Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sex Party - March 2013 - Part 1

In the middle of March, we went down to York for the end of term sex party. Unfortunately Sue wasn’t able to come this time as she had to work, but in a way this might have been a good thing as she and Vicky seem to both get a little possessive of Mike (I feel it would be pointless to remind them that he is actually *my* husband). Vicky had arrived in York first and after the hotel calling us to confirm that she could get the key, she went up to one of the rooms and prepared herself.

As there were now four of us, it was at least easier to divide the rooms up and we thought it made most sense for Vicky to share with Mike as we know that he is the one of us that she is most interested in. Not that we needed it, but our theory was confirmed when we arrived at the hotel and had the door answered by a naked Vicky who told Mike that she had been waiting for him to arrive and give her a good fucking. Mike had been looking forward to doing just this during the journey so he was happy to oblige her. He wanted to go down on her first (as he usually would), but Vicky demanded his cock and he gave in to her. Jen and I went to drop our things off in the next room and once we’d unpacked, we went back to watch them finish off. During their session, Mike had already told Vicky that Sue wasn’t coming and I told her that she would get Mike to herself for the night, but to remember that we only did things once on the morning before the party.

When Vicky lay back on the bed and Mike’s cum ran out of her, I pushed my face to her crotch and licked her clean (well, not completely clean, I left some for Jen) and we prepared to go out and get something to eat. Even though I had forgotten about it, apparently Vicky had remembered me making her go out in just her coat when we’d visited her and as it would be difficult to do anything to expose me at a party where I was going to be naked and fucking random people, she had planned to get her own back on me on the Friday night (Mike and Jen might have helped her out a little with the planning). I was presented with one of my proper peek-a-boo bras (that almost fully exposed my nipples). I was handed a t-shirt that was about mid-thigh length and Vicky gave me a belt to secure the t-shirt. Once I had this on, she approached me with some scissors and cut up each side of the shirt to around the top of my hip. I was instructed to do a few twirls and once they had confirmed that I would have to be quite careful when I walked (or moved), we set off to find food.

It wasn’t too bad when we were outside as I had my coat on –and sitting for dinner was fine. We then went to a club afterwards for a drink. My coat was taken from me and we stood chatting. I could feel my t-shirt shifting whenever someone walked past and a couple of times the back got dragged to the side. Mike and Jen could tell that I was enjoying myself so we headed up the stairs which just happened to be a spiral staircase with open sides (and York residents may be able to guess where we were). I was deliciously aware of how exposed I was while walking up the stairs (and later while walking back down I felt even more exposed. Things got even better when I went to the toilets with Vicky and she produced the scissors again. The cuts on the sides of the t-shirt were lengthened up to just under my breasts and Vicky then decided that as I didn’t seem too bothered by this, she would extend them further and went up to the arms. I was now much more exposed and while the t-shirt wasn’t tight (so it didn’t pull apart where she had cut), people now had a good view of the side of my torso and (depending on how I moved or stood) a fair bit of side boob. My nipples weren’t actually visible from the side, but the exposure helped to increase my arousal to the point that they were fairly prominently pressing against the front of the t-shirt.

They tried to get me to dance but there is a fine line between being exposed and getting thrown out (or arrested) and there was no way I could have danced and remained sufficiently covered to be decent. I was left by myself and was approached a few times by different people who wanted to dance – I was quite open about the fact that I would be exposing too much if I danced and this seemed to spur them on. I let one guy put his arm around me and didn’t stop him when he slid it down my back onto my ass. I whispered to him that he could always go lower and then back up again and he didn’t need any more encouragement. I felt his hand on my bare ass and he seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t have any panties on (although he should have been able to tell as my hips were exposed on both sides. He gave my ass a good massage and asked if I wanted to leave with him but I told him that I was with my husband and indicated to the dance floor. He pulled his hand away but I assured him that Mike wasn’t the jealous type and if he wanted, we could find somewhere private and he could explore my body a bit more. This seemed to be a bit too much for him (although he had another good knead of my ass before he left).

