Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sex Party - March 2013 - Part 3

…not quite far enough though as I had to get revenge for the t-shirt so once Gareth pulled out of her, I took his place and ate and fingered her. Mike went a step further and encouraged the girls to mount Jen’s face and she was made to lick Emily, Sara and Laura (sadly not to orgasm which is what I would have made her do). Jen took my place and ate Jen a bit more and I even convinced Clare to have a go (and as Giles had already fucked Vicky this seemed fair). Watching Vicky writhing in pleasure for so long had affected Jen so she mounted her face and pushed her cunt onto Vicky’s mouth. I told Clare to keep working on Vicky until she came and I assumed that Jen intended to stay in place until Vicky made her cum. Now Clare has quite a cute little ass (and pussy) so the sight of it waggling around was enough to entice David and he pushed into her so they formed a rare(ish) foursome. I almost told him to make sure he could finish off in Vicky, but it was good seeing Clare get more involved so I felt that she should get a reward for this.

As Jen rode Vicky’s face she reached down to massage Vicky’s breasts and told her to ‘keep licking my cunt you slut’. I thought that Jen was just really getting into it, but later found out that she still harboured a little bit of a grudge against Vicky for the way things had ended with Lis and the fact that Vicky had never publicly acknowledged their relationship. Clare kept eating Vicky until she came again and Jen stayed in place riding Vicky’s face until she came. Mike took Clare’s place and had carried on licking Vicky – while I would have preferred it to be another girl doing this – or at least for him to have fucked her properly, it at least kept the show going while Jen continued to hump Vicky’s face until she came. As she came, Jen described to the assembled crowd how good Vicky’s tongue felt and how good a cunt licker she was.

When Jen finally dismounted, Vicky was incredibly flushed, her face covered with Jen’s juices (and probably contributions from the others) and her body was soaked in sweat. She was panting heavily and it seemed to take her a few minutes to fully realise how much of a display she had just put on but I knelt and told her that she’d done a good job and needn’t feel embarrassed. She still straightened up her skirt to at least cover her lower half and I took her to get a drink and freshen up. Vicky couldn’t believe that she’d done so much with everyone watching (and had so many girls do things with her) but I told her that Bennett seemed to find it quite arousing so I didn’t think there was any danger of him not wanting to fuck her again.

It was easy enough to demonstrate this as Bennett was just in the next room and I dragged him in to the kitchen and when I asked if he still thought that Vicky was fuckable, he presented his cock to her and said that he would gladly fuck her again after the display she’d put on. Vicky was too sensitive and it seemed a shame to waste such a nice erection so I asked Bennett if he would do me the honour of giving me my kitchen fuck for the party. He obliged me and while we fucked I told him that maybe Vicky and I would have to double team him sometime (he liked the idea of two sets of large breasts so I suggested that Sue could possibly join us as well and he liked the idea of three sets even more). I kept teasing him and promising more and more women for our group session and I was rewarded with a nice long fuck.

The only thing left was to take my turn with Emily. She wasn’t really in the mood to cum again, but she let me go down on her anyway and I just kitty kissed her (which was enough to taste her). Emily promised to meet us for lunch so I could have another go with her and I promised that we’d make it worth her while. Things had started to wind down following Vicky’s display but those of us left agreed that it would be fun to arrange another unprotected party for those who wanted to participate. I really liked the idea of being able to get covered in cum again and taste all the girls (or at least all the gay or bi ones or the straight ones who wanted to use the parties to experiment).

My ‘dress’ hadn’t weathered the evening too well and while I was technically still wearing it, I certainly could have gone outside in the state I was in. Mike got a few people to take hold of various bits of it and on the count of three, it was torn away from my body so I was left naked (other than my socks and bra). I planned to remake the outfit from the parts so we took them with us (but on later inspection, they were too torn so we just disposed of them). For the journey back to the hotel I just wore my jacket and the others used their bodies to shield me when we went past other people. We weren’t so fortunate in the hotel and as we were walking down our corridor someone came around behind us and got a good view of my ass. I didn’t stop walking though and let him just follow us until we got to our room. If he’d said anything, I would have probably just flirted with him and said I’d been dared to dress that way (and if that hadn’t been enough, I could have probably found something I could have offered to get him on-side).

