Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This entry is a response to the request from the girl who had a clitoridectomy. I’m sure I’ve written something similar to this before but I can’t find where (and it will probably be fun to do it again). I’m currently sitting at my desk in the lab at work with a short skirt and no panties on. Unfortunately the weather isn’t quite as nice as yesterday so I’m not sure if everyone will leave and I’ll be able to actually cum (in which case I’ll finish off the description later), but the only other people here are down the other end of the room so I can at least get things started.

I’ve spread my legs and slid my skirt up to expose most of my thighs and make it easy to get a hand on to my pussy. My lips feel nice and soft and as I stroke myself I occasionally slip my fingers between my lips to get them wet and then rub my juices over my lips and clit. I can feel my pussy starting to respond and it now feels warmer and wetter. I’ve pushed my fingers deeper into myself and as I slide them in and out I can feel my pussy gently pulsing and contracting in time with the pleasurable sensations. As I pull my fingers out I decide that I may as well be properly naughty so slide them down to my ass and push the tip of one finger into it and gently fuck myself with it before returning to my clit and smearing my remaining juices over my pussy.

I’ve been going long enough now that I can feel my breathing changing – I’m taking deeper breaths and feel a little flushed (fortunately I don’t go as red as Sue does when she cums). We had considered getting Jen along to pleasure me so I could concentrate on writing this, but thought that it would be easier to be discreet if it was just me. I’m kind of regretting that decision now as it would be nice to feel her fingers or tongue in me, but it’s just me and one other person in the lab so if they stay where they are I’m hoping I can make myself cum.

My fingers are mostly concentrating on my clit but I occasionally dip them into my cunt to get them better lubricated and I’ve briefly probed my ass a few more times. I can feel my orgasm building and it feels like a cross between wanting to pee (as if pressure is building up) and a pleasurable throbbing or pulsing sensation. The feeling is most intense where I’m stroking my clit, but I can feel the pulsing inside my pussy as well and if I slip my fingertip into my ass, I feel a similar but less intense feeling. If I push my fingers deep inside me and contract my pussy around them, it feels a lot better as I pump them in and out.

I took a break from writing so I could finish things off before I was interrupted – it’s not the first time I’ve cum with someone else in the room and it makes it feel even better knowing that there is a chance I will be caught. I ended up switching over and pushing a couple of fingers from my left hand into my pussy and using my right hand on my clit. My cunt felt wet, soft and warm and I fucked myself as I frigged my clit. As I got closer to cumming, the strength of the feelings from my clit got stronger (although I was rubbing it faster) and the pressure and pulsing built. When I actually came, it was as if the ‘pressure’ had been coming from a build-up of pleasure that burst out all at once and then glugged out in waves (like pouring from an upturned bottle). I only had to keep rubbing with the same pressure for a little while and then eased off – I could feel my legs contracting in time with the pulses of pleasure but couldn’t really feel the contractions with my fingers. I withdrew my left hand and sucked my fingers clean while continuing to gently stroke my clit (only very lightly).

My right hand is now also clean so I can type properly… I’ve tried a few times to describe how my orgasms feel, but they are quite variable, in terms of strength, duration and sensation. Sometimes they can be a really deep throbbing that feels centred deep inside my pussy – this type of orgasm usually happens when there has been a long build up and most of the stimulation is on places other than my clit (neck, nipples, pussy, ass). Other times (more frequently) it was similar to just now and most of the sensation is centred around my clit but I can feel it in my pussy as well. Sometimes my orgasm can be almost painful – it is too sharp to be really pleasurable (although Jen would undoubtedly like it) – fortunately I don’t have this kind that frequently.

As I said, the strength and duration also vary quite a lot – sometimes it can last for what seems like quite a while (30s or even going on towards a minute – unfortunately the latter is quite rare) and these are usually the deeper, ‘rolling’ orgasms where the feeling seems to encompass more of my body. Other times they can be much shorter and the frequency of the pulses of pleasure can be much closer together (or just fewer of them). In terms of strength, I’ve had orgasms where the feeling was the same, but they were much weaker than usual (and not as satisfying so I usually continue until I cum again) and sometimes I’ve cum so hard that I can’t keep quiet (and I’m quite practiced at cumming quietly – it’s sort of a requirement if you enjoy cumming in public places).

I obviously don’t really know if or how you would be able to have an orgasm without a clitoris, but I hope that this might assist (or at least encourage you to try). I’ve written a number of times about how I can cum from just having the front of my neck gently stroked. It takes a long time (sometimes around 15-20 minutes) but I feel a slow build-up of pleasure as the session progresses and my whole pussy tingles (this is the best way to give me a deep orgasm). I know that Jen and Sue can get very close to cumming with just nipple play and we believe that it wouldn’t be impossible to make them cum without any direct clitoral stimulation. I’ve also cum once or twice from just having my ass stimulated (licked & speared). This also takes a while and I did end up with a dildo in my pussy to help things along, but I don’t remember being allowed to play with my clit). It might not be something that you feel you need to feel, but maybe with some assistance you would be able to cum with a vaginal vibe, small anal vibe, someone stimulating your nipples and caressing any other erogenous zones (earlobes, neck…). If you do try I would be interested to hear about it, either via a comment on here or via email (address is under my profile) if you want to keep it private.

I would love to hear a description of orgasms from any other women (or indeed men – most of my knowledge in that area has come from Mike so it would be good to see if there is as much variation in men as in women). If there are any female readers who can cum without clitoral stimulation then it would also be good to hear about how you do this.


  1. Thank you. I understand a lot better now and when we do have sex for me it is mostly the parts you describe leading up to orgasm (Arousal, wetness, buildup of excitement etc) but there is that feeling, or sense, that there is more waiting but no matter what I try there doesn't seem to be a way to get there. I have been to many doctors with little success. There are several 'types' of clitorectimy and mine was completely removed which doesn't leave me much option. I understand why it was done and I am not angry about it (It is treated the same way that it is socially accepted for Jewish males to be circumcised. Not a big deal just something that you do), just feel as if a piece of me was lost.

    Sex is...ok but not something I would do more than once a month or so. It is causing problems between me and my current boyfriend (and will probably lead to our split) but hopefully he can understand somewhat that a sexual build up with no possibility of release is just not that enticing of an activity.

    If you would be interested to know how it feels the best I can say is to try having sex but preventing yourself from orgasm every time you have sex for 90 days or so and you'll see how it is. Unfortunately most people don't try it and I understand. They sympathize but don't truly KNOW which is a whole different level of empathy.

    I really appreciate the post and enjoy your blog very much! Keep on writing and know you have many fans that may not all make themselves known but do follow.

  2. I can at least appreciate a little how frustrating it might be as Mike and Jen used to (and occasionally still) tease me and get me close to cumming and then back off. I've gone the best part of a day having this done to me repeatedly and it becomes excruciating after a while. I can't imagine what that would be like on a permanent basis...