Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Enjoying Strangers

At the start of February, we went down to Jen’s old Uni to see the gang again. We were all very interested to see how Susan’s training was going and as soon as we made it to the pub and met up with people, we each slid a hand up under her skirt to confirm that she didn’t have any panties on. Mike and I both pushed our fingers slightly into her pussy but when Jen had her hand up Susan’s skirt, Julia pushed Jen’s arm and encouraged her to slide her fingers the whole way into Susan’s cunt. This made it much harder for Jen to be discreet, but as we were mostly surrounded by people who had seen Susan cum, Jen went along with things and wiggled her fingers around. Susan hadn’t been expecting this while in such a public place and Jen’s arm lifted Susan’s skirt enough that it was obvious where Jen’s hand was. Jen wiped her fingers over Susan’s thighs and then let Susan suck her juices off them.

I suggested to Julia that we shouldn’t let Susan have all the fun and when we got a couple of seats, Jules and I sat with one foot up on the seat beside us and let our skirts slide up (technically down) our thighs to show off our thighs and (if it hadn’t been so dark), crotches. A couple of guys seemed to like the view we were giving them and came over to chat with us. The others had the sense to leave us alone and as we chatted, we fidgeted around to reveal a little more thigh and (hopefully) enough crotch that the guys could see we were exposed. Abrahii had felt a little put out that we hadn’t included her in the exhibitionism, but she’s a forward enough girl that she came over to join us and stood beside Julia, then lifted a foot up onto the side of Julia’s chair to show off her leg. From where I was sitting I had a partial view up her skirt, but she couldn’t easily orient herself to show the guys and she resorted to sitting on one of their laps.

Mel wasn’t around that weekend due to work and Julia (discreetly) suggested to me that we could invite the guys home for some fun. She went to the bathroom and took Abrahii with her to see if she was up for this and I meanwhile did my best to keep the guys interested. I adjusted my position so I was sitting cross legged and made a show of straightening my skirt to cover myself, but was aware that while I was covering my upper legs a little more, I was giving a much better view straight up my skirt. As we intended to fuck them, I went a step further and pulled off my top – I only had a light vest top on underneath and while I didn’t have the sexiest bra on, I could still show enough cleavage to keep their attention. Julia and Abrahii soon returned and as Abrahii sat back down on the guy’s lap, she took his hand and placed it on her thigh. I watched as he stroked back and forth over the spot she’d placed his hand and she then whispered something to him and spread her legs a little. I instinctively spread mine more (which pretty much fully exposed me given the position I’d started in and as the guys hand disappeared under the hem of Abrahii’s skirt, I wished I was sitting where she was.

It would have been fun to see how far he would have gone with Abrahii in a crowded pub, but I was more interested to see how he could perform in a bedroom so I took a quick trip to the bathroom and when I returned, I stood beside Abrahii, pushed the guy’s hand further up under her skirt and suggested we head somewhere more private to continue things. As his fingers had made contact with Abrahii’s pussy and he’d discovered that she too was naked under her skirt, he agreed quickly and his friend was more than happy to tag along. On the way back to the house we specified the ground rules – the guys had to use protection, but they could move between us without changing condoms (providing they hadn’t cum). They couldn’t eat us (but we could eat each other or suck them), if we said we didn’t want to do something, they had to stop it – and we all had to get to cum at least a couple of times (and we would provide toys to facilitate this).We told them that we weren’t looking to meet up with them again and didn’t even want to know their names. They assured us that they were up to this task and to prove we were more than ready, as we got to the quieter streets, we stopped off and let them caress us. By the time we were home, Julia was carrying her skirt, my top was pulled up over my breasts and Abrahii had been sat up on a wall and fingered (not to orgasm).

We went straight up to Julia’s room and quickly undressed. Julia produced a pack of condoms and Abrahii made sure the guys properly applied them while Juila and I fell on each other on the bed. Even though they weren’t being slow, Julia and I were 69ing by the time the guys were ready and we had to break so we could each take one of them. So Abrahii wasn’t left out, she took turns sitting over Julia and me and we ate her. She wanted to join in properly though so I let the guy fucking me take her doggystyle while she buried her face in my cunt and ate me. Abrahii went wild on my cunt and I did the best I could to hold her face against me (not that she was trying to pull away) as the guy fucked her. I saw him reach around and paw at her breasts and told him to finger her clit so she could cum, but she seemed to be heading in that direction pretty well anyway.

