Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Revealing Fetishes - Part 1

In the middle of April it was time for the start of term sex party in York, but Lis and Lucy also wanted us to go and visit them. This presented us with a real dilemma as we all enjoyed being able to play with many people at the parties and Mike and Jen wanted to see (and fuck) Sue, but we also wanted to see (and again, fuck) Lis and Lucy.

After much deliberation we decided that as we had invited Sue and Vicky to the party, someone had to go to York (I’m sure they would have coped perfectly well on their own, but it was just good manners). As much as Mike wanted a chance to get inside Lis again, we agreed that it would be good for Jen and I to have a girls only weekend with Lis and Lucy (not that I begrudge Mike getting to fuck Lis, but she is meant to be my extra-marital crush so getting some alone time with her was very appealing). As for Mike, it would mean that he would get two evenings with Vicky and Sue (as well as the party) so I didn’t feel at all bad for him.

Mike refrained from cumming in me for a couple of days so I was ‘clean’ for Lucy. Jen and I left straight from Uni on the Friday afternoon and Mike headed down to York. I think Lis was a little disappointed that Mike wasn’t going to be there to continue her acclimatisation to cock, but she knew that I intended to make up for his absence so it didn’t bother her too much. The Friday night was fairly vanilla – we met up and had a drink before heading back to their place and bed. Once back inside, things got a bit more interesting and we sat making out on the sofa for a while. Jen and I swapped between Lucy and Lis and we practiced the various things we’d learned about them (and they about us). It was a very hot session with nibbling of earlobes, kissing and stroking of necks, sucking on nipples (or biting in Jen’s case) and lots of caressing. There was very little pussy play – the odd touch or stroke, but nothing too intense as the idea was just to get each other aroused. We certainly achieved that and I ended up feeling a lot wetter than I have in quite a while.

Jen asked what the sleeping arrangements were going to be but she knew full well that I wanted to have some time along with Lis (as she wanted some time with Lucy). Lucy has assumed we would use duvets on the floor in the living room so we could all sleep together again but we agreed that at least one pair should use the bed (for comfort) each night and they could join the other couple in the living room in the morning so we could still have group sessions. Lucy said that as Lis and I was older, we could use the bed and Lucy would take the duvet in the living room with Jen. I warned Lucy that she would pay for that comment and if I hadn’t wanted to fuck her girlfriend so badly then I would be repaying her straight away.

Lis and I retired to the bedroom and quickly stripped off our remaining clothes. She had a freshly shaved pussy (as did I) and I ran my hands over it and between her lips as we stood and kissed. I curled a finger up inside her and told her I’d missed her, but that I intended to compensate for that by making her mine for the whole night. She lifted one of my breasts to her mouth and eagerly sucked on the nipple before taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. I wasn’t feeling patient enough for any more foreplay so pulled her over to the bed and told her that she could have my breasts after we’d cum, but for now I wanted her mouth on my cunt. I lay back and pushed her head down between my legs, but I didn’t want to be selfish so after enjoying her tongue for a minute or so I told her to climb over me so we could 69.

As soon as she was in place, I pulled her down and pushed my tongue between her lips. It may have just been my imagination, but she tasted better than I remembered (and I’ve tasted her a fair bit) – she didn’t match Emily’s wonderful taste (but then nobody does), but it made eating her even more pleasurable than usual. Lis did a good job of getting stuck into me as well and I felt her rapid licks on my pussy, my clit and inside me as she moved around. I half wrapped my legs around her and told her what she was doing felt amazing. I challenged her to make me cum before she did and we set about each other even more vigorously. I was fairly confident that I would easily win this so I didn’t bother holding back too much (and I really wanted to cum). I mostly focussed on Lis’ clit, but also gave a few long licks along the length of her cunt, into her pussy and occasionally over her ass. Even when I could feel my orgasm building I could hear that Lis was panting into me and could tell she was close so just carried on with what I was doing. As I’d expected, I won and made her cum first – annoyingly, she broke contact with my pussy as she came which interrupted the nice pressure that had been building in me, but at least she resumed eating me fairly quickly. She wasn’t quite as intense as she had been before, but I was still quite close so it didn’t take long until I came and I tried to describe to her how it felt as I came.

Lis kitty kissed me for a little while so I did the same to her and she then called in my promise to let her play with my breasts. We lay on our sides so we could each kiss and caress the other’s breasts and after doing this for a while, Lis twirled around so we could kiss properly. I rolled on top of her and as I pushed my leg between hers, I told her that she wasn’t going to escape that easily. I started grinding against her and we kissed deeply, swirling tongues around in each other’s mouths. We found our rhythm and Lis held on to my ass to help keep us firmly together. We humped against each other’s thighs, getting closer to cumming, but I wanted to rub against her properly so we interrupted things and rearranged ourselves so we could scissor. We were both wet enough that things felt very slippery and we alternated between sliding against each other and slamming our cunts together. We returned to our previous position to finish things off and I made Lis cum before me again, but she kept her leg held still so I could continue to hump against it until I came.

