Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Weekend With Sara - Part 2

We went to one of our usual haunts and had a nice long lunch. It was still too busy to do anything interesting, but we got Sue to sit in different positions and contract her pussy to see how much sensation she could get from the dildo. She said it felt nice, but that was about all so after lunch we headed off to one of our usual sex shops. Sara guessed that we weren’t just going to buy something (after our last visit with her) and so as not to disappoint her, we got Sue to ask the man behind the counter if he had any wider dildos that would be suitable for what she was doing.

Now as this wasn’t an entirely usual request, the simplest way to get him to understand was to show him and Mike lifted her skirt and demonstrated how she was currently wearing the dildo. The guy’s eyes almost bulged out of his head (even though he’s seen us do things before so he should have been expecting *something* from us). At least he now understood what we were talking about and showed us a selection of suitable dildos (one of which was clearly too large to fit inside any woman who hadn’t given birth – possibly multiple times). Once we’d selected (and purchased) one, we cleaned it off and told Sue that she should try it. She was a bit apprehensive, but her holiday mentality tends to win out when she’s visiting us (able to do things as she is somewhere that people don’t know her) and agreed to switch dildos. Jen pulled out the one she had been wearing and handed it to Sara, then took the new one and worked it in to Sue’s cunt, then twisted it round into her stocking. Once adjusted for height, Sue was released and Jen suggested that I wear the old dildo.

I asked Sara to put it in me and she paused so I said that we could always put it in her if she wanted. We don’t have the same ‘rules’ with Sara where you have to do what is asked of you, but she seemed to take the threat seriously and knelt in front of me. I lifted my skirt and she pushed one end down inside my sock before inserting the other end into my cunt. It felt really good doing this with someone watching and I dared Sue to copy me as I bent over, lifted my skirt up and spread my pussy lips. The guy really liked the view, but Sue’s inexperience with what we were doing showed and the end of the dildo slipped out of her cunt and wobbled around (to be fair, the same thing almost happened to me as I’d also bent a bit too far forwards) and Mike had to push it back into her. It was now a choice of going further (which would probably have involved someone playing with us) or backing off and leaving. The idea of cumming certainly appealed (as always), but I wasn’t sure if Sue would also be up for this so I stood up, gave Sue’s ass a little slap (which caused the dildo to fall out again, but this was quickly rectified) and we thanked the guy for helping us out. He told us to come back anytime and I promised that we would and might be willing to ‘help him out’ next time if he wanted.

We went for coffee and each had a couple of times where the dildo nearly fell out so had to go to the bathroom to secure them properly. I discussed with Sue as to whether she would have cum in the shop if we’d asked and she thought that she probably would have let us do things if someone had started to play with her, but might not have masturbated herself. Mike suggested that we go back and make Sue (and me) cum for the guy but as we’d been already I thought we could have more fun elsewhere. We added a bit of tingle gel to our clits for the walk home, which certainly heightened the sensation given by the dildos, but was only enough to frustrate me so when we got home I wanted to cum quite a bit. Sue also felt the same and we tossed a coin to decide who should be serviced first (as both Jen and Sara had received special attention, we wanted the same) and I won.

I was pushed onto the bed, stripped and mauled. Everyone fingered, licked, kissed, caressed and fucked me (either with vibes or a cock, depending on who it was). I was moved over to the edge of the bed so I could be given different bits of people to kiss or suck and as I got closer to cumming, they all used vibes on me. Mike used a couple of soft ones on my neck (one on each side of the front), Sue and Sara used them on my breasts and nipples and Jen used the strong mains powered one on my pussy. Instead of using the ball just on my clit, she pushed the end hard against my cunt and with Sara’s help, spread my lips so she could push my clit down onto the vibe. It felt wonderful and when I didn’t have Mike’s cock in my mouth, I let them all know this. Jen had been waiting until just before I came to slide a small tingle gel coated vibe into my ass. She pushed the main vibe harder against my cunt and squished my clit down onto it as I came and it felt incredibly strong (a little too strong really as it almost swamped the feeling of the things everyone else was doing to me). My orgasm tore through me and they didn’t let up until I’d had more than enough and begged them to let me go. My clit still felt like it was buzzing when Jen pulled the vibe away and she swapped places with Sara so I could be kitty kissed while Jen took over helping Sue out with my nipples. They slowly brought me back down and I would have happily dozed for a while if it wasn’t for the fact that Sue still wanted her turn.

I did get a little break while we had something to drink and then we set about doing things to Sue. We took care of her in a different way – I mostly concentrated on her breasts, but also used my fingers to feed her Jen and Sara’s pussy juice. Mike, Jen and Sara took turns eating her and Mike fucked her, followed by him fucking her from behind while Sara licked her clit. Jen gave Sue a hair fucking (she twisted her pair into a bunch and used it as a dildo and Sue sucked Mike, Jen and Sara (not all at the same time). Mike lay on his back so Sue could go on top of him and they fucked while Sara licked and speared Sue’s ass. Mike swapped position with Jen (who shared the new dildo with Sue) and Mike and Sara then took turns spearing her ass, followed by Mike briefly fucking her ass while Sara reached under Sue to play with her clit. Sue enjoyed herself, but the session didn’t seem to flow quite as naturally. She came though and people took turns kitty kissing her for quite a while as I started to prepare dinner and Mike gave her another fucking while Sara played with her clit.