We guessed that Vicky wouldn’t want to do too much more that night and gave her the option of spending the night with Mike or letting Jen sleep with her. She said that Jen could spend the night with her as she didn’t think she could take having Mike inside her. She was warned that we would be playing with her again the next day. Jen spent a while playing with Vicky’s nipples, but only gently and neither of them came again. Mike spooned with me but he wasn’t able to cum either. I could have survived without cumming, but it’s tradition that someone makes me cum just before I sleep so Mike held a vibrating egg against my clit while he fucked me and then stayed buried in me for a short while until he went soft and fell out. As we went to sleep, I got him to promise that he would still fuck me to sleep when I was pregnant and he told me that he’d fill me with cum as often as I wanted.

We went for a slight change of plan the next day and after a brief morning session (Jen and Vicky took care of each other and Mike made me cum but saved himself for later) I called Emily and Sara and told them to come over to the hotel to have lunch. I told Emily to make sure they had sexy underwear with them. They arrived around 11 and I told them the plan, which they agreed to. All we were going to do was extending the number of number of semi-naked women in the room when room service arrived with lunch.

Before eating, we had a quick session to satisfy our immediate lust. We generously let Vicky have the first go at eating Emily, and this time she ate her properly and had the time to enjoy Emily’s taste. Sara knelt between Vicky’s legs and went down on her and Mike convinced Sara to let him fuck her, as long as he didn’t cum in her. Mike was obviously enjoying himself and pushed as deep into her as he could get. Jen and I played with Emily, Sara and Vicky’s breasts (on the understanding that we would get some focussed attention afterwards) and Mike played with Sara’s clit. Mike got Sara off and told her he was going to cum over her back (this was his way of giving her the opportunity to tell him not to), but she said that he may as well cum in her. It became obvious just how close he had been as within a matter of seconds of Sara saying this, he pulled himself right into her and gave a few more short strokes as he came. He stayed buried in her while she finished off eating Vicky and apologised to Emily, saying that he had been saving that cum for her.

As Sara had made Vicky cum, it was only fair that Vicky do the same to her, so without Vicky changing places, Sara mounted her and Vicky got to explore the wonder that is Sara’s lips. Mike went down on Vicky this time and Jen and I took turns eating Emily and being eaten by her. While Vicky’s face was still buried under Sara, he told Vicky that Sara liked having her ass licked and demonstrated on Vicky’s ass. Sara told Mike to shut up, but Vicky had obviously decided that as she was in this deep, she may as well go the whole way. Mike gave Vicky the same treatment and when we’d finished, we found out that Vicky had pretty much passed everything he did along to Sara, including spearing and rimming her properly.

With session two over, we got dressed into our underwear and when lunch arrived, we got the same person who had delivered breakfast the previous day. Again, Mike watched from the bathroom and with five of us, it was much easier to touch each other (nothing to overt) and put on little displays for the guy. He once again seemed a bit flummoxed by our show but we were a little more forceful this time and I asked for his opinion on whose underwear looked the sexiest. I wished that I’d worn my peek-a-boo bra, but posed for the guy anyway while he perused us. Jen and I were at a disadvantage as the others had matching sets while we were still using Vicky’s panties. Jen tried to compensate for this by hooking her thumb in the legband of her panties and pulling them slightly down to reveal her hip (just because she’s gay, it doesn’t mean she wanted to lose a competition of who was the sexiest as judged by a guy).

I bent over and pulled the back of my panties to the side slightly – not enough (I thought) to show off too much, but enough to give a view of my ass crack. The guy wussed out and said that we all looked very sexy. It wasn’t difficult to see that he had an erection and I would have loved to get him to play with us, but he said he had to get back to work. As he left I said that it was a pity and pulled my bra off. I think he was at least tempted to stay with us and if he’d been there for just a few seconds longer he would have seen me pull down Emily’s panties and start to eat her. As good as she tasted, I stopped once he’d gone as I wanted food and we chatted as we ate. As Sara had already let him fuck her, she didn’t object when he wanted to go down on her and he spent the rest of lunch kitty kissing her before finally making her cum.