I lay on top of her and we kissed some more. Our session had been fairly energetic and we were both covered in a light sweat which felt nice as we cooled down. I once again realised how much I care about Lis – there is nobody else other than Mike and Jen that I’d rather be doing things with and told Lis very earnestly just how much she meant to me. We curled up together and I made her promise that she would be mine (after Lucy of course) and I would be hers (after Mike and Jen). We took turns caressing each other – similarly to how we’d done as a group earlier (in a mostly non-sexual way) and I played with the patch of rough skin on her leg where she had cut herself shaving a long time ago. We discussed how things were going to change if Jen or I got pregnant and Lisa sled (again) if she could help us out.

When Lis and I had left them, Lucy and Jen had moved on to the duvets on the floor. Despite Lucy being relatively conservative (at least compared to the rest of her group) when it comes to sex, she seems to now be quite comfortable with our new arrangement and we (especially Jen) were getting better at figuring out what got her aroused (although we may have also used a little ‘insider knowledge’ from Lis). Jen knew full well that Lucy didn’t usually want to cum anywhere near as many times as I would, but Lis had also asked us to see if we could help with encouraging Lucy to push herself a little further (Lis has a slightly higher libido than Lucy and would like it if they matched a little more).

Once naked, Jen had pushed Lucy down on her back and had crouched over her so he could kiss Lucy’s breasts while using her fingers on and in Lucy’s pussy. Jen took things fairly slowly and as Lucy got more aroused, she kissed around her neck and upper chest as well as her breasts. By the time Lucy came, she was panting and pushing Jen’s hand harder against her cunt. Jen gave her a short while to recover and then said that she wanted to cum, so climbed over Lucy in a 69 position and said that she would kitty kiss Lucy while she was being eaten. As Lucy got her breath back, she set about licking Jen with more force and Jen’s kitty kissing slowly changed into properly eating Lucy. As Jen has started off slowly, she came first, but by that point Lucy wasn’t objecting to the way Jen was eating and fingering her so Jen carried on until she made Lucy cum again. Once Lucy had finished cumming, Jen went back to kitty kissing her (hoping that they might go for another round), but Lucy wanted to kiss so Jen climbed off and lay beside her.

Once they had kissed for a while and Jen’s hand had wandered back down between Lucy’s legs, Jen asked Lucy to let her try something. Lucy was a little nervous (as is often wise when people ask to ‘try something’) but Jen told her to trust her (also often a sign to be nervous!) but let Jen proceed. Jen lifted one of the candles down from the coffee table and rubbed the end against Lucy’s pussy. The candle hadn’t been used and was in a spiral pattern (as if three thinner candles had been twisted together). She slowly worked the end into Lucy and then proceeded to fuck her with it. Once Lucy relaxed, she enjoyed this but didn’t think she could cum again and after a bit longer didn’t feel wet enough so Jen stopped. Jen was a little disappointed, but when she ran the candle up and down her own pussy, Lucy asked if she wanted some help so Jen handed the candle over, lay back and spread her legs.

Lucy used the candle in Jen and once getting the appropriate depth, fucked her with it. After a bit of experimentation, she found out that Jen enjoyed it more if she ran the candle up and down the length of Jen’s lips, so the ridges in the candle bumped over Jen’s clit. Jen got Lucy to press the candle hard against her as she moved it and by alternating between stimulating her with the candle and fucking her with it, Lucy got a second orgasm out of Jen. Jen got Lucy to kitty kiss her briefly and they then curled up together. Jen continued to caress Lucy and pushed her hand between her legs to cup her pussy. Lucy still didn’t want to cum again but let Jen continue to run her hands over her.

Lis and I woke up first on the Saturday and briefly played with each other but made sure that neither of us came. We then went in and woke up Jen and Lucy by carefully positioning ourselves and then both pouncing at the same time. I positioned myself between Lucy’s legs and pushed my face into her cunt and Lis knelt over Jen and then lowered herself onto Jen’s face. Jen woke up with a bit of start, but she is used to being woken up like this so almost immediately started to lick Lis. When Lucy woke up, she complained that she needed to pee but I told her that I wanted to eat her properly before she ruined the way she tasted. She gave in but told me to hurry (which of course meant that I took my time. I actually got her close to cumming fairly quickly but then backed off and slowly teased her – I licked in and around her pussy and flicked my tongue over her ass a number of times. She seemed to be more at ease with this so I went a step further and speared her a couple of times before returning to her pussy and continuing to eat her. I carried on like this for a while and only when Jen had finished with Lis did I finish things off and make Lucy cum. I pressed down on her bladder a little as I ate her through her orgasm (but not too hard) and as soon as I released her, Lucy quickly clambered up and dashed to the toilet to pee.

I was feeling mischievous and didn’t want to wait for Lucy to return so I told Lis to get to work on Jen and I took position where Lis had been. As I watched Lis eat Jen and felt Jen eat me, I caressed and tweaked Jen’s nipples. I rocked back and forth on Jen’s face and when Lucy returned I told her that she could just watch us if she wanted. I continued to ride Jen’s face but knew that unless I held back, I wasn’t going to last much longer. It didn’t seem worth trying to prolong things so I humped against Jen faster and just enjoyed the feeling as my orgasm pulsed out from my cunt. I stayed sitting over Jen and let her kitty kiss me, then held her legs up to give Lis a better angle to lick her. In this position, Lis could easily flick her tongue over Jen’s clit and it didn’t take her long to make Jen cum. I took over at this point and kitty kissed Jen (just for a short time) and then rolled off of her.

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