was a fairly deep shade of pink, but carried on masturbating, both fingering and frigging herself and we made a show of wiping juices from our pussies and pushing our fingers into her mouth to suck clean. Susan came and closed her legs but we pulled them open again and spread her lips for the guy to get one last good look at her. We then thanked him again for the towels and got dressed.

We had to walk down to the main stairs and then come back up the back stairs to get to the bathroom where everyone was waiting. They had been speculating as to what we’d been up to and were fairly impressed when we told them the details. Mike had been not so subtly caressing Abigail – she had allowed this to a certain extent, but wasn’t willing to let him fuck her in front of the others (she changes her mind about things like this). He’d done enough to get her turned on though and Abigail decided that as a reward for Susan showing herself off to the guy, she deserved a treat – naturally Abigail’s idea of a treat was to play with Susan some more, but we went down a couple of floors and found one of the kitchens. It wasn’t too dissimilar to the kitchen in Jen’s old halls, but was a bit more removed from the main stairwell so we would have a little more warning if anyone was coming.

Abigail wanted to see how Susan had played with herself for the guy and she was made to climb up on the table to show us this. Susan did as instructed and while she stroked herself, I reminisced about how Jen and I used to do similar things. In order to demonstrate properly, we unbuttoned Susan’s dress and pulled it off so Abrahii and I could caress her breasts again. More people joined in with this and Susan was told to lie down on the table so more of us could get to her. Abigail took over fingering Susan and then bent over to eat her. Multiple hands roamed over Susan’s body and Julia pushed one of Susan’s hands between her legs. Susan was eaten and caressed until she came again and told to stay on her back so we could admire her. I lifted one of her legs and pushed it between mine so I could rub against her and Abigail said that if I wanted, Susan would make me cum.

Asking me if I want to cum is a stupid question so I stood on the other side to Julia and lifted Susan’s other hand to my pussy. She pushed a couple of fingers into me and then sought out my clit. She was quite good considering she was using her left hand and I suggested that if she was making us cum, someone should make her cum. Once again, Abigail went down on her and she slowly teased Susan, this time not actually letting her cum. Julia came before I did but as soon as she moved away, Abrahii decided that she needed to finish what we’d started earlier (when our guy inconsiderately came too quickly) so took Julia’s place. Susan adjusted her position a little but then went to work and frigged Abrahii as well. I came next and stood caressing Susan’s breasts while Abigail carried on eating her. The others joined in again and we caressed her body, with more hands roaming over her thighs and stomach this time. I’m fairly sure if Abigail’s face hadn’t been in the way, a number of us would have been stroking Susan’s cunt. Abigail waited until Abrahii came and then stopped eating Susan – saying that she wanted her to be ready to go as soon as they got home. I thought this was particularly mean as Susan had been so obedient (and especially as she’d just helped to make me cum), but I remembered all too well being teased and then denied an orgasm so knew that it would probably pay off in the end for her.

Susan wasn’t allowed to put her skirt back on until we made it to the main stairwell – Abigail lifted her skirt a number of times on the way down and I would have loved to join them for their session, but from what I’ve heard, it seems that Abigail only lets herself be completely free when she’s alone with Susan. I tried to convince James and Richard to come back to our place but they were too tired (and Richard had already got to fuck Abrahii) so we ended up alone (or as alone as five people can be). You might think that Mike would prefer things with him and four girls (or three if you count Jen out), but he also really enjoys seeing me being fucked by other guys (which works out well as I enjoy it too). The only downside (from his point of view) is that he doesn’t really like getting their cum in his mouth (despite his experimentation, he isn’t prepared to go too far down that route yet).

I’m still not overly wild on the taste of cum, but I dislike it much less than I used to and I like the idea of having it over and in me more than worrying about the taste, so I took care of cleaning Abrahii out (not that much of Richard’s cum was left in her by the time we’d walked home). Mike fucked Julia while she ate Jen and Jen then ate Jules while Mike ate Abrahii and she ate me. It was a relatively short and intense session, but we lay around chatting for a while afterwards and picked a few more bits of wax off of Jen’s body (a fair amount had fallen off throughout the evening anyway). Mike, Jen and I lamented the fact that we didn’t get to be around to see the first time Susan got to do most things and Jules told us that we just had to visit more often. Mike spent a while gently licking Abrahii as we talked but didn’t make her cum again. He did get her more than wet enough (and got himself hard enough) that he could spoon with her while they fell asleep.

The next morning, Jen and I double teamed Julia while Mike ate Abrahii. He then switched to Julia while Julia and Abrahii took care of Jen and me and as thanks for having done both of them, he got to take them both at once. As he’d cum in Abrahii the previous night, he let Julia ride him and Abrahii sat over his face. Mike came in Julia and she let his cum leak out down her legs while we had breakfast, then she showered with him and let him clean her up. He used my toothbrush in her and then buzzed her clit with it. He hadn’t intended to do anything with her, but with the water and soap, things were fairly slippery and he pushed slightly into her ass by mistake while humping her. He decided to go with it and buried his cock all the way and fucked her. She’d had a fairly good head start on him so she came before he did, and being the gentleman he didn’t want to just use her, so he slowed down to give her a chance to recover and then toyed with her again when he resumed moving in her. He got her off again before he came in her and she was then given the job of stroking his cock under the shower to ensure it was clean.

Julia enjoys our visits as none of her other friends have quite the sexual appetite that I do. It isn’t too bad as Mel (like Mike) has no problem with making her cum even if she doesn’t want to cum herself, and now Susan has been added as the groups new plaything, she generally has enough people to keep her satisfied between Mel’s visits. I also miss seeing Julia as we don’t get to visit as often as we’d like (but I don’t want to give up visiting York or having time with other people either). We’d arranged to come back the following week anyway so for once it wasn’t going to be long before we saw people again.

We met up with people for the customary lunch and Jen and I borrowed Susan for a quick play before we left. We took her to a changing room and while Jen and I took turns fetching her clothes, she had to play with herself and finger whoever was with her. As payment, we bought her a nice little skirt that I thought would look good on her, but she had to promise to model it for us next time. Before we left the changing room, I covered my hand with Jen’s juices and wiped them over Susan’s neck and thighs, telling her to get Abigail to lick them off, and to think of us when she came. Abigail was kind enough to get Susan to put on a show for us that night over Skype and we watched as the two of them played and Susan then had to make herself cum a second time by double fingering herself (both holes). Mike particularly seemed to enjoy the view and he gave me a good fucking while we watched and managed to produce enough cum that I was able to show Abigail and Susan it leaking out of me (which I was fairly impressed with as he’d cum a couple of times that morning).

Friday, 26 April 2013

Waxy Jen

This follows on from the previous post, but the strangers had left so I've given it a new title.

It had the same effect on Mike as once people started to leave, he pulled Julia down from the sofa on top of him, quickly undid his jeans and pushed his cock into her. She couldn’t ride him that well as her legs felt a little stiff from the position we’d been in, but he seemed to be enjoying himself anyway. We were going to make Susan go home wearing just the t-shirt (and her coat), but Julia called out from the living room that she liked that top didn’t want it to go anywhere so Susan was stripped of it and had to just wear her coat. I thought this was a little mean as it was quite cold and windy, but I guess it was no different than her wearing a short skirt without tights.

Once everyone had gone, Jen told Mike not to cum in Julia as she hadn’t eaten her yet (that evening anyway), so he was given Abrahii. As he’d been enjoying himself quite a bit he decided to 69 with Abrahii first so he could taste her before polluting her with his cum. She took most of his cock into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it while Julia suggested that as there were five of us, we should make up a bed on the floor to share. Mike finished eating Abrahii while we did this (he got her to stop sucking him so he could cum in her) and while they fucked, Jen went down on Julia. I used the same beer bottle used on Susan and Jules to play with myself. I watched closely as mike fucked Abrahii and her breasts swung back and forth or were squashed between them (depending on whether they were kissing or she was riding him). I moved round a little so I could fondle Jen – it wasn’t so much that I was trying to make her cum, I just didn’t want her to be completely left out. She seemed to appreciate this and wiggled back against my fingers and I remembered that she hadn’t cum yet (since that morning anyway) so gave her ass a slap and told her to stop being stupid and climb over Julia’s face.

I pointed out to Jules that Jen needed to catch up with us and left her to take care of things. I continued to masturbate with the bottle and played with the angle I used it at so I could get some contact between the bottle and my clit as I slammed it into myself. I set myself the target of cumming without touching my clit (with my fingers) and just having the bottle fuck me to orgasm. This wasn’t as difficult as I’d expected, but I had a pretty hot view with Abrahii’s cunt being filled and Jen and Jules 69ing. Abrahii came first and Mike wasn’t far behind her (he’d held back until she came). I was next, followed by Julia and finally Jen.

Abrahii covered her pussy and stood up, then walked over and stood over Jen’s ass and Julia’s face. She squatted down and removed her hand to let Mike’s cum pour out over Jen’s ass and moved backwards slightly so it ran down between her cheeks and onto Julia’s face. She let the last few drops fall straight onto Julia and on closer examination, Mike had deposited a fair amount of cum in her (in his favour, he had fucked me that morning, but hadn’t cum – and then he’d had the evening show to get him extra horny).

