Monday, 15 April 2013

Mike and Lis Again - Part 1

For the last weekend in January, Lucy and Lis came up to visit us again. We’d all been looking forward to this as it had been a couple of months since we’d seen them but Mike was especially looking forward to it after what had happened at Mel and Julia’s wedding. As usual, for a couple of days before the visit, Mike hadn’t cum inside me (to reduce the chance of his cum being transferred to Lis or Lucy) and as payment he had been promised the usual pair of Lis’ used panties (and by used, I mean covered with her juices). He was also expecting to have another chance to bury his cock in her (and had openly discussed this with her, but all she had said was ‘we’ll see’.

They arrived at a reasonable time on the Friday night and once we’d got back to the house and had dinner, Jen told Lis that she wanted to see how well she could tease Mike. Now Jen’s definition of tease is rather different than Lis’ – Jen doesn’t touch his cock other than the times she will grind her pussy against him, while Lis was much more hands on. She undid his trousers, freed his cock and after gently tracing up and down the shaft with her fingertips, sat over him and pushed her panties against his cock. Mike wasn’t being passive and held her hips, guiding her back and forth while telling her he wanted to feel her naked cunt on his cock. She at least teased him a little more before giving in and slowly removed her other clothes until she was grinding against him wearing just her panties. These finally came off (and were put aside for Mike’s later use) and we got to see Lis sliding her cunt against his cock, which rapidly became coated with her juices. She then said it was time for a little more, lifted herself up, grabbed his cock and pushed herself down onto it. She pushed down all the way and then (with Mike’s help) rode up and down the length of the shaft.

She asked if he thought he could control himself a bit more this time (which isn’t really fair as by her own admission, she had been fucking him just as much as he’d fucked her at the wedding) and when he said he could, she told him that he could fuck her until she came (with the unspoken rule being that he couldn’t cum). They moved into the bedroom for this and I suggested that Lis lie on her back so Mike could do things properly with her but he thought we would have a better opportunity to see what was happening if he knelt between her legs and lifted them up. He was also doing this as he knew it meant he could get deeper into her (and we all knew that he wanted to bury himself as deep inside her as he could). I was going to spread Lis’ lips to help him get inside, but she was sufficiently wet (and he was sufficiently eager) that he just lifted her feet to his shoulders, pushed his cock against her pussy and slid in.

He started off with long slow strokes and gently rubbed Lis’ clit. Jen, Lucy and I watched intently as his cock slid in and out and her lips grasped at it. I asked Lucy if she was still okay with this and she said that it was Lis’ choice and that Lis had promised her that Jen and I would pay special attention to her (Lucy) to make up for it. I was more than happy with this arrangement (as long as I got Lis as well) and as we watched, I slid a hand down Lucy’s back and up under her skirt. She didn’t stop me so I pushed my hand up higher and down the back of her panties, then used my wrist to slowly push her panties down and give me access to her pussy. Jen saw what I was doing and joined in – Lucy’s panties were a bit cramped with two hands inside them (as well as a Lucy) so we pulled them off and between us, we fingered and caressed her.

Mike was taking things slowly with Lis and enjoying the feeling of her cunt as much as he could (well, maybe not *as much* as he could as he wasn’t going to cum, but as much as he could within the limitations of the session). He rolled Lis on to her side so she was facing us and fucked her while lifting up her top leg. This gave us a much better view of him fucking her and when he looped her leg under his arm, he could easily play with her clit as well. It wasn’t as easy for him to move this way and while he could have made Lis cum, he wanted more of her orgasm to be due to his fucking, so once we’d all had a good chance to watch, they moved back round so she was on her back.

They picked up the pace and as he fucked her harder, Jen and I started to probe Lucy’s pussy more forcefully and she soon lost her skirt. I then stripped off and once my fingers returned to their rightful place between Lucy’s legs, Jen followed suit. We pressed up against Lucy, one on each side and I let Jen take care of her clit while I reached between her ass cheeks and fingered her pussy. As Lis made sounds to indicate she was getting close to cumming, I wanted to feel Lucy against me properly so we pulled off her top and bra and pressed up against her now naked body. This had the added benefit of being able to conveniently play with her breasts and I really wanted to make her cum at (or around) the same time Lis did, but we didn’t know that Mike had decided he was beginning to enjoy things a bit too much so he had gone in for the kill and was applying a bit more pressure to Lis’ clit.

He pushed as deep as he could into her with each stroke while keeping up the pace and told Lis that he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock. He later told us that he had to concentrate quite hard to stop himself from cumming as Lis is still pretty tight and it was a fairly intense fuck. He managed to do as he’d promised though and even continued to fuck her through her orgasm, then slow down his movements and gently pump in and out of her as she calmed down. He pulled his cock out and it glistened with Lis’ juices. It looked a darker colour than usual and he was tempted to just jerk himself off and cum over her, but wasn’t sure if she would want that (and he didn’t want to spoil his chances of doing other things with her), so he just wiped his cock on her thighs and teased her clit with the head of it.

Lucy was pretty close to cumming, but now that the entertainment had finished, she decided that she didn’t want Mike to watch as we made her cum so he was banished from the bedroom, but not before wiping Lis’ cunt dry(ish) with her panties and as an added bonus, being given Lucy’s panties to jerk off into. He had one last task to do before he left, I called heads and he tossed a coin to see who would get to sit over Lucy first. He knew I wanted this and used his lucky coin (an old 10p piece that almost always seems to come up heads the first time you toss it to make a decision). True to form, it was heads and as he left the room, we lay Lucy down on the bed with a pillow under her ass, I straddled her face and Jen positioned herself between her legs. Lucy wasted no time in pulling me to her and started sucking on my clit while I spread Lucy lips and Jen fastened her mouth to her clit.

