Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Visiting Vicky - Part 1

At the start of March we went down to visit Vicky. It had been a while since we’d seen her but in the intervening period, she had gone back to York twice to visit Bennett (the guy from the sex parties that she knew from dancing classes). She wasn’t dating him or anything, but as she had already fucked him at the party, she thought that she may as well use him as a sex friend. Bennett had been quite happy about this as he has a thing for large breasts (which I’ve experience myself). She only told us the outline of the things they got up to, but we found out enough to know that he fucked her breasts a couple of times as well as her cunt and she got him to go down on her as well (it’s good to see that she made her visit count).

We stayed in on the Friday evening and just fooled around with each other. We all took turns eating Vicky (and she did the same to us) before Mike was allowed to fuck her. Once he’d cum in her, I got him to spoon with her while I 69ed with V. Mike could easily caress my ass while Vicky licked me and he enjoyed feeling my tongue on his cock. Jen said that she felt left out so once I’d cum, I played with her and we got V to kneel over her face and let the last drops of Mike’s cum drip out into Jen’s mouth.

When it was time for bed, Vicky lent Mike her mouth to make sure he was hard enough to spoon with her. He gently fucked her while we chatted and I followed suit by fingering Jen. Jen buried her face in Vicky’s breasts and sucked on them as she came and Mike played with Vicky’s clit until she came again. He continued to fuck her (after a little break for her to recover) and as she fell asleep, he told Vicky that he was going to cum in her again. He’d recently had a thing for cumming inside people who are sleeping (with their consent) and had done this to me a number of times over the previous weeks.

On the Saturday morning, Jen was the one to first get to do things with Vicky (Jen says that she actually prefers the way that Vicky tastes when she has Mike’s cum in her). I didn’t mind this too much as Mike took care of me while I watched and after he’d made me cum, we spooned while we watched Vicky take care of Jen. Mike didn’t cum in me as he was saving this for Vicky, and he ended up waiting until after we’d had breakfast before he actually fucked her. Jen and I left them to it and went to shower together so we’d have time to go out and explore the town, but Mike was keener on spending time making Vicky cum, so he was still going by the time we returned.

We encouraged them to hurry things along and were told that if we didn’t shut up, he would start all over again, so we just concentrated on preparing ourselves to go out and once again left them to finish off (although we did watch from time to time). Once finished, they did at least shower together so that sped things up slightly and by mid-morning we were ready to go out. We had our usual fun in the shops – teasing each other in the changing rooms, sitting in revealing positions while having coffee and lunch, dropping things so we could bend down and reveal ourselves… We asked Vicky to show us the best sex shop and she said that she didn’t know of any, but a quick Google fixed this and we set off. Unfortunately the shop didn’t have anything new or exciting in it and as we were on Vicky’s home ground, she didn’t want to play around too much so we went for coffee and I recounted the tale of having sucked off the guy in one of our local sex shops and then eaten Jen on the counter. Vicky seemed to like hearing about this, but that had at least something to do with the face that Mike and Jen each hand a hand on her thigh and were caressing her.

We agreed on arrangements for dinner and with the shopping done, we headed home. Jen wanted to spend some time with Vicky’s breasts and Vicky wanted to spend some time with Mike (and his cock). As I hadn’t done much with Vicky yet, we settled on making her the centre of attention with Mike and Jen playing with her breasts and me between her legs. We weren’t trying to make her cum too quickly and just gently explored her. I mostly used fingers, toys and mouth on her, but did share a dildo with her for a while as I wanted to cum as well. I occasionally reached over to Mike or Jen and toyed with their bits and Mike left Vicky and moved round behind me to partially fuck me a couple of times.

We gave Vicky three orgasms over the course of a couple of hours, with the final orgasm taking considerably longer than the first two (by design). She was definitely satisfied by the end of the session and I would have happily pounced on anyone there to make me cum again, but decided to restrain myself so I could enjoy the preparation of dinner all the more. As regular visitors to the blog will have probably guessed, agreeing on the arrangements for dinner had consisted of agreeing on the special sauces that we would use on the salad. Having just finished the session dedicated to her, Vicky wanted a break before adding her flavouring, but she was happy to help out collecting Jen and my juices. We had various vegetables used in us or rubbed over our cunts (for the larger ones). We did manage to share a small cucumber and had it thrust repeatedly back and forth between us. We each took care of some of the cherry tomatoes and as we were being thorough, even went as far as wiping ourselves with lettuce leaves.