Julia rubbed his cum over Jen’s pussy with her face and started to eat Jen clean. She had taken my instruction to help Jen catch up to heart and held her firmly in place so she couldn’t escape. As she was so well lubricated, I crawled round behind Jen and pushed a finger into her ass. She tried to pull away (sort of like Lucy, Jen doesn’t like other people seeing her ass being played with), but I thought that Julia and Abrahii had seen (and done) enough with us that it didn’t matter too much. Jen knew that she wasn’t going to escape so stopped struggling and let us get her off again. Mike and Abrahii played with Jen’s breasts and Mike couldn’t resist fondling Julia’s cunt. He wrapped Jen’s hair around his cock so as she bobbed back and forth, it pulled on his cock. He then twisted Jen’s hair , bent it round to double it up and got her to lean forwards far enough that he could use her hair as a dildo to fuck Julia with. He wanted Jules nice and wet so he could fuck her later on so as Jen got closer to cumming, he told her to allow herself to drool over Julia’s crotch. I wanted to see how she would do this so had to peek down the side of her body – she opened her mouth wide and tried not to swallow any saliva. Instead of her usual mewing, Jen was panting a lot more (but mewing is quite difficult with your mouth open). After a short while, she began to drip onto Julia and as she got closer to cumming (and her panting was interspersed with moaning), she leaked more saliva. Mike used Jen’s hair to wipe this over and into Jules and kept reminding Jen not to close her mouth or swallow. By the time Jen came, Julia’s crotch was covered with Jen’s saliva and Jen’s ‘hair dildo’ was sopping wet.

Once Jen had climbed off Julia, Mike wanted to make the most of the extra lube and pulled Julia on top of himself. He had no problem getting into her and immediately started to fuck her hard and fast. Jules hadn’t been expecting such a fast start from him (she has more than enough experience with him to know he usually likes to draw things out). She’d been given a good enough fucking with Jen’s hair though that she was ready and once the initial surprise had passed, she encouraged Mike to fuck her as hard as he could. He pounded away in her and told her that she would cum before he did – Julia wasn’t trying to compete in this way though so he didn’t have a hard time making this happen. I slapped her ass a number of times as she came and Jen complained that I was meant to do that to her. Mike pumped away more, hoping to make her cum a second time, but she had reached her limit (for the time being anyway, knowing her, if he’d left it five minutes he could have got her to cum again). She told him to just cum in her and he pumped away a little longer (also a little slower now) and then pushed her down hard onto his cock.

I had an idea and went to gather a couple of things with Abrahii while Julia caught her breath. I returned with a selection of toys, including Julia’s most powerful vibe and a bag of clothes pegs. As Jen had said she wanted to be spanked, I intended to give her that – and a little more. She was rolled onto her front and we all joined in spanking her ass until it was pink, then rolled her onto her back and spanked her thighs, pussy (lightly) and breasts (not so lightly). Her nipples were rolled and pinched and we then attached a clothes peg to each one. Mike and Abrahii held her legs up and apart while I pushed a small anal vibe into her ass and Julia then helped me spread her pussy lips and attach clothes pegs onto them. We got three onto one side and four onto the other, then went for her clit. Jen doesn’t have a huge clit so this was rather difficult, but we sort of managed to get a peg to grab on for a short period of time. Even though we couldn’t get it to stay, Jen liked the way it felt so we did it a few more times and got a yelp out of her each time the peg pushed itself off her clit.

I drizzled some tingle gel over her pussy, which didn’t help getting things to stay where we wanted them, but did make her a bit more sensitive. We flicked and pinched Jen’s clit a bit more and Mike and Abrahii lifted her legs so we could slap her ass again a few times. Jen’s pussy was visibly pulsing as she contracted it and I guessed it was time to finish her off so we didn’t make anything too sore (while she enjoys this, I didn’t want to take her out of action for the rest of the weekend). We went in for the kill and I held the strong vibe directly against her clit. Mike and Abrahii pulled on the clothes pegs attached to her breasts, slowly lifting them up until her nipples pulled free, then reattaching them and starting over. Julia switched between pumping the anal vibe into Jen, fingering her and doing the same with the clothes pegs on her pussy lips as Mike and Abrahii were with the ones on her breasts. Due to the extra lube, the pegs didn’t grasp quite as well, but it was still enough to pull Jen’s lips out before they came free.

Jen came with a loud series of sounds (some of which I don’t even know how to describe). We carried on stimulating her until her orgasm had completely passed and I finally removed the vibe from her clit, we pulled the clothes pegs off her one by one and finally pulled out the anal vibe. Jen whimpered each time we removed something and her body was left looking very tender so we kissed the various bits better (Mike only got her breasts). She had really enjoyed her orgasm but it had been incredibly strong and she just wanted to sleep. As we’d been the ones responsible, it seemed unreasonable to not let her rest so we tucked her up in the makeshift bed and curled up around her. Mike spooned with Abrahii again and slowly fucked her for a while, but neither of them came. Julia and I snuggled a bit and I considered challenging her to cum again (neither of us would be likely to back down from a challenge like that so it would have almost certainly meant cumming again).

We were much gentler with Jen the next morning – only a few bits of her actually still felt sensitive, but I had longer term plans so I kitty kissed her awake and let Abrahii eat her while we played (softly) with her nipples and kissed her. Mike fucked Julia and she then ate me while Jen took care of Abrahii and we then had a picnic breakfast on the floor, which degenerated into licking marmalade off each other. We showered each other clean and dressed accordingly for the weather (which was windy). This called for the lightest skirts we had and between us we went for a range of looks. I had tights on (without panties), the idea being that if my skirt blew up, I wouldn’t be completely exposing myself so I could pretend to be taken by surprise and take a little while to pull my skirt down. Abrahii had stockings and panties – but they were only a g-string so they didn’t cover too much. Jen had the long socks and Jules also had stockings on (naturally, without panties).

Before we met up with the others for lunch, we visited a sex shop. We didn’t have long to spend in there so I just got Jen to ask the guy for some bondage candles (the wax melts at a lower temperature so it can be dripped onto skin). He showed her some and we asked his opinion on whether we’d be able to use them directly on her nipples and pussy lips, or if we’d have to stick to her breasts, thighs and mons. The guy wasn’t sure about this and seemed somewhat distracted as I traced one of the candles across Jen’s breasts, then down over her crotch, onto her leg and back up her inner thigh. We purchased them anyway and said that we’d just have to experiment. On the way out I asked the guy if he thought the candles would be suitable for fucking Jen with and he said he didn’t know, but they only had natural colourings in them so we might be okay. We then headed off to meet up with the others for lunch.

The wind was enough to flip our skirts up a number of times. As I’d hoped, I got to have my crotch displayed a few times and on one occasion, the wind blew the back of my skirt right up and I genuinely couldn’t get a hold of it to cover my ass. As I had opaque(ish) tights on, I decided to be a bit more daring at lunch and sat with my legs crossed and my crotch in full view (of anyone who looked up my skirt). The cafĂ© was too busy for anyone else to display much and even Susan wasn’t made to do anything worthwhile. We did take her shopping afterwards and she went into a changing room with Julia and Abigail to try some things on. She got as far as removing her own clothes but was then just masturbated and had to stay in the changing room naked while Julia and Abigail went to fetch some more clothes for her, which then gave them a chance to make her cum again (Abigail partially ate her) and Susan was instructed to stroke Julia. Abigail was left naked one more time while a third set of clothes was fetched, giving Susan the chance to finger Julia properly.

We spent a little longer in town before heading home. Abigail and Susan went back to their place so they could play properly and we thought that we’d take the opportunity to play with Jen once more. We hadn’t entirely tidied up our bed on the floor, so it was easy enough to strip off and all lie round Jen. We started off just caressing her and the girls took turns going down on her. Mike took the opportunity to partially fuck each one of us as we ate Jen. We pinched and twisted her nips (just using fingers this time), but before they became too sensitive, we lit a candle and carefully let single drops of wax fall on her body. Each time a drop fell, she flinched and let out a little ‘hah’, but said that it felt good. Once they had hardened, we peeled a couple of the bits of wax off her to check that she wasn’t being burned – there were little red marks underneath but nothing that looked any worse than when we’d done this before so we assumed that it would be okay.

We left a trail of wax up across her stomach and looped around her nipples. One of us gently played with her pussy or clit the whole time (I doubt Jen could cum from just wax drops) and as she got more excited, we let a few drops of wax fall onto her nipples. We tried to get the first drops just on her areola (Jen’s are much smaller than mine) and when this received a favourable response from her, we asked if she wanted us to try getting the wax directly on her nipples. She did, so we tried a couple of drops on each one and got and even more favourable response. Abrahii was fingering her at the time and said that Jen seemed to be getting noticeably wetter. We rolled her over onto her front and let a number of drops fall onto her ass – Jen liked this, but not as much so we went for the next stage and rolled her back over onto her back.

We lit a second candle and dripped the wax up each thigh and then let a couple of drops fall onto her pussy lips. We initially did this from a greater height so the wax would be a bit cooler, but Jen got us to move the candle down. We dripped some wax onto her mons and had Jen begging for us to make her cum. The only place left to directly drip the wax was on to her clit, but she wasn’t sure about this (probably wisely) so I dipped my finger into the wax on the candle and traced around her clit. I returned my finger to the wax a number of times and was eventually stroking her clit directly with fairly hot wax. Jen loved the way this felt (and I think it was safer than actually pouring wax onto her clit). The other candle was being used on her breasts and nipples while I did this and it was very obvious how much Jen was enjoying herself as she was indeed even wetter than usual. At one point when I pulled her lips open to trace up and down her inner lips with my warm wax finger, some of her juices actually poured out of her and ran down over her ass. As she approached orgasm, I added a few more drops of wax to her lips and mons and then rubbed her clit with warm wax. Jen leaked a bit more juice as she came, she arched her back, moaned, panted and mewed and said that her orgasm had been almost as strong as the one the previous night.