The others returned and Jen slipped her hand into the front of my t-shirt to give my breasts a quick squeeze. We felt that the place was too well lit to fully enjoy ourselves so we decided to find somewhere more suitable and on the way down the stairs I made no attempt to control my ‘dress’ and I’m fairly sure I gave a number of people a pretty good view. We found somewhere that wasn’t as well lit and during another toilet break, further alterations to my outfit were made. Vicky and Jen cut along the top of the t-shirt, removing the arms and shoulders. It was now just my breasts holding it up and this was made less effective by them trying to make it more revealing and showing off my cleavage. By the time they’d finished, the t-shirt was only just staying up (it wasn’t actually falling off, but it felt like it was). When we re-joined Mike, he was impressed with the look but said he thought he could make it even better. I got to stay as I was for a while though and as the place was fairly dark and the dance floor was packed, I even danced a little bit and didn’t care what my outfit did.

A little later, Mike wanted his turn to adjust my outfit and once Vicky handed him the scissors he cut a section out of the back. He left a strip of material at the top, but then cut out a large section right down to the belt. As an added bonus, he cut a thin section out of the front that partially exposed my lower cleavage (I’m not sure what to call this area). This felt really good and was probably the most exposed I’ve been in a ‘normal’ club (the hardcore club doesn’t count as you can pretty much do anything there). I had one further adjustment made by Jen later on – she made me remove the belt and extended the hole in the back of the shirt down to the top of my ass. As I did the belt back up, she cut off one extra bit which (I’m told) went low enough to show the top of my ass crack. I felt that this might be going a bit too far, but there wasn’t a great deal I could do about it and I was dragged out to dance a bit more. I hadn’t realised Jen’s motive until she held me against her and slipped her hands down my back and onto my ass. She pulled my cheeks apart and gave them a good massaging and I called her a bitch and told her that just because she had proper clothes on, it didn’t mean I couldn’t do things to her. She told me that I wouldn’t dare (which is always a stupid thing to say) so I pushed a hand between us, under her skirt and pushed a couple of fingers right into her cunt. We both knew that the front of her skirt was pulled right up by my hand so she slowly pulled her hands back out from my shirt and I moved my hand out from between her legs.

We knew that we were well into dangerous territory and if we stayed much longer, we would probably do more than we should (for where we were) so we agreed to go back to the hotel where we could do things properly. On the journey back, Vicky conceded that she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) compete with me. I had my coat on, but it wasn’t fastened and Mike grabbed my shirt and pulled on one side so the final bit of material tore. He fished it out from under the belt so I was now properly exposed and I was made to walk the rest of the way to the hotel in this state. I wasn’t out of the woods yet though and was made to sit in the hotel bar while we had a coffee. I had to keep my coat unbuttoned (but was at least allowed to place the shreds of my shirt on my lap to hide my crotch. The fact that I didn’t have anything other than a bra on was probably quite evident though and I did notice a few guys staring at me.

When we finally returned to our rooms I was more than ready for my session with Jen. Mike would have quite liked to join us as he really enjoys it when I’m very worked up (he describes me as animalistic), but as I’d already given him to Vicky for the evening, it was Jen who got to enjoy my lust. I almost tore Jen’s clothes as I stripped her naked and we fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs as I pulled her round so I could eat her. I frantically licked at her and pushed my face as far into her pussy as I could (okay so I guess I wasn’t actually any deeper into her than usual, but I pushed against her much harder). Fortunately Jen appreciated how horny I was feeling and she worked on me with the same frenetic energy. I fucked her ass with a couple of fingers and she reciprocated. We stayed in this 69 position until we’d both cum twice and Jen then decided that as I was feeling so hot, I needed to cool down and proceeded to fuck me with a small bottle of tonic water from the mini-bar (that orgasm cost me £4!). The bottle felt freezing, but had an interesting texture that added to the sensation and this coupled with Jen’s tongue was sufficient to make me cum a third time.

Jen wanted to leave the bottle in me for a while, but it felt too cold to be comfortable. My immediate lust had been satisfied so we stood by the window and took turns pressed up against it while the other one teased us from behind. We were far enough up that we didn’t worry about being naked and completely visible (who am I kidding, being naked and visible was why we were standing there) and we slowly teased each other to a final orgasm before heading into bed to warm up (the window glass was quite cold).

