Monday, 29 July 2013

Sex Party - April 2013 - Part 3

He let them catch their breath and after a short while chatting, he pulled Sara’s panties off and started to kitty kiss Sara, then dragged his tongue lower to flick it over her ass. She told him that he didn’t have to lick her there but Mike replied and told her that as long as she liked it, then he did have to. He spent a while rimming and spearing her, occasionally moving back to her pussy and once she was nice and wet he asked if he was allowed to do anything ‘more’ with her. They both knew that Mike was asking if he could at least get his cock inside her and Sara said that as long as he was gentle, he could fuck her for a while. That was all Mike needed to hear and he moved up behind her so his cock was between her legs. He asked Emily if she would help him to get into Sara (not that he couldn’t have done it himself) and Em took his cock, spread Sara’s lips and positioned the head so Mike could easily push in to Sara. He slowly entered her and told her that she felt just as wonderfully tight as he remembered (Sara doesn’t often do things with guys and Emily and Sara don’t use too many dildos/vibes either).

Once he was completely inside her Sara said that she felt quite full and they slowly slid back and forth against each other. Mike asked Sara if she wanted to ride him so she could control how things went (and because he likes this – he wasn’t being entirely selfless). He was given an extra bonus – once he was on his back Emily asked if he would eat her again (she knows that he enjoys doing this and loves having it done to her so it was a win-win). With her on his face and Sara on his cock, Mike settled down to enjoy himself. He felt Sara grind back and forth against him (for better clitoral contact) as well as ride up and down on his cock (for better internal sensation) and he knew that if he let himself, he would have probably been able to quite easily cum in her. He was well behaved though and held back, concentrating on eating Emily and enjoying her taste. As much as he loved Emily’s pussy (as do most people who taste her), he wanted to see Sara cum with his cock in her so he sped up his eating of Em. This is just a part of the standard guy thing of wanting to fuck lesbians – technically (and obviously) Sara isn’t completely gay, but she certainly prefers girls most of the time.

He managed what he wanted and got Emily to cum – after he’d brought her back down gently, she climbed off of him and he could enjoy the view of his cock sliding in and out of Sara’s little cunt. They switched position and Mike took her from behind for a while. Both he and Emily loved the sight of his cock sliding into her and her lips grasping at it as he pulled out. While in this position, both Mike and Em played with Sara’s clit and got her quite close to cumming. Mike then pushed Sara down on to the bed so he could lie on top of her and pumped in and out with long strokes while telling her he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock.

They switched position again and Sara lay on top of Mike, pressed against him. He reached down and ran his fingers over her ass as he guided her back and forth and pushed in to her in time with her movements. Mike really wanted to cum and asked Sara if he could cum in her or at least over her and she told him that he could cum in her. Mike thanked her and told her that he still wanted to feel her cum first so he sped up his movements but still used long strokes, not slamming into her as hard as he usually would in this position, but enough that she really enjoyed it and told him she was getting closer. The dilemma Mike had was that this way of moving is very stimulating for him as well so he had to concentrate quite hard to hold himself back from cumming, while continuing to talk dirty to Sara and encouraging her to let go completely and enjoy herself.

Sara told him in an increasingly urgent voice that she was getting close and then gave a little whimper and said that she was cumming. Mike continued to pump into her and relaxed - as the build-up had been quite slow, he’d been able to keep himself very close to cumming and he managed to cum in Sara while she was still at the tail end of her orgasm. Mike pushed into her a few more times, feeling the intense pulse of pleasure as his cum squirted out of his cock and into her warm cunt. He told her that he was filling her with cum and Sara pushed back against him a couple of times so his cock was in her as deep as they could get it. Mike held her in place like this and they kissed deeply before rolling Sara over on to her back and Mike pulling out of her. Emily spread Sara’s lips and watched as Mike’s cum oozed out of her and Mike lay beside Sara, kissed her nipples and told her that she had an amazing pussy. He was very pleased that he’d been able to give her such a contented look and was feeling quite contented himself – even more so when Emily took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of Sara’s juices.

Mike asked Emily if he was allowed to fuck her as well and while stroking his cock, she told him that was the whole point of him being there. Even though he was still mostly hard, he needed a little time to recover so suggested that they lie on their sides and Emily could kitty kiss Sara while he did the same to Em. He had (as he often does) an ulterior motive – he wanted Em to get as much of his cum out of Sara as possible so that he could eat her (he will eat his own cum out of a girl, but prefers the ‘unpolluted’ taste). They kitty kissed for what Mike thinks was about 15 minutes and he was certainly hard enough by this point to do things.

They pretty much repeated the previous session but with Emily on his cock and Sara on his face. As he’d just cum, he found it a lot easier to hold back and easily made both Sara and Emily cum before he did. Once Sara climbed off of his face, he pulled Emily down and continued to move inside her, guiding her hips up and down so they used long strokes. Sara crawled around behind Emily and Mike felt her chin brush against his cock as she licked back and forth over Emil’s ass (Sara loves doing this just about as much as she loves having it done to her). Mike got Emily to describe what Sara was doing – she was a little nervous about doing this at first but Mike reminded her that he had speared Sara just a short while ago and if she enjoyed it, he didn’t think she should feel ashamed. Emily told him what Sara’s tongue was doing, along with what his cock was doing. Mike helped about my holding Emily’s cheeks apart to give Sara better access and he told Em that he was getting close and wanted to cum deep inside her cunt. Naturally, he wanted Emily to cum as well and he held back, just gently moving in her, and waited for her orgasm to approach.

Emily told him that she was just about to cum and Mike made a few quick strokes in her and then pulled her down on his cock so he was as far inside her as he could get. He moved just the head of his cock (it obviously wasn’t just the head, but says that it what it feels like it if he is all the way inside and just pushing in that little bit further). He actually came before Emily did, but not by much – and as they weren’t really fucking at that point, he could cope with the intensity of Emily still moving slightly around him. He continued to push into her as much as he could until she came and thought that he could almost feel her pussy contracting as she moaned her way through her orgasm.

Sara was quite grateful to Mike for helping her lay with Emily and said that if he wanted, he could use her again. Mike would have happily done this, but after cumming twice (and the party the previous night) wasn’t quite ready to do anything more so he asked Sara to sit over him with her pussy pressed against his cock. She rubbed back and forth and Mike found that his cock still had some life left it in. He didn’t think he was quite hard enough to fuck her, but thought that he could at least have a little fun and got Sara to kneel on the bed. He pushed into her pussy and took a few strokes to help stiffen himself up a little more. He then pulled out and positioned the head of his cock against Sara’s ass and asked her if she wanted to try something larger than a tongue inside her. He knew full well that Sara wasn’t interested in this (she doesn’t even usually enjoy anal vibes that much) and she pulled away from him very quickly so he assured her that he was joking. He pushed her down on the bed and lay on her back then slipped his cock between her legs and back into her cunt. She still felt quite wet and he wasn’t sure if it was from him having eaten her earlier or from her enjoyment of having done things with Emily, but either way it felt pretty good.

He still wasn’t intending to cum, but this didn’t mean he couldn’t try to make Sara cum and they pushed back against each other. He nibbled on her earlobe and kissed her neck and shoulders while telling her (again) how much he loved her tight little snatch. He offered Sara the chance to participate in our baby making and asked her whether she would prefer to share his cum with Jen or me. Sara said that she wasn’t fussy and the idea of rubbing pussies together with either of us sounded nice. As they continued to move against each other, Mike reached around under Sara to play with her clit and they continued to discuss the merits of her cunt. He moved in her a bit more as she got closer to cumming and thinks that he could have probably managed a third orgasm (although probably without producing much cum) but he just concentrated on making Sara cum. By the time her orgasm was over, she was quite hot and coated with a sheen of sweat. She conceded that having a cock inside her could feel nice and he pressed as hard into her as he could and held himself there to savour the feeling one last time before he pulled out.

Not having cum in Sara meant that she was still clean so he could have a final lick of her (and of Em as well obviously) before he got dressed and said his goodbyes. The next time we expected to see them was the unprotected party and Mike promised Sara that if she wanted, she could have early access to Sue and me. Emily complained that she was being left out so he promised her that he and Vicky would take care of her at the same time is she wanted. Mike got back to the hotel first and once Sue and Vicky arrived, they set off for the station. On the way they traded stories of their afternoon. Vicky’s train was first and Sue waited with Mike until he left (she doesn’t live too far from York so she didn’t have a specific train to catch).

He got her to describe her afternoon again and even got a hand between her legs for a while (not enough to do things properly with her, but enough to rub her a bit). Sue promised to Skype with us that night (which she did) to report to Jen on her continuing transition to lesbianism. This turned out to be something of a treat for Jen as while Sue masturbated and described eating various girls, Mike played with Jen’s nipples and I ate and fingered her. We got a double orgasm out of Jen (not actually a multiple orgasm, just two in fairly close succession). We both liked the idea of Sara and Emily helping out with our impregnation but realised that the list of people was now growing fairly large. Other than the logistical difficulties, this suited me quite well as we are aware that things are going to change rather significantly once one of us is pregnant, so being able to go out with a bang seems like a good idea…

Friday, 26 July 2013

Sex Party - April 2013 - Part 2

Mike had spent quite a while with Kiyomi and went off to find what the others had been up to. They had been keeping themselves busy – Vicky had let Laura play with her (and played back) and Sue had fucked Neil while Melissa had been busy upstairs. Mike knew that Vicky planned to have a session with Bennett and convinced Sue to join them. Bennett ended up enjoying this quite a bit as Sue licked his cock and Vicky’s cunt while they fucked, but as she knelt on the bed to do this, Paul decided that he wanted to make use of Sue’s cunt and took her from behind. This seemed to work out quite well for everyone and people enjoyed watching (foursomes are fairly rare at the parties). They switched places so both Sue and Vicky were kneeling on the bed and Paul & Bennett fucked them both, switching between them every now and then. The audience really liked seeing two large breasted girls being fucked together and Emily convinced Sara to take advantage of the situation and sit up at the head of the bed so the Sue and Vicky could take turns licking her. It was decided that whoever came last would have to finish Sara off and Vicky won this privilege (by losing). She did at least get to finish off with Bennett inside her and then ate Sara until she came.

