Friday, 26 April 2013

Waxy Jen

This follows on from the previous post, but the strangers had left so I've given it a new title.

It had the same effect on Mike as once people started to leave, he pulled Julia down from the sofa on top of him, quickly undid his jeans and pushed his cock into her. She couldn’t ride him that well as her legs felt a little stiff from the position we’d been in, but he seemed to be enjoying himself anyway. We were going to make Susan go home wearing just the t-shirt (and her coat), but Julia called out from the living room that she liked that top didn’t want it to go anywhere so Susan was stripped of it and had to just wear her coat. I thought this was a little mean as it was quite cold and windy, but I guess it was no different than her wearing a short skirt without tights.

Once everyone had gone, Jen told Mike not to cum in Julia as she hadn’t eaten her yet (that evening anyway), so he was given Abrahii. As he’d been enjoying himself quite a bit he decided to 69 with Abrahii first so he could taste her before polluting her with his cum. She took most of his cock into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it while Julia suggested that as there were five of us, we should make up a bed on the floor to share. Mike finished eating Abrahii while we did this (he got her to stop sucking him so he could cum in her) and while they fucked, Jen went down on Julia. I used the same beer bottle used on Susan and Jules to play with myself. I watched closely as mike fucked Abrahii and her breasts swung back and forth or were squashed between them (depending on whether they were kissing or she was riding him). I moved round a little so I could fondle Jen – it wasn’t so much that I was trying to make her cum, I just didn’t want her to be completely left out. She seemed to appreciate this and wiggled back against my fingers and I remembered that she hadn’t cum yet (since that morning anyway) so gave her ass a slap and told her to stop being stupid and climb over Julia’s face.

I pointed out to Jules that Jen needed to catch up with us and left her to take care of things. I continued to masturbate with the bottle and played with the angle I used it at so I could get some contact between the bottle and my clit as I slammed it into myself. I set myself the target of cumming without touching my clit (with my fingers) and just having the bottle fuck me to orgasm. This wasn’t as difficult as I’d expected, but I had a pretty hot view with Abrahii’s cunt being filled and Jen and Jules 69ing. Abrahii came first and Mike wasn’t far behind her (he’d held back until she came). I was next, followed by Julia and finally Jen.

Abrahii covered her pussy and stood up, then walked over and stood over Jen’s ass and Julia’s face. She squatted down and removed her hand to let Mike’s cum pour out over Jen’s ass and moved backwards slightly so it ran down between her cheeks and onto Julia’s face. She let the last few drops fall straight onto Julia and on closer examination, Mike had deposited a fair amount of cum in her (in his favour, he had fucked me that morning, but hadn’t cum – and then he’d had the evening show to get him extra horny).

Julia rubbed his cum over Jen’s pussy with her face and started to eat Jen clean. She had taken my instruction to help Jen catch up to heart and held her firmly in place so she couldn’t escape. As she was so well lubricated, I crawled round behind Jen and pushed a finger into her ass. She tried to pull away (sort of like Lucy, Jen doesn’t like other people seeing her ass being played with), but I thought that Julia and Abrahii had seen (and done) enough with us that it didn’t matter too much. Jen knew that she wasn’t going to escape so stopped struggling and let us get her off again. Mike and Abrahii played with Jen’s breasts and Mike couldn’t resist fondling Julia’s cunt. He wrapped Jen’s hair around his cock so as she bobbed back and forth, it pulled on his cock. He then twisted Jen’s hair , bent it round to double it up and got her to lean forwards far enough that he could use her hair as a dildo to fuck Julia with. He wanted Jules nice and wet so he could fuck her later on so as Jen got closer to cumming, he told her to allow herself to drool over Julia’s crotch. I wanted to see how she would do this so had to peek down the side of her body – she opened her mouth wide and tried not to swallow any saliva. Instead of her usual mewing, Jen was panting a lot more (but mewing is quite difficult with your mouth open). After a short while, she began to drip onto Julia and as she got closer to cumming (and her panting was interspersed with moaning), she leaked more saliva. Mike used Jen’s hair to wipe this over and into Jules and kept reminding Jen not to close her mouth or swallow. By the time Jen came, Julia’s crotch was covered with Jen’s saliva and Jen’s ‘hair dildo’ was sopping wet.

