Monday, 29 April 2013

Thanks for the towels...

Once again this follows on from the previous post...

After dinner, we picked a few bits of wax off of her nipples and pussy lips. It came off easily enough as we could just squish the skin under the wax so it came free (the wax, not the skin). I find it difficult to spend so long close to Jen’s pussy without playing with her and this time was no exception so I started to ‘kiss it better’, which rapidly degenerated into licking her properly. I had initially intended to just tease her, but carried on until she came. Mike had decided to join in and had convinced Julia and Abrahii to let him eat them. He ate one while frigging the other, but spent about equal amounts of time with his tongue buried in them. Once Jen, Julia and Abrahii had cum, he semi-fucked me and then let them all have a lick of me, but I wasn’t allowed to cum. I didn’t mind this too much as it just put me in a more playful mood for going out, so when I got dressed I chose long black socks for the zettai ryouiki look (exposed skin between top of socks/stockings and bottom of skirt). I chose another light skirt, the aim being that if I could draw people’s gaze down to my skirt, whenever the wind blew it up, they would get a good look at my pussy. I paired this a relatively conservative top to minimise cleavage (and hopefully prevent that from pulling anyone’s gaze upwards).

We headed over to Abigail’s place and had the door answered by a naked Susan. She was then made to spend the evening sitting on various people’s laps (both male and female). I wasn’t sure how much we were allowed to grope her so I was fairly well behaved, but did stroke up the inside of her thighs and applied some pressure to encourage her to spread her legs. Abigail knelt in front of Susan a few times and rubbed her pussy. She made Susan cum while sitting on Richard’s lap and he took advantage of the situation and had a proper feel of her breasts. Only when it was finally time to go out was she allowed to get dressed, but she was given an even lighter dress to wear then my skirt. In Susan’s case, this wasn’t to let it blow in the wind and more a case of being revealing. She had to wear a black bra underneath it, which easily showed through and made it all the more apparent that she didn’t have any panties on. She was given some knee high white socks to wear (that I’m fairly sure were mine or Jen’s and we’d left at Julia’s place).

We hit a couple of our regular places, drank and danced. We got a fair bit of attention from guys and a couple of the guys in our group seemed to be having some success with other girls. I tried to convince Mike to try and pull someone but he was mostly happy with sticking with us (to be fair, he was a fair bit older than many of the girls in the club, but he was by no means the oldest guy they would have had hitting on them). We lost a couple of people throughout the night but still had a decent group by the time we left. I had been fondled while dancing by a couple of our group (who all knew I was fair game) so was in the mood to do something more exciting. We stopped off at a student hall on the way home and Julia dared me to put on a roof show. Even though it was a little cold, I was up for this so we headed up, found the roof and the dare was made.

Susan was told to do whatever I did as well and we stood still to let the others undress us. It was much windier on the roof than it had been at ground level and the air felt really nice on my bare skin. Susan didn’t seem at all bothered at standing there in just her socks and shoes (we kept these on as the roof was covered in stones). We had to walk round the perimeter, stopping occasionally to bend over and expose ourselves to the surrounding buildings. We had to reach between our legs and masturbate at one point and to finish, sit on the best lit part of the roof and make ourselves cum. Our display had been too much for Richard who got Abrahii to lean against the railing and fucked her. Abrahii got him to remove her coat and free her breasts while he did this and then made advantage of the cover of the wind to tell him to fuck her hard. He unloaded into her and then stood watching Susan and me finish playing with ourselves with his cum running down her legs.

It had started to spit while we’d been playing, so by the time we finished we felt pretty cold. The challenge was extended to go and shower together to warm up, and we were told that we weren’t going to get our clothes (or coats) back until we’d done this. We carefully made our way down the stairs and then found a bathroom (this was another one of the older halls of residence that hadn’t been converted to having en-suites yet). Susan and I showered together and I dared Abrahii to join us and promised I’d make it worth her while. She feels the cold anyway so took the opportunity to warm up. Julia extended our dare once again and we had to semi-dry ourselves with our clothes, put them back on and then go and try to find a towel to dry off properly with.

Susan’s dress clung to her body and we thought it would be better for her to forgo her bra. Her nipples were fairly visible through the thin wet material and I told her that I wished I had a similar dress. We walked down the hallway and listened at a few doors until we found one with a guy’s name on the door and heard what sounded like a single person in the room. We knocked and when he opened the door, we explained that we’d come over to visit a friend but had got caught in the rain and wondered if he could lend us a towel so we could dry off. He didn’t seem to be able to stop looking at Susan’s body, which her dress did very little to hide and he said he’d get a towel. We followed him into his room and once he handed the towel to me, I dabbed at Susan’s hair and tried to rub her down. Her dress really was too wet for her to wear on the way home so I asked if he minded if we threw it over the radiator, but didn’t wait for an answer before unbuttoning the back and whispering in Susan’s ear for her to lift her arms so I could peel it off. I handed it to him to put on the radiator and then stepped out of my skirt so he could dry that too. I felt a bit stupid standing with my top on so I removed that, but left my bra on and set about towelling Susan down (which was now more effective).