After that display, people were even more convinced that Sue was related to me (it’s nice to know I have a reputation!) and she just lay on the bed for a while (still mostly naked) to recover. Mike took Vicky for a walk and they watched some of the other people doing things – nothing else too crazy was happening but Mike managed to convince Hannah to let him eat her and Vicky let Craig fuck her breasts for a while (but he wasn’t allowed to cum as Mike was preparing a surprise for Sue). They played and chatted with a few more people throughout the evening, during which time Mike arranged a couple of things.

Only when the party started to wind down did Mike lead Sue to one of the sofas and start to play with her. Many of the other people there knew what was going to happen and Vicky said that from her position it was obvious that they were waiting, but Mike did a good enough job of distracting Sue that she didn’t seem to notice that people were watching her (more closely than usual). Mike fingered Sue while kissing her and then got her to sit over him so they could fuck (he was sitting up on the sofa so Sue had her back to the rest of the room). As they fucked, Mike slid down the sofa slightly so Sue was leaning over him a little and he then indicated to Bennett that it was time. Bennett stood behind Sue and Mike told Sue that he had a surprise lined up – she quickly looked round as Bennett pushed his cock against her ass but Mike told her to relax and let them fuck her. Sue told Bennett to be gentle but faced Mike again and let Bennett slide into her ass. They gave her a fairly decent session, throughout which Mike kept describing to her how everyone was watching her cunt and ass being fucked simultaneously. Laura got the honour of helping to finish Sue off (she reached under Sue to play with her clit) and once she had cum Mike stayed still and let Bennett cum in her ass before he finished fucking her and came in her cunt (Mike actually came in her while Bennett used protection).

They pulled out and left Sue on the sofa, but this was just the beginning. Mike had arranged with Vicky that she would eat Sue and clean his cum out of her (and then go on to make her cum) and Laura had been told that she could make use of Sue’s mouth (which she did). Sue had figured out what was going on and later told them that she had suspected that she might be the target of a group fuck (as Vicky had been the previous time). To give credit where due, she pretty much surrendered herself to it and let people do whatever they wanted (Mike didn’t let anyone else fuck her ass, but she had a number of guys in her cunt and mouth, generally one after the other, but interspersed with a couple of the gay and bi girls. As an incentive, Mike promised that anyone who made Sue cum would get priority access to a threesome with Sue and I at the next party (which I’m not too happy about – not that I object to the threesomes, but I don’t want to be limited to what I can do at a proper unprotected party).

The promise worked though and Sue got a good seeing to from a number of people. Even Caroline and Melissa were convinced to go down on Sue briefly while Clare went all the way and made Sue cum. This led to lots of teasing from Giles and Mike about how Clare just wanted a threesome with two sisters (even though it was obviously Giles who wanted so see this). To finish off, Laura fucked Sue with a wine bottle (just the neck) while other people groped and fondled Sue’s body (not too many people as she was still on the sofa and not easy to get to – I pointed out that this was bad planning on Mike’s part and he should have held the session on one of the beds).

The general horniness of the situation encouraged a few other couples to play amongst themselves but not much else happened once everyone had finished with Sue. She stayed on the sofa dressed in just her socks and actually fell asleep so Laura lifted one of her legs and put her foot on the floor so her pussy was nicely exposed (I thought this was a nice touch). Mike promised Giles that he could have Sue again on the Sunday if he wanted (along with Vicky) and then checked with Vicky to see if she thought this would be okay. Fortunately for him, she agreed (Vicky knows about Jen and I trying to ‘turn’ Clare and was on board with helping her be more adventurous). Mike, Vicky and Sue had to get a cab back to the hotel as Sue still felt very tired. Vicky took Sue’s clothes in her bag and they borrowed Melissa’s jacket, which was just long enough to cover Sue’s nakedness. Once back in the room, they lay Sue in the bed and Mike teased Vicky with his fingers and once she realised that he wasn’t going to stop she let him eat her and then spoon in her (Mike didn’t cum again but semi-fucked her).

The next morning Mike woke Sue by gently eating her. She felt reasonably rested and not as tender as Vicky had after her group session. He went on to make Sue cum and then switched to Vicky (who was awake by this point) while Sue showered. He didn’t fuck either of them as he was saving himself for Emily and Sara.) Mike told Sue what he had lined up for her that day and she seemed a little disappointed that he wasn’t going with them but he promised Sue that if she helped to pleasure Clare and Giles, he would repay her in full. Vicky still didn’t need any convincing and was quite happy to get a cock and a cunt to play with (or two cunts if you include Sue’s). They went out for brunch and met up with Clare and Giles – Mike told Giles to take care of them (as if they couldn’t take care of themselves –I’d have been more worried for Giles and Clare). They arranged to meet back at the hotel at 4 and Mike headed off to Sara’s place where he was meeting her and Emily. The others returned to Clare’s room and used one of our tricks to make a floor-bed by using the duvet and pillows. We don’t know everything that happened there, but this is what we’ve priced together from the various things we’ve been told.

Giles was eager to get started but he waited for someone else to make the first move. Sue went to Giles and quickly freed his cock while Vicky started to pull Clare’s clothes off. Sue ended up fucking Giles and once she was riding him, Vicky sat over his face so he could eat her. They didn’t want Clare to feel left out so Vicky swapped with Clare and (with some encouragement) Clare and Sue both stroked Vicky’s pussy for a while. Vicky then knelt and played with Sue’s clit while kissing her nipples and this was enough to get Sue off even before Giles came. They let Clare suck Giles’ cock clean as he finished her off and as they only had a few hours, moved on to round two almost straight away.

As Vicky hadn’t cum yet it was only fair that she received some attention and in order to continue her training, Clare was selected to be the one to pleasure Vicky. Vicky lay on her back with her legs spread and Clare gingerly started to kiss around her pussy and then finally lick her. Giles was left to play with Vicky’s breasts and Sue lay down with her head between Clare’s legs and pulled her ass down so she could eat Clare’s cunt. Despite the fact Clare is still learning how to eat pussy, she got Vicky off before Sue got Clare off (but to be fair, Vicky had a head start).

As Clare had cum twice in close succession, she was left out of the next round. Giles was sufficiently hard again so Sue and Vicky took him (Vicky on his cock, Sue on his face). He lasted a fair bit longer this time but Sue played with Vicky’s clit so Vicky came quite a bit before Giles did. Sue came next and dismounted Giles so he could finish in Vicky more easily. Giles fucked Vicky a little longer before cumming in her and they had a short break.

Vicky was all in on training Clare so suggested that while Giles recovered, Clare eat Sue. Sue wasn’t really ready to cum again but Vicky pestered her and said they didn’t have much time so she gave in and lay on the bed so Clare could kneel and eat her. Vicky decided that she liked Clare’s pussy so crawled under her and ate her in a similar way to Sue had (but Clare was now crouching in a more upright position). Clare (somehow) hadn’t been expecting this to happen but again Vicky was quite forceful and Clare gave in and let her have her way. This time Clare came first, but from what Vicky said, she was quite intense in the way she ate Clare. Once Sue had cum, they set about prepping Giles for his final round.

He was semi-hard after watching the three of them, but having cum twice already he required a little more stimulation. Knowing that Giles likes breasts, Vicky used hers to stroke his cock and then as he got stiffer, she wrapped them around it to do an even better job. Giles liked this but he enjoyed it even more when Sue joined in. At first she bent over and licked the head of his cock as it appeared from between Vicky’s breasts but she then swapped with Vicky and took over the tit-fucking. With Giles’ cock now at full strength, it was time for Clare to be fucked. She lay on her side and let Giles spoon with her but Vicky told them to sit on the edge of the bed with Clare facing away from Giles so she and Sue could lick them both. Clare complained that she didn’t have the energy for this but was made to do it anyway and as one of Sue of Vicky licked Clare’s clit, the other fondled Giles’ balls. This session took even longer than the one before and Clare came before Giles did (helped out by a fair bit of clit sucking). To let Giles finish off, Clare lay on her back and Giles held her legs up while fucking her and Sue and Vicky each kissed one of Clare’s breasts. They had a bit of time left but were all pretty beat so just lay around on the bed chatting. Both Sue and Vicky had one final lick of Clare and suck of Giles before they left. If I’d have been there I would have made sure to mark Clare and Giles with our juices, but apparently not everyone does that!

In the meantime, Mike had been making good use of his time with Emily and Sara. They seemed quite happy to see him and Sara seemed to be in a very playful mood so he told her that he hoped he was going to get a chance to fill her beautiful little cunt with his cock. She gave him a coy look and told him that he might if he was good so he promised to be as good as he could be. They moved into the bedroom and he let Emily and Sara undress each other (technically he asked them to do this). Sara was wearing one of her light pink sets of cute underwear on (and Mike likes cute) so he asked her to keep them on for a while. As she was being so accommodating, he asked if she had any long white socks, but she went one better and produced a pink pair that matched her underwear. Emily didn’t want to be outdone and while she didn’t have cute panties on, she did put on the white socks (she knows Mike likes these).

With the girls looking incredibly cute, Mike couldn’t wait any longer to get started. He really wanted to taste Emily but didn’t want to leave Sara out so asked if he could eat them both at once. They were up for this so Emily sat on the bed with Sara on top of her and Mike licked up and down both of their cunts. He noticed that Emily seemed to taste quite a bit better than she had at the party, more like her usual taste (but obviously he didn’t say this to her) and he partly wished that he was just eating her so he could enjoy her flavour properly. He took turns concentrating on them, but also spent times licking them both. He debated getting Sara to pull her panties off as they kept getting in his way, but decided to keep them on her for the time being as they looked so cute. He got Sara off first and then Emily (with an intervening dual-lick session between their orgasms).

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sex Party - April 2013 - Part 1

Mike’s weekend had also gone well. He had arrived in York and met up with Sue. They had dropped their things off at the hotel and Mike had planned on going out and having a drink while waiting for Vicky to turn up. Sue had other ideas though and ‘convinced’ him to play with her (it didn’t take much convincing). Mike pushed her down onto the bed and roughly ate her but she wanted his cock in her so he ended up on his back with her riding him. He told her that he wasn’t going to cum and that as she’d been greedy, that she would have to make it up to Vicky. Sue agreed to this and Mike pumped into her hard and fast until she came. Mike was fairly close to cumming by this point (he really likes fucking Sue) but held back so he could enjoy having Vicky present as well. Once Sue had straightened out her dress they headed out to a pub and waited for Vicky to arrive.

