Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Susan the Cum-Bucket - Part 2

As a reminder, I would appreciate any serious comments on the entry Advice on Pregnancy - but for those of you who just want the sex, here we go...

We rested for a while after this but I noticed that Mike’s erection lasted for quite a while. This was partly as he was making the most of having five women around him and he was switching between kissing and fondling each of us. We discussed plans for the club later that night and I was promised that if I wanted, people would make me cum. We were told about Susan’s last visit to the club where she had been made to wear a bodysuit with thick ribbons underneath it to cover her breasts and pussy. As you would expect, these didn’t entirely stay in position and her breasts were exposed for a fair amount of the evening. Her pussy had stayed mostly covered, but had been attacked a few times by various members of the group.

When people turned up later on to get ready, we found out that Abigail had planned a different way of ‘dressing’ Susan for the club. She had bought some body paint with her and after Susan had been thoroughly washed down (including an extended session with the pulse spray on her clit – you didn’t think they would miss the chance to make her cum did you?), Susan was marched back into the living room and encouraged to display herself. This is nothing new for her and she didn’t have any qualms about playing with herself – when I spread my legs and started to touch myself I was told that Susan would happily take care of me so I scooted forwards on the sofa and let her crawl over and eat me.

Mike and Ethan were on either side of me and each held up one of my legs so it was easier for Susan to get to me (and exposed me more). As they were helping out, it was suggested that they should get some payment as well so Abrahii freed their cocks and Susan was told to suck them as well as eat me. She was told not to make them cum (although I was allowed to cum) and following my orgasm, Abigail took the unusual step of getting Susan to eat her in front of the group. Abi had a torn denim skirt on that was easy to flip sections out of the way to let Susan get to her cunt. Mike said that he wanted to Fuck Susan while she was kneeling between Abigail’s legs, but he was told to wait and he would get his chance. Susan had to use a bottle on herself while eating her girlfriend and once again she didn’t flinch at this and happily fucked herself with it (we all had a good view as he cunt repeatedly swallowed the neck of the bottle). Abi came first and Susan lay back on the floor and finished herself off.

With her second orgasm out of the way, it was time to use her properly and I watched with jealousy as the guys crowded around her. Mel tied Susan’s hair up in a loose ponytail and Ethan got to fuck this. Mel explained that it was good to have some cum deeply embedded in her hair, although they would brush it afterwards to avoid obvious clumps. Given what happened next, the clumps in her hair were the least of her worries as Susan had someone cum in her mouth and then had to let the cum dribble out over her chin and breasts, two guys came over her (partly with help from her mouth and hands) and Richard and Mike got to cum in her cunt (one after the other).

Susan rubbed the cum over her body and Abigail then set about painting a black bra over her breasts and a pair of black panties over her pussy and ass. The paint was meant to be waterproof and sweat resistant but Susan was warned that it might not stay on as the cum leaked out of her pussy (fortunately for her it was Mike’s third cum of the day so he didn’t think he’d given her too much). Mel brushed the cum into Susan’s hair and this was then tied back into a ponytail with a black scrunchie. In the light it was quite obvious that Susan was naked (other than the paint) and as there wasn’t enough to do all of her legs (and Abigail couldn’t be bothered), Susan was given a pair of black hold-ups to put on. As a final check, she was trotted out into the garden and examined – her outfit still looked very daring, but in the low light we thought that she could pass as just wearing underwear (not that this was an issue where we were going). Back indoors, Susan was made to sit on the sofa with her legs spread and Abrahii reached down and spread Susan’s lips. Abigail had done a pretty thorough job in paining Susan’s ‘panties’ on so there was an amazing contrast between the pink of her inner lips and cunt and her black paint. Mel didn’t want to waste such a wonderful view, so Susan was told to fuck herself one last time before we set off, but halfway through Mel changed her mind and said that we may as well just go (I assume she was just trying to be cruel by getting Susan excited and then denying her an orgasm).

Fortunately we got in fairly quickly as it was fairly cold out and Susan immediately had her jacket whipped away from her and she was then dragged on to the dance floor. We had arrived reasonably early in the night so most people hadn’t gotten too crazy yet and Susan was probably the most scantily clad person around (on the dance floor at least). We took turns dancing with her and all (to a greater or lesser extent) fondled her. Some of the less daring members the group just groped her breasts or ass while some gave her a good pawing and even a few fingerings. The paint did a fairly good job of staying on her body, only a little rubbed off when people fondled her and it was a good way through the evening before it began to wear through).

We did some traditional shots off each other – mostly off the girls as the guys were too precious about getting their clothes wet. Breasts and thighs were used, but this moved on to shots off pussies (mostly pouring the drink over someone and then licking their cunt). Susan missed out on this as people didn’t want faces covered in black paint, but she was compensated by getting free shots (even if she did have to lick some of them from our bodies). Of course, Susan wasn’t the only one who did the licking and we all had a fair bit of fun (and spent quite a bit on drinks doing so, so the club didn’t mind the mess).

