Friday, 12 April 2013

Back to Uni Again - Part 3

We did some shots off each other’s chests. This started with holding the shots in our cleavage but we moved to tequila and the salt was licked off our breasts. This moved on to the lime being squirted onto the other one and licked off and as things progressed further and we let a couple of random guys join in, more of the drink was spilt and lapped off. Nobody seemed to object as our tops were pulled down to expose more breast and then bras were pulled down (only slightly, there were no completely uncaged nipples). One guy had a good rummage around between my breasts and by the time we finished, our tops were fairly damp and smelt of various spirits. This only acted as a good excuse to remove our tops as soon as we got home and once Susan’s top was off, it was time for her to once again display herself.

It was unreasonable to expect me to just watch this time so I used a bottle to gently toy with my pussy and once Susan came, I played spin the bottle with Jen, Julia and Abrahii. This was a much more intense version of the game and each time a person was selected, they had to be kissed (properly), then have their breasts sucked, then fingered and then eaten. Between the drink and the general atmosphere, the guys didn’t want to be left out so a couple of them joined in. Unfortunately Ashraf wasn’t able to eat us properly, so he was given the option of fucking us (with protection). He didn’t mind if it was a guy or girl that sucked him and when he finally came, it looked like he produced a fair amount of cum (but it’s not always easy to tell in a condom).

While our game had been going on, Mike had taken advantage of the knowledge I’d passed on about Susan’s displays getting Abigail worked up and he had disappeared upstairs with her and given her a good fucking (as usual, preceded by a good licking). As they fucked, he told Abigail how we hated the fact that we were missing all of the ‘firsts’ and described how much he would love to fuck her. Abigail reminded him that Susan was a lesbian and Mike told her that didn’t mean she couldn’t also fuck guys, with the appropriate training (and reminding her of the fact that I was ‘straight’ only a few years ago). He finished off with Abigail on top of him and he pumped into her until she came and he then emptied himself into her. He reminded her to be careful of his cum (Susan isn’t on the pill – and despite his general broodiness and the fact he would love to fuck an 18 year old, he doesn’t want to get one pregnant – especially if he didn’t even get to *actually* fuck her).

Their journey back downstairs was delayed by Mike fingering Abigail through her shorts until she gave in and let him make her cum again (by which time her panties were quite wet with her juices and his cum). Our game was still going on when they returned and they got to watch as Ashraf finally came and this seemed to act as a signal that the rest of us should do the same so over the next couple of rounds the rest of us came.

As is (unfortunately) often the case with people who have no sexual stamina, once they’d cum, people started to think about leaving and heading home. As Susan couldn’t wear her top, we fetched a suitable replacement for her, but only on the condition that she left her other clothes behind. Abigail was all for this so all Susan had for the journey home was a t-shirt we lent her. At Mel’s suggestion, Jen and I took Julia out to the mirror in the hallway so she could see that she was at least semi-decently dressed and we helped by smoothing down her t-shirt so it covered her ass (although also un-helped a little by sliding hands up the inside of her leg and copping a bit more than just a quick feel).

I’d hoped that Ashraf would stay with us for the night, but he was heading back with Richard and James so we were left by ourselves (well, with just us and our hosts). We decided to do a straight swap so I spent the night with Mel and Jules while Mike and Jen got Abrahii. Mike let Jen play with Abrahii first and only once they had both cum did he take his turn. He really wanted to eat her to orgasm and then fuck her to another one, but she was feeling tired so he half-ate her and then fucked her until she came. He held back and continued to slowly fuck her in the hope that she would change her mind and let him help her cum again but she was too tired so he just fucked her to sleep (moving gently) and then came in her once she was asleep.

Mel, Julia and I had a more strenuous session and shared some dildos in pairs while the third person used vibes on our clits. I scissored with each of them in turn and Julia and I then teamed up on Mel. This was followed up by us caressing her as she fell asleep and we finished with a session of kissing and grinding against each other (using the other person’s thigh). We had gotten fairly sweaty during the session, especially the last part so our skin stuck together as we snuggled up and I told Jules how much I’d missed seeing her and that we needed to come down to visit more frequently.

