Saturday, 29 June 2013

Susan the Cum-Bucket - Part 3

We're heading off on holiday for a week with the gang so I should have some good stories to tell on our return. We are meant to have internet access but I don't know how good it will be so I might not be able to reply to comments/emails next week, but I'll try - especially if anyone comments on the Advice on pregnancy post.
While we’d been gone, Abrahii had convinced James to have a go in Susan. It wasn’t the first time he’d fucked her, but Abrahii (and Julia) are basically doing the opposite of Hen’s life goal (in convincing gay girls to do things with guys). While Jen is trying to convince as many women as possible that they should at least try sleeping with another girl, Julia and Abrahii are trying to convince their gay male friends that they should try being with a girl. While James had progressed in terms of doing things with other members of the group around, he wasn’t quite up to doing things openly in front of strangers so he had taken Susan in to one of the smaller side rooms and with some extra encouragement (Susan had started things off by sucking his cock), he had fucked her and emptied a decent load of cum into her (sufficient that it dribbled and dripped out of her for a short while after they had finished).

We danced a little longer and finally decided to head back home. It had been a good evening, but I was assured that things hadn’t finished yet and that Susan would put on additional entertainment once we were back indoors. Having said this, the first thing that she was made to do was actually outdoors, but as we’d walked through the house to get to the back garden, I guess it was after we arrived home.

Jen had decided that she wanted to try and push Susan a little further down her own particular fetish and had broached the subject with Mel (Mel doesn’t know that Jen enjoys watersports, but it sounded like a way of embarrassing Susan so she was in favour of it). Susan didn’t know what she was going to be made to do (and I think she assumed that Jen was just going to make her cum outside). They went and stood on the lawn, Jen behind Susan, and Jen reached around to play with Susan’s clit with one hand and her breasts with the other. As things progressed, Susan was told to spread her legs a little more to give Jen better access to her cunt and she continued to finger and frig Susan, edging her closer to orgasm. We could all see that Jen was whispering in Susan’s ear and she later reported that she was telling Susan how everyone loved watching her cum and how the more she did, the more people loved it. Jen asked Susan if she was willing to put on a good show and got her to beg to be allowed to cum. As Susan’s orgasm built, Jen told her that she had to do exactly what she was told without hesitation and Susan agreed to this (as I’ve said, Mel, Julia, Abrahii and Abigail had been training Susan quite intensively). Jen told Susan that if she followed instructions, she would have a wonderful orgasm and kept Susan on the edge of cumming for a couple of minutes.

Jen got Susan to confirm that she would do exactly what she was told a few more times and then frigged her clit enough to push Susan over the edge. As soon as Susan said she was cumming, Jen told her to piss herself as hard as she could. Susan hardly hesitated and pushed out a strong stream of pee that splashed off Jen’s hands, over her crotch and ran down her legs. Jen kept telling her that she was doing well and to properly let go, to enjoy the feeling and saying that she wanted to see how much liquid Susan could push out. A couple of times she lifted her (soaked) hand to Susan’s breasts and rubbed them, but she mostly concentrated on Susan’s cunt, fingering and frigging her and telling her that she was being a good little slut. Susan is more than used to being told this and genuinely seemed to just be living in the moment and enjoying herself. Only when Susan had finished cumming and Jen again wiped her hand up Susan’s body and over her next, did she seem to realise what she’d done, but other than removing her socks (which had been damp before from the beer and shots, but were now completely soaked) she didn’t complain about anything.

Susan went to shower, to clean off the pee and to make a start at removing the body paint. As Jen had been responsible for part of her mess, she volunteered to go and help Susan clean up and I was a little surprised to find out later that Jen hadn’t peed on Susan in the shower. After hosing Susan’s cunt out and helping to wash a good part of the body paint off, she did go down on Susan (which was mostly Susan’s fault as she had been telling Jen that she fully expected other people in the group to do more things to her that night). When they both returned, Jen just had a dressing gown on and Mike got her to sit on his lap so he could play with her breasts. Just as Susan had predicted, her part in the night’s entertainment hadn’t finished yet and she was told that people could use her if they wanted.

I was quite up for this so once Susan was lying on the floor I stood over her and plonked myself down on her face. She was lying with her knees up and legs spread and it seemed rude to neglect her so I quickly lay down and buried my tongue between her lips. Susan energetically licked at me so I did the same to her and speared her cunt a few times. I heard Mike say that someone could join in and use me if they wanted and I soon felt someone behind me. My lips were spread and I felt a cock press into me so I pushed back against it. I made sure not to look around so I had no idea who it was (I was trying to guess from the feeling of the cock, but other than with people who have tiny or huge members I don’t think that it’s reliably possible to guess). I continued to eat Susan and could feel her licking my clit (not continually, but she got a fair few licks in). I came first from the double stimulation and the guy came in me soon after (I’d figured out who it was by this time as I heard him say he was about to cum, but I’m going to pretend I still didn’t know). I felt him pull out and Susan was told to eat me clean and instructed to spread my lips and lick deep inside me. She partially did this, but still paid a fair amount of attention to my clit – which was still quite sensitive – so I doubled my efforts on making her cum and sucked her clit into my mouth and thrashed it with my tongue. I moaned as she continued to lick me, but held on until I made her cum. I was a little mean and continued to strenuously stimulate her long after she’d cum before finally pulling away. Her pussy looked very pink and I thanked her for the nice orgasm – as well as thanking my mystery male partner.

Susan was told to take care of Julia and I watched as she crawled over and immediately started to eat her. Mel helped out by removing Julia’s remaining clothes and fondling her breasts, then getting a vibe and running it over Julia’s nips. Susan had the vibe thrust into her and Julia had to lick it clean – this was done a number of times until Julia said that she was going to cum, at which point Mel left the pair of them alone and allowed Susan to finish Julia off.

Jen really seemed to be getting in (or off) on the whole Susan as a slave thing and told her to come over and lick her. She didn’t actually want to cum again and suggested to Mike that if he could get his cock out, Susan could lick them both. Mike wasn’t really sure he could cum again, but he wasn’t going to turn down the offer of having an 18 year old suck his cock so he managed to shimmy his trousers down while Jen was still on his lap and then presented his cock to Susan’s mouth. This wasn’t as seamless as Jen had hoped as she and Mike had to alter their positions to allow Susan access to her, but it meant that Susan’s ass wiggled in the air as she tried to reach them both and Ethan asked Abigail if she minded him using her. She told him to go ahead and Abrahii helped to guide him into Susan’s cunt (I’m not sure why as I have no doubt he could have done this by himself). He fucked her, slowly at first, but was encouraged to go harder and faster until he was pounding into her. Mike and Jen said that they could easily feel the effects on Susan as he body was repeatedly pushed forwards with each thrust. Unsurprisingly Ethan didn’t last too long with such an energetic session, but when he pulled out, Abrahii grabbed his cock and took a decent length of it into her mouth. She sucked him clean of his cum and Susan’s juices, then knelt behind Susan and licked her as Ethan’s cum oozed out.

She didn’t do this for too long though and left Susan to continue on Mike and Jen. Despite the fact that they hadn’t been intending on cumming, they were encouraged to let Susan finish servicing them. Susan finished Mike off with her mouth and a hand – he came in her mouth, but doesn’t think he actually ejaculated anything. Susan was told to move straight on to Jen and lick Mike’s cum into her. For this, Mike lifted Jen up and sat her down so his cock was nestled between her ass cheeks and Susan worked on Jen as enthusiastically as she had worked on me. Mike nibbled on Jen’s earlobes and played with her nipples and I remembered the times when Jen wouldn’t do anything in front of her friends. Watching her have her cunt eaten while Mike’s cock pressed against her ass and his fingers and tongue stimulated her body reminded me that we’d come a long way.

Nobody else seemed to be in a fit state to cum again but Susan was fondled a fair bit more (only to one more orgasm). Jen whispered to Susan that next time she was going to get her to piss herself in front of everyone in broad daylight, at which Susan blushed, but she didn’t deny it when Jen told her that she knew she had enjoyed it. We arranged to meet for breakfast and Susan was pushed out the door completely naked (and now didn’t even have the pseudo-cover of the body paint). She was only allowed to put her jacket on halfway down the street (but fortunately it was now quite late so nobody was around).

When everyone had left and we finally went to bed. Jen slept with Abrahii while Mike and I went in to Mel and Julia’s room. Mel didn’t want Mike to fuck her, but she let him eat her – on the condition that I did things with her afterwards. Jules and I scissored while Mike lapped away at Mel and she seemed to enjoy watching us so when it was my turn to fuck her, I was instructed to do the same to her, but with the addition of sharing a dildo between us. Julia wanted Mike to fuck her but he wasn’t quite up to this so she settled for letting him eat and finger her. As this is his fetish, it was enough to get him properly hard by the time Julia came and he gave in and spooned with her (not fucking, just spooning). I had been missing the old days where it was just Jules and I that were the ones being pushed so I whispered to Mel that it would be fun to make Julia cum again. Mel agreed with this and in return for Mike having ate her, she went down on Julia and lapped away at her clit (and Mike’s cock) until Julia came again. Mike said that it had feel really good feeling Jules cum around him, but his balls were already aching so he didn’t think it would be a good idea to cum again. He did stay buried in Jules while we talked and Mel played with my pussy (although thankfully she didn’t try to make me cum again as I was feeling quite tired).

Neither Jen nor Abrahii had really wanted to cum again, but they had both assumed that each other would want a goodnight session and so when they’d gotten into bed, they had started to kiss and caress each other. As neither of them were trying to push things forwards, their foreplay lasted quite a while and was sufficiently effective to get them both properly turned on. They had a nice gentle session, humping against each other and reaching down to use fingers on and in each other while they kissed and finally fell asleep once they’d both cum.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Susan the Cum-Bucket - Part 2

As a reminder, I would appreciate any serious comments on the entry Advice on Pregnancy - but for those of you who just want the sex, here we go...

We rested for a while after this but I noticed that Mike’s erection lasted for quite a while. This was partly as he was making the most of having five women around him and he was switching between kissing and fondling each of us. We discussed plans for the club later that night and I was promised that if I wanted, people would make me cum. We were told about Susan’s last visit to the club where she had been made to wear a bodysuit with thick ribbons underneath it to cover her breasts and pussy. As you would expect, these didn’t entirely stay in position and her breasts were exposed for a fair amount of the evening. Her pussy had stayed mostly covered, but had been attacked a few times by various members of the group.

