Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mike and Lis Again - Part 3

We went out to a gay club that night so that Lucy, Lis and Jen weren’t bothered by guys trying to pick them up (not that they are really *bothered* by it, but it’s nice to be able to go out and not be pestered… well, not pestered by guys anyway. A number of girls tried to pick them up (before they realised that they were together or Jen was with me). Mike got a few proposals and offers to dance but he graciously turned them down. We weren’t entirely safe from men as there were a number of bi men there (or probably just straight ones who were hoping to bag a lesbian), but it was a much more relaxing night than at a standard club (even if the music wasn’t great). We danced throughout the night and I was reminded why I don’t wear panties (or specifically g-strings) – they really aren’t that comfortable. I was forever adjusting it and in the end pulled the crotch to the side (which felt a bit better), but eventually gave up and removed them completely. Fortunately the club was sufficiently dark that it wasn’t obvious my lips were peeking out from under my skirt and once I’d removed mine, Jen quickly followed suit and I let Lis convince Lucy to join us (they were wearing much less revealing skirts so it wasn’t really a big deal for them to go commando).

The walk home was much more interesting and Jen and I had to use jackets to get through the more crowded areas. Whenever we were walking towards a single guy or just a couple of guys, we didn’t bother covering up though and we got a good number of them staring directing between our legs (which we pretended not to notice). Once back home, Mike wanted another round with Lis, but she said that he’d had his fuck for the day – although if he was good, she would bring him a fresh pair of panties to use. He went to his room (but we left the doors open so he could hear) and had a nice girls only session. As I fingered Lis to an orgasm I got her to describe what it had felt like with Mike’s cock buried inside her and she gave a fairly good account (but in her much more polite – or at least less crude - way of saying things). The three of them then piled on to me and worked together to make me cum. Lis and Jen had a turn being targeted and when it came time for Lucy, Lis left us to it while she went off to tease Mike some more. With Lis gone, Jen and I double teamed her – Jen on her cunt and me on her ass. I would have preferred to eat her cunt, but I was thinking about the long term goals. I did at least get Jen to switch halfway through and we got Lucy off with her body curled round and pushing my head against her pussy.

Lis had actually witnessed her orgasm – she had returned after playing with Mike and once she was back in bed with us, I got her to describe what she’d done. As promised, she had taken a clean (used) pair of panties to him, slipped them on and then sat over him and humped back and forth against his cock. She had rubbed herself through her panties, removed them and then sat over Mike in a 60 position (with no actual contact). Lis had gently traced her fingers up and down his cock and had her face close enough that he could feel her breath, meanwhile her pussy was just above his face (but he wasn’t allowed to lick or touch her). She had finished off by wrapping her panties around his cock and stroking him while feeding his a little of her juices via her fingers, but had then told him that if he restrained himself and didn’t cum (that night), she would let him fuck her again in the morning. Lis didn’t stop stroking his cock while she said this and even pulled her panties out of the way so she could get her hand directly on to his cock. Mike said that she got him quite close before he told her to stop and promised her that he wouldn’t cum if it meant he could bury his cock inside her again. Lis left her panties with him as a temptation and while Mike enjoyed her scent from them had some interesting dreams, he stuck to his word and held back from cumming.

Lucy told Lis that she was just a little whore who enjoyed teasing men and Lis pointed out that she had actually taken Lucy’s panties in to Mike, so it had been a combination of their juices that she had been stroking him with. Not long ago this would have embarrassed Lucy, but she was adapting to her newly enforced sexual experimentation quite well and said she didn’t care as she had no use for the panties while we were all in bed playing together. I kind of hoped that this meant she was prepared to do some more, but she was spent for the day – as was Lis – so Jen and I had the choice of doing things together or getting some sleep. As a compromise, I gently teased Lis’ pussy while grinding against her thigh as we chatted and dozed off and in the night I woke up to find myself half draped over her so I kissed her awake and then explored her pussy with my fingers while kissing her breasts. It would have been nice to make her cum, but I thought she should get to experience some of what she was putting Mike through so I slowed down after a while and told her we could finish in the morning – despite having enjoyed what I was doing, Lis hadn’t completely woken up so she didn’t complain as much as I’d hoped and it probably took me longer to get back to sleep than it did her.

