Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sex Party - March 2013 - Part 1

In the middle of March, we went down to York for the end of term sex party. Unfortunately Sue wasn’t able to come this time as she had to work, but in a way this might have been a good thing as she and Vicky seem to both get a little possessive of Mike (I feel it would be pointless to remind them that he is actually *my* husband). Vicky had arrived in York first and after the hotel calling us to confirm that she could get the key, she went up to one of the rooms and prepared herself.

As there were now four of us, it was at least easier to divide the rooms up and we thought it made most sense for Vicky to share with Mike as we know that he is the one of us that she is most interested in. Not that we needed it, but our theory was confirmed when we arrived at the hotel and had the door answered by a naked Vicky who told Mike that she had been waiting for him to arrive and give her a good fucking. Mike had been looking forward to doing just this during the journey so he was happy to oblige her. He wanted to go down on her first (as he usually would), but Vicky demanded his cock and he gave in to her. Jen and I went to drop our things off in the next room and once we’d unpacked, we went back to watch them finish off. During their session, Mike had already told Vicky that Sue wasn’t coming and I told her that she would get Mike to herself for the night, but to remember that we only did things once on the morning before the party.

When Vicky lay back on the bed and Mike’s cum ran out of her, I pushed my face to her crotch and licked her clean (well, not completely clean, I left some for Jen) and we prepared to go out and get something to eat. Even though I had forgotten about it, apparently Vicky had remembered me making her go out in just her coat when we’d visited her and as it would be difficult to do anything to expose me at a party where I was going to be naked and fucking random people, she had planned to get her own back on me on the Friday night (Mike and Jen might have helped her out a little with the planning). I was presented with one of my proper peek-a-boo bras (that almost fully exposed my nipples). I was handed a t-shirt that was about mid-thigh length and Vicky gave me a belt to secure the t-shirt. Once I had this on, she approached me with some scissors and cut up each side of the shirt to around the top of my hip. I was instructed to do a few twirls and once they had confirmed that I would have to be quite careful when I walked (or moved), we set off to find food.

It wasn’t too bad when we were outside as I had my coat on –and sitting for dinner was fine. We then went to a club afterwards for a drink. My coat was taken from me and we stood chatting. I could feel my t-shirt shifting whenever someone walked past and a couple of times the back got dragged to the side. Mike and Jen could tell that I was enjoying myself so we headed up the stairs which just happened to be a spiral staircase with open sides (and York residents may be able to guess where we were). I was deliciously aware of how exposed I was while walking up the stairs (and later while walking back down I felt even more exposed. Things got even better when I went to the toilets with Vicky and she produced the scissors again. The cuts on the sides of the t-shirt were lengthened up to just under my breasts and Vicky then decided that as I didn’t seem too bothered by this, she would extend them further and went up to the arms. I was now much more exposed and while the t-shirt wasn’t tight (so it didn’t pull apart where she had cut), people now had a good view of the side of my torso and (depending on how I moved or stood) a fair bit of side boob. My nipples weren’t actually visible from the side, but the exposure helped to increase my arousal to the point that they were fairly prominently pressing against the front of the t-shirt.

They tried to get me to dance but there is a fine line between being exposed and getting thrown out (or arrested) and there was no way I could have danced and remained sufficiently covered to be decent. I was left by myself and was approached a few times by different people who wanted to dance – I was quite open about the fact that I would be exposing too much if I danced and this seemed to spur them on. I let one guy put his arm around me and didn’t stop him when he slid it down my back onto my ass. I whispered to him that he could always go lower and then back up again and he didn’t need any more encouragement. I felt his hand on my bare ass and he seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t have any panties on (although he should have been able to tell as my hips were exposed on both sides. He gave my ass a good massage and asked if I wanted to leave with him but I told him that I was with my husband and indicated to the dance floor. He pulled his hand away but I assured him that Mike wasn’t the jealous type and if he wanted, we could find somewhere private and he could explore my body a bit more. This seemed to be a bit too much for him (although he had another good knead of my ass before he left).

The others returned and Jen slipped her hand into the front of my t-shirt to give my breasts a quick squeeze. We felt that the place was too well lit to fully enjoy ourselves so we decided to find somewhere more suitable and on the way down the stairs I made no attempt to control my ‘dress’ and I’m fairly sure I gave a number of people a pretty good view. We found somewhere that wasn’t as well lit and during another toilet break, further alterations to my outfit were made. Vicky and Jen cut along the top of the t-shirt, removing the arms and shoulders. It was now just my breasts holding it up and this was made less effective by them trying to make it more revealing and showing off my cleavage. By the time they’d finished, the t-shirt was only just staying up (it wasn’t actually falling off, but it felt like it was). When we re-joined Mike, he was impressed with the look but said he thought he could make it even better. I got to stay as I was for a while though and as the place was fairly dark and the dance floor was packed, I even danced a little bit and didn’t care what my outfit did.

A little later, Mike wanted his turn to adjust my outfit and once Vicky handed him the scissors he cut a section out of the back. He left a strip of material at the top, but then cut out a large section right down to the belt. As an added bonus, he cut a thin section out of the front that partially exposed my lower cleavage (I’m not sure what to call this area). This felt really good and was probably the most exposed I’ve been in a ‘normal’ club (the hardcore club doesn’t count as you can pretty much do anything there). I had one further adjustment made by Jen later on – she made me remove the belt and extended the hole in the back of the shirt down to the top of my ass. As I did the belt back up, she cut off one extra bit which (I’m told) went low enough to show the top of my ass crack. I felt that this might be going a bit too far, but there wasn’t a great deal I could do about it and I was dragged out to dance a bit more. I hadn’t realised Jen’s motive until she held me against her and slipped her hands down my back and onto my ass. She pulled my cheeks apart and gave them a good massaging and I called her a bitch and told her that just because she had proper clothes on, it didn’t mean I couldn’t do things to her. She told me that I wouldn’t dare (which is always a stupid thing to say) so I pushed a hand between us, under her skirt and pushed a couple of fingers right into her cunt. We both knew that the front of her skirt was pulled right up by my hand so she slowly pulled her hands back out from my shirt and I moved my hand out from between her legs.

We knew that we were well into dangerous territory and if we stayed much longer, we would probably do more than we should (for where we were) so we agreed to go back to the hotel where we could do things properly. On the journey back, Vicky conceded that she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) compete with me. I had my coat on, but it wasn’t fastened and Mike grabbed my shirt and pulled on one side so the final bit of material tore. He fished it out from under the belt so I was now properly exposed and I was made to walk the rest of the way to the hotel in this state. I wasn’t out of the woods yet though and was made to sit in the hotel bar while we had a coffee. I had to keep my coat unbuttoned (but was at least allowed to place the shreds of my shirt on my lap to hide my crotch. The fact that I didn’t have anything other than a bra on was probably quite evident though and I did notice a few guys staring at me.

When we finally returned to our rooms I was more than ready for my session with Jen. Mike would have quite liked to join us as he really enjoys it when I’m very worked up (he describes me as animalistic), but as I’d already given him to Vicky for the evening, it was Jen who got to enjoy my lust. I almost tore Jen’s clothes as I stripped her naked and we fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs as I pulled her round so I could eat her. I frantically licked at her and pushed my face as far into her pussy as I could (okay so I guess I wasn’t actually any deeper into her than usual, but I pushed against her much harder). Fortunately Jen appreciated how horny I was feeling and she worked on me with the same frenetic energy. I fucked her ass with a couple of fingers and she reciprocated. We stayed in this 69 position until we’d both cum twice and Jen then decided that as I was feeling so hot, I needed to cool down and proceeded to fuck me with a small bottle of tonic water from the mini-bar (that orgasm cost me £4!). The bottle felt freezing, but had an interesting texture that added to the sensation and this coupled with Jen’s tongue was sufficient to make me cum a third time.

Jen wanted to leave the bottle in me for a while, but it felt too cold to be comfortable. My immediate lust had been satisfied so we stood by the window and took turns pressed up against it while the other one teased us from behind. We were far enough up that we didn’t worry about being naked and completely visible (who am I kidding, being naked and visible was why we were standing there) and we slowly teased each other to a final orgasm before heading into bed to warm up (the window glass was quite cold).

Mike and Vicky had enjoyed their own session, although it hadn’t been as intense as ours. He had gotten his wish to go down on her and had then fucked her (cumming in her), He had got her to coax his cock back to life with her mouth and he had then spooned with her. They spooned like this for a while and discussed various things. Vicky got Mike to describe his sessions with Lis and asked him to eat Lis for her the next time he got a chance. Apparently Vicky had some form of amnesia as she thought he was just going to be inside her while they went to sleep, but after moving in her for a while, he also started to play with her clit and got her off again (Mike didn’t cum again though).

He ate her awake the next day and they then joined us. We decide to splurge and order room service and Vicky was set on Jen to pleasure her while we waited for this to arrive. Mike went to fetch Vicky’s underwear and we all put on panties and bra (all but Mike anyway). We borrowed pairs of Vicky’s panties as she always has lacy/sexy underwear and then carried on playing, with Mike eating me and Vicky eating Jen (with our panties pulled to the side) and when room service arrived, I answered the door in just my underwear and got the guy to come in. Mike was hiding in the bathroom, but the rest of us stood and admired the breakfast, all just with bra and panties on. I pretended to not know York and asked the guy a few questions about where we could go and things we could do and noticed that Jen had sidled up to Vicky and draped an arm over her shoulder, then dropped it to her hip. Vicky jumped a bit when Jen ran her hand over Vicky’s ass and pushed it between her legs but she was trying not to draw attention to the fact that Jen was caressing her crotch (it looked like the guy noticed anyway). Unfortunately he didn’t stay (which is probably just as well as we had our one orgasm rule). As soon as he was out the door, Jen peeled off her panties and demanded that Vicky finished eating her and Mike returned to do likewise to me. This just left Mike to cum and once we’d had breakfast, Vicky took care of this with a combination of her mouth and breasts, resulting in Mike cumming over her face.

We had arranged to meet up with Sara and Emily for lunch so (once showered) we headed off to meet them. We were delighted to find out that they were actually intending to come to the party after all, but it was still nice to see them together and catch up on their new relationship. They had agreed to start again, with the understanding that they would be completely open and honest with each other and would only ever do things with other people if the other one knew about it and had given their consent. I was surprised that Sara had agreed to come to the party given Em would be fucked by multiple people, but she later told me that she didn’t mind this (and she had missed being able to enjoy herself so openly).

