Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sex Party - March 2013 - Part 2

We realised that it was getting late so order room service again but changed the plan slightly this time. Vicky and I wrapped towels around ourselves as if we were preparing to shower and Jen put on the panties she had borrowed earlier. When the food finally arrived, Vicky and I sat on the edge of the bed varnishing our toenails, which obviously rather exposed our pussies. I switched foot and ‘somehow’ my towel fell almost completely off, but I couldn’t move too much or I would have smudged my varnish so I had to wait until Jen came over and helped to cover me back up again. I gave her a big thank you kiss for doing this and once the room service guy had left, we shed our towels and ate dinner. With this done, we showered and Jen vigorously used a dildo on Jen, taking her quite close to cumming. We once again got her to say that she was going to fuck everyone at the party before she was released and she complained that we were mean to her, but admitted that she enjoyed it so said we could continue.

I had brought one of my usual outfits with me to wear to the party, but the others thought it would be better if I wore the outfit they had ‘created’ the previous night. The fact that it was ripped didn’t stop them and they set about repairing it by cutting two small holes in the top where it had torn and then cutting a small piece of ribbon to thread through the holes and loosely tie the top together. I got them to add another piece about halfway down on each side but it was decided that instead of a belt, I could just tie a bit of ribbon around my waist and it would have the same effect. They did put a bit of ribbon across the back to slightly pull the gaping hole together – and this also had the effect of slightly raising the bottom so the top of my ass wasn’t showing quite as much. To compensate for having less of me being revealed, they decided to turn the bottom of my t-shirt/dress into a fringe skirt and Mike spent a while shredding the bottom few inches into a large number of very thin strips.

When I tried the outfit on again, I could tell that while my ass and pussy were technically covered, it probably wouldn’t be that difficult for someone to see through to my skin and as we’d gone this far, they decided to lengthen the cut on the front of the dress from the top, right down to the bottom and then loosely tie it together with a few bits of ribbon (the ones at the top and bottom tied tight and the two in the middle tied looser to allow the middle of my bra and my naval to be seen. I felt quite wet just thinking about going out dressed like this and once I’d added a pair of long white socks (just in case the outfit was too subtle), we decided to go and get a drink before heading off to the party so I could try out my new outfit in the real world. I was certainly noticed and when we left, the others informed me that the fringe didn’t really hide my ass and that the ribbon at the bottom on the front didn’t really hold the fringe together across my pussy.

It wasn’t too far a walk to get to the party and fortunately it was somewhere we’d been before so we had no problems finding the place. As we’d stopped off on the way, we weren’t the first to arrive and when I removed my coat I was complimented on my outfit. Vicky had worn a loose fitting skirt so she could more easily play with whoever she wanted but I wasn’t too worried about her as she had been before. I left Mike to warm her up and went over to see Clare and Giles. I told them about having been to the pub in my outfit and mentioned the effect that it had on me. I sat on Giles’ lap and ground back and forth against him and asked Clare if I could borrow him, but added that she was welcome to take part if she wanted. She was going to let me have him to myself, but he dragged her along (it didn’t take too much dragging) and while Giles spooned with me I kissed Clare. Despite her earlier reservations, I didn’t have any problems first getting a hand into her top and bra and onto her breasts and then up under her skirt and into her panties. After I’d fingered her for a while, I got her to slip her panties off and played with her properly. We kissed deeply as I got her off and she reciprocated by playing with my clit as Giles continued to fuck me. As she came, I told her off for having pretended that she didn’t want to play with me and said that I was going to claim a penalty reward from her.

Once Giles had cum, I told Clare that I wanted to 69 with her. She hesitated a bit, but both Giles and I encouraged her to do it and she allowed us to remove her skirt to expose her pink pussy. I quickly straddled her face and got Giles to pull my dress up so I was properly exposed. I started to eat her and wished that we didn’t have to use protection so I could actually taste her, but it was still nice knowing that just a few parties ago, she had been unwilling to do anything with girls and now we had our faces buried in each other’s cunts. I gave Clare’s cunt the best licking I could and I made sure that she knew when she was licking me in the right way. I pushed my cunt hard against her mouth as I came and then glued my mouth to her pussy and lapped until she came (and a bit beyond).