Mike and Vicky had enjoyed their own session, although it hadn’t been as intense as ours. He had gotten his wish to go down on her and had then fucked her (cumming in her), He had got her to coax his cock back to life with her mouth and he had then spooned with her. They spooned like this for a while and discussed various things. Vicky got Mike to describe his sessions with Lis and asked him to eat Lis for her the next time he got a chance. Apparently Vicky had some form of amnesia as she thought he was just going to be inside her while they went to sleep, but after moving in her for a while, he also started to play with her clit and got her off again (Mike didn’t cum again though).

He ate her awake the next day and they then joined us. We decide to splurge and order room service and Vicky was set on Jen to pleasure her while we waited for this to arrive. Mike went to fetch Vicky’s underwear and we all put on panties and bra (all but Mike anyway). We borrowed pairs of Vicky’s panties as she always has lacy/sexy underwear and then carried on playing, with Mike eating me and Vicky eating Jen (with our panties pulled to the side) and when room service arrived, I answered the door in just my underwear and got the guy to come in. Mike was hiding in the bathroom, but the rest of us stood and admired the breakfast, all just with bra and panties on. I pretended to not know York and asked the guy a few questions about where we could go and things we could do and noticed that Jen had sidled up to Vicky and draped an arm over her shoulder, then dropped it to her hip. Vicky jumped a bit when Jen ran her hand over Vicky’s ass and pushed it between her legs but she was trying not to draw attention to the fact that Jen was caressing her crotch (it looked like the guy noticed anyway). Unfortunately he didn’t stay (which is probably just as well as we had our one orgasm rule). As soon as he was out the door, Jen peeled off her panties and demanded that Vicky finished eating her and Mike returned to do likewise to me. This just left Mike to cum and once we’d had breakfast, Vicky took care of this with a combination of her mouth and breasts, resulting in Mike cumming over her face.

We had arranged to meet up with Sara and Emily for lunch so (once showered) we headed off to meet them. We were delighted to find out that they were actually intending to come to the party after all, but it was still nice to see them together and catch up on their new relationship. They had agreed to start again, with the understanding that they would be completely open and honest with each other and would only ever do things with other people if the other one knew about it and had given their consent. I was surprised that Sara had agreed to come to the party given Em would be fucked by multiple people, but she later told me that she didn’t mind this (and she had missed being able to enjoy herself so openly).

I quietly promised Sara that we would do everything we could to let her have a session with Vicky and assured her that if it didn’t happen at the party, we would deliver her for a private session on the Sunday before we left. As we were going to see (and fuck) them later on, we didn’t feel that we needed to spend as long with them as we’d originally planned so headed back to the hotel for a lazy afternoon (and to ensure we would have sufficient energy later that night).

The afternoon wasn’t quite as restful as we’d intended though as Jen convinced Vicky to let her worship her breasts and I decided that as I hadn’t gotten to do much with Vicky, I would join in on the other breast. Naturally Mike didn’t want to be left out so he went down on Vicky, but just kitty kissed her (as she wasn’t meant to cum again before the party). I switched places with him a couple of times and he kitty kissed me for a while too. He also spooned up behind Jen, sliding his cock between her legs and rubbing against her pussy (almost entering her once, but he pulled back).

We kept Vicky close to cumming (not right on the verge, but very aroused) for a fairly long time - her nipples were hard and her pussy felt very moist and she couldn’t stop squirming around under our touch. She asked to cum a few times but we told her that it was against the rules and to be fair to her, she did endure the assault quite well. We quizzed Vicky as to who she was going to play with at the party and she started off by saying that she would let Mike and Bennett fuck her. As the session progressed and she got more aroused, she played along and entertained the idea of letting more people do things to her and by the time we had her squirming around, she was replying and saying that she wanted to have everyone at the party fuck her. This was of course the response that we’d wanted and we pushed her further by getting her to describe how she could have everyone standing around her and letting them use her as they wanted. This is more of my fantasy than Vicky’s, but she did a pretty good job of describing it and didn’t argue when we told her that she was a dirty slut.


  1. I am surprised you haven't fulfilled your fantasy yet. I would think the parties would be the perfect place to do it. Especially if you supply the condoms. Think of it as a ticket to play.

  2. I got my fantasy fulfilled last year for my birthday - see

    (and parts 2-4), but the parties come a close second in having a whole evening to play with as many people as I can