Saturday, 29 June 2013

Susan the Cum-Bucket - Part 3

We're heading off on holiday for a week with the gang so I should have some good stories to tell on our return. We are meant to have internet access but I don't know how good it will be so I might not be able to reply to comments/emails next week, but I'll try - especially if anyone comments on the Advice on pregnancy post.
While we’d been gone, Abrahii had convinced James to have a go in Susan. It wasn’t the first time he’d fucked her, but Abrahii (and Julia) are basically doing the opposite of Hen’s life goal (in convincing gay girls to do things with guys). While Jen is trying to convince as many women as possible that they should at least try sleeping with another girl, Julia and Abrahii are trying to convince their gay male friends that they should try being with a girl. While James had progressed in terms of doing things with other members of the group around, he wasn’t quite up to doing things openly in front of strangers so he had taken Susan in to one of the smaller side rooms and with some extra encouragement (Susan had started things off by sucking his cock), he had fucked her and emptied a decent load of cum into her (sufficient that it dribbled and dripped out of her for a short while after they had finished).

We danced a little longer and finally decided to head back home. It had been a good evening, but I was assured that things hadn’t finished yet and that Susan would put on additional entertainment once we were back indoors. Having said this, the first thing that she was made to do was actually outdoors, but as we’d walked through the house to get to the back garden, I guess it was after we arrived home.

Jen had decided that she wanted to try and push Susan a little further down her own particular fetish and had broached the subject with Mel (Mel doesn’t know that Jen enjoys watersports, but it sounded like a way of embarrassing Susan so she was in favour of it). Susan didn’t know what she was going to be made to do (and I think she assumed that Jen was just going to make her cum outside). They went and stood on the lawn, Jen behind Susan, and Jen reached around to play with Susan’s clit with one hand and her breasts with the other. As things progressed, Susan was told to spread her legs a little more to give Jen better access to her cunt and she continued to finger and frig Susan, edging her closer to orgasm. We could all see that Jen was whispering in Susan’s ear and she later reported that she was telling Susan how everyone loved watching her cum and how the more she did, the more people loved it. Jen asked Susan if she was willing to put on a good show and got her to beg to be allowed to cum. As Susan’s orgasm built, Jen told her that she had to do exactly what she was told without hesitation and Susan agreed to this (as I’ve said, Mel, Julia, Abrahii and Abigail had been training Susan quite intensively). Jen told Susan that if she followed instructions, she would have a wonderful orgasm and kept Susan on the edge of cumming for a couple of minutes.

Jen got Susan to confirm that she would do exactly what she was told a few more times and then frigged her clit enough to push Susan over the edge. As soon as Susan said she was cumming, Jen told her to piss herself as hard as she could. Susan hardly hesitated and pushed out a strong stream of pee that splashed off Jen’s hands, over her crotch and ran down her legs. Jen kept telling her that she was doing well and to properly let go, to enjoy the feeling and saying that she wanted to see how much liquid Susan could push out. A couple of times she lifted her (soaked) hand to Susan’s breasts and rubbed them, but she mostly concentrated on Susan’s cunt, fingering and frigging her and telling her that she was being a good little slut. Susan is more than used to being told this and genuinely seemed to just be living in the moment and enjoying herself. Only when Susan had finished cumming and Jen again wiped her hand up Susan’s body and over her next, did she seem to realise what she’d done, but other than removing her socks (which had been damp before from the beer and shots, but were now completely soaked) she didn’t complain about anything.

Susan went to shower, to clean off the pee and to make a start at removing the body paint. As Jen had been responsible for part of her mess, she volunteered to go and help Susan clean up and I was a little surprised to find out later that Jen hadn’t peed on Susan in the shower. After hosing Susan’s cunt out and helping to wash a good part of the body paint off, she did go down on Susan (which was mostly Susan’s fault as she had been telling Jen that she fully expected other people in the group to do more things to her that night). When they both returned, Jen just had a dressing gown on and Mike got her to sit on his lap so he could play with her breasts. Just as Susan had predicted, her part in the night’s entertainment hadn’t finished yet and she was told that people could use her if they wanted.

I was quite up for this so once Susan was lying on the floor I stood over her and plonked myself down on her face. She was lying with her knees up and legs spread and it seemed rude to neglect her so I quickly lay down and buried my tongue between her lips. Susan energetically licked at me so I did the same to her and speared her cunt a few times. I heard Mike say that someone could join in and use me if they wanted and I soon felt someone behind me. My lips were spread and I felt a cock press into me so I pushed back against it. I made sure not to look around so I had no idea who it was (I was trying to guess from the feeling of the cock, but other than with people who have tiny or huge members I don’t think that it’s reliably possible to guess). I continued to eat Susan and could feel her licking my clit (not continually, but she got a fair few licks in). I came first from the double stimulation and the guy came in me soon after (I’d figured out who it was by this time as I heard him say he was about to cum, but I’m going to pretend I still didn’t know). I felt him pull out and Susan was told to eat me clean and instructed to spread my lips and lick deep inside me. She partially did this, but still paid a fair amount of attention to my clit – which was still quite sensitive – so I doubled my efforts on making her cum and sucked her clit into my mouth and thrashed it with my tongue. I moaned as she continued to lick me, but held on until I made her cum. I was a little mean and continued to strenuously stimulate her long after she’d cum before finally pulling away. Her pussy looked very pink and I thanked her for the nice orgasm – as well as thanking my mystery male partner.

