Monday, 8 April 2013

Back to Uni Again - Part 2

Having seen Susan play with herself the night before, Jen and I were a lot more touchy feely with her and once he realised that the guys were allowed to touch her (a little), Mike caressed her ass a couple of times and ran his hand up her thigh. She had to display the fact that she didn’t have panties on to the rest of us and did this in a fairly open way. Not wanting to be outdone, Julia, Abrahii and I also displayed ourselves and formulated a plan for later that evening.

A few of us went for a look round the shops and made use of the changing rooms to have a few games. Abigail made Susan masturbate in one of them (although we didn’t get to see this as having too many people in one room would have looked suspicious) and we purchased a couple of items for use in our plan. Once back at home, Mike convinced Abrahii to let him spend some time enjoying her pussy (it didn’t take much to convince her) and he spent the best part of an hour eating her but not letting her cum. He wasn’t trying to keep her close to cumming so she didn’t get too frustrated, but by the end of the session she clearly wanted to cum and was quite vocal when she was finally made (or allowed) to do so.

The rest of us had mostly just been chatting while watching them, but as the session had progressed, and the smell of Abrahii’s arousal had permeated the room, it became harder to resist from touching ourselves and each other. This time, we didn’t strip off completely and mostly fondled through or under clothes, but we still got the job done and by the time Mike made Abrahii cum (he gave us warning), we had all cum.

Mike buried his cock in Abrahii and half fucked her. This gave us yet more proof of how aroused she had been as her cunt made various squelching noises as he pumped in and out and when he moved away from her, we could see that her juices had leaked out and ran down over her ass.

We freshened up before heading over to Abigail’s place and once enough people had arrived, we set about preparing for our pizza dare of the evening. Susan had been made to do one of these already so it wasn’t anything new to her, but we wanted to take things a little further this time (although not as far as the time I’d got the delivery guy to fuck me). Julia and I changed into fairly revealing (and very short) babydoll nightdresses, Abrahii and Susan put on fairly skimpy underwear and Jen went a step further and opted to just wear a tiny g-string that didn’t really do much to cover her pussy. The guys (or at least the straight & bi ones) really liked the view, as did Abigail’s male housemate (Tom - who isn’t a part of our usual group, but has gotten used to seeing Susan in varying states of undress whenever she has visted).

It was around this time that Ashraf finally appeared and Jen and I spent a while talking to him while the others ordered the pizzas (we tend to eat quite healthily in the week to make up for the student diet at weekends). He hadn’t been kept as fully up to date on Susan and her latest training so we had to explain what was going on, but he was more than happy to see so many of us mostly naked (although if there had been a couple of guys in the mix as well he would have been even happier). While we’d been chatting, Julia had convinced Abigail to join in a little bit – she still wasn’t prepared to be as naked as the rest of us (at least not while Tom was around), but she went and changed into some tight shorts and a t-shirt so she at least showed off a lot more leg. As it got closer to the time the pizza was due, all fully clothed people were herded upstairs and when the bell rang, Susan was sent out to answer it.

She invited the guy in and took him into the kitchen where Julia was waiting. Abrahii and I quickly joined them from the living room, acting all excited that we now had food and finally Jen and Abigail wandered in. I’m sure that the guy must have known that we were playing a prank as (outside of porn), I doubt this happens often (if at all). We pushed things as far as we could though with lots of bending over or reaching up (which for Julia and I exposed our naked lower halves completely). Abigail openly caressed Susan as she paid the guy, at first this was through her underwear, but she then slipped a hand into her bra and squeezed one of her breasts directly.

Julia sat up on the worktop and I told her that I needed to get into a cupboard below her so she spread her legs to allow me to open the door. This gave a good view of her pussy so after looking in the cupboard, I gave her a little lick and then asked the guy if he would be willing to settle an argument for us. He was a little flustered (and was obviously enjoying the view), but said he would be happy to help out so I got Jen to sit up on the worktop beside Julia and asked him his opinion on which of them he thought had the most attractive cunt. I told him to ignore the rest of their bodies as we just wanted to know about their pussies and then ‘decided’ (as if we hadn’t thought of things in advance) that it was unfair as Jen was topless so even with this instruction, he might still be biased towards her. To even this up, I pulled Julia’s nightdress off and then got Jen to lift her ass so I could slip her panties down and expose her properly.

At Abigail’s instruction, Susan came and helped by spreading Jen’s lips while I did the same to Julia and the guy looked at them both while I slowly fingered Jules. He obviously didn’t have much taste as he decided that Julia had the nicest looking pussy (and I know I am biased, but while Julia’s is nice, Jen’s is nicer). As we’d come this far, I asked if he wanted to sample it properly (I didn’t think Julia would mind) but to the guy’s credit, he said that he had a girlfriend and he couldn’t do anything with us. Julia said that this was a pity and gently stroked her clit but I told her I would take care of her after dinner and gave her another lick – longer than the first one.