After dinner, they returned to the hotel and Mike told Sue that it was time for her to pay up and make Vicky cum (they had told Vicky about their earlier session). Mike and Sue removed Vicky’s clothes and lay her on the bed. Mike kissed Vicky and fondled her breasts while Sue went down on her. Mike moved around behind Sue and pushed his cock in to her cunt, slid in and out a few times and then returned to Vicky and offered her his cock to suck clean. He returned to Sue’s cunt, but this time once he was covered with Sue’s juices, he sat over Vicky’s chest and wrapped her breasts around his cock. He didn’t want to cum in this position (not that he didn’t like the idea of cumming over Vicky, but as he had two pussies to fill with cum, he didn’t want to waste any) but used her breasts for a while before returning to take Sue from behind. He leant forwards and whispered to Sue that he would cum in Vicky first, but would spoon with her as they went to sleep. Sue was okay with that so Mike left her to finish off eating Vicky and once Vicky had cum, Mike took over and kitty kissed her for a while (just so he could taste her properly before he came in her.

After a short break, it was time for Mike to fuck Vicky, but Sue wasn’t going to be left out and Vicky was assigned the job of making her cum. Sue started off sitting over Vicky’s face facing Mike and she played with Vicky’s breasts while Mike fucked her. Mike got Sue to turn around and lean forwards (away from him) so he could lie on Vicky and help to lick Sue. Having two tongues working in a confined area is quite messy in terms of saliva, but as Vicky doesn’t seem to mind being covered in juices (girl or boy) Mike didn’t worry about it. Mike wasn’t trying to do things quickly with Vicky and Sue came a long time before either he or Vicky did, but this worked out well as it meant that Mike could spoon with Vicky and let Sue lick Vicky’s clit (and the shaft of Mike’s cock). They both really enjoyed this and let Sue keep going until Vicky said that she was getting close to cumming, only then did Mike lie on top of her and fuck her properly, letting Sue reach between them to occasionally play with Vicky’s clit and get her off. As usual, Mike made sure Vicky came before he did but even before he pulled out, he knew that he’d probably emptied quite a bit of cum into her.

This was confirmed when he pulled out and both he and Sue spread Vicky’s lips and watched as it oozed out of her. Vicky seemed quite embarrassed about this (which is odd as it’s not as if she was the one who produced the cum), but Mike had the added bonus of getting to watch as Sue licked Vicky clean and even ate a bit more of his cum out of her. True to his word, he spooned with Sue while they chatted – he had intended to stay like this until they fell asleep, but Vicky reached down between Sue’s legs and played with her clit while also sucking on Sue’s nipples (despite Vicky’s protestations of being ‘mostly straight’ I think she is actually quite far down towards the gay end of the spectrum). Sue started moving back and forth on Mike’s cock and Mike couldn’t resist unloading himself in her so he fucked her back and emptied his second (much smaller) load of the night into her cunt. Mike remained in Sue and with a bit of concentration (and encouragement) stayed hard. They chatted (again) about how Sue used to spy on Mike and me having sex and how she was invited in to watch properly and then finally invited to join in. Vicky admitted that when she was younger, she had snuck in to her older sister’s room and played with her vibe (she still doesn’t know about this).

Mike remained in Sue until she fell asleep and the next morning woke up to her stroking his cock. He obviously didn’t object to this but said that it would be fairer to wake Vicky as well so they could decide on the configuration of their morning fuck (sticking to the rules of only cumming once during the day before the party). Once awake, Vicky said that she didn’t mind (she knows that Sue has a crush on Mike) so Mike ended up on his back with Sue on his cock and Vicky on his face (one of his favourite positions). Mike could still just about taste his cum from the previous night in Vicky, but as she got more aroused, this was overpowered by her own flavour. Mike pretty much let Sue ride him however she wanted and he felt her moving up and down and grinding back and forth (this gives more clitoral stimulation). Vicky had quite a bit of her weight on his face so he found it harder to move around and lick different parts of her, but he could get his tongue to her clit and cunt so she wasn’t complaining. Mike felt Sue’s clit being rubbed and pictured what was going on (although he was wrong as he thought it was Vicky when it was actually Sue). His mental image helped him along though and once he heard Sue cum, he pumped into her harder and pictured his cum emptying in to her cunt as he came.

Sue climbed off of him and when Vicky lay down and took his cock in her mouth, Sue complained that Vicky had already cum so didn’t see why she should get to continue playing. Mike hadn’t been aware that Vicky had cum and accused her of trying to disguise it, but even Sue attested that Vicky had cum quite openly and Mike just hadn’t noticed. Mike still thought that Vicky should be punished and it didn’t take much to convince Sue that they should tease Vicky some more, but that she shouldn’t be allowed to cum (and they all knew that this was basically just an excuse to continue playing throughout the day). Mike and Sue both had turns eating Vicky, getting and then keeping her close to cumming for a while and then leaving her hanging. They went down to have breakfast and returned to the room, at which point Mike got Sue to eat Vicky again and he semi-fucked Sue.

We had arranged to meet up with Clare and Giles for lunch and I had promised Giles that if he wanted, Jen and I would play with Clare again, both at the party and in a ‘private show’. Giles was a bit disappointed that Jen and I weren’t there, but Mike took the decision to tell them that Sue was my little sister and offered her to them in lieu of me. Giles was very keen on this (it’s amazing how even if a guy seems to enjoy fucking you or seeing you naked, he likes the idea of the ‘little sister’ even more). Mike explained our rules of not cumming during the day in the build-up to the party (other than in the morning session), but as a sign of good faith, Sue displayed her crotch to both Clare and Giles and let them see that she didn’t have any panties on. Vicky was similarly attired but Clare not only had panties on but also had jeans on (although she confirmed that she would be wearing a skirt to the party). Mike had a quiet work with Giles and once lunch was over, they headed off to the shops to help find a new sexy set of underwear for Clare to wear.

On the way to the shops, Mike told Sue the plan and she went in to the changing rooms with Clare to ‘help’. It wasn’t quite the sort of help that Clare had been expecting as once her jeans were off, Sue pulled Clare’s panties down and buried her face in Clare’s cunt. She licked and fingered Clare but only for a minute or so and then used Clare’s panties to wipe her face clean before leaving Clare alone to get dressed. This was made slightly harder by Sue stealing Clare’s panties but when she emerged, Mike told Clare that she could have her revenge on Sue later on at the party. They considered finding somewhere so Sue could give Giles a mini-blowjob, but decided to wait until the party and Sue promised that he could fuck her.

They parted and Vicky, Sue and Mike returned to the hotel to rest and prepare. When it was time to get ready and head to the party, Mike produced a number of items of clothing for the girls to choose from (they had their own clothes, but Jen and I had leant them some long socks – Vicky went with black, making her legs look even longer and slimmer and Sue went with white. Mike wanted to spend some time caressing their legs (he is a leg and pussy man after all) but they’d left things a bit late and had to set off (although he could have played for a little while as only a few people were at the party when they arrived).

Sue had already heard about Vicky’s bonus session at the end of the previous party but Mike told the story again as they walked to the house. Vicky said that it had felt incredible, but very tiring and she had felt quite sensitive and tender afterwards. On arrival, Sue kept her promise to Giles and headed straight upstairs with him. Giles enjoyed the session but came too quickly for Sue (he did at least finger her until she came) and they returned to the living room in under 10 minutes. Mike had hoped to get Vicky and Clare to do things together but Clare wanted to start off doing things with guys (she is still getting used to doing things with girls in public). Mike wasn’t too disappointed about this as it just meant that instead of watching Vicky play with Clare and then having a go, he just got to have her straight away.

They made out on the sofa for a while and this progressed to fingering and wanking. Clare sucked Mike for a bit and he pushed her down onto her back so he could eat her with her legs up in the air and he then pushed in to her and fucked her. He interrupted the session to go down on her again, this time getting her to bend her legs right up and hold on behind her knees. Clare didn’t seem to mind that this gave everyone else in the room a good view of Mike eating her. He did his usual trick of eating her until she came and then resumed fucking her – ideally he would have liked her to cum a second time (which would have been rather greedy as there were other people who wanted to fuck her at the party and she can only cum so many times) but fortunately for them, she told him that things felt too intense so he just hurried up and came in her.

Vicky was still fully dressed when Mike found her, although a couple of people had been teasing her about the show she’d put on previously. Mike noticed that Corey had arrived with Kiyomi and while he knew that a number of the guys wanted a chance with Kiyomi, Mike thought he knew how to jump the queue. He asked Corey if he would be willing to let Vicky go down on Kiyomi and said that Corey could fuck Vicky while she did this. Corey was certainly up for this and Mike left him to convince Kiyomi while he retrieved Vicky and took her upstairs. He got Vicky started by eating and fingering her until Corey arrived, leading Kiyomi by the hand. She looked a bit nervous, but didn’t object as Corey pulled her skirt down and Vicky knelt in front of her to pull her panties down. Vicky used her fingers to play with Kiyomi’s pussy and Mike handed her a dental dam to use so she could start to eat her. Kiyomi made some wonderful moaning sounds as Vicky licked her but Corey was impatient and wanted them to get up on the bed so he could fuck Vicky at the same time.

Kiyomi lay on her back and as soon as Vicky had crawled between her legs, Corey mounted the bed behind her and pushed in to Vicky’s waiting cunt. Mike helped out by unbuttoning Kiyomi’s top and freeing her breasts from her bra and then watched as Vicky lapped away at Kiyomi’s cunt and Corey pumped in and out of Vicky. Mike told Corey that Vicky liked having her breasts played with so he leant forwards and reached around her body to fondle them – this pushed Vicky even harder against Kiyomi who was still making delightful sounds, but Mike didn’t think they were as cute at the ones she’d made while standing up. He caressed Kiyomi’s breasts and told her how sexy she looked. Corey was pumping hard in to Vicky and had switched to playing with her clit – Mike watched as Vicky’s face was pushed repeatedly in to Kiyomi’s cunt but he watched Kiyomi’s face as she came. She quietly said ‘iku’ a number of times as she came (which I’m informed is ‘I’m cumming’ in Japanese). Mike found this very arousing and ended up stroking his cock while watching/listening. He really wanted to cum over her, but you’re meant to ask before doing this at the party and he wanted to save his cum for fucking people (even if he would be wearing a condom for most of them).