Giles wanted to do things again after watching us but I told him that I rarely did things twice with the same person as there were so many people to sample (I know I’d just made an exception to this rule with Clare, but he didn’t seem to mind this too much). He actually fucked Clare (as he could do things with her properly), but after watching them get started I left them to it so I could see what else was happening.

Sara and Emily had arrived while I’d been busy and Sara had been welcomed back. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see her again (but especially Laura) and she was busy making sure that Sara knew about the new girls who had joined since her last visit. (Of course Sara knew about all of them from Emily, but Laura still delighted in telling her which of the girls would do what with other girls and which still needed to be turned).

And speaking of ‘turning’… As soon as I’d headed upstairs, Mike had started fondling Vicky and had gotten her onto the sofa where they had made out. While kissing her, he started to finger her and got her to spread her legs so people could see (I was impressed at this) and he’d then gone down on her. He got her off and then pulled her onto his lap where she mounted his cock and he fucked her. As she had got close to cumming, Jen hinted to Laura that she could probably get a few licks in while Vicky was distracted (Mike had planned this with Jen and if Laura hadn’t been available, she would have told someone else or waited until Vicky was fucking another guy. Laura had jumped at the chance (she is traditionally the one who gets to make girls experiment with lesbianism for the first time at the parties) and while Vicky had her head bent round to kiss Mike, Laura knelt on the floor, pushed Mike’s legs apart and fasted her mouth to Vicky’s cunt. Jen had timed it well as Vicky immediately looked round but she was sufficiently far along that when Mike told Vicky to let Laura help out, Vicky just said that she was going to cum and pretty much came straight away.

Mike fucked Vicky a little longer before he came in her and then as an offering to Laura for Vicky having cum so quickly, he said that she could clean Vicky out if she wanted. It was at this point that Laura realised that there was something fishy, but she didn’t waste the opportunity and gave Vicky a thorough eating while Vicky sat on the sofa with her hands over her face (because that is the perfect disguise). Laura ate Vicky until she came again and only after this did Jen admit that Vicky was bi, but she hadn’t wanted Bennett to know this. Laura promised to keep the secret and went off to find someone to satisfy her and Vicky started to get dressed, but was convinced to at least stay topless.

The Japanese couple arrived with Corey a short while after I’d finished my first session and were dressed once again is stupidly cute anime outfits. Just as before, they got a lot of attention from the guys (including Mike) as soon as they arrived, but this time they seemed to be a bit more responsive and in no time, were topless. They were still doing the cutesy ‘kissing’ each other thing (not proper kissing), but were more willing to kiss the guys and they didn’t stop people when they caressed their asses and pushed hands under their skirts. I asked Corey what was going on and he said that he had convinced them to join in properly (he had been sleeping with Kiyomi for the previous few weeks). The girls were led upstairs by about half the guys at the party and it seemed that it would be worth watching, so most of the rest of us followed.

They were put onto one of the beds and caressed by a number of people. Their outfits quickly got removed (at least to the extent required to access the important bits) and people started to finger them. It was incredible that they had gone from not really doing anything to being in the middle of something that looked like it was going to turn into a group fuck, but other than letting out high pitch moans (almost as bad as in some of Mike’s porn anime), they let the guys do what they wanted. Scott and Brett were first to push into them and they fucked them. Kiyomi and Miyako kissed each other a few times while the guys fucked them (these were closer to proper kisses) and as soon as Scott finished in Miyako, Mike took his place and when Brett pulled out of Kiyomi Gareth was waiting to take his place. Mike gave Miyako a good fucking (he lasted a while as he’d cum in Vicky not too long before) and while she had been moaning when Scott was fucking her, she definitely came (or at least pretended to) when Mike was inside her. They wouldn’t let a third round of guys fuck them, but promised that they would do later on once they had rested and didn’t feel as sensitive.

