Monday, 17 June 2013

A Weekend With The Girls - Part 4

Lis had done as asked and kept the white socks on so after breakfast, she was made to sit up on the kitchen counter with her legs spread and feet either side of her. It was an alluring sight and we all had a few licks of her cunt but Mike said that he wanted to fuck her again with our help. What he really wanted was to fuck Lis while she ate Lucy, but Lucy wasn’t quite ready for this so Mike settled for Lis eating Jen and me. We lay beside each other near the end of the bed and Lis moved between us. As I knew would happen, Mike wanted to finish things off with Lis eating Jen and as Lucy still didn’t want to join in (although I did notice her hand pressed between her legs) I sat over Jen and got her to eat me in time with Lis’ rapid licks. Mike held back on stimulating Lis so she got Jen off first and then he worked on her more intently so she came around the same time I did. Mike gave Lis a fresh load of his cum but stayed inside her and said that we should practice cum sharing so that Lis could be a part of us getting pregnant (once we finally started).

I climbed down from the bed and lay on the floor with my ass raised in the air (leaning against the bed). Mike pulled out of Lis and held a hand over her pussy until she climbed over me in a scissor position. Jen held my legs apart to help with this and Lucy pulled my lips open, then Mike removed his hand and spread Lis’ lips so his cum leaked out of her and into (well, mostly onto) me. Lis rubbed her pussy against mine briefly to help transfer as much as possible and we agreed that we would need to work on this position and find a reliable way for Jen and I to swap cum (the agreement being that Mike will fuck us alternately and we will share his cum each time).

I took Mike’s cock into my mouth and sucked it clean of Lis’ juices. I felt it start to swell slightly, but he didn’t get fully hard again. Mike was given the job of cleaning Lis up so we let them shower first and discussed various things with Lucy while we waited. I then showered with Lucy and (just as Mike had done with Lis), I used the pulse spray on her clit until she came. Unfortunately, this meant that we ran out of hot water so Jen couldn’t shower for a while. She helped to do our hair while waiting for the water to warm up (Jen likes doing this) and as a reward, we gave her a massage (which was mostly non-sexual). When she could finally shower, we all helped her dress (which actually made things take much longer) and then headed out for lunch. Lis had removed the socks to shower but had put them back on afterwards and only got dressed just before we headed out and Mike asked her to keep them on (which she did). I noticed that he caressed her thigh as we ate and he later told me that he managed to get fairly decent contact with her pussy a few times (and she didn’t try to pull away).

We all went to meet Sue at the station and went back to the house with her. Mike took her into his room and offered her the chance to mix her juices with Lis’. He bent her over the bed and pushed into her, pumped back and forth a few times and then when Sue went to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’, he asked Lis if he could quickly be in her one last time before Sue returned. Lis didn’t know that Sue knew Mike was doing things with her and she told him that he could as long as he was quick so he pushed her onto the bed and briefly fucked her, right up until the point when Sue emerged from the bathroom. Lis quickly covered herself and straightened her skirt, then pretended to pack up her things. Mike helped carry her bag downstairs and went back up to see Sue, who took him in her mouth and sucked him clean (he hadn’t even told Sue that I’d done the same thing that morning – but she *is* my sister so I guess we think alike).

Sue came with us to see Lis and Lucy off which meant that we had to be well behaved with our goodbyes, but Sue wasn’t as well behaved on the way home and by the time we arrived back at the house, it was obvious that she wanted to be consoled properly. Mike took her off to bed and got things started with her while Jen and I started work on the usual Sunday chores and once Mike had finished, he handed her over to Jen who had her own session with Sue and Mike helped out.

As Mike was going to spend the Monday with Sue, Jen was allowed to sleep with her that night (although Mike did help out by going down on her before leaving her with Jen). He and I had a fairly gentle session and we traded stories of our nights with Lis (and Mike described how difficult it had been to now cum over Lucy and Jen). We realised that their next visit would clash with the start of term party in York (assuming Lis’ cycle remained as consistent as usual) and discussed what we would rather do. Ideally, we’d have taken them along, but as much as Lucy seemed to be opening up and experimenting more, we both seriously doubted that she would be ready for a full-on orgy (I doubt she would ever be ready as she doesn’t want to share Lis with that many people). We didn’t come to any conclusions as to how we would resolve the conflict, but drifted off to sleep while imagining the possibilities if we could get them to attend.

As Jen and I had to get ready to go to work/Uni in the morning, Mike and Sue acted as our assistants and helped us get ready (after helping us with our morning orgasms). As much as I enjoy mutual sex, it’s also nice to have someone just take care of your needs and be told to not worry about doing anything for them in return (admittedly this was due to the fact that he was going to fuck Sue once we’d gone…). Jen promised that she would try to get home early and Mike told her that he would try to leave some of Sue for her. I’m not really that excited anymore about Sue visiting – of course it’s nice to see her, but as I don’t get to actually do anything with her it is really just for Mike and Jen’s benefit. The excitement of being in a threesome with my sister hasn’t entirely worn off, but it’s no longer new and interesting. I don’t begrudge Mike and Jen (and Sue) having fun though and I do usually get some of the spill-over excitement from them.

Once we’d left, Mike took Sue back to bed and told her that they could spend as long there as she wanted. Sue knew that Mike hadn’t cum so far that day and she wanted him to fuck her properly (he hadn’t really produced much cum the previous evening in their quick session as Lis had taken most of it). Mike being Mike, wanted to go down on Sue first and he decided that she could probably do with an extra shave, so after eating her he got out the shaving equipment and spent a while thoroughly de-fuzzing her. After rinsing her clean he tested for smoothness with his tongue and Sue knew better than to argue so she let him eat her again before he got round to fucking her.

