Friday, 14 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 3

Meanwhile, I’d been making up for not having spent the previous night with Lucy (not that I’m complaining about my night with Lis). Lucy had been kind enough to wear some of the Pavlina like outfits that we’d bought for her and was even willing to pose for us. We usually plan out at least a few things that we want to do in our sessions, but this time things were much more spontaneous. We started off kissing and caressing each other on the bed and played like this for a while. We were briefly interrupted by Mike appearing to fetch the socks and panties for Lis to wear and Lucy partially covered herself instinctively, but then seemed to remember that Mike had watched Jen make her cum the previous night (and that morning), so she relaxed. Mike recognised the outfit that Lucy had on, but surprisingly, he didn’t stop to admire her for long and dashed back in to his room (we took that as a sign that things were going well with Lis).

We moved on to a three way 69 and following this, Lucy and I spent a while working on Jen’s breasts. This progressed to us both also fingering her, getting her close to cumming and then easing off on her pussy and just concentrating on her breasts again. We didn’t tease her for too long as I wanted to cum more, so the second time we fingered her, we pushed her over the edge and Jen held our heads, pushing us against her breasts as she came. While Jen caught her breath, I capitalised on our arousal and pounced on Lucy. We kissed and fingered each other but I got her to switch around so we could 69 as we got closer to cumming. This also allowed Jen to join in and as Lucy was on top of me, Jen spread Lucy’s ass and her tongue duelled with mine for the right to lap Lucy’s cunt. We settled on the compromise of me working on Lucy’s clit and Jen working on her ass. If I squished down slightly beneath Lucy, I had a good view of Jen’s tongue as she licked her and Lucy obviously decided to pay me back in kind as I felt her rub a finger over my ass and then push slightly into me. I felt that this behaviour should be encouraged (and rewarded) so I paid even more attention to Lucy’s clit and we got her off. She was considerate enough to continue working on me until I came and once Jen had backed off, I gave Lucy a few long licks and then pushed her off of me.

We snuggled for a while and I told Lucy that I wanted to fuck her with the strap on. Jen chimed in and said she wanted to do this as well so we tossed a coin for it and I won. It was much easier to put the harness on with two people helping and I quickly applied a coating of tingle gel to the vibe when Lucy wasn’t looking. I wanted her to be able to watch what we were doing so I lay near the foot of the bed and Lucy mounted me (facing away from me) and Jen pulled the mirror over so Lucy could watch as she rode up and down on the vibe. It took less than a minute for her to feel the tingle gel start to work so Jen added some to Lucy’s nipples and sucked each of them in turn. I then got Jen to sit behind Lucy (over my chest) so she could reach around and play with Lucy’s nips and clit. I then got Jen to kneel up slightly so I could reach her pussy and I played with this so I had something to keep me occupied.

I pulled Jen back so I could lick her and then thought it was time to fuck Lucy properly. Lucy climbed off my ‘cock’ and then remounted me so she could lie on top of me and I could more easily push up into her. I kneaded Lucy’s ass cheeks while we fucked and asked her if she was prepared to really let go and let us take her properly. Lucy told me that she pretty much didn’t care what we did and she was getting used to being pushed further in our sessions (so she at least recognised how we had been training her) so I got Jen to fetch one of the small anal vibes, lube it up (for which she used more tingle gel as it was already out) and she slowly worked it into Lucy’s ass. Lucy rode my cock and Jen reached between us to play with her clit and nipples. I kept whispering to Lucy to let go and just enjoy herself and said that she couldn’t enjoy herself much more as she was going to cum. I fucked her harder, pushing the vibe into her as fast as I could, trying to recreate the way that I enjoy being pounded by Mike. I kept telling her to cum and as she got close I pulled her face to mine and held her against me so we could kiss through her orgasm. I could feel her breathing into me but I just pushed my tongue as far into her mouth as I could and we traded saliva while her orgasm hit her. I felt Jen slap Lucy’s ass a couple of times and later found out that she’d also squeezed Lucy’s breasts much harder than she’d been doing, but Lucy didn’t complain about this.

Lucy was very flushed by the time she pulled away from me and I slowed my movements in her. I got her to describe her orgasm and she said that it had felt very strong. Jen said that it was her turn and as she hadn’t got to fuck ‘her Lucy’, then it was my job to make her cum as well. Lucy rolled off the vibe and Jen quickly mounted it. She rode me for a short while and then said that it was only fair that I should cum too so she sat upright. This put much more pressure from the vibe of the inside front of her pussy, but had the added effect of pushing the internal vibe harder against my cunt. Jen knew full well what she was doing and I rewarded her by reaching up and pinching her nips. She couldn’t lean back as far while I was doing this so it wasn’t as effective a position, but we knew how to fix that (it’s almost like we’ve used the strap on numerous times and have experimented to find the best positions…). Jen dismounted and turned around, then leant forwards so the internal vibe was pulled hard against me again – in this position, the vibe was pressing against the back of her cunt which wasn’t as sensitive, but this was more than made up for by the fact that I was now able to slap her ass as she fucked me. Jen took care of playing with her clit at first but once Lucy had recovered, we got her to join in and she gave Jen’s ass a few decent slaps and then took over frigging Jen.