Kiyomi sat up and tried to cover herself but Mike kissed and caressed her which seemed to distract her. He worked his fingers into her cunt and asked her if he could fuck her later on and she told him he could. Vicky and Corey were finishing off and Mike made use of Vicky’s mouth (and then reminded her that her had been inside Claire). Corey got Vicky off and then came himself and pulled out. He got Kiyomi round to have a look at Vicky’s cunt and Vicky was treated to Kiyomi using her fingers to explore her pussy. All the guys present wanted Kiyomi to go down on Vicky, but she wasn’t ready to go that far yet (it’s easier to be eaten than to eat) and nobody is forced to do anything at the parties (encouraged, but not forced) so Kiyomi was allowed to finish covering herself up again.

In the other bedroom, they found Laura making out with Sara and Laura offering her pussy to whatever guy wanted it. Mike knew that this meant Emily was around so he went off to find her and once located, took her into the kitchen and sat her on the counter so he could eat her. She tasted slightly off to him (compared to usual) but he still finished what he’d started and ate her until she came. Laura slid down off the counter and Mike pushed his cock in to her so they could grind together while they kissed and talked. Mike told Emily that he wanted a threesome with her and Sara and Emily told him they could meet the next day but couldn’t promise Sara would let him fuck her. Mike was fine with this and even though he wanted to cum inside Sara’s tight cunt, he said he’d be happy as long as he got to eat her.

By this point in the party, everyone had heard that Sue was actually my little sister and Mike thought that the best way to demonstrate just how close we were was to go down on her (not to make her cum) and then slide his cock in to her. A few people asked how much Sue and I did together and they answered honestly (although a few things were omitted) and said that we didn’t go down on each other and mostly just kissed. Mike decided that he’d waited for long enough and wanted to claim his session with Kiyomi so left Sue to explain herself and asked Kiyomi if he could make her cum (his deal was with Corey so he actually had to ask).

Kiyomi let him lead her upstairs and they used the second bedroom (the first was occupied by Scott, Brett and Melissa (and possibly another girl but Mike didn’t stay to check). Kiyomi had mostly dressed again following her session with Vicky but Mike didn’t mind this as it meant he got to kneel in front of her and slide her panties down. Kiyomi had another cutesy outfit on – a very pink and frilly skirt with white stockings and suspenders underneath. This isn’t really Mike’s favourite look, but he was more interested in her pussy than her clothing and once it was exposed, he ran his fingers back and forth over it and then fingered her. He really wanted to slide his tongue into her and see how she tasted, but we still didn’t know if she was ‘safe’ so he had to use a dental dam. This didn’t stop him from eating her to orgasm and after a short kitty kissing session, he moved up her body and pushed his cock into her. As they fucked, he told her about the unprotected party and asked her if she was going to come to it. She said that wasn’t sure Mike described to her how much he wanted to eat her pussy, taste her and feel its texture and then went on to describe how much every guy at the party wanted to fuck her.

My (limited) understanding is that Japanese people are meant to be quite embarrassed about sex but Kiyomi didn’t seem to mind the dirty talk and as the session got more heated, she started to thrust back against him. Mike got her to wrap her legs around him and they kissed deeply, swapping saliva, as he pumped into her. To finish off, they rolled over so Kiyomi was on top and Mike pounded away inside her at full speed. He held her ass tightly to help guide her and slowly edged his fingers closer together until they were touching on her asshole. It took Kiyomi a while to cum and Mike had to concentrate quite hard to hold back, but he got an orgasm out of her and then once he allowed himself, he came quite quickly. She stayed on his cock for a little while and he told her how he wished he’d been able to cum in her properly and asked her to think about coming to the unprotected party (she agreed to think about it).

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Revealing Fetishes - Part 2

We went back to York for a 'reunion' weekend. I may have made a slight snaffu, but I'll write about it due course... Back to our visit with Lis and Lucy...

After breakfast we showered – I went in with Lucy and Jen went in with Lis. Lucy and I had gently played with each other but not to orgasm (as Jen and I had planned something else). On their way in to the shower I whispered to Jen to try something else that we had discussed and told her I’d do whatever she wanted in return. I wasn’t at all sure whether Jen would go through with it, but five minutes later, she and Lis returned from the shower and Lis announced that Jen had just peed over her leg. It was clear that things hadn’t quite gone to plan and Jen was embarrassed and she just got redder when Lucy asked Lis to tell her what had happened.

They had been showering and fooling around – Jen had used the pulse spray on Lis for a bit and they were standing kissing with Jen grinding against Lis’ leg. The dare had been to see if Jen could cum and pee over Lis without Lis noticing – Jen wasn’t that close to cumming but liked the idea of being able to pee down Lis’ leg and she had thought that while they were kissing, Lis wouldn’t notice. As I’ve implied before, Lis is quite observant though and she did notice – she didn’t really mind but was a bit surprised and asked Jen what she was doing. Jen apologised and said that she just liked doing this and asked Lis not to tell Lucy. Unfortunately, Lis and Lucy share pretty much everything so asking her not to tell is similar to asking Mike, Jen or me to keep something from the others.

As Jen’s secret fetish was out, I asked Lis if she had let Jen finish off and cum and Lis said that she hadn’t as Jen had been too embarrassed. Lis seemed to get what I was hinting at and told Jen that if she wanted, they could return to the shower and Jen could finish what she started. Jen was hesitant at first, but the more I described to her how she could cum while humping against Lis and let her pee run down Lis’ legs I could see she was warming to the idea. Jen complained that she couldn’t believe we were going to make her do it, but didn’t struggle when Lis took her hand and led her back into the bathroom. Naturally Lucy and I tagged along to watch and the clear shower curtain came in very handy in this regard. They stood and kissed, then fingered each other and took turns grinding against each other. We all knew what we wanted to see and discussed whether it would be a better demonstration if Jen peed against Lis’ leg or if Lis should stand back and finger Jen. We opted for the latter so as Jen’s orgasm approached, she braced herself in the corner of the shower and Lis played with Jen’s pussy. Lis asked if she should finger or frig Jen and I told her to do whatever she wanted but warned her that would be some spray. Lis said that they would have to shower again anyway so decided to do both to Jen. I told Jen to let go and just enjoy herself and watched closely as her orgasm built.

I sat on the toilet, picked up Lis’ hairbrush and slowly fucked myself with it. Lis was mewing away and I knew that she was just about to cum and I told Lucy to pay attention so she could see how much Jen enjoyed herself. Jen had obviously decided that as she was letting Lis and Lucy see her do this, she was going to enjoy it and as she came, she let out a strong stream that splashed and sprayed over her legs, Lis’ hands and arms and a good part of the shower. Jen had one hand against the wall and was cupping and squeezing one of her breasts with the other one (usually a sign that she’s having a good orgasm). Lis carried on playing with her until Jen stopped peeing, removed her hands from Jen’s crotch and shook them dry(er). It had been a very arousing display and I decided to go a little further with Lis’ hairbrush than I’d intended. I used my other hand to play with my clit and pushed Lis’ brush in as far as I could then wiggled it around. I imagined the four of us in the shower together enjoying ourselves and came with the image of us all peeing over each other (I don’t usually fantasise about this, but given what I’d just watched I guess it was natural).

Jen and Lis were finishing up by the time I came so we went and got dressed to head out into town. We didn’t get up to much during the day other than wandering round, shopping, having lunch and chatting but we hinted to Lucy and Lis a number of times that we had an interesting evening planned. We bought things to make a picnic dinner and sat around eating and chatting for a couple of hours. We made a few references to what we thought Mike might have been up to during the day and what he might do at the party. Lucy still thought it was odd that I was fine with him going off and fucking multiple women but agreed it was only fair as Jen and I were spending the weekend with her and Lis.

We rested for a while after dinner and once our food had settled, Jen and I divulged our plan for the evening. Jen went and fetched our strap on from our case and we said that we wanted to try some group sessions where one person got to do things to the other three simultaneously. We weren’t entirely sure how this would work but we’d thought about it a little and suggested that whoever wore the strap on would lie on their back with someone riding the vibe, someone sitting over their face and the remaining person crouching beside them so she could be fingered. This met with general agreement (although a little scepticism as to whether we’d have the co-ordination to make all three people cum. This was easily rectified by setting the ground rules of whoever was wearing the strap on, not being allowed to take off the harness until the three other people had all cum. Lucy hadn’t fully realised what the plan was and asked who was going to have to wear the harness so we enlightened her and said that we would all have a turn wearing it so we each got to cum in each of the positions. She wasn’t sure she was up to cumming four times but we had the whole evening and didn’t have to rush things so I was fairly certain that it wouldn’t be an issue.

For comfort, we used the bed – I started off wearing the harness and a small amount of tingle gel was applied to the internal vibe to help things along. Once I was firmly strapped in, Jen helped Lucy to get the vibe inside her and Lis knelt over my face. I then groped around for Jen and she pulled my hand to her pussy. I was handed two remote controlled eggs (as I said, we’d planned this evening) and I left one on the bed near Jen while I fingered her while I used the second one on Lucy’s clit. As expected, it was quite difficult to pay attention to all three girls while also trying to enjoy things myself, but I’m quite good at multitasking and used the way Lucy was riding the vibe as my timing for doing things to the others. I couldn’t see anything as my view was taken up by Lis’ ass and pussy (and her back), but there was a bit of mutual breast fondling going on and Jen kissed both Lis and Lucy a number of times. Jen got Lucy to lean back a bit which pushed the internal vibe harder against my clit and I switched to using the vibrating eggs on both Jen and Lucy so I could concentrate on eating Lis and enjoying myself. Lucy enjoyed the way the vibe felt inside her a lot more in this position and with the added stimulation of the egg, she was the first to cum.

I was a little disappointed when she climbed off the vibe, but it was her job to help me cum and she pushed the crotch of the harness firmly against my pussy. I could hear that Lis wasn’t too far from cumming so I redoubled my efforts on her and lapped as far inside her as I could as well as sucking on her clit. I got Jen to kneel over my stomach so I could use a thumb inside her while using the egg with my other hand. In this position, she and Lis could kiss much more readily and their tongues duelled. Surprisingly (given what I was doing to Lis’ clit), Jen came first but Lis wasn’t too far behind her. I kept Lis in place to kitty kiss her and my fingers in Jen until I came and we had a break to prepare for round two.

