Friday, 24 May 2013

Visiting Vicky - Part 2

Mike had tried to pick someone up so he could join in but there were quite a few men around his age in the club fighting over the women so he hadn’t had much luck (and I guess not all girls are quite as ‘playful’ as Vicky and I had been). I followed Jen (at a distance) and Vicky tried the ‘have you met Mike’ routine with a couple of girls. They found someone for him to talk to and Vicky talked him up, telling her how nice he was and how she would be dating him if she wasn’t gay (she seems to have gone a bit over the top). It seemed to work out though and he at least got to chat and dance with the girl. He pushed his luck a bit far though and asked if she wanted to come home with him and his friend (meaning Vicky) and the girl said that she wasn’t interested in a threesome. It From what Vicky and Mike said, this is a shame as she was apparently quite cute and I’m sure between us, we could have given her an night to remember.

Jen had been more successful and hadn’t had any trouble getting her target to play with her. They had fingered each other and the woman had sucked her fingers clean of Jen’s juices after they’d finished. She had also tried to get Jen to go home with her so they could play again, but she didn’t seem to mind too much when Jen rejected the offer.

We headed back to the house so we could help Mike and make up for him striking out. I quickly cleaned up to ensure there was no cum left on me and then joined the others in the bedroom. Mike wasn’t given a full session with the three of us, but we gave him a couple of minutes with Jen grinding against him while he lapped at Vicky and me (we both sat over his face and moved back and forth to let him take turns. Jen then wanted another go with Vicky’s breasts while Mike fucked V. After I’d fingered Jen for a while she decided that she wanted a bit more so she 69ed with Vicky while Mike and V spooned (Jen wasn’t actually licking Vicky). I felt a little left out so told Vicky that I was going to fuck myself with her hair. She didn’t quite believe I’d be able to do this (and it wasn’t as effective as using Jen’s hair as Vicky hair is only about half as long), but I managed to get a decent enough knot of it into me that I could pump it in and out. There wasn’t enough to really fuck myself, but it convinced the others that I really wanted to cum so they promised that once they had finished, I could get some group attention.

I contented myself with caressing them and giving Jen a few slaps and pinches. Vicky came first and Jen was next. Not that I should have expected anything else, but Mike decided that Vicky should cum again before he came and I didn’t want to wait too much longer so I 69ed with Vicky properly to help things along. She actually came much quicker than expected and once Mike came in her, it was my turn for some attention. I got Vicky to kneel over my neck and rubbed Mike’s cum over me as it leaked out of her, then pulled her to me and speared her a couple of times before releasing her to help the others pleasure me. Mike had already started eating me and once Jen and Vicky had taken turns, they used a couple of Vicky’s vibes on me (sadly she doesn’t have as good a selection as we do, but they got the job done). It wasn’t difficult to tell that I wanted to cum again and Vicky was given the task of doing this while Mike took her from behind. He wasn’t trying to cum again, but gave her a good fucking until she came. Meanwhile I had Jen sitting over me so I was actually giving something back to someone.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I felt a little strange by the time we’d finished our session for the evening. I didn’t make a big thing of it, but I told Mike and Jen that I wanted to spoon with them both so we lay with Vicky in front, Jen spooning against her, me spooning Jen and Mike spooning me. It was a very strange feeling, but I just wanted to have them both as close to me as they could be. I continued to slowly push back against Mike while we chatted and only when we thought Vicky had fallen asleep did I whisper to him and ask him to try to cum in me. He wanted me to cum as well but I told him I just needed his cum inside me and he went along with my wish. It was quite easy for him to gently fuck me as I squeezed myself around him and pushed back so he could get nice and deep. He told me he was about to cum and I just pushed back and held my body firmly in place while he slowly continued to move and then he moaned quietly in my ear and told me he’d cum.

