Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Joys of Working Together

I think it’s about time I wrote about some more of the things that Jen and I have gotten up to in work. since she started her Masters course. As it’s been a few months since I last wrote anything about this, I’m only going to pick the highlights of some of the things we’ve done or this could end up being an incredibly long entry…

Having Jen studying where I work has been incredibly useful as we get to travel to work together fairly frequently (she doesn’t always start first thing) and we sometimes take different ways to work so we have a chance to experiment and enjoy the journey properly. From our new house we generally use the bus and have found that it is much easier to find the opportunity to play when it is completely packed. While we’ve played in situations like this before, over time we have perfected things and as long as we are wearing suitable clothes, we can stand facing each other and slide fingers up under skirts and on to each other’s pussies. We sometimes just stand there and let the motion of the bus (and the bumps in the road) take care of the stimulation, but (as far as we can remember), neither of us have cum this way.

It’s much more pleasurable if we take a more active role and we usually don’t have any problem getting at least one of us to cum if we stroke each other. It’s very exhilarating looking straight into Jen’s eyes as an orgasm pulses through my body and having to concentrate on staying quiet while keeping a grip on something so I stay upright. Feeling other people pressed up against me and knowing (or assuming) that they have no idea what we’re doing. Another trick we’ve played around with is hiding a vibe up our sleeves and once we’re onboard and suitably jammed in, working it down the sleeve far enough that a sufficient length is exposed to be useful. Turning the vibe on can be a bit tricky, but with practice we can now usually do this through our sleeve (the controls of the vibe are still hidden in the sleeve of the coat). Using this, we generally have no problems cumming and I’ve even tortured Jen a couple of times by holding the vibe against her clit long after she’s cum (and there is no way she can escape or even squirm around that much).

Things don’t always go to plan though… It was one of the first times we’d used the ‘vibe up the sleeve’ routine and Jen wasn’t as practiced as she is now. She had slipped it most of the way out of her sleeve and had it pressed against me. My orgasm was building nicely when the bus lurched and Jen nearly dropped the vibe. It fell slightly and I closed my legs around it, but we thought that the bottom of it might be visible below the hem of my skirt. I quickly told Jen to push it up into me and as soon as she did so, I clamped my legs shut around it. Now this isn’t the strongest of vibes (we chose it as it is fairly quiet so we can at least attempt to be discreet), but as I’d been fairly close to cumming, I was already fairly sensitive. The vibe buzzing inside me wasn’t enough to make me cum, but was enough to stimulate me and until quite a few people left the bus, we couldn’t think of a way to get it out of me. As you would expect, Jen used the opportunity to tease me and her fingers hunted out my clit and played with it. This time it was my turn to be trapped and I had to let her make me cum and then endure the continued buzzing of the vibe. Jen whispered to me that I was fairly flushed and added that if I didn’t calm down, someone might guess what we were up to, but she wasn’t helping the situation as she then started to play with my clit again. Our stop came and went and it wasn’t until a few stops later that the bus cleared enough that we could get a seat far enough away from people that I could pull the vibe out. I’d cum a second time by then and my pussy kept tingling for ages afterwards. Needless to say, by the time we’d walked back to Uni, we were both late, but it was a good way to start the day.

As I’m a member of staff (however low a level), I need to be (at least a bit) careful at work while Jen can get away with quite a bit more as a student. We have played with this a fair bit and while Jen often wears perfectly normal outfits, we sometimes push things a little further… Denim shorts and opaque tights are fairly common amongst the students here so Jen doesn’t look out of place wearing them. In her case though, we have found successively shorter and tighter shorts to the point that the bottom part of her ass cheeks are exposed (still covered by the tights). I’ve also sent her to work with one of the pairs of shorts from our last holiday where we had trimmed the crotch down to just a narrow strip that didn’t do much to hide her crotch. She did feel particularly self conscious that day – possibly as once we’d arrived at work I pointed out that it was fairly obvious that she didn’t have any panties on under the shorts.

Jen sometimes goes running with people from her course. I’ve gotten her to use this as an opportunity to display herself as well. She had some tight lycra leggings and when she pulls them up firmly against her crotch, she can get a fairly decent bit of cameltoe showing. She can enhance this further by bending and stretching in front of the guys. She has demonstrated this to Mike and me and she is able to put herself in some very sexy positions that she knows a couple of the guys have noticed (but she always pretends not to notice they’re staring). I really love Jen’s scent after she has been running – the mixture of sweat and her natural taste blends together into something wonderful. When she goes for a run, I usually get her to keep her running kit on until we get home and I can go down on her, but there have been a few occasions when she comes to my lab to fetch me and we’re the only ones there. She tastes even better just after the run and on these occasions, I’ve sat her up on my desk and she has pulled her leggings down around her ankles, hooked her legs over my head and I’ve gorged myself on her. We’ve only been interrupted once but my desk is sufficiently far from the door and partially hidden so she had time to release me, jump down and pull her leggings up (and the running gear gave the perfect excuse as to why she looked flushed).

Jen has a long (about mid-thigh) jumper that is fairly baggy and she can wear off one shoulder. It goes quite well with a wide belt and she has worn this outfit a couple of times. What people don’t know (again, we assume) is that she is completely naked underneath the jumper (she sometimes has socks or hold-ups on, but no panties or bra). I borrowed this jumper to wear one time and attempted it without a bra on, but as I’m significantly larger than Jen in the chest area, I had to give in and wear a bra. I did at least go with one of my peek-a-boo bras, so my nipples were fully exposed. The jumper is thick enough that people couldn’t tell this though, even where we were sitting over lunch and I felt myself getting sufficiently aroused to make my nipples stiffen. (I did get Jen to help relieve me after lunch though so I would be able to concentrate on work in the afternoon).