We spent the rest of the evening taking turns in different positions – round two involved Jen on her back with the harness on, Lis riding the vibe, Lucy being eaten and me being fingered. It was nice being in the middle as I could easily caress the others. Just as Jen had done with me, I climbed over her chest to make it easier for her to finish me off. Next it was Lucy’s turn to wear the harness and she ate me and fingered Lis while Jen rode the vibe. Jen was the last one of us to cum this time, but that meant that Lucy had to endure the harness for a while after she’d cum.

We had a longer break this time before heading in to the final round in which I rode the vibe while it was attached to Lis. I took inspiration from Jen’s display with Lucy and leant back as far as I could so the internal vibe was pressed hard against Lis’ cunt. I got Lucy to help by teasing Lis’ nipples and I caressed her stomach (she sometimes likes this). Lis got Jen off fairly quickly (we all like the rapid little licks that Lis uses) but continued to kitty kiss her and while I got quite close to cumming, I held back (which is quite easy to do when you’re in control of where you are being stimulated) until Lucy had cum and Lis had cum once. Lucy guessed what I was doing and told me not to be mean to Lis but I said that I was having trouble cumming and I might need to see Lis cum again to push me over the edge. Lucy came to Lis’ rescue and sat behind me so she could reach around and play with my clit. I wasn’t prepared for this and couldn’t resist the combination of the vibe and Lucy’s fingers. I soon came and Jen climbed off Lis’ face and asked her if she could carry on a little longer. Lis said she could so Jen told Lucy to keep playing with me. Jen roughly fondled one of my breasts and Lucy took the other one, all the time strumming her fingers back and forth over my clit. I was already feeling quite sensitive from having the vibe inside me for so long (and having just cum), but I knew I wasn’t going to be released until I came again.

They continued teasing me and I did manage to cum again, but it was a very sharp orgasm that almost came out of nowhere. It shot out of my cunt and through my lower body and I nearly whacked Lucy with my head as I jerked around. I was allowed to dismount after this but as further punishment for intending to make Lis suffer, I had to kitty kiss her. This was at least the sort of ‘punishment’ I liked and her pussy certainly needed a clean as it was very pink and covered with her juices. I could hardly taste the tingle gel and carefully lapped all around and inside her pussy. I didn’t think it was fair that I was the only one to be made to cum an extra time, but Lis had recovered sufficiently that she didn’t complain when I started to lick her more forcefully and by the time I was really getting stuck in, she was pushing my head against her pussy and humping back against me. Jen and Lucy had just been chatting and were surprised when Lis started moaning, but saw that she was enjoying herself so let us just carry on. I let myself go and gave her ass and cunt a good licking as she came and then climbed up her body to kiss her and share her pussy juice. Lis wrapped her legs around me and once we’d kissed a while longer, we looked over at Jen and Lucy and said that it was now their turn, but they’d both had enough for the night. We did consider pinning them down and taking them, but doubted we could restrain them both at once so gave in.

We decided to all try to sleep in the bed that night – it wasn’t the most comfortable sleep, but it was nice being pressed up against each other. We were a bit stiff when we woke up in the morning and the room stank of our juices (noted by Lucy when she returned from the bathroom). Jen pulled her down onto the bed and started to eat her so I paired off with Lis and we had our own session. It wasn’t anything fancy, but we all came and then dozed for a little while before getting up for breakfast and showers.

We convinced Lucy and Lis to let us give them a final orgasm before we headed out for lunch and then our train home. At my request, they kept their clothes on and bent over the end of the bed while Jen and I took turns licking and fingering them. While Jen kept them aroused, I attached the strap on and then alternated between them while Jen licked and fingered the other one. I really wanted to make them both cum in quick succession but as we weren’t sure how successful this would be, I indicated to Jen what to do and she climbed up onto the bed to let Lis eat her while I fucked and frigged Lis until she came. Lis and Lucy knew that I was using the dildo attachment instead of the vibe, but they didn’t know it was the ejaculating attachment. As Lis came, I pushed the button and shot four decent loads of cum into Lis. I pulled out, pulled Lis’ panties up and then switched over to fucking Lucy. Lis couldn’t say anything as Jen as holding Lis’ head against her cunt and I fucked and frigged Lucy as hard as I could until she came. She got the same amount of cum squirted into her and I then thought I may as well do it properly and gave her a second load. As soon as I pulled out, the cum leaked out of Lucy’s cunt and she went to get up but I quickly pulled her panties up and told her that I had wanted to cum in her. As I’d given Lucy a double measure, I pulled the (quite wet) crotch of Lis’ panties to the side, pushed the cock back into her and squirted the remained of the cum into her. Lis then had to stand there and continue to eat Jen while her panties got even wetter.

Lucy complained that her panties were soaked and I agreed that she couldn’t go out while wearing them (she would have left a mark on her skirt whenever she sat down). I convinced her to at least let the cum drip out of her pussy naturally and assured her that a second set of panties probably wouldn’t soak through. While helping her change (not that she needs help putting panties on, but it was a bonus chance to fondle her) I convinced her that Lis should have to keep her wet panties on and just make sure she didn’t sit on her skirt. When Lis finished with Jen and heard what we’d agreed, she complained but I promised I’d make it up to her in future and she finally agreed. All it meant was that Lis had to flip her skirt back before sitting down (and that she left wet marks on the +seat). Her pussy was still nice and wet when we went to the station – I had made sure Lis had worn a long enough coat that we could give her a good fingering while saying goodbye but I thought it was time to make good on my promise so once Jen and I had both given her a good fingering I pulled the front of her panties down and attacked her clit with more force. I used the back of my hand to slowly work her panties down and whispered in her ear to spread her legs slightly so I could get to her clit better but also to make sure her panties didn’t slide down to her ankles. Lis didn’t initially think I would actually make her cum while we were surrounded by people, but as I continued to frig her and told her how I wanted to feel her own juices on my fingers, she realised. I continued until she came and then gently stroked her pussy, feeling her shiver slightly when my fingers ran directly over her clit. She still felt very wet and I hoped that at least some of it was her own juices so I told her that it was a good thing the station was noisy as her cunt had probably been making all sorts of slurping sounds. I did at least half pull her panties up before releasing her but kept an arm around her so she couldn’t disappear to the toilet and pull them up the whole way.

Lucy didn’t seem too shocked by what we’d done, but declined our offer to do the same to her (although I did get my fingers into her panties briefly). We parted ways and I promised Lis that Mike would be with us next time if she still wanted him and promised Lucy that this meant she would get twice the attention from us. I really wanted to cum on the journey home but the best I managed was to sit with the dildo buried in my cunt. Only when we got home could I finally relieve myself and I lay on the bed and used one of our long double dildos on myself in both holes while Jen and I made plans for our next session with Lis and Lucy.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Revealing Fetishes - Part 1

In the middle of April it was time for the start of term sex party in York, but Lis and Lucy also wanted us to go and visit them. This presented us with a real dilemma as we all enjoyed being able to play with many people at the parties and Mike and Jen wanted to see (and fuck) Sue, but we also wanted to see (and again, fuck) Lis and Lucy.

After much deliberation we decided that as we had invited Sue and Vicky to the party, someone had to go to York (I’m sure they would have coped perfectly well on their own, but it was just good manners). As much as Mike wanted a chance to get inside Lis again, we agreed that it would be good for Jen and I to have a girls only weekend with Lis and Lucy (not that I begrudge Mike getting to fuck Lis, but she is meant to be my extra-marital crush so getting some alone time with her was very appealing). As for Mike, it would mean that he would get two evenings with Vicky and Sue (as well as the party) so I didn’t feel at all bad for him.

Mike refrained from cumming in me for a couple of days so I was ‘clean’ for Lucy. Jen and I left straight from Uni on the Friday afternoon and Mike headed down to York. I think Lis was a little disappointed that Mike wasn’t going to be there to continue her acclimatisation to cock, but she knew that I intended to make up for his absence so it didn’t bother her too much. The Friday night was fairly vanilla – we met up and had a drink before heading back to their place and bed. Once back inside, things got a bit more interesting and we sat making out on the sofa for a while. Jen and I swapped between Lucy and Lis and we practiced the various things we’d learned about them (and they about us). It was a very hot session with nibbling of earlobes, kissing and stroking of necks, sucking on nipples (or biting in Jen’s case) and lots of caressing. There was very little pussy play – the odd touch or stroke, but nothing too intense as the idea was just to get each other aroused. We certainly achieved that and I ended up feeling a lot wetter than I have in quite a while.

Jen asked what the sleeping arrangements were going to be but she knew full well that I wanted to have some time along with Lis (as she wanted some time with Lucy). Lucy has assumed we would use duvets on the floor in the living room so we could all sleep together again but we agreed that at least one pair should use the bed (for comfort) each night and they could join the other couple in the living room in the morning so we could still have group sessions. Lucy said that as Lis and I was older, we could use the bed and Lucy would take the duvet in the living room with Jen. I warned Lucy that she would pay for that comment and if I hadn’t wanted to fuck her girlfriend so badly then I would be repaying her straight away.

Lis and I retired to the bedroom and quickly stripped off our remaining clothes. She had a freshly shaved pussy (as did I) and I ran my hands over it and between her lips as we stood and kissed. I curled a finger up inside her and told her I’d missed her, but that I intended to compensate for that by making her mine for the whole night. She lifted one of my breasts to her mouth and eagerly sucked on the nipple before taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. I wasn’t feeling patient enough for any more foreplay so pulled her over to the bed and told her that she could have my breasts after we’d cum, but for now I wanted her mouth on my cunt. I lay back and pushed her head down between my legs, but I didn’t want to be selfish so after enjoying her tongue for a minute or so I told her to climb over me so we could 69.

