Monday, 27 May 2013

Staying Home

The second weekend in March we had another weekend at home. Once again this was partially to save money and partially to have some time to ourselves. We didn’t have much planned and had a late start to the morning. It was nice being able to take our time and play with each other in bed. Unfortunately we couldn’t spend the whole day there as Jen had agreed to go running with some of her friends and Mike was going to tag along with them. Neither of them washed after our session as they knew they were about to get sweaty again and when people turned up, I went down to say goodbye wearing just a thin robe.

After stretching appropriately (and Jen using the chance to excite the guys), they went for their run and returned an hour or so later. I had showered in the meantime, but hadn’t dressed yet so once again threw on my robe when I heard them arrive back. I knew that this particular robe wasn’t really thick enough to properly conceal my body, but it wasn’t so skimpy that it was obvious that I was displaying myself so I wandered down and chatted to them about the run. I gave Mike a quick hug and suggested he go and shower as he was all sweaty and then helped Jen get drinks for the other two guys. We sat and chatted and I carelessly lifted a foot up onto the sofa beside me, knowingly giving them a good view up to my exposed pussy. I’d already seen them checking out my nipples through my top and wantonly ignored them as they tried to subtly look at the new view I was giving them. I would have loved to offer myself to them both, but we had agreed that it would be too risky to do things with people from Uni (either students or staff) so I had to content myself with just letting them get peeks of my pussy.

When Mike returned from the shower, the other guys left, but we let them talk us into going out for a drink later that evening. We told them that we wouldn’t stay out too late and arranged where to meet, then Jen saw them out. I told Jen that she should have changed into something more revealing for them and then helped her out of her running gear. As always, the smell of sweat mixed with her natural scent was intoxicating and I pushed her back onto the bed and buried my face in her pussy. After taking a quick break to kiss Mike and letting him smell her from my face, I resumed eating her and Mike pushed into me. Jen still felt fairly weak from her run so didn’t do much and just let me ravish her, whereas Mike felt reasonably invigorated from his shower and gave me a good fucking. Once I’d made Jen cum, Mike got her to move onto the bed properly and he lay on top of her and rubbed against her while they kissed. I would have liked it if he’d cum in me, but it’s also nice seeing the two of them getting on so well. Jen ended up with her legs wrapped around Mike as he humped against her. He told us that he was going to cum and after a few thrusts more, he squirted cum over Jen’s stomach (and his stomach as he was pressing against her).

It was left to me to smear this cum over her and if she hadn’t needed a shower so badly it would have probably stayed on her all day. As much as we loved her scent though, we understood that she needed to clean herself off so Mike helped her to shower (as he was now also covered with his cum and her sweat). I popped in to make sure he cleaned her pussy thoroughly, which they both knew meant using the pulse jet spray on her. Jen complained that she was tired, but leant against the wall and exposed her clit so Mike could spray her. I sat and watched as the water did its work and Jen mewed her way through another orgasm. I was almost tempted to get in and let Mike do me the same way, but I knew the hot water probably wouldn’t hold out (and while the pulse spray still feels nice with cold water, I find it quite difficult to cum).

We sat and made plans for having babies (not so much plans, more like discussing how things might be and how life would be different). I tried to imagine what Jen would look like with her stomach distended and Mike assured us both that he would still think we looked sexy no matter how big we got. We all know that it will require a huge change to our lifestyle and we find it quite scary (Jen and I particularly so as it will be one of us who will have to go through childbirth), but we’ve known for a while that this was what we wanted so that makes it slightly easier.

We had a break for lunch and decided that even though it was raining lightly, we would go out for a walk to get some fresh air. Before we left we had a quick session though – me in the middle with Jen on my face and Mike fucking me. Jen helped Mike out my holding my legs, which pulled my ass and pussy up in the air so he could get really deep inside me. We stayed in this position until we’d all cum and we then dressed to head out for our walk.

