Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mike and Lis Again - Part 2

The next morning, I was woken up with Lis between my legs, I decided to be selfish and just enjoy it without waking up the others and Lis spent quite a while down there, covering my pussy with her feathery licks and kisses. Only when I got close to cumming did I reach over and caress Jen awake and once I’d cum, Jen said that she would show Lis how to tease Mike properly. The two of them went to wake him up while I went down on Lucy and once again spent time exploring the pussy that we’d spent so long fantasising about. I didn’t tease her as much as we had the previous night, but still took my time so she could wake up properly and fully enjoy what I was doing to her. As soon as I finished, she needed to rush to the bathroom to pee so I went in to see what Lis and Jen were up to.

Mike had woken up when they’d entered his room and after Jen had briefly sat over him and ground against his cock, she and Lis 69ed and then displayed each other to him (spreading and fingering). He had let them examine his cock – no touching, but close enough that he could feel their breath (which was intentional). Lis didn’t actually stick to the no touching rule and gently traced her fingers up and down and over the head, but wouldn’t do any more than this. The girls played with each other some more and Mike realised that the only chance he had of cumming was to take care of himself (he wasn’t even allowed inside Lis as his cock was still coated in his cum from the previous night). He wanted the girls to cum while he watched but they told him they wanted to see him cum first and sat either side of him as he used Lis’ panties to wank. He threatened to cum over one (or both) of them, but Lis reminded him of his promise to return her panties covered with his cum so he continued using them. He did at least get them to slide fingers into each other and feed him the juices and ha came with Jen’s fingers in his mouth and his tongue swirling around them, sucking them dry.

He deposited a decent amount of cum into Lis’ panties and Jen took them and they returned to her room so they could finish off without him watching (as I said, Jen was making sure that Lis was actually teasing him). I felt a little bad for him so I let him lick me and (unsurprisingly), what had started off with the intention of being a brief licking, developed into a full blown eating. Lucy had meanwhile returned to Jen’s room so got to witness the end of Jen and Lis’ session, but they had finished by the time I returned.

Over breakfast, Jen put Lis panties over her head, with her hair sticking out one of the leg holes and her face sticking out of the other one. They were still wet with Mike’s cum and Jen rubbed them over Lis’ hair. She had to keep them on until we’d finished and went in to shower, at which point Mike requested that he get to shower with Lis and she agreed so we left them to it. He had hoped to get to (semi) fuck her again, or at least slide into her but she said he would have to wait to later on. As a consolation prize, he did at least get to wash her body and she did his. She gave his cock a ‘proper’ clean (a fair amount of stroking) but he wasn’t allowed to finger her in return. To make up for this he just hosed down her pussy with the pulse spray and talked her in to leaning back against him and spreading her lips so he could use the spray on her clit – or more like her pussy as he couldn’t really see to aim properly, but it did the job and he managed to make her cum after a while (with a little bit of help from her playing with clit).

He half fucked her thighs by getting her to stand with her legs sandwiched around his cock and so he could rub between them, but he wasn’t allowed to make himself cum (and says that he probably couldn’t have cum just from that anyway). He really wanted to take Lis back into the bedroom and go down on her, but she refused to let him do that to her as well (and I think Jen began to see that Lis was quite capable of teasing him while still enjoying herself properly).

I got to shower with Lucy and used the pulse spray on her. I was pleased that she didn’t even bother arguing (and assume she has accepted that if she is visiting us, that we’re going to spend the whole weekend making her cum as much as we can). Once Lucy was clean (and satisfied) Jen switched places with her and we played with each other while washing but saved the climax (which involved us both climaxing) until we’d got out, dried off and then used the bed. I wanted to be able to do things with Jen while Lis and Lucy watched and we got properly stuck in to each other with fingers in various holes, tongues stuck as far inside, slapping and pinching (mostly of Jen) as we could and making whatever sounds felt natural at the time. It was a very liberating experience as we didn’t hold back, try to be gentle or refined or worry about what they thought (okay, I was a little worried, but the aim was to show them for what we really were). It certainly had the desired effect and once we’d explained that we were trying to demonstrate that we wanted to be able to do things the other person enjoyed and didn’t care what other people thought about it.

It’s not that Lucy (and even less so for Lis) had been really restrained, but if we were going to be doing things with them frequently then I wanted them to relax as much as possible so we could all enjoy ourselves properly. Along those lines, we managed to convince them both to go out without panties on and promised them that it would be worthwhile. I also took a couple of toys with me and after doing a bit of shopping, we convinced them to use the changing rooms for more interesting purposes. I went in with Lis and we managed to share a double dildo while facing away from each other and using the sides of the cubicle to push against as we fucked. It wasn’t enough to cum so we went to a different shop and this time took turns using a vibe on each other (fortunately the place had enough background noise to mask the sound of the vibe). Jen had just gone down on Lucy in the first shop (with Lucy standing) and for the second one, we let Lucy borrow the double dildo so she could fuck Jen with it while licking her clit. This just left Mike, but he always comes off worse from changing room games – he says he doesn’t mind as the general excitement just adds to his arousal so when he does get to do things, he has a better or stronger orgasm.

Lis took pity on him though and said that as we’d all cum, she would let him fuck her again when we got home. Over lunch, the remainder of our shopping trip, afternoon coffee and the journey home, he kept trying to convince her to let him eat her but she continually refused and just said he could fuck her until she came. I know that some of my readers have pointed out (in relation to Jen) that it is odd that she lets Mike rub against her pussy yet won’t let him eat her, but Lis seems to feel the same way. They both think that having someone actually licking you is more personal and intimate than ‘just’ fucking (or humping in Jen’s case). That’s not to say that they don’t think that full intercourse can’t be an incredibly intimate experience, but just that when playing or teasing, cunnilingus is more intimate (especially in Mike’s case where it is the thing that he likes doing the most).