As soon as she was in place, I pulled her down and pushed my tongue between her lips. It may have just been my imagination, but she tasted better than I remembered (and I’ve tasted her a fair bit) – she didn’t match Emily’s wonderful taste (but then nobody does), but it made eating her even more pleasurable than usual. Lis did a good job of getting stuck into me as well and I felt her rapid licks on my pussy, my clit and inside me as she moved around. I half wrapped my legs around her and told her what she was doing felt amazing. I challenged her to make me cum before she did and we set about each other even more vigorously. I was fairly confident that I would easily win this so I didn’t bother holding back too much (and I really wanted to cum). I mostly focussed on Lis’ clit, but also gave a few long licks along the length of her cunt, into her pussy and occasionally over her ass. Even when I could feel my orgasm building I could hear that Lis was panting into me and could tell she was close so just carried on with what I was doing. As I’d expected, I won and made her cum first – annoyingly, she broke contact with my pussy as she came which interrupted the nice pressure that had been building in me, but at least she resumed eating me fairly quickly. She wasn’t quite as intense as she had been before, but I was still quite close so it didn’t take long until I came and I tried to describe to her how it felt as I came.

Lis kitty kissed me for a little while so I did the same to her and she then called in my promise to let her play with my breasts. We lay on our sides so we could each kiss and caress the other’s breasts and after doing this for a while, Lis twirled around so we could kiss properly. I rolled on top of her and as I pushed my leg between hers, I told her that she wasn’t going to escape that easily. I started grinding against her and we kissed deeply, swirling tongues around in each other’s mouths. We found our rhythm and Lis held on to my ass to help keep us firmly together. We humped against each other’s thighs, getting closer to cumming, but I wanted to rub against her properly so we interrupted things and rearranged ourselves so we could scissor. We were both wet enough that things felt very slippery and we alternated between sliding against each other and slamming our cunts together. We returned to our previous position to finish things off and I made Lis cum before me again, but she kept her leg held still so I could continue to hump against it until I came.

I lay on top of her and we kissed some more. Our session had been fairly energetic and we were both covered in a light sweat which felt nice as we cooled down. I once again realised how much I care about Lis – there is nobody else other than Mike and Jen that I’d rather be doing things with and told Lis very earnestly just how much she meant to me. We curled up together and I made her promise that she would be mine (after Lucy of course) and I would be hers (after Mike and Jen). We took turns caressing each other – similarly to how we’d done as a group earlier (in a mostly non-sexual way) and I played with the patch of rough skin on her leg where she had cut herself shaving a long time ago. We discussed how things were going to change if Jen or I got pregnant and Lisa sled (again) if she could help us out.

When Lis and I had left them, Lucy and Jen had moved on to the duvets on the floor. Despite Lucy being relatively conservative (at least compared to the rest of her group) when it comes to sex, she seems to now be quite comfortable with our new arrangement and we (especially Jen) were getting better at figuring out what got her aroused (although we may have also used a little ‘insider knowledge’ from Lis). Jen knew full well that Lucy didn’t usually want to cum anywhere near as many times as I would, but Lis had also asked us to see if we could help with encouraging Lucy to push herself a little further (Lis has a slightly higher libido than Lucy and would like it if they matched a little more).

Once naked, Jen had pushed Lucy down on her back and had crouched over her so he could kiss Lucy’s breasts while using her fingers on and in Lucy’s pussy. Jen took things fairly slowly and as Lucy got more aroused, she kissed around her neck and upper chest as well as her breasts. By the time Lucy came, she was panting and pushing Jen’s hand harder against her cunt. Jen gave her a short while to recover and then said that she wanted to cum, so climbed over Lucy in a 69 position and said that she would kitty kiss Lucy while she was being eaten. As Lucy got her breath back, she set about licking Jen with more force and Jen’s kitty kissing slowly changed into properly eating Lucy. As Jen has started off slowly, she came first, but by that point Lucy wasn’t objecting to the way Jen was eating and fingering her so Jen carried on until she made Lucy cum again. Once Lucy had finished cumming, Jen went back to kitty kissing her (hoping that they might go for another round), but Lucy wanted to kiss so Jen climbed off and lay beside her.

Once they had kissed for a while and Jen’s hand had wandered back down between Lucy’s legs, Jen asked Lucy to let her try something. Lucy was a little nervous (as is often wise when people ask to ‘try something’) but Jen told her to trust her (also often a sign to be nervous!) but let Jen proceed. Jen lifted one of the candles down from the coffee table and rubbed the end against Lucy’s pussy. The candle hadn’t been used and was in a spiral pattern (as if three thinner candles had been twisted together). She slowly worked the end into Lucy and then proceeded to fuck her with it. Once Lucy relaxed, she enjoyed this but didn’t think she could cum again and after a bit longer didn’t feel wet enough so Jen stopped. Jen was a little disappointed, but when she ran the candle up and down her own pussy, Lucy asked if she wanted some help so Jen handed the candle over, lay back and spread her legs.

Lucy used the candle in Jen and once getting the appropriate depth, fucked her with it. After a bit of experimentation, she found out that Jen enjoyed it more if she ran the candle up and down the length of Jen’s lips, so the ridges in the candle bumped over Jen’s clit. Jen got Lucy to press the candle hard against her as she moved it and by alternating between stimulating her with the candle and fucking her with it, Lucy got a second orgasm out of Jen. Jen got Lucy to kitty kiss her briefly and they then curled up together. Jen continued to caress Lucy and pushed her hand between her legs to cup her pussy. Lucy still didn’t want to cum again but let Jen continue to run her hands over her.

Lis and I woke up first on the Saturday and briefly played with each other but made sure that neither of us came. We then went in and woke up Jen and Lucy by carefully positioning ourselves and then both pouncing at the same time. I positioned myself between Lucy’s legs and pushed my face into her cunt and Lis knelt over Jen and then lowered herself onto Jen’s face. Jen woke up with a bit of start, but she is used to being woken up like this so almost immediately started to lick Lis. When Lucy woke up, she complained that she needed to pee but I told her that I wanted to eat her properly before she ruined the way she tasted. She gave in but told me to hurry (which of course meant that I took my time. I actually got her close to cumming fairly quickly but then backed off and slowly teased her – I licked in and around her pussy and flicked my tongue over her ass a number of times. She seemed to be more at ease with this so I went a step further and speared her a couple of times before returning to her pussy and continuing to eat her. I carried on like this for a while and only when Jen had finished with Lis did I finish things off and make Lucy cum. I pressed down on her bladder a little as I ate her through her orgasm (but not too hard) and as soon as I released her, Lucy quickly clambered up and dashed to the toilet to pee.

I was feeling mischievous and didn’t want to wait for Lucy to return so I told Lis to get to work on Jen and I took position where Lis had been. As I watched Lis eat Jen and felt Jen eat me, I caressed and tweaked Jen’s nipples. I rocked back and forth on Jen’s face and when Lucy returned I told her that she could just watch us if she wanted. I continued to ride Jen’s face but knew that unless I held back, I wasn’t going to last much longer. It didn’t seem worth trying to prolong things so I humped against Jen faster and just enjoyed the feeling as my orgasm pulsed out from my cunt. I stayed sitting over Jen and let her kitty kiss me, then held her legs up to give Lis a better angle to lick her. In this position, Lis could easily flick her tongue over Jen’s clit and it didn’t take her long to make Jen cum. I took over at this point and kitty kissed Jen (just for a short time) and then rolled off of her.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Training Clare and Giles - Part 4

We've just got back from visiting Jen's family (and we *really* need to pay a visit to my Mum - although that probably wouldn't be as much fun now that Sue isn't living at home anymore). I continued my tradition of 'getting to know' Jen's brother, but you'll find out more in due course. Back to our weekend with Clare and Giles...

In Mike’s room, he and Jen had their own fun. They were obviously a lot more limited in what they could do, but Jen sat over him and humped against his cock until she came. They then kissed for a while (with Mike’s cock still nestled along the length of Jen’s cunt). When it was time for the second round, Mike attached Jen’s nipple clamps (to her) and covered his cock with tingle gel. Jen once again rode him, sliding back and forth and pressing her clit against him as hard as she could. Mike pulled on the chain, tugging at Jen’s nips and when she was close to cumming she sat upright a bit more so there was less pressure on her clit. She continued to grind against him until he was close to cumming and then leant forwards again so she felt more. They agreed that no matter who came first, they would continue until they had both cum. Mike cheated a bit and didn’t pull on the nipple chain as much so he ended up cumming first, which just resulted in an even stickier mess for Jen to slide over. Once he’d cum, he used a lot more force on the chain and Jen came fairly soon after. Once again she lay on top of him and pressed her body against his, feeling his cum squish over her stomach and crotch. Mike could feel the clamps pressing into his chest and he told Jen he would spend a while kissing her nips. She wasn’t going to refuse an offer like that so rolled off of him and let him remove the clamps to reveal her red nipples.

He spent a while kissing and stroking her nipples and she commented on his cock pressing against her leg so he half rolled on top of her and pressed a leg between hers. He ground against her cunt and asked if she thought she could cum again and with a bit more nipple kissing and dirty talk, convinced her to try. To make it easier, they rolled over so Jen was on top again, but this time Mike was the one doing most of the work. He held on to her ass and guided her up and down as he pushed his thigh against her. He told her how he couldn’t wait to be able to fuck her and how he would spend days eating her to countless orgasms. Jen has heard all of this before so it wasn’t anything new – she knows just how big a change it will be to have the three of us being able to do things properly and is looking forward to it. I’ve tried to convince them that it might be a good idea for them to start fucking properly before Jen comes off of the pill (so they can enjoy it without having to think about the baby thing at the same time) but Jen decided that she wants her first time to be when we are trying to get pregnant. Mike also seems happy with this (and much happier now he’s allowed to help make Jen cum).

He kept a tight grip on her ass and they kissed sloppily as she got close to cumming. Mike told her to cream over his leg, although he could feel that she had already left a large slippery mess. Jen came with her head by his ear and he enjoyed hearing her mewing and panting as she came. She said that her pussy felt hot from the friction, but she had enjoyed the session and Mike spooned behind her with his cock pressed against her back as they fell asleep. They discussed what they would do for their morning session (as they couldn’t eat each other awake) and decided that they would just wait until we (Clare, Giles and I) were awake and then join us for round two.