I quietly promised Sara that we would do everything we could to let her have a session with Vicky and assured her that if it didn’t happen at the party, we would deliver her for a private session on the Sunday before we left. As we were going to see (and fuck) them later on, we didn’t feel that we needed to spend as long with them as we’d originally planned so headed back to the hotel for a lazy afternoon (and to ensure we would have sufficient energy later that night).

The afternoon wasn’t quite as restful as we’d intended though as Jen convinced Vicky to let her worship her breasts and I decided that as I hadn’t gotten to do much with Vicky, I would join in on the other breast. Naturally Mike didn’t want to be left out so he went down on Vicky, but just kitty kissed her (as she wasn’t meant to cum again before the party). I switched places with him a couple of times and he kitty kissed me for a while too. He also spooned up behind Jen, sliding his cock between her legs and rubbing against her pussy (almost entering her once, but he pulled back).

We kept Vicky close to cumming (not right on the verge, but very aroused) for a fairly long time - her nipples were hard and her pussy felt very moist and she couldn’t stop squirming around under our touch. She asked to cum a few times but we told her that it was against the rules and to be fair to her, she did endure the assault quite well. We quizzed Vicky as to who she was going to play with at the party and she started off by saying that she would let Mike and Bennett fuck her. As the session progressed and she got more aroused, she played along and entertained the idea of letting more people do things to her and by the time we had her squirming around, she was replying and saying that she wanted to have everyone at the party fuck her. This was of course the response that we’d wanted and we pushed her further by getting her to describe how she could have everyone standing around her and letting them use her as they wanted. This is more of my fantasy than Vicky’s, but she did a pretty good job of describing it and didn’t argue when we told her that she was a dirty slut.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Staying Home

The second weekend in March we had another weekend at home. Once again this was partially to save money and partially to have some time to ourselves. We didn’t have much planned and had a late start to the morning. It was nice being able to take our time and play with each other in bed. Unfortunately we couldn’t spend the whole day there as Jen had agreed to go running with some of her friends and Mike was going to tag along with them. Neither of them washed after our session as they knew they were about to get sweaty again and when people turned up, I went down to say goodbye wearing just a thin robe.

After stretching appropriately (and Jen using the chance to excite the guys), they went for their run and returned an hour or so later. I had showered in the meantime, but hadn’t dressed yet so once again threw on my robe when I heard them arrive back. I knew that this particular robe wasn’t really thick enough to properly conceal my body, but it wasn’t so skimpy that it was obvious that I was displaying myself so I wandered down and chatted to them about the run. I gave Mike a quick hug and suggested he go and shower as he was all sweaty and then helped Jen get drinks for the other two guys. We sat and chatted and I carelessly lifted a foot up onto the sofa beside me, knowingly giving them a good view up to my exposed pussy. I’d already seen them checking out my nipples through my top and wantonly ignored them as they tried to subtly look at the new view I was giving them. I would have loved to offer myself to them both, but we had agreed that it would be too risky to do things with people from Uni (either students or staff) so I had to content myself with just letting them get peeks of my pussy.

When Mike returned from the shower, the other guys left, but we let them talk us into going out for a drink later that evening. We told them that we wouldn’t stay out too late and arranged where to meet, then Jen saw them out. I told Jen that she should have changed into something more revealing for them and then helped her out of her running gear. As always, the smell of sweat mixed with her natural scent was intoxicating and I pushed her back onto the bed and buried my face in her pussy. After taking a quick break to kiss Mike and letting him smell her from my face, I resumed eating her and Mike pushed into me. Jen still felt fairly weak from her run so didn’t do much and just let me ravish her, whereas Mike felt reasonably invigorated from his shower and gave me a good fucking. Once I’d made Jen cum, Mike got her to move onto the bed properly and he lay on top of her and rubbed against her while they kissed. I would have liked it if he’d cum in me, but it’s also nice seeing the two of them getting on so well. Jen ended up with her legs wrapped around Mike as he humped against her. He told us that he was going to cum and after a few thrusts more, he squirted cum over Jen’s stomach (and his stomach as he was pressing against her).

It was left to me to smear this cum over her and if she hadn’t needed a shower so badly it would have probably stayed on her all day. As much as we loved her scent though, we understood that she needed to clean herself off so Mike helped her to shower (as he was now also covered with his cum and her sweat). I popped in to make sure he cleaned her pussy thoroughly, which they both knew meant using the pulse jet spray on her. Jen complained that she was tired, but leant against the wall and exposed her clit so Mike could spray her. I sat and watched as the water did its work and Jen mewed her way through another orgasm. I was almost tempted to get in and let Mike do me the same way, but I knew the hot water probably wouldn’t hold out (and while the pulse spray still feels nice with cold water, I find it quite difficult to cum).

We sat and made plans for having babies (not so much plans, more like discussing how things might be and how life would be different). I tried to imagine what Jen would look like with her stomach distended and Mike assured us both that he would still think we looked sexy no matter how big we got. We all know that it will require a huge change to our lifestyle and we find it quite scary (Jen and I particularly so as it will be one of us who will have to go through childbirth), but we’ve known for a while that this was what we wanted so that makes it slightly easier.

We had a break for lunch and decided that even though it was raining lightly, we would go out for a walk to get some fresh air. Before we left we had a quick session though – me in the middle with Jen on my face and Mike fucking me. Jen helped Mike out my holding my legs, which pulled my ass and pussy up in the air so he could get really deep inside me. We stayed in this position until we’d all cum and we then dressed to head out for our walk.

I’d only put on a light dress (with a jacket over it), so as the drizzle soaked my dress, it began to stick to my legs. Even though it was a bit cold, this felt really nice and when we arrived at a pub my dress was thoroughly stuck to my thighs and crotch. We sat and had a drink (non-alcoholic) while warming up and I was mostly dry by the time we set off back home. The drizzle had mostly stopped but there was enough of a breeze to flip my skirt up slightly (not enough to reveal me properly, but enough to feel nice). In a couple of the more secluded spots, hands slid up my leg and cupped, fingered or frigged me, but not enough to make me cum.

On returning home, Jen decided that she wanted to be indulged so we went out into the back garden and lay her on the ground. She kept her dress on but flipped up her skirt and I spent a while fingering and frigging her (with just a little bit of licking) until she was close to cumming. Mike had joined in and had been playing with her breasts through her dress, but when it was time for her to cum he was given another task. In a position sort of reminiscent of the one we’d used on the bed just before our walk, Mike pulled his cock out and stood over Jen’s head and held on to her legs so her pussy was pulled up in the air. I removed my shoes and stood over Jen’s crotch while holding my lips apart and Jen took over playing with herself. Mike concentrated on keeping his cock soft (it was quiet amusing watching it get hard and then soft again as he paid more or less attention to what Jen and I were doing). She gave us a running commentary of how close she was to cumming and just before she came, both Mike and I started to pee over her. My stream mostly landed directly on her pussy and I stepped forwards slightly and pulled on my lips so it mostly ran down over her front, quickly wetting the front of her dress. This was helped by Mike’s stream that he had to aim just by moving as his hands were busy holding Jen’s legs up. Jen let out a series of expletives and as her orgasm started, she let out a strong stream of pee that arched up in the air and then splashed back down onto her body. (Well, it mostly splashed onto her, some of it hit me and some hit Mike). Jen alternated between frigging and fingering herself – when she did the latter, her pee went everywhere and covered my legs.

Mike and I emptied ourselves over Jen and left her soaked. Even when we lowered her legs back to the ground, she continued to rub over her crotch and thighs with the flat of one hand while she used the other to rub the upper part of her body. She looked very happy and Mike went indoors to fetch some towels (we hadn’t prepared as well as we should have – especially as we knew what the result was going to be) and Jen pulled me down over her face. She hungrily ate me and I rocked back and forth, rubbing myself over her face. When Mike came out he said that he didn’t want to be left out so I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a good sucking. With his help, I pulled my dress off and removed my bra so I could ride Jen naked. I really did ride her face and humped back and forth, stopping occasionally to let her tongue find my clit. We carried on like this until I came – Mike had decided to just enjoy my mouth, but to refrain from cumming and he really enjoyed it as I moaned my way through my orgasm with his cock deep in my mouth (or as deep as I can get it anyway).

Jen was quite clod by the time we finished so we pulled her clothes off and once we’d towelled each other dry, she and I went to shower while Mike did the laundry. We didn’t bother getting dressed again until it was time to head out and meet up with Jen’s friends. I decided to be a little less conservative around them so wore a low cut dress to show off my cleavage and decided on one of my peek-a-boo bras to wear under it so my nipples were fairly exposed (they were hidden by my top, but I knew they were exposed). This is one of my few dressed with tight skirts, and I know from experience that it rides up throughout the evening, but that suited me just fine. Jen wore a much looser skirt and a thin (not transparent) top that exposed her left shoulder.

We met up with people, had a couple of drinks and let them convince us to join them at a club. I pretended to be a bit drunker than I was and a couple of the guys took advantage of this and had a fairly decent grope of my ass. This was through my dress, but one in particular was sufficiently thorough that I wondered if he realised I didn’t have any panties on underneath. A couple of the guys asked Mike the usual questions about our relationship – whether he got to have threesomes with Jen and I, whether he at least got to see Jen naked. He was quite kind in his answers and said that he didn’t get to do anything with Jen, but did occasionally see her naked (and he refused to elaborate on this). I gave one of the other guys a brief history of how I was convinced to experiment with girls (no details, I just said that it was Mike who originally wanted to try it and I discovered that I liked it). I was asked if I preferred men or women and I answered honestly that the gender didn’t matter to me as long as it was someone I was attracted to. I was mostly well behaved throughout the evening apart from a couple of times when I let my skirt ride up fairly high (not pussy level, but fairly close – and given I was sitting on someone’s lap at the time with his hand on my thigh it felt quite exciting. I also gave a partial flash of my ass when I bent over to pick something up (this was only semi-on-purpose).