Once Jen had climbed off Julia, Mike wanted to make the most of the extra lube and pulled Julia on top of himself. He had no problem getting into her and immediately started to fuck her hard and fast. Jules hadn’t been expecting such a fast start from him (she has more than enough experience with him to know he usually likes to draw things out). She’d been given a good enough fucking with Jen’s hair though that she was ready and once the initial surprise had passed, she encouraged Mike to fuck her as hard as he could. He pounded away in her and told her that she would cum before he did – Julia wasn’t trying to compete in this way though so he didn’t have a hard time making this happen. I slapped her ass a number of times as she came and Jen complained that I was meant to do that to her. Mike pumped away more, hoping to make her cum a second time, but she had reached her limit (for the time being anyway, knowing her, if he’d left it five minutes he could have got her to cum again). She told him to just cum in her and he pumped away a little longer (also a little slower now) and then pushed her down hard onto his cock.

I had an idea and went to gather a couple of things with Abrahii while Julia caught her breath. I returned with a selection of toys, including Julia’s most powerful vibe and a bag of clothes pegs. As Jen had said she wanted to be spanked, I intended to give her that – and a little more. She was rolled onto her front and we all joined in spanking her ass until it was pink, then rolled her onto her back and spanked her thighs, pussy (lightly) and breasts (not so lightly). Her nipples were rolled and pinched and we then attached a clothes peg to each one. Mike and Abrahii held her legs up and apart while I pushed a small anal vibe into her ass and Julia then helped me spread her pussy lips and attach clothes pegs onto them. We got three onto one side and four onto the other, then went for her clit. Jen doesn’t have a huge clit so this was rather difficult, but we sort of managed to get a peg to grab on for a short period of time. Even though we couldn’t get it to stay, Jen liked the way it felt so we did it a few more times and got a yelp out of her each time the peg pushed itself off her clit.

I drizzled some tingle gel over her pussy, which didn’t help getting things to stay where we wanted them, but did make her a bit more sensitive. We flicked and pinched Jen’s clit a bit more and Mike and Abrahii lifted her legs so we could slap her ass again a few times. Jen’s pussy was visibly pulsing as she contracted it and I guessed it was time to finish her off so we didn’t make anything too sore (while she enjoys this, I didn’t want to take her out of action for the rest of the weekend). We went in for the kill and I held the strong vibe directly against her clit. Mike and Abrahii pulled on the clothes pegs attached to her breasts, slowly lifting them up until her nipples pulled free, then reattaching them and starting over. Julia switched between pumping the anal vibe into Jen, fingering her and doing the same with the clothes pegs on her pussy lips as Mike and Abrahii were with the ones on her breasts. Due to the extra lube, the pegs didn’t grasp quite as well, but it was still enough to pull Jen’s lips out before they came free.

Jen came with a loud series of sounds (some of which I don’t even know how to describe). We carried on stimulating her until her orgasm had completely passed and I finally removed the vibe from her clit, we pulled the clothes pegs off her one by one and finally pulled out the anal vibe. Jen whimpered each time we removed something and her body was left looking very tender so we kissed the various bits better (Mike only got her breasts). She had really enjoyed her orgasm but it had been incredibly strong and she just wanted to sleep. As we’d been the ones responsible, it seemed unreasonable to not let her rest so we tucked her up in the makeshift bed and curled up around her. Mike spooned with Abrahii again and slowly fucked her for a while, but neither of them came. Julia and I snuggled a bit and I considered challenging her to cum again (neither of us would be likely to back down from a challenge like that so it would have almost certainly meant cumming again).

We were much gentler with Jen the next morning – only a few bits of her actually still felt sensitive, but I had longer term plans so I kitty kissed her awake and let Abrahii eat her while we played (softly) with her nipples and kissed her. Mike fucked Julia and she then ate me while Jen took care of Abrahii and we then had a picnic breakfast on the floor, which degenerated into licking marmalade off each other. We showered each other clean and dressed accordingly for the weather (which was windy). This called for the lightest skirts we had and between us we went for a range of looks. I had tights on (without panties), the idea being that if my skirt blew up, I wouldn’t be completely exposing myself so I could pretend to be taken by surprise and take a little while to pull my skirt down. Abrahii had stockings and panties – but they were only a g-string so they didn’t cover too much. Jen had the long socks and Jules also had stockings on (naturally, without panties).

Before we met up with the others for lunch, we visited a sex shop. We didn’t have long to spend in there so I just got Jen to ask the guy for some bondage candles (the wax melts at a lower temperature so it can be dripped onto skin). He showed her some and we asked his opinion on whether we’d be able to use them directly on her nipples and pussy lips, or if we’d have to stick to her breasts, thighs and mons. The guy wasn’t sure about this and seemed somewhat distracted as I traced one of the candles across Jen’s breasts, then down over her crotch, onto her leg and back up her inner thigh. We purchased them anyway and said that we’d just have to experiment. On the way out I asked the guy if he thought the candles would be suitable for fucking Jen with and he said he didn’t know, but they only had natural colourings in them so we might be okay. We then headed off to meet up with the others for lunch.