As I dried her thighs, I brushed the side of my hand across and between her lips a number of times and whispered to her to do the same to me as I handed her the towel. She did as I’d asked and I thought that I may as well remove my bra so she could dry my breasts. I asked the guy if he could lend us another towel as we had a friend with us who’d gotten so cold she’d had to take a shower. He obliged and then followed us down to the shower. I ran ahead (leaving Susan with the towel) and it felt quite strange to just be wearing socks and shoes, but also quite liberating. I quickly got the others to hide in other shower cubicles and by the time Susan and our plaything arrived, Abrahii had turned the shower off and wrung out her hair. She asked the guy to wrap the towel around her and I carried her clothes back to his room. Once inside, we finished towelling each other dry and thanked the guy for helping us out.

Being considerate people, we wanted to find a way to repay him so we gently caressed each other and asked if there was anything we could do for him. The bulge in his trousers had become fairly prominent and he gave up his efforts to hide it when I leaned over to kiss Susan and slid my hand up Abrahii’s thigh and pushed a couple of fingers into her. I suggested that we could put on a little show for him and he liked this idea, but after licking Abrahii a couple of times I said it would be more fun if he could join in. Fortunately he had condoms (mine were in my coat, which was still with the others) and while he dug them out, I lifted a small lava lamp down from his desk and impaled myself on it. I turned it on and fucked it while it warmed up (but stopped before it got too hot) while Abrahii helped him to apply the condom. I resumed eating Abrahii and indicated to him that he should slide into my cunt. He did this and I let him fuck me for a minute or so, then suggested he lie on the edge of the bed so Abrahii could mount him and I could lick them both. After giving him a couple of minutes of this, we switched position again and I lay on my back with him fucking me and Abrahii over my face so I could eat her.

Abrahii got Susan to sit up on the bed beside us and they caressed each other’s breasts while Susan masturbated. This seemed to be a bit too much for the guy as he pumped away inside me and came fairly quickly. While it would have been nice to cum, we were more concerned at wasting the chance to further Susan’s training so we explained to the guy that she was gay (so he couldn’t play with her), but got her to lean back against us, spread her legs and play with herself while we each caressed one of her breasts. We told him to watch closely as she came – she was a fairly deep shade of pink, but carried on masturbating, both fingering and frigging herself and we made a show of wiping juices from our pussies and pushing our fingers into her mouth to suck clean. Susan came and closed her legs but we pulled them open again and spread her lips for the guy to get one last good look at her. We then thanked him again for the towels and got dressed.

We had to walk down to the main stairs and then come back up the back stairs to get to the bathroom where everyone was waiting. They had been speculating as to what we’d been up to and were fairly impressed when we told them the details. Mike had been not so subtly caressing Abigail – she had allowed this to a certain extent, but wasn’t willing to let him fuck her in front of the others (she changes her mind about things like this). He’d done enough to get her turned on though and Abigail decided that as a reward for Susan showing herself off to the guy, she deserved a treat – naturally Abigail’s idea of a treat was to play with Susan some more, but we went down a couple of floors and found one of the kitchens. It wasn’t too dissimilar to the kitchen in Jen’s old halls, but was a bit more removed from the main stairwell so we would have a little more warning if anyone was coming.

Abigail wanted to see how Susan had played with herself for the guy and she was made to climb up on the table to show us this. Susan did as instructed and while she stroked herself, I reminisced about how Jen and I used to do similar things. In order to demonstrate properly, we unbuttoned Susan’s dress and pulled it off so Abrahii and I could caress her breasts again. More people joined in with this and Susan was told to lie down on the table so more of us could get to her. Abigail took over fingering Susan and then bent over to eat her. Multiple hands roamed over Susan’s body and Julia pushed one of Susan’s hands between her legs. Susan was eaten and caressed until she came again and told to stay on her back so we could admire her. I lifted one of her legs and pushed it between mine so I could rub against her and Abigail said that if I wanted, Susan would make me cum.