By the time we finished with drinks, things had heated up in the club and we saw other people playing with each other more seriously. It’s not that everyone there openly fucks (or even does anything at all), but we wandered around a few of the side rooms and watched the more adventurous people with various body parts exposed, fingering, stroking, sucking and fucking. We took turns playing with each other in various combinations. I let Richard fuck me and Mike took Abigail at one point. As Abigail was being more playful than usual, I got her to lick me clean when Richard had finished with me, but I made sure not to neglect Julia and Abrahii.

As Susan had been fucked, I didn’t fancy eating her (even though I’m better than I used to be, I still go through phases of not liking the taste of cum), but fortunately Julia and Abrahii were on hand to go down on Susan and she was eaten in one of the side rooms and then eaten while leaning against the wall in the main dance area (not too much of the black paint came off on Abriahii or Julia’s faces and as her painted panties were still mostly intact, Mel thought it would be a good idea for Susan to show off. We found an area in one of the larger side rooms and Susan was told to sit down and spread her legs. Mel and Abigail each took one of her breasts and roughly fondled it, then each of them also took one side of Susan’s pussy and spread her lips. Even in the dim light, it was fairly easy to see the light pink skin of her cunt and Mel got someone to pass her a bottle for Susan to use. It wasn’t quite empty so Mel just poured the contents over Susan’s chest and handed her the bottle, telling her to fuck herself with it. I don’t think Susan really wanted to cum again, but she was more than used to being made to cum repeatedly and didn’t argue. She had quite a good audience of people watching her and Mike could tell that I was really enjoying the show. He also knew that I would have loved to be in her place and I felt his hand slide under my skirt and onto my cunt. I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against my ass and I asked him to fuck me but he said that he didn’t think he was ready to do things, but added that he would happily eat or finger me.

I was going to settle for being fingered (so we could stand and continue to watch Susan), but I decided that I’d had enough of her having all the fun so grabbed Mike’s bottle, told Mel to move away and plonked myself down beside Susan. I spread my legs and pulled one of hers over mine, poured the rest of Mike’s beer over my cunt and then started to copy what Susan was doing (not that I’m a stranger to using bottles in this way). I told Susan to slow down so I could catch up with her, but had forgot that I had Mel standing next to me who eagerly started to rub my clit and told me that I had to show that I was a bigger slut than Susan. I was very tempted to reach up under Mel’s skirt and try to finger her to see if she would react, but as she was to my right and I wanted my right hand to pump the bottle into me I just left it and told her that I’d make her pay for that comment later on.

I chatted (or shouted) to Susan while we masturbated and asked her if she still enjoyed being used a plaything and she said that while it was occasionally tiring a bit too much, she still loved being able to be so open about enjoying herself. We leant towards each other and kissed for a while and someone suggested that we take care of masturbating each other. We did try reaching over but it wasn’t anywhere near as effective so after just a short time we switched back to fucking ourselves with the bottles. Mel’s playing with my clit meant that I had more than caught up with Susan so I asked Mel to ease off – but she doesn’t really do ‘easing off’ so I apologised to Susan and told her I was going to cum first. She asked me to put on a nice show and I agreed as long as she would do the same. Mel sped up her frigging and I pumped the bottle into myself, moaning and swearing as I came. I alternated between very fast pumping and pushing the bottle as hard against my cunt as I could, trying to get it in past the neck.

Only when I’d completely finished did Mel stop playing with me and I asked Susan if she wanted me to take over on her bottle, but she said that she was nearly there anyway. She hadn’t told me that I couldn’t frig her though so I reached between her legs and did so, which turned her ‘nearly there’ to a ‘cumming’ very quickly. She thrust her hips towards the bottle and while it was a bit put on, she gave a nice showing of her orgasm. We got a small round of applause – mostly from our group, but a couple of other people in the room seemed to have appreciated the display. When I stood up I realised that the back of my skirt was soaked (but then I had poured beer over myself) so I went to the bathroom and slipped it off to dry it under the hand dryer. I took Jen with me so I had someone to chat to and she told me that she was going to get Susan to do something we’d discussed previously. I told her that I thought she had a good chance of success (Susan certainly seems very obedient and open to trying new things). As we chatted, Jen’s hands roamed over my ass and between my legs and I had to threaten her with putting her up beside the sinks and eating her to get her to stop (which was a pity as I would have quite enjoyed doing that to her with only girls watching, but Jen had been played with a couple of times that evening already and she doesn’t have the orgasmic appetite that Julia, Susan, Abrahii and I do – although she is getting better).


  1. Foul! I call foul! How is it that Susan gets to enjoy your fantasy with all those guys and you don't?!?!

  2. I've had my fantasy already on my last birthday and at the sex parties (not that I'd complain if it happened again) and sadly I no longer get to see the gamg that often, whereas Susan can serve them the whole time. I don't think I do too badly out of our visits though and it is fun watching Susan being trained to be a slut and enjoy herself.