I wanted to try one more thing and got Mike and Julia to hold Jen’s legs up in the air. They pulled them back until her pussy was pointing almost straight up and I slipped the (unlit) end of the candle into her. I hadn’t taken account of just how wet she was and the candle easily slipped straight into her. Fortunately the candle was still longer than her pussy so the flame didn’t get too close to her, but a little of the molten wax splashed off onto her thigh. We let the candle burn for a minute or so and agreed that in the event of a powercut Jen would make a decent lantern , but then extinguished the candle and removed it from her. We examined Jen’s body, which was covered with little red blobs and splashes of wax. Her pussy still seemed to be leaking juices (more than usual after cumming) and we debated pulling the wax off her or leaving it on. We decided to leave it on and as she stood up and moved around, small bits fell off.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Enjoying Strangers

At the start of February, we went down to Jen’s old Uni to see the gang again. We were all very interested to see how Susan’s training was going and as soon as we made it to the pub and met up with people, we each slid a hand up under her skirt to confirm that she didn’t have any panties on. Mike and I both pushed our fingers slightly into her pussy but when Jen had her hand up Susan’s skirt, Julia pushed Jen’s arm and encouraged her to slide her fingers the whole way into Susan’s cunt. This made it much harder for Jen to be discreet, but as we were mostly surrounded by people who had seen Susan cum, Jen went along with things and wiggled her fingers around. Susan hadn’t been expecting this while in such a public place and Jen’s arm lifted Susan’s skirt enough that it was obvious where Jen’s hand was. Jen wiped her fingers over Susan’s thighs and then let Susan suck her juices off them.

I suggested to Julia that we shouldn’t let Susan have all the fun and when we got a couple of seats, Jules and I sat with one foot up on the seat beside us and let our skirts slide up (technically down) our thighs to show off our thighs and (if it hadn’t been so dark), crotches. A couple of guys seemed to like the view we were giving them and came over to chat with us. The others had the sense to leave us alone and as we chatted, we fidgeted around to reveal a little more thigh and (hopefully) enough crotch that the guys could see we were exposed. Abrahii had felt a little put out that we hadn’t included her in the exhibitionism, but she’s a forward enough girl that she came over to join us and stood beside Julia, then lifted a foot up onto the side of Julia’s chair to show off her leg. From where I was sitting I had a partial view up her skirt, but she couldn’t easily orient herself to show the guys and she resorted to sitting on one of their laps.

Mel wasn’t around that weekend due to work and Julia (discreetly) suggested to me that we could invite the guys home for some fun. She went to the bathroom and took Abrahii with her to see if she was up for this and I meanwhile did my best to keep the guys interested. I adjusted my position so I was sitting cross legged and made a show of straightening my skirt to cover myself, but was aware that while I was covering my upper legs a little more, I was giving a much better view straight up my skirt. As we intended to fuck them, I went a step further and pulled off my top – I only had a light vest top on underneath and while I didn’t have the sexiest bra on, I could still show enough cleavage to keep their attention. Julia and Abrahii soon returned and as Abrahii sat back down on the guy’s lap, she took his hand and placed it on her thigh. I watched as he stroked back and forth over the spot she’d placed his hand and she then whispered something to him and spread her legs a little. I instinctively spread mine more (which pretty much fully exposed me given the position I’d started in and as the guys hand disappeared under the hem of Abrahii’s skirt, I wished I was sitting where she was.

It would have been fun to see how far he would have gone with Abrahii in a crowded pub, but I was more interested to see how he could perform in a bedroom so I took a quick trip to the bathroom and when I returned, I stood beside Abrahii, pushed the guy’s hand further up under her skirt and suggested we head somewhere more private to continue things. As his fingers had made contact with Abrahii’s pussy and he’d discovered that she too was naked under her skirt, he agreed quickly and his friend was more than happy to tag along. On the way back to the house we specified the ground rules – the guys had to use protection, but they could move between us without changing condoms (providing they hadn’t cum). They couldn’t eat us (but we could eat each other or suck them), if we said we didn’t want to do something, they had to stop it – and we all had to get to cum at least a couple of times (and we would provide toys to facilitate this).We told them that we weren’t looking to meet up with them again and didn’t even want to know their names. They assured us that they were up to this task and to prove we were more than ready, as we got to the quieter streets, we stopped off and let them caress us. By the time we were home, Julia was carrying her skirt, my top was pulled up over my breasts and Abrahii had been sat up on a wall and fingered (not to orgasm).

We went straight up to Julia’s room and quickly undressed. Julia produced a pack of condoms and Abrahii made sure the guys properly applied them while Juila and I fell on each other on the bed. Even though they weren’t being slow, Julia and I were 69ing by the time the guys were ready and we had to break so we could each take one of them. So Abrahii wasn’t left out, she took turns sitting over Julia and me and we ate her. She wanted to join in properly though so I let the guy fucking me take her doggystyle while she buried her face in my cunt and ate me. Abrahii went wild on my cunt and I did the best I could to hold her face against me (not that she was trying to pull away) as the guy fucked her. I saw him reach around and paw at her breasts and told him to finger her clit so she could cum, but she seemed to be heading in that direction pretty well anyway.

It sounded like Julia and her guy were coming along nicely, but I was too wrapped up in what Abrahii was doing to me to pay much attention. I came before Abrahii did and this seemed to drive the guy over the edge so as soon as I’d finished cumming, I scooted round and frigged her clit until she came. It had been a fairly intense first round so we took a little break and I took the chance to text Mike and Jen to make sure everyone would be back by the time we finished (and preferably early enough to hear the end of the games). Julia pulled the guys’ condoms off and wiped them clean with my skirt, then gave them the option of going straight for round two or using some toys on us first while they got back into the mood (or rather while their cocks got back in the mood). They opted for toys and Julia presented them with her toy drawer (not as impressive as mine and Jen’s, but still more than sufficient). The guys pulled out the larger toys to use on us - they probably don’t appreciate that power and texture are at least as important as size, but we let them do what they wanted for a while and they were quite enthusiastic about fucking us with the toys and really seemed to enjoy switching them between us. We gave them some pointers near the end and directed them to use vibes on our clits while fucking us with the other toys. We all came in a slightly exaggerated fashion and reached across each other to caress breasts and bodies. Our display had certainly got the guys aroused again and their cocks were standing to attention.

I could have probably gone straight into fucking, but wanted to play with them a bit so once they had fresh condoms on, we took turns kneeling and sucking them and slowly pulled them close enough together whoever was sucking could get both heads in their mouth at the same time. We used lots of saliva and got them very wet, but didn’t want to waste their second orgasm in our mouths so all knelt on the edge of the bed and told them to fuck us round robin style. We passed a vibe between us and whoever was left out used it on themselves, but we made the guys switch positions every 30 seconds or so, so the vibe was more for display than anything else.

I was adamant that it was my turn to have someone cum in me so when we got closer to cumming, Julia opted to let Abrahii and I take the guys and I went down on her. I tried to be as enthusiastic as Abrahii had been on me – Julia spread her lips for me which made it somewhat easier and I plunged my tongue repeatedly into her. She described what I was doing to her, but told the guys not to cum until Abrahii and I had cum. They listened to her instructions and played with our clits this time (but there had already been a fair bit of breast mauling, which Jen would have enjoyed if our guys had been girls). I leaned over to kiss Abrahii as I came, but once my orgasm has finished, I told the guy to go ahead and fuck me as hard as he wanted and I resumed eating Julia. It wasn’t too difficult to make her cum but the cock inside me still came before she did. Surprisingly, Abrahii had taken a while to cum (she later told us the guy hadn’t been that good at frigging her), but at least her guy had listened and he didn’t cum until after she had.

We once again used my skirt to clean the guys’ cocks (which were now limp). They seemed to think that we were done, but we pointed out that Julia and I had only been fucked to orgasm once by them so we were owed a round three. They weren’t sure they could manage this for a while so us girls played together (in a slightly over the top way). I quietly asked Julia if I could put on a little show and squirt, but promised it wouldn’t be much. She agreed to this and I lay on my back while she and Abrahii held my legs up by my shoulders and got the guys to take turns fucking me with one of the vibes. I reached down to spread my lips and pretended to get aroused a lot faster than I actually did. I could have probably cum for real if I’d been a bit more patient, but I wanted to be fully in control when I ‘came’ so I faked it and as I moaned loudly, I let out a single squirt of pee that arched up in the air and splattered over the guy’s hand, my legs and the bed.

He seemed genuinely impressed at this (I don’t think he realised I’d faked it) and asked if I thought I could do it again. I told him I felt too sensitive as I didn’t want to make any more of a mess of Julia’s bed, but said if they liked it so much, they could repay us with a final fuck before they left. As an added incentive, I suggested they could use our asses but Julia upped the stakes and said that as there were two of them, they should have to DP us all. There was no way they’d be able to fuck us all, but if we’ve learned anything from our games, it’s how to be inventive so we took turns. Abrahii went first and after the guys had fucked her for a minute or so we switched and I took her place. The guy who had been in her cunt took my ass and the other guy my cunt (with a change of condom). Once I'd had my turn, we swapped again and Julia had a go. After her DP mini-session, Jules and I knelt on the bed and the guys fucked our asses while Abrahii crawled under us. She had intended to lick us both (alternating between us), but it would have been too difficult to crawl in and out from under us so I got licked by her and she reached over to play with Julia (Jules gets to do things with her in the week, so this was only fair).

