Thursday, 2 May 2013

Faking it

The second weekend in February, we returned to Jen’s old Uni, but this time our visit coincided with one of Lis and Lucy’s. We wanted them to stay at Julia and Abrahii’s – but their house wasn’t big enough (Mel was down for the weekend and a small 2 bed place can’t easily hold eight people). We debated getting a couple of hotel rooms together but Lucy still wasn’t sure about telling the others that she now joined Jen and I (and Mike in Lis’ case) for group sessions. I was a little put out at this as it’s not as if her friends are prudes, but Lucy explained that she didn’t want Lis to become a plaything of the group and that they looked on Jen and I as more than just fuck buddies. They ended up getting a room in a hotel while Mike, Jen and I stayed with Jules and Abrahii as usual.

We’d met up with people for the usual drinks and Lis and Lucy had gotten to see Susan’s progression since their last visit. They knew all about her training and had seen her masturbate herself and be masturbated by Abigail before so it wasn’t really anything new, but things had been pushed a little further since their previous visit (and even since ours the previous weekend). The circle of people who got to play with Susan had expanded - when we returned to Susan’s room, she was stripped naked (her usual state when alone with the group) and once Abigail had played with her, other people were encouraged to have a go. Naturally, Jen and I had a go and used a vibe on and in her and Abrahii then went down on her. Mike said that he wanted to do the same and I was surprised (as was he) to find out that Susan had agreed (or been told) to let guys do this to her as well so Mike knelt on the floor in front of the bed and ate Susan. He followed this up with a fairly long period of kitty kissing but he was told off for hogging her and she was passed to someone else for them to play with her.

Abigail and Mel told Lucy and Lis about some of the things that Susan had been getting up to. One that sounded particularly exciting was getting her to play with herself in the University library. She’d done this a few times now, once with a skirt on, once while wearing leggings with a hole cut in the crotch and once with just a long jacket on. I understood the jacket and skirt methods but wanted a demonstration of the leggings so Susan retrieved them from her cupboard and slipped them on. While she did this, Abigail explained that they’d got the idea from an online video. It was difficult to tell that the leggings had a hole in the crotch while Susan was standing or walking, but once she sat down and spread her legs, she could easily access her pussy and either finger or frig herself. As she had started, Abigail told her to carry on with the demonstration. It was a little odd as she was still topless, but we could certainly see that she had enough access to make herself cum (which she did).

Mike quietly asked Lis if she was enjoying the show and then asked her if he abstained from cumming, if he would be allowed to have a proper play. Lis told him that it wasn’t really the right time to do things and he told her that didn’t matter as long as she was okay with it. She agreed that if we could get some time alone with them that he could try. Mike reported this to Jen and I on the way home and I arranged to meet up with Lucy and Lis on the Saturday morning before lunch.

Mike and I spent the night with Julia and Mel while Jen slept with Abrahii. Mike gave Julia a good fucking and I immediately ate her to clean up his cum (and cover up the fact that he hadn’t actually cum in her). Mike went down on Mel and then also fucked her, but stayed buried in her afterwards. Mel didn’t seem to notice that he stayed hard for a long time after ‘cumming’, but as she’d just cum twice she probably didn’t care much anyway. Mike fingered and ate Julia in the morning and he then fucked me while I ate Mel. Once we’d had breakfast (and Jen and Abrahii had finished their session and joined us), we cleaned up and headed off to meet up with Lucy and Lis, arranging for someone to call us and tell us where we were meeting for lunch.

I don’t think anyone imagined that we were going to meet them for sex. While that would be an obvious conclusion with Mike, Jen and me involved, they also (obviously) know that Jen shared a house with Lucy and are close friends. It is also known that Lucy is one of the more reserved members of our groups – at least as far as participating goes. Mike was already hard when we arrived at their hotel room and Lis answered the door. Mike reported that he hadn’t cum for over a day (but admitted that he had ‘fucked’ Julia). Lis thought that he’d done well enough to deserve her if he wanted, but warned him again not to cum in her. Mike promised to behave and Lis was soon mounted on his cock as he sat on the edge of the bed. I knelt and gave her clit a few licks just to get them started and then sat back to watch as she bounced up and down on Mike’s cock and he played with her breasts and clit. Lis thought that it felt quite different to the times he fucked her before, but she didn’t seem to be complaining and this was especially true as she came.

