Monday, 24 June 2013

Susan the Cum-Bucket - Part 1

We found out that a number of Jen’s friends had decided to return to Uni early (mostly to start revision, but also as they’d spent long enough at home over the holidays and many of them were missing their boyfriends/girlfriends) so we went down to visit at the start of April.

Things had moved on with Susan considerably since our last visit. Not only had she been encouraged to let some of the guys cum over her, but she had progressed through sucking them off, have them cum in her mouth and had allowed them to start fucking her. For a while, this had been with condoms on, but as she had started the pill in preparation for the guys cumming over her, this quickly moved to them being allowed to cum in her. Once again, Mike had missed out on the beginning of this (he would have loved to be the first to cum in her, but as we are now hangers on and not really part of the main group I guess this can’t be helped).

Naturally Mike wanted to have a go with Susan (it’s been quite a while since he’s gotten to fuck an 18 year old) but he wanted to have a go eating her first. As she had been used by someone before we’d arrived, Abrahii set about eating her clean so that Mike could taste her properly. Mike then set about eating her and once he’d satisfied himself (and Susan), it was time for him to sample her cunt properly. He asked her if there was any position she preferred and she said that she didn’t mind so he sat on the sofa and got her to sit on his cock. He helped guide her up and down and Julia asked him what he thought of Susan’s cunt. Mike said that she still felt nice and tight, despite having been used extensively before the end of term. While this position is good for showing off, it isn’t the easiest to maintain in the long-run so Mike just fucked Susan while she rode him and when he got close to cumming, he got her to turn around so she was facing away from him. In this position he could more easily play with her clit and breasts and got her close to cumming before he resumed fucking her properly. Susan came first, but she has been (more than) trained well enough to keep going until Mike came and he pushed her down hard onto his cock. He thanked her for letting him use her and as she pulled herself off, everyone saw his cum leak out of her and drip onto his cock.

It is apparently traditional for Susan to clean the guy up and she did exactly this. She turned around and took his cock into her mouth, sucked him clean and then licked his leg where she had dripped cum. More of his cum had dribbled out of her cunt and run down her leg but she didn’t react to this and once Mike was clean, she sat down on her skirt. I was really impressed at how easily she had fucked him given she had ‘been gay’ just a couple of months before when we’d last been there. She had fundamentally been turned in to the cum-bucket for the guys (at least for the clean ones). Julia and Abrahii had been a little jealous about this but they couldn’t really complain as they were part of the team that architected Susan’s conversion to sluthood. They also weren’t entirely left out as Susan wasn’t only doing things with guys and still had to submit herself to other people on demand. She was still made to masturbate herself as well as let other people do this to her and make other people cum on demand. I really envied her – having her time at Uni with all of her friends in such an openly sexual way sounds like something that would have been incredible (and something I’ve fantasised about many times).

As we’d arrived reasonably late, it wasn’t too long before people started heading home. Despite the cold, Susan had to just wear her coat home (which was now how she was often expected to dress – even in some situations that I would think were a bit too risky). We arranged to meet up for brunch and headed up to bed. There was the usual discussion about who would be sleeping in which room and Jen got pulled in with Mel and Julia while Mike and I took Abrahii. We had a quick session, but still got Abrahii off three times (Mike ate her, I fingered her and she fucked Mike – we had to pay for them putting us up somehow!) and then chatted for a while. There was definitely an ‘inner circle’ forming within the group – Abigail and Susan would sometimes spend the night over with Julia and Abrahii and Richard and James also slept over sometimes (both pairs weren’t usually there at the same time, but all six of them had been there a couple of times and had a fairly open session, swapping partners back and forth). I really liked the idea of joining in such a session (although ideally I’d also like a couple more guys to be involved as well). Even though we knew the general details of Susan’s continual development, Abrahii told us a little more and described how she really seemed to enjoy being continually used or being made to pleasure other people. Abrahii admitted that she had made good use of Susan and how whenever Mel visited, she also got Susan to pleasure her (often multiple times). I found this quite odd as Mel usually seems to enjoy making other people cum (or forcing them to cum), but Abrahii told us that we would most likely get to witness it over the weekend, but Mike said he wouldn’t let Mel monopolise Susan as he wanted another few goes with/in her.

Jen didn’t have much more of a session than we did – more in line with my usual expectations, Mel made Jen cum and then got Julia to do the same with her and they then finished with Mel and Jen 69ing. The next morning, Jen was encouraged to eat both Mel and Julia in turn, but at least she was then treated to being double teamed by them, with Julia fingering & licking her while Mel kissed, licked, pinched and slapped her breasts (fortunately not in as cruel a way as she’d done before so Jen really enjoyed it). Mike, Abrahii and I had a much less painful session and after we had double teamed Abrahii, Mike fucked her (technically she rode him) while I sat over his face and let him eat me.