My guy lasted a fair time (but I guess he’d already cum twice) and Abrahii was easily able to get me off before he came. Both Jules and I were being quite vocal and encouraged them to fuck our asses and cum in us. Abrahii continued to kitty kiss me until my guy came, by which point both Julia and her guy had also finished. I felt satisfied (and quite sensitive) but for completeness (and once they’d removed the condoms), I wiped them clean one last time with my skirt (which now needed a really good wash). Julia, Abrahii and I all kissed on the bed and let hands and fingers roam over (and into) each other. I was curious to see if we could get the lads interested in doing any more, and while one of them seemed to be stirring a bit, he didn’t try to do anything so I assumed we’d tired them out. They watched us for a bit and I tried to give them a little encouragement by telling them that if they weren’t going to join us and do anything useful, they could leave, but they took this as me telling them to leave (which I sort of was anyway as we could hear that the others had arrived back and were doing something downstairs). As the guys dressed, Julia and I sloppily licked and kissed Abrahii’s breasts and ended up fingering her together. We threw on some t-shirts to show the guys down to the front door and as they left Abrahii slipped a hand under my shirt and played with my pussy so I did the same to her in return. She knew I was daring her so we pulled up each other’s shirts so we could play with each other in full view of anyone outside and carried on doing this as the guys walked away (we did check that nobody else was watching).

Things were fairly quiet in the living room when we went in, but it was obvious that Susan had been exhibiting herself (or rather, being exhibited). While we had been upstairs fucking, she had been made to play with herself and then also masturbated with a beer bottle. I said that I was sorry I’d missed it and Abigail said that we could always do it again, so Abrahii and I sat on either side of Susan to hold her legs apart and Abigail pushed the neck of the bottle back into Susan’s cunt. We helped out a bit by holding her lips apart and as Abigail fucked her and dribbled saliva onto Susan’s cunt for lubrication, Abrahii and I took turns stroking her clit to help things along further. Susan had a hand on my thigh and I felt her gripping tighter as she got closer to cumming. I spread my legs a bit and nudged her hand a bit further up towards my crotch to see what she would do. She didn’t move it back down, but didn’t try anything (although from the position she was in she would have had to dislocate her wrist to do anything worthwhile to me). We carried on until she came but when Abrahii pulled the bottle out, we held on to Susan’s legs and kept her spread and exposed.

Mike and Jen took the opportunity to have a closer look at Susan’s cunt (although they’d also looked earlier while I’d been otherwise engaged). Mike scooted sideways so he was kneeling in front of me and pushed his face into my crotch while Jen moved in the other direction and targeted Abrahii. While we were upstairs (and putting on an audio show), it had been decided that we would have to join Susan in giving a visual show when we rejoined the group. Susan was handed the bottle to use on Julia - this wasn’t the first time she’d had to play with Jules in public so she didn’t hesitate, knelt in front of Julia and worked the bottle into her and then proceeded to fuck her with it. I didn’t really need to cum again at that time, but we weren’t really being given a choice in the matter so I lay back and enjoyed it. Mike didn’t tease me that much and just lapped away steadily until I told him I was getting close, at which point he sped up a little and concentrated on my clit until I came. My orgasm was more intense than I’d expected and I arched my back, pushing my pussy up and against his face. He continued to kitty kiss me until Julia and Abrahii had both cum, then he had a quick lick of each of them before returning to his seat.

Julia, Abrahii, Susan and I were told to sit together on the sofa with our legs spread (crossing over each other’s legs). I could picture how we looked as I’ve seen a number of porn vids with four girls in a similar position and if I’d had the energy I would have happily stroked the others (and been stroked in return). Even Julia seemed to be temporarily satisfied as I’m sure we could have convinced at least one of the guys to take us, but we didn’t encourage anything. Other than changing the positions of our legs (to prevent them going to sleep), we stayed like this until people left. We were fondled by a few people, but weren’t made to cum again (which I was a little disappointed by as once I’d had a chance to rest and another drink, being so exposed was getting me turned on again).

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mike and Lis Again - Part 3

We went out to a gay club that night so that Lucy, Lis and Jen weren’t bothered by guys trying to pick them up (not that they are really *bothered* by it, but it’s nice to be able to go out and not be pestered… well, not pestered by guys anyway. A number of girls tried to pick them up (before they realised that they were together or Jen was with me). Mike got a few proposals and offers to dance but he graciously turned them down. We weren’t entirely safe from men as there were a number of bi men there (or probably just straight ones who were hoping to bag a lesbian), but it was a much more relaxing night than at a standard club (even if the music wasn’t great). We danced throughout the night and I was reminded why I don’t wear panties (or specifically g-strings) – they really aren’t that comfortable. I was forever adjusting it and in the end pulled the crotch to the side (which felt a bit better), but eventually gave up and removed them completely. Fortunately the club was sufficiently dark that it wasn’t obvious my lips were peeking out from under my skirt and once I’d removed mine, Jen quickly followed suit and I let Lis convince Lucy to join us (they were wearing much less revealing skirts so it wasn’t really a big deal for them to go commando).

The walk home was much more interesting and Jen and I had to use jackets to get through the more crowded areas. Whenever we were walking towards a single guy or just a couple of guys, we didn’t bother covering up though and we got a good number of them staring directing between our legs (which we pretended not to notice). Once back home, Mike wanted another round with Lis, but she said that he’d had his fuck for the day – although if he was good, she would bring him a fresh pair of panties to use. He went to his room (but we left the doors open so he could hear) and had a nice girls only session. As I fingered Lis to an orgasm I got her to describe what it had felt like with Mike’s cock buried inside her and she gave a fairly good account (but in her much more polite – or at least less crude - way of saying things). The three of them then piled on to me and worked together to make me cum. Lis and Jen had a turn being targeted and when it came time for Lucy, Lis left us to it while she went off to tease Mike some more. With Lis gone, Jen and I double teamed her – Jen on her cunt and me on her ass. I would have preferred to eat her cunt, but I was thinking about the long term goals. I did at least get Jen to switch halfway through and we got Lucy off with her body curled round and pushing my head against her pussy.

Lis had actually witnessed her orgasm – she had returned after playing with Mike and once she was back in bed with us, I got her to describe what she’d done. As promised, she had taken a clean (used) pair of panties to him, slipped them on and then sat over him and humped back and forth against his cock. She had rubbed herself through her panties, removed them and then sat over Mike in a 60 position (with no actual contact). Lis had gently traced her fingers up and down his cock and had her face close enough that he could feel her breath, meanwhile her pussy was just above his face (but he wasn’t allowed to lick or touch her). She had finished off by wrapping her panties around his cock and stroking him while feeding his a little of her juices via her fingers, but had then told him that if he restrained himself and didn’t cum (that night), she would let him fuck her again in the morning. Lis didn’t stop stroking his cock while she said this and even pulled her panties out of the way so she could get her hand directly on to his cock. Mike said that she got him quite close before he told her to stop and promised her that he wouldn’t cum if it meant he could bury his cock inside her again. Lis left her panties with him as a temptation and while Mike enjoyed her scent from them had some interesting dreams, he stuck to his word and held back from cumming.

Lucy told Lis that she was just a little whore who enjoyed teasing men and Lis pointed out that she had actually taken Lucy’s panties in to Mike, so it had been a combination of their juices that she had been stroking him with. Not long ago this would have embarrassed Lucy, but she was adapting to her newly enforced sexual experimentation quite well and said she didn’t care as she had no use for the panties while we were all in bed playing together. I kind of hoped that this meant she was prepared to do some more, but she was spent for the day – as was Lis – so Jen and I had the choice of doing things together or getting some sleep. As a compromise, I gently teased Lis’ pussy while grinding against her thigh as we chatted and dozed off and in the night I woke up to find myself half draped over her so I kissed her awake and then explored her pussy with my fingers while kissing her breasts. It would have been nice to make her cum, but I thought she should get to experience some of what she was putting Mike through so I slowed down after a while and told her we could finish in the morning – despite having enjoyed what I was doing, Lis hadn’t completely woken up so she didn’t complain as much as I’d hoped and it probably took me longer to get back to sleep than it did her.

When morning did finally come, I woke her up again by going down on her, but this time I didn’t hold back and ate her straight through to orgasm. As I did this I considered not letting her cum and leaving Mike to take care of this so he got her first orgasm of the day, but I wasn’t feeling that generous. Once Lis had cum, I asked her if she still intended to fuck Mike again and when she said that she did, I sat over her face and told her that she needed to make me cum first before she was allowed him. Jen and Lucy woke up while this was happening so after a quick bathroom break, they had their morning session and I promised Lucy that we’d make her cum again while Mike took Lis.