Lucy hadn’t intended to participate, but Jen and I had been fairly insistent and pointed out that it would be a shame to waste the time just watching them, so we had undressed her enough to play with her and were busy in our own little threesome (although we all glanced over at Mike and Lis from time to time). Lis sat on Mike’s cock until she caught her breath and Mike asked if he could cum over her again. At first she held out on him, but then lay back on the bed and told him that he could. I missed his actual orgasm, but the result was quite visible – Lis had his cum splattered over her breasts and face. He seemed to have produced even more than he had the last time he’d cum on her but he had fucked a number of girls and eaten a few more since his last cum so I guess he was pretty turned on (Mike has pointed out that it doesn’t quite work like this, but I’m sure there is at least a weak correlation between stimulation, time since last cum and volume).

Mike wiped his cock clean on the panties Lis was going to wear that day and then for good measure, pulled out the pair she had packed for Sunday and wiped her breasts partially clean with them. She complained about this and he told her that he wanted to spend the rest of the weekend thinking about her naked little snatch, exposed under her skirt. He kissed her a bit more and played with her pussy while Jen, Lucy and I finished off, but both he and Lis watched as we worked our way through our orgasms. He didn’t make Lis cum again, but had gotten her turned on enough that she wanted to. It was getting late though and Julia had texted us with our lunch destination so Lis went off to shower and clean up.

Lunch was fairly uneventful and even Susan wasn’t put on display too much. I said I wanted to see a live display of her leggings trick, but this required us to go and buy her a new pair as she had a skirt and top on. The act of buying a new pair wasn’t wasted and Mel took Susan into the changing rooms to ‘try them on’. We were later told that this consisted of Susan being stripped naked and having to kneel in front of Mel and eat her, while fingering herself. Unusually, Mel didn’t get Susan to make herself cum, but this was so she could put on a better show for us in her new outfit. We left the shop and I said I was curious to see how visible the hole would actually be while walking around. Susan still had her dress on so disappeared down an alleyway. Susan was made to remove her skirt and had to use her keys (while skirtless) to cut a hole in the leggings. She put them on and had to adjust the hole slightly, but returned looking relatively innocent. We examined her as she walked around and it was only really when she walked up stairs that the hole was at all visible (but we walked behind her to hide this). We used a café as a suitable place for Susan to actually play with herself. She wasn’t able to make herself cum, but could sit with her legs crossed (which must be innocent as she had leggings on) and reach in to finger and frig herself.

I took her to the bathroom and took pity on her, so finished the job that she had started. It seems that she has been trained quite well as she asked if I wanted anything in return. I told her that she could do as much or as little as she wanted to me and she crouched and pushed her face between my legs. It certainly felt nice, and I wouldn’t have minded cumming, but it wasn’t the nicest surroundings so I told her that she’d done enough, but that I wouldn’t mind a second act later on if she was up for it.

I got my chance when people turned up at Julia and Abrahii’s house later on that evening. It was decided that Susan should receive the pizza (which had become another one of her chores) and she was dressed appropriately. I felt it was much more fun if a few of us joined her so the usual suspects (un)dressed for the occasion. I managed to convince Lis to join us, but she put a pair of Abrahii’s panties on and kept her top on (she did at least remove her bra). When the guy came to the door, Susan answered it in a very transparent nightdress and led him into the kitchen where I was making out with Abrahii. Susan leant over to dig around in her bag and I knelt behind her and gave her pussy a good lick. Abrahii took over getting the money and as the guy left, I sat up on the counter and pulled her head to my pussy (I think we might have come on a bit strong as we seemed to scare him off). This time I let her carry on licking me until I came, by which time the others had come downstairs so I had an audience (the best way to cum).