The last pure clothing related item was something we did recently after finding a nice image online. It involved a trip to one of the Uni café’s and Jen sitting reading a book. As you might guess, she wasn’t sitting in an entirely innocent way… I’d chosen a nice little skirt for her and matched it to a pair of long socks. She sat on a bench in a corner that was visible from a group of tables, slipped off her shoes and lifted her feet up onto the bench in front of her. She had her ankles crossed and used her legs/knees to rest a book against and pretended to read it while giving anyone who looked in her direction a great view of her naked pussy. The position looked fairly innocent at first glance as she had such a cute outfit on and her feet and lower legs shielded her pussy if you were directly in front of her. I sat elsewhere and watched the people as they checked her out, wishing I could be in her place (or at least beside her in a similar position). This was another time that following the exposure, we had to go somewhere and take care of each other before going back to work.

Both my colleagues and the people who know Jen through her course know that she is my partner and that I am also married to Mike. As much as Mike and I would have liked to get to know Jen’s friends better, we made a decision to not spend too much time around them so that the temptation to play was reduced. This was made somewhat easier by the fact that we were rarely at home during the weekends (or if we were, we usually had visitors). It became increasingly difficult to do this as Jen didn’t want her friends to think that we were being rude so we tried to meet up with them once a week or so, usually after work. Sometimes Mike would come along and join us and sometimes it would just be Jen and me. We were still relatively well behaved (at least compared to what we’d get up to around Jen’s Uni friends) but I had no problem kissing Jen or Mike in front of them. The guys are used to Jen flirting with them and they at least seem to understand that it is only flirting - although as I often tease Jen, I’m sure that at least a couple of them might think about her while masturbating. Jen is fine with this and she actually enjoys the teasing and knowing the effect she has on the guys (I think the years of working on Mike has helped her to enjoy this).

In terms of actually having sex while in work, we’ve managed this on a number of occasions. The store cupboard near my office is one of our usual places, but I need to be careful there as I don’t want people thinking that I’m letting Jen take things. If I’m working late and Jen (or Mike) is waiting for me, we’ve been known to do things at, on or under my desk (providing the rest of the people in the lab have left). Usually this will involve one of us sitting up on the desk while they are eaten or sucked, but we’ve also done this the other way round (with the person sitting on the chair being pleasured by someone kneeling on the floor under my desk). When we’re sure that we’re properly alone, I really enjoy leaning against my desk and having Mike fuck me from behind. We try to do this just before we leave so I can enjoy the feeling of his cum leaking out down my legs during the journey home. Jen and I have also used this position, either using fingers or a vibe.

If I’m working by myself and decide to take a break to relieve myself, I’ve used my umbrella handle a number of times. This is quite a convenient item as if someone comes into the room, all I need to do is remove it from my pussy and I don’t have to worry about hiding it. I also really like using the curved handle as I can get the end into myself and the leather feels nice inside me. Also , when I pull it up tight against my body, the handle nestles nicely against my pussy and applies pressure to my clit. Sadly the handle now has a small tear on it so I may have to part with the umbrella soon (I’ll be getting a new one, but it’s just distressing to have to dispose of something that has given me pleasure so many times).

Just over a month ago, I was helping Jen out by being a trial audience for a presentation she had to give. Being a member of staff, I was able to book a presentation room so she didn’t have to share the ones students can normally use. We did actually run through the presentation a couple of times and I provided feedback, but as I’d probably provided as much advice as I could (until she made the required changes), I wasn’t quite as attentive on the third run through. I started off by just spreading my legs, then started to gently stroke myself and then used a whiteboard marker to masturbate with. Jen told me off for not taking things seriously and I reminded her that if she was nervous, she was meant to imagine the audience naked. In order to help her ‘imagine’ this, I exposed my breasts and played with them while she tried to carry on.

I then went and locked the door and moved over to where Jen was standing. I whispered in her ear about what (the more attractive ones of) her friends would look like naked and described how they could all be sitting pleasuring themselves while she was presenting. It didn’t seem fair that everyone else should be naked while Jen was clothed so I started to caress her and let her imaginary audience watch as I fingered her and played with her nipples. She wasn’t really trying to continue her presentation and we ended up on top of the table. It probably wasn’t a good idea, but we ended up mostly stripping and put on a display of us 69ing. I naturally imagined that the other people joined us and that (somehow) while Jen was eating me, the guys fucked me and the girls fingered me or let me eat them. Only when we’d both cum and were getting dressed did we realise just how big a chance we’d taken. Technically, nobody should have tried to come in as I had the room booked – and the fact that it was locked should have meant that someone would have had to go and get a key, but the room was right beside a café area so there were many people just on the other side of the window (we had the blinds down) and lots of people walking past. Good idea or not, once we were dressed, I sat up on the table again (facing the window this time) and got Jen to sit on a chair and use the pen inside me and her fingers on my clit until I came again.

I hope this has given a flavour of some of the things we get up to at work – it is by no means an exhaustive list of what we’ve done, but I think it represents the spirit of our games. We obviously don’t do things all the time at work (most of our games are saved for the weekends), but it’s nice to have a little fun during the week from time to time. Should the weather warm up, I’m fairly sure that we will find other ways to expose ourselves.

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