Lis fetched Mike and he suggested that we have breakfast before he did anything with her so she helped him make it and we all ate on the bed. Lucy still half covered herself, but seemed a lot more used to Mike seeing her naked. Jen caressed Lis while we ate and I took Mike’s cock into my mouth to ensure he was hard enough to fuck Lis (as if that was going to be a problem). With breakfast over, Jen and I fingered Lis a bit more to make sure she was nice and wet and Mike then lay on the bed so Lis could climb over him and mount his cock. We helped spread Lis’ lips and I guided Mike into her, then watched as she bounced up and down and quickly engulfed him. Lis experimented with the position and I suggested that she turn around so she could see herself in the mirror. She attempted to do this while staying on his cock, but it’s quite difficult at the best of time, let alone for someone so inexperienced and ended up having to dismount and then spear herself again.

She liked the view and we helped out by pulling her lips back so she could see everything. I bent my head down and licked her clit (and Mike’s shaft) as they fucked, but Mike told me that he wanted to be the one to make her cum. Lis agreed that this was fair as he had held back from cumming so we left them to it and just watched. Mike held on to Lis and rolled on to his side so he could spoon with her. She bent her head round and we watched as they kissed and Mike’s hands caressed her breasts and played with her clit. Lis made lots of approving sounds and Mike told her how he wanted to feel her cum around his cock again. They switched position so Lis was back on top of Mike and facing him and he told her that this time he wanted to fuck her to orgasm with just his cock. He pulled her down on top of him, kissed her deeply, took hold of her ass and started to use long strokes, guiding her up and down his cock. I guided Lucy to the foot of the bed so we could watch properly as Lis’ cunt swallowed his cock over and over. Their movements got faster until he was pumping into her in the way I really love and I couldn’t resist from playing with myself, then realised that this was a waste and pushed Lucy’s hands between my legs while I reached over to play with her on one side and Jen on the other (while this might look good in porn, it’s not really that easy to concentrate enough to make people cum – but it does feel good).

Mike kept pounding into Lis and it became difficult for them to keep kissing so Lis put her head down beside his and he told her how he wanted to feel her cum. Lis panted her way up to her orgasm and then moaned and ‘yes’ed her way through it. Mike slowed his movements and then kissed her deeply again, once more guiding her up and down the length of his shaft. I couldn’t restrain myself from leaning forwards and having another lick, up the length of Mike’s cock and then flicking my tongue over Lis’ ass. Mike told me off again and said that he wanted to make her cum. I pointed out that he’d already done that and he said he thought he could hold back long enough to go again if Lis was up for it. She wasn’t quite ready for another round straight away so he kept slowly fucking her while they kissed and he described to her how wonderful, hot, wet and tight her pussy felt around him. This was a bit of a balancing act for him as he didn’t want to get himself too excited, but he did want to make sure Lis was ready for round two and appreciated how much en enjoyed being inside her.

He got her to sit up for a while and he gently stroked her clit. I got Lis to try moving in a few different ways so she could see what felt best for her and she also enjoyed grinding against Mike (he can’t feel as much when I do this, but that was sort of the point in the situation with Lis). Both Mike and Lis wanted him to make her cum in the same way as before so once she was ready, Lis lay down fully on top of Mike and they resumed fucking in earnest. I knew that watching a second round would certainly be too much for me to resist so I quickly retrieved some vibrating eggs and positioned myself between Jen and Lucy again. I held the eggs against Lucy and Jen’s pussies and got Lucy to hold one against mine. Mike couldn’t really see us as he was kissing Lis so I wasn’t too worried about over-stimulating him. I rubbed the eggs over Jen and Lucy’s pussies as we watched Lis’ cunt be filled again and again. As Mike started the final pounding, I felt my orgasm build and told Lucy to hold the egg on my clit. I came but recovered in time to watch (and listen) as Lis came for the second time. Mike held her firmly in place on his cock and later said that he was concentrating hard on not getting any more excited so he could enjoy being buried in Lis. Lucy came while they were still intertwined – I felt her squeeze my arm. I tore my gaze away from Lis’ ass and looked over at Lucy to watch her cum (which she did almost silently) and she then pushed the egg away from her clit as it felt too intense.

As I said before, trying to do things to two people at the same time like this is quite difficult and I’d been concentrating a bit more on Lucy so it was now Jen’s turn. Lis climbed off Mike so she could watch Jen cum, but she took his cock in her hands and asked if he wanted to cum. He obviously did and I assumed that he was going to cum over Jen again, but Lis said that as his bonus for doing as she asked and not cumming, he was allowed to cum over her. Mike liked the sound of this and got is to lie on her back with her head facing towards Jen so they could both watch (to some extent) what I was doing to her. Mike knelt over Lis’ and started to quickly stroke himself – no longer having to worry about holding back, he quickly came and emptied an impressive amount of cum over Lis’ breasts, face, hair and stomach (with enough going on to the bed to make a mess of that too). Lis was a little surprised at the amount of cum he’d produced and Mike told her that it was due to her teasing him (and the fucking probably helped).

As Lis was a mess anyway, I got Jen to climb over her face and use her pussy to massage Mike’s cum in to her skin. Lis was given the job of finishing Jen off and didn’t seem bothered by the fact that she was licking Mike’s cum off Jen’s cunt as she ate her. Jen massaged Lis’ breasts and rubbed more of Mike’s cum in to her body – by the time Jen came, Lis’ upper body was fully covered with a thin film of cum and her face was a mess of Mike’s cum and Jen’s juices. Jen wiped a little onto one of Lucy’s breasts – she pulled away but didn’t seem that disgusted. Jen took Lis off to the shower to clean her off properly while Mike stayed in the main bedroom and chatted to Lucy and me, his cock once again fully erect. Lucy barely covered herself this time and he complimented her on how hot a body she had. She started to ask me if it bothered me that he said things like that to other women but realised how stupid the question was. We asked if she minded that he got to do things with Lis and Lucy said that as long as Lis was fine with it, then she didn’t mind – and agreed that it was only really fair as Jen and I got to do things with both Lis and Lucy. Mike suggested that we could always even things up a bit more by him being allowed to play with Lucy, so she threw a pillow at him. I was quite surprised that he didn’t try to fight back and wrestle with her, but he seems to be more nervous of scaring her off than I am.

I went to shower with Lucy once Lis and Jen returned and Mike helped Lis to dress herself. There was apparently lots of smoothing clothes down and ensuring her panties and then tights were a snug fit across her pussy and her bra was ‘on properly’. They had finished by the time we returned and Mike had to shower quickly as a lot of the hot water had mysteriously been used up while thoroughly washing Lucy’s clit.

Over lunch we discussed our plans to have a baby and Mike generously offered to donate his cum to Lis or Lucy if they ever decided they wanted to get pregnant. I explained how broody Mike had been getting and how he was looking forward to actually being able to start trying to make (preferably just one of) us pregnant. Lucy agreed that it would be nice to have a baby someday, but she wanted to get a job first and at least get somewhere. I could see that Lis was really happy that Lucy was talking like this as it clearly meant that she intended for them to stay together and have a family someday. Lis hasn’t expressed a strong opinion about wanting children, but she’s certainly expressed an opinion about wanting to stay with Lucy (and still wants to ask her to marry her).

Mike got a decent goodbye kiss (and mini-grope) from Lis when we said goodbye. He also gave Lucy a proper kiss and thanked her for letting him borrow her girlfriend. Lucy told him that as long as he was nice to her (and Lis still wanted to do things), he could have her again. At the station, Lis went to the bathroom and removed her panties so she could leave them for Mike. He promised to return them in a cum stained state, but as he could use me during the week, most of the cum that ended up on them was wiped off or out of my pussy or from my and Jen’s bodies.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mike and Lis Again - Part 2

The next morning, I was woken up with Lis between my legs, I decided to be selfish and just enjoy it without waking up the others and Lis spent quite a while down there, covering my pussy with her feathery licks and kisses. Only when I got close to cumming did I reach over and caress Jen awake and once I’d cum, Jen said that she would show Lis how to tease Mike properly. The two of them went to wake him up while I went down on Lucy and once again spent time exploring the pussy that we’d spent so long fantasising about. I didn’t tease her as much as we had the previous night, but still took my time so she could wake up properly and fully enjoy what I was doing to her. As soon as I finished, she needed to rush to the bathroom to pee so I went in to see what Lis and Jen were up to.

Mike had woken up when they’d entered his room and after Jen had briefly sat over him and ground against his cock, she and Lis 69ed and then displayed each other to him (spreading and fingering). He had let them examine his cock – no touching, but close enough that he could feel their breath (which was intentional). Lis didn’t actually stick to the no touching rule and gently traced her fingers up and down and over the head, but wouldn’t do any more than this. The girls played with each other some more and Mike realised that the only chance he had of cumming was to take care of himself (he wasn’t even allowed inside Lis as his cock was still coated in his cum from the previous night). He wanted the girls to cum while he watched but they told him they wanted to see him cum first and sat either side of him as he used Lis’ panties to wank. He threatened to cum over one (or both) of them, but Lis reminded him of his promise to return her panties covered with his cum so he continued using them. He did at least get them to slide fingers into each other and feed him the juices and ha came with Jen’s fingers in his mouth and his tongue swirling around them, sucking them dry.

He deposited a decent amount of cum into Lis’ panties and Jen took them and they returned to her room so they could finish off without him watching (as I said, Jen was making sure that Lis was actually teasing him). I felt a little bad for him so I let him lick me and (unsurprisingly), what had started off with the intention of being a brief licking, developed into a full blown eating. Lucy had meanwhile returned to Jen’s room so got to witness the end of Jen and Lis’ session, but they had finished by the time I returned.