When morning did finally come, I woke her up again by going down on her, but this time I didn’t hold back and ate her straight through to orgasm. As I did this I considered not letting her cum and leaving Mike to take care of this so he got her first orgasm of the day, but I wasn’t feeling that generous. Once Lis had cum, I asked her if she still intended to fuck Mike again and when she said that she did, I sat over her face and told her that she needed to make me cum first before she was allowed him. Jen and Lucy woke up while this was happening so after a quick bathroom break, they had their morning session and I promised Lucy that we’d make her cum again while Mike took Lis.

Lis fetched Mike and he suggested that we have breakfast before he did anything with her so she helped him make it and we all ate on the bed. Lucy still half covered herself, but seemed a lot more used to Mike seeing her naked. Jen caressed Lis while we ate and I took Mike’s cock into my mouth to ensure he was hard enough to fuck Lis (as if that was going to be a problem). With breakfast over, Jen and I fingered Lis a bit more to make sure she was nice and wet and Mike then lay on the bed so Lis could climb over him and mount his cock. We helped spread Lis’ lips and I guided Mike into her, then watched as she bounced up and down and quickly engulfed him. Lis experimented with the position and I suggested that she turn around so she could see herself in the mirror. She attempted to do this while staying on his cock, but it’s quite difficult at the best of time, let alone for someone so inexperienced and ended up having to dismount and then spear herself again.

She liked the view and we helped out by pulling her lips back so she could see everything. I bent my head down and licked her clit (and Mike’s shaft) as they fucked, but Mike told me that he wanted to be the one to make her cum. Lis agreed that this was fair as he had held back from cumming so we left them to it and just watched. Mike held on to Lis and rolled on to his side so he could spoon with her. She bent her head round and we watched as they kissed and Mike’s hands caressed her breasts and played with her clit. Lis made lots of approving sounds and Mike told her how he wanted to feel her cum around his cock again. They switched position so Lis was back on top of Mike and facing him and he told her that this time he wanted to fuck her to orgasm with just his cock. He pulled her down on top of him, kissed her deeply, took hold of her ass and started to use long strokes, guiding her up and down his cock. I guided Lucy to the foot of the bed so we could watch properly as Lis’ cunt swallowed his cock over and over. Their movements got faster until he was pumping into her in the way I really love and I couldn’t resist from playing with myself, then realised that this was a waste and pushed Lucy’s hands between my legs while I reached over to play with her on one side and Jen on the other (while this might look good in porn, it’s not really that easy to concentrate enough to make people cum – but it does feel good).

Mike kept pounding into Lis and it became difficult for them to keep kissing so Lis put her head down beside his and he told her how he wanted to feel her cum. Lis panted her way up to her orgasm and then moaned and ‘yes’ed her way through it. Mike slowed his movements and then kissed her deeply again, once more guiding her up and down the length of his shaft. I couldn’t restrain myself from leaning forwards and having another lick, up the length of Mike’s cock and then flicking my tongue over Lis’ ass. Mike told me off again and said that he wanted to make her cum. I pointed out that he’d already done that and he said he thought he could hold back long enough to go again if Lis was up for it. She wasn’t quite ready for another round straight away so he kept slowly fucking her while they kissed and he described to her how wonderful, hot, wet and tight her pussy felt around him. This was a bit of a balancing act for him as he didn’t want to get himself too excited, but he did want to make sure Lis was ready for round two and appreciated how much en enjoyed being inside her.

He got her to sit up for a while and he gently stroked her clit. I got Lis to try moving in a few different ways so she could see what felt best for her and she also enjoyed grinding against Mike (he can’t feel as much when I do this, but that was sort of the point in the situation with Lis). Both Mike and Lis wanted him to make her cum in the same way as before so once she was ready, Lis lay down fully on top of Mike and they resumed fucking in earnest. I knew that watching a second round would certainly be too much for me to resist so I quickly retrieved some vibrating eggs and positioned myself between Jen and Lucy again. I held the eggs against Lucy and Jen’s pussies and got Lucy to hold one against mine. Mike couldn’t really see us as he was kissing Lis so I wasn’t too worried about over-stimulating him. I rubbed the eggs over Jen and Lucy’s pussies as we watched Lis’ cunt be filled again and again. As Mike started the final pounding, I felt my orgasm build and told Lucy to hold the egg on my clit. I came but recovered in time to watch (and listen) as Lis came for the second time. Mike held her firmly in place on his cock and later said that he was concentrating hard on not getting any more excited so he could enjoy being buried in Lis. Lucy came while they were still intertwined – I felt her squeeze my arm. I tore my gaze away from Lis’ ass and looked over at Lucy to watch her cum (which she did almost silently) and she then pushed the egg away from her clit as it felt too intense.

