Friday, 5 April 2013

Back to Uni Again - Part 1

Latter-mid-January, we headed down to visit Jen’s Uni friends again. We’d arranged with Ashraf for him to visit at the same time so we could have a bit more fun, but Mel and Jules had already told us that we were in for a surprise as they had been working on Susan.

We met up in one of the usual bars and it felt like ages since we’d seen everyone. We quickly caught up with things (although we’d been told some of it already during our regular updates). James had been convinced by Richard (his bf) to let Abrahii join in with them. At first this had just been an occasional threesome (Richard is bi and has slept with Abrahii a fair number of times) and James (who is more gay) didn’t do too much with Abrahii, he just let Richard play with her. As their sessions became more frequent, James was convinced to let Abrahii blow him and he conceded that she was quite good at it so he proceeded to take her ass and now he also sometimes ‘experiments’ and fucks her cunt. Of course, Abrahii loves this as she has two guys to take care of her (although James doesn’t like going down on her and generally only fucks her properly when he’s drunk). Likewise, as Julia is alone during the week and used to sleep with Abrahii, she also joins in with them (in varying combinations – although so far James doesn’t do things with either of the girls by himself).

The other change that we saw was the effects of the reported work on Susan. When we met people at the bar, she was dressed much more revealingly and was obviously used to people stealing caresses off of her as she barely looked if someone rubbed her ass or breasts. As you would expect, Mel and Julia were the ones who groped her the most (as well as Abigail who she was still dating and didn’t seem to mind showing her off), but Jen and I were encouraged to play with her too and we eagerly joined in the fun. Things got a lot more interesting when we left the pub and went home. Julia asked if we wanted to see more of Susan and when we said yes, she set about pulling Susan’s clothes off.

Susan had been warned that we would want to see her naked and she didn’t object as she was fondled, spread and probed for our enjoyment. Jen had a close examination of her breasts and Mike had a good look at her spread pussy (this seemed to embarrass her a little more) while I just took in the whole package. Abigail suggested that Susan show us her latest trick and after a bit of clapping and cheering she gave in, sat down on a chair and began to caress herself. This was a bit of a surprise as we thought we knew how far things had been developing, but Jules had kept it from us so it could be a surprise. After a little caressing and foreplay, she closed her eyes and plunged a couple of fingers into her cunt and alternated between fucking and frigging herself while using her other hand on her breasts. It was a wonderfully arousing sight – the girl who had been so innocent when she started Uni just a few months before, openly masturbating for us. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity and pulled Julia over to me so I could play with her. Neither of us had panties on so we could have easily done things to each other without getting undressed, but I didn’t want Susan to feel singled out so we stripped off some of our clothes and set about playing together. Jules ate me but I only did this briefly to her in return as I didn’t want to miss watching Susan – fortunately I know plenty of ways to make Julia cum so didn’t have any problem satisfying her with just my fingers. Susan actually came before Julia did but I still only used fingers as I could then talk to people at the same time.

We didn’t bother to cover up again once our displays had ended and only when they went home did Susan get dressed (had it been warmed I would have suggested she leave her dress and just wear her jacket, but the weather wasn’t up to this). Before they left, I asked Abrahii if she could convince both James and Richard to stay for the night. This wasn’t too difficult for her to do and I suggested that Mike and Jen spend the night with Mel and Julia while I went with Abrahii (and Richard and James). Everyone was fine with this, but Mike wanted to see the guys fuck me so we agreed that we would put on a morning show.

It took a while to get ready for bed as eight of us had to share the bathroom. Jen surprised me by sitting on the toilet naked and peeing while other people were going in and out of the room. Her excuse was that she just wanted to get ready quickly so she could have some fun, but Mike and I both knew that she enjoyed actually peeing in front of us all (even if she wasn’t masturbating at the same time). Once in bed (or on the floor as Abrahii’s bed wasn’t big enough for four of us), James seemed a little nervous so I assured him that he didn’t have to do anything to me if he didn’t want to, but added that I could probably match Abrahii for being a willing receptacle for his cum if he wanted to experiment any more with girls.

We eased him in gently, Richard and Abrahii jointly sucked and licked his cock and I then took Abrahii’s place. I reached down to stroke Richard’s cock while we did this but Abrahii didn’t want to be left out so she took over sucking him and licking me (somewhat awkwardly due to the position we were in). It was easy enough to get James to cum (younger guys rarely seem to last long) and while he recovered, Abrahii and I enjoyed Richard. We let him take us both at once, switching places so we could take turns being fucked or eaten. I cheated a little and played with my clit as I rode up and down on his cock and contracted myself so I could give the most stimulation to him while also enjoying myself. This had the desired effect and I ‘won’ by getting him to cum in me and then carried on playing with myself until I came on his cock. Abrahii wasn’t too disappointed as the consolation prize of him eating her to orgasm wasn’t too bad.

