Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 1

During the week following the sex party, we heard from Sue that she had slept with a guy from her work, who had been really nice to her. At least he’d been nice to her until she slept with him, after which he pretty much ignored her. It wasn’t that she was madly in love with him or anything, but she had quite liked him and had hoped that it might turn into something more (or at least that he might want to sleep with her again). She wanted to come up and visit for some comfort (and I was fairly sure that she would want Mike to be the one to ‘comfort’ her) but we already had a visit planned from Lis and Lucy and I wasn’t sure they would understand our relationship. We arranged for Sue to come up on Sunday afternoon and take a couple of days off so she could stay a while, but we had the weekend to enjoy first.

Lis and Lucy arrived slightly late as there was snow and UK trains can’t run on time in the snow (or rain, or a gentle breeze on a summer’s day…). Mike was eager to get Lis undressed, but she wanted to have a coffee first to warm up before she did anything with anyone. Once defrosted, she said that she wasn’t going to sleep with him that night and had arranged a challenge for him (which Jen and I knew about and had kept secret from him). She had (somehow) managed to convince Lucy to spend the night in bed with Mike and Jen. Mike was allowed to watch everything that they did, but if he came, he wouldn’t get to sleep with Lis. I knew that despite his impressive will power, that this would be absolute torture for Mike. He was used to not being able to fuck Jen, but he at least got to cum around her (or over her). To put him in a bed all night with the incarnation of his ultimate porn star (or at least one of them) and being made to watch her cum without being able to join in or even make himself cum would be a good test for him.

Mike asked what was in it for him and Lis said that if he wanted to fuck her again, then that was the deal. Despite him having assumed that he would get to sleep with her, he was aware that she was granting him something he really wanted and knew that at any time, Lis might decide that she had experimented enough with him. He agreed to her terms (as if he had a choice – the only other alternative would be he’d be sleeping by himself).

As it was fairly late anyway, we headed off to bed pretty much straight after this conversation. As there were three of them, Lis and I let Mike, Jen and Lucy sleep in Jen’s room (where the bed is slightly larger). Jen stripped off straight away but Lucy hesitated slightly. Mike asked her if she was really okay with the deal and she said that it was fine and added that he’d seen her naked before anyway so it wasn’t really any different. Mike didn’t point out that it felt quite different to him – he was now going to get a front row seat to her session with Jen and would be able to watch everything in detail without being ‘distracted’ by Lis (and from experience I know that Lis can be pretty distracting). They climbed into bed with Lucy in the middle and as soon as they were in, Jen said that she wanted to get started, half lay on top of Lucy and started to kiss her. Jen pushed a leg between Lucy’s legs and began to grind her thigh against Lucy’s pussy and Lucy reciprocated by bending one of her legs up between Jen’s so that Jen could grind against her.

They kissed passionately and Mike watched closely. Jen moved down to suck on Lucy’s nips and Mike’s cock twitched. He watched Jen’s fingers slide between Lucy’s legs and start to play over and in her pussy and after a few minutes of fingering her, Jen moved down further and pushed her mouth onto Lucy’s cunt. He moved down the bed so he could get a better view and watched from a few different angles. Jen played along with him and occasionally twisted her head to the side so he could get a better view of what she was doing to Lucy and even offered him a taste from her fingers. Mike made it as far as taking his cock in his hand and wondered if it would be worthwhile missing out on Lis if he could cum over Lucy and Jen. He managed to restrain himself and just watched (but took his hand off his cock as he didn’t want any more temptation). Jen ate Lucy to an orgasm and then planted herself over Lucy in a 69 position and asked for the same in return. Mike couldn’t get as good a view of this, but did sneak a few peeks of Lucy’s tongue lapping away at Jen. The view from the foot of the bed made up for him not being able to watch properly though as Jen was gently playing with Lucy’s lips, spreading her pussy and fingering her. Jen indicated to Mike to come closer and he carefully moved up between Lucy’s legs (not too close, but close enough to get a really good look). Jen spread Lucy wide again and exposed her to Mike. It only got better (or worse, depending on your point of view) as Jen came and Mike got to watch her cum face and look at Lucy’s pussy at the same time. Once she’d cum, Jen shooed him away and he moved back down the bed before Jen dismounted.

He joined them on the bed again and says that he had the hardest erection he could remember for a long time. Jen and Lucy kissed for a while and then said that it was time for sleep. If it had been me, I would have fucked Lucy many more times, but in Jen’s defence, Lucy was tired so she was just being considerate. Jen curled up against Lucy and Mike spooned with Jen with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks and the head pressing against her back. She agreed that his cock felt harder (and hotter) than usual and wiggled back against him a fair bit, so he reached around and pinched her nipples for a while before realised that this wouldn’t help the situation so he just cupped a breast and told her to stop teasing him.