When people turned up later on to get ready, we found out that Abigail had planned a different way of ‘dressing’ Susan for the club. She had bought some body paint with her and after Susan had been thoroughly washed down (including an extended session with the pulse spray on her clit – you didn’t think they would miss the chance to make her cum did you?), Susan was marched back into the living room and encouraged to display herself. This is nothing new for her and she didn’t have any qualms about playing with herself – when I spread my legs and started to touch myself I was told that Susan would happily take care of me so I scooted forwards on the sofa and let her crawl over and eat me.

Mike and Ethan were on either side of me and each held up one of my legs so it was easier for Susan to get to me (and exposed me more). As they were helping out, it was suggested that they should get some payment as well so Abrahii freed their cocks and Susan was told to suck them as well as eat me. She was told not to make them cum (although I was allowed to cum) and following my orgasm, Abigail took the unusual step of getting Susan to eat her in front of the group. Abi had a torn denim skirt on that was easy to flip sections out of the way to let Susan get to her cunt. Mike said that he wanted to Fuck Susan while she was kneeling between Abigail’s legs, but he was told to wait and he would get his chance. Susan had to use a bottle on herself while eating her girlfriend and once again she didn’t flinch at this and happily fucked herself with it (we all had a good view as he cunt repeatedly swallowed the neck of the bottle). Abi came first and Susan lay back on the floor and finished herself off.

With her second orgasm out of the way, it was time to use her properly and I watched with jealousy as the guys crowded around her. Mel tied Susan’s hair up in a loose ponytail and Ethan got to fuck this. Mel explained that it was good to have some cum deeply embedded in her hair, although they would brush it afterwards to avoid obvious clumps. Given what happened next, the clumps in her hair were the least of her worries as Susan had someone cum in her mouth and then had to let the cum dribble out over her chin and breasts, two guys came over her (partly with help from her mouth and hands) and Richard and Mike got to cum in her cunt (one after the other).

Susan rubbed the cum over her body and Abigail then set about painting a black bra over her breasts and a pair of black panties over her pussy and ass. The paint was meant to be waterproof and sweat resistant but Susan was warned that it might not stay on as the cum leaked out of her pussy (fortunately for her it was Mike’s third cum of the day so he didn’t think he’d given her too much). Mel brushed the cum into Susan’s hair and this was then tied back into a ponytail with a black scrunchie. In the light it was quite obvious that Susan was naked (other than the paint) and as there wasn’t enough to do all of her legs (and Abigail couldn’t be bothered), Susan was given a pair of black hold-ups to put on. As a final check, she was trotted out into the garden and examined – her outfit still looked very daring, but in the low light we thought that she could pass as just wearing underwear (not that this was an issue where we were going). Back indoors, Susan was made to sit on the sofa with her legs spread and Abrahii reached down and spread Susan’s lips. Abigail had done a pretty thorough job in paining Susan’s ‘panties’ on so there was an amazing contrast between the pink of her inner lips and cunt and her black paint. Mel didn’t want to waste such a wonderful view, so Susan was told to fuck herself one last time before we set off, but halfway through Mel changed her mind and said that we may as well just go (I assume she was just trying to be cruel by getting Susan excited and then denying her an orgasm).

Fortunately we got in fairly quickly as it was fairly cold out and Susan immediately had her jacket whipped away from her and she was then dragged on to the dance floor. We had arrived reasonably early in the night so most people hadn’t gotten too crazy yet and Susan was probably the most scantily clad person around (on the dance floor at least). We took turns dancing with her and all (to a greater or lesser extent) fondled her. Some of the less daring members the group just groped her breasts or ass while some gave her a good pawing and even a few fingerings. The paint did a fairly good job of staying on her body, only a little rubbed off when people fondled her and it was a good way through the evening before it began to wear through).

We did some traditional shots off each other – mostly off the girls as the guys were too precious about getting their clothes wet. Breasts and thighs were used, but this moved on to shots off pussies (mostly pouring the drink over someone and then licking their cunt). Susan missed out on this as people didn’t want faces covered in black paint, but she was compensated by getting free shots (even if she did have to lick some of them from our bodies). Of course, Susan wasn’t the only one who did the licking and we all had a fair bit of fun (and spent quite a bit on drinks doing so, so the club didn’t mind the mess).

By the time we finished with drinks, things had heated up in the club and we saw other people playing with each other more seriously. It’s not that everyone there openly fucks (or even does anything at all), but we wandered around a few of the side rooms and watched the more adventurous people with various body parts exposed, fingering, stroking, sucking and fucking. We took turns playing with each other in various combinations. I let Richard fuck me and Mike took Abigail at one point. As Abigail was being more playful than usual, I got her to lick me clean when Richard had finished with me, but I made sure not to neglect Julia and Abrahii.

As Susan had been fucked, I didn’t fancy eating her (even though I’m better than I used to be, I still go through phases of not liking the taste of cum), but fortunately Julia and Abrahii were on hand to go down on Susan and she was eaten in one of the side rooms and then eaten while leaning against the wall in the main dance area (not too much of the black paint came off on Abriahii or Julia’s faces and as her painted panties were still mostly intact, Mel thought it would be a good idea for Susan to show off. We found an area in one of the larger side rooms and Susan was told to sit down and spread her legs. Mel and Abigail each took one of her breasts and roughly fondled it, then each of them also took one side of Susan’s pussy and spread her lips. Even in the dim light, it was fairly easy to see the light pink skin of her cunt and Mel got someone to pass her a bottle for Susan to use. It wasn’t quite empty so Mel just poured the contents over Susan’s chest and handed her the bottle, telling her to fuck herself with it. I don’t think Susan really wanted to cum again, but she was more than used to being made to cum repeatedly and didn’t argue. She had quite a good audience of people watching her and Mike could tell that I was really enjoying the show. He also knew that I would have loved to be in her place and I felt his hand slide under my skirt and onto my cunt. I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against my ass and I asked him to fuck me but he said that he didn’t think he was ready to do things, but added that he would happily eat or finger me.

I was going to settle for being fingered (so we could stand and continue to watch Susan), but I decided that I’d had enough of her having all the fun so grabbed Mike’s bottle, told Mel to move away and plonked myself down beside Susan. I spread my legs and pulled one of hers over mine, poured the rest of Mike’s beer over my cunt and then started to copy what Susan was doing (not that I’m a stranger to using bottles in this way). I told Susan to slow down so I could catch up with her, but had forgot that I had Mel standing next to me who eagerly started to rub my clit and told me that I had to show that I was a bigger slut than Susan. I was very tempted to reach up under Mel’s skirt and try to finger her to see if she would react, but as she was to my right and I wanted my right hand to pump the bottle into me I just left it and told her that I’d make her pay for that comment later on.

I chatted (or shouted) to Susan while we masturbated and asked her if she still enjoyed being used a plaything and she said that while it was occasionally tiring a bit too much, she still loved being able to be so open about enjoying herself. We leant towards each other and kissed for a while and someone suggested that we take care of masturbating each other. We did try reaching over but it wasn’t anywhere near as effective so after just a short time we switched back to fucking ourselves with the bottles. Mel’s playing with my clit meant that I had more than caught up with Susan so I asked Mel to ease off – but she doesn’t really do ‘easing off’ so I apologised to Susan and told her I was going to cum first. She asked me to put on a nice show and I agreed as long as she would do the same. Mel sped up her frigging and I pumped the bottle into myself, moaning and swearing as I came. I alternated between very fast pumping and pushing the bottle as hard against my cunt as I could, trying to get it in past the neck.

Only when I’d completely finished did Mel stop playing with me and I asked Susan if she wanted me to take over on her bottle, but she said that she was nearly there anyway. She hadn’t told me that I couldn’t frig her though so I reached between her legs and did so, which turned her ‘nearly there’ to a ‘cumming’ very quickly. She thrust her hips towards the bottle and while it was a bit put on, she gave a nice showing of her orgasm. We got a small round of applause – mostly from our group, but a couple of other people in the room seemed to have appreciated the display. When I stood up I realised that the back of my skirt was soaked (but then I had poured beer over myself) so I went to the bathroom and slipped it off to dry it under the hand dryer. I took Jen with me so I had someone to chat to and she told me that she was going to get Susan to do something we’d discussed previously. I told her that I thought she had a good chance of success (Susan certainly seems very obedient and open to trying new things). As we chatted, Jen’s hands roamed over my ass and between my legs and I had to threaten her with putting her up beside the sinks and eating her to get her to stop (which was a pity as I would have quite enjoyed doing that to her with only girls watching, but Jen had been played with a couple of times that evening already and she doesn’t have the orgasmic appetite that Julia, Susan, Abrahii and I do – although she is getting better).

Monday, 24 June 2013

Susan the Cum-Bucket - Part 1

We found out that a number of Jen’s friends had decided to return to Uni early (mostly to start revision, but also as they’d spent long enough at home over the holidays and many of them were missing their boyfriends/girlfriends) so we went down to visit at the start of April.

Things had moved on with Susan considerably since our last visit. Not only had she been encouraged to let some of the guys cum over her, but she had progressed through sucking them off, have them cum in her mouth and had allowed them to start fucking her. For a while, this had been with condoms on, but as she had started the pill in preparation for the guys cumming over her, this quickly moved to them being allowed to cum in her. Once again, Mike had missed out on the beginning of this (he would have loved to be the first to cum in her, but as we are now hangers on and not really part of the main group I guess this can’t be helped).

Naturally Mike wanted to have a go with Susan (it’s been quite a while since he’s gotten to fuck an 18 year old) but he wanted to have a go eating her first. As she had been used by someone before we’d arrived, Abrahii set about eating her clean so that Mike could taste her properly. Mike then set about eating her and once he’d satisfied himself (and Susan), it was time for him to sample her cunt properly. He asked her if there was any position she preferred and she said that she didn’t mind so he sat on the sofa and got her to sit on his cock. He helped guide her up and down and Julia asked him what he thought of Susan’s cunt. Mike said that she still felt nice and tight, despite having been used extensively before the end of term. While this position is good for showing off, it isn’t the easiest to maintain in the long-run so Mike just fucked Susan while she rode him and when he got close to cumming, he got her to turn around so she was facing away from him. In this position he could more easily play with her clit and breasts and got her close to cumming before he resumed fucking her properly. Susan came first, but she has been (more than) trained well enough to keep going until Mike came and he pushed her down hard onto his cock. He thanked her for letting him use her and as she pulled herself off, everyone saw his cum leak out of her and drip onto his cock.