Things didn’t quite work out that way as Mike woke up with his cock pressed up against Jen and decided he wanted to cum over her. He grabbed one of the remote controlled egg vibrators from his drawer and positioned his cock between her lips again. Jen woke up with he was doing this so he explained what he had in mind and Jen spread her lips so he could position himself properly. Once in place, he used the egg and stimulated both his cock and Jen’s clit. Jen came first by quite a margin – at first Mike wasn’t sure he was going to be able to cum but he found the sweet spot (just under the glans) and put the vibe on high power. It still took a little while and he almost slipped inside Jen a couple of times, but she knew he wasn’t trying to do that on purpose so she stayed pressed against him and let him kiss her shoulders and neck. As he got closer to cumming she lifted her hair out of the way and told him to bite the back of her neck – usually I’m the only one allowed to do this so Mike was appreciative of the offer and bit just hard enough to leave a mark. He shot most of his cum over his own hand and wrist, but lifted it up and smeared it over Jen’s breasts. They then went back to sleep for a while and Mike kissed Jen’s neck (he hadn’t bitten that hard, but he likes her neck as it looks quite long and graceful when fully exposed).

I woke Clare in exactly the way I’d said I would. She seemed to be less startled by this method of being woken up than she had been with Mike and Jen. As I was kneeling on all fours, Giles asked if he could fuck me and I told him he could, but he wasn’t allowed to cum as we had to try something else and I needed him able to cum a couple of times. He was well enough behaved and just used me while I ate Clare. Once she had cum, I asked her if she was wanted to continue her journey into bi-sexuality and lick me while Mike fucked me. Fortunately she was up for this (but it would have been rude for her to refuse as I’d just eaten her) and so I got Giles to lie at the edge of the bed, Clare to kneel between his legs and I sat over him and impaled myself on his cock. With Giles’ help, I slowly rode up and down on his cock while Clare licked us both. I got her to concentrate on my clit and then on his shaft and a few times I pulled up so he was almost out of me and she could lick the head. I contracted myself around him and he really enjoyed this, especially if I did it while lifting myself up. I asked Clare if she enjoyed licking two people at once and she said that it was strange, but nice so I promised her that once I’d cum, I would do the same to her in return. She told me that she’d like that and we continued, but Giles soon said that he was getting close to cumming.

I warned him that he could cum whenever he wanted, but I intended to stay on his cock until I came. I don’t know what Giles actually intended to do as I was a little mean and contracted myself around him as hard as I could and bounced up and down a number of times. He told us he was about to cum but I didn’t stop until he grabbed my hips and said that it felt too intense. I told him that I’d warned him but I did at least slow down and just gently rocked back and forth on him as Clare licked me. I got her to concentrate on my clit so we didn’t torture him for too long and I got Giles to concentrate on what he could feel as I came around his cock.

I lifted myself off and let his cum run out of me, then joined Clare on the floor so we could kiss and lick his cock clean. I used my fingers on her pussy while we did this and told her that she would get to feel what I’d just experienced as soon as Giles was ready again. Unfortunately for Clare, I had pushed him a bit too hard and even after 10 minutes he said he still felt very sensitive. I suggested that Clare could always use Mike and (so he didn’t feel bad) pointed out that I really wanted Giles to be cumming in me anyway. He liked the idea of watching Clare being fucked by two people. I went to fetch Mike and found out that he’d already played with Clare, but he thought he could manage another session (he’d had a rest) so they both came in to join us. As promised, we repeated what I’d done with Giles, but with Clare on Mike’s cock and me licking them both. Clare enjoyed it immensely and over breakfast she once again admitted that she enjoyed doing things with us a lot more than she had expected.

We ate breakfast and got ready for the day. I took Giles into the shower and Mike let Jen take Clare in, but only on the provision that once she was nice and clean, he would get to eat her. Clare wasn’t used to having anywhere near this amount of attention paid to her and Mike spent quite a while just teasing and kitty kissing her. As I knew (or assumed) that Clare still wasn’t likely to be too adventurous once we went out, I thought we may as well enjoy things properly so Jen climbed over Clare’s face to be eaten and I presented myself to Giles (who was feeling ready to fuck again). I let him take me in a number of positions and for part of the time I went down on Clare while he fucked me (so we made a foursome – Giles, me, Clare, Jen). I let him use a couple of toys on my clit as well and told him that once we had finished, we could play with Clare more. Mike had already made her cum once and was working on a second orgasm and Clare was well on the way to making Jen cum (while Clare was certainly improving, she didn’t yet seem to know how to read us to determine what we were enjoying or when we wanted something done differently).

Giles reminded me that I had promised that he could cum over (or between) my breasts. I got him to make me cum first and then knelt so I could press my breasts around his cock. He fucked back and forth and I got him to lift the head of his cock to my mouth a couple of times so I could suck it, but made sure that when he came, he was firmly nestled between my breasts. He didn’t really produce any more cum than he had the time we’d done this before, but he still enjoyed himself. Jen had cum and Clare was very close to her second orgasm by this point so I gave her my breasts and told her to clean up the mess her boyfriend had made. She was a little hesitant at first (but I now know that she isn’t really any keener on eating boy-cum than I am), but eventually got stuck in and gave them a good licking. Mike made her cum while her face was still buried between my breasts.

We gave her a little while to rest and I asked if she would eat me one last time before we went out for lunch and then to see them off. Clare agreed to this and once I was sitting over her, the others set about her with various toys. They all fucked her with vibes and dildos and Jen briefly demonstrated the use of one of the double ended dildos with her. Mike coated one of our silicon covered vibes with tingle gel and used it in her, which had quite an effect on her. Clare got me off sometime around this point and (at my request) continued to kitty kiss me. They had fortunately saved the best for last though and only when Clare was getting close to cumming did they pull out our mains powered vibe. Mike and Jen spread Clare’s lips and Giles pressed the ball against Clare’s cunt. I felt Clare jump underneath me, but she wasn’t allowed to escape and was forced to have what she said was an incredibly intense orgasm.

We did kitty kiss her for a while afterwards (which I think always makes things feel much better if the orgasm has been too strong) and then Mike offered to give her a massage to make up for us having abused her. He oiled up her back and as he caressed her skin, I pushed his cock against her ass. He moved back a little and I pushed the head down between her legs so he could push into her cunt and he buried himself the whole way inside her. She complained that she didn’t have the energy to fuck again but he assured her he wasn’t going to do this and would just move slowly while he massaged her. Clare came to enjoy this and once the massage was done, she was in a much more relaxed state of mind and agreed to try something on.

I had been discussing dressing up with Giles and shown him our Japanese schoolgirl outfits (just on the hangers, we hadn’t bothered to put them on). He told me he liked the look I often had at the parties so this is what wed had decided to dress Clare in. She didn’t object to this and let us put a pair of Jen’s white panties and long white socks on her. The bra was a bit more of a challenge as Clare is somewhere between Jen and I in cup size, but we squeezed her into one of Jen’s bras and even put her hair up in two small bunches. It was certainly quote a cute outfit on her and went well with her blonde hair. We tried to convince her to go out for lunch dressed like this (with a dress over it of course) but to be fair to her, the bra really was too small. It was obvious that both Mike and Giles really liked the look and we convinced Clare to let them use her so they could enjoy the outfit properly.

I was a little surprised that she had agreed to this as we’d pushed her quite far, but she lay on her back, I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and Giles pushed in to her. I got him to lift her legs up and he fucked her. I’m not sure if he was actually intending to cum when he first started, but Jen and I caressed Clare’s body and legs and at one point Mike even gave Clare his cock to suck on. I doubt she looked quite as cute with all of this happening to her, but I know that Mike really enjoys the contrast between someone looking cute and being naughty. Giles enjoyed himself enough that he pumped into Clare until he came and I suggested that Clare could help clean him up while Mike enjoyed her. For this, Mike got her to kneel on all fours and I once again pulled the crotch of her panties aside to let him get in to her. Clare took Giles in her mouth and sucked him clean of her juices and Mike suggested that I help out and play with Clare’s clit. She said that she didn’t think she could cum again but after a bit of pestering allowed us to try so Jen joined in as well and half climbed under Clare so she could play with her breasts. I used my fingers on Clare’s clit and with everyone stimulating her (or in Giles’ case, just letting her suck him) we got her to the point where she conceded that she could cum. Mike warned her that once she’d cum he would keep going until he came and Clare said that she didn’t care. As she got close to cumming, she put her head down on the bed (so Jen had to move out from under her) but I carried on frigging her. She moaned into the covers as she came and as promised, Mike fucked her through her orgasm and carried on until he came. He pushed deep into her and when he pulled out, I pulled the panties back over her crotch to keep any cum inside her (although neither Mike nor Giles probably produced much).

Clare said she felt exhausted and we had to promise not to try to do anything more to her as she changed back into her clothes. Jen tried to lend her a dress to wear over lunch but Clare was worried (and probably rightly so) that wearing a dress might lead to us wanting to play more games with her. We settled for her keeping Jen’s panties on with the promise to return them at the next party. We even got Clare to keep the socks on (as they were under her jeans, nobody could see them) and over lunch we got her to agree to wear the outfit (with a more comfortable but still cute bra) and let Giles fuck her a few times over the next week so the panties would be soaked in their combined juices by the time we got them back.

We each got a kiss from Clare and Giles at the station (well, Mike got a handshake) and it didn’t take much to convince Giles to put his hand up my skirt and finger me briefly. Clare was convinced to do the same to Jen and just so she wasn’t left out, Mike got to rub Clare’s crotch (which wasn’t quite as effective through jeans). I whispered to Clare that she had a wonderful cunt that I was looking forward to visiting again and I cupped Giles’ crotch and told him that he could cum over my breasts any time he wanted to. On the way back to the house, we agreed that the weekend had been much more eventful than we had expected and wondered if Clare and Giles would want to join us on holiday sometime…

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Training Clare and Giles - Part 3

We're back from holiday now and had a wonderful week (although Mike somehow managed to catch a bit of a cold). It'll probably be a little while before you get to read about it, but be assured that we made the most of our last holiday of freedom (before babies) and have plenty of material for you to cum over... Back to Claire and Giles' visit now...

