Sunday, 21 July 2013

Revealing Fetishes - Part 2

We went back to York for a 'reunion' weekend. I may have made a slight snaffu, but I'll write about it due course... Back to our visit with Lis and Lucy...

After breakfast we showered – I went in with Lucy and Jen went in with Lis. Lucy and I had gently played with each other but not to orgasm (as Jen and I had planned something else). On their way in to the shower I whispered to Jen to try something else that we had discussed and told her I’d do whatever she wanted in return. I wasn’t at all sure whether Jen would go through with it, but five minutes later, she and Lis returned from the shower and Lis announced that Jen had just peed over her leg. It was clear that things hadn’t quite gone to plan and Jen was embarrassed and she just got redder when Lucy asked Lis to tell her what had happened.

They had been showering and fooling around – Jen had used the pulse spray on Lis for a bit and they were standing kissing with Jen grinding against Lis’ leg. The dare had been to see if Jen could cum and pee over Lis without Lis noticing – Jen wasn’t that close to cumming but liked the idea of being able to pee down Lis’ leg and she had thought that while they were kissing, Lis wouldn’t notice. As I’ve implied before, Lis is quite observant though and she did notice – she didn’t really mind but was a bit surprised and asked Jen what she was doing. Jen apologised and said that she just liked doing this and asked Lis not to tell Lucy. Unfortunately, Lis and Lucy share pretty much everything so asking her not to tell is similar to asking Mike, Jen or me to keep something from the others.

As Jen’s secret fetish was out, I asked Lis if she had let Jen finish off and cum and Lis said that she hadn’t as Jen had been too embarrassed. Lis seemed to get what I was hinting at and told Jen that if she wanted, they could return to the shower and Jen could finish what she started. Jen was hesitant at first, but the more I described to her how she could cum while humping against Lis and let her pee run down Lis’ legs I could see she was warming to the idea. Jen complained that she couldn’t believe we were going to make her do it, but didn’t struggle when Lis took her hand and led her back into the bathroom. Naturally Lucy and I tagged along to watch and the clear shower curtain came in very handy in this regard. They stood and kissed, then fingered each other and took turns grinding against each other. We all knew what we wanted to see and discussed whether it would be a better demonstration if Jen peed against Lis’ leg or if Lis should stand back and finger Jen. We opted for the latter so as Jen’s orgasm approached, she braced herself in the corner of the shower and Lis played with Jen’s pussy. Lis asked if she should finger or frig Jen and I told her to do whatever she wanted but warned her that would be some spray. Lis said that they would have to shower again anyway so decided to do both to Jen. I told Jen to let go and just enjoy herself and watched closely as her orgasm built.

I sat on the toilet, picked up Lis’ hairbrush and slowly fucked myself with it. Lis was mewing away and I knew that she was just about to cum and I told Lucy to pay attention so she could see how much Jen enjoyed herself. Jen had obviously decided that as she was letting Lis and Lucy see her do this, she was going to enjoy it and as she came, she let out a strong stream that splashed and sprayed over her legs, Lis’ hands and arms and a good part of the shower. Jen had one hand against the wall and was cupping and squeezing one of her breasts with the other one (usually a sign that she’s having a good orgasm). Lis carried on playing with her until Jen stopped peeing, removed her hands from Jen’s crotch and shook them dry(er). It had been a very arousing display and I decided to go a little further with Lis’ hairbrush than I’d intended. I used my other hand to play with my clit and pushed Lis’ brush in as far as I could then wiggled it around. I imagined the four of us in the shower together enjoying ourselves and came with the image of us all peeing over each other (I don’t usually fantasise about this, but given what I’d just watched I guess it was natural).

Jen and Lis were finishing up by the time I came so we went and got dressed to head out into town. We didn’t get up to much during the day other than wandering round, shopping, having lunch and chatting but we hinted to Lucy and Lis a number of times that we had an interesting evening planned. We bought things to make a picnic dinner and sat around eating and chatting for a couple of hours. We made a few references to what we thought Mike might have been up to during the day and what he might do at the party. Lucy still thought it was odd that I was fine with him going off and fucking multiple women but agreed it was only fair as Jen and I were spending the weekend with her and Lis.

We rested for a while after dinner and once our food had settled, Jen and I divulged our plan for the evening. Jen went and fetched our strap on from our case and we said that we wanted to try some group sessions where one person got to do things to the other three simultaneously. We weren’t entirely sure how this would work but we’d thought about it a little and suggested that whoever wore the strap on would lie on their back with someone riding the vibe, someone sitting over their face and the remaining person crouching beside them so she could be fingered. This met with general agreement (although a little scepticism as to whether we’d have the co-ordination to make all three people cum. This was easily rectified by setting the ground rules of whoever was wearing the strap on, not being allowed to take off the harness until the three other people had all cum. Lucy hadn’t fully realised what the plan was and asked who was going to have to wear the harness so we enlightened her and said that we would all have a turn wearing it so we each got to cum in each of the positions. She wasn’t sure she was up to cumming four times but we had the whole evening and didn’t have to rush things so I was fairly certain that it wouldn’t be an issue.