It is apparently traditional for Susan to clean the guy up and she did exactly this. She turned around and took his cock into her mouth, sucked him clean and then licked his leg where she had dripped cum. More of his cum had dribbled out of her cunt and run down her leg but she didn’t react to this and once Mike was clean, she sat down on her skirt. I was really impressed at how easily she had fucked him given she had ‘been gay’ just a couple of months before when we’d last been there. She had fundamentally been turned in to the cum-bucket for the guys (at least for the clean ones). Julia and Abrahii had been a little jealous about this but they couldn’t really complain as they were part of the team that architected Susan’s conversion to sluthood. They also weren’t entirely left out as Susan wasn’t only doing things with guys and still had to submit herself to other people on demand. She was still made to masturbate herself as well as let other people do this to her and make other people cum on demand. I really envied her – having her time at Uni with all of her friends in such an openly sexual way sounds like something that would have been incredible (and something I’ve fantasised about many times).

As we’d arrived reasonably late, it wasn’t too long before people started heading home. Despite the cold, Susan had to just wear her coat home (which was now how she was often expected to dress – even in some situations that I would think were a bit too risky). We arranged to meet up for brunch and headed up to bed. There was the usual discussion about who would be sleeping in which room and Jen got pulled in with Mel and Julia while Mike and I took Abrahii. We had a quick session, but still got Abrahii off three times (Mike ate her, I fingered her and she fucked Mike – we had to pay for them putting us up somehow!) and then chatted for a while. There was definitely an ‘inner circle’ forming within the group – Abigail and Susan would sometimes spend the night over with Julia and Abrahii and Richard and James also slept over sometimes (both pairs weren’t usually there at the same time, but all six of them had been there a couple of times and had a fairly open session, swapping partners back and forth). I really liked the idea of joining in such a session (although ideally I’d also like a couple more guys to be involved as well). Even though we knew the general details of Susan’s continual development, Abrahii told us a little more and described how she really seemed to enjoy being continually used or being made to pleasure other people. Abrahii admitted that she had made good use of Susan and how whenever Mel visited, she also got Susan to pleasure her (often multiple times). I found this quite odd as Mel usually seems to enjoy making other people cum (or forcing them to cum), but Abrahii told us that we would most likely get to witness it over the weekend, but Mike said he wouldn’t let Mel monopolise Susan as he wanted another few goes with/in her.

Jen didn’t have much more of a session than we did – more in line with my usual expectations, Mel made Jen cum and then got Julia to do the same with her and they then finished with Mel and Jen 69ing. The next morning, Jen was encouraged to eat both Mel and Julia in turn, but at least she was then treated to being double teamed by them, with Julia fingering & licking her while Mel kissed, licked, pinched and slapped her breasts (fortunately not in as cruel a way as she’d done before so Jen really enjoyed it). Mike, Abrahii and I had a much less painful session and after we had double teamed Abrahii, Mike fucked her (technically she rode him) while I sat over his face and let him eat me.

After breakfast, he asked Abrahii if he could shave her (she didn’t really need this, but had a small amount of stubble so agreed). As he did such a good job (including thorough post-shave testing with his tongue), Mel let him take care of her next (both in the shaving and eating sense). Julia didn’t need to be shaved, but she let Mike shower with her, during which he fingered her to orgasm. Now Julia is hardly a passive girl and she knelt to suck him, then when he was getting close to cumming she pulled away and presented her cunt to him. Mike enjoys fucking in the shower (he says the warm water running over his cock feels really stimulating) so even though he hadn’t been planning on cumming again so quickly, he pushed into her and spent a while fucking her (a little too long actually as there wasn’t enough hot water for the rest of us). Once finally ready, we headed out into town to meet up with people.

Lunch was fairly quiet – there was a little bit of exposure by various people (myself included), but nothing much and we had a wander round the shops afterwards. Mel took Susan into a changing room and played with her for a short while (long enough for them both to cum) and I suggested something to Abigail which she agreed to. We bought Susan a new dress – nothing fancy, just one than buttoned up the whole way down the front and Susan was made to change into this in an alleyway (she had been naked under her top and skirt so other than her shoes and socks, she was briefly completely naked while she changed).

We then went to one of the sex shops and I told the guy that we were looking for some bondage gear. Naturally (and reassuringly) we weren’t allowed to just try these, but once we’d bought some clamps, he didn’t object to Jen demonstrating. She just had a white blouse and skirt on so it was easy enough to expose her breasts and attach the clamps. She then pushed the chain down and under the waistband of her skirt, but had to lift her skirt to allow me to attach the third clamp to her clit. Once Susan had seen how much Jen enjoyed the clamps, she wasn’t quite as nervous and allowed us to attack them to her. This is where her new dress came in handy as we could unbutton the whole front and have full access to her. Jen made sure that she didn’t fasten the clamps too tightly (she knows that not everyone shares her pain fetish), but she made sure that they weren’t about to fall off. Once the clamps were chained together, we buttoned Susan’s dress up, but looped a section of the chain outside of a number of the buttons so it was easy to lead her along (the chain was fairly fine so it wasn’t too visible if you weren’t looking for it – and even if you saw it I doubt you would have guessed what it was attached to).

Susan quite liked being led around by the chain, but after a while she said it was becoming uncomfortable so there was another trip to a changing room to let her remove it. She was then made to walk round with the bottom couple of buttons of her dress undone – not quite enough to show off her pussy, but the wind caught her dress a few times and she came fairly close. After a little more aimless wandering, we all went home to rest before our night out (we were going to the hardcore club again) and back at the house, Mike and I set about making Julia cum and Mel and Jen took care of Abrahii.

Abrahii then spent a while sucking on Mike’s cock and teasing him. He had told her that he didn’t want to cum (he was saving himself for later on) but Abrahii still did a fairly good job on him (Sue would have been proud). Eventually Mike had had enough and pulled Abrahii over him, saying that if she wanted to play, he would play – and he buried his face in her cunt and ate her. She didn’t go quietly and sucked him more forcefully, but now that Mike had her cunt to concentrate on he manage to hold back from cumming and licked and sucked her until she came.

While Mike and Abrahii had been busy, Mel and I paid attention to Jen. Mel sat over her face and got Jen to eat her (she didn’t actually want to cum, she was just making Jen do things) and I used one of Julia’s vibes in Jen. When Mel dismounted, she said that she had a better idea, pulled out one of their double vibes and proceeded to roughly fuck Jen with it. Mike was quite annoyed that he hadn’t got to witness this, although he did hear Jen as she came (he was still under Abrahii at the time). Mel had given Jen’s ass a good few slaps while fucking her and Jen said that she had quite enjoyed the double dildo.

Julia had been sort of playing with me while I’d been helping out with Jen, but my orgasm was left until the end. As Jen had enjoyed it so much, I let Mel use the double vibe on me. It was certainly quite a pleasant experience (although Mel was a bit too rough for my liking) and we eventually settled on having the anal part buried in my ass and pivoting the whole thing up and down so it slid in and out of my cunt (only by an inch or so, but with some extra clitoral stimulation, it resulted in a pretty satisfying orgasm). At Mel’s request, Mike cock slapped my face while she was fucking me – he wasn’t too hard (or at least he wasn’t too forceful – he was still quite hard following Abrahii’s tongue work) and we made a game of it where I had to try and capture his cock in my mouth.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Easter at Home

This is a fairly ‘bitty’ entry, but as we were at Mum’s house, our opportunities to do things were fairly limited… We all went to my Mum’s house for Easter as it had been a while since we’d seen her. We had our usual nightly sessions and Mike and Jen took turns sleeping in Sue’s room (on the floor in Mike’s case – or at least that’s what Mum believed). On the Saturday Mum was out for a good part of the day and this was the only chance we got to openly play with each other. As we didn’t have to worry about how much noise we made, we had a few group sessions (or one big group session, but taking turns as to whom we were targeting).

Jen was first – Mike mostly took care of her nipples and kissed her (although he did also get to grind his cock against her cunt for a while) and Sue and I took turns eating, fingering, using vibes and partially fisting her (Jen is too tight to fist fully, but we could get all 5 fingers into her). We had decided at the beginning that as we had time, we would make each person cum twice so once we’d got the first orgasm out of Jen, we got stuck in a bit more forcefully and attached her nipple & clit chain. While Mike isn’t usually allowed to do things to Jen’s pussy, he was allowed to take a turn tugging the chains and once she was sufficiently aroused, it was quite easy to get her close to cumming and then stop to let her calm down. We tied Jen’s hands behind her back and led her around the house by the chains (I don’t know what we would have done if Mum had returned at this point as we were all naked and Jen was obviously close to cumming). We returned to the bedroom to finish Jen off and each took one of the sections of chain to jerk (two nipples and her clit). Jen came with her nips being pulled up tightly and afterwards said that she wished we’d been out in the garden so she could have also peed (although it was rather cold out so we would have had to be much quicker).

I went next and had a brief go with the chains (on the condition that Sue would do the same). We pretty much repeated what had been done with Jen, but Mike could join in and fuck me properly (he didn’t cum though as he had to wait his turn for this). Sue and Jen worked on my nipples and neck while Mike ate and fucked me and Jen also had a go at eating me. Sue played along with them and had a brief turn at frigging my clit but wouldn’t eat me. For my second orgasm, they pretty much just repeated things, but this time Sue spent a little while crouched over my face with her pussy just above my eyes and I was made to imagine eating her out.

Mike was up next and Sue and I took turns fucking, sucking and stroking him while he kissed Jen. Sue got his first orgasm (in her) and for his second session (he needed a little longer to prepare between rounds than Jen or I had), we agreed that he would cum in me. Sue sat over his face and let him eat her, but as it wasn’t her turn to cum yet, she only did this for a couple of minutes. Jen then teased him by sitting over his face (as I’d done with Sue). She got him to promise to keep his mouth closed and rubbed herself back and forth a couple of times over his face and I’m fairly sure that I actually felt Mike’s cock jump when she did this (he was inside me at the time). I carried on fucking him until he came in me and then let Sue gently suck him clean (he was quite sensitive after two orgasms in fairly quick succession).