Like any good little fuck bunny, Jen pushed her hand between Lucy’s legs and fingered her and I got Lucy to bite Jen’s nips (she didn’t bite as hard as Jen likes, but it was better than nothing). I actually came first and while my orgasm wasn’t too strong, I felt quite sensitive afterwards. I didn’t let Jen know this (or she would have probably just teased/tortured me), but I slapped her ass a bit harder to help her on her way to her own orgasm. I watched Jen and Lucy kiss as Jen came and when she finally dismounted, I removed the harness and saw that my pussy looked quite pink (and the whole area was wet). Jen got Lucy to kitty kiss me which I just lay back and enjoyed. My pussy still felt fairly sensitive – almost like it was tingling. I got Lucy to climb over me so we could 69 (but I got her to just kitty kiss me). After a little while, Jen wanted to join in again and the fairest thing to do was the 3-way 69 once more (me eating Lucy, Lucy eating Jen and Jen eating me). We agreed that as soon as someone came, they would just be kitty kissed but Jen was quite forceful with me and I actually came quite quickly. Fortunately she honoured the kitty kissing arrangement so things didn’t feel too intense and I could enjoy Lucy’s cunt once more. When we’d all cum, we curled up together and I let Jen sleep between Lucy and me, but I told them that it was my turn to wake Lucy up in the morning.

I got to do this, but also did the same for Jen, fingering one while licking the other. This meant that I got to enjoy having both of them doing things to me (which I hadn’t planned, but was only fair) and we then spent a while just chatting and touching. I demonstrated to Lucy how easy it was to get Jen wet and we spent a while playing with her pussy and using fingers to lift up threads of her juices as she got more aroused. I described how Jen had squirted (as in pussy juice, not peeing) a couple of times and how we wanted her to be able to do it on demand and Lucy told us that she had done this once when she was masturbating at home and she had to change the sheets so her Mum didn’t think she had wet the bed (or know that she’d been masturbating).

Armed with this information, we did what anyone would have done and told her that we wanted to see her squirt. We didn’t actually expect her to achieve this, but we gave it our best shot and got her worked up, and then fingered her roughly while pushing up on her g-spot. According to the internet, this is a sure-fire way to make a girl squirt, but from experience we know that even though it can give you a pretty good orgasm, sometimes the internet is wrong (gasp!). We achieved the goal of giving her a strong orgasm (and a fairly loud one for Lucy), but the bed sheets remained dry. She did seem slightly wetter than usual, but this was probably just natural variation.

Mike had been doing his bit to make Lis nice and wet. He had started off by eating her awake (as promised), then messily kitty kissed her for a while (which she had enjoyed) and then fucking her. Again they tried a few positions for this but Lis liked him on top of her with her legs wrapped around him. Mike liked this as well as Lis still had the white socks on and he held back until she had cum and then unloaded his cum into her cunt while pushing as deep inside her as he could get. They stayed locked in this position for a while and kissed. Mike went partially soft but then got hard again and threatened to cum in Lis again, but she needed to go to the bathroom to pee. He let her go on the condition that she wore just the socks until she left the house. Lis mounted him when she returned and they gently fucked until they were interrupted by Lucy’s orgasm. Lis was quite impressed as Lucy is usually fairly quiet so Mike challenged her to outdo Lucy. Lis wasn’t sure that she could so Mike gave her a few tips and got her to sit over his face so he could eat her. He occasionally pushed her up so he could tell her to be louder but once she started moaning, describing what he was doing and telling him what to do next, he settled in to eating her properly. In the next room, we heard Lis and listened in as she told Mike to eat her, lick her cunt, taste her juices… We were tempted to go and watch what they were up to, but Lis had wanted to spend the night alone with Mike so we gave them their privacy (other than listening). Lis wasn’t quite as loud as Lucy had been, but she was quite a bit more explicit and I stroked Lucy’s cunt while whispering to her that she should try being as vocal when she came.

Once she’d caught her breath, Lis offered herself to Mike as payment for her orgasm but he said that he wanted to be able to make her cum with Lucy present (he said that he would have actually enjoyed us watching him eat Lis). As they knew that we were awake they came in to see us and we traded stories of what we’d been up to. Mike sat and caressed Lis’ legs and thighs and then decided that he couldn’t resist any longer and buried his face between her legs again. Lis wasn’t as crude this time, but it was still obvious that she was enjoying herself. I resumed stroking Lucy and Jen joined in – I would have liked to get Lucy to cum at the same time as Lis, but Mike was being fairly aggressive with Lis’ clit and she came first. Not that this stopped us and we carried on frigging and fingering Lucy until she came (Mike spooned with Lis while watching this).

We took a break for breakfast and discussed Sue’s situation. Lucy claimed that a woman wouldn’t do what Sue’s work colleague had done but others disagreed with this. Mike said that he was going to take the Monday off work to keep Sue occupied (but Lis and Lucy weren’t aware of the way he would ‘occupy’ her). Jen said that she would help out as well and with some of the comments they made ‘filling her day…’ I thought that it was fairly obvious what they were hinting at, but sweet, innocent Lis and Lucy didn’t seem to catch on.


  1. What did She's work colleague do? Did I miss that part?

  2. It was a few months ago now (although I probably only posted it a short while ago) - a guy at her job was being really nice to her, but as soon as she slept with him, he didn't want to have anything else to do with her. He's apparently done this to a few girls (but that doesn't really make her feel any better).

  3. I see. I guess that's the risk you take when engaging in various 'high risk' behaviors. Some people are one-and-done and others prefer multiple romps with the same person before finding someone new. It's when these two personalities collide that feelings get hurt.

  4. Despite her behaviour documented on here, Sue doesn't really do one night stands and she really thought the guy liked her and wanted a relationship. She hadn't fallen in love with him, but she was on the way to doing so and had really wanted to see if something could develop. It's the fact that he gave the impression he wanted a relationship and then just fucked and ran that upset her.