I only made out with Jen once (just to give the guys something nice to watch). We did get fairly carried away and I caressed her breasts through her top and then nuzzled on her neck while whispering in her ear about how easy it was to see her nipples through the top when they were hard. On returning home, despite what Mike had told the guys (or perhaps because of it), we did have a threesome with Jen humping against Mike and him eating me. Once Jen had produced a nice sticky mess on Mike’s abdomen (well, technically Mike was the one who produced this mess, Jen produced the sticky mess on his cock), we curled up together with Mike in between us, his cock nestled between Jen’s ass cheeks. I listened as he told her that once we started trying for children, how he was going to fuck her over and over and fill her with cum every day, as well as eat her endlessly. I pointed out that he had to make sure he also paid attention to me and he assured me that he would split his attention between us (but I know full well that Jen is going to get an initial burst of attention).

We got a couple of interesting bits of news on the Sunday – Sara and Emily had got back together (they’d actually been together for a week or so by were only just announcing it to people now). They hadn’t decided yet if they would be returning to the sex parties so we made arrangements to see them the following weekend if they weren’t going to come. We also got to witness (via the wonders of Skype), Susan letting some of the guys cum over her. She was now sucking or stroking them and letting them cum over her face and breasts. This was too good a view to waste so as payment for her putting a show on for us, we had a little play at our end and once Mike had fucked me, I let the gang get a good look at his cum leaking out of me (sadly we’d already had our morning session so he didn’t produce as much as I would have liked).

We had to spend most of Sunday doing the boring housework jobs and actually behaved ourselves for most of the day (although Mike seems to be unable to resist me if I lean over to put things in or get things out of the washing machine so he fucked me each time I put the laundry in and let Jen kneel behind me and eat me when I took it back out. They didn’t get away without (almost) equal teasing though and while Jen was hanging the laundry out (which turned out to be futile as it rained), I pulled her top off and put some clothes pegs on her nipples and then for good measure removed her skirt and added a couple to her pussy lips. She wasn’t allowed to take these off so to wear them until they fell off by themselves (which only took about 10 minutes).

The multiple fuckings Mike had given me without cumming counted as teasing for him, but I instigated a little of this as well and gave him a handjob while on the phone to Mum (who was complaining that we hadn’t been home for a while and that she wanted to now introduce her new boyfriend to us). I should have known better than to start things as Jen knelt between my legs and ate me while I was still talking and Mike started to caress my neck. It’s been a while since I’ve cum while talking to Mum, but I had the perfect excuse for sounding out of breath as I’d already told her that we’d spent the day doing all the housework. I was quite tempted to make Mike cum all over Jen, but she’d had a couple of loads of his cum over her already that weekend and I wanted to have him cum in me that night so I slowed down when he indicated that he was getting close.

I was rewarded with a decent amount of his cum later that night and I scissored with Jen to smear it over her cunt. Mike loved the wet slapping sound as Jen and I pushed our bodies together so he was hard enough to spoon with me while we went to sleep.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Visiting Vicky - Part 2

Mike had tried to pick someone up so he could join in but there were quite a few men around his age in the club fighting over the women so he hadn’t had much luck (and I guess not all girls are quite as ‘playful’ as Vicky and I had been). I followed Jen (at a distance) and Vicky tried the ‘have you met Mike’ routine with a couple of girls. They found someone for him to talk to and Vicky talked him up, telling her how nice he was and how she would be dating him if she wasn’t gay (she seems to have gone a bit over the top). It seemed to work out though and he at least got to chat and dance with the girl. He pushed his luck a bit far though and asked if she wanted to come home with him and his friend (meaning Vicky) and the girl said that she wasn’t interested in a threesome. It From what Vicky and Mike said, this is a shame as she was apparently quite cute and I’m sure between us, we could have given her an night to remember.

Jen had been more successful and hadn’t had any trouble getting her target to play with her. They had fingered each other and the woman had sucked her fingers clean of Jen’s juices after they’d finished. She had also tried to get Jen to go home with her so they could play again, but she didn’t seem to mind too much when Jen rejected the offer.

We headed back to the house so we could help Mike and make up for him striking out. I quickly cleaned up to ensure there was no cum left on me and then joined the others in the bedroom. Mike wasn’t given a full session with the three of us, but we gave him a couple of minutes with Jen grinding against him while he lapped at Vicky and me (we both sat over his face and moved back and forth to let him take turns. Jen then wanted another go with Vicky’s breasts while Mike fucked V. After I’d fingered Jen for a while she decided that she wanted a bit more so she 69ed with Vicky while Mike and V spooned (Jen wasn’t actually licking Vicky). I felt a little left out so told Vicky that I was going to fuck myself with her hair. She didn’t quite believe I’d be able to do this (and it wasn’t as effective as using Jen’s hair as Vicky hair is only about half as long), but I managed to get a decent enough knot of it into me that I could pump it in and out. There wasn’t enough to really fuck myself, but it convinced the others that I really wanted to cum so they promised that once they had finished, I could get some group attention.

I contented myself with caressing them and giving Jen a few slaps and pinches. Vicky came first and Jen was next. Not that I should have expected anything else, but Mike decided that Vicky should cum again before he came and I didn’t want to wait too much longer so I 69ed with Vicky properly to help things along. She actually came much quicker than expected and once Mike came in her, it was my turn for some attention. I got Vicky to kneel over my neck and rubbed Mike’s cum over me as it leaked out of her, then pulled her to me and speared her a couple of times before releasing her to help the others pleasure me. Mike had already started eating me and once Jen and Vicky had taken turns, they used a couple of Vicky’s vibes on me (sadly she doesn’t have as good a selection as we do, but they got the job done). It wasn’t difficult to tell that I wanted to cum again and Vicky was given the task of doing this while Mike took her from behind. He wasn’t trying to cum again, but gave her a good fucking until she came. Meanwhile I had Jen sitting over me so I was actually giving something back to someone.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I felt a little strange by the time we’d finished our session for the evening. I didn’t make a big thing of it, but I told Mike and Jen that I wanted to spoon with them both so we lay with Vicky in front, Jen spooning against her, me spooning Jen and Mike spooning me. It was a very strange feeling, but I just wanted to have them both as close to me as they could be. I continued to slowly push back against Mike while we chatted and only when we thought Vicky had fallen asleep did I whisper to him and ask him to try to cum in me. He wanted me to cum as well but I told him I just needed his cum inside me and he went along with my wish. It was quite easy for him to gently fuck me as I squeezed myself around him and pushed back so he could get nice and deep. He told me he was about to cum and I just pushed back and held my body firmly in place while he slowly continued to move and then he moaned quietly in my ear and told me he’d cum.

The next morning it was Mike’s turn to wake Vicky (technically she was already awake, but he got to eat her to full consciousness). Immediately following this, he gave her a good fucking which lasted ages. He wasn’t going all out on her or anything (so she enjoyed it) and she had time to eat first me and then Jen. When it was time for them to finish, Jen and I helped out – I took Vicky’s clit and Jen took her nipples. Mike sped up his movements and pumped into her as deep as he could and we got her off. Mike pumped away a little more and threatened to make her cum again but Vicky didn’t look like she was ready for this so he just let go and emptied himself into her.

We got her to kneel up and watched as his cum dribbled out and ran down her thighs, then all went to make breakfast. With this done, I showered with V and Mike showered with Jen. It was only a couple of weeks until we were going to see her again for the sex party so it didn’t seem as important to have to have a big final session. We did discuss what we hoped to do at the party and encouraged Vicky to get more involved. She was certainly going to let Bennett fuck her again (and obviously Mike) and I told her that she could always let Jen and I have a go with her. She was still undecided about this, but seemed to be convinced by our assertions that what happens at the parties stay at the parties.

We returned to bed and spent a long time just caressing each other while talking. As familiar as I am with Vicky’s body, it was still nice to take time and properly examine it. Of course, the examination was more intense at certain times (for all of us), but there were remarkably few orgasms given that there were four people on the bed. Mike spent quite a while on Jen’s nipples and got Vicky involved as well. He expounded his theory that breast size wasn’t the important thing and it was the overall quality and sensitivity that mattered. (This isn’t quite his theory as he actually much prefers smaller breasts, but Vicky is very proud of ‘the ladies’ so he didn’t want to insult her.

I had no reason at all to explore Jen’s pussy as I doubt there is anything about it I don’t know, but she was enjoying the breast play so much that I had to kitty kiss her. We got her close to cumming and I backed off, letting the others just play with her nipples. Jen received a few pinches and tweaks, but nothing too extreme and we eventually decided to relieve her so I moved back between her legs and applied just enough pressure to her clit with my tongue to slowly push her towards her orgasm. It didn’t seem fair to let her cum without her suffering just a little more so we drew things out for another couple of minutes before she finally came and she actually squirted over my mouth. It wasn’t a huge amount of liquid, but it was definitely pussy juice and not pee. This is only the third or fourth time Jen has squirted so Vicky felt quite honoured to have helped make this happen (well, we told her that she should feel honoured, which isn’t quite the same thing). Mike pointed out that he squirted quite frequently but this was discounted. We all examined Jen’s pussy which was still shining with her juices and my saliva and Mike discussed with Vicky how much he was looking forward to being allowed to play with it once we started trying for babies.

This led to the usual conversations and Vicky was quite excited when we told her that she would be an honorary aunt. Vicky fed Mike some of Jen’s juices using her fingers. While Vicky was in a convenient position, Mike made use of her one last time and fucked her, then Jen, Mike and I admired the view of a Vicky lying on her side with her legs partially drawn up and a small amount of cum visible on her pussy.

We dared Vicky to come to the station to see us off with just a coat on. Initially she refused and actually got dressed, but we harassed her so much that she eventually let us remove her clothes and she came out with just a pair of boots and a long(ish) coat. We technically didn’t need to be at the station right away so stopped off to grab a quick lunch. Vicky felt very exposed while sitting in the café and a few people may have wondered why she sat with her coat buttoned up, but we promised her that we would make it up to her the next time we saw her.

The one advantage of this outfit was that it made it very easy to caress her while kissing her goodbye and once she had been fingered by Mike and Jen, I held her against me, pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt and strummed my thumb back and forth against her clit. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to feel her cum and she pulled away, but my fingers held her in place and I told her that it was quite easy and she could lean on me for support. She told me to be quick and I frigged her as fast as I could. Mike said that it was quite clear from Vicky’s face that she was cumming (but we didn’t tell her that). Once she’d caught her breath, she did her coat up again so she looked decent (if slightly flushed) and told me that she would have to find a way to make me pay. Unfortunately I only had a jacket on so it would have been very obvious if she’d tried to reach under my skirt, but I told her that I was looking forward to whatever she could come up with.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This entry is a response to the request from the girl who had a clitoridectomy. I’m sure I’ve written something similar to this before but I can’t find where (and it will probably be fun to do it again). I’m currently sitting at my desk in the lab at work with a short skirt and no panties on. Unfortunately the weather isn’t quite as nice as yesterday so I’m not sure if everyone will leave and I’ll be able to actually cum (in which case I’ll finish off the description later), but the only other people here are down the other end of the room so I can at least get things started.