It was finally Sue’s turn and we repeated what had been done to me. As she had done to my clit, I frigged hers for a short time, but mostly just kissed her and played with her nipples. Mike wasn’t up to fucking her during her first session, but by the time we got onto round two he was hard enough to have a go in her. Sue had a brief turn with the nipple/clit clamps and quite like them, but only if we didn’t tighten them too firmly or pull too hard on the chains. I had to sit over Sue’s face (not entirely unexpectedly), but I was able to spread my lips and let the dregs of Mike’s cum drip out into Sue’s mouth. Sue had her second orgasm with Jen and me on her nipples and Mike eating her.

On returning from the bathroom, it was obvious that my room stank of sex and I called Mum to see how she was doing (and to check she wasn’t about to come back unexpectedly). Armed with the knowledge that we weren’t going to be disturbed, we didn’t bother getting dressed and lazed around on the bed for a while discussing various things. As we were naked, it was easy for hands to wander and I ended up with Mike’s cock buried inside me while Jen toyed with Sue. Neither of the pairs were fucking seriously, but as time went on it was obvious that both Sue and I were enjoying ourselves and we were encouraged to kiss and play with each other’s nips. We were pushed closer together – ostensibly so Mike and Jen could reach over us and kiss each other, but I know them both well enough to guess that it was more about Sue and I doing things.

They were at least fairly patient and continued to work on us, getting us more and more aroused. It was probably the most kissing I’ve ever done with Sue in a single session but it didn’t feel strange. Only when we were both well on the way to cumming did they make their proper move and Mike pulled out of me. Jen lifted Sue’s upper leg and Mike pushed mine between Sue’s legs. Mike and Jen pushed Sue and I against each other and I decided that it probably wasn’t worth arguing so went with things and ground my thigh against Sue’s cunt while humping her leg. I was probably doing more of the work at first but Sue soon responded and we started to hump and grind against each other properly. We were obviously past the point of no return and I held on to Sue’s ass, pulling her tightly against me as we ground together. I came before she did and moaned into her mouth, but carried on rubbing my thigh against her in time with her thrusts until she came as well. Our thighs were covered with each other’s juices and our kissing had become fairly messy so our faces were wet with saliva also. When we finally parted I lay back and asked Mike and Jen if they were satisfied. From the look of Mike’s cock I could tell that he had enjoyed himself and Jen had a hand between her legs so I assumed we’d done a good job with her too. I felt a little embarrassed when I looked over at Sue, but we’d stuck to our decision of not eating each other and as Mike pointed out, if Sue was really going to help with cum distribution when we finally started trying for a baby, she and I would have some pussy to pussy action.

As we’d put on a show, it was only fair that Mike and Jen do the same so they were made to hump against each other. They took turns on top, but it is easier for Jen to ride Mike (easier in the sense of him not slipping inside her) so this is how most of the session went. Mike actually managed to produce a small amount of cum, which Sue said was wasted on Jen, so she was given the task of licking Mike clean and then licking Jen to remove any cum from her cunt (Jen still enjoys the idea of doing things with Sue just as much as Mike does). Sue and I washed ourselves down and we aired my room before Mum returned. Mike got to spend the night with Sue and as he spooned her he teased her about us having fucked each other (but Sue is also used to them wanting us to do things together).

We met Mum’s boyfriend on the Sunday (he came over for lunch). Mike, Jen, Sue and I went for a walk later in the afternoon and Sue took the opportunity to pee in the woods. At her request, Sue ate her following this and Sue didn’t seem to have any qualms about doing this. When I quizzed Sue, she said that it only took a couple of licks for Jen’s natural flavour to come through so she didn’t actually mind too much. As Sue had been helping Jen out, She was repaid in kind and Mike and Jen half stripped her and fingered her until she came.

Mum’s boyfriend was still there when we returned so we sat and chatted with them a while longer. Sue was actually the daring one this time as at one point when Mum went out to the kitchen, Sue sat with her feet up on the couch in a position that I know well. She gave him a good view straight up her fairly short skirt to her exposed cunt and only lowered one of her legs to cover herself when Mum returned. I asked her about this later and she said that she wasn’t worried that he would say anything to Mum: “I was looking up your daughters skirt earlier and I noticed that she didn’t have any panties on…” – probably not the best way for him to continue the relationship.

Jen got Sue on the Sunday night and they were at least able to be open about the fact that they were both sleeping in Sue’s bed (although maybe not open about the fact they’d both be naked and would fuck). I had a nice little session with Mike and really enjoyed riding him. I borrowed Jen’s nipple clamps and once sufficiently pointy, I attached them and let Mike have the chain. He didn’t pull too hard and I actually think that they added to my enjoyment.

On the Monday, Mike and Jen gave Sue one last going over before we left (they took turns and had to be discreet as Mum was in at the time). Jen went first and Mike then left Sue with a deposit of cum – she even put panties on to keep as much of it in her (or at least in the panties) as possible. Sue promised to attend the start of term sex party, so it was only a few weeks until we’d see her again anyway.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Advice on Pregnancy

This isn’t a regular entry and won’t have any sex in it so if you’re looking to cum you’ll need to read a different entry. This is aimed at my regular readers – I want to ask your opinion on our future plans (and I’m aware of the stupidity of asking the Internet for advice, but I’m going to do it anyway…). I also promise I will be better at responding to comments than I have been of late…

As you may know, Mike, Jen and I have decided to have a baby. This isn’t something that we’ve decided upon lightly and we are aware that our lives will change a great deal due to the decision. The plan is that sometime after we return from (what will probably be) our last group holiday, Jen is going to let Mike sleep with her – for a couple of weeks, she will remain on the pill so they can do things together and learn each other (in a new way). This doesn’t mean that Jen is no longer a lesbian – she doesn’t want to sleep with Mike as a man but as someone she loves and cares about and has no intentions of sleeping with any other men.

Once Jen is used to fucking Mike (and assuming that she enjoys it, although she believes that she will), the plan is that both she and I will come off the pill at the same time and we will go about our usual sex life with a couple of alterations. The aim will be that Mike will fuck us both each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Whoever gets fucked will have to allow Mike’s cum to leak out into the other person’s cunt so we share equally. I obviously won’t be sleeping with any other guys (even with condoms on) and neither of us will be doing things with any girls who might have a guy’s cum in them (so to be on the safe side, nobody who’s had sex with a guy in under a week). You may have noticed that we have a few friends who have said they would like to be involved in our conception efforts – the plan being that if they visit (or we visit them), Mike will fuck them and they will deposit the cum into Jen and I in the same way we intend to share it.

Sue (if she is still single) & Lis are certainly going to participate (and Mike is still hoping that Lucy will change her mind and let him fuck her – but as much as I’d like to see this, I somehow doubt it will happen). Sara and Emily may also join in, but this will depend on Emily (and Sara to a lesser extent) avoiding guys for that period. We would love to let some of the people from Jen’s Uni participate as well, but there is very little chance that most of the girls who would be interested would abstain from guys for long enough (although surprisingly Julia has said that she might be willing to just so she can be a part of things). Vicky had also agreed to join in, but she has recently started dating someone – she seems happy so as much as I’d like her to be single and a part of things, I hope she doesn’t break up with him.

The idea of all of this is that Jen and I should have an equal chance of getting pregnant – we will test regularly (using the early pregnancy tests) and as soon as one of us is pregnant Mike will stop having unprotected sex with the other person. We know that there is a chance that we could both get pregnant at the same time – and while this would make things somewhat difficult financially, it would at least mean that we would get a ready-made family in one go (although having to put up with two pregnant women would probably make Mike’s life hell).

Assuming that one (or both) of us can get pregnant, we know that this will vastly affect our sex life. Not many of our really close friends have had babies yet (the ones who will share all of the explicit details), but from what we’ve been told, sex isn’t something that is really on your mind. Admittedly, we have higher sex drives than our friends that now have babies (at least we assume we do) and we’ve read that sex drive can increase in the middle of a pregnancy (in some cases) so we have agreed that whoever is pregnant will get to choose exactly how and how often she gets to have sex or be made to cum and if she chooses not to, then that is also fine). We’ve also agreed that whoever isn’t pregnant will be able to still go and see our other friends to ‘play’. The idea being that if I’m pregnant, Mike and Jen will take turns visiting people while the other one stays home with me (of course, if I feel well enough to travel, I’d be more than happy to go and watch as they play). We have decided though that if I’m pregnant, I wouldn’t do things with other guys (even if I still have a sex drive) and we might extend that to say that we wouldn’t do things with girls either (but we haven’t made up our minds yet).

In the event that both Jen and I get pregnant, we’ve agreed that it wouldn’t be fair to expect Mike to go with no sex so have agreed that he would be able to travel occasionally to visit people (or have them visit us). I expect that as long as Sue is single, she will be happy to let him fuck her and Lis doesn’t seem to want to halt her ‘experimenting’ with him just yet, so we think he will be more than catered for (not even counting Julia, Abrahii & Susan).

Whoever has the baby, we’ve decided that Jen will stay at home and care for him/her so I can return to work (after an appropriate rest). Both she and I are going to be the mother, irrespective of who the natural mother is. We know that this is a pretty unusual situation, but there are families around with two mothers or fathers so it’s not as if we’re doing something completely alien. We’re also hoping that with three of us, we can adapt a method used by one set of our friends and take turns spending two nights looking after the babies at night. For them this meant that they good two (relatively) uninterrupted nights sleep every four nights, for us it will be four nights out of every six so hopefully won’t be too bad.

So we’re looking for any comments or advice on the points we’ve written about (although as usual I’m the one who has to do all the actual writing). If you disagree with what we’re planning on doing, please don’t just say ‘that’s stupid’ but give us a reason and an alternative (not that we’re likely to dramatically change our minds, but we do intend to listen and take on board any good ideas or alternatives).