Lucy came fairly quickly and once her orgasm had passed, I suggested that Jen play with Lis so Lucy could finish me off and I would kitty kiss her. Jen was amenable to this idea as long as she got to play with Lucy again later so I asked Lucy if she would eat Jen and got a muffled ‘yes’, along with feeling her head nodding between my legs. Lis wasn’t quite ready to cum again but was happy to do the same as Lucy, so Jen 69ed with her and kitty kissed her while Lis ate her. Lis did a fairly intense job on Jen with her very rapid licking and actually made Jen cum before I did. I wasn’t too bothered about this though as I was enjoying gently licking, sucking and nibbling on Lucy’s pussy. By the time I came, I was no longer just kitty kissing her and had moved on to eating her properly and flicking my tongue over her ass a few times (although this isn’t that easy to do in a 69 position).

We gave Lucy and Lis the chance to select some toys from the cupboard and then switched partners. I welcomed Lis into my arms and we spent a while sharing a double dildo while we kissed. I let my hands roam over her back and ass. Our tongues circled and I could feel us exchanging a fair amount of saliva, but this didn’t matter. Out of all of my partners (not counting Mike and Jen), Lis is definitely the one that feels most ‘right’ in more than just a sexual way. As nice as our session was, we were a fair way behind Lucy and Jen who had moved on from just touching and kissing a while before. I told Lis that I wanted to feel her cum in my mouth, but instead of wanting to 69 with her I thought we should try something else and I pushed her off me and quickly scurried to the cupboard to fetch the strong ball (mains powered) vibe.

I returned to the bed, plugged it in and lay back down, directing Lis to climb back on top of me. We nestled the head of the vibe between us and adjusted our position so it made good contact with our pussies and then resumed kissing. We agreed to stay in place until we’d both cum and ground against the vibe as it thrummed away between us. Our kissing was even wetter than before and as we got more turned on, we panted into each other’s mouths. I was determined that Lis should cum first, but the mains vibe is pretty strong so I had to really concentrate to hold back. I still won though and Lis moaned into my mouth as we kissed and her orgasm hit her. I let go at this point as I didn’t want to torture her too much (and she probably couldn’t take too much intense stimulation after cumming) and pushed against the vibe. Lis had finished cumming by the time I came, but we weren’t too far apart and I moaned into her mouth. It felt really good having her whole body pressed against mine and I enjoyed every last second of my orgasm until it had completely finished and the pulled the vibe out from between us.

Lis apologised for the mess of saliva that had run down my face and chin but I told her that I didn’t care if I got to fuck her like that every time she made a mess. She kissed around my face and cleaned me up a little, but was still a mess when Jen and Lucy finished. I guessed that Mike had been listening in on us and that he wouldn’t have cum just yet (in the hope we would go for another round) so I sent Lis on a mission. She went into his room and found him sitting on the bed, using Lucy’s panties wrapped around his cock to masturbate. Just as I’d asked her to, Lis took back her pair of panties and thoroughly wiped her pussy with them before handing them back to Mike (in a much damper state). Mike inhaled her scent from them and as Lis watched he stroked his cock faster and she saw a dark, damp patch appear on Lucy’s panties as Mike unloaded into them. He unwrapped his cock and showed Lis the mess he’d made and said that if she helped, he could probably make (almost) as much of a mess in her panties, but Lis said that she had just come in to wipe herself dry and it was up to him to make himself cum. Mike promised to return her panties cover in cum the next morning and Lis returned to us in Jen’s room.

She told us about Mike cumming and I was glad that he was getting to enjoy himself as well (it isn’t really fair that he isn’t allowed to cum in me when Lis and Lucy are visiting) and we teased Lucy about getting her panties back, putting them on her and massaging Mike’s cum over and into her cunt. As you would expect, Lucy wasn’t on board with this actually happening, but she didn’t stop us from caressing her and we decided that we’d give her a final orgasm before we settled down to sleep. All three of us worked on her and she was licked, fingered, kissed and dildoed. Jen got four fingers into her and a fair amount of her thumb, but it wasn’t a proper fisting. We kept her close to cumming for a while, after which she was willing to ask us to make her cum (we only got her to ask a couple of times before obliging). I got to eat her as she came and I caressed her thighs while Lis and Lucy caressed the rest of her body, kissed her breasts and kissed her properly. Lucy thrust her cunt towards my face as she came so I licked and sucked on her clit harder until she relaxed back into the bed. As I kitty kissed her, I dragged my tongue over her ass a number of times – she flinched at first when I did this, but then relaxed and didn’t react any differently than she did when I kissed her pussy.

Lucy said that she needed to sleep so I asked if we could use Lis more and she didn’t object, as long as we didn’t wake her up (we had actually intended to go to sleep after making Lucy cum, but I find watching, hearing (and helping to) make someone cum to be quite arousing so I was ready for a bonus round with my two favourite girls. There wasn’t really enough room in the bed for the three of us to do much without disturbing Lucy and the house was a bit cold to go and use the living room or kitchen so we just settled for taking turns being sandwiched between the other two and being gently fingered, kissed and caressed from both sides. When it was my turn, Jen lay behind me and kissed my neck while Lis played with my clit and I had a pretty deep feeling orgasm. For Jen’s turn, we were a bit more forceful – once again Lis was in charge of stimulating her clit while I reached an arm under Jen and played with one of her nipples while using my other hand to at first caress and then fuck (just a couple of fingers) her ass. For Lis, Jen lay behind her and lifted Lis’ leg up and over her (Jen’s) body so we could both reach her pussy. I did most of the pussy play though and Jen concentrated on Lis’ breasts and I got to watch Lis’ face as she came. All in all, it was a good session, and other than her stirring a couple of times, we managed to finish without waking Lucy.

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