Lis didn’t put her skirt back on until we got ready to leave and I was going to share the panties she had used with Jules or Abrahii, but remembered that Lucy didn’t want to share her with anyone else so just put them in the laundry. We had a fairly heavy night and returned in a not entirely sober state. This of course meant that people were even more willing than usual to join in and do things. We even roped Jipu (one of the guys usually on the edge of the group) into joining in (although he had to use a condom).

Abrahii, Julia and I let ourselves be used bareback by the guys we knew were safe and with a bit of sucking, managed to coax them all into cumming in or on us at least twice. A couple of the guys fingered Susan, Mike had another turn at eating her and she was toyed with by at least three girls (I was occasionally too distracted to keep count). Even Lis briefly fingered Susan, but when I said that I was feeling left out and Susan was getting all the attention, she switched to playing with me and pumped a couple of fingers into me until I came (there was also a bit of thumb action on my clit). I really wanted to reciprocate and play with her, but a) my hands were covered with cum and b) I was still trying to not pull her into the general melee (not that I think she wouldn’t enjoy it). I wanted to show that I could still outdo the young upstart (Susan) so I pulled Julia over to me and we had a messy session eating each other, licking cum out and pushing it back in, fingering cunts and asses and covering ourselves with whatever cum was on the other person. We put on a good enough display that we got a round of applause when we finished (which I was pleased with as it not takes a lot to impress the group).

People eventually left and we went up to bed. Jen got to sleep with Mel and Julia while Mike and I took Abrahii. I still get a little jealous when Mel gets Jen to herself (or at least without me there), but Jen lets me have Lis so it all evens out. Mike didn’t really need to cum again, but he joined in anyway and fucked Abrahii while I sat over her face. She took my pussy and Mike lapped at my ass and managed to force himself to cum one last time inside Abrahii. He ate her awake in the morning and convinced her to reverse what we’d done the previous night. He lay on his back so he could take my cunt and Abrahii rode him while licking my ass. As I’d now had this done twice to me, it seemed only fair to give her the same experience so after we’d had breakfast (and before everyone else turned up) so we once again made the big bed on the floor in the living room (which consisted of throwing a duvet and some pillows down and I paired up with Jen to work on Abrahii.

Jen lay on her back and we slipped Julia’s double ended dildo into her. I mounted the other end and Abrahii climbed over Jen’s face. Once Jen started eating her, I lay on top of Jen and took care of Abrahii’s ass. She really liked this and we got properly stuck in to her. Julia started to move the dildo back and forth between Jen and I (it didn’t move too well as it wasn’t quite as flexible as our long double ended dildo, but it was enough for us to feel it). Mel got us to roll over onto our side, which we did carefully and managed to stay in formation. Mike lay down behind me and pushed his cock into my ass and Mel knelt behind Jen so she could caress her. Julia had told Mel about our mini S&M sessions the previous weekend and Mel wanted to participate in this so she started to slap Jen’s ass and reach between us to pull and pinch Jen’s nipples.

Long time readers will know that my opinion of Mel has gone back and forth a few times. I’ve often thought that she can be quite a mean person in the way she got Julia (and me) to do things and display ourselves. It’s not the actual things that she got us to do that were mean, it just seemed like she was doing things just because she wanted to and not in the spirit of being playful and having us enjoy ourselves. That certainly seemed to be the case this time as well as she used a lot more force with Jen than I would have. Even though my face was buried between Abrahii’s cheeks (and I had the added distraction of Mike fucking my ass) I could tell that Mel was slapping Jen really hard (an additional clue came from the yelps that Jen let out). Mel also used a lot of pressure on Jen’s nips – and that really takes quite a bit. She also pushed three (Jen thinks) fingers into Jen’s ass and fucked her with them hard (and Jen isn’t that used to anal penetration – certainly not by anything large). Jen actually told Mel to ease off a bit, but she didn’t stop eating Abrahii. I reached down between us and played with Jen’s clit so she could at least get to cum (and to be fair, she said that her orgasm was reasonably good, although not as powerful as the ones she had the previous weekend).