It sounded like Julia and her guy were coming along nicely, but I was too wrapped up in what Abrahii was doing to me to pay much attention. I came before Abrahii did and this seemed to drive the guy over the edge so as soon as I’d finished cumming, I scooted round and frigged her clit until she came. It had been a fairly intense first round so we took a little break and I took the chance to text Mike and Jen to make sure everyone would be back by the time we finished (and preferably early enough to hear the end of the games). Julia pulled the guys’ condoms off and wiped them clean with my skirt, then gave them the option of going straight for round two or using some toys on us first while they got back into the mood (or rather while their cocks got back in the mood). They opted for toys and Julia presented them with her toy drawer (not as impressive as mine and Jen’s, but still more than sufficient). The guys pulled out the larger toys to use on us - they probably don’t appreciate that power and texture are at least as important as size, but we let them do what they wanted for a while and they were quite enthusiastic about fucking us with the toys and really seemed to enjoy switching them between us. We gave them some pointers near the end and directed them to use vibes on our clits while fucking us with the other toys. We all came in a slightly exaggerated fashion and reached across each other to caress breasts and bodies. Our display had certainly got the guys aroused again and their cocks were standing to attention.

I could have probably gone straight into fucking, but wanted to play with them a bit so once they had fresh condoms on, we took turns kneeling and sucking them and slowly pulled them close enough together whoever was sucking could get both heads in their mouth at the same time. We used lots of saliva and got them very wet, but didn’t want to waste their second orgasm in our mouths so all knelt on the edge of the bed and told them to fuck us round robin style. We passed a vibe between us and whoever was left out used it on themselves, but we made the guys switch positions every 30 seconds or so, so the vibe was more for display than anything else.

I was adamant that it was my turn to have someone cum in me so when we got closer to cumming, Julia opted to let Abrahii and I take the guys and I went down on her. I tried to be as enthusiastic as Abrahii had been on me – Julia spread her lips for me which made it somewhat easier and I plunged my tongue repeatedly into her. She described what I was doing to her, but told the guys not to cum until Abrahii and I had cum. They listened to her instructions and played with our clits this time (but there had already been a fair bit of breast mauling, which Jen would have enjoyed if our guys had been girls). I leaned over to kiss Abrahii as I came, but once my orgasm has finished, I told the guy to go ahead and fuck me as hard as he wanted and I resumed eating Julia. It wasn’t too difficult to make her cum but the cock inside me still came before she did. Surprisingly, Abrahii had taken a while to cum (she later told us the guy hadn’t been that good at frigging her), but at least her guy had listened and he didn’t cum until after she had.

We once again used my skirt to clean the guys’ cocks (which were now limp). They seemed to think that we were done, but we pointed out that Julia and I had only been fucked to orgasm once by them so we were owed a round three. They weren’t sure they could manage this for a while so us girls played together (in a slightly over the top way). I quietly asked Julia if I could put on a little show and squirt, but promised it wouldn’t be much. She agreed to this and I lay on my back while she and Abrahii held my legs up by my shoulders and got the guys to take turns fucking me with one of the vibes. I reached down to spread my lips and pretended to get aroused a lot faster than I actually did. I could have probably cum for real if I’d been a bit more patient, but I wanted to be fully in control when I ‘came’ so I faked it and as I moaned loudly, I let out a single squirt of pee that arched up in the air and splattered over the guy’s hand, my legs and the bed.

He seemed genuinely impressed at this (I don’t think he realised I’d faked it) and asked if I thought I could do it again. I told him I felt too sensitive as I didn’t want to make any more of a mess of Julia’s bed, but said if they liked it so much, they could repay us with a final fuck before they left. As an added incentive, I suggested they could use our asses but Julia upped the stakes and said that as there were two of them, they should have to DP us all. There was no way they’d be able to fuck us all, but if we’ve learned anything from our games, it’s how to be inventive so we took turns. Abrahii went first and after the guys had fucked her for a minute or so we switched and I took her place. The guy who had been in her cunt took my ass and the other guy my cunt (with a change of condom). Once I'd had my turn, we swapped again and Julia had a go. After her DP mini-session, Jules and I knelt on the bed and the guys fucked our asses while Abrahii crawled under us. She had intended to lick us both (alternating between us), but it would have been too difficult to crawl in and out from under us so I got licked by her and she reached over to play with Julia (Jules gets to do things with her in the week, so this was only fair).