Susan was told to take care of Julia and I watched as she crawled over and immediately started to eat her. Mel helped out by removing Julia’s remaining clothes and fondling her breasts, then getting a vibe and running it over Julia’s nips. Susan had the vibe thrust into her and Julia had to lick it clean – this was done a number of times until Julia said that she was going to cum, at which point Mel left the pair of them alone and allowed Susan to finish Julia off.

Jen really seemed to be getting in (or off) on the whole Susan as a slave thing and told her to come over and lick her. She didn’t actually want to cum again and suggested to Mike that if he could get his cock out, Susan could lick them both. Mike wasn’t really sure he could cum again, but he wasn’t going to turn down the offer of having an 18 year old suck his cock so he managed to shimmy his trousers down while Jen was still on his lap and then presented his cock to Susan’s mouth. This wasn’t as seamless as Jen had hoped as she and Mike had to alter their positions to allow Susan access to her, but it meant that Susan’s ass wiggled in the air as she tried to reach them both and Ethan asked Abigail if she minded him using her. She told him to go ahead and Abrahii helped to guide him into Susan’s cunt (I’m not sure why as I have no doubt he could have done this by himself). He fucked her, slowly at first, but was encouraged to go harder and faster until he was pounding into her. Mike and Jen said that they could easily feel the effects on Susan as he body was repeatedly pushed forwards with each thrust. Unsurprisingly Ethan didn’t last too long with such an energetic session, but when he pulled out, Abrahii grabbed his cock and took a decent length of it into her mouth. She sucked him clean of his cum and Susan’s juices, then knelt behind Susan and licked her as Ethan’s cum oozed out.

She didn’t do this for too long though and left Susan to continue on Mike and Jen. Despite the fact that they hadn’t been intending on cumming, they were encouraged to let Susan finish servicing them. Susan finished Mike off with her mouth and a hand – he came in her mouth, but doesn’t think he actually ejaculated anything. Susan was told to move straight on to Jen and lick Mike’s cum into her. For this, Mike lifted Jen up and sat her down so his cock was nestled between her ass cheeks and Susan worked on Jen as enthusiastically as she had worked on me. Mike nibbled on Jen’s earlobes and played with her nipples and I remembered the times when Jen wouldn’t do anything in front of her friends. Watching her have her cunt eaten while Mike’s cock pressed against her ass and his fingers and tongue stimulated her body reminded me that we’d come a long way.

Nobody else seemed to be in a fit state to cum again but Susan was fondled a fair bit more (only to one more orgasm). Jen whispered to Susan that next time she was going to get her to piss herself in front of everyone in broad daylight, at which Susan blushed, but she didn’t deny it when Jen told her that she knew she had enjoyed it. We arranged to meet for breakfast and Susan was pushed out the door completely naked (and now didn’t even have the pseudo-cover of the body paint). She was only allowed to put her jacket on halfway down the street (but fortunately it was now quite late so nobody was around).

When everyone had left and we finally went to bed. Jen slept with Abrahii while Mike and I went in to Mel and Julia’s room. Mel didn’t want Mike to fuck her, but she let him eat her – on the condition that I did things with her afterwards. Jules and I scissored while Mike lapped away at Mel and she seemed to enjoy watching us so when it was my turn to fuck her, I was instructed to do the same to her, but with the addition of sharing a dildo between us. Julia wanted Mike to fuck her but he wasn’t quite up to this so she settled for letting him eat and finger her. As this is his fetish, it was enough to get him properly hard by the time Julia came and he gave in and spooned with her (not fucking, just spooning). I had been missing the old days where it was just Jules and I that were the ones being pushed so I whispered to Mel that it would be fun to make Julia cum again. Mel agreed with this and in return for Mike having ate her, she went down on Julia and lapped away at her clit (and Mike’s cock) until Julia came again. Mike said that it had feel really good feeling Jules cum around him, but his balls were already aching so he didn’t think it would be a good idea to cum again. He did stay buried in Jules while we talked and Mel played with my pussy (although thankfully she didn’t try to make me cum again as I was feeling quite tired).

Neither Jen nor Abrahii had really wanted to cum again, but they had both assumed that each other would want a goodnight session and so when they’d gotten into bed, they had started to kiss and caress each other. As neither of them were trying to push things forwards, their foreplay lasted quite a while and was sufficiently effective to get them both properly turned on. They had a nice gentle session, humping against each other and reaching down to use fingers on and in each other while they kissed and finally fell asleep once they’d both cum.

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