Thursday, 20 June 2013

Easter at Home

This is a fairly ‘bitty’ entry, but as we were at Mum’s house, our opportunities to do things were fairly limited… We all went to my Mum’s house for Easter as it had been a while since we’d seen her. We had our usual nightly sessions and Mike and Jen took turns sleeping in Sue’s room (on the floor in Mike’s case – or at least that’s what Mum believed). On the Saturday Mum was out for a good part of the day and this was the only chance we got to openly play with each other. As we didn’t have to worry about how much noise we made, we had a few group sessions (or one big group session, but taking turns as to whom we were targeting).

Jen was first – Mike mostly took care of her nipples and kissed her (although he did also get to grind his cock against her cunt for a while) and Sue and I took turns eating, fingering, using vibes and partially fisting her (Jen is too tight to fist fully, but we could get all 5 fingers into her). We had decided at the beginning that as we had time, we would make each person cum twice so once we’d got the first orgasm out of Jen, we got stuck in a bit more forcefully and attached her nipple & clit chain. While Mike isn’t usually allowed to do things to Jen’s pussy, he was allowed to take a turn tugging the chains and once she was sufficiently aroused, it was quite easy to get her close to cumming and then stop to let her calm down. We tied Jen’s hands behind her back and led her around the house by the chains (I don’t know what we would have done if Mum had returned at this point as we were all naked and Jen was obviously close to cumming). We returned to the bedroom to finish Jen off and each took one of the sections of chain to jerk (two nipples and her clit). Jen came with her nips being pulled up tightly and afterwards said that she wished we’d been out in the garden so she could have also peed (although it was rather cold out so we would have had to be much quicker).

I went next and had a brief go with the chains (on the condition that Sue would do the same). We pretty much repeated what had been done with Jen, but Mike could join in and fuck me properly (he didn’t cum though as he had to wait his turn for this). Sue and Jen worked on my nipples and neck while Mike ate and fucked me and Jen also had a go at eating me. Sue played along with them and had a brief turn at frigging my clit but wouldn’t eat me. For my second orgasm, they pretty much just repeated things, but this time Sue spent a little while crouched over my face with her pussy just above my eyes and I was made to imagine eating her out.

Mike was up next and Sue and I took turns fucking, sucking and stroking him while he kissed Jen. Sue got his first orgasm (in her) and for his second session (he needed a little longer to prepare between rounds than Jen or I had), we agreed that he would cum in me. Sue sat over his face and let him eat her, but as it wasn’t her turn to cum yet, she only did this for a couple of minutes. Jen then teased him by sitting over his face (as I’d done with Sue). She got him to promise to keep his mouth closed and rubbed herself back and forth a couple of times over his face and I’m fairly sure that I actually felt Mike’s cock jump when she did this (he was inside me at the time). I carried on fucking him until he came in me and then let Sue gently suck him clean (he was quite sensitive after two orgasms in fairly quick succession).

It was finally Sue’s turn and we repeated what had been done to me. As she had done to my clit, I frigged hers for a short time, but mostly just kissed her and played with her nipples. Mike wasn’t up to fucking her during her first session, but by the time we got onto round two he was hard enough to have a go in her. Sue had a brief turn with the nipple/clit clamps and quite like them, but only if we didn’t tighten them too firmly or pull too hard on the chains. I had to sit over Sue’s face (not entirely unexpectedly), but I was able to spread my lips and let the dregs of Mike’s cum drip out into Sue’s mouth. Sue had her second orgasm with Jen and me on her nipples and Mike eating her.

On returning from the bathroom, it was obvious that my room stank of sex and I called Mum to see how she was doing (and to check she wasn’t about to come back unexpectedly). Armed with the knowledge that we weren’t going to be disturbed, we didn’t bother getting dressed and lazed around on the bed for a while discussing various things. As we were naked, it was easy for hands to wander and I ended up with Mike’s cock buried inside me while Jen toyed with Sue. Neither of the pairs were fucking seriously, but as time went on it was obvious that both Sue and I were enjoying ourselves and we were encouraged to kiss and play with each other’s nips. We were pushed closer together – ostensibly so Mike and Jen could reach over us and kiss each other, but I know them both well enough to guess that it was more about Sue and I doing things.