There was only Mike left to get a group session now and he opted to wait until that night, but this didn’t stop Sue and I teasing him (with a little additional teasing from Jen and Sara) while we ate dinner and prepared to go out. He threatened to fuck us just before we left the house and we freed his cock and Sara and I kissed around it, but then told him he’d have to wait to fuck us, so we were chased down the street and fingered whenever he caught us.

We had a pleasant night out and even danced for a while. Mike made use of the fact that none of us had panties on under our skirts/dresses and he would slide his hands up our legs and hold on to our asses or hips (to be fair, the rest of us did this to each other as well). We nearly threw Sue to the wolves as we almost dared her to get off with one of the guys who danced with us, but relented at the last minute. We let him have a grope of her breasts though and she reciprocated by rubbing his cock through his trousers but then told him that her boyfriend would get mad if he caught her fooling around with another guy.

On returning home, we remade our floor bed and Mike wanted to take his turn to be fussed over. For this, he lay on his back and took turns with two of Sue, Sara and me fucking him while he ate one of us (even Sara let him fuck her for a bit as long as he didn’t cum in her). When he got close to cumming, Jen joined in and she ground against him while he ate one of the rest of us and fingered the other two. He would have quite happily cum in this position with Jen humping against him, but he wanted something else later on so he got Sue to ride him while he ate Sara and fingered and frigged me. This meant that Jen was left out, but he was happy enough with the three of us and he made Sara cum first so she could lean forwards and play with Sue’s clit. Sue came fairly easily with this extra stimulation and Mike came in her before finally pulling me over his face and finishing me off by eating me.

Jen still needed to cum and she asked Sue to play with her – while Jen agrees that Sara is cute, she still has a soft spot for Sue (unlike Mike who has a very hard spot for her). Mike convinced Sara to let him be inside her again (with the same provision of not cumming) as we fell asleep and he gently fucked her while we chatted and pushed as far into her as he could (which she liked). He told her that he wanted to be able to cum deep inside her again and she wiggled back against him and said that maybe he could another time and he complained that she was as big a tease as Lis (so we had to explain to Sara about Mike and Lis – and showed her some more of the pictures of Lucy’s porn alter-ego Pavlina).

In the morning, I ate Sara awake and Sue ate Jen awake while Mike ate Sue. After breakfast, Jen and Sara shared a shower and before they started, Jen lay on her back and Sara sat over her so Jen could lick Sara’s ass while Sara fingered herself. As she came, she peed over Jen’s chest and then rubbed this in to Jen’s body while fingering Jen (who of course squirted as she came). Mike then showered with Sue and used the pulse spray on her clit while his cock was buried in her and I finally got to shower once they had finished.

We spent a good part of the rest of the morning playing with Sara’s wonderful pussy – not specifically trying to make her cum (although this happened a couple more times), just licking, kissing, sucking and using toys on her. So Sue didn’t feel left out, Mike took care of her and fucked her to a couple of orgasms, cumming in her the second time. Jen offered to eat Mike’s cum out of Sue (and Sue accepted, but wanted to let it soak into her for a little while before Jen was allowed to do anything). Mike was allowed in Sara one last time (still no cumming though) and Sue and I took turns licking his cock and Sara’s clit until she came for the last time of the visit.

As usual, we went out for Sunday lunch and I tried again (unsuccessfully) to pair up Sara and Sue. Honestly, I don’t think that Sue is ready to actually date a girl (despite Jen and Mike’s training – and I have no idea what Mum would say if Sue also ended up with a girlfriend). I’m fairly worried about Sara getting back together with Emily – it is obvious that Sara still really likes Em and I know that Em is sorry for having cheated, but it wasn’t like she did it by accident and I don’t want to see Sara get hurt again (hence why I wanted to pair her up with a nice girl like my sister). Okay, so I know that love doesn’t really work like that – Lis managed to bounce from being really broken up over Vicky to sleeping with Jen and me and then rebounding onto Lucy and they are now a properly happy couple that (I really hope) are going to last.

We promised to take Sue to visit Sara the next time we were down in York and I made sure that Sara knew she could always invite Sue over if she was ever feeling lonely and horny. Sue told me off for trying to sell her to my friends and I asked her to tell me honestly if she would object to spending a night in bed with Sara again (which she couldn’t).


  1. Dearest Andi,

    Once again I would like to thank you for this amazing diary. It has become the very first place for me to visit when I switch on my computer. While I must admit, the sexual play and games are exciting and stimulating to read about - and even to fantasize about, it is you and your family of friends and lovers and the your ability to realize them so fully in your writing. So my dear friend, for that is now how I think of you, thank you for allowing me to share in your extraordinary and delightful life.
    With much love,

  2. Thank you Krissy - I'm glad you enjoy our games. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep the blog updated so it is always good to hear from people who read it