Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 2

We joined the others and ate breakfast. Lis checked with Jen and Lucy that Mike had kept up his end of the bargain and took hold of his cock. She positioned herself over him, inserted the head and then pulled herself off, telling him that he had won and would get to sleep with her, but not until that night. As Lis was doing such a good job of teasing him, I thought I may as well join in (it’s nice being able to make up for the years of teasing I’ve received) and I planted myself on his cock (but I did it properly). I winked at Lis and asked her if he was allowed to fuck me and she said that he could. I started to ride up and down on his cock and then pointed out that it would be a pity if he shot a huge load of cum into me and didn’t have much left for Lis. Mike conceded defeat pretty quickly and told me to get off oh his cock but I told him that I needed to cum first and asked Lis if she would help me out. We scooted to the edge of the bed and I got Lis to kneel and lick my clit (and Mike’s cock) as I gently bounced up and down on him. I knew that it was unlikely I would make him cum, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy teasing him and I stayed on his cock until Lis got me off.

I did feel a little sorry for him (but only because I’ve been in a similar position) and I gave him a kiss to thank him for letting me use him to help make me cum. I knew that we had really got to him when he let Jen and Lucy and then Lis and me shower by ourselves (together, but without him). His erection had at least gone down by the time I returned with Lis and he went to shower before we could tease him any more.

There was a bit of snow on the ground and it was quite cold, so we wrapped up warm to go out. Jen and I still went without panties, but I wore tights. Jen was a bit braver and went with hold ups and later on we found out that this was for a reason. We’d wandered around town for a while and Jen said that she would show us something – she found a low wall that still had snow on top of it, and sat down, ensuring that she had flipped her skirt back and out of the way, so her ass and pussy settled into the snow. It was easy to read the thrill on her face (or at least easy if you knew that she was burying her pussy in the snow) and she sat for a minute or so before standing up and leaving a passable ass-print on the wall. She did this again a little while later and said that she loved the way it felt when her pussy and ass just started to go numb and then tingled as they warmed up. Naturally, I didn’t want to be beaten so after a quick trip down an alleyway to remove my tights, I joined her on a wall and sort of understood what she liked about it. I was nice feeling the snow pressed up against my pussy, but I couldn’t take it for as long as Jen could. We went for a coffee to allow Jen and I to warm up and we each left little puddles on the chair when we got up.

Jen later told me that this wasn’t something she had done often, but she particularly remembers one winter when they had fairly deep snow and she had been out at her masturbation spot in the woods. She had sat in the snow and it had been u to the middle of her stomach. She then frigged herself and peed as she came so by the time she’d finished, the snow in front of her was yellow and her ass was frozen. She had gone back another time and decided to go all the way, so had stripped down to just her boots and as she sat in the snow masturbating, she also rubbed snow over her nips until she couldn’t really feel them (which oddly enough, she said felt really good). She did the same peeing while cumming, except this time she had been drinking and saving it especially to see how much snow she could melt. She had a pretty good orgasm and really enjoyed herself, but ended up getting a bad cold afterwards so she was more careful afterwards. (But this explains why she quite likes me using ice cubes on her).

We decided that it was too cold to bother going out that night so bought a nice dine-in meal and headed home. We ate this by candlelight and after dinner, Jen suggested that we try something. The girls took turns stripping off and going out to the garden to sit in the snow (which we had to gather up as it had begun to melt), then the person would return and get licked by the other girls. The contrast between the cold snow and the comparatively hot tongues felt really nice and it was also really interesting eating a frozen pussy as the skin felt much tighter so the experience was quite different. Just so he wasn’t completely left out, I let Mike have a lick of me and then he got to go out, pack snow around his cock and then have me suck him.

As we were staying in, I suggested that we take our time to enjoy ourselves. Lis told Mike that as he’d show restraint, she was going to spend the whole night with him and he could fuck her as many times as he wanted. Mike thought this was wonderful news, but before I let him drag Lis away from us, I said that we wanted to have a go with her (especially as Jen hadn’t got the chance to do much with Lis). We agreed to only make her cum once so she’d still have an appetite for him and Jen and I took turns eating Lis while she ate the other one of us. We took things slowly with her but got her to go at full speed, so Jen had already cum and I was well on the way to cumming by the time Lis came. We changed position and I sat on the sofa so she could kneel on the floor in front of me. Mike wanted Lucy to do the same to Jen, but Lucy thought he’d seen enough for one weekend so we just let Lis make me cum and watched as Mike dragged her off into his bedroom. (He did come back to get some candles and I told him to look after Lis).

Mike pulled Lis on top of him and they kissed for a while. He caressed her body and allowed his hands to slowly slide down her back towards her ass, then dip between her legs and touch her pussy. He told her that he wanted to make her cum over and over and that he wanted to eat her and she told him that he could. This made his night even better, but now he had to decide whether to fuck her straight away (which he really wanted to do) and put up with the taste of his own cum, or to eat her and savour her natural flavour (he’s indirectly tasted her enough times that he knows he likes the way she tastes). I think his choice demonstrates his true fetish – he rolled her over onto her back and kissed his way down her body. Lis says that he wasn’t as forceful as she had expected him to be, but he was very thorough and explored her whole pussy with his tongue. He licked around her thighs, her lips, her inner lips and her clit. He took as much of her into his mouth as he could and pushed his tongue as far into her as he could. He spent quite a while on Lis’ first orgasm, slowly building her up until she finally came and then kitty kissing her for a good while afterwards.

