Sunday, 5 May 2013

Valentines Day

This is a short post so I'll put the next one up on Tuesday,

We stayed at home the weekend following Valentine’s Day. I’m not going to write much about what we did on the day itself or the weekend as we want to keep some of our time just for ourselves. Sue actually wanted to come down and visit that weekend but we had to put her off.

I will write about the one proper ‘public’ event that happened. We had gone out to purchase some candles for use that evening (we had real ones for our romantic dinner at home – these were for use on Jen). We went to one of our usual sex shops and recognised the guy behind the counter (he also recognised us, but I guess he doesn’t get to see as much of most of his customers as he’s seen of us – and I hope that the displays we’ve put on have been fairly memorable). I knew full well where the candles were (we do visit the shop quite frequently), but still took Jen up to ask for advice. I described to him what we wanted to use them for. As I mentioned letting the wax drip onto her breasts, I ran my hands over Jen’s breasts through her top. When I mentioned dripping the wax on her thighs and pussy, I slid my hand up her skirt and ran my fingers back and forth between Jen’s lips (okay, so my hand was hidden from the guy’s view, but I was clearly stroking at least near her pussy).

I found an unscented candle shaped like a cock and ran this up Jen’s leg, then lifted her skirt and rubbed the tip of the head against her pussy. The guy didn’t say anything so I continued doing this and pushed my ass towards him, then edged round until I brushed against his cock. He jumped back and I told him that I didn’t mind if he was okay with it so he moved forwards and pressed against me. I suggested that he stand back behind the counter and he seemed to think that his participation had ended until I asked if I could have a favour. I wouldn’t tell him what the favour was until I’d ‘paid’ him and suggested that if he was up for it, payment could be by means of me blowing him. I assured him that he could still say no to whatever I asked, but teased him by saying that he would probably want ‘whatever it was’ to happen anyway.

He was quite willing to let me blow him – and I’d even brought my own condoms (as if he couldn’t have provided one). He covered the CCTV camera and I knelt in front of him. I quickly undid his trousers and fished his cock out, applied the condom and took him in my mouth. He got me to move in further behind the counter and I thought that as I was concealed, I may as well make the most of it and undid my dress (there is a reason I often wear dresses than button up down the front. It’s almost as if this counter was designed for what I was doing as it was much higher than a normal shop counter so I could easily kneel up and suck him. I let my dress slide back off my arms (which took a bit of shaking as I didn’t really have enough room to stretch out behind me and then pushed my bra up to free my breasts. I couldn’t easily reach around to unsnap it so I just slipped my arms out and pulled it back down over my breasts and left it around my waist. As I was kneeling, it was quite easy to play with myself and I stroked some of my juices onto the guys cock between bouts of sucking him.

He had a relatively small cock (not tiny, but one of the smaller ones I’ve experienced) so it was easy to take him the whole way into my mouth. Like this, I could easily use both hands on my pussy and could have probably cum, but was saving that for later. I realised that the guy really liked it when I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock (to be fair, most guys seem to like this) so I did that more and he pushed my head against his crotch and pumped into my mouth as he came. I pulled back to see the head of the condom full of his cum and smiled up at him while I gave the head one last lick and kiss. I stood and dressed myself and asked if I could now get my favour.

He had put his cock away and I thought he was going to say no, but he asked what it was I wanted and I indicated at Jen and said that I wanted to eat her on the counter. The guy had no problem with me doing this so I got Jen to climb up and kneel on all fours, presenting her ass to me. I told the guy that he wasn’t allowed to touch Jen as I spread her lips and pushed the cock candle into her cunt. Once inside, I fucked her with it until we were interrupted by someone coming in to the shop. Jen instinctively reached back to pull her skirt down (as if that would have hidden what we were doing) but I pushed it back up and told the customer that we were just testing out a new purchase and asked if he minded if we continue. He seemed rather surprised but murmured that we could carry on so I did.

After another minute or so I told Jen to lie on her back and pull her top up. She did as instructed and I ate her, then told her to play with her nipples. She mostly restrained herself from making her usual mewing sounds as she came, but looked very flushed (a combination of cumming and blushing). I pushed her legs apart as far as they would go and ran the cock candle over her pussy one last time before allowing her to climb down. She went to pull her top down but I told her that she couldn’t cover herself just yet and asked if we could try one more thing – immediately adding that I wanted to see how the candle felt. The assistant was all for me doing this so I took Jen’s place up on the counter and fucked myself with the candle. Jen undid my dress again and I ended up lying down on the counter so I could both use the candle and frig myself. The customer had obviously decided that as there was a live show he may as well watch and I noticed that he was paying full attention to me. I buried the candle as far into me as I could and rapidly rubbed my clit. I gave them a more audible orgasm and told everyone I was cumming, how good my cunt felt, how deep the candle was inside me…

I got Jen to slowly pull the candle out and suck the end of it clean, after which she paid for it while I buttoned up my dress (again) and then told her that she could pull her top down and cover her breasts. We went for coffee afterwards and discussed the experience. We had gotten somewhat caught up in the moment – the original plan had been for me to blow the guy, fool around with Jen a little and then possibly masturbate myself, but maybe not quite as openly. Both Jen and I had really enjoyed the experience though so we didn’t regret having done more than we’d intended. Mike had also really enjoyed watching us expose ourselves so openly and desperately wanted to cum but town was too busy to find somewhere suitable (and it’s much harder to take him into a changing room with me to fool around) so he had to wait until we got home. As a part of our Valentine’s lovemaking, he did get to have a threesome in which he ate me while Jen ground her pussy against his cock, so I don’t think he felt too left out.

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