I’ve spread my legs and slid my skirt up to expose most of my thighs and make it easy to get a hand on to my pussy. My lips feel nice and soft and as I stroke myself I occasionally slip my fingers between my lips to get them wet and then rub my juices over my lips and clit. I can feel my pussy starting to respond and it now feels warmer and wetter. I’ve pushed my fingers deeper into myself and as I slide them in and out I can feel my pussy gently pulsing and contracting in time with the pleasurable sensations. As I pull my fingers out I decide that I may as well be properly naughty so slide them down to my ass and push the tip of one finger into it and gently fuck myself with it before returning to my clit and smearing my remaining juices over my pussy.

I’ve been going long enough now that I can feel my breathing changing – I’m taking deeper breaths and feel a little flushed (fortunately I don’t go as red as Sue does when she cums). We had considered getting Jen along to pleasure me so I could concentrate on writing this, but thought that it would be easier to be discreet if it was just me. I’m kind of regretting that decision now as it would be nice to feel her fingers or tongue in me, but it’s just me and one other person in the lab so if they stay where they are I’m hoping I can make myself cum.

My fingers are mostly concentrating on my clit but I occasionally dip them into my cunt to get them better lubricated and I’ve briefly probed my ass a few more times. I can feel my orgasm building and it feels like a cross between wanting to pee (as if pressure is building up) and a pleasurable throbbing or pulsing sensation. The feeling is most intense where I’m stroking my clit, but I can feel the pulsing inside my pussy as well and if I slip my fingertip into my ass, I feel a similar but less intense feeling. If I push my fingers deep inside me and contract my pussy around them, it feels a lot better as I pump them in and out.

I took a break from writing so I could finish things off before I was interrupted – it’s not the first time I’ve cum with someone else in the room and it makes it feel even better knowing that there is a chance I will be caught. I ended up switching over and pushing a couple of fingers from my left hand into my pussy and using my right hand on my clit. My cunt felt wet, soft and warm and I fucked myself as I frigged my clit. As I got closer to cumming, the strength of the feelings from my clit got stronger (although I was rubbing it faster) and the pressure and pulsing built. When I actually came, it was as if the ‘pressure’ had been coming from a build-up of pleasure that burst out all at once and then glugged out in waves (like pouring from an upturned bottle). I only had to keep rubbing with the same pressure for a little while and then eased off – I could feel my legs contracting in time with the pulses of pleasure but couldn’t really feel the contractions with my fingers. I withdrew my left hand and sucked my fingers clean while continuing to gently stroke my clit (only very lightly).

My right hand is now also clean so I can type properly… I’ve tried a few times to describe how my orgasms feel, but they are quite variable, in terms of strength, duration and sensation. Sometimes they can be a really deep throbbing that feels centred deep inside my pussy – this type of orgasm usually happens when there has been a long build up and most of the stimulation is on places other than my clit (neck, nipples, pussy, ass). Other times (more frequently) it was similar to just now and most of the sensation is centred around my clit but I can feel it in my pussy as well. Sometimes my orgasm can be almost painful – it is too sharp to be really pleasurable (although Jen would undoubtedly like it) – fortunately I don’t have this kind that frequently.

As I said, the strength and duration also vary quite a lot – sometimes it can last for what seems like quite a while (30s or even going on towards a minute – unfortunately the latter is quite rare) and these are usually the deeper, ‘rolling’ orgasms where the feeling seems to encompass more of my body. Other times they can be much shorter and the frequency of the pulses of pleasure can be much closer together (or just fewer of them). In terms of strength, I’ve had orgasms where the feeling was the same, but they were much weaker than usual (and not as satisfying so I usually continue until I cum again) and sometimes I’ve cum so hard that I can’t keep quiet (and I’m quite practiced at cumming quietly – it’s sort of a requirement if you enjoy cumming in public places).

I obviously don’t really know if or how you would be able to have an orgasm without a clitoris, but I hope that this might assist (or at least encourage you to try). I’ve written a number of times about how I can cum from just having the front of my neck gently stroked. It takes a long time (sometimes around 15-20 minutes) but I feel a slow build-up of pleasure as the session progresses and my whole pussy tingles (this is the best way to give me a deep orgasm). I know that Jen and Sue can get very close to cumming with just nipple play and we believe that it wouldn’t be impossible to make them cum without any direct clitoral stimulation. I’ve also cum once or twice from just having my ass stimulated (licked & speared). This also takes a while and I did end up with a dildo in my pussy to help things along, but I don’t remember being allowed to play with my clit). It might not be something that you feel you need to feel, but maybe with some assistance you would be able to cum with a vaginal vibe, small anal vibe, someone stimulating your nipples and caressing any other erogenous zones (earlobes, neck…). If you do try I would be interested to hear about it, either via a comment on here or via email (address is under my profile) if you want to keep it private.

I would love to hear a description of orgasms from any other women (or indeed men – most of my knowledge in that area has come from Mike so it would be good to see if there is as much variation in men as in women). If there are any female readers who can cum without clitoral stimulation then it would also be good to hear about how you do this.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Visiting Vicky - Part 1

At the start of March we went down to visit Vicky. It had been a while since we’d seen her but in the intervening period, she had gone back to York twice to visit Bennett (the guy from the sex parties that she knew from dancing classes). She wasn’t dating him or anything, but as she had already fucked him at the party, she thought that she may as well use him as a sex friend. Bennett had been quite happy about this as he has a thing for large breasts (which I’ve experience myself). She only told us the outline of the things they got up to, but we found out enough to know that he fucked her breasts a couple of times as well as her cunt and she got him to go down on her as well (it’s good to see that she made her visit count).

We stayed in on the Friday evening and just fooled around with each other. We all took turns eating Vicky (and she did the same to us) before Mike was allowed to fuck her. Once he’d cum in her, I got him to spoon with her while I 69ed with V. Mike could easily caress my ass while Vicky licked me and he enjoyed feeling my tongue on his cock. Jen said that she felt left out so once I’d cum, I played with her and we got V to kneel over her face and let the last drops of Mike’s cum drip out into Jen’s mouth.

When it was time for bed, Vicky lent Mike her mouth to make sure he was hard enough to spoon with her. He gently fucked her while we chatted and I followed suit by fingering Jen. Jen buried her face in Vicky’s breasts and sucked on them as she came and Mike played with Vicky’s clit until she came again. He continued to fuck her (after a little break for her to recover) and as she fell asleep, he told Vicky that he was going to cum in her again. He’d recently had a thing for cumming inside people who are sleeping (with their consent) and had done this to me a number of times over the previous weeks.

On the Saturday morning, Jen was the one to first get to do things with Vicky (Jen says that she actually prefers the way that Vicky tastes when she has Mike’s cum in her). I didn’t mind this too much as Mike took care of me while I watched and after he’d made me cum, we spooned while we watched Vicky take care of Jen. Mike didn’t cum in me as he was saving this for Vicky, and he ended up waiting until after we’d had breakfast before he actually fucked her. Jen and I left them to it and went to shower together so we’d have time to go out and explore the town, but Mike was keener on spending time making Vicky cum, so he was still going by the time we returned.

We encouraged them to hurry things along and were told that if we didn’t shut up, he would start all over again, so we just concentrated on preparing ourselves to go out and once again left them to finish off (although we did watch from time to time). Once finished, they did at least shower together so that sped things up slightly and by mid-morning we were ready to go out. We had our usual fun in the shops – teasing each other in the changing rooms, sitting in revealing positions while having coffee and lunch, dropping things so we could bend down and reveal ourselves… We asked Vicky to show us the best sex shop and she said that she didn’t know of any, but a quick Google fixed this and we set off. Unfortunately the shop didn’t have anything new or exciting in it and as we were on Vicky’s home ground, she didn’t want to play around too much so we went for coffee and I recounted the tale of having sucked off the guy in one of our local sex shops and then eaten Jen on the counter. Vicky seemed to like hearing about this, but that had at least something to do with the face that Mike and Jen each hand a hand on her thigh and were caressing her.

We agreed on arrangements for dinner and with the shopping done, we headed home. Jen wanted to spend some time with Vicky’s breasts and Vicky wanted to spend some time with Mike (and his cock). As I hadn’t done much with Vicky yet, we settled on making her the centre of attention with Mike and Jen playing with her breasts and me between her legs. We weren’t trying to make her cum too quickly and just gently explored her. I mostly used fingers, toys and mouth on her, but did share a dildo with her for a while as I wanted to cum as well. I occasionally reached over to Mike or Jen and toyed with their bits and Mike left Vicky and moved round behind me to partially fuck me a couple of times.

We gave Vicky three orgasms over the course of a couple of hours, with the final orgasm taking considerably longer than the first two (by design). She was definitely satisfied by the end of the session and I would have happily pounced on anyone there to make me cum again, but decided to restrain myself so I could enjoy the preparation of dinner all the more. As regular visitors to the blog will have probably guessed, agreeing on the arrangements for dinner had consisted of agreeing on the special sauces that we would use on the salad. Having just finished the session dedicated to her, Vicky wanted a break before adding her flavouring, but she was happy to help out collecting Jen and my juices. We had various vegetables used in us or rubbed over our cunts (for the larger ones). We did manage to share a small cucumber and had it thrust repeatedly back and forth between us. We each took care of some of the cherry tomatoes and as we were being thorough, even went as far as wiping ourselves with lettuce leaves.