I told her that we wanted to see things done properly and tugged on her skirt until it slipped down over her waist. I helped Clare up and stole a cheeky few licks before Jen handed her the cucumber and we stood back to watch. Clare was once again obviously embarrassed (and to be fair, starting off with things like this with four people intently watching you is probably quite intense) but she eventually pushed the tip between her lips and then worked a little more into her. We let her get going before Jen and I moved closer to her and started to assist her. This was mostly through stroking her clit, but we took turns with the cucumber so the other person could remove Clare’s top and Clare could feed her arms out through the holes. Jen and I then concentrated on her nipples (one each) and told Clare that she may as well finish herself off as she was doing so well. She said that she couldn’t believe she was doing this, but I once again pointed out that we’d all seen (and made) her cum before anyway so she may as well just enjoy herself. I assume that she is used to using a vibe or dildo as she adjusted her grip on the cucumber so she couldn’t push it in too deep without us telling her to do this – she used her other hand on her clit and once she had accepted that we wanted to see her cum, she didn’t take too long to achieve this.

Only when she’d cum did I tell her that we would be using the cucumber in the salad – which she thought was disgusting but couldn’t counter the argument that we’d all eaten her juices before. She was going to get dressed again but Mike took her into Jen’s room and spent a while kitty kissing her and giving her further training on how we do this. He was careful not to make her cum again - partially as Clare said she felt quite sensitive and partially so he could get her sufficiently aroused that she would want to do things again later on – but as their session progressed he licked her more forcefully, around her pussy, inside her and occasionally grazing his tongue over her ass. When Jen went to call them in for dinner Mike kissed his way up her body and pushed his cock into her while they kissed. Clare seemed to welcome this so he guessed he’d achieved his aim of getting her horny, at which point he pulled out and dragged her along to dinner. Unfortunately she wasn’t yet comfortable enough being naked around us in a ‘normal’ setting (when not actually having sex) so she put Jen’s robe on.

Mike and I cleared up while Jen, Giles and Clare chatted. This was our first chance to properly trade information and when we discovered that Clare liked having her legs played with. I’m quite used to this as Mike is a leg man (technically a pussy man, but certainly legs come next before breasts in his case). When we joined the others in the living room, we found Jen sitting with her legs spread and gently toying with herself. She wasn’t really masturbating, just showing off and enjoying the fact that Giles was closely watching her (even though she isn’t interested in men, she still enjoys the feeling of power that she gets from knowing they really want her). We sat around and chatted for a while, occasionally making out a little (I mostly took care of Giles and Mike mostly kissed and caressed Clare, but Jen also kissed Clare and me). It wasn’t anything heavy, we were just trying to get them further accustomed to being partially naked and playing in public (although from the feel of Giles’ cock he didn’t have any issues with it). I only went down on him once but promised that he would get more later on.

We got ready and headed out at about 9. As we were just going for a drink, we didn’t wear anything special, but once again managed to convince Clare to go without panties. As she (and we) were dressed appropriately, we headed for a bar that we knew had a suitable place to stand that would give people below a view up our skirts. Clare joined Jen and I at the bannister and we all stood with a foot up on the bottom wire so we were more exposed. I assured Clare that even though it felt people could see straight up our skirts, at that distance they couldn’t really see much – and pointed out that she didn’t know anyone there anyway so even if they were closely examining her pussy, it just added to the fun. Once she had a couple of drinks in her, Clare seemed much more at ease with this (just like at the parties) and she even let me lean over and push her skirt a little higher up her leg.

On the way home we stopped off in one of our usual alleyways and Mike Jen and I demonstrated how we played outside. Giles was too nervous to actually fuck Clare or me, but he let me suck him and Clare let Mike and Jen have quick turns eating and fingering her. We headed home quickly and as soon as we were inside things got started. Mike and Jen took Clare again and soon had her naked on the sofa. Mike fucked her cunt and mouth while Jen played with her nips or ate her (depending on where Mike’s cock was). As I was going to have Clare that night anyway I also had a go at eating her and let Giles fuck me while I did this. I made sure that he didn’t cum so that we could do things properly later, but he seemed to have figured this out anyway. As I didn’t want Clare to be too tired to play, I asked Mike and Jen to not be too harsh with her and they agreed to just get her off once between them. They didn’t have any trouble doing this and Mike kitty kissed Clare for a while after and then fucked her. As Clare would be spending the night with Giles, Mike was considerate enough to not cum in her cunt and when he got close, he pulled out and came over her stomach and chest. I wiped Clare clean with her skirt (technically another one of Jen’s) and asked Giles if he was ready for his threesome. As his cock was still nice and hard and he’d been fucking me at various points through the proceedings, I wasn’t surprised when he said yes, but he was confused as to what Mike and Jen would be getting up to (he knew enough to know Mike wasn’t allowed to fuck her).

Even though I wanted to get a chance to cum, I thought this would be a good learning experience so we explained that while Mike couldn’t fuck Jen, he was allowed to play with her in certain ways. We went into Jen’s room and Mike lay on the bed so Jen could demonstrate how she ground her pussy against his cock. I then got Jen to lie on her back on top of Mike and held her pussy open as she wiggled down so his cock was pressing against her cunt. With a bit of further adjustment I could easily lick the head of his cock and her clit and I got Clare to have a go at doing this as well. Mike wasn’t ready to cum again yet so we let him and Jen head into his room while I asked Giles (as he seemed to be the one leading things) which way he wanted his first threesome. I promised him that we could try different combinations and he opted for me riding him while Clare sat over his face.

Clare seemed a lot happier doing things with just one other girl present (or maybe it was having a guy involved) and (admittedly after I had instigated things), she leant forwards and kissed me as well as fondled my breasts). I kept telling Giles to eat Clare out properly and pay attention to her clit and I pushed Clare’s hand down to my clit. I wanted to make sure that I came before Giles did this time so I let Clare frig me and didn’t ride him too energetically at first. It was much easier to read how excited he was by the way he was thrusting up into me. Just as I’d wanted to, I came first and even though I stayed on Giles’ cock and kept moving, I told him that he wasn’t allowed to cum until he made Clare cum. To help make this easier, I got her to lean forwards and better present her clit to his mouth, which had the added advantage that we could kiss properly (much tongue action and I could easily fondle one of her breasts). Between kisses, I told Giles to lick faster and to make Clare cum all over his face – he did as instructed and Clare soon told me she was cumming.

I just had Giles to take care of now but he was sufficiently horny that it only took a small amount of bouncing up and down on his cock as he thrust into me and he came. I tried to be careful as I climbed off of him so I could keep whatever cum he’d given me in my pussy, but then realised that it would probably be a little while before we started the next round so stopped worrying about it. As we lay chatting, I reached over and gently traced my fingers up and down Giles’ cock and caressed his balls. I made sure not to leave Clare out and also caressed her a little. We discussed erogenous zones and I told them about my neck, Clare confirmed that she likes having her thighs played with as well as her breasts and Giles (being male) said that it was pretty much just his cock. In order to warm up for round two I suggested that we could try playing with each other for a while and we started with Clare. Giles and I each took one of her nipples and caressed her lower body, pussy and thighs. I then moved down and kitty kissed her, leaving Giles to take care of her nips. Clare enjoyed this a lot but the aim wasn’t to make her cum so when she was sufficiently aroused, we moved on to Giles.

I let him rub his cock between my breasts for a while but I didn’t make a big thing of this as I have no idea how Clare feels about her breast size. I suggested to Clare that we both suck Giles off and we spent a while kissing around his cock (again with a lot of tongue action). I didn’t want Clare to calm down too much so I occasionally reached over and caressed her breasts or dipped my hand between her legs to play with her pussy. I heard her moan a couple of times when I did this so I assumed that she approved. I made sure that Giles knew he wasn’t meant to cum in our mouths or over our faces as I wanted him to fuck Clare. We got him fairly close and then in order to give him a chance to calm down (and because I wanted a turn), I lay on the bed and let the both stroke my neck. They were actually quite good at this and got the hang of how much (or little) force I wanted them to use. I got Giles to spend a while rubbing his cock against my neck (and as a reward I gave the head an extra suck afterwards). They could have probably made me cum if I’d let them, but as neither of them had cum I didn’t think I should be greedy (although I could have cum and still cum again when we did things).

I gave Clare a final few licks and then asked if she was ready to start (it was obvious that Giles was ready). Clare lay on her back and spread her legs, Giles pushed into her and I sat over her face. There was none of the hesitation from earlier and she licked me straight away (although was still clearly inexperienced). It felt good though and I enjoyed the view. I reached down to Clare’s clit and played with it, telling Giles to just concentrate on fucking her for as long as he could. I don’t know if Clare heard what I said, but it felt like she started to eat me more intensely. I rocked back and forth on her face – not too much, but enough to try to indicate to her that I was enjoying what she was doing to me. I worked quite intensively on Clare’s clit but from the way she was licking me I assumed she was enjoying it and I reminded Giles a few times to make sure he didn’t cum until Clare did. I don’t know if it was the alcohol (she hadn’t drunk that much), the fact it was just the three of us, her being horny or just practice, but she certainly seemed to get better as the session progressed. I told her that she was going to make me cum (and to keep going). I did the best I could to describe to Giles how his girlfriend’s tongue was sliding over and into my cunt, how wonderful it felt and how if any of his cum had been left in me, it was now down Clare’s throat along with a fair serving of my cunt juice.

Clare came before I did but she kept licking me. I told Giles he could cum whenever he wanted and it didn’t take long for him to cum. I was very close by this point and when Giles pulled out I asked Clare to keep going as I was nearly there and I lay down on top of her so we could 69 and I could kitty kiss her. I told her to concentrate on my clit and lick a bit faster and she did as I asked. Between licks, I moaned and swore into her cunt as I came – partially exaggerating things, but mostly just trying to encourage her. I told her to keep going and then told her to ease off and just kiss me gently – as I was doing to her. She was actually reasonably good at kitty kissing so we did this for a couple of minutes until I finally clambered off of her.

I was feeling happy and generous so I took Giles’ cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. This seemed to put a little life back into it, but he didn’t get properly hard. I then kissed Clare and complimented her on her pussy licking skills. She blushed a bit at this (which I thought was cute). I caressed her body as we chatted and I asked Giles to move around behind me so I could rub my ass against his cock. I told him that if he could get hard, we could spoon while falling asleep and told Clare that he seemed to have enjoyed doing that the night before and that she should let him do it to her every night. I spooned up against her and cupped one of her breasts and described to her how I was going to eat her awake in the morning and how we could then try a few more things. I was explicit enough with my description that Giles’ cock came back to life so I got my wish of having him inside me again and I prolonged this by moving against him and describing to Clare how it felt.