The next entry will return to the regular takes of cumming…

Monday, 17 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 4

Lis had done as asked and kept the white socks on so after breakfast, she was made to sit up on the kitchen counter with her legs spread and feet either side of her. It was an alluring sight and we all had a few licks of her cunt but Mike said that he wanted to fuck her again with our help. What he really wanted was to fuck Lis while she ate Lucy, but Lucy wasn’t quite ready for this so Mike settled for Lis eating Jen and me. We lay beside each other near the end of the bed and Lis moved between us. As I knew would happen, Mike wanted to finish things off with Lis eating Jen and as Lucy still didn’t want to join in (although I did notice her hand pressed between her legs) I sat over Jen and got her to eat me in time with Lis’ rapid licks. Mike held back on stimulating Lis so she got Jen off first and then he worked on her more intently so she came around the same time I did. Mike gave Lis a fresh load of his cum but stayed inside her and said that we should practice cum sharing so that Lis could be a part of us getting pregnant (once we finally started).

I climbed down from the bed and lay on the floor with my ass raised in the air (leaning against the bed). Mike pulled out of Lis and held a hand over her pussy until she climbed over me in a scissor position. Jen held my legs apart to help with this and Lucy pulled my lips open, then Mike removed his hand and spread Lis’ lips so his cum leaked out of her and into (well, mostly onto) me. Lis rubbed her pussy against mine briefly to help transfer as much as possible and we agreed that we would need to work on this position and find a reliable way for Jen and I to swap cum (the agreement being that Mike will fuck us alternately and we will share his cum each time).

I took Mike’s cock into my mouth and sucked it clean of Lis’ juices. I felt it start to swell slightly, but he didn’t get fully hard again. Mike was given the job of cleaning Lis up so we let them shower first and discussed various things with Lucy while we waited. I then showered with Lucy and (just as Mike had done with Lis), I used the pulse spray on her clit until she came. Unfortunately, this meant that we ran out of hot water so Jen couldn’t shower for a while. She helped to do our hair while waiting for the water to warm up (Jen likes doing this) and as a reward, we gave her a massage (which was mostly non-sexual). When she could finally shower, we all helped her dress (which actually made things take much longer) and then headed out for lunch. Lis had removed the socks to shower but had put them back on afterwards and only got dressed just before we headed out and Mike asked her to keep them on (which she did). I noticed that he caressed her thigh as we ate and he later told me that he managed to get fairly decent contact with her pussy a few times (and she didn’t try to pull away).

We all went to meet Sue at the station and went back to the house with her. Mike took her into his room and offered her the chance to mix her juices with Lis’. He bent her over the bed and pushed into her, pumped back and forth a few times and then when Sue went to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’, he asked Lis if he could quickly be in her one last time before Sue returned. Lis didn’t know that Sue knew Mike was doing things with her and she told him that he could as long as he was quick so he pushed her onto the bed and briefly fucked her, right up until the point when Sue emerged from the bathroom. Lis quickly covered herself and straightened her skirt, then pretended to pack up her things. Mike helped carry her bag downstairs and went back up to see Sue, who took him in her mouth and sucked him clean (he hadn’t even told Sue that I’d done the same thing that morning – but she *is* my sister so I guess we think alike).

Sue came with us to see Lis and Lucy off which meant that we had to be well behaved with our goodbyes, but Sue wasn’t as well behaved on the way home and by the time we arrived back at the house, it was obvious that she wanted to be consoled properly. Mike took her off to bed and got things started with her while Jen and I started work on the usual Sunday chores and once Mike had finished, he handed her over to Jen who had her own session with Sue and Mike helped out.

As Mike was going to spend the Monday with Sue, Jen was allowed to sleep with her that night (although Mike did help out by going down on her before leaving her with Jen). He and I had a fairly gentle session and we traded stories of our nights with Lis (and Mike described how difficult it had been to now cum over Lucy and Jen). We realised that their next visit would clash with the start of term party in York (assuming Lis’ cycle remained as consistent as usual) and discussed what we would rather do. Ideally, we’d have taken them along, but as much as Lucy seemed to be opening up and experimenting more, we both seriously doubted that she would be ready for a full-on orgy (I doubt she would ever be ready as she doesn’t want to share Lis with that many people). We didn’t come to any conclusions as to how we would resolve the conflict, but drifted off to sleep while imagining the possibilities if we could get them to attend.

As Jen and I had to get ready to go to work/Uni in the morning, Mike and Sue acted as our assistants and helped us get ready (after helping us with our morning orgasms). As much as I enjoy mutual sex, it’s also nice to have someone just take care of your needs and be told to not worry about doing anything for them in return (admittedly this was due to the fact that he was going to fuck Sue once we’d gone…). Jen promised that she would try to get home early and Mike told her that he would try to leave some of Sue for her. I’m not really that excited anymore about Sue visiting – of course it’s nice to see her, but as I don’t get to actually do anything with her it is really just for Mike and Jen’s benefit. The excitement of being in a threesome with my sister hasn’t entirely worn off, but it’s no longer new and interesting. I don’t begrudge Mike and Jen (and Sue) having fun though and I do usually get some of the spill-over excitement from them.

Once we’d left, Mike took Sue back to bed and told her that they could spend as long there as she wanted. Sue knew that Mike hadn’t cum so far that day and she wanted him to fuck her properly (he hadn’t really produced much cum the previous evening in their quick session as Lis had taken most of it). Mike being Mike, wanted to go down on Sue first and he decided that she could probably do with an extra shave, so after eating her he got out the shaving equipment and spent a while thoroughly de-fuzzing her. After rinsing her clean he tested for smoothness with his tongue and Sue knew better than to argue so she let him eat her again before he got round to fucking her.

He did something that I don’t really approve of and suggested to Sue that he fuck her online so people could watch her (and him) cum. Sue was a little nervous about this but he provided her with a masquerade ball mask and let her check that it sufficiently disguised her. They then fired up and positioned the laptop accordingly and Mike played with her while waiting for people to find the stream and start watching. The camera mostly had a view of her pussy for this part, but he got her to sit up and play with herself (first fingers and then a vibe) as more people came online and he then used an egg on her clit while playing with her breast from behind until she came (with the stram getting a full frontal view of this).

Sue complained that he had promised to fuck her (and hadn’t) so she sucked him while she caught her breath and they then fucked in front of the camera in a number of different positions. Mike tried to optimise the view and Sue had her legs lifted, she was fucked from behind and they spooned. He got Sue to ask the viewers if they wanted to see him cum in her or over her and the votes were divided between the two. As Sue wanted his cum in her, that option won out and he roughly fucked her to another orgasm and then (after a couple of minutes more rough fucking) he came in her. As is traditional on such things, people wanted proof that he’d cum in her so once Mike pulled out, Sue moved around to display her pussy and let people watch as his cum leaked out of her.

Mike decided that he didn’t really need to leave anything for Jen after all and they spent quite a while online allowing people to watch (and jerk off to) Sue cumming a fair number of times. Following him fucking her, he got her to suck his cock clean and then wipe the cum leaking out of her cunt over her breasts and feed it to herself. Mike wasn’t quite ready to cum again but he helped Sue out and fucked her with a dildo and got her to help out as she got closer to cumming. She came with him still dildoing her while she played with her clit and reached around under her leg to play with her ass. This was quite well received and people wanted to see Sue have her ass fucked properly so Mike obliged them and once they had repositioned the laptop, Mike pushed into Sue’s ass and fucked her while she played with her clit. He would have liked to cum in her ass, but knowing that this wouldn’t leak out, he decided that it would probably be a better ‘show’ if he pulled out before cumming, so once Sue had moaned her way through another orgasm (Mike encouraged her to be as loud and dirty as she could be), he did just that and splattered her cunt and ass with his cum.

Sue was rather out of breath by this point and Mike’s second orgasm had felt fairly strong so they really needed a break, but Mike always likes pushing things that one step past the comfort level (which is how we ended up where we are today) so Mike let people have a close up of him eating her and as Sue got closer to cumming again, they pointed the camera at her face and Sue came while a few hundred people watched her face (they were both still wearing their masks, but they could still see the expression on Sue’s face as she came – sort of like a Beautiful Agony video, apart from instead of it being her masturbating herself, she mad Mike eating her).

They had intended to finish things there but while Sue was showing off her cunt one last time and spreading herself as much as she could (at the request of people on the stream), Mike decided that it was a shame to waste such a view so went to fetch some things from the kitchen and got Sue to demonstrate some fruit and veg insertions. Most of these went from her cunt to her mouth (and some to Mike’s mouth) – some of them she just sucked clean and some she ate (or at least bit into). Mike partially fucked her with a couple of items and at one point had a banana in her cunt and a carrot in her ass. He asked her if she thought she could cum again (but he was frigging her clit while he said this, so he sort of biased the answer in his favour) and when she said that she thought she could manage one more orgasm he got her into the bathroom and into the bath. Sue sat in the corner of the bath and was told to use a vibrator on her clit and to spread her pussy. Mike gave the stream a close up of her cunt as she worked on it and then moved back as she got close to cumming and told her to put on the sort of show that Jen would enjoy. Sue was hesitant about this, but he pointed out that people had already seen her finger herself, be creampied, have her ass fucked, fuck vegetables and cum multiple times so it couldn’t get much worse. Sue gave in and as she came, she let out a strong stream of pee that she sprayed everywhere and even went as far as wiping over her breasts.

Mike was very impressed and to the dismay of the people watching, he closed down the laptop, helped Sue clean up and returned to bed with her. They spooned for a while (Mike was quite hard again), but didn’t fuck and Sue drifted off to sleep. Mike got up and prepared lunch using some of the things they had used earlier (not the ass-carrot) and when Sue woke up they ate together. Jen returned mid-afternoon and Mike had to explain to her why Sue wasn’t immediately in the mood to be played with, but Jen was persistent and promised Sue that she would be gentle with her. As promised, Jen spent quite a while slowly 69ing with Sue and by the time Sue actually came, she was more than ready for it.