Vicky was ready for a fuller contribution to the mix and allowed us to fuck her with a leek (not to orgasm, just for her juices). With this sliced up, we each took some slices of pepper in us and dropped them into the bowl and Mike tried to use his cock to stir the whole lot (with partial success). While the main course cooked, there was just Mike left to take care of and we debated whether he should fuck Vicky or me and we would let his cum drip out onto the salad or whether he should add it directly. He liked the idea of actually cumming inside someone, but as we’d all put so much into (or at least ‘on’ to) the salad, he agreed that his contribution should be directly applied. Not that this stopped him from fucking us in turn (me first). He carried on moving in Vicky until he was close and then aimed his cock at the salad. Vicky knelt beside him and flicked her tongue up and down his shaft and head until he was just about to cum, at which point she stroked him until he came. She had her hand in front of his cock so most of his cum splattered against it and fell straight onto the salad (a bit of one squirt escaped and landed on the table). Once she had finished tossing Mike, she tossed the salad with her cum soaked hand and then rubbed this against Jen’s crotch.

I really enjoyed eating dinner – just being able to be so openly lewd felt really thrilling and I admonished Vicky for having kept her dark adventurous side hidden from us for so long. As we ate, we imagined all the things we could have done with our Uni friends (in our fantasies they were all game). To make things fair, Vicky and I took most of the guys and left the girls for Mike and Jen - although I did have a go with imaginary Jo as she was my first (real) female crush. Our dinnertime fantasies left us all feeling fairly horny and while it would have been nice to just stay in and satisfy ourselves, we thought that we should go out and see what the night life in Vicky’s town was like.

There was a fair bit of teasing while we got cleaned up and dressed, but we agreed not to make each other cum so we were still feeling horny by the time we went out. Mike and Jen pounced on Vicky and me just before we set off and we were licked until we were very close to cumming and then immediately bundled out the door (Jen had to keep me close to cumming while Vicky caught up). We didn’t drink that much and enjoyed our evening. We ended up at a nice club where we danced for a while and I challenged Vicky to join me in flirting with some guys. With her dancing, it is usually easy to find guys who are interested (and I think our breasts probably help out a fair bit in this respect). We found a couple who were fairly pushy and wanted to take us home but we explained that we were with friends and couldn’t leave without them. Now we’d been dancing right up against the guys, pressing against their crotches and not stopping their hands from roaming over our breasts so we’d obviously been giving out ‘interested’ signals and I assured my guy that I wasn’t just trying to tease him.

I signalled to Vicky and we led the guys to a quieter (and much darker) part of the club. We let them maul us (semi-drunken guys aren’t usually the most articulate with their hands) and when they realised that we weren’t stopping them from playing with our breasts, I reached down and undid the trousers of my guy and fished his cock out. I told him that we couldn’t fuck as I was on my period (an easy get out), but he didn’t seem to mind this as I already had both hands wrapped around his cock and was stroking him. He pumped back against me and we ended up with his cock sandwiched between one of my hands and my skirt. He was still playing with my breasts and I told him that I wanted to feel him cum and for his cum to cover my legs. I don’t know if he could hear everything I was saying as it was still quite loud, but he seemed to get the idea and continued to grind against me. My breasts were wet with his saliva and I soon felt dampness covering my hand as he came. A few drops dripped off my skirt and onto my legs but his cum mostly covered my skirt.

I could see that Vicky was in a similar position but just a little behind. She had quite a nice outfit on so I moved over and offered to take the shot for her. The guy wanted to keep playing with her breasts so I half knelt down and rubbed his cock over my (already wet and still mostly exposed) breasts. I was rewarded with a good number of shots and felt his cum cover my upper chest and run down my cleavage. I stroked the guy a few more times then stood up to let him see the mess he’d made of me. He was quite impressed with his work (as was I as he’d produced a fair bit of cum), but now that he was satisfied (and we once again had to turn down their offer to go home with them), they left us to go and clean up.

The toilets were much better lit than the rest of the club so the wet marks over my skirt and top were quite obvious. I’m fairly sure that people could tell what the marks were, but Vicky helped to give me a quick wipe clean and after thoroughly washing our hands, we went back out to re-join Jen and Mike. Or at least that was the plan, but Jen had decided that she should be able to have some fun as well and had identified a suitable target (I’m quite impressed at her gay-dar – mine isn’t anywhere near as accurate as hers. We watched as Jen danced with her new blonde partner (and made catty comments about her – the partner, not Jen). I saw Jen rub up against her leg a few times and we later found out that Jen had told her that she wasn’t wearing any panties and did this so that the woman could feel Jen’s wetness on her thigh. Things seemed to be going well so I signalled to Jen to make her move.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Joys of Working Together

I think it’s about time I wrote about some more of the things that Jen and I have gotten up to in work. since she started her Masters course. As it’s been a few months since I last wrote anything about this, I’m only going to pick the highlights of some of the things we’ve done or this could end up being an incredibly long entry…

Having Jen studying where I work has been incredibly useful as we get to travel to work together fairly frequently (she doesn’t always start first thing) and we sometimes take different ways to work so we have a chance to experiment and enjoy the journey properly. From our new house we generally use the bus and have found that it is much easier to find the opportunity to play when it is completely packed. While we’ve played in situations like this before, over time we have perfected things and as long as we are wearing suitable clothes, we can stand facing each other and slide fingers up under skirts and on to each other’s pussies. We sometimes just stand there and let the motion of the bus (and the bumps in the road) take care of the stimulation, but (as far as we can remember), neither of us have cum this way.

It’s much more pleasurable if we take a more active role and we usually don’t have any problem getting at least one of us to cum if we stroke each other. It’s very exhilarating looking straight into Jen’s eyes as an orgasm pulses through my body and having to concentrate on staying quiet while keeping a grip on something so I stay upright. Feeling other people pressed up against me and knowing (or assuming) that they have no idea what we’re doing. Another trick we’ve played around with is hiding a vibe up our sleeves and once we’re onboard and suitably jammed in, working it down the sleeve far enough that a sufficient length is exposed to be useful. Turning the vibe on can be a bit tricky, but with practice we can now usually do this through our sleeve (the controls of the vibe are still hidden in the sleeve of the coat). Using this, we generally have no problems cumming and I’ve even tortured Jen a couple of times by holding the vibe against her clit long after she’s cum (and there is no way she can escape or even squirm around that much).

Things don’t always go to plan though… It was one of the first times we’d used the ‘vibe up the sleeve’ routine and Jen wasn’t as practiced as she is now. She had slipped it most of the way out of her sleeve and had it pressed against me. My orgasm was building nicely when the bus lurched and Jen nearly dropped the vibe. It fell slightly and I closed my legs around it, but we thought that the bottom of it might be visible below the hem of my skirt. I quickly told Jen to push it up into me and as soon as she did so, I clamped my legs shut around it. Now this isn’t the strongest of vibes (we chose it as it is fairly quiet so we can at least attempt to be discreet), but as I’d been fairly close to cumming, I was already fairly sensitive. The vibe buzzing inside me wasn’t enough to make me cum, but was enough to stimulate me and until quite a few people left the bus, we couldn’t think of a way to get it out of me. As you would expect, Jen used the opportunity to tease me and her fingers hunted out my clit and played with it. This time it was my turn to be trapped and I had to let her make me cum and then endure the continued buzzing of the vibe. Jen whispered to me that I was fairly flushed and added that if I didn’t calm down, someone might guess what we were up to, but she wasn’t helping the situation as she then started to play with my clit again. Our stop came and went and it wasn’t until a few stops later that the bus cleared enough that we could get a seat far enough away from people that I could pull the vibe out. I’d cum a second time by then and my pussy kept tingling for ages afterwards. Needless to say, by the time we’d walked back to Uni, we were both late, but it was a good way to start the day.

As I’m a member of staff (however low a level), I need to be (at least a bit) careful at work while Jen can get away with quite a bit more as a student. We have played with this a fair bit and while Jen often wears perfectly normal outfits, we sometimes push things a little further… Denim shorts and opaque tights are fairly common amongst the students here so Jen doesn’t look out of place wearing them. In her case though, we have found successively shorter and tighter shorts to the point that the bottom part of her ass cheeks are exposed (still covered by the tights). I’ve also sent her to work with one of the pairs of shorts from our last holiday where we had trimmed the crotch down to just a narrow strip that didn’t do much to hide her crotch. She did feel particularly self conscious that day – possibly as once we’d arrived at work I pointed out that it was fairly obvious that she didn’t have any panties on under the shorts.

Jen sometimes goes running with people from her course. I’ve gotten her to use this as an opportunity to display herself as well. She had some tight lycra leggings and when she pulls them up firmly against her crotch, she can get a fairly decent bit of cameltoe showing. She can enhance this further by bending and stretching in front of the guys. She has demonstrated this to Mike and me and she is able to put herself in some very sexy positions that she knows a couple of the guys have noticed (but she always pretends not to notice they’re staring). I really love Jen’s scent after she has been running – the mixture of sweat and her natural taste blends together into something wonderful. When she goes for a run, I usually get her to keep her running kit on until we get home and I can go down on her, but there have been a few occasions when she comes to my lab to fetch me and we’re the only ones there. She tastes even better just after the run and on these occasions, I’ve sat her up on my desk and she has pulled her leggings down around her ankles, hooked her legs over my head and I’ve gorged myself on her. We’ve only been interrupted once but my desk is sufficiently far from the door and partially hidden so she had time to release me, jump down and pull her leggings up (and the running gear gave the perfect excuse as to why she looked flushed).

Jen has a long (about mid-thigh) jumper that is fairly baggy and she can wear off one shoulder. It goes quite well with a wide belt and she has worn this outfit a couple of times. What people don’t know (again, we assume) is that she is completely naked underneath the jumper (she sometimes has socks or hold-ups on, but no panties or bra). I borrowed this jumper to wear one time and attempted it without a bra on, but as I’m significantly larger than Jen in the chest area, I had to give in and wear a bra. I did at least go with one of my peek-a-boo bras, so my nipples were fully exposed. The jumper is thick enough that people couldn’t tell this though, even where we were sitting over lunch and I felt myself getting sufficiently aroused to make my nipples stiffen. (I did get Jen to help relieve me after lunch though so I would be able to concentrate on work in the afternoon).

The last pure clothing related item was something we did recently after finding a nice image online. It involved a trip to one of the Uni café’s and Jen sitting reading a book. As you might guess, she wasn’t sitting in an entirely innocent way… I’d chosen a nice little skirt for her and matched it to a pair of long socks. She sat on a bench in a corner that was visible from a group of tables, slipped off her shoes and lifted her feet up onto the bench in front of her. She had her ankles crossed and used her legs/knees to rest a book against and pretended to read it while giving anyone who looked in her direction a great view of her naked pussy. The position looked fairly innocent at first glance as she had such a cute outfit on and her feet and lower legs shielded her pussy if you were directly in front of her. I sat elsewhere and watched the people as they checked her out, wishing I could be in her place (or at least beside her in a similar position). This was another time that following the exposure, we had to go somewhere and take care of each other before going back to work.