I’d only put on a light dress (with a jacket over it), so as the drizzle soaked my dress, it began to stick to my legs. Even though it was a bit cold, this felt really nice and when we arrived at a pub my dress was thoroughly stuck to my thighs and crotch. We sat and had a drink (non-alcoholic) while warming up and I was mostly dry by the time we set off back home. The drizzle had mostly stopped but there was enough of a breeze to flip my skirt up slightly (not enough to reveal me properly, but enough to feel nice). In a couple of the more secluded spots, hands slid up my leg and cupped, fingered or frigged me, but not enough to make me cum.

On returning home, Jen decided that she wanted to be indulged so we went out into the back garden and lay her on the ground. She kept her dress on but flipped up her skirt and I spent a while fingering and frigging her (with just a little bit of licking) until she was close to cumming. Mike had joined in and had been playing with her breasts through her dress, but when it was time for her to cum he was given another task. In a position sort of reminiscent of the one we’d used on the bed just before our walk, Mike pulled his cock out and stood over Jen’s head and held on to her legs so her pussy was pulled up in the air. I removed my shoes and stood over Jen’s crotch while holding my lips apart and Jen took over playing with herself. Mike concentrated on keeping his cock soft (it was quiet amusing watching it get hard and then soft again as he paid more or less attention to what Jen and I were doing). She gave us a running commentary of how close she was to cumming and just before she came, both Mike and I started to pee over her. My stream mostly landed directly on her pussy and I stepped forwards slightly and pulled on my lips so it mostly ran down over her front, quickly wetting the front of her dress. This was helped by Mike’s stream that he had to aim just by moving as his hands were busy holding Jen’s legs up. Jen let out a series of expletives and as her orgasm started, she let out a strong stream of pee that arched up in the air and then splashed back down onto her body. (Well, it mostly splashed onto her, some of it hit me and some hit Mike). Jen alternated between frigging and fingering herself – when she did the latter, her pee went everywhere and covered my legs.

Mike and I emptied ourselves over Jen and left her soaked. Even when we lowered her legs back to the ground, she continued to rub over her crotch and thighs with the flat of one hand while she used the other to rub the upper part of her body. She looked very happy and Mike went indoors to fetch some towels (we hadn’t prepared as well as we should have – especially as we knew what the result was going to be) and Jen pulled me down over her face. She hungrily ate me and I rocked back and forth, rubbing myself over her face. When Mike came out he said that he didn’t want to be left out so I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a good sucking. With his help, I pulled my dress off and removed my bra so I could ride Jen naked. I really did ride her face and humped back and forth, stopping occasionally to let her tongue find my clit. We carried on like this until I came – Mike had decided to just enjoy my mouth, but to refrain from cumming and he really enjoyed it as I moaned my way through my orgasm with his cock deep in my mouth (or as deep as I can get it anyway).

Jen was quite clod by the time we finished so we pulled her clothes off and once we’d towelled each other dry, she and I went to shower while Mike did the laundry. We didn’t bother getting dressed again until it was time to head out and meet up with Jen’s friends. I decided to be a little less conservative around them so wore a low cut dress to show off my cleavage and decided on one of my peek-a-boo bras to wear under it so my nipples were fairly exposed (they were hidden by my top, but I knew they were exposed). This is one of my few dressed with tight skirts, and I know from experience that it rides up throughout the evening, but that suited me just fine. Jen wore a much looser skirt and a thin (not transparent) top that exposed her left shoulder.