Laura was as greedy as ever and even though she wasn’t allowed to actually do anything with them, she knelt and had a good look at their cunts – and as she had done this, a few other people (including me) also took the opportunity to have a look. They seemed very embarrassed at this, but as we’d all just watched them be fucked twice in succession I didn’t see what the issue was. They were both very cleanly shaved with just a patch of hair on their mons (it really was like they had just come out of an anime) and I made an agreement with Laura that as soon as one of them expressed an interest in girls, Laura, Jen and I would get to fulfil that interest (I know I should have included Sara in this agreement, but I assumed she would get a go eventually). Unfortunately our anime queens didn’t want to play with any girls, but they did let another pair of guys fuck them later in the party.

With the initial Japanese show over (and once Laura had taken her turn), I took Sara. We 69ed on one of the beds while Michael and Caroline fucked beside us. We had started first and at the crowd’s request, once we’d finished, we helped Caroline out and each took care of a nipple while Michael finished fucking her (we also stroked her clit a little, but it was mostly nipple play). I didn’t want to turn down a chance to eat Emily either, but I wasn’t the only one with this idea so booked a slot to 69 with her later on (Craig was already quite far through eating her while we were discussing this). I went off to find some more action and I had a quick session downstairs with Neil.

Mike had meanwhile snuck into the queue and eaten Emily (and then fucked her to orgasm again for good measure) and had fingered Hannah while chatting to her. She had started to give him a handjob but she wasn’t reach to fuck again and so he said he wanted to save his next cum for fucking someone. This isn’t that unusual for the parties so Hannah wasn’t offended (and she appreciates that girls can generally cum more than guys). Mike had hoped to get another go with Miyako (or even better to get Kiyomi), but he had too much competition for this and ended up settling for Caroline.

Jen had also fooled around with Sara and Laura and had convinced Melissa to have a play with her (and their ‘play’ evolved into a proper session). Neil had wanted to fuck Jen while she was playing with Melissa, but he was soon put right and had to just watch. As soon as Jen and Melissa had finished thought, Neil pushed his cock into Melissa’s mouth and fairly roughly face fucked her (from what Jen said, he had obviously enjoyed the show). We had mostly left Vicky to her own devices and she had enjoyed a session with Bennett, but hadn’t gone as wild as she’d said she would (admittedly we had extracted this claim from her via sexual torture). Later on in the party I nabbed Mike and got him to go down on Vicky again and once she was nice and wet, I roped in Giles (who I know likes large breasts) and encouraged him to finish things off with his cock.

I’d left it a bit late to do what I’d really wanted (as in most of the guys were already fairly satisfied), but while Giles was taking Vicky, I made it known that she had said she wanted to fuck everyone at the party. Fortunately (both for my plan and for my general extended sex life), many men like large breasts so even though he’d cum a number of times already, Corey stepped in and fucked Vicky almost immediately after Giles finished with her. Other people seemed interested (as tends to be the case whenever anyone new joins the group), but no other guys were ready to do anything to her so once Corey finished, I reminded Vicky that she had said that she wanted to fuck *everybody* and we let Sara loose on her. Vicky was adamant that she couldn’t cum again, but Sara is quite persuasive (and seems to have adapted her technique during her time apart from Emily) and she managed to eek another orgasm out of Vicky. As Sara had got to eat her, it was only fair to let Emily have a go so before Vicky could move, I pushed Emily over and she went to work on Vicky’s cunt. I gave Gareth a hand (literally) and he pushed into Emily but I told him to hold back so he could finish off in Vicky (everyone was just trying to help her get her wish). This meant that he only fucked Vicky for a short time before he came, but I don’t think that Vicky was too bothered by this as we’d pushed her quite far.

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