After breakfast, he asked Abrahii if he could shave her (she didn’t really need this, but had a small amount of stubble so agreed). As he did such a good job (including thorough post-shave testing with his tongue), Mel let him take care of her next (both in the shaving and eating sense). Julia didn’t need to be shaved, but she let Mike shower with her, during which he fingered her to orgasm. Now Julia is hardly a passive girl and she knelt to suck him, then when he was getting close to cumming she pulled away and presented her cunt to him. Mike enjoys fucking in the shower (he says the warm water running over his cock feels really stimulating) so even though he hadn’t been planning on cumming again so quickly, he pushed into her and spent a while fucking her (a little too long actually as there wasn’t enough hot water for the rest of us). Once finally ready, we headed out into town to meet up with people.

Lunch was fairly quiet – there was a little bit of exposure by various people (myself included), but nothing much and we had a wander round the shops afterwards. Mel took Susan into a changing room and played with her for a short while (long enough for them both to cum) and I suggested something to Abigail which she agreed to. We bought Susan a new dress – nothing fancy, just one than buttoned up the whole way down the front and Susan was made to change into this in an alleyway (she had been naked under her top and skirt so other than her shoes and socks, she was briefly completely naked while she changed).

We then went to one of the sex shops and I told the guy that we were looking for some bondage gear. Naturally (and reassuringly) we weren’t allowed to just try these, but once we’d bought some clamps, he didn’t object to Jen demonstrating. She just had a white blouse and skirt on so it was easy enough to expose her breasts and attach the clamps. She then pushed the chain down and under the waistband of her skirt, but had to lift her skirt to allow me to attach the third clamp to her clit. Once Susan had seen how much Jen enjoyed the clamps, she wasn’t quite as nervous and allowed us to attack them to her. This is where her new dress came in handy as we could unbutton the whole front and have full access to her. Jen made sure that she didn’t fasten the clamps too tightly (she knows that not everyone shares her pain fetish), but she made sure that they weren’t about to fall off. Once the clamps were chained together, we buttoned Susan’s dress up, but looped a section of the chain outside of a number of the buttons so it was easy to lead her along (the chain was fairly fine so it wasn’t too visible if you weren’t looking for it – and even if you saw it I doubt you would have guessed what it was attached to).

Susan quite liked being led around by the chain, but after a while she said it was becoming uncomfortable so there was another trip to a changing room to let her remove it. She was then made to walk round with the bottom couple of buttons of her dress undone – not quite enough to show off her pussy, but the wind caught her dress a few times and she came fairly close. After a little more aimless wandering, we all went home to rest before our night out (we were going to the hardcore club again) and back at the house, Mike and I set about making Julia cum and Mel and Jen took care of Abrahii.

Abrahii then spent a while sucking on Mike’s cock and teasing him. He had told her that he didn’t want to cum (he was saving himself for later on) but Abrahii still did a fairly good job on him (Sue would have been proud). Eventually Mike had had enough and pulled Abrahii over him, saying that if she wanted to play, he would play – and he buried his face in her cunt and ate her. She didn’t go quietly and sucked him more forcefully, but now that Mike had her cunt to concentrate on he manage to hold back from cumming and licked and sucked her until she came.

While Mike and Abrahii had been busy, Mel and I paid attention to Jen. Mel sat over her face and got Jen to eat her (she didn’t actually want to cum, she was just making Jen do things) and I used one of Julia’s vibes in Jen. When Mel dismounted, she said that she had a better idea, pulled out one of their double vibes and proceeded to roughly fuck Jen with it. Mike was quite annoyed that he hadn’t got to witness this, although he did hear Jen as she came (he was still under Abrahii at the time). Mel had given Jen’s ass a good few slaps while fucking her and Jen said that she had quite enjoyed the double dildo.

Julia had been sort of playing with me while I’d been helping out with Jen, but my orgasm was left until the end. As Jen had enjoyed it so much, I let Mel use the double vibe on me. It was certainly quite a pleasant experience (although Mel was a bit too rough for my liking) and we eventually settled on having the anal part buried in my ass and pivoting the whole thing up and down so it slid in and out of my cunt (only by an inch or so, but with some extra clitoral stimulation, it resulted in a pretty satisfying orgasm). At Mel’s request, Mike cock slapped my face while she was fucking me – he wasn’t too hard (or at least he wasn’t too forceful – he was still quite hard following Abrahii’s tongue work) and we made a game of it where I had to try and capture his cock in my mouth.


  1. Just a comment on the 'water sports'

    One thing my GF and I have done is to have a rather rough bout of sex and when she starts to orgasm have me empty my bladder while inside her while she does the same...her idea, not mine and of course it happens in the shower. It sure is interesting and she swears it feels awesome. I do have to say though from an execution standpoint it IS quite difficult to do. Mike would probably know what I speak of, to go from sex to urinating in the blink of an eye, but going into it with a VERY full bladder makes that a lot easier and it can be done.

    The best way she could describe it is that it's as if I'm cumming inside her except it feels like a LOT more is filing her up (and I guess in a way it is).

    Just throwing the idea out there.

  2. I think Jen would really enjoy that (once she starts to sleep with Mike) but he isn't sure he would be able to pee while fucking (he finds it hard enough to pee with an erection, let alone one he is using at the time).

    I do like the sound of the feeling though so might ask him to practice and see if we can get anywhere with this.