Asking me if I want to cum is a stupid question so I stood on the other side to Julia and lifted Susan’s other hand to my pussy. She pushed a couple of fingers into me and then sought out my clit. She was quite good considering she was using her left hand and I suggested that if she was making us cum, someone should make her cum. Once again, Abigail went down on her and she slowly teased Susan, this time not actually letting her cum. Julia came before I did but as soon as she moved away, Abrahii decided that she needed to finish what we’d started earlier (when our guy inconsiderately came too quickly) so took Julia’s place. Susan adjusted her position a little but then went to work and frigged Abrahii as well. I came next and stood caressing Susan’s breasts while Abigail carried on eating her. The others joined in again and we caressed her body, with more hands roaming over her thighs and stomach this time. I’m fairly sure if Abigail’s face hadn’t been in the way, a number of us would have been stroking Susan’s cunt. Abigail waited until Abrahii came and then stopped eating Susan – saying that she wanted her to be ready to go as soon as they got home. I thought this was particularly mean as Susan had been so obedient (and especially as she’d just helped to make me cum), but I remembered all too well being teased and then denied an orgasm so knew that it would probably pay off in the end for her.

Susan wasn’t allowed to put her skirt back on until we made it to the main stairwell – Abigail lifted her skirt a number of times on the way down and I would have loved to join them for their session, but from what I’ve heard, it seems that Abigail only lets herself be completely free when she’s alone with Susan. I tried to convince James and Richard to come back to our place but they were too tired (and Richard had already got to fuck Abrahii) so we ended up alone (or as alone as five people can be). You might think that Mike would prefer things with him and four girls (or three if you count Jen out), but he also really enjoys seeing me being fucked by other guys (which works out well as I enjoy it too). The only downside (from his point of view) is that he doesn’t really like getting their cum in his mouth (despite his experimentation, he isn’t prepared to go too far down that route yet).

I’m still not overly wild on the taste of cum, but I dislike it much less than I used to and I like the idea of having it over and in me more than worrying about the taste, so I took care of cleaning Abrahii out (not that much of Richard’s cum was left in her by the time we’d walked home). Mike fucked Julia while she ate Jen and Jen then ate Jules while Mike ate Abrahii and she ate me. It was a relatively short and intense session, but we lay around chatting for a while afterwards and picked a few more bits of wax off of Jen’s body (a fair amount had fallen off throughout the evening anyway). Mike, Jen and I lamented the fact that we didn’t get to be around to see the first time Susan got to do most things and Jules told us that we just had to visit more often. Mike spent a while gently licking Abrahii as we talked but didn’t make her cum again. He did get her more than wet enough (and got himself hard enough) that he could spoon with her while they fell asleep.

The next morning, Jen and I double teamed Julia while Mike ate Abrahii. He then switched to Julia while Julia and Abrahii took care of Jen and me and as thanks for having done both of them, he got to take them both at once. As he’d cum in Abrahii the previous night, he let Julia ride him and Abrahii sat over his face. Mike came in Julia and she let his cum leak out down her legs while we had breakfast, then she showered with him and let him clean her up. He used my toothbrush in her and then buzzed her clit with it. He hadn’t intended to do anything with her, but with the water and soap, things were fairly slippery and he pushed slightly into her ass by mistake while humping her. He decided to go with it and buried his cock all the way and fucked her. She’d had a fairly good head start on him so she came before he did, and being the gentleman he didn’t want to just use her, so he slowed down to give her a chance to recover and then toyed with her again when he resumed moving in her. He got her off again before he came in her and she was then given the job of stroking his cock under the shower to ensure it was clean.

Julia enjoys our visits as none of her other friends have quite the sexual appetite that I do. It isn’t too bad as Mel (like Mike) has no problem with making her cum even if she doesn’t want to cum herself, and now Susan has been added as the groups new plaything, she generally has enough people to keep her satisfied between Mel’s visits. I also miss seeing Julia as we don’t get to visit as often as we’d like (but I don’t want to give up visiting York or having time with other people either). We’d arranged to come back the following week anyway so for once it wasn’t going to be long before we saw people again.

We met up with people for the customary lunch and Jen and I borrowed Susan for a quick play before we left. We took her to a changing room and while Jen and I took turns fetching her clothes, she had to play with herself and finger whoever was with her. As payment, we bought her a nice little skirt that I thought would look good on her, but she had to promise to model it for us next time. Before we left the changing room, I covered my hand with Jen’s juices and wiped them over Susan’s neck and thighs, telling her to get Abigail to lick them off, and to think of us when she came. Abigail was kind enough to get Susan to put on a show for us that night over Skype and we watched as the two of them played and Susan then had to make herself cum a second time by double fingering herself (both holes). Mike particularly seemed to enjoy the view and he gave me a good fucking while we watched and managed to produce enough cum that I was able to show Abigail and Susan it leaking out of me (which I was fairly impressed with as he’d cum a couple of times that morning).

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