Lis and I had started off in a similar way – kissing and grinding against each other, but our first session of the night had involved us scissoring. We each held on to the other person and pumped our cunts together (without sharing a dildo). We tried moving in a few different ways and found what felt best. As usual, we agreed to keep going until we’d both cum, but in this position that isn’t too hard as even though we’re rubbing against each other, the stimulation isn’t too intense so you can continue after you’ve cum.

We kissed for a while and I tried to get Lis to tell me how she had convinced Lucy to let Mike sleep in the bed with her and watch her cum, but Lis wouldn’t say. This just made me all the more curious, but no matter how much I tickled or teased her, she wouldn’t say, so I just let the tickling degenerate into caressing and from there into fucking. I really liked having Lis completely to myself (and she knew it). Our second session of the evening was quite spirited and we rolled around while 69ing passionately. I ended up on top and pinned Lis down. I pumped against her face as she ate me and could feel how much of a mess I was making, but I ate her just as ferociously so I didn’t feel too bad about it. I came first and came fairly hard so lifted my pussy clear of Lis’ mouth while I worked on finishing her off. Lis kept pulling me back down to her eager tongue, but my legs are stronger than her arms and it wasn’t long before her own orgasm distracted her. When we snuggled up together we laughed at the mess we’d made and spent a while (mostly) kissing each other’s faces clean. As we fell asleep, I told Lis that I loved her and I wanted us to always be able to do this. She replied with an ‘I know’, which I would have preferred to be a ‘me too’, but we were both partially asleep.

The next morning, Mike woke first and rolled over so he was pressed against Jen. This eventually woke her and she in turn woke Lucy, although she did it in the more interesting way of eating her awake. Again, Mike watched her closely, but this time he gave Jen’s ass a few slaps (which she didn’t object to) and then reached under her to play with her nipples. As Lucy got closer to cumming, he lay beside her on the bed so he could admire her whole body and watch her face. Lucy was rather embarrassed by this, but she was fairly turned on and didn’t do anything to stop Mike admiring her. Jen spread Lucy’s legs wider so she could push her tongue all the way in and Mike felt his cock graze against Lucy. He didn’t push back against her (not wanting to spoil a good thing) and just enjoyed the feeling of her skin gently brushing against the head. We don’t think Lucy realised this was happening as she was in the build up to her orgasm (and was then cumming). While Lucy lay panting, Jen climbed on top of Mike and kissed him so he could taste Lucy’s juices. Jen pressed her pussy against his cock and whispered in his ear that this meant when Lucy ate her, it would be an indirect cock-sucking (Jen might like teasing Mike, but she does love him and knows just how much of a thing he has for Lucy).

When it was Jen’s turn, she once again 69ed with Lucy, but this time, she asked Mike to fetch a vibe for her to use on Lucy and gave him a ringside seat for the performance as she slid the vibe slowly in and out of Lucy’s wet pussy. Jen ended up with her arms wrapped around Lucy’s legs and she pulled her ass up in the air slightly. Mike watched as Jen continued to fuck Lucy while gently rubbing her clit and she then indicated that he should take the vibe, but to be quiet. Mike reached out and continued to move it in the same way that Jen had been doing. He asked (with sign language) if he could also stroke Lucy’s clit but Jen shook her head. He indicated that he wanted to lick the vibe and Jen nodded so he withdrew it from Lucy and sucked the end clean, then took more into his mouth so he could really taste her juices. He left a good coating of saliva on the vibe and loved watching Lucy’s cunt swallow this when he pushed it back into her. Jen had already begun her mewing as she got closer to cumming so she took the vibe off Mike and started fucking Lucy with it much more forcefully. She told Lucy to keep licking her and in turn, she sped up her stroking of Lucy’s clit. Jen really wanted them to cum together, but she came first and had to keep working on Lucy to get another orgasm out of her. She discarded the vibe and finished Lucy off with her mouth – getting properly stuck in and greedily lashing Lucy’s cunt and clit.

They then came in to see us, but we were still asleep. Jen slipped a hand between my legs and woke me up and they decided to be generous and leave us alone for our morning session while they prepared breakfast. Jen set the tone for the day by chatting to Mike and Lucy from the downstairs toilet with the door open while she peed. Lucy had a light gown on, but Jen and Mike remained naked. They returned with breakfast while Lis and I were still going, so after briefly watching, they went into Jen’s room and told us to join them when we were done. We weren’t doing anything particularly special – we had eaten each other for a bit (in turn) and were finishing off by kissing (properly) while fingering each other. I panted in Lis’ ear how much I wanted to feel her cum around my fingers and we kissed deeply as she came, then panted to each other some more and kissed deeply again as I came on her hand. I told her that she was suck a sexy little thing that I was tempted to steal her and not let Lucy have her back – and if I didn’t know that she loved Lucy so much I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

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