Both my colleagues and the people who know Jen through her course know that she is my partner and that I am also married to Mike. As much as Mike and I would have liked to get to know Jen’s friends better, we made a decision to not spend too much time around them so that the temptation to play was reduced. This was made somewhat easier by the fact that we were rarely at home during the weekends (or if we were, we usually had visitors). It became increasingly difficult to do this as Jen didn’t want her friends to think that we were being rude so we tried to meet up with them once a week or so, usually after work. Sometimes Mike would come along and join us and sometimes it would just be Jen and me. We were still relatively well behaved (at least compared to what we’d get up to around Jen’s Uni friends) but I had no problem kissing Jen or Mike in front of them. The guys are used to Jen flirting with them and they at least seem to understand that it is only flirting - although as I often tease Jen, I’m sure that at least a couple of them might think about her while masturbating. Jen is fine with this and she actually enjoys the teasing and knowing the effect she has on the guys (I think the years of working on Mike has helped her to enjoy this).

In terms of actually having sex while in work, we’ve managed this on a number of occasions. The store cupboard near my office is one of our usual places, but I need to be careful there as I don’t want people thinking that I’m letting Jen take things. If I’m working late and Jen (or Mike) is waiting for me, we’ve been known to do things at, on or under my desk (providing the rest of the people in the lab have left). Usually this will involve one of us sitting up on the desk while they are eaten or sucked, but we’ve also done this the other way round (with the person sitting on the chair being pleasured by someone kneeling on the floor under my desk). When we’re sure that we’re properly alone, I really enjoy leaning against my desk and having Mike fuck me from behind. We try to do this just before we leave so I can enjoy the feeling of his cum leaking out down my legs during the journey home. Jen and I have also used this position, either using fingers or a vibe.

If I’m working by myself and decide to take a break to relieve myself, I’ve used my umbrella handle a number of times. This is quite a convenient item as if someone comes into the room, all I need to do is remove it from my pussy and I don’t have to worry about hiding it. I also really like using the curved handle as I can get the end into myself and the leather feels nice inside me. Also , when I pull it up tight against my body, the handle nestles nicely against my pussy and applies pressure to my clit. Sadly the handle now has a small tear on it so I may have to part with the umbrella soon (I’ll be getting a new one, but it’s just distressing to have to dispose of something that has given me pleasure so many times).

Just over a month ago, I was helping Jen out by being a trial audience for a presentation she had to give. Being a member of staff, I was able to book a presentation room so she didn’t have to share the ones students can normally use. We did actually run through the presentation a couple of times and I provided feedback, but as I’d probably provided as much advice as I could (until she made the required changes), I wasn’t quite as attentive on the third run through. I started off by just spreading my legs, then started to gently stroke myself and then used a whiteboard marker to masturbate with. Jen told me off for not taking things seriously and I reminded her that if she was nervous, she was meant to imagine the audience naked. In order to help her ‘imagine’ this, I exposed my breasts and played with them while she tried to carry on.

I then went and locked the door and moved over to where Jen was standing. I whispered in her ear about what (the more attractive ones of) her friends would look like naked and described how they could all be sitting pleasuring themselves while she was presenting. It didn’t seem fair that everyone else should be naked while Jen was clothed so I started to caress her and let her imaginary audience watch as I fingered her and played with her nipples. She wasn’t really trying to continue her presentation and we ended up on top of the table. It probably wasn’t a good idea, but we ended up mostly stripping and put on a display of us 69ing. I naturally imagined that the other people joined us and that (somehow) while Jen was eating me, the guys fucked me and the girls fingered me or let me eat them. Only when we’d both cum and were getting dressed did we realise just how big a chance we’d taken. Technically, nobody should have tried to come in as I had the room booked – and the fact that it was locked should have meant that someone would have had to go and get a key, but the room was right beside a café area so there were many people just on the other side of the window (we had the blinds down) and lots of people walking past. Good idea or not, once we were dressed, I sat up on the table again (facing the window this time) and got Jen to sit on a chair and use the pen inside me and her fingers on my clit until I came again.

I hope this has given a flavour of some of the things we get up to at work – it is by no means an exhaustive list of what we’ve done, but I think it represents the spirit of our games. We obviously don’t do things all the time at work (most of our games are saved for the weekends), but it’s nice to have a little fun during the week from time to time. Should the weather warm up, I’m fairly sure that we will find other ways to expose ourselves.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Cumming in Lesbians - Part 3

I suggested to Lis that she go and wake Mike up and she said that she had already planned on doing this. She had taken on board my advice on how to dress for him and wanted to put on a few things before she woke him, but he’d already been listening in on our session so was half sitting up in bed when she went in to the bedroom (well, one part of him was fully sitting up). Lis decided to dress for the occasion anyway and got him to stay in bed and watch as she slipped on a simple white bra with a little blue bow, some matching panties and then some thigh high white socks (these were Jen’s). Lis was aware that she had Mike’s full attention and I think she really enjoyed slowly dressing, knowing that he was intently watching everything that she did. Once dressed, she walked over to the bed, pulled the covers back, climbed up and straddled him and pushed her crotch down against his cock.

He told her that he hoped she wasn’t going to tease him again and she replied telling him that as he’d been well behaved yesterday, she was willing to let him have one final go with her. That was all Mike needed to hear and he rolled her over onto her back. He pulled the crotch of her panties aside, pushed into her and told her he was going to fuck her until she came twice and then fill her with his cum again. Lis quickly lost her bra and after a while her panties were removed so they could fuck more easily, but (as I would have expected) Mike got her to keep the socks on. He used a number of positions that allowed him to caress her legs while they fucked but to finish off (for her first cum), she wanted to be on top and for him to pound into her. Mike was more than happy to grant her wish and he pumped rapidly in and out of her, guiding her by her hips until she had cum. He actually carried on until a while after she’d cum and she told him she needed a break. He had really hoped this would be his chance to get to eat her (or at least kitty kiss her), but Lis told him to behave or he wouldn’t be allowed to cum in her.

They kissed for a while and Mike caressed her back and ass. He discussed the training that Jen and I were doing with Lucy and asked whether it had been making any difference to what she was willing to do with Lis. She told him that Lucy seemed to be a little more willing to let go and enjoy herself, but was still self-conscious when fooling around. I wouldn’t agree with this – while Lucy isn’t anywhere near as adventurous or spontaneous as Lis, I think she has certainly developed a lot and is a *lot* more willing to experiment – and given she was in the other room being fucked by her ex-housemate and her partner (me), I think my view is right! Mike asked Lis to describe what it was like to fuck Lucy and Lis acted affronted and asked him why she wasn’t enough for him. He assured her that she was more than enough, but said she had to admit that Lucy was incredibly hot. Lis was only teasing him though – she may like him as a friend, and be willing to use him as a safe (or trusted) person to experiment with, but there is no danger of her wanting to run off with him.

She indulged him and they constructed a story where Lis and Lucy were playing and Jen and I joined in, then Mike joined us and we all fucked each other in many ways. Mike had Lucy eating Lis while he fucked her and then they switched so he could fuck Lucy while Lis licked her. They started to move against each other as the fantasy developed until they were once again fucking and Mike asked if Lis was ready to cum again (she was). They changed positions a few times during this session, but finished off with Lis on her back again with her legs up against Mike. He played with her clit and got Lis to play with her breasts. As they got closer to cumming, he lifted Lis’ legs higher and bent her over slightly so her ass was raised and her pussy was pointing upwards (so he could push down hard into her). As usual, he waited for Lis to cum and a little after her orgasm had ended he came and emptied himself into her, pushing his cock as deep into her cunt as he could. He had two reasons for using this position – first, to get his cum as deep into her as he could, and secondly to keep it there.

Before he pulled out, he told Lis the second reason and asked if she would put her panties back on so his cum stayed in (or at least on) her pussy. She agreed to this and held on to her legs to keep her ass raised while Mike fetched the panties she’d been wearing and helped her slip them down her legs (which were still pointing up) and over her ass. He rubbed the material against her crotch and made sure they fitted snugly (which was mostly just an excuse to rub her again) and then let her lower her legs so she lay flat on the bed.

He lay beside her and pressed his cock against her side while using a finger to trace up and down the length of her lips through her panties. Once a damp patch began to appear he pressed a little harder and then got Lis to stand up – which allowed the cum still inside her to slide out more readily and caused the damp patch to grow more rapidly. He made Lis promise to keep the panties on all day and they came in to see what Jen and I had been doing with Lucy.

We’d actually finished (Lucy had only let us make her cum one more time after Lis had left, but she had been willing to lend a hand while Jen and I played with each other). The three of us were lying under the covers when Mike and Lis reappeared and they sat down on our bed to talk. Jen reached over and caressed Lis’ crotch, telling her that she had been a naughty girl and made a mess of her nice panties. Lis blushed a bit and gave Jen a coy look, but Mike defended her and said that she hadn’t been at all bad and was actually incredibly good. He told us that he’d asked her to keep the panties on and keep his cum in her and I said that would spoil our fun, but he thought we’d be able to find ways to amuse ourselves.

During breakfast, I slid under the table and pushed Lucy’s legs apart. She had slipped on a light robe so I had to get her to undo this and then pull it out from under her ass as I planned on making a bit of a mess. I spooned my yoghurt onto her pussy and licked her clean(ish), then repeated this over and over. Lucy slowly scooted forwards on the chair to make it easier for me and I promised her that I’d help her clean up afterwards (she was now sitting in a small puddle of yoghurt). Mike was enjoying the show (he couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, but he had a fair idea and he could see the result from the expressions on Lucy’s face). He asked Jen if she wanted to help make Lis cum and went to fetch a vibrator. They moved a few things off the table and got Lis to lie on it, then proceeded to use the vibe, pressing it against her panties and rubbing up and down her pussy. Jen briefly kissed Lis’ panties, but Mike didn’t want to dilute his cum with her saliva so they returned to using the vibe. Mike stood behind Jen and pushed her ass cheeks against his cock as he slid back and forth between them.