I got back a little earlier than usual and I wasn’t impressed when I found out what Mike had done. I wasn’t really angry (Sue is old enough to make her own decisions – and they both assured me that they were sufficiently well disguised by the masks). Mike had done a fairly good job of distracting Sue from her concerns over the guy just using her for sex and then dumping her (I guess it could be counted as irony in that he used sex to do the job of distracting her). We did discuss the situation properly and came to the (obvious) conclusion that he wasn’t worth it. Sue was disappointed that she had missed out on the sex party and when we told her what we’d subjected Vicky to, she liked the sound of being chain fucked so we agreed to ask the group to do that to her at the next party (of course I also like the idea of this, but as a regular attendee it would probably be considered greedy if I asked for this to be done to me.

Jen got to sleep with Sue that night and I punished Mike for doing things online with her (admittedly his punishment involved getting him to make me cum a few times which he actually enjoys, but I enjoyed it more so it was a good enough punishment). The next morning, Mike and Jen swapped so Mike could have a quick session with Sue while Jen gave me my morning orgasm (and I did the same for her). Jen went in to Uni late so she could see Sue off – it was only going to be a few days until we saw her again anyway as we were going home to Mum’s for Easter. They had the usual public goodbye fingering at the station (hidden by coats) and Sue told Jen that they could fuck again at the weekend (not that this was news to Jen who was fully intending to fuck Sue anyway).

Friday, 14 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 3

Meanwhile, I’d been making up for not having spent the previous night with Lucy (not that I’m complaining about my night with Lis). Lucy had been kind enough to wear some of the Pavlina like outfits that we’d bought for her and was even willing to pose for us. We usually plan out at least a few things that we want to do in our sessions, but this time things were much more spontaneous. We started off kissing and caressing each other on the bed and played like this for a while. We were briefly interrupted by Mike appearing to fetch the socks and panties for Lis to wear and Lucy partially covered herself instinctively, but then seemed to remember that Mike had watched Jen make her cum the previous night (and that morning), so she relaxed. Mike recognised the outfit that Lucy had on, but surprisingly, he didn’t stop to admire her for long and dashed back in to his room (we took that as a sign that things were going well with Lis).

We moved on to a three way 69 and following this, Lucy and I spent a while working on Jen’s breasts. This progressed to us both also fingering her, getting her close to cumming and then easing off on her pussy and just concentrating on her breasts again. We didn’t tease her for too long as I wanted to cum more, so the second time we fingered her, we pushed her over the edge and Jen held our heads, pushing us against her breasts as she came. While Jen caught her breath, I capitalised on our arousal and pounced on Lucy. We kissed and fingered each other but I got her to switch around so we could 69 as we got closer to cumming. This also allowed Jen to join in and as Lucy was on top of me, Jen spread Lucy’s ass and her tongue duelled with mine for the right to lap Lucy’s cunt. We settled on the compromise of me working on Lucy’s clit and Jen working on her ass. If I squished down slightly beneath Lucy, I had a good view of Jen’s tongue as she licked her and Lucy obviously decided to pay me back in kind as I felt her rub a finger over my ass and then push slightly into me. I felt that this behaviour should be encouraged (and rewarded) so I paid even more attention to Lucy’s clit and we got her off. She was considerate enough to continue working on me until I came and once Jen had backed off, I gave Lucy a few long licks and then pushed her off of me.

We snuggled for a while and I told Lucy that I wanted to fuck her with the strap on. Jen chimed in and said she wanted to do this as well so we tossed a coin for it and I won. It was much easier to put the harness on with two people helping and I quickly applied a coating of tingle gel to the vibe when Lucy wasn’t looking. I wanted her to be able to watch what we were doing so I lay near the foot of the bed and Lucy mounted me (facing away from me) and Jen pulled the mirror over so Lucy could watch as she rode up and down on the vibe. It took less than a minute for her to feel the tingle gel start to work so Jen added some to Lucy’s nipples and sucked each of them in turn. I then got Jen to sit behind Lucy (over my chest) so she could reach around and play with Lucy’s nips and clit. I then got Jen to kneel up slightly so I could reach her pussy and I played with this so I had something to keep me occupied.

I pulled Jen back so I could lick her and then thought it was time to fuck Lucy properly. Lucy climbed off my ‘cock’ and then remounted me so she could lie on top of me and I could more easily push up into her. I kneaded Lucy’s ass cheeks while we fucked and asked her if she was prepared to really let go and let us take her properly. Lucy told me that she pretty much didn’t care what we did and she was getting used to being pushed further in our sessions (so she at least recognised how we had been training her) so I got Jen to fetch one of the small anal vibes, lube it up (for which she used more tingle gel as it was already out) and she slowly worked it into Lucy’s ass. Lucy rode my cock and Jen reached between us to play with her clit and nipples. I kept whispering to Lucy to let go and just enjoy herself and said that she couldn’t enjoy herself much more as she was going to cum. I fucked her harder, pushing the vibe into her as fast as I could, trying to recreate the way that I enjoy being pounded by Mike. I kept telling her to cum and as she got close I pulled her face to mine and held her against me so we could kiss through her orgasm. I could feel her breathing into me but I just pushed my tongue as far into her mouth as I could and we traded saliva while her orgasm hit her. I felt Jen slap Lucy’s ass a couple of times and later found out that she’d also squeezed Lucy’s breasts much harder than she’d been doing, but Lucy didn’t complain about this.

Lucy was very flushed by the time she pulled away from me and I slowed my movements in her. I got her to describe her orgasm and she said that it had felt very strong. Jen said that it was her turn and as she hadn’t got to fuck ‘her Lucy’, then it was my job to make her cum as well. Lucy rolled off the vibe and Jen quickly mounted it. She rode me for a short while and then said that it was only fair that I should cum too so she sat upright. This put much more pressure from the vibe of the inside front of her pussy, but had the added effect of pushing the internal vibe harder against my cunt. Jen knew full well what she was doing and I rewarded her by reaching up and pinching her nips. She couldn’t lean back as far while I was doing this so it wasn’t as effective a position, but we knew how to fix that (it’s almost like we’ve used the strap on numerous times and have experimented to find the best positions…). Jen dismounted and turned around, then leant forwards so the internal vibe was pulled hard against me again – in this position, the vibe was pressing against the back of her cunt which wasn’t as sensitive, but this was more than made up for by the fact that I was now able to slap her ass as she fucked me. Jen took care of playing with her clit at first but once Lucy had recovered, we got her to join in and she gave Jen’s ass a few decent slaps and then took over frigging Jen.

Like any good little fuck bunny, Jen pushed her hand between Lucy’s legs and fingered her and I got Lucy to bite Jen’s nips (she didn’t bite as hard as Jen likes, but it was better than nothing). I actually came first and while my orgasm wasn’t too strong, I felt quite sensitive afterwards. I didn’t let Jen know this (or she would have probably just teased/tortured me), but I slapped her ass a bit harder to help her on her way to her own orgasm. I watched Jen and Lucy kiss as Jen came and when she finally dismounted, I removed the harness and saw that my pussy looked quite pink (and the whole area was wet). Jen got Lucy to kitty kiss me which I just lay back and enjoyed. My pussy still felt fairly sensitive – almost like it was tingling. I got Lucy to climb over me so we could 69 (but I got her to just kitty kiss me). After a little while, Jen wanted to join in again and the fairest thing to do was the 3-way 69 once more (me eating Lucy, Lucy eating Jen and Jen eating me). We agreed that as soon as someone came, they would just be kitty kissed but Jen was quite forceful with me and I actually came quite quickly. Fortunately she honoured the kitty kissing arrangement so things didn’t feel too intense and I could enjoy Lucy’s cunt once more. When we’d all cum, we curled up together and I let Jen sleep between Lucy and me, but I told them that it was my turn to wake Lucy up in the morning.

I got to do this, but also did the same for Jen, fingering one while licking the other. This meant that I got to enjoy having both of them doing things to me (which I hadn’t planned, but was only fair) and we then spent a while just chatting and touching. I demonstrated to Lucy how easy it was to get Jen wet and we spent a while playing with her pussy and using fingers to lift up threads of her juices as she got more aroused. I described how Jen had squirted (as in pussy juice, not peeing) a couple of times and how we wanted her to be able to do it on demand and Lucy told us that she had done this once when she was masturbating at home and she had to change the sheets so her Mum didn’t think she had wet the bed (or know that she’d been masturbating).

Armed with this information, we did what anyone would have done and told her that we wanted to see her squirt. We didn’t actually expect her to achieve this, but we gave it our best shot and got her worked up, and then fingered her roughly while pushing up on her g-spot. According to the internet, this is a sure-fire way to make a girl squirt, but from experience we know that even though it can give you a pretty good orgasm, sometimes the internet is wrong (gasp!). We achieved the goal of giving her a strong orgasm (and a fairly loud one for Lucy), but the bed sheets remained dry. She did seem slightly wetter than usual, but this was probably just natural variation.

Mike had been doing his bit to make Lis nice and wet. He had started off by eating her awake (as promised), then messily kitty kissed her for a while (which she had enjoyed) and then fucking her. Again they tried a few positions for this but Lis liked him on top of her with her legs wrapped around him. Mike liked this as well as Lis still had the white socks on and he held back until she had cum and then unloaded his cum into her cunt while pushing as deep inside her as he could get. They stayed locked in this position for a while and kissed. Mike went partially soft but then got hard again and threatened to cum in Lis again, but she needed to go to the bathroom to pee. He let her go on the condition that she wore just the socks until she left the house. Lis mounted him when she returned and they gently fucked until they were interrupted by Lucy’s orgasm. Lis was quite impressed as Lucy is usually fairly quiet so Mike challenged her to outdo Lucy. Lis wasn’t sure that she could so Mike gave her a few tips and got her to sit over his face so he could eat her. He occasionally pushed her up so he could tell her to be louder but once she started moaning, describing what he was doing and telling him what to do next, he settled in to eating her properly. In the next room, we heard Lis and listened in as she told Mike to eat her, lick her cunt, taste her juices… We were tempted to go and watch what they were up to, but Lis had wanted to spend the night alone with Mike so we gave them their privacy (other than listening). Lis wasn’t quite as loud as Lucy had been, but she was quite a bit more explicit and I stroked Lucy’s cunt while whispering to her that she should try being as vocal when she came.