Over breakfast, Jen put Lis panties over her head, with her hair sticking out one of the leg holes and her face sticking out of the other one. They were still wet with Mike’s cum and Jen rubbed them over Lis’ hair. She had to keep them on until we’d finished and went in to shower, at which point Mike requested that he get to shower with Lis and she agreed so we left them to it. He had hoped to get to (semi) fuck her again, or at least slide into her but she said he would have to wait to later on. As a consolation prize, he did at least get to wash her body and she did his. She gave his cock a ‘proper’ clean (a fair amount of stroking) but he wasn’t allowed to finger her in return. To make up for this he just hosed down her pussy with the pulse spray and talked her in to leaning back against him and spreading her lips so he could use the spray on her clit – or more like her pussy as he couldn’t really see to aim properly, but it did the job and he managed to make her cum after a while (with a little bit of help from her playing with clit).

He half fucked her thighs by getting her to stand with her legs sandwiched around his cock and so he could rub between them, but he wasn’t allowed to make himself cum (and says that he probably couldn’t have cum just from that anyway). He really wanted to take Lis back into the bedroom and go down on her, but she refused to let him do that to her as well (and I think Jen began to see that Lis was quite capable of teasing him while still enjoying herself properly).

I got to shower with Lucy and used the pulse spray on her. I was pleased that she didn’t even bother arguing (and assume she has accepted that if she is visiting us, that we’re going to spend the whole weekend making her cum as much as we can). Once Lucy was clean (and satisfied) Jen switched places with her and we played with each other while washing but saved the climax (which involved us both climaxing) until we’d got out, dried off and then used the bed. I wanted to be able to do things with Jen while Lis and Lucy watched and we got properly stuck in to each other with fingers in various holes, tongues stuck as far inside, slapping and pinching (mostly of Jen) as we could and making whatever sounds felt natural at the time. It was a very liberating experience as we didn’t hold back, try to be gentle or refined or worry about what they thought (okay, I was a little worried, but the aim was to show them for what we really were). It certainly had the desired effect and once we’d explained that we were trying to demonstrate that we wanted to be able to do things the other person enjoyed and didn’t care what other people thought about it.

It’s not that Lucy (and even less so for Lis) had been really restrained, but if we were going to be doing things with them frequently then I wanted them to relax as much as possible so we could all enjoy ourselves properly. Along those lines, we managed to convince them both to go out without panties on and promised them that it would be worthwhile. I also took a couple of toys with me and after doing a bit of shopping, we convinced them to use the changing rooms for more interesting purposes. I went in with Lis and we managed to share a double dildo while facing away from each other and using the sides of the cubicle to push against as we fucked. It wasn’t enough to cum so we went to a different shop and this time took turns using a vibe on each other (fortunately the place had enough background noise to mask the sound of the vibe). Jen had just gone down on Lucy in the first shop (with Lucy standing) and for the second one, we let Lucy borrow the double dildo so she could fuck Jen with it while licking her clit. This just left Mike, but he always comes off worse from changing room games – he says he doesn’t mind as the general excitement just adds to his arousal so when he does get to do things, he has a better or stronger orgasm.

Lis took pity on him though and said that as we’d all cum, she would let him fuck her again when we got home. Over lunch, the remainder of our shopping trip, afternoon coffee and the journey home, he kept trying to convince her to let him eat her but she continually refused and just said he could fuck her until she came. I know that some of my readers have pointed out (in relation to Jen) that it is odd that she lets Mike rub against her pussy yet won’t let him eat her, but Lis seems to feel the same way. They both think that having someone actually licking you is more personal and intimate than ‘just’ fucking (or humping in Jen’s case). That’s not to say that they don’t think that full intercourse can’t be an incredibly intimate experience, but just that when playing or teasing, cunnilingus is more intimate (especially in Mike’s case where it is the thing that he likes doing the most).

Despite his constant efforts to get her to let him eat her being refused, Mike wasn’t actually too bothered and as soon as we got home he asked if Lis would honour her promise. She helped to undo his trousers and pulled his cock free, stroking it in what looked like a much firmer and more confident way than she had before. Mike started to pull her clothes off and she was quickly mostly naked, so he joined her and dragged her into the bedroom. The rest of us followed and sat around the bed watching as they fondled and caressed each other. Mike pushed a leg against Lis’ crotch and she rubbed back and forth against it while they kissed and Mike spent a while fondling and sucking on Lis’ nipples.

I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to do things with Lucy so reached up under her skirt and fingered her (and made sure I pointed out how easy this was when she didn’t have panties on). I got Jen to come and help and once it was clear that Lucy was committed to us playing with her, I let Jen take over while I went and retrieved (and put on) the strap on. I knelt behind Lucy and pushed in to her – it was a little awkward as there wasn’t quite enough room with the way she was kneeling, but once she had scooted forwards a bit I could move more easily and I began to fuck her while Jen played with her clit. I didn’t leave Jen out and switched over to fucking her and when I moved back to Lucy, Jen helped pull Lucy’s top off and then played with both her clit and breasts.

Meanwhile, Mike and Lis had progressed from fondling to humping and on to fucking. Mike had started off on top of Lis and got her to wrap her legs around him (as best she could) but after a while they switched position and he took her doggy style. We were all watching intently and Lucy was sufficiently engrossed in the display that she didn’t stop us as we continued to play with her and I actually managed to make her cum right in front (technically to the side) of Mike. I thought that he had been really clever in not paying any attention to what we were doing and assumed that he was just trying to let Lucy become more comfortable cumming with him around, but he later told me that he had been stealing glimpses of what we were doing but then had to purposely ignore her as she got closer to cumming as he really wasn’t sure he could hold back from the join assault of Lis’ tight cunt and the sight of Lucy having an orgasm (he does agree that the plan I attributed to him is a good one though and is strongly in favour of anything that lets him get to see Lucy cum properly).

Lis still hadn’t cum by the time Lucy did, which meant I got to switch back to Jen and fuck her. Lucy had kept her skirt on for the whole session but Jen had stripped off completely. I got her to slip her skirt back on as it seemed somehow naughtier fucking her like that (and it looked sexier). Lucy was quite happy to help out and played with Jen’s clit. We didn’t manage to beat Mike and Lis this time though and while Jen was still getting warmed up, Lis said that she was close and Mike pumped into her as deep as he could until she came. He stayed buried in her, moving slowly and once again when he pulled out, his cock looked ready to burst. Jen was getting closer to cumming by this point and Mike turned to face her and took his cock in his hand. He aimed at Jen (who was kneeling on the floor with the upper half of her body bent forward over the bed) and said that he could cum over her. I thought this sounded like a good idea and told him to go ahead and enjoy himself, but he wanted to enjoy himself a bit more and asked Lis for a hand. He held her hand against his cock and rubbed back and forth. She let him do the work at first but then started stroking him herself. Just as Jen seemed (relatively) innocent when I first met her and I then discovered her mischievous side, I was beginning to see that Lis was similar. She carried on stroking him (with a couple of pointers from Mike) and managed to get him to cum, aiming his cock at Jen’s face. I was still fucking Jen, but had slowed down so Mike could cum first and once he’d emptied his load over her face (and hair, and some on her back) I sped up again and continued until Jen came.

Mike lay back on the bed with a sigh and thanked Lis for a great orgasm. Jen’s face was covered with his cum (not the first time, but he doesn’t get to do that to her too often) and we watched as she licked around her mouth and slowly cleaned herself. For safety, she went and showered to clean off properly and to make up for her having to wash her hair again, we helped to brush her hair afterwards - Jen loves having people brush her hair, so she really enjoyed having three attentive girls doing it at the same time (Mike tried to help, but it was enough of a squeeze with three of us so he left us to it).

It was pretty much time for dinner and we all chipped in to prepare it. Three of us remained naked while Jen and Lucy kept their skirts on. After checking that Lucy and Lis would eat it, Jen and I added some special sauce to the salad by inserting various things into ourselves before chopping or adding them. It wasn’t difficult to get Lis to join in and only took a little longer to convince Lucy to let us slide a couple of things into her. I briefly fucked her with a carrot and when she complained it was cold I knelt down and licked her until her pussy had warmed up. Mike would have quite liked to add some sauce of his own to the salad, but I didn’t think Lucy (or even Lis) were ready to go that far so he had to satisfy himself with just being able to taste us all.

I challenged Jen to wear the shortest skirt she dared and she chose a stupidly short one that she had to wear panties with as it barely covered her pussy and didn’t fully cover her ass. I wasn’t going to let her beat me so I wore an equally short pleated one (usually reserved for use in bed) and had to make the compromise of wearing panties as well, but we both went for g-strings so we were barely covered. Jen got to show off her new panties (despite my training, she still insists on wearing them sometimes – although to be fair this is usually during her period). She had bought the smallest g-string that she could find which barely covered her pussy and was almost invisible at the back. I felt pretty well covered in comparison, but with a bit of fiddling I managed to nestle the material partially between my lips so it felt like I was a little more exposed.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Mike and Lis Again - Part 1

For the last weekend in January, Lucy and Lis came up to visit us again. We’d all been looking forward to this as it had been a couple of months since we’d seen them but Mike was especially looking forward to it after what had happened at Mel and Julia’s wedding. As usual, for a couple of days before the visit, Mike hadn’t cum inside me (to reduce the chance of his cum being transferred to Lis or Lucy) and as payment he had been promised the usual pair of Lis’ used panties (and by used, I mean covered with her juices). He was also expecting to have another chance to bury his cock in her (and had openly discussed this with her, but all she had said was ‘we’ll see’.