I decided that I wanted to mix my juices with Lucy’s (I guess it’s sort of the same thing as a guy cumming in a girl) so I fingered myself and Lucy, mixing our juices together. As I hand my hand between my legs, I figured that I may as well take care of myself while I was there but I got a little carried away and actually made myself cum before Lucy did. Even though I moaned a bit into her pussy, I’m not sure anyone actually realised that I was cumming as Lucy couldn’t see what I was doing and Mike and Jen were distracted with Lis.

As Lucy and Lis got closer to cumming, Mike stopped rubbing against Jen and took matters into his own hands. He stroked his cock and watched Lucy as she came, then got himself as close as he could and waited until Lis came. He aimed at her panties and added a fresh batch of cum, which Jen used the vibe to massage in to the crotch. He wiped his cock on Jen’s ass while she finished off with Lis and then offered me his cock to suck clean. I assumed that I wasn’t going to get to eat Lucy for a little while so thought that it wouldn’t do any harm to have his cum in my mouth. I’d hoped to still be able to taste Lis on him from their earlier session, but I couldn’t (nor could I taste any of his cum as I still had yoghurt over my face).

Now there was only Jen left to make cum and she switched places with Lis on the table. I was going to get Lis to eat her (with yoghurt), but Mike pointed out that she’d have to shower and that would wash away his cum so we roped Lucy in. She was a little hesitant at first, but we tied her hair back and I promised to help thoroughly clean her in the shower afterwards so she relented. Lis fetched some more yoghurt and I drizzled a little onto Jen’s pussy (which elicited a nice squeal from her) and Lucy gently licked her clean. This was repeated a few more times and Lucy eventually started to eat Jen properly and not being so careful about getting messy. Lis caressed Lucy’s ass and at mike’s (quiet) request, she slipped a finger down and into Lucy’s pussy. Mike knelt behind Lucy and watched as Lis fingered her and even got Lis to feed him some of Lucy’s juices directly from her cunt.

Lucy had decided to commit to what she was doing now and Jen was happily mewing away on the table. She pulled and tweaked her nipples so I added a small amount of yoghurt to them and sucked them clean fairly forcefully (no biting this time though). We carried on until Jen came and when Lucy pulled away, her face was smeared with yoghurt so I took her into the bathroom to give her the promised shower.

Mike and Lis helped to wipe Jen clean and despite having cum twice already, Mike wanted to cum again (mostly the result of having watched Lis fingering Lucy). He wanted to fuck her again but she said he had enough of her for one weekend (and I think she’d cum enough for the time being) so he got her to lie on the bed and he knelt between her legs and stroked himself. He was going to just cum over her again but Jen pulled Lis’ panties aside as said that he may as well add to the sticky mess already on her cunt. Lis agreed to this and Mike carried on wanking and pushed his cock up against Lis’ cunt as he came. He actually pushed the head slightly between her lips, but she didn’t mind this and he doubts that he actually added much cum to her as he’d only cum a short while before.

I had mostly avoided doing anything to stimulate Lucy while in the shower and had just washed her down as promised (maybe there was just a little bit of fondling). She felt much refreshed when we left and Mike went into the shower with Jen. He helped to wash her down (at least the bits he was allowed to touch) and Jen teased him about the fact that his cock was soft (which isn’t its usual state when he showered with her). He said that it was to be expected given what he’d done to Lis that morning but Jen stood with her back to him and pressed her ass against his crotch. He managed to get a little harder, but not properly erect so she reached between her legs and pushed his cock against her pussy. As she rubbed back and forth she asked if he thought he could get properly hard if she told him that he could fuck her but he said that was an empty promise as he knew she wouldn’t allow him inside her (but it seemed to have a small extra effect). Mike used the pulse shower on Jen – at first with him standing behind her, but then she stood with her back in the corner and spread her lips while he knelt in front of her so he could aim the jet directly at her clit. Jen didn’t even ask if she could pee as she came (but she only had a small amount in her). As payment, Mike got her to stay in position for a while after she’d cum. The good thing about using the shower is that it is a very gentle stimulation so it’s almost like being kitty kissed and isn’t (usually) too intense, even after an orgasm.

Mike was properly erect by the time they left the shower, but by his own admission he probably wouldn’t have been able to actually do very much. As Lis wasn’t going to shower, we helped to wash her – avoiding anywhere that Mike’s cum had landed on her. Once she was clean, it seemed a waste to just have his cum on her so we lay her down and Jen and I rubbed our juices over her (some came directly from humping against various parts of her and some from fingering ourselves or each other and then rubbing Lis). We didn’t want to leave Lucy out so we transferred some of her juices to Lis as well. I thought that we may as well finish the job off properly so after a quick consultation with Jen, I lay on the bed and held my knees up by my chest and Lis was pulled up and had her face held against my pussy (and told to eat me) while Jen rubbed herself against the top of Jen’s back and the back of Lis’ neck. Mike held Lis’ hair out of the way and then twisted it round. He handed the knot of hair to Jen who rubbed herself against it and did her best to work it into her pussy. She didn’t quite manage to fuck herself with Lis’ hair, but certainly left some of her juices behind. Lis was meanwhile busily lapping away at my pussy and we only released her once she had made me cum.

Lis lay back on the bed so we could admire our work. The patches on her panties had pretty much dried up, but we knew that she was caked with Mike’s cum under them and a fair part of the rest of her body was covered in our juices. Lucy thought that we’d gone a bit over the top and I warned her that it would be her turn for this treatment on our next visit. She said that she didn’t want Mike to cum over her and I pointed out that this didn’t rule out Jen, Lis and me coving her with our juices. She tried to explain that this had been implied, but we overruled her and said that as she hadn’t rejected the idea initially, we would make sure to coat as much of her body with our juices as possible.

It was getting late now and if we were going to have time to have lunch before we left we needed to get ready. Lis had to give her hair a good brushing to remove Jen’s cum and she said that she felt sticky all over from our juices. I would have loved for her to be able to fuck Lucy later on that night while still covered, but we knew she would have to wash to ensure that she was clean of Mike’s cum (and Lis has told us that Lucy usually doesn’t want to do very much for a day or so following a visit). We did at least get her to agree to keep the socks on when we went out and the juxtaposition of how incredibly cute she looked, with the knowledge of the fact that she was covered with four people’s secretions was wonderful.

We had a relatively serious conversation over lunch about the games we were playing, whether Lis and Lucy were happy with the risks of Mike cumming in Lis, whether Lucy was happy with us pushing her to experiment… Lucy said that she was enjoying herself and for now she was happy to carry on, but again said that she didn’t want her or Lis to become a plaything of the group (their Uni friends). We pointed out that it was easy enough to ensure that didn’t happen. There were people in the group who only ever did things with one other person (apart from their partners), so if she (Lucy) was ever brave enough to let the others know that she was playing with us, we doubted it would have to lead to anything more.

At the station, Mike convinced Lis to let him get a finger into her panties and he stroked her clit while he kissed her goodbye. He whispered to her that she reeked of sex and I think if we’d been somewhere just a little less crowded, she might have even let him make her cum. I dared Lucy to let us stroke her in the same way and when she refused, I demonstrated on Jen and we managed to bring enough peer pressure to bear that she let both Jen and I stroke her clit just to prove she wasn’t chicken (yes, I know it’s hard to believe that we are all apparently adults). Mike thanked Lucy for letting him borrow her girlfriend – he got a decent kiss from her but he wasn’t allowed to finger her (unsurprisingly).

We dozed for a fair amount of the journey on the way back so felt quite refreshed that evening when we got home. I was quite horny though as I’d managed to accidentally let someone see up my skirt for a part of the trip and had dreamt about everyone (or at least the guys) on the carriage lining up to take turns fucking me and once I was filled with their cum I was carried down to the first class carriage. I left a trail of cum behind me, with it dripping out of my holes and off my body and when we got to first class, I was placed on a bed and had to satisfy a large group of businessmen who were all wearing the same suits. I don’t remember seeing their faces, and can only remember having dozens of cocks thrust at and into me. I had two guys in my cunt at the same time, one in cunt and one in ass, fucked solo, fucked while having to suck someone and jerk off two others, a group of guys standing around me covering me with cum…

Unfortunately Mike wasn’t quite able to produce enough cum to replicate my dream, but between the small amount he could manage, and the more copious amount that our ejaculating dildo could provide, he and Jen were able to make a fairly decent mess of me and satisfy my craving. He wasn’t able to fuck me that night (or at least cum in me) as he said his balls ached, but he did eat me to orgasm and then once I’d played with Jen, he spooned with me (and still complained that he ached).

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cumming in Lesbians - Part 2

We headed out into town and then went for a walk around a park. Jen whispered to me how she would have loved to make use of the trees to pee and play but she wasn’t feeling brave enough to let Lucy and Lis know about her desires. We sat down at a few places and spent a little time flashing guys (well, Lis, Jen and I did – Lucy only joined us once and she still had panties on). Back in town, we went for lunch and I sat with my heel pressed against my crotch. It felt nice but wasn’t enough to do anything more than feel nice so when we’d finished eating it was time to go any try on some clothes. Lucy was a bit more forthcoming once she was in a changing room and Jen reported that while she didn’t want to get completely naked, she was happy to make out with Jen (who was naked) and indulge in a bit of mutual fingering and licking. Lis and I were a little less reserved and both stripped fully before taking turns playing with each other. The result was the same in both cases though, we all managed to cum, however I also convinced Lis to leave her bra off when she got dressed and once Mike knew this, he insisted on buying her a thinner top (on the provision she put it on). Lis played along and over coffee, we all admired the outline of her nipples (which became a more prominent as she sat there and we pointed out that some other people also seemed to have noticed them).

Lucy had promised to take us out to a nice club that evening so we went home to rest for a bit beforehand (and have dinner). I got Lis to mount Mike once again and I knelt between his legs so I could give her clit another lick. She didn’t want to cum so I switched places with her and asked if she would reciprocate. I was a little surprised when she knelt down and pushed her face against my pussy, but it was a nice surprise, that got even better when I felt her tongue rapidly flicking back and forth over my clit. I didn’t tell her that I wanted to cum, but she carried on licking me and I was vocal enough that she knew I was on the way to an orgasm. Fortunately Lis hadn’t decided to tease me as well as Mike and she continued until I came. When I climbed off Mike, I suggested she give him a little of the same treatment and after only a small hesitation, she kissed the head of his cock and began to lick him.