He did something that I don’t really approve of and suggested to Sue that he fuck her online so people could watch her (and him) cum. Sue was a little nervous about this but he provided her with a masquerade ball mask and let her check that it sufficiently disguised her. They then fired up and positioned the laptop accordingly and Mike played with her while waiting for people to find the stream and start watching. The camera mostly had a view of her pussy for this part, but he got her to sit up and play with herself (first fingers and then a vibe) as more people came online and he then used an egg on her clit while playing with her breast from behind until she came (with the stram getting a full frontal view of this).

Sue complained that he had promised to fuck her (and hadn’t) so she sucked him while she caught her breath and they then fucked in front of the camera in a number of different positions. Mike tried to optimise the view and Sue had her legs lifted, she was fucked from behind and they spooned. He got Sue to ask the viewers if they wanted to see him cum in her or over her and the votes were divided between the two. As Sue wanted his cum in her, that option won out and he roughly fucked her to another orgasm and then (after a couple of minutes more rough fucking) he came in her. As is traditional on such things, people wanted proof that he’d cum in her so once Mike pulled out, Sue moved around to display her pussy and let people watch as his cum leaked out of her.

Mike decided that he didn’t really need to leave anything for Jen after all and they spent quite a while online allowing people to watch (and jerk off to) Sue cumming a fair number of times. Following him fucking her, he got her to suck his cock clean and then wipe the cum leaking out of her cunt over her breasts and feed it to herself. Mike wasn’t quite ready to cum again but he helped Sue out and fucked her with a dildo and got her to help out as she got closer to cumming. She came with him still dildoing her while she played with her clit and reached around under her leg to play with her ass. This was quite well received and people wanted to see Sue have her ass fucked properly so Mike obliged them and once they had repositioned the laptop, Mike pushed into Sue’s ass and fucked her while she played with her clit. He would have liked to cum in her ass, but knowing that this wouldn’t leak out, he decided that it would probably be a better ‘show’ if he pulled out before cumming, so once Sue had moaned her way through another orgasm (Mike encouraged her to be as loud and dirty as she could be), he did just that and splattered her cunt and ass with his cum.

Sue was rather out of breath by this point and Mike’s second orgasm had felt fairly strong so they really needed a break, but Mike always likes pushing things that one step past the comfort level (which is how we ended up where we are today) so Mike let people have a close up of him eating her and as Sue got closer to cumming again, they pointed the camera at her face and Sue came while a few hundred people watched her face (they were both still wearing their masks, but they could still see the expression on Sue’s face as she came – sort of like a Beautiful Agony video, apart from instead of it being her masturbating herself, she mad Mike eating her).

They had intended to finish things there but while Sue was showing off her cunt one last time and spreading herself as much as she could (at the request of people on the stream), Mike decided that it was a shame to waste such a view so went to fetch some things from the kitchen and got Sue to demonstrate some fruit and veg insertions. Most of these went from her cunt to her mouth (and some to Mike’s mouth) – some of them she just sucked clean and some she ate (or at least bit into). Mike partially fucked her with a couple of items and at one point had a banana in her cunt and a carrot in her ass. He asked her if she thought she could cum again (but he was frigging her clit while he said this, so he sort of biased the answer in his favour) and when she said that she thought she could manage one more orgasm he got her into the bathroom and into the bath. Sue sat in the corner of the bath and was told to use a vibrator on her clit and to spread her pussy. Mike gave the stream a close up of her cunt as she worked on it and then moved back as she got close to cumming and told her to put on the sort of show that Jen would enjoy. Sue was hesitant about this, but he pointed out that people had already seen her finger herself, be creampied, have her ass fucked, fuck vegetables and cum multiple times so it couldn’t get much worse. Sue gave in and as she came, she let out a strong stream of pee that she sprayed everywhere and even went as far as wiping over her breasts.

Mike was very impressed and to the dismay of the people watching, he closed down the laptop, helped Sue clean up and returned to bed with her. They spooned for a while (Mike was quite hard again), but didn’t fuck and Sue drifted off to sleep. Mike got up and prepared lunch using some of the things they had used earlier (not the ass-carrot) and when Sue woke up they ate together. Jen returned mid-afternoon and Mike had to explain to her why Sue wasn’t immediately in the mood to be played with, but Jen was persistent and promised Sue that she would be gentle with her. As promised, Jen spent quite a while slowly 69ing with Sue and by the time Sue actually came, she was more than ready for it.

I got back a little earlier than usual and I wasn’t impressed when I found out what Mike had done. I wasn’t really angry (Sue is old enough to make her own decisions – and they both assured me that they were sufficiently well disguised by the masks). Mike had done a fairly good job of distracting Sue from her concerns over the guy just using her for sex and then dumping her (I guess it could be counted as irony in that he used sex to do the job of distracting her). We did discuss the situation properly and came to the (obvious) conclusion that he wasn’t worth it. Sue was disappointed that she had missed out on the sex party and when we told her what we’d subjected Vicky to, she liked the sound of being chain fucked so we agreed to ask the group to do that to her at the next party (of course I also like the idea of this, but as a regular attendee it would probably be considered greedy if I asked for this to be done to me.

Jen got to sleep with Sue that night and I punished Mike for doing things online with her (admittedly his punishment involved getting him to make me cum a few times which he actually enjoys, but I enjoyed it more so it was a good enough punishment). The next morning, Mike and Jen swapped so Mike could have a quick session with Sue while Jen gave me my morning orgasm (and I did the same for her). Jen went in to Uni late so she could see Sue off – it was only going to be a few days until we saw her again anyway as we were going home to Mum’s for Easter. They had the usual public goodbye fingering at the station (hidden by coats) and Sue told Jen that they could fuck again at the weekend (not that this was news to Jen who was fully intending to fuck Sue anyway).

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