The next morning I ate Julia awake, but got her to be quiet so she could cum without waking Mel and we woke her together with Julia between her legs and me straddling her face. As disorienting as this may sound, it isn’t too unusual for Mel (at least for one of these things to happen at a time) so she quickly woke and started to eat me. I played with Mel’s nips while Julia lapped away at her cunt and sucked on her clit and I felt Mel moaning into me before I came (but she was considerate enough to keep going and finish me off). We found out that we had woken up before the others so Mel asked them to put on a show while we ate breakfast (they started while I helped Mel prepare it). Abrahii found it especially difficult to eat cereal while Mike was spooning with her and Jen was challenged to eat a yoghurt while lying on her back, with Abrahii fingering her and using a vibe on her clit and Mike working on her nipples. Fortunately, Abrahii was going to change the sheets anyway as Jen got quite distracted and made a mess of both herself and the bed, but we were all eager enough to help lick her clean (she did shower as well once we’d finished).

Mel actually wanted to eat Mike’s cum out of Abrahii (she’s obviously tasted his cum many times before, but usually as a by-product of doing things with other people and to commemorate the occasion, Mike and Jen teamed up on her and he fucked her ass while Jen 69ed with her. If we hadn’t already planned to meet up for the customary brunch, I think we could have happily spent a lot longer in bed, taking turns playing with each other (not that Mike could have cum again for a while, but that doesn’t usually stop him as he’d just eat or finger us).

We arrived a little late so most of the others were already present. Susan had a ridiculously short, tight skirt on that barely covered her ass when she sat down. She was put through the usual drill of poses (sitting with one for up on the chair hugging her knee, sitting with legs crossed up on the chair…) to expose her as much as possible (without actually getting arrested) and Abigail fingered her and let Jen and I have a taste of her juices. It was fun watching her being trained, but I missed having those things done to me so I suggested that we find somewhere suitable after we’d finished eating so I could have a play as well.

The chosen location was the rooftop of some student residences (not the ones Jen used to live in). It was a bit more exposed than Jen’s old place, but the idea was to show off and the surrounding buildings weren’t really *that* close so someone would have probably needed binoculars to see what we were up to in any detail. We spread a couple of napkins on top of a small unit and Susan and I sat up beside each other. Given the short amount of time she has been trained, she is certainly very fearless and she didn’t hesitate when we were told to spread out legs and lift our feet up beside us. Abigail stood in front of us and ran fingers up and down our cunts before pushing them in and pumping away, burying them as deep as she could with each stroke. While this sort of finger fucking is nice, it is generally better for ‘show’ than to actually get someone off (at least that’s true for me) and once our cunts had been thoroughly explored by Abigail’s fingers, it was time for us to actually cum.

Abigail took care of Susan and I was offered to Abrahii who stepped up and went down on me. We were eaten until we were close to cumming but then told that we had to finish ourselves off. I’d actually been closer, but both Abigail and Abrahii stopped eating us as my orgasm approached and we both had to masturbate. I really needed to pee and briefly debated putting on a show of squirting (not real squirting I know), but I resisted this and just frigged and fingered myself. I came first, but had to stay sitting up beside Susan with my legs spread until she came. We then had to trade juices, sucking each other’s fingers clean before we were allowed to climb down.

My legs felt a little stiff but out of courtesy, I offered to do the same to Abrahii in return and suggested Susan could do Abigail, but while Abigail was happy enough to be naked or semi-naked on holiday with everyone, she wasn’t prepared to do it in the middle of the city. I would still have done Abrahii, but she was feeling the cold (as were a few of us), so we headed back inside and then to a warm coffee shop (I know we’d just had lunch, but this is the student lifestyle). I went back to the house with Mike to fetch our bags while Jen stayed to chat to people and we collected her on the way to the airport. I told everyone that I was very impressed with Susan’s progress and hoped that she would have achieved even more by the time we saw her again in a few weeks. I was being sufficiently generic that we could have this conversation completely openly but Susan (who obviously knew exactly what I was talking about) was looking around a little to see if anyone else had figured it out. Abigail promised that there would be more to see.

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