As I said before, trying to do things to two people at the same time like this is quite difficult and I’d been concentrating a bit more on Lucy so it was now Jen’s turn. Lis climbed off Mike so she could watch Jen cum, but she took his cock in her hands and asked if he wanted to cum. He obviously did and I assumed that he was going to cum over Jen again, but Lis said that as his bonus for doing as she asked and not cumming, he was allowed to cum over her. Mike liked the sound of this and got is to lie on her back with her head facing towards Jen so they could both watch (to some extent) what I was doing to her. Mike knelt over Lis’ and started to quickly stroke himself – no longer having to worry about holding back, he quickly came and emptied an impressive amount of cum over Lis’ breasts, face, hair and stomach (with enough going on to the bed to make a mess of that too). Lis was a little surprised at the amount of cum he’d produced and Mike told her that it was due to her teasing him (and the fucking probably helped).

As Lis was a mess anyway, I got Jen to climb over her face and use her pussy to massage Mike’s cum in to her skin. Lis was given the job of finishing Jen off and didn’t seem bothered by the fact that she was licking Mike’s cum off Jen’s cunt as she ate her. Jen massaged Lis’ breasts and rubbed more of Mike’s cum in to her body – by the time Jen came, Lis’ upper body was fully covered with a thin film of cum and her face was a mess of Mike’s cum and Jen’s juices. Jen wiped a little onto one of Lucy’s breasts – she pulled away but didn’t seem that disgusted. Jen took Lis off to the shower to clean her off properly while Mike stayed in the main bedroom and chatted to Lucy and me, his cock once again fully erect. Lucy barely covered herself this time and he complimented her on how hot a body she had. She started to ask me if it bothered me that he said things like that to other women but realised how stupid the question was. We asked if she minded that he got to do things with Lis and Lucy said that as long as Lis was fine with it, then she didn’t mind – and agreed that it was only really fair as Jen and I got to do things with both Lis and Lucy. Mike suggested that we could always even things up a bit more by him being allowed to play with Lucy, so she threw a pillow at him. I was quite surprised that he didn’t try to fight back and wrestle with her, but he seems to be more nervous of scaring her off than I am.

I went to shower with Lucy once Lis and Jen returned and Mike helped Lis to dress herself. There was apparently lots of smoothing clothes down and ensuring her panties and then tights were a snug fit across her pussy and her bra was ‘on properly’. They had finished by the time we returned and Mike had to shower quickly as a lot of the hot water had mysteriously been used up while thoroughly washing Lucy’s clit.

Over lunch we discussed our plans to have a baby and Mike generously offered to donate his cum to Lis or Lucy if they ever decided they wanted to get pregnant. I explained how broody Mike had been getting and how he was looking forward to actually being able to start trying to make (preferably just one of) us pregnant. Lucy agreed that it would be nice to have a baby someday, but she wanted to get a job first and at least get somewhere. I could see that Lis was really happy that Lucy was talking like this as it clearly meant that she intended for them to stay together and have a family someday. Lis hasn’t expressed a strong opinion about wanting children, but she’s certainly expressed an opinion about wanting to stay with Lucy (and still wants to ask her to marry her).

Mike got a decent goodbye kiss (and mini-grope) from Lis when we said goodbye. He also gave Lucy a proper kiss and thanked her for letting him borrow her girlfriend. Lucy told him that as long as he was nice to her (and Lis still wanted to do things), he could have her again. At the station, Lis went to the bathroom and removed her panties so she could leave them for Mike. He promised to return them in a cum stained state, but as he could use me during the week, most of the cum that ended up on them was wiped off or out of my pussy or from my and Jen’s bodies.

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