My guy lasted a fair time (but I guess he’d already cum twice) and Abrahii was easily able to get me off before he came. Both Jules and I were being quite vocal and encouraged them to fuck our asses and cum in us. Abrahii continued to kitty kiss me until my guy came, by which point both Julia and her guy had also finished. I felt satisfied (and quite sensitive) but for completeness (and once they’d removed the condoms), I wiped them clean one last time with my skirt (which now needed a really good wash). Julia, Abrahii and I all kissed on the bed and let hands and fingers roam over (and into) each other. I was curious to see if we could get the lads interested in doing any more, and while one of them seemed to be stirring a bit, he didn’t try to do anything so I assumed we’d tired them out. They watched us for a bit and I tried to give them a little encouragement by telling them that if they weren’t going to join us and do anything useful, they could leave, but they took this as me telling them to leave (which I sort of was anyway as we could hear that the others had arrived back and were doing something downstairs). As the guys dressed, Julia and I sloppily licked and kissed Abrahii’s breasts and ended up fingering her together. We threw on some t-shirts to show the guys down to the front door and as they left Abrahii slipped a hand under my shirt and played with my pussy so I did the same to her in return. She knew I was daring her so we pulled up each other’s shirts so we could play with each other in full view of anyone outside and carried on doing this as the guys walked away (we did check that nobody else was watching).

Things were fairly quiet in the living room when we went in, but it was obvious that Susan had been exhibiting herself (or rather, being exhibited). While we had been upstairs fucking, she had been made to play with herself and then also masturbated with a beer bottle. I said that I was sorry I’d missed it and Abigail said that we could always do it again, so Abrahii and I sat on either side of Susan to hold her legs apart and Abigail pushed the neck of the bottle back into Susan’s cunt. We helped out a bit by holding her lips apart and as Abigail fucked her and dribbled saliva onto Susan’s cunt for lubrication, Abrahii and I took turns stroking her clit to help things along further. Susan had a hand on my thigh and I felt her gripping tighter as she got closer to cumming. I spread my legs a bit and nudged her hand a bit further up towards my crotch to see what she would do. She didn’t move it back down, but didn’t try anything (although from the position she was in she would have had to dislocate her wrist to do anything worthwhile to me). We carried on until she came but when Abrahii pulled the bottle out, we held on to Susan’s legs and kept her spread and exposed.

Mike and Jen took the opportunity to have a closer look at Susan’s cunt (although they’d also looked earlier while I’d been otherwise engaged). Mike scooted sideways so he was kneeling in front of me and pushed his face into my crotch while Jen moved in the other direction and targeted Abrahii. While we were upstairs (and putting on an audio show), it had been decided that we would have to join Susan in giving a visual show when we rejoined the group. Susan was handed the bottle to use on Julia - this wasn’t the first time she’d had to play with Jules in public so she didn’t hesitate, knelt in front of Julia and worked the bottle into her and then proceeded to fuck her with it. I didn’t really need to cum again at that time, but we weren’t really being given a choice in the matter so I lay back and enjoyed it. Mike didn’t tease me that much and just lapped away steadily until I told him I was getting close, at which point he sped up a little and concentrated on my clit until I came. My orgasm was more intense than I’d expected and I arched my back, pushing my pussy up and against his face. He continued to kitty kiss me until Julia and Abrahii had both cum, then he had a quick lick of each of them before returning to his seat.

Julia, Abrahii, Susan and I were told to sit together on the sofa with our legs spread (crossing over each other’s legs). I could picture how we looked as I’ve seen a number of porn vids with four girls in a similar position and if I’d had the energy I would have happily stroked the others (and been stroked in return). Even Julia seemed to be temporarily satisfied as I’m sure we could have convinced at least one of the guys to take us, but we didn’t encourage anything. Other than changing the positions of our legs (to prevent them going to sleep), we stayed like this until people left. We were fondled by a few people, but weren’t made to cum again (which I was a little disappointed by as once I’d had a chance to rest and another drink, being so exposed was getting me turned on again).


  1. There are vibrators and then there are electric toothbrushes...there are electric toothbrushes and then there are high-end electric toothbrushes.

    I use a Philips sonicare Flexcare which retails for about $130 and it'll have me done in under 3 minutes flat.

    And I'm a guy and guys and vibrators usually don't have those kind of results.

    I have NO idea what that would do to a woman if it was applied directly to the clit but on the underside of the penis head...you better hold on.

    I've tried vibrators before (and even other electric brushes) and they didn't do much but using this thing is a COMPLETELY different ball game. Make sure it's a high-end one and get the smaller brush head for more targeted stimulation. Those lower end and even mid-shelf brushes don't really cut it and you'd be better off with a vibrator.

    First time I used it I was amazed as it was the first time I had an orgasm without really doing anything. Just lay down, apply, hold on and there you go. For a guy that's pretty amazing considering how guys get off...usually there's quite a bit of effort involved but with this thing...wow.

  2. Well we're not adverse to using electric toothbrushes but none of our ones cost that much. Even the cheaper ones we have are sufficient for getting girls off but Mike is quite intrigued as to what the powerful one would feel like - maybe an idea for a birthday present for him...

  3. It would do the trick. I understand. With guys normally vibrators don't do much but since it's extremely high intensity in an extremely small area it works otherwise it wouldn't be worth the expense.