They were at least fairly patient and continued to work on us, getting us more and more aroused. It was probably the most kissing I’ve ever done with Sue in a single session but it didn’t feel strange. Only when we were both well on the way to cumming did they make their proper move and Mike pulled out of me. Jen lifted Sue’s upper leg and Mike pushed mine between Sue’s legs. Mike and Jen pushed Sue and I against each other and I decided that it probably wasn’t worth arguing so went with things and ground my thigh against Sue’s cunt while humping her leg. I was probably doing more of the work at first but Sue soon responded and we started to hump and grind against each other properly. We were obviously past the point of no return and I held on to Sue’s ass, pulling her tightly against me as we ground together. I came before she did and moaned into her mouth, but carried on rubbing my thigh against her in time with her thrusts until she came as well. Our thighs were covered with each other’s juices and our kissing had become fairly messy so our faces were wet with saliva also. When we finally parted I lay back and asked Mike and Jen if they were satisfied. From the look of Mike’s cock I could tell that he had enjoyed himself and Jen had a hand between her legs so I assumed we’d done a good job with her too. I felt a little embarrassed when I looked over at Sue, but we’d stuck to our decision of not eating each other and as Mike pointed out, if Sue was really going to help with cum distribution when we finally started trying for a baby, she and I would have some pussy to pussy action.

As we’d put on a show, it was only fair that Mike and Jen do the same so they were made to hump against each other. They took turns on top, but it is easier for Jen to ride Mike (easier in the sense of him not slipping inside her) so this is how most of the session went. Mike actually managed to produce a small amount of cum, which Sue said was wasted on Jen, so she was given the task of licking Mike clean and then licking Jen to remove any cum from her cunt (Jen still enjoys the idea of doing things with Sue just as much as Mike does). Sue and I washed ourselves down and we aired my room before Mum returned. Mike got to spend the night with Sue and as he spooned her he teased her about us having fucked each other (but Sue is also used to them wanting us to do things together).

We met Mum’s boyfriend on the Sunday (he came over for lunch). Mike, Jen, Sue and I went for a walk later in the afternoon and Sue took the opportunity to pee in the woods. At her request, Sue ate her following this and Sue didn’t seem to have any qualms about doing this. When I quizzed Sue, she said that it only took a couple of licks for Jen’s natural flavour to come through so she didn’t actually mind too much. As Sue had been helping Jen out, She was repaid in kind and Mike and Jen half stripped her and fingered her until she came.

Mum’s boyfriend was still there when we returned so we sat and chatted with them a while longer. Sue was actually the daring one this time as at one point when Mum went out to the kitchen, Sue sat with her feet up on the couch in a position that I know well. She gave him a good view straight up her fairly short skirt to her exposed cunt and only lowered one of her legs to cover herself when Mum returned. I asked her about this later and she said that she wasn’t worried that he would say anything to Mum: “I was looking up your daughters skirt earlier and I noticed that she didn’t have any panties on…” – probably not the best way for him to continue the relationship.

Jen got Sue on the Sunday night and they were at least able to be open about the fact that they were both sleeping in Sue’s bed (although maybe not open about the fact they’d both be naked and would fuck). I had a nice little session with Mike and really enjoyed riding him. I borrowed Jen’s nipple clamps and once sufficiently pointy, I attached them and let Mike have the chain. He didn’t pull too hard and I actually think that they added to my enjoyment.

On the Monday, Mike and Jen gave Sue one last going over before we left (they took turns and had to be discreet as Mum was in at the time). Jen went first and Mike then left Sue with a deposit of cum – she even put panties on to keep as much of it in her (or at least in the panties) as possible. Sue promised to attend the start of term sex party, so it was only a few weeks until we’d see her again anyway.


  1. I don't know why you and Sue aren't willing to do everything with each other. Its no different than the billions of women who played with their sisters when they were young and is just a matter of experimentation and learning.

  2. I'm not entirely sure there were BILLIONS of women who played with their sisters (as much as Mike and Jen would like that to be the case) :)

    If we'd experimented when we were younger, I think that would have been different - the fact that we're now both adults (legally anyway if not in spirit) makes it a little different. It's not as if we've done nothing, we've fingered, used dildos and humped each other but just think that eating each other would probably be a step too far (but who knows, if she continues to join us in our games, maybe someday...)