With Jen and Abrahii’s orgasms out of the way, Mel took over using the dildo in me. She pumped it in and out hard and fast (but at least did wrap her fist around it at an appropriate place so it didn’t go too deep). Her hand slammed against my pussy each time the dildo was thrust into me and Mike said he could feel it rubbing against his cock inside me. He fucked me until he was fairly close to cumming and then (mostly) kept still, allowing the motion of the dildo to take him over the edge. He had tried to play with my clit, but Mel’s hand just kept hitting his fingers so he left it up to Mel to make me cum and he just caressed my neck and breasts. There was more than enough stimulation for me and even though Mike wasn’t moving much as he had cum first (but he was still pretty hard as his cock was still being rubbed by the dildo). I came and Mel kept pumping away in me – she was presumably trying to get me to cum again but it felt too intense and I didn’t think I would be able to.

Mike had witnessed Mel’s handling of Jen (and had also told her to back off a bit as he is just as protective of Jen as he is of me). He came to my rescue by burying his face between Mel’s legs and eating her. He pulled her hard against him and held her in place. It’s not that she was trying to escape, but she made some interesting noises once she’d cum and he carried on eating her. He made sure that she did cum a second time (knowing that this is usually enough to tire her out for a while) and after she had cum, I whispered a suggestion to Mike and he flipped her over and pushed his cock against her ass. Mel protested, but Julia decided that she really deserved to cum, so sat in front of Mel, spread her legs and pulled Mel’s face to her pussy. Mike wasn’t really ready to cum again yet, but he was hard enough (as I’ve said many times, he loves eating pussy so a double session with Mel had partially reinvigorated him). He gave Mel’s ass a good fucking while she ate Julia and had intended to stop as soon as Julia came, but I wanted revenge for Jen as soon as Julia moved away, I got Mike to roll Mel onto her side, pushed the dildo into her and fucked her with it while sucking on her clit as hard as I could. Between us we got a third orgasm out of her and once we moved away, I bent the vibe round and pushed the other end into her ass.

I would have liked for Mel to have fallen asleep (or passed out) in that position until people turned up and saw her, but despite being out of breath we hadn’t tired her out that much (and people weren’t coming round, so we would have had to arrange that in a hurry). While Mike showered with Julia and Mel went up for a little lie down, I tended to Jen’s marks with some ice. Her breasts and ass actually looked like they were bruised (it wasn’t as bad as it first appeared, but they were certainly much redder and darker than usual after one of our spanking/tweaking sessions).

Once I’d showered with Jen and we’d all got ready, we headed out to meet up for lunch. We managed to find a quieter place this time and Susan was able to display herself much more openly than on the Saturday. Nobody noticed that Jen was sitting a bit more gingerly than usual, but as Susan was now the primary source of entertainment I guess this was to be expected. I still didn’t want to be outdone so I tried to match everything that Susan did, down to masturbating myself with my knife (using the handle). We once again discussed the fact that we kept missing Susan’s ‘firsts’ and were told (again) that we just needed to visit more often. We knew that we wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks and tried to get an idea as to what the plans for Susan were, but Abigail wouldn’t tell us much other than there would probably be new things for us to see.

We did bring up the matter of a summer holiday and people seemed to be up for this. I suggested we go back to Pollenca as it was a nice place and we’d had quite a bit of fun there in previous years. A few of the others wanted somewhere a bit livelier (but they are younger) and we agreed to investigate the options.

Mike tried to get a little time alone with Lis to have another play with her but she turned him down and said he would have to wait until the next visit. He at least got a little kiss from her, but I got a much deeper kiss (I was also turned down when I tried to slide my hand under her skirt though – Lis isn’t always (or even often) up for doing things outside of the house – especially in the daytime.


  1. Andi, thanks for making me cum every time I read your blog. I can't help butt stroke myself wishing I could take part in just one of your sexual exploits.



  2. You're welcome - the more people I know can help cum the more I enjoy writing this.