Abigail had meanwhile moved around behind Susan and slipped a hand into her panties. She hadn’t pushed them down, but they had been moved down just enough that her pussy was now slightly visible and Susan was told to show the guy out, but not to cover herself up (she still also had a breast mostly on display). As expected, she did as asked and even waved him away at the door before closing it. The people who were upstairs were invited back down. Julia put her nightdress back on and Jen slipped her panties back on just so she wasn’t completely naked (as if they actually covered anything). Susan was sent up to ask Tom if he wanted to join us for pizza and he eagerly followed her downstairs.

We ate dinner and chatted about various things. There wasn’t too much fondling as we had greasy hands and were going out afterwards, but once we’d eaten Mel said that it was only fair that Ashraf got to see Susan’s new trick (Susan knows him as he also visits occasionally, our visits just haven’t coincided for a while). We later found out that this was the first time that Susan had displayed as much in front of anyone outside of our expended group, but it was clear that Tom was going to enjoy the show as much as the rest of us and once Mel and Abigail had pulled Susan’s underwear completely off, she quickly got started and was soon well on the way to cumming. Ashraf said that he had missed all of this (and I agreed) so I pushed his hand between my legs so he could at least play with me while we watched (he was at the wrong angle and on the wrong side of me for it to be very effective, but still felt enjoyable).

Susan made herself cum and then lay there with a contented look on her face. I asked her if she always masturbated the same way (okay, so I’ve only seen her do it twice) and Mike suggested I show her how I did it. I lay back and spread my legs with my knees bent so I could reach a hand around under my ass and get fingers into my cunt while I used my other hand on my clit. I didn’t play with myself for long as I had a better idea and said that it was unfair for us to tease Tom and then just leave so I asked if anyone was willing to go up to his room with me and offer him any relief. Both Abrahii and Julia offered themselves so I let him choose between them. He looked to Abigail as if he was asking permission to fuck her friends and she told him that we could do whoever we wanted. He chose Julia so she and I dutifully dragged him up to his room and presented ourselves to him on his bed.

Annoyingly, he didn’t actually have a condom and we couldn’t be bothered going to fetch one from downstairs so we just put on a little show of eating and fingering each other and then got him to sit on the edge of his bed so we could each sit over grind against one of his thighs and give him a joint handjob. We pressed our breasts against him and as he got closer he wrapped an arm around each of us and I rocked back and forth faster against his leg, telling Julia to do the same and to give him as much of her pussy juice as she could. He had quite an impressive orgasm and let out a good number of powerful squirts of cum that arched up into the air and splattered over the floor. We milked him dry, wiped out hands on his chest and thanked him before leaving him to clean up the mess while we went back to do re-join the others. People were beginning to get ready to head out so we quickly got dressed and on the way out called goodbye to Tom.

I was still a little disappointed that we hadn’t got to fuck Tom – and having seen how much cum he produced, especially disappointed that I didn’t get to have him cum in me, or at least over me. Abigail was sure that he would be asking after Julia and me (he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while) and I told her to let him know that whenever I was around I’d be happy to help him out again – but told her to ask him to get some condoms for the next time.

Our evening was lively as usual, but not very sexual. Julia, Abrahii and I made sure that Susan wasn’t the only one who got attention (although we gave her some) and it was made clear to her that she would be playing with herself for everyone’s enjoyment again when we got home. Jen and I had a little chat with her and asked if she really liked doing these things and it seems that she does, but just as I was, she is sometimes a little nervous about new things. I shared with her how Mel, Mike and Jen kept pushing me to do new things (but acknowledged that Susan was progressing much faster than I did) and how I now get to really enjoy myself pretty much however I want. Susan said that as she is being ‘made’ (or ‘encouraged’) to do things, she finds it quite liberating and can mostly just enjoy the experience even if she if a bit unsure of things as ‘it isn’t her fault’ she is behaving in that way. She explained that there is also the added bonus of her being on display seems to get Abigail quite worked up, so their private sex life is quite good.


  1. You'd be surprised how often it does happen. I was a pizza delivery guy for a while and in a university town situations such as what you describe happen about 3 MAYBE 4 times a week which isn't bad considering I'd do 40 to 50 runs a day. There are DEFINITELY opportunities to 'enjoy yourself on the job' so to speak.

  2. Hmm - I didn't realise it was that common. In that case, why don't we get a guy who's more willing to play with us?

  3. Honestly (and no offense is intended here at all) when it happens that often on the job it just becomes just 'another one of those things you see every dat'. It's kind of like why people who work at strip clubs are not really all that impressed with breasts...because they see them so often it's like seeing a hand or arm or whatever.

    That's the best I can do to explain it.

  4. Hmm - I see what you mean (this reminds me of the episode of Friends where Rachael is interested in the gynaecologist). I guess I just can't imagine being presented with the opportunity to fuck and not being interested in it (especially if it was with so many different people).