They arrived at a reasonable time on the Friday night and once we’d got back to the house and had dinner, Jen told Lis that she wanted to see how well she could tease Mike. Now Jen’s definition of tease is rather different than Lis’ – Jen doesn’t touch his cock other than the times she will grind her pussy against him, while Lis was much more hands on. She undid his trousers, freed his cock and after gently tracing up and down the shaft with her fingertips, sat over him and pushed her panties against his cock. Mike wasn’t being passive and held her hips, guiding her back and forth while telling her he wanted to feel her naked cunt on his cock. She at least teased him a little more before giving in and slowly removed her other clothes until she was grinding against him wearing just her panties. These finally came off (and were put aside for Mike’s later use) and we got to see Lis sliding her cunt against his cock, which rapidly became coated with her juices. She then said it was time for a little more, lifted herself up, grabbed his cock and pushed herself down onto it. She pushed down all the way and then (with Mike’s help) rode up and down the length of the shaft.

She asked if he thought he could control himself a bit more this time (which isn’t really fair as by her own admission, she had been fucking him just as much as he’d fucked her at the wedding) and when he said he could, she told him that he could fuck her until she came (with the unspoken rule being that he couldn’t cum). They moved into the bedroom for this and I suggested that Lis lie on her back so Mike could do things properly with her but he thought we would have a better opportunity to see what was happening if he knelt between her legs and lifted them up. He was also doing this as he knew it meant he could get deeper into her (and we all knew that he wanted to bury himself as deep inside her as he could). I was going to spread Lis’ lips to help him get inside, but she was sufficiently wet (and he was sufficiently eager) that he just lifted her feet to his shoulders, pushed his cock against her pussy and slid in.

He started off with long slow strokes and gently rubbed Lis’ clit. Jen, Lucy and I watched intently as his cock slid in and out and her lips grasped at it. I asked Lucy if she was still okay with this and she said that it was Lis’ choice and that Lis had promised her that Jen and I would pay special attention to her (Lucy) to make up for it. I was more than happy with this arrangement (as long as I got Lis as well) and as we watched, I slid a hand down Lucy’s back and up under her skirt. She didn’t stop me so I pushed my hand up higher and down the back of her panties, then used my wrist to slowly push her panties down and give me access to her pussy. Jen saw what I was doing and joined in – Lucy’s panties were a bit cramped with two hands inside them (as well as a Lucy) so we pulled them off and between us, we fingered and caressed her.

Mike was taking things slowly with Lis and enjoying the feeling of her cunt as much as he could (well, maybe not *as much* as he could as he wasn’t going to cum, but as much as he could within the limitations of the session). He rolled Lis on to her side so she was facing us and fucked her while lifting up her top leg. This gave us a much better view of him fucking her and when he looped her leg under his arm, he could easily play with her clit as well. It wasn’t as easy for him to move this way and while he could have made Lis cum, he wanted more of her orgasm to be due to his fucking, so once we’d all had a good chance to watch, they moved back round so she was on her back.

They picked up the pace and as he fucked her harder, Jen and I started to probe Lucy’s pussy more forcefully and she soon lost her skirt. I then stripped off and once my fingers returned to their rightful place between Lucy’s legs, Jen followed suit. We pressed up against Lucy, one on each side and I let Jen take care of her clit while I reached between her ass cheeks and fingered her pussy. As Lis made sounds to indicate she was getting close to cumming, I wanted to feel Lucy against me properly so we pulled off her top and bra and pressed up against her now naked body. This had the added benefit of being able to conveniently play with her breasts and I really wanted to make her cum at (or around) the same time Lis did, but we didn’t know that Mike had decided he was beginning to enjoy things a bit too much so he had gone in for the kill and was applying a bit more pressure to Lis’ clit.

He pushed as deep as he could into her with each stroke while keeping up the pace and told Lis that he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock. He later told us that he had to concentrate quite hard to stop himself from cumming as Lis is still pretty tight and it was a fairly intense fuck. He managed to do as he’d promised though and even continued to fuck her through her orgasm, then slow down his movements and gently pump in and out of her as she calmed down. He pulled his cock out and it glistened with Lis’ juices. It looked a darker colour than usual and he was tempted to just jerk himself off and cum over her, but wasn’t sure if she would want that (and he didn’t want to spoil his chances of doing other things with her), so he just wiped his cock on her thighs and teased her clit with the head of it.

Lucy was pretty close to cumming, but now that the entertainment had finished, she decided that she didn’t want Mike to watch as we made her cum so he was banished from the bedroom, but not before wiping Lis’ cunt dry(ish) with her panties and as an added bonus, being given Lucy’s panties to jerk off into. He had one last task to do before he left, I called heads and he tossed a coin to see who would get to sit over Lucy first. He knew I wanted this and used his lucky coin (an old 10p piece that almost always seems to come up heads the first time you toss it to make a decision). True to form, it was heads and as he left the room, we lay Lucy down on the bed with a pillow under her ass, I straddled her face and Jen positioned herself between her legs. Lucy wasted no time in pulling me to her and started sucking on my clit while I spread Lucy lips and Jen fastened her mouth to her clit.

Lucy came fairly quickly and once her orgasm had passed, I suggested that Jen play with Lis so Lucy could finish me off and I would kitty kiss her. Jen was amenable to this idea as long as she got to play with Lucy again later so I asked Lucy if she would eat Jen and got a muffled ‘yes’, along with feeling her head nodding between my legs. Lis wasn’t quite ready to cum again but was happy to do the same as Lucy, so Jen 69ed with her and kitty kissed her while Lis ate her. Lis did a fairly intense job on Jen with her very rapid licking and actually made Jen cum before I did. I wasn’t too bothered about this though as I was enjoying gently licking, sucking and nibbling on Lucy’s pussy. By the time I came, I was no longer just kitty kissing her and had moved on to eating her properly and flicking my tongue over her ass a few times (although this isn’t that easy to do in a 69 position).

We gave Lucy and Lis the chance to select some toys from the cupboard and then switched partners. I welcomed Lis into my arms and we spent a while sharing a double dildo while we kissed. I let my hands roam over her back and ass. Our tongues circled and I could feel us exchanging a fair amount of saliva, but this didn’t matter. Out of all of my partners (not counting Mike and Jen), Lis is definitely the one that feels most ‘right’ in more than just a sexual way. As nice as our session was, we were a fair way behind Lucy and Jen who had moved on from just touching and kissing a while before. I told Lis that I wanted to feel her cum in my mouth, but instead of wanting to 69 with her I thought we should try something else and I pushed her off me and quickly scurried to the cupboard to fetch the strong ball (mains powered) vibe.

I returned to the bed, plugged it in and lay back down, directing Lis to climb back on top of me. We nestled the head of the vibe between us and adjusted our position so it made good contact with our pussies and then resumed kissing. We agreed to stay in place until we’d both cum and ground against the vibe as it thrummed away between us. Our kissing was even wetter than before and as we got more turned on, we panted into each other’s mouths. I was determined that Lis should cum first, but the mains vibe is pretty strong so I had to really concentrate to hold back. I still won though and Lis moaned into my mouth as we kissed and her orgasm hit her. I let go at this point as I didn’t want to torture her too much (and she probably couldn’t take too much intense stimulation after cumming) and pushed against the vibe. Lis had finished cumming by the time I came, but we weren’t too far apart and I moaned into her mouth. It felt really good having her whole body pressed against mine and I enjoyed every last second of my orgasm until it had completely finished and the pulled the vibe out from between us.

Lis apologised for the mess of saliva that had run down my face and chin but I told her that I didn’t care if I got to fuck her like that every time she made a mess. She kissed around my face and cleaned me up a little, but was still a mess when Jen and Lucy finished. I guessed that Mike had been listening in on us and that he wouldn’t have cum just yet (in the hope we would go for another round) so I sent Lis on a mission. She went into his room and found him sitting on the bed, using Lucy’s panties wrapped around his cock to masturbate. Just as I’d asked her to, Lis took back her pair of panties and thoroughly wiped her pussy with them before handing them back to Mike (in a much damper state). Mike inhaled her scent from them and as Lis watched he stroked his cock faster and she saw a dark, damp patch appear on Lucy’s panties as Mike unloaded into them. He unwrapped his cock and showed Lis the mess he’d made and said that if she helped, he could probably make (almost) as much of a mess in her panties, but Lis said that she had just come in to wipe herself dry and it was up to him to make himself cum. Mike promised to return her panties cover in cum the next morning and Lis returned to us in Jen’s room.

She told us about Mike cumming and I was glad that he was getting to enjoy himself as well (it isn’t really fair that he isn’t allowed to cum in me when Lis and Lucy are visiting) and we teased Lucy about getting her panties back, putting them on her and massaging Mike’s cum over and into her cunt. As you would expect, Lucy wasn’t on board with this actually happening, but she didn’t stop us from caressing her and we decided that we’d give her a final orgasm before we settled down to sleep. All three of us worked on her and she was licked, fingered, kissed and dildoed. Jen got four fingers into her and a fair amount of her thumb, but it wasn’t a proper fisting. We kept her close to cumming for a while, after which she was willing to ask us to make her cum (we only got her to ask a couple of times before obliging). I got to eat her as she came and I caressed her thighs while Lis and Lucy caressed the rest of her body, kissed her breasts and kissed her properly. Lucy thrust her cunt towards my face as she came so I licked and sucked on her clit harder until she relaxed back into the bed. As I kitty kissed her, I dragged my tongue over her ass a number of times – she flinched at first when I did this, but then relaxed and didn’t react any differently than she did when I kissed her pussy.