The next morning it was Mike’s turn to wake Vicky (technically she was already awake, but he got to eat her to full consciousness). Immediately following this, he gave her a good fucking which lasted ages. He wasn’t going all out on her or anything (so she enjoyed it) and she had time to eat first me and then Jen. When it was time for them to finish, Jen and I helped out – I took Vicky’s clit and Jen took her nipples. Mike sped up his movements and pumped into her as deep as he could and we got her off. Mike pumped away a little more and threatened to make her cum again but Vicky didn’t look like she was ready for this so he just let go and emptied himself into her.

We got her to kneel up and watched as his cum dribbled out and ran down her thighs, then all went to make breakfast. With this done, I showered with V and Mike showered with Jen. It was only a couple of weeks until we were going to see her again for the sex party so it didn’t seem as important to have to have a big final session. We did discuss what we hoped to do at the party and encouraged Vicky to get more involved. She was certainly going to let Bennett fuck her again (and obviously Mike) and I told her that she could always let Jen and I have a go with her. She was still undecided about this, but seemed to be convinced by our assertions that what happens at the parties stay at the parties.

We returned to bed and spent a long time just caressing each other while talking. As familiar as I am with Vicky’s body, it was still nice to take time and properly examine it. Of course, the examination was more intense at certain times (for all of us), but there were remarkably few orgasms given that there were four people on the bed. Mike spent quite a while on Jen’s nipples and got Vicky involved as well. He expounded his theory that breast size wasn’t the important thing and it was the overall quality and sensitivity that mattered. (This isn’t quite his theory as he actually much prefers smaller breasts, but Vicky is very proud of ‘the ladies’ so he didn’t want to insult her.

I had no reason at all to explore Jen’s pussy as I doubt there is anything about it I don’t know, but she was enjoying the breast play so much that I had to kitty kiss her. We got her close to cumming and I backed off, letting the others just play with her nipples. Jen received a few pinches and tweaks, but nothing too extreme and we eventually decided to relieve her so I moved back between her legs and applied just enough pressure to her clit with my tongue to slowly push her towards her orgasm. It didn’t seem fair to let her cum without her suffering just a little more so we drew things out for another couple of minutes before she finally came and she actually squirted over my mouth. It wasn’t a huge amount of liquid, but it was definitely pussy juice and not pee. This is only the third or fourth time Jen has squirted so Vicky felt quite honoured to have helped make this happen (well, we told her that she should feel honoured, which isn’t quite the same thing). Mike pointed out that he squirted quite frequently but this was discounted. We all examined Jen’s pussy which was still shining with her juices and my saliva and Mike discussed with Vicky how much he was looking forward to being allowed to play with it once we started trying for babies.

This led to the usual conversations and Vicky was quite excited when we told her that she would be an honorary aunt. Vicky fed Mike some of Jen’s juices using her fingers. While Vicky was in a convenient position, Mike made use of her one last time and fucked her, then Jen, Mike and I admired the view of a Vicky lying on her side with her legs partially drawn up and a small amount of cum visible on her pussy.

We dared Vicky to come to the station to see us off with just a coat on. Initially she refused and actually got dressed, but we harassed her so much that she eventually let us remove her clothes and she came out with just a pair of boots and a long(ish) coat. We technically didn’t need to be at the station right away so stopped off to grab a quick lunch. Vicky felt very exposed while sitting in the cafĂ© and a few people may have wondered why she sat with her coat buttoned up, but we promised her that we would make it up to her the next time we saw her.

The one advantage of this outfit was that it made it very easy to caress her while kissing her goodbye and once she had been fingered by Mike and Jen, I held her against me, pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt and strummed my thumb back and forth against her clit. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to feel her cum and she pulled away, but my fingers held her in place and I told her that it was quite easy and she could lean on me for support. She told me to be quick and I frigged her as fast as I could. Mike said that it was quite clear from Vicky’s face that she was cumming (but we didn’t tell her that). Once she’d caught her breath, she did her coat up again so she looked decent (if slightly flushed) and told me that she would have to find a way to make me pay. Unfortunately I only had a jacket on so it would have been very obvious if she’d tried to reach under my skirt, but I told her that I was looking forward to whatever she could come up with.

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