Mike was now ready to give Emily his cum (and as she’d only done things with girls that day, she was ready for a cock). Once again, Jen and I were generous and said that Emily could repay Vicky for her earlier eating, so Mike fucked Emily while she ate Vicky. As cute as I think Sara is, I liked the idea of having Vicky eat me in this configuration so I planted myself over her face and watched as Jen and Sara got it on next to us and Emily buried her face in Vicky’s cunt. Once we’d all cum again, we felt that Jen should get the chance to be eaten by V and Mike spent a while kitty kissing Emily while we watched this. I hadn’t intended to participate, but couldn’t resist eating Vicky. I knew that Jen’s plan to get Vicky to admit she was bi wasn’t likely to work as Vicky really didn’t want her family to know (they are reasonably religious so wouldn’t agree – although I’m fairly sure they wouldn’t agree with her attending a party and being group fucked). Sara had a play with Vicky’s nips (another smaller breasted girl who likes large breasts) but Mike convinced us to try something a little more.

Jen lay on her side so Vicky could lie on her side and eat her. I resumed my position on Vicky’s pussy and Sara took care of Vicky’s ass. Regular readers know that this is Sara’s specialty and she did an even more thorough job on V than Mike had. Even when she came, we stayed in place and ate her right through her orgasm and continued until she was squirming around on the bed trying to escape. When we finally released her, she told us that we weren’t being fair so we gave her a little time to rest and watched Mike switch from kitty kissing Emily to properly eating her.

Mike and still had to make Vicky cum so she had the complete set and they decided to team up on her. Vicky had to lie on Jen and 69 with her (Jen likes having Vicky’s breasts pressed against her body) and Mike took Vicky’s ass. In this position, it was easy for Emily, Sara and me to wipe our juices over Vicky. Vicky knew what we were doing, but she was told to concentrate on making Jen up and enjoying Jen’s tongue and Mike’s cock. We wiped each other’s juices over her back, ass, legs, neck and sides and found that even though we were only having brief touches of each other, it was actually quite stimulating after a while so I had a bonus threesome with Emily and Sara. I would have liked to eat Em again for the taste, but as I hadn’t make Sara came, I took her. I made sure to indulge her fetish and got a couple of little squeals out of her.

Mike particularly liked fucking Vicky in this position as it meant his balls were just above (and occasionally in contact with) Jen’s face. He hadn’t intended to cum (or didn’t think he’d be able to cum again so soon), but Vicky apparently has a fairly inviting ass and he contracted it quite hard when Jen made her cum. Mike got Jen to carry on licking Vicky (gently) and he fucked her until he came (although he says he probably didn’t actually ejaculate anything inside her).

When Vicky was finally released, we quickly smeared some of Jen’s juices over her breasts and added a dab of our own on her stomach and told her that we really had to get out of the room (it was actually past check-out time, but nobody had turned up to evict us yet). Vicky complained that she needed to shower, but she knew that our marking was meant to stay on her so she grudgingly dressed and once again told us that we were mean and she didn’t know why she kept visiting us.

Mike thanked Sara for letting him fuck her and just before we left the room, he pushed into each one of us in turn (he just rubbed his cock against Jen’s cunt) so he could get a mix of five girls juices on his cock. Mike has actually seconded my cum-covered fantasy – except in his one he would have a group of girls who all have cunts that get as wet as Jen’s (or even better, who can squirt) and he would fuck and eat them until he was drenched in their juices. Of course, it’s his fantasy so they would all be helping each other out as well, but the end result is pretty much the same as in my fantasy.

Via text, Vicky did concede that Emily’s cunt had a wonderful taste and said that she would be willing to eat her again (pretty much nobody is just ‘willing’ to eat Emily again once they’ve tasted her, they are all desperate to do it). Vicky was also prepared to join us for the unprotected party even after I’d warned her that it could end up being quite messy (especially as it was now known that she would also eat girls as well as let the guys fuck her). One point that I thought of later on that week was how people had thought that Mike and I had been so quick to join in when we started attending the parties, but (admittedly with a bit of encouragement), Sue and Vicky had put us to shame in how quickly they had gone from newcomers to fully fledged fuck-bunnies.

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