Mike wanted her to suck him properly but apart from taking the whole head into her mouth a couple of times, she just licked him. He really enjoyed it when she flicked her tongue just under the front of his glans (which I guess isn’t surprising as this is where he likes me touching him when I’m using a single finger to make him cum). Mike told her that he would end up cumming over her face if she carried on so she decided to stop – partially just to keep teasing him and partially as she didn’t want to have to wash her hair again before we went out. I’m fairly sure that she could have carried on licking him for a while longer without him cumming, but Lis (obviously) isn’t anywhere near as experience with Mike as I am. He tried to convince her to let him eat her and she made it as far as kneeling over him in a 69 and letting him visually examine her, but said (again) that she wanted to save that for another time and not let him have everything at once.

We all made dinner together and I pushed a couple of bits of veg into Lis before adding them to the salad. She did the same back to me and we then ganged up on Jen and fed her cunt with a number of things, including the narrower end of an aubergine. Lucy didn’t escape and was held against the counter with her skirt pulled up and panties pulled down. We fed cherry tomatoes to her pussy, allowing them to plop back out into the packet before slicing them and adding them to the salad. Mike had enjoyed watching this and had pulled his cock out and stroked it while aiming at Lucy’s ass so I let him slide into me and warm up my pussy (the veg had been in the fridge so had been cold) while I tossed the salad. Neither of us came, but I felt fairly wet by the time he’d finished.

Lis wore panties when we went out, but agreed to wear her new top and forgo her bra again. We made sure to caress her a number of times throughout the evening to get her panties as damp as possible for Mike’s use. We didn’t neglect Lucy and once she’d had a couple of drinks, she was much more willing to play with us and allowed us to fondle her while at the bar and even get hands into her panties a few times. If the bathrooms had been nicer I would have made her cum in there but we decided to save it until we got home. Later in the evening when I was dancing with Lis, she slid a hand up my skirt and onto my ass so I did the same to her and pushed my fingers into her panties. I also got a hand up her top and onto her breasts, which she really liked – so I spent some time fondling them under her top (which was certainly noticed by a number of people dancing near us). We went and sat down near the dancefloor and continued to kiss and I brought one of my legs up to lift the hem of my skirt and expose myself. I know that people wouldn’t actually be able to see much as it was dark, but I pulled up one of Lis’ legs as well and shouted to her that people deserved to see her crotch as well.

I hadn’t accounted for the UV light – while it made no difference for me, it certainly made a difference on Lis’ white panties. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know this as it was only people out on the dance floor who got to see so she spent the best part of five minutes with her crotch on display and acting as a beacon that clearly showed my hand stroking her thigh and rubbing over her panties. Lis fondled my breasts through my top until I told her to touch me properly – I had meant for her to slide her hand under my top, but she didn’t understand what I meant so pushed her hand up my skirt and onto my cunt (admittedly this felt better than what I had been telling her to do). She told me that I felt very wet and asked if I wanted to find somewhere more suitable to finish things off but I said that I’d wait until we got home. We backed things off a little (it wasn’t really the sort of club that we could get away with doing what we were doing) but continued to kiss a while longer. I asked Lis if she was going to fuck Mike again and she said that she was planning to, but not to tell him so she could tease him more.

Mike had danced with Lucy a few times through the evening, but while Lis and I were making out, he danced a lot closer to her and she pushed back against him. He knew that she must have been able to feel the bulge of his erection and told her that he was going to fuck Lis again and fill her with his cum. Jen cut in so he danced behind Jen and rubbed against her ass (but she is used to this). Jen kissed Lucy deeply so Mike moved around behind Lucy and pressed up against her – she didn’t seem to mind this but wouldn’t let him touch her anywhere sensitive (although Jen was allowed to do this as she rubbed Lucy’s crotch through her skirt).

On the way home Mike took the opportunity to caress Lis. He really wanted to have another go at fucking her and was trying to make sure she was feeling horny enough to let him do this (and it was a bit stupid of Lis to try and tease him as he has far more experience at teasing than she does). Jen and I kept Lucy distracted and Mike walked behind us with his hand down the back of Lis’ skirt and then in her panties. He could tell that she felt fairly moist and he got her to agree to let him be inside her, and promised he wouldn’t cum if she didn’t want him to. On arriving at the flat, Jen and I took Lucy into the living room, quickly made the bed and got stuck into her while Mike took Lis to the bedroom.

He still wasn’t allowed to eat her, but she didn’t waste any time in mounting him and they humped against each other while Mike told her how incredibly hot she was. Lis was on top of him and he asked her if she wanted to be hammered to orgasm again (she had told us that she had enjoyed this position) and once she said yes, he proceeded to fuck her until she moaned into his ear that she was cumming. Lis seemed to cum fairly hard and he kept his cock buried in her while they kissed, then after a while he started moving in her again. As he fucked her he got her to imagine the view of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt, of her lips stretching around him and her juices glistening on his shaft. He told her that he wanted to feel her cum around him again and asked if he could empty himself into her and fill her with his cum once more. Lis had clearly had enough of teasing him as she didn’t hold back this time and told him that he could cum if he wanted (and he wanted). He rolled over so he was on top and then pulled out, telling Lis to turn over. As soon as she was on her front, he pushed back into her, reached around to her clit and carried on pumping into her.

Mike still doesn’t know how to read Lis that well, so she came a bit faster than he had expected, but this just meant he could stop playing with her clit and concentrate on fucking her. He pushed himself upright and pulled her ass up in the air so she was half kneeling and watched as he repeatedly buried himself in her. Lis was still fairly sensitive from having just cum for the second time but she let him carry on and even pushed back against him when he told her he was getting close. He came in her with her hips pulled tight against him and then rolled onto his side, pulling her with him so he could embrace her while they spooned. He caressed her breasts and mons and as soon as he could move in her again, he did so (slowly). Lis was convinced that if she pressed on her abdomen, just above her pubic bone, she could feel his cock inside her (Mike wasn’t convinced but it gave him the opportunity to stroke her mons and get a finger onto her pussy and clit).

He carried on moving inside her while they kissed, occasionally breaking the kiss so he could tell her how good her pussy felt and how wet she was now that he had filled her with cum. He challenged her to cum a third time and she said that she wasn’t sure she could so Mike caressed her more and told her to try and milk a second load of cum out of him. It took a bit longer for her to cum this time and her orgasm seemed to build more slowly than the first two cums of the evening, but this gave Mike longer to enjoy himself and to try and learn how Lis liked being touched (okay, so he had some inside knowledge from things that Jen and I had told him). Lis was fine with him cumming in her again and this time he managed to do it much sooner after she had cum. He stayed inside her a while longer and thinks that he might have been able to stay hard if she had remained with him, but she thought that she should get back to the rest of us and demonstrate the mess he had made in her.

It really was quite a mess – even when she arrived in the living room, cum was still actually dripping from her and Jen buried her face between Lis’ legs. I would have loved to just pulled her down to join us, but Lis had to go and clean up so Jen joined her in the shower and made sure she was hosed out (again). I spent the time with Lucy just gently kissing and caressing her, aiming to get her ready for round three when Jen and Lis returned.

Rounds one and two had happened while Lis had been busy with Mike. I’d told Lucy that Jen and I were going to do everything we could to make her cum and we’d done a pretty good job. With Lis out of the way (and possibly with the help of the alcohol we’d had throughout the evening), Lucy was a little less reserved and allowed us to do pretty much what we wanted to her. We rubbed against her, fingered and licked her (both holes), humped against her pussy, humped against her face, fucked her with Jen’s hair (pussy only) and for her second orgasm made her cum with Jen’s fingers buried in her ass and mine in her cunt.

I had my head between Lucy’s legs, gently kitty kissing her, when Lis and Jen came back and Jen got Lis to sit over Lucy’s face. She either didn’t care (or didn’t think about) the fact that Lis’ cunt had been filled with Mike’s cum and just lapped away at Lis. I had my usual decision to make as to whether I should do things with Lucy or Lis (I know I can’t be greedy and take both of them) and decided that as I’d already had Lucy a couple of times (as well as getting to make out with her) that I would switch to Lis so I let Jen take over between Lucy’s legs and I pulled Lis over onto the duvet beside me.

I was impressed to find out that she’d already cum three times (almost four as Jen had cleaned her out fairly thoroughly) and got her to tell me how it had felt. I held her tight against me while she did this and worked my fingers between her lips, both inside her and over her clit. We got each other fairly close to cumming but I wanted to finish off in a different way and as I’d scissored with Lucy that morning, I felt it was only fair to do the same to Lis (plus I didn’t want Mike to be the only one who got to pound against her). I was going to fetch a dildo for us to share but we decided that we’d just rub against each other. We were both more than wet enough and our pussies slid easily back and forth as we pressed them together. We each held on to one of the other person’s legs and ground back and forth. Lis was going to cum first so I reached down and played with my clit directly a little to help catch up – she still came a little bit before me, but not by too much so it wasn’t too intense for her as I carried on using her cunt to grind against until I also came.

I lay back on the bed with my legs still intertwined with Lis’. My whole crotch felt sticky and I wanted to taste our juices off Lis so I started to kitty kiss her but she wanted to 69 and do this (just kitty kissing, not actual eating). Lucy and Jen had finished and thought that we were starting over again but I assured them that we’d pretty much finished and I was just cleaning Lis off so I could give her back in a respectable state. We kitty kissed for a while longer, then kissed properly and I let Lis spoon behind me so I could face Lucy (who had Lis spooning behind her). Lucy said that she couldn’t take much more and I told her not to be silly and that we’d make her cum properly the next morning.

True to our promise, I woke Lucy up with my head buried between her legs and I let Lis do the same to Jen. Jen really wanted to pee but we made her wait until Lis had finished eating her and I then got Lis to sit over Jen’s face so she could be eaten while I used a vibe on Jen. I was slightly mean to her and put a bit of pressure on her bladder. I knew that if we’d been somewhere suitable, Jen would have loved to just let go and squirt pee everywhere (and given the position we were in, that would have been all over me) but I banked on her not wanting to do this in front of Lucy and Lis (let alone inside their flat). Only when Lis had cum and Jen had cum a second time (and Lucy had a few licks) did we let her dash to the bathroom and relieve herself.