Lucy said that she needed to sleep so I asked if we could use Lis more and she didn’t object, as long as we didn’t wake her up (we had actually intended to go to sleep after making Lucy cum, but I find watching, hearing (and helping to) make someone cum to be quite arousing so I was ready for a bonus round with my two favourite girls. There wasn’t really enough room in the bed for the three of us to do much without disturbing Lucy and the house was a bit cold to go and use the living room or kitchen so we just settled for taking turns being sandwiched between the other two and being gently fingered, kissed and caressed from both sides. When it was my turn, Jen lay behind me and kissed my neck while Lis played with my clit and I had a pretty deep feeling orgasm. For Jen’s turn, we were a bit more forceful – once again Lis was in charge of stimulating her clit while I reached an arm under Jen and played with one of her nipples while using my other hand to at first caress and then fuck (just a couple of fingers) her ass. For Lis, Jen lay behind her and lifted Lis’ leg up and over her (Jen’s) body so we could both reach her pussy. I did most of the pussy play though and Jen concentrated on Lis’ breasts and I got to watch Lis’ face as she came. All in all, it was a good session, and other than her stirring a couple of times, we managed to finish without waking Lucy.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Back to Uni Again - Part 3

We did some shots off each other’s chests. This started with holding the shots in our cleavage but we moved to tequila and the salt was licked off our breasts. This moved on to the lime being squirted onto the other one and licked off and as things progressed further and we let a couple of random guys join in, more of the drink was spilt and lapped off. Nobody seemed to object as our tops were pulled down to expose more breast and then bras were pulled down (only slightly, there were no completely uncaged nipples). One guy had a good rummage around between my breasts and by the time we finished, our tops were fairly damp and smelt of various spirits. This only acted as a good excuse to remove our tops as soon as we got home and once Susan’s top was off, it was time for her to once again display herself.

It was unreasonable to expect me to just watch this time so I used a bottle to gently toy with my pussy and once Susan came, I played spin the bottle with Jen, Julia and Abrahii. This was a much more intense version of the game and each time a person was selected, they had to be kissed (properly), then have their breasts sucked, then fingered and then eaten. Between the drink and the general atmosphere, the guys didn’t want to be left out so a couple of them joined in. Unfortunately Ashraf wasn’t able to eat us properly, so he was given the option of fucking us (with protection). He didn’t mind if it was a guy or girl that sucked him and when he finally came, it looked like he produced a fair amount of cum (but it’s not always easy to tell in a condom).

While our game had been going on, Mike had taken advantage of the knowledge I’d passed on about Susan’s displays getting Abigail worked up and he had disappeared upstairs with her and given her a good fucking (as usual, preceded by a good licking). As they fucked, he told Abigail how we hated the fact that we were missing all of the ‘firsts’ and described how much he would love to fuck her. Abigail reminded him that Susan was a lesbian and Mike told her that didn’t mean she couldn’t also fuck guys, with the appropriate training (and reminding her of the fact that I was ‘straight’ only a few years ago). He finished off with Abigail on top of him and he pumped into her until she came and he then emptied himself into her. He reminded her to be careful of his cum (Susan isn’t on the pill – and despite his general broodiness and the fact he would love to fuck an 18 year old, he doesn’t want to get one pregnant – especially if he didn’t even get to *actually* fuck her).

Their journey back downstairs was delayed by Mike fingering Abigail through her shorts until she gave in and let him make her cum again (by which time her panties were quite wet with her juices and his cum). Our game was still going on when they returned and they got to watch as Ashraf finally came and this seemed to act as a signal that the rest of us should do the same so over the next couple of rounds the rest of us came.

As is (unfortunately) often the case with people who have no sexual stamina, once they’d cum, people started to think about leaving and heading home. As Susan couldn’t wear her top, we fetched a suitable replacement for her, but only on the condition that she left her other clothes behind. Abigail was all for this so all Susan had for the journey home was a t-shirt we lent her. At Mel’s suggestion, Jen and I took Julia out to the mirror in the hallway so she could see that she was at least semi-decently dressed and we helped by smoothing down her t-shirt so it covered her ass (although also un-helped a little by sliding hands up the inside of her leg and copping a bit more than just a quick feel).

I’d hoped that Ashraf would stay with us for the night, but he was heading back with Richard and James so we were left by ourselves (well, with just us and our hosts). We decided to do a straight swap so I spent the night with Mel and Jules while Mike and Jen got Abrahii. Mike let Jen play with Abrahii first and only once they had both cum did he take his turn. He really wanted to eat her to orgasm and then fuck her to another one, but she was feeling tired so he half-ate her and then fucked her until she came. He held back and continued to slowly fuck her in the hope that she would change her mind and let him help her cum again but she was too tired so he just fucked her to sleep (moving gently) and then came in her once she was asleep.

Mel, Julia and I had a more strenuous session and shared some dildos in pairs while the third person used vibes on our clits. I scissored with each of them in turn and Julia and I then teamed up on Mel. This was followed up by us caressing her as she fell asleep and we finished with a session of kissing and grinding against each other (using the other person’s thigh). We had gotten fairly sweaty during the session, especially the last part so our skin stuck together as we snuggled up and I told Jules how much I’d missed seeing her and that we needed to come down to visit more frequently.

The next morning I ate Julia awake, but got her to be quiet so she could cum without waking Mel and we woke her together with Julia between her legs and me straddling her face. As disorienting as this may sound, it isn’t too unusual for Mel (at least for one of these things to happen at a time) so she quickly woke and started to eat me. I played with Mel’s nips while Julia lapped away at her cunt and sucked on her clit and I felt Mel moaning into me before I came (but she was considerate enough to keep going and finish me off). We found out that we had woken up before the others so Mel asked them to put on a show while we ate breakfast (they started while I helped Mel prepare it). Abrahii found it especially difficult to eat cereal while Mike was spooning with her and Jen was challenged to eat a yoghurt while lying on her back, with Abrahii fingering her and using a vibe on her clit and Mike working on her nipples. Fortunately, Abrahii was going to change the sheets anyway as Jen got quite distracted and made a mess of both herself and the bed, but we were all eager enough to help lick her clean (she did shower as well once we’d finished).

Mel actually wanted to eat Mike’s cum out of Abrahii (she’s obviously tasted his cum many times before, but usually as a by-product of doing things with other people and to commemorate the occasion, Mike and Jen teamed up on her and he fucked her ass while Jen 69ed with her. If we hadn’t already planned to meet up for the customary brunch, I think we could have happily spent a lot longer in bed, taking turns playing with each other (not that Mike could have cum again for a while, but that doesn’t usually stop him as he’d just eat or finger us).

We arrived a little late so most of the others were already present. Susan had a ridiculously short, tight skirt on that barely covered her ass when she sat down. She was put through the usual drill of poses (sitting with one for up on the chair hugging her knee, sitting with legs crossed up on the chair…) to expose her as much as possible (without actually getting arrested) and Abigail fingered her and let Jen and I have a taste of her juices. It was fun watching her being trained, but I missed having those things done to me so I suggested that we find somewhere suitable after we’d finished eating so I could have a play as well.

The chosen location was the rooftop of some student residences (not the ones Jen used to live in). It was a bit more exposed than Jen’s old place, but the idea was to show off and the surrounding buildings weren’t really *that* close so someone would have probably needed binoculars to see what we were up to in any detail. We spread a couple of napkins on top of a small unit and Susan and I sat up beside each other. Given the short amount of time she has been trained, she is certainly very fearless and she didn’t hesitate when we were told to spread out legs and lift our feet up beside us. Abigail stood in front of us and ran fingers up and down our cunts before pushing them in and pumping away, burying them as deep as she could with each stroke. While this sort of finger fucking is nice, it is generally better for ‘show’ than to actually get someone off (at least that’s true for me) and once our cunts had been thoroughly explored by Abigail’s fingers, it was time for us to actually cum.

Abigail took care of Susan and I was offered to Abrahii who stepped up and went down on me. We were eaten until we were close to cumming but then told that we had to finish ourselves off. I’d actually been closer, but both Abigail and Abrahii stopped eating us as my orgasm approached and we both had to masturbate. I really needed to pee and briefly debated putting on a show of squirting (not real squirting I know), but I resisted this and just frigged and fingered myself. I came first, but had to stay sitting up beside Susan with my legs spread until she came. We then had to trade juices, sucking each other’s fingers clean before we were allowed to climb down.

My legs felt a little stiff but out of courtesy, I offered to do the same to Abrahii in return and suggested Susan could do Abigail, but while Abigail was happy enough to be naked or semi-naked on holiday with everyone, she wasn’t prepared to do it in the middle of the city. I would still have done Abrahii, but she was feeling the cold (as were a few of us), so we headed back inside and then to a warm coffee shop (I know we’d just had lunch, but this is the student lifestyle). I went back to the house with Mike to fetch our bags while Jen stayed to chat to people and we collected her on the way to the airport. I told everyone that I was very impressed with Susan’s progress and hoped that she would have achieved even more by the time we saw her again in a few weeks. I was being sufficiently generic that we could have this conversation completely openly but Susan (who obviously knew exactly what I was talking about) was looking around a little to see if anyone else had figured it out. Abigail promised that there would be more to see.