The wind was enough to flip our skirts up a number of times. As I’d hoped, I got to have my crotch displayed a few times and on one occasion, the wind blew the back of my skirt right up and I genuinely couldn’t get a hold of it to cover my ass. As I had opaque(ish) tights on, I decided to be a bit more daring at lunch and sat with my legs crossed and my crotch in full view (of anyone who looked up my skirt). The cafĂ© was too busy for anyone else to display much and even Susan wasn’t made to do anything worthwhile. We did take her shopping afterwards and she went into a changing room with Julia and Abigail to try some things on. She got as far as removing her own clothes but was then just masturbated and had to stay in the changing room naked while Julia and Abigail went to fetch some more clothes for her, which then gave them a chance to make her cum again (Abigail partially ate her) and Susan was instructed to stroke Julia. Abigail was left naked one more time while a third set of clothes was fetched, giving Susan the chance to finger Julia properly.

We spent a little longer in town before heading home. Abigail and Susan went back to their place so they could play properly and we thought that we’d take the opportunity to play with Jen once more. We hadn’t entirely tidied up our bed on the floor, so it was easy enough to strip off and all lie round Jen. We started off just caressing her and the girls took turns going down on her. Mike took the opportunity to partially fuck each one of us as we ate Jen. We pinched and twisted her nips (just using fingers this time), but before they became too sensitive, we lit a candle and carefully let single drops of wax fall on her body. Each time a drop fell, she flinched and let out a little ‘hah’, but said that it felt good. Once they had hardened, we peeled a couple of the bits of wax off her to check that she wasn’t being burned – there were little red marks underneath but nothing that looked any worse than when we’d done this before so we assumed that it would be okay.

We left a trail of wax up across her stomach and looped around her nipples. One of us gently played with her pussy or clit the whole time (I doubt Jen could cum from just wax drops) and as she got more excited, we let a few drops of wax fall onto her nipples. We tried to get the first drops just on her areola (Jen’s are much smaller than mine) and when this received a favourable response from her, we asked if she wanted us to try getting the wax directly on her nipples. She did, so we tried a couple of drops on each one and got and even more favourable response. Abrahii was fingering her at the time and said that Jen seemed to be getting noticeably wetter. We rolled her over onto her front and let a number of drops fall onto her ass – Jen liked this, but not as much so we went for the next stage and rolled her back over onto her back.

We lit a second candle and dripped the wax up each thigh and then let a couple of drops fall onto her pussy lips. We initially did this from a greater height so the wax would be a bit cooler, but Jen got us to move the candle down. We dripped some wax onto her mons and had Jen begging for us to make her cum. The only place left to directly drip the wax was on to her clit, but she wasn’t sure about this (probably wisely) so I dipped my finger into the wax on the candle and traced around her clit. I returned my finger to the wax a number of times and was eventually stroking her clit directly with fairly hot wax. Jen loved the way this felt (and I think it was safer than actually pouring wax onto her clit). The other candle was being used on her breasts and nipples while I did this and it was very obvious how much Jen was enjoying herself as she was indeed even wetter than usual. At one point when I pulled her lips open to trace up and down her inner lips with my warm wax finger, some of her juices actually poured out of her and ran down over her ass. As she approached orgasm, I added a few more drops of wax to her lips and mons and then rubbed her clit with warm wax. Jen leaked a bit more juice as she came, she arched her back, moaned, panted and mewed and said that her orgasm had been almost as strong as the one the previous night.

I wanted to try one more thing and got Mike and Julia to hold Jen’s legs up in the air. They pulled them back until her pussy was pointing almost straight up and I slipped the (unlit) end of the candle into her. I hadn’t taken account of just how wet she was and the candle easily slipped straight into her. Fortunately the candle was still longer than her pussy so the flame didn’t get too close to her, but a little of the molten wax splashed off onto her thigh. We let the candle burn for a minute or so and agreed that in the event of a powercut Jen would make a decent lantern , but then extinguished the candle and removed it from her. We examined Jen’s body, which was covered with little red blobs and splashes of wax. Her pussy still seemed to be leaking juices (more than usual after cumming) and we debated pulling the wax off her or leaving it on. We decided to leave it on and as she stood up and moved around, small bits fell off.

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