Once she’d caught her breath, Lis offered herself to Mike as payment for her orgasm but he said that he wanted to be able to make her cum with Lucy present (he said that he would have actually enjoyed us watching him eat Lis). As they knew that we were awake they came in to see us and we traded stories of what we’d been up to. Mike sat and caressed Lis’ legs and thighs and then decided that he couldn’t resist any longer and buried his face between her legs again. Lis wasn’t as crude this time, but it was still obvious that she was enjoying herself. I resumed stroking Lucy and Jen joined in – I would have liked to get Lucy to cum at the same time as Lis, but Mike was being fairly aggressive with Lis’ clit and she came first. Not that this stopped us and we carried on frigging and fingering Lucy until she came (Mike spooned with Lis while watching this).

We took a break for breakfast and discussed Sue’s situation. Lucy claimed that a woman wouldn’t do what Sue’s work colleague had done but others disagreed with this. Mike said that he was going to take the Monday off work to keep Sue occupied (but Lis and Lucy weren’t aware of the way he would ‘occupy’ her). Jen said that she would help out as well and with some of the comments they made ‘filling her day…’ I thought that it was fairly obvious what they were hinting at, but sweet, innocent Lis and Lucy didn’t seem to catch on.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 2

We joined the others and ate breakfast. Lis checked with Jen and Lucy that Mike had kept up his end of the bargain and took hold of his cock. She positioned herself over him, inserted the head and then pulled herself off, telling him that he had won and would get to sleep with her, but not until that night. As Lis was doing such a good job of teasing him, I thought I may as well join in (it’s nice being able to make up for the years of teasing I’ve received) and I planted myself on his cock (but I did it properly). I winked at Lis and asked her if he was allowed to fuck me and she said that he could. I started to ride up and down on his cock and then pointed out that it would be a pity if he shot a huge load of cum into me and didn’t have much left for Lis. Mike conceded defeat pretty quickly and told me to get off oh his cock but I told him that I needed to cum first and asked Lis if she would help me out. We scooted to the edge of the bed and I got Lis to kneel and lick my clit (and Mike’s cock) as I gently bounced up and down on him. I knew that it was unlikely I would make him cum, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy teasing him and I stayed on his cock until Lis got me off.

I did feel a little sorry for him (but only because I’ve been in a similar position) and I gave him a kiss to thank him for letting me use him to help make me cum. I knew that we had really got to him when he let Jen and Lucy and then Lis and me shower by ourselves (together, but without him). His erection had at least gone down by the time I returned with Lis and he went to shower before we could tease him any more.

There was a bit of snow on the ground and it was quite cold, so we wrapped up warm to go out. Jen and I still went without panties, but I wore tights. Jen was a bit braver and went with hold ups and later on we found out that this was for a reason. We’d wandered around town for a while and Jen said that she would show us something – she found a low wall that still had snow on top of it, and sat down, ensuring that she had flipped her skirt back and out of the way, so her ass and pussy settled into the snow. It was easy to read the thrill on her face (or at least easy if you knew that she was burying her pussy in the snow) and she sat for a minute or so before standing up and leaving a passable ass-print on the wall. She did this again a little while later and said that she loved the way it felt when her pussy and ass just started to go numb and then tingled as they warmed up. Naturally, I didn’t want to be beaten so after a quick trip down an alleyway to remove my tights, I joined her on a wall and sort of understood what she liked about it. I was nice feeling the snow pressed up against my pussy, but I couldn’t take it for as long as Jen could. We went for a coffee to allow Jen and I to warm up and we each left little puddles on the chair when we got up.

Jen later told me that this wasn’t something she had done often, but she particularly remembers one winter when they had fairly deep snow and she had been out at her masturbation spot in the woods. She had sat in the snow and it had been u to the middle of her stomach. She then frigged herself and peed as she came so by the time she’d finished, the snow in front of her was yellow and her ass was frozen. She had gone back another time and decided to go all the way, so had stripped down to just her boots and as she sat in the snow masturbating, she also rubbed snow over her nips until she couldn’t really feel them (which oddly enough, she said felt really good). She did the same peeing while cumming, except this time she had been drinking and saving it especially to see how much snow she could melt. She had a pretty good orgasm and really enjoyed herself, but ended up getting a bad cold afterwards so she was more careful afterwards. (But this explains why she quite likes me using ice cubes on her).

We decided that it was too cold to bother going out that night so bought a nice dine-in meal and headed home. We ate this by candlelight and after dinner, Jen suggested that we try something. The girls took turns stripping off and going out to the garden to sit in the snow (which we had to gather up as it had begun to melt), then the person would return and get licked by the other girls. The contrast between the cold snow and the comparatively hot tongues felt really nice and it was also really interesting eating a frozen pussy as the skin felt much tighter so the experience was quite different. Just so he wasn’t completely left out, I let Mike have a lick of me and then he got to go out, pack snow around his cock and then have me suck him.

As we were staying in, I suggested that we take our time to enjoy ourselves. Lis told Mike that as he’d show restraint, she was going to spend the whole night with him and he could fuck her as many times as he wanted. Mike thought this was wonderful news, but before I let him drag Lis away from us, I said that we wanted to have a go with her (especially as Jen hadn’t got the chance to do much with Lis). We agreed to only make her cum once so she’d still have an appetite for him and Jen and I took turns eating Lis while she ate the other one of us. We took things slowly with her but got her to go at full speed, so Jen had already cum and I was well on the way to cumming by the time Lis came. We changed position and I sat on the sofa so she could kneel on the floor in front of me. Mike wanted Lucy to do the same to Jen, but Lucy thought he’d seen enough for one weekend so we just let Lis make me cum and watched as Mike dragged her off into his bedroom. (He did come back to get some candles and I told him to look after Lis).

Mike pulled Lis on top of him and they kissed for a while. He caressed her body and allowed his hands to slowly slide down her back towards her ass, then dip between her legs and touch her pussy. He told her that he wanted to make her cum over and over and that he wanted to eat her and she told him that he could. This made his night even better, but now he had to decide whether to fuck her straight away (which he really wanted to do) and put up with the taste of his own cum, or to eat her and savour her natural flavour (he’s indirectly tasted her enough times that he knows he likes the way she tastes). I think his choice demonstrates his true fetish – he rolled her over onto her back and kissed his way down her body. Lis says that he wasn’t as forceful as she had expected him to be, but he was very thorough and explored her whole pussy with his tongue. He licked around her thighs, her lips, her inner lips and her clit. He took as much of her into his mouth as he could and pushed his tongue as far into her as he could. He spent quite a while on Lis’ first orgasm, slowly building her up until she finally came and then kitty kissing her for a good while afterwards.

He moved back up her body, remembering this time to stop at her breasts and pay attention to them (Lis Seems to have mostly got over her complex about having small breasts, but I still think it’s good for Mike to show her that he enjoys them. When he finally moved all the way up and had his cock pressed against Lis’ cunt, she asked him if he wanted to fuck and he reminded her that he had wanted to make her cum over and over. He promised her that he would certainly fuck her as well, but said that now he was allowed to eat her, he wanted to do this properly and moved down between her legs again. He’d just started when he asked if she would mind dressing up for him and when she agreed, he dashed into Jen’s room and returned with a pair of Jen’s long white socks and sexy panties. Lis put these on and Mike resumed licking her (through the panties). He nuzzled her crotch and occasionally pulled the crotch aside so he could lick her directly. Only when the panties were wet with his saliva did he remove them and eat Lis directly. This time he concentrated more on her clit and she came much sooner and Mike kitty kissed her again afterwards.

He carried on doing this and then went straight into round three. For this he used long strokes of his tongue, from her ass to her clit. He spread her lips and delved deep inside her (or as deep as he could get, his tongue isn’t as long or flexible as Jen’s). He tried to copy Lis’ licking technique (very rapid flicks of the tongue), but he found it quite difficult and went back to his own style. He speared her a few times, which she seemed to like and took a mini-break to kiss and caress her thighs just above the top of her socks, but quickly returned to her cunt to finish off what he’d started and he got a third orgasm out of her.

He kissed his way up her body and pushed his cock into her. She told him that she needed a little rest before she could do anything and he told her that was fine, he just wanted to feel her cunt enveloping him. They kissed a little bit, but Mike mostly nuzzled her neck and shoulders while whispering to her how he was going to fuck her and fill her hot little cunt with his cum. Lis seemed quite in favour of this and they started moving against each other, but Mike then pulled out and told her that he hadn’t finished eating her yet and wanted one more go before he spoiled her taste. He gave her cunt another thorough cleaning with his tongue and made her cum again and kitty kissed her for a while afterwards until she told him that she really him to fuck her.

Mike moved up and pushed into her and they moved against each other. He pretended to pull out and said he wanted to eat her again, but then thrust back into her and told her that as he’d now familiarised himself with her cunt, he’d actually prefer to fuck her. They kissed deeply as he used long strokes to pump in and out of her and Lis lifted her legs up and half wrapped them around him. Mike loved how much she was getting into it and he pushed harder into her. He was feeling quite close to cumming himself so he didn’t do anything to try and prolong the session and just carried on fucking Lis in whatever way seemed to get the best response out of her. He told her that he was close and she said he should cum in her but he was adamant that she had to cum first and described to her how he wanted to feel her cunt pulsing around his cock before he would fill her with cum. Lis humped against him in time with his thrusts and he could hear the change in her moans as she got closer to cumming. He told her to tell him how close she was and she told him as she got closer and closer and then said that she was about to cum. Mike stopped trying to hold himself back and told Lis that he was about to cum in her and they thrust against each other. They think that they pretty much came at the same time – Mike may have cum just before Lis did, but she told him that she was cumming just after he had felt the first squirt of cum leave his cock. They pushed together again and again – Mike said that it felt very intense, but he wanted to get Lis through her orgasm so he only stopped moving when her moans turned to pants and she slowed her movements. He could feel his cock tingling as it lay inside her and he thanked Lis for having given him such a good session.