For comfort, we used the bed – I started off wearing the harness and a small amount of tingle gel was applied to the internal vibe to help things along. Once I was firmly strapped in, Jen helped Lucy to get the vibe inside her and Lis knelt over my face. I then groped around for Jen and she pulled my hand to her pussy. I was handed two remote controlled eggs (as I said, we’d planned this evening) and I left one on the bed near Jen while I fingered her while I used the second one on Lucy’s clit. As expected, it was quite difficult to pay attention to all three girls while also trying to enjoy things myself, but I’m quite good at multitasking and used the way Lucy was riding the vibe as my timing for doing things to the others. I couldn’t see anything as my view was taken up by Lis’ ass and pussy (and her back), but there was a bit of mutual breast fondling going on and Jen kissed both Lis and Lucy a number of times. Jen got Lucy to lean back a bit which pushed the internal vibe harder against my clit and I switched to using the vibrating eggs on both Jen and Lucy so I could concentrate on eating Lis and enjoying myself. Lucy enjoyed the way the vibe felt inside her a lot more in this position and with the added stimulation of the egg, she was the first to cum.

I was a little disappointed when she climbed off the vibe, but it was her job to help me cum and she pushed the crotch of the harness firmly against my pussy. I could hear that Lis wasn’t too far from cumming so I redoubled my efforts on her and lapped as far inside her as I could as well as sucking on her clit. I got Jen to kneel over my stomach so I could use a thumb inside her while using the egg with my other hand. In this position, she and Lis could kiss much more readily and their tongues duelled. Surprisingly (given what I was doing to Lis’ clit), Jen came first but Lis wasn’t too far behind her. I kept Lis in place to kitty kiss her and my fingers in Jen until I came and we had a break to prepare for round two.

We spent the rest of the evening taking turns in different positions – round two involved Jen on her back with the harness on, Lis riding the vibe, Lucy being eaten and me being fingered. It was nice being in the middle as I could easily caress the others. Just as Jen had done with me, I climbed over her chest to make it easier for her to finish me off. Next it was Lucy’s turn to wear the harness and she ate me and fingered Lis while Jen rode the vibe. Jen was the last one of us to cum this time, but that meant that Lucy had to endure the harness for a while after she’d cum.

We had a longer break this time before heading in to the final round in which I rode the vibe while it was attached to Lis. I took inspiration from Jen’s display with Lucy and leant back as far as I could so the internal vibe was pressed hard against Lis’ cunt. I got Lucy to help by teasing Lis’ nipples and I caressed her stomach (she sometimes likes this). Lis got Jen off fairly quickly (we all like the rapid little licks that Lis uses) but continued to kitty kiss her and while I got quite close to cumming, I held back (which is quite easy to do when you’re in control of where you are being stimulated) until Lucy had cum and Lis had cum once. Lucy guessed what I was doing and told me not to be mean to Lis but I said that I was having trouble cumming and I might need to see Lis cum again to push me over the edge. Lucy came to Lis’ rescue and sat behind me so she could reach around and play with my clit. I wasn’t prepared for this and couldn’t resist the combination of the vibe and Lucy’s fingers. I soon came and Jen climbed off Lis’ face and asked her if she could carry on a little longer. Lis said she could so Jen told Lucy to keep playing with me. Jen roughly fondled one of my breasts and Lucy took the other one, all the time strumming her fingers back and forth over my clit. I was already feeling quite sensitive from having the vibe inside me for so long (and having just cum), but I knew I wasn’t going to be released until I came again.

They continued teasing me and I did manage to cum again, but it was a very sharp orgasm that almost came out of nowhere. It shot out of my cunt and through my lower body and I nearly whacked Lucy with my head as I jerked around. I was allowed to dismount after this but as further punishment for intending to make Lis suffer, I had to kitty kiss her. This was at least the sort of ‘punishment’ I liked and her pussy certainly needed a clean as it was very pink and covered with her juices. I could hardly taste the tingle gel and carefully lapped all around and inside her pussy. I didn’t think it was fair that I was the only one to be made to cum an extra time, but Lis had recovered sufficiently that she didn’t complain when I started to lick her more forcefully and by the time I was really getting stuck in, she was pushing my head against her pussy and humping back against me. Jen and Lucy had just been chatting and were surprised when Lis started moaning, but saw that she was enjoying herself so let us just carry on. I let myself go and gave her ass and cunt a good licking as she came and then climbed up her body to kiss her and share her pussy juice. Lis wrapped her legs around me and once we’d kissed a while longer, we looked over at Jen and Lucy and said that it was now their turn, but they’d both had enough for the night. We did consider pinning them down and taking them, but doubted we could restrain them both at once so gave in.