We had a little break and after a quiet conversation with Abrahii, we decided to 69 and urged the guys to do the same. I enjoyed the fact that James was sucking my juices off of Richard’s cock but didn’t pay too much attention to this as I was concentrating more on Abrahii and what we were doing to each other. It had been a while since I’d enjoyed her pussy and I admired the contrast of the bright pink skin of her inner lips against her dark skin. I got her to contract herself for me and as I watched her pussy pulsating I tried to contract myself at the same rate and then buried my tongue inside her. We had a fairly quick and intense session as we were in a race with the guys, but as they’d both cum already we weren’t at such a disadvantage and we both managed to cum before they did.

Regular readers will know that I’m not against gay guys, but I think that two girls doing things together is a much more beautiful sight than two guys. I’m certainly beginning to find it a more appealing sight than in the past, but I can’t help thinking that it is a ‘waste’ of two cock that could be doing things to me! Abrahii and I helped them out with little caresses and she told Richard (quietly) not to make James cum but to just keep him aroused. James wasn’t given this advice though and he carried on sucking and stroking Richard until he came in his mouth. At that point, Richard stopped and asked Abrahii what the plan was and we told them that I wanted to feel James cum in me (so I could have both of them in the same night), but it was up to him whether he wanted to do this or not. As I’d hoped, he had been pushed sufficiently far along that he was willing to give me a try and I let him mount me and pump away inside me. I was beginning to feel a little tired, but I contracted my cunt around his cock as much as I could and encouraged him to empty himself into me – this didn’t take him long and I thanked him for his cum as he lay on top of me panting.

I don’t think he came much as only a little of his cum leaked out of me when he dismounted. I asked Abrahii if she wanted to spoon with the guys as we fell asleep (she did) but neither of the cocks looked as if they would be ready to do this so after giving James a couple of minutes to recover, we set about trying to resurrect them one last time. We got the guys to lie on the bed beside each other and we swapped cocks back and forth, stroking, pumping and sucking them until they both felt hard enough to be of use. James opted to spoon with Abrahii (I guess he knows her better, or just prefers her) so I took Richard. I did at least get to be in the middle, so as Richard pushed into me, I pressed up behind James so his ass nestled against my crotch and my breasts pushed against his back (or at least the one that Richard wasn’t cupping). We didn’t stay in this position for too long as it was too warm, but it was nice while it lasted and I gently moved against Richard to keep him hard for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, Mike had fucked Julia while Mel and Jen had 69ed and Jen and Julia had 69ed so Jen could eat Mike’s cum out of her while Mike ate Mel (he didn’t think she tasted too good that weekend, but he obviously didn’t tell her that). By the time Mel had cum, he was hard enough to spoon with her and gently fucked her while they all chatted. He’s been practicing being able to cum with only gentle motions and challenged Mel to tell him if or when he came. It took him a while, but he announced that he’d cum and Mel didn’t believe him at first – at least until she knelt up and a small amount of his cum leaked out (which she taste tested to ensure it wasn’t just her own juices). He didn’t get hard enough again to spoon her properly, but semi-spooned her with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks.

The next morning, Mike went down on Julia and Jen took Mel (we believe that as visitors, we should thank our hosts for accommodating us). Mike let Mel and Julia take care of Jen between them (although he did partially fuck Jules while this was happening) and once Jen had cum, he was sent in to fetch the rest of us so we could put on our promised show. Having fucked me already, James was a little more willing to do this (although still a little unsure about doing things with an audience) but when I offered him my ass he accepted and we got started. Richard lay on the bed and I mounted him, then leant forwards so James could enter me. We found our rhythm and Julia reached between Richard and I to play with my clit – at which she was partially successful. Mike really enjoyed seeing me being DPed and ended up buried inside Abrahii so he could enjoy it even more (and so she didn’t miss out on a morning cum). He pulled out in the middle of the session and offered his cock to my mouth. I took him in as deep as I could without gagging and he face fucked me – having three cocks in me felt really good but it was very awkward so he returned to Abrahii and resumed fucking her.

James came in me first but we got him to stay inside me while I rode Richard and with Julia’s help, we both came too. I pulled myself off both cocks at the same time and felt very empty (and very drippy) and was in time to watch Mike finishing off inside Abrahii. James and Richard didn’t stay for breakfast (but they’d served their purpose) and the rest of us lazed around for the morning before heading out to meet up with people for lunch.

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