He stayed on top of her for a while and they kissed some more. Mike went semi soft, but he didn’t pull out and managed to get hard again while still inside her (he had to adjust his position a bit as he wasn’t the whole way in when he got hard). Lis didn’t think that she was up to another round so they spooned and Mike slowly moved back and forth inside her while caressing her breasts. He couldn’t coax her into wanting to cum again, but she did play along and talk dirty to him (she has gotten much better at this over the past number of months). They traded bits of information about what they could feel as he fucked her and Mike got her to describe what it felt like when he ate her and when he fucked her. To finish off, Lis repeatedly asked him to fuck her little cunt with his cock and give her even more of his cum. Naturally, Mike was quite happy to do this (although he would have preferred it if she was cumming as well). He pulled himself tight against her back and cupped one of her breasts and told her as he approached his orgasm and then unleashed another load of cum into her. Lis twisted her head around so he could kiss her and he told her that she had the perfect little body. He stayed in her for a while, gently moving, but he lost his erection before she fell asleep. Lis said that she could feel his cum leaking out of her and Mike pointed out that she would now get to experience having his cum slowly dribble out of her throughout the night, and find out what it was like to wake up with a damp patch under her ass. He promised to lick her clean in the morning, but she pointed out that he would just be making a mess of her again immediately afterwards.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 1

During the week following the sex party, we heard from Sue that she had slept with a guy from her work, who had been really nice to her. At least he’d been nice to her until she slept with him, after which he pretty much ignored her. It wasn’t that she was madly in love with him or anything, but she had quite liked him and had hoped that it might turn into something more (or at least that he might want to sleep with her again). She wanted to come up and visit for some comfort (and I was fairly sure that she would want Mike to be the one to ‘comfort’ her) but we already had a visit planned from Lis and Lucy and I wasn’t sure they would understand our relationship. We arranged for Sue to come up on Sunday afternoon and take a couple of days off so she could stay a while, but we had the weekend to enjoy first.

Lis and Lucy arrived slightly late as there was snow and UK trains can’t run on time in the snow (or rain, or a gentle breeze on a summer’s day…). Mike was eager to get Lis undressed, but she wanted to have a coffee first to warm up before she did anything with anyone. Once defrosted, she said that she wasn’t going to sleep with him that night and had arranged a challenge for him (which Jen and I knew about and had kept secret from him). She had (somehow) managed to convince Lucy to spend the night in bed with Mike and Jen. Mike was allowed to watch everything that they did, but if he came, he wouldn’t get to sleep with Lis. I knew that despite his impressive will power, that this would be absolute torture for Mike. He was used to not being able to fuck Jen, but he at least got to cum around her (or over her). To put him in a bed all night with the incarnation of his ultimate porn star (or at least one of them) and being made to watch her cum without being able to join in or even make himself cum would be a good test for him.

Mike asked what was in it for him and Lis said that if he wanted to fuck her again, then that was the deal. Despite him having assumed that he would get to sleep with her, he was aware that she was granting him something he really wanted and knew that at any time, Lis might decide that she had experimented enough with him. He agreed to her terms (as if he had a choice – the only other alternative would be he’d be sleeping by himself).

As it was fairly late anyway, we headed off to bed pretty much straight after this conversation. As there were three of them, Lis and I let Mike, Jen and Lucy sleep in Jen’s room (where the bed is slightly larger). Jen stripped off straight away but Lucy hesitated slightly. Mike asked her if she was really okay with the deal and she said that it was fine and added that he’d seen her naked before anyway so it wasn’t really any different. Mike didn’t point out that it felt quite different to him – he was now going to get a front row seat to her session with Jen and would be able to watch everything in detail without being ‘distracted’ by Lis (and from experience I know that Lis can be pretty distracting). They climbed into bed with Lucy in the middle and as soon as they were in, Jen said that she wanted to get started, half lay on top of Lucy and started to kiss her. Jen pushed a leg between Lucy’s legs and began to grind her thigh against Lucy’s pussy and Lucy reciprocated by bending one of her legs up between Jen’s so that Jen could grind against her.

They kissed passionately and Mike watched closely. Jen moved down to suck on Lucy’s nips and Mike’s cock twitched. He watched Jen’s fingers slide between Lucy’s legs and start to play over and in her pussy and after a few minutes of fingering her, Jen moved down further and pushed her mouth onto Lucy’s cunt. He moved down the bed so he could get a better view and watched from a few different angles. Jen played along with him and occasionally twisted her head to the side so he could get a better view of what she was doing to Lucy and even offered him a taste from her fingers. Mike made it as far as taking his cock in his hand and wondered if it would be worthwhile missing out on Lis if he could cum over Lucy and Jen. He managed to restrain himself and just watched (but took his hand off his cock as he didn’t want any more temptation). Jen ate Lucy to an orgasm and then planted herself over Lucy in a 69 position and asked for the same in return. Mike couldn’t get as good a view of this, but did sneak a few peeks of Lucy’s tongue lapping away at Jen. The view from the foot of the bed made up for him not being able to watch properly though as Jen was gently playing with Lucy’s lips, spreading her pussy and fingering her. Jen indicated to Mike to come closer and he carefully moved up between Lucy’s legs (not too close, but close enough to get a really good look). Jen spread Lucy wide again and exposed her to Mike. It only got better (or worse, depending on your point of view) as Jen came and Mike got to watch her cum face and look at Lucy’s pussy at the same time. Once she’d cum, Jen shooed him away and he moved back down the bed before Jen dismounted.

He joined them on the bed again and says that he had the hardest erection he could remember for a long time. Jen and Lucy kissed for a while and then said that it was time for sleep. If it had been me, I would have fucked Lucy many more times, but in Jen’s defence, Lucy was tired so she was just being considerate. Jen curled up against Lucy and Mike spooned with Jen with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks and the head pressing against her back. She agreed that his cock felt harder (and hotter) than usual and wiggled back against him a fair bit, so he reached around and pinched her nipples for a while before realised that this wouldn’t help the situation so he just cupped a breast and told her to stop teasing him.

Lis and I had started off in a similar way – kissing and grinding against each other, but our first session of the night had involved us scissoring. We each held on to the other person and pumped our cunts together (without sharing a dildo). We tried moving in a few different ways and found what felt best. As usual, we agreed to keep going until we’d both cum, but in this position that isn’t too hard as even though we’re rubbing against each other, the stimulation isn’t too intense so you can continue after you’ve cum.

We kissed for a while and I tried to get Lis to tell me how she had convinced Lucy to let Mike sleep in the bed with her and watch her cum, but Lis wouldn’t say. This just made me all the more curious, but no matter how much I tickled or teased her, she wouldn’t say, so I just let the tickling degenerate into caressing and from there into fucking. I really liked having Lis completely to myself (and she knew it). Our second session of the evening was quite spirited and we rolled around while 69ing passionately. I ended up on top and pinned Lis down. I pumped against her face as she ate me and could feel how much of a mess I was making, but I ate her just as ferociously so I didn’t feel too bad about it. I came first and came fairly hard so lifted my pussy clear of Lis’ mouth while I worked on finishing her off. Lis kept pulling me back down to her eager tongue, but my legs are stronger than her arms and it wasn’t long before her own orgasm distracted her. When we snuggled up together we laughed at the mess we’d made and spent a while (mostly) kissing each other’s faces clean. As we fell asleep, I told Lis that I loved her and I wanted us to always be able to do this. She replied with an ‘I know’, which I would have preferred to be a ‘me too’, but we were both partially asleep.

The next morning, Mike woke first and rolled over so he was pressed against Jen. This eventually woke her and she in turn woke Lucy, although she did it in the more interesting way of eating her awake. Again, Mike watched her closely, but this time he gave Jen’s ass a few slaps (which she didn’t object to) and then reached under her to play with her nipples. As Lucy got closer to cumming, he lay beside her on the bed so he could admire her whole body and watch her face. Lucy was rather embarrassed by this, but she was fairly turned on and didn’t do anything to stop Mike admiring her. Jen spread Lucy’s legs wider so she could push her tongue all the way in and Mike felt his cock graze against Lucy. He didn’t push back against her (not wanting to spoil a good thing) and just enjoyed the feeling of her skin gently brushing against the head. We don’t think Lucy realised this was happening as she was in the build up to her orgasm (and was then cumming). While Lucy lay panting, Jen climbed on top of Mike and kissed him so he could taste Lucy’s juices. Jen pressed her pussy against his cock and whispered in his ear that this meant when Lucy ate her, it would be an indirect cock-sucking (Jen might like teasing Mike, but she does love him and knows just how much of a thing he has for Lucy).

When it was Jen’s turn, she once again 69ed with Lucy, but this time, she asked Mike to fetch a vibe for her to use on Lucy and gave him a ringside seat for the performance as she slid the vibe slowly in and out of Lucy’s wet pussy. Jen ended up with her arms wrapped around Lucy’s legs and she pulled her ass up in the air slightly. Mike watched as Jen continued to fuck Lucy while gently rubbing her clit and she then indicated that he should take the vibe, but to be quiet. Mike reached out and continued to move it in the same way that Jen had been doing. He asked (with sign language) if he could also stroke Lucy’s clit but Jen shook her head. He indicated that he wanted to lick the vibe and Jen nodded so he withdrew it from Lucy and sucked the end clean, then took more into his mouth so he could really taste her juices. He left a good coating of saliva on the vibe and loved watching Lucy’s cunt swallow this when he pushed it back into her. Jen had already begun her mewing as she got closer to cumming so she took the vibe off Mike and started fucking Lucy with it much more forcefully. She told Lucy to keep licking her and in turn, she sped up her stroking of Lucy’s clit. Jen really wanted them to cum together, but she came first and had to keep working on Lucy to get another orgasm out of her. She discarded the vibe and finished Lucy off with her mouth – getting properly stuck in and greedily lashing Lucy’s cunt and clit.

They then came in to see us, but we were still asleep. Jen slipped a hand between my legs and woke me up and they decided to be generous and leave us alone for our morning session while they prepared breakfast. Jen set the tone for the day by chatting to Mike and Lucy from the downstairs toilet with the door open while she peed. Lucy had a light gown on, but Jen and Mike remained naked. They returned with breakfast while Lis and I were still going, so after briefly watching, they went into Jen’s room and told us to join them when we were done. We weren’t doing anything particularly special – we had eaten each other for a bit (in turn) and were finishing off by kissing (properly) while fingering each other. I panted in Lis’ ear how much I wanted to feel her cum around my fingers and we kissed deeply as she came, then panted to each other some more and kissed deeply again as I came on her hand. I told her that she was suck a sexy little thing that I was tempted to steal her and not let Lucy have her back – and if I didn’t know that she loved Lucy so much I wouldn’t have a problem with that.