Vicky was ready for a fuller contribution to the mix and allowed us to fuck her with a leek (not to orgasm, just for her juices). With this sliced up, we each took some slices of pepper in us and dropped them into the bowl and Mike tried to use his cock to stir the whole lot (with partial success). While the main course cooked, there was just Mike left to take care of and we debated whether he should fuck Vicky or me and we would let his cum drip out onto the salad or whether he should add it directly. He liked the idea of actually cumming inside someone, but as we’d all put so much into (or at least ‘on’ to) the salad, he agreed that his contribution should be directly applied. Not that this stopped him from fucking us in turn (me first). He carried on moving in Vicky until he was close and then aimed his cock at the salad. Vicky knelt beside him and flicked her tongue up and down his shaft and head until he was just about to cum, at which point she stroked him until he came. She had her hand in front of his cock so most of his cum splattered against it and fell straight onto the salad (a bit of one squirt escaped and landed on the table). Once she had finished tossing Mike, she tossed the salad with her cum soaked hand and then rubbed this against Jen’s crotch.

I really enjoyed eating dinner – just being able to be so openly lewd felt really thrilling and I admonished Vicky for having kept her dark adventurous side hidden from us for so long. As we ate, we imagined all the things we could have done with our Uni friends (in our fantasies they were all game). To make things fair, Vicky and I took most of the guys and left the girls for Mike and Jen - although I did have a go with imaginary Jo as she was my first (real) female crush. Our dinnertime fantasies left us all feeling fairly horny and while it would have been nice to just stay in and satisfy ourselves, we thought that we should go out and see what the night life in Vicky’s town was like.

There was a fair bit of teasing while we got cleaned up and dressed, but we agreed not to make each other cum so we were still feeling horny by the time we went out. Mike and Jen pounced on Vicky and me just before we set off and we were licked until we were very close to cumming and then immediately bundled out the door (Jen had to keep me close to cumming while Vicky caught up). We didn’t drink that much and enjoyed our evening. We ended up at a nice club where we danced for a while and I challenged Vicky to join me in flirting with some guys. With her dancing, it is usually easy to find guys who are interested (and I think our breasts probably help out a fair bit in this respect). We found a couple who were fairly pushy and wanted to take us home but we explained that we were with friends and couldn’t leave without them. Now we’d been dancing right up against the guys, pressing against their crotches and not stopping their hands from roaming over our breasts so we’d obviously been giving out ‘interested’ signals and I assured my guy that I wasn’t just trying to tease him.

I signalled to Vicky and we led the guys to a quieter (and much darker) part of the club. We let them maul us (semi-drunken guys aren’t usually the most articulate with their hands) and when they realised that we weren’t stopping them from playing with our breasts, I reached down and undid the trousers of my guy and fished his cock out. I told him that we couldn’t fuck as I was on my period (an easy get out), but he didn’t seem to mind this as I already had both hands wrapped around his cock and was stroking him. He pumped back against me and we ended up with his cock sandwiched between one of my hands and my skirt. He was still playing with my breasts and I told him that I wanted to feel him cum and for his cum to cover my legs. I don’t know if he could hear everything I was saying as it was still quite loud, but he seemed to get the idea and continued to grind against me. My breasts were wet with his saliva and I soon felt dampness covering my hand as he came. A few drops dripped off my skirt and onto my legs but his cum mostly covered my skirt.

I could see that Vicky was in a similar position but just a little behind. She had quite a nice outfit on so I moved over and offered to take the shot for her. The guy wanted to keep playing with her breasts so I half knelt down and rubbed his cock over my (already wet and still mostly exposed) breasts. I was rewarded with a good number of shots and felt his cum cover my upper chest and run down my cleavage. I stroked the guy a few more times then stood up to let him see the mess he’d made of me. He was quite impressed with his work (as was I as he’d produced a fair bit of cum), but now that he was satisfied (and we once again had to turn down their offer to go home with them), they left us to go and clean up.

The toilets were much better lit than the rest of the club so the wet marks over my skirt and top were quite obvious. I’m fairly sure that people could tell what the marks were, but Vicky helped to give me a quick wipe clean and after thoroughly washing our hands, we went back out to re-join Jen and Mike. Or at least that was the plan, but Jen had decided that she should be able to have some fun as well and had identified a suitable target (I’m quite impressed at her gay-dar – mine isn’t anywhere near as accurate as hers. We watched as Jen danced with her new blonde partner (and made catty comments about her – the partner, not Jen). I saw Jen rub up against her leg a few times and we later found out that Jen had told her that she wasn’t wearing any panties and did this so that the woman could feel Jen’s wetness on her thigh. Things seemed to be going well so I signalled to Jen to make her move.

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