We met up with people, had a couple of drinks and let them convince us to join them at a club. I pretended to be a bit drunker than I was and a couple of the guys took advantage of this and had a fairly decent grope of my ass. This was through my dress, but one in particular was sufficiently thorough that I wondered if he realised I didn’t have any panties on underneath. A couple of the guys asked Mike the usual questions about our relationship – whether he got to have threesomes with Jen and I, whether he at least got to see Jen naked. He was quite kind in his answers and said that he didn’t get to do anything with Jen, but did occasionally see her naked (and he refused to elaborate on this). I gave one of the other guys a brief history of how I was convinced to experiment with girls (no details, I just said that it was Mike who originally wanted to try it and I discovered that I liked it). I was asked if I preferred men or women and I answered honestly that the gender didn’t matter to me as long as it was someone I was attracted to. I was mostly well behaved throughout the evening apart from a couple of times when I let my skirt ride up fairly high (not pussy level, but fairly close – and given I was sitting on someone’s lap at the time with his hand on my thigh it felt quite exciting. I also gave a partial flash of my ass when I bent over to pick something up (this was only semi-on-purpose).

I only made out with Jen once (just to give the guys something nice to watch). We did get fairly carried away and I caressed her breasts through her top and then nuzzled on her neck while whispering in her ear about how easy it was to see her nipples through the top when they were hard. On returning home, despite what Mike had told the guys (or perhaps because of it), we did have a threesome with Jen humping against Mike and him eating me. Once Jen had produced a nice sticky mess on Mike’s abdomen (well, technically Mike was the one who produced this mess, Jen produced the sticky mess on his cock), we curled up together with Mike in between us, his cock nestled between Jen’s ass cheeks. I listened as he told her that once we started trying for children, how he was going to fuck her over and over and fill her with cum every day, as well as eat her endlessly. I pointed out that he had to make sure he also paid attention to me and he assured me that he would split his attention between us (but I know full well that Jen is going to get an initial burst of attention).

We got a couple of interesting bits of news on the Sunday – Sara and Emily had got back together (they’d actually been together for a week or so by were only just announcing it to people now). They hadn’t decided yet if they would be returning to the sex parties so we made arrangements to see them the following weekend if they weren’t going to come. We also got to witness (via the wonders of Skype), Susan letting some of the guys cum over her. She was now sucking or stroking them and letting them cum over her face and breasts. This was too good a view to waste so as payment for her putting a show on for us, we had a little play at our end and once Mike had fucked me, I let the gang get a good look at his cum leaking out of me (sadly we’d already had our morning session so he didn’t produce as much as I would have liked).

We had to spend most of Sunday doing the boring housework jobs and actually behaved ourselves for most of the day (although Mike seems to be unable to resist me if I lean over to put things in or get things out of the washing machine so he fucked me each time I put the laundry in and let Jen kneel behind me and eat me when I took it back out. They didn’t get away without (almost) equal teasing though and while Jen was hanging the laundry out (which turned out to be futile as it rained), I pulled her top off and put some clothes pegs on her nipples and then for good measure removed her skirt and added a couple to her pussy lips. She wasn’t allowed to take these off so to wear them until they fell off by themselves (which only took about 10 minutes).

The multiple fuckings Mike had given me without cumming counted as teasing for him, but I instigated a little of this as well and gave him a handjob while on the phone to Mum (who was complaining that we hadn’t been home for a while and that she wanted to now introduce her new boyfriend to us). I should have known better than to start things as Jen knelt between my legs and ate me while I was still talking and Mike started to caress my neck. It’s been a while since I’ve cum while talking to Mum, but I had the perfect excuse for sounding out of breath as I’d already told her that we’d spent the day doing all the housework. I was quite tempted to make Mike cum all over Jen, but she’d had a couple of loads of his cum over her already that weekend and I wanted to have him cum in me that night so I slowed down when he indicated that he was getting close.

I was rewarded with a decent amount of his cum later that night and I scissored with Jen to smear it over her cunt. Mike loved the wet slapping sound as Jen and I pushed our bodies together so he was hard enough to spoon with me while we went to sleep.


  1. Time of Mike and Jen to play a game of "just the tip" and see who gives in first and finally seals the deal..:)

  2. It won't be long now - after we return from our holiday it will be time to start trying for babies - Jen will be letting Mike fuck her to facilitate this (and to end the teasing)