He moved back up her body, remembering this time to stop at her breasts and pay attention to them (Lis Seems to have mostly got over her complex about having small breasts, but I still think it’s good for Mike to show her that he enjoys them. When he finally moved all the way up and had his cock pressed against Lis’ cunt, she asked him if he wanted to fuck and he reminded her that he had wanted to make her cum over and over. He promised her that he would certainly fuck her as well, but said that now he was allowed to eat her, he wanted to do this properly and moved down between her legs again. He’d just started when he asked if she would mind dressing up for him and when she agreed, he dashed into Jen’s room and returned with a pair of Jen’s long white socks and sexy panties. Lis put these on and Mike resumed licking her (through the panties). He nuzzled her crotch and occasionally pulled the crotch aside so he could lick her directly. Only when the panties were wet with his saliva did he remove them and eat Lis directly. This time he concentrated more on her clit and she came much sooner and Mike kitty kissed her again afterwards.

He carried on doing this and then went straight into round three. For this he used long strokes of his tongue, from her ass to her clit. He spread her lips and delved deep inside her (or as deep as he could get, his tongue isn’t as long or flexible as Jen’s). He tried to copy Lis’ licking technique (very rapid flicks of the tongue), but he found it quite difficult and went back to his own style. He speared her a few times, which she seemed to like and took a mini-break to kiss and caress her thighs just above the top of her socks, but quickly returned to her cunt to finish off what he’d started and he got a third orgasm out of her.

He kissed his way up her body and pushed his cock into her. She told him that she needed a little rest before she could do anything and he told her that was fine, he just wanted to feel her cunt enveloping him. They kissed a little bit, but Mike mostly nuzzled her neck and shoulders while whispering to her how he was going to fuck her and fill her hot little cunt with his cum. Lis seemed quite in favour of this and they started moving against each other, but Mike then pulled out and told her that he hadn’t finished eating her yet and wanted one more go before he spoiled her taste. He gave her cunt another thorough cleaning with his tongue and made her cum again and kitty kissed her for a while afterwards until she told him that she really him to fuck her.

Mike moved up and pushed into her and they moved against each other. He pretended to pull out and said he wanted to eat her again, but then thrust back into her and told her that as he’d now familiarised himself with her cunt, he’d actually prefer to fuck her. They kissed deeply as he used long strokes to pump in and out of her and Lis lifted her legs up and half wrapped them around him. Mike loved how much she was getting into it and he pushed harder into her. He was feeling quite close to cumming himself so he didn’t do anything to try and prolong the session and just carried on fucking Lis in whatever way seemed to get the best response out of her. He told her that he was close and she said he should cum in her but he was adamant that she had to cum first and described to her how he wanted to feel her cunt pulsing around his cock before he would fill her with cum. Lis humped against him in time with his thrusts and he could hear the change in her moans as she got closer to cumming. He told her to tell him how close she was and she told him as she got closer and closer and then said that she was about to cum. Mike stopped trying to hold himself back and told Lis that he was about to cum in her and they thrust against each other. They think that they pretty much came at the same time – Mike may have cum just before Lis did, but she told him that she was cumming just after he had felt the first squirt of cum leave his cock. They pushed together again and again – Mike said that it felt very intense, but he wanted to get Lis through her orgasm so he only stopped moving when her moans turned to pants and she slowed her movements. He could feel his cock tingling as it lay inside her and he thanked Lis for having given him such a good session.

He stayed on top of her for a while and they kissed some more. Mike went semi soft, but he didn’t pull out and managed to get hard again while still inside her (he had to adjust his position a bit as he wasn’t the whole way in when he got hard). Lis didn’t think that she was up to another round so they spooned and Mike slowly moved back and forth inside her while caressing her breasts. He couldn’t coax her into wanting to cum again, but she did play along and talk dirty to him (she has gotten much better at this over the past number of months). They traded bits of information about what they could feel as he fucked her and Mike got her to describe what it felt like when he ate her and when he fucked her. To finish off, Lis repeatedly asked him to fuck her little cunt with his cock and give her even more of his cum. Naturally, Mike was quite happy to do this (although he would have preferred it if she was cumming as well). He pulled himself tight against her back and cupped one of her breasts and told her as he approached his orgasm and then unleashed another load of cum into her. Lis twisted her head around so he could kiss her and he told her that she had the perfect little body. He stayed in her for a while, gently moving, but he lost his erection before she fell asleep. Lis said that she could feel his cum leaking out of her and Mike pointed out that she would now get to experience having his cum slowly dribble out of her throughout the night, and find out what it was like to wake up with a damp patch under her ass. He promised to lick her clean in the morning, but she pointed out that he would just be making a mess of her again immediately afterwards.


  1. That story of Jen in the woods reminded me of an incident when I was younger. I came across two people who were having sex in the woods and decided to mess with them and took their clothes (age old prank but still a good one). I waited for them to discover the problem and wondered what they'd do.

    Well turns out they wrapped up in the blanked they brought but it didn't end up so well. They walked back to their car (I followed in the far distance observing) which was being ticketed at the time by a police officer!

    Not quite sure what exactly happened but the officer put the guy in the back of the patrol car and escorted the lady into the vehicle that he wrote the ticket for. If I had to guess I'd say she lied about what was going on so she wouldn't get in trouble (only him...great friend huh?)

    I feel a little bad about it (only a little) but usually that's a pretty good prank and I'm sure the officer would have laughed his behind off if the truth were told and just let them go.

  2. That was a little mean, but quite funny. We don't usually let our clothes too far out of our sight when playing outdoors so things like that can't happen - but then again the risk is a large part of the fun...