Despite his constant efforts to get her to let him eat her being refused, Mike wasn’t actually too bothered and as soon as we got home he asked if Lis would honour her promise. She helped to undo his trousers and pulled his cock free, stroking it in what looked like a much firmer and more confident way than she had before. Mike started to pull her clothes off and she was quickly mostly naked, so he joined her and dragged her into the bedroom. The rest of us followed and sat around the bed watching as they fondled and caressed each other. Mike pushed a leg against Lis’ crotch and she rubbed back and forth against it while they kissed and Mike spent a while fondling and sucking on Lis’ nipples.

I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to do things with Lucy so reached up under her skirt and fingered her (and made sure I pointed out how easy this was when she didn’t have panties on). I got Jen to come and help and once it was clear that Lucy was committed to us playing with her, I let Jen take over while I went and retrieved (and put on) the strap on. I knelt behind Lucy and pushed in to her – it was a little awkward as there wasn’t quite enough room with the way she was kneeling, but once she had scooted forwards a bit I could move more easily and I began to fuck her while Jen played with her clit. I didn’t leave Jen out and switched over to fucking her and when I moved back to Lucy, Jen helped pull Lucy’s top off and then played with both her clit and breasts.

Meanwhile, Mike and Lis had progressed from fondling to humping and on to fucking. Mike had started off on top of Lis and got her to wrap her legs around him (as best she could) but after a while they switched position and he took her doggy style. We were all watching intently and Lucy was sufficiently engrossed in the display that she didn’t stop us as we continued to play with her and I actually managed to make her cum right in front (technically to the side) of Mike. I thought that he had been really clever in not paying any attention to what we were doing and assumed that he was just trying to let Lucy become more comfortable cumming with him around, but he later told me that he had been stealing glimpses of what we were doing but then had to purposely ignore her as she got closer to cumming as he really wasn’t sure he could hold back from the join assault of Lis’ tight cunt and the sight of Lucy having an orgasm (he does agree that the plan I attributed to him is a good one though and is strongly in favour of anything that lets him get to see Lucy cum properly).

Lis still hadn’t cum by the time Lucy did, which meant I got to switch back to Jen and fuck her. Lucy had kept her skirt on for the whole session but Jen had stripped off completely. I got her to slip her skirt back on as it seemed somehow naughtier fucking her like that (and it looked sexier). Lucy was quite happy to help out and played with Jen’s clit. We didn’t manage to beat Mike and Lis this time though and while Jen was still getting warmed up, Lis said that she was close and Mike pumped into her as deep as he could until she came. He stayed buried in her, moving slowly and once again when he pulled out, his cock looked ready to burst. Jen was getting closer to cumming by this point and Mike turned to face her and took his cock in his hand. He aimed at Jen (who was kneeling on the floor with the upper half of her body bent forward over the bed) and said that he could cum over her. I thought this sounded like a good idea and told him to go ahead and enjoy himself, but he wanted to enjoy himself a bit more and asked Lis for a hand. He held her hand against his cock and rubbed back and forth. She let him do the work at first but then started stroking him herself. Just as Jen seemed (relatively) innocent when I first met her and I then discovered her mischievous side, I was beginning to see that Lis was similar. She carried on stroking him (with a couple of pointers from Mike) and managed to get him to cum, aiming his cock at Jen’s face. I was still fucking Jen, but had slowed down so Mike could cum first and once he’d emptied his load over her face (and hair, and some on her back) I sped up again and continued until Jen came.

Mike lay back on the bed with a sigh and thanked Lis for a great orgasm. Jen’s face was covered with his cum (not the first time, but he doesn’t get to do that to her too often) and we watched as she licked around her mouth and slowly cleaned herself. For safety, she went and showered to clean off properly and to make up for her having to wash her hair again, we helped to brush her hair afterwards - Jen loves having people brush her hair, so she really enjoyed having three attentive girls doing it at the same time (Mike tried to help, but it was enough of a squeeze with three of us so he left us to it).

It was pretty much time for dinner and we all chipped in to prepare it. Three of us remained naked while Jen and Lucy kept their skirts on. After checking that Lucy and Lis would eat it, Jen and I added some special sauce to the salad by inserting various things into ourselves before chopping or adding them. It wasn’t difficult to get Lis to join in and only took a little longer to convince Lucy to let us slide a couple of things into her. I briefly fucked her with a carrot and when she complained it was cold I knelt down and licked her until her pussy had warmed up. Mike would have quite liked to add some sauce of his own to the salad, but I didn’t think Lucy (or even Lis) were ready to go that far so he had to satisfy himself with just being able to taste us all.

I challenged Jen to wear the shortest skirt she dared and she chose a stupidly short one that she had to wear panties with as it barely covered her pussy and didn’t fully cover her ass. I wasn’t going to let her beat me so I wore an equally short pleated one (usually reserved for use in bed) and had to make the compromise of wearing panties as well, but we both went for g-strings so we were barely covered. Jen got to show off her new panties (despite my training, she still insists on wearing them sometimes – although to be fair this is usually during her period). She had bought the smallest g-string that she could find which barely covered her pussy and was almost invisible at the back. I felt pretty well covered in comparison, but with a bit of fiddling I managed to nestle the material partially between my lips so it felt like I was a little more exposed.

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