We decided to all try to sleep in the bed that night – it wasn’t the most comfortable sleep, but it was nice being pressed up against each other. We were a bit stiff when we woke up in the morning and the room stank of our juices (noted by Lucy when she returned from the bathroom). Jen pulled her down onto the bed and started to eat her so I paired off with Lis and we had our own session. It wasn’t anything fancy, but we all came and then dozed for a little while before getting up for breakfast and showers.

We convinced Lucy and Lis to let us give them a final orgasm before we headed out for lunch and then our train home. At my request, they kept their clothes on and bent over the end of the bed while Jen and I took turns licking and fingering them. While Jen kept them aroused, I attached the strap on and then alternated between them while Jen licked and fingered the other one. I really wanted to make them both cum in quick succession but as we weren’t sure how successful this would be, I indicated to Jen what to do and she climbed up onto the bed to let Lis eat her while I fucked and frigged Lis until she came. Lis and Lucy knew that I was using the dildo attachment instead of the vibe, but they didn’t know it was the ejaculating attachment. As Lis came, I pushed the button and shot four decent loads of cum into Lis. I pulled out, pulled Lis’ panties up and then switched over to fucking Lucy. Lis couldn’t say anything as Jen as holding Lis’ head against her cunt and I fucked and frigged Lucy as hard as I could until she came. She got the same amount of cum squirted into her and I then thought I may as well do it properly and gave her a second load. As soon as I pulled out, the cum leaked out of Lucy’s cunt and she went to get up but I quickly pulled her panties up and told her that I had wanted to cum in her. As I’d given Lucy a double measure, I pulled the (quite wet) crotch of Lis’ panties to the side, pushed the cock back into her and squirted the remained of the cum into her. Lis then had to stand there and continue to eat Jen while her panties got even wetter.

Lucy complained that her panties were soaked and I agreed that she couldn’t go out while wearing them (she would have left a mark on her skirt whenever she sat down). I convinced her to at least let the cum drip out of her pussy naturally and assured her that a second set of panties probably wouldn’t soak through. While helping her change (not that she needs help putting panties on, but it was a bonus chance to fondle her) I convinced her that Lis should have to keep her wet panties on and just make sure she didn’t sit on her skirt. When Lis finished with Jen and heard what we’d agreed, she complained but I promised I’d make it up to her in future and she finally agreed. All it meant was that Lis had to flip her skirt back before sitting down (and that she left wet marks on the +seat). Her pussy was still nice and wet when we went to the station – I had made sure Lis had worn a long enough coat that we could give her a good fingering while saying goodbye but I thought it was time to make good on my promise so once Jen and I had both given her a good fingering I pulled the front of her panties down and attacked her clit with more force. I used the back of my hand to slowly work her panties down and whispered in her ear to spread her legs slightly so I could get to her clit better but also to make sure her panties didn’t slide down to her ankles. Lis didn’t initially think I would actually make her cum while we were surrounded by people, but as I continued to frig her and told her how I wanted to feel her own juices on my fingers, she realised. I continued until she came and then gently stroked her pussy, feeling her shiver slightly when my fingers ran directly over her clit. She still felt very wet and I hoped that at least some of it was her own juices so I told her that it was a good thing the station was noisy as her cunt had probably been making all sorts of slurping sounds. I did at least half pull her panties up before releasing her but kept an arm around her so she couldn’t disappear to the toilet and pull them up the whole way.

Lucy didn’t seem too shocked by what we’d done, but declined our offer to do the same to her (although I did get my fingers into her panties briefly). We parted ways and I promised Lis that Mike would be with us next time if she still wanted him and promised Lucy that this meant she would get twice the attention from us. I really wanted to cum on the journey home but the best I managed was to sit with the dildo buried in my cunt. Only when we got home could I finally relieve myself and I lay on the bed and used one of our long double dildos on myself in both holes while Jen and I made plans for our next session with Lis and Lucy.


  1. I don't understand why she was embarrassed by her fetish. Though it is unusual it is nothing outrageous. I have a 'foot fetish' though not in the 'traditional' definition of a fetish (Object or area of obsession) I just think they are attractive. Some people are breast people, some leg people, I happen to be a foot person. It is just a shame that society has (arbitrarily) determined certain body parts taboo ergo it's considered a 'fetish' though in all honesty I can say other people have a breast fetish or a leg fetish but the level of attractiveness to that body part is about the same.

  2. Jen is quite a bit like me in that she doesn't mind most people knowing about the things she enjoys, but there are some of her friends that she wants to hide certain things from. Actually, she is a lot more open than I am as her friends have seen her cum in pretty much every (homosexual) way, while most of my Uni friends still think I'm relatively well behaved (it's only Lis and Vicky who know what I'm really like).

    Some people can't get over the ick factor of watersports - I know I was a bit dubious about it at first but I've gotten over that now as I'm used to it (and I know how much Jen enjoys it)