Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sex Party - April 2013 - Part 1

Mike’s weekend had also gone well. He had arrived in York and met up with Sue. They had dropped their things off at the hotel and Mike had planned on going out and having a drink while waiting for Vicky to turn up. Sue had other ideas though and ‘convinced’ him to play with her (it didn’t take much convincing). Mike pushed her down onto the bed and roughly ate her but she wanted his cock in her so he ended up on his back with her riding him. He told her that he wasn’t going to cum and that as she’d been greedy, that she would have to make it up to Vicky. Sue agreed to this and Mike pumped into her hard and fast until she came. Mike was fairly close to cumming by this point (he really likes fucking Sue) but held back so he could enjoy having Vicky present as well. Once Sue had straightened out her dress they headed out to a pub and waited for Vicky to arrive.

After dinner, they returned to the hotel and Mike told Sue that it was time for her to pay up and make Vicky cum (they had told Vicky about their earlier session). Mike and Sue removed Vicky’s clothes and lay her on the bed. Mike kissed Vicky and fondled her breasts while Sue went down on her. Mike moved around behind Sue and pushed his cock in to her cunt, slid in and out a few times and then returned to Vicky and offered her his cock to suck clean. He returned to Sue’s cunt, but this time once he was covered with Sue’s juices, he sat over Vicky’s chest and wrapped her breasts around his cock. He didn’t want to cum in this position (not that he didn’t like the idea of cumming over Vicky, but as he had two pussies to fill with cum, he didn’t want to waste any) but used her breasts for a while before returning to take Sue from behind. He leant forwards and whispered to Sue that he would cum in Vicky first, but would spoon with her as they went to sleep. Sue was okay with that so Mike left her to finish off eating Vicky and once Vicky had cum, Mike took over and kitty kissed her for a while (just so he could taste her properly before he came in her.

After a short break, it was time for Mike to fuck Vicky, but Sue wasn’t going to be left out and Vicky was assigned the job of making her cum. Sue started off sitting over Vicky’s face facing Mike and she played with Vicky’s breasts while Mike fucked her. Mike got Sue to turn around and lean forwards (away from him) so he could lie on Vicky and help to lick Sue. Having two tongues working in a confined area is quite messy in terms of saliva, but as Vicky doesn’t seem to mind being covered in juices (girl or boy) Mike didn’t worry about it. Mike wasn’t trying to do things quickly with Vicky and Sue came a long time before either he or Vicky did, but this worked out well as it meant that Mike could spoon with Vicky and let Sue lick Vicky’s clit (and the shaft of Mike’s cock). They both really enjoyed this and let Sue keep going until Vicky said that she was getting close to cumming, only then did Mike lie on top of her and fuck her properly, letting Sue reach between them to occasionally play with Vicky’s clit and get her off. As usual, Mike made sure Vicky came before he did but even before he pulled out, he knew that he’d probably emptied quite a bit of cum into her.

This was confirmed when he pulled out and both he and Sue spread Vicky’s lips and watched as it oozed out of her. Vicky seemed quite embarrassed about this (which is odd as it’s not as if she was the one who produced the cum), but Mike had the added bonus of getting to watch as Sue licked Vicky clean and even ate a bit more of his cum out of her. True to his word, he spooned with Sue while they chatted – he had intended to stay like this until they fell asleep, but Vicky reached down between Sue’s legs and played with her clit while also sucking on Sue’s nipples (despite Vicky’s protestations of being ‘mostly straight’ I think she is actually quite far down towards the gay end of the spectrum). Sue started moving back and forth on Mike’s cock and Mike couldn’t resist unloading himself in her so he fucked her back and emptied his second (much smaller) load of the night into her cunt. Mike remained in Sue and with a bit of concentration (and encouragement) stayed hard. They chatted (again) about how Sue used to spy on Mike and me having sex and how she was invited in to watch properly and then finally invited to join in. Vicky admitted that when she was younger, she had snuck in to her older sister’s room and played with her vibe (she still doesn’t know about this).

Mike remained in Sue until she fell asleep and the next morning woke up to her stroking his cock. He obviously didn’t object to this but said that it would be fairer to wake Vicky as well so they could decide on the configuration of their morning fuck (sticking to the rules of only cumming once during the day before the party). Once awake, Vicky said that she didn’t mind (she knows that Sue has a crush on Mike) so Mike ended up on his back with Sue on his cock and Vicky on his face (one of his favourite positions). Mike could still just about taste his cum from the previous night in Vicky, but as she got more aroused, this was overpowered by her own flavour. Mike pretty much let Sue ride him however she wanted and he felt her moving up and down and grinding back and forth (this gives more clitoral stimulation). Vicky had quite a bit of her weight on his face so he found it harder to move around and lick different parts of her, but he could get his tongue to her clit and cunt so she wasn’t complaining. Mike felt Sue’s clit being rubbed and pictured what was going on (although he was wrong as he thought it was Vicky when it was actually Sue). His mental image helped him along though and once he heard Sue cum, he pumped into her harder and pictured his cum emptying in to her cunt as he came.

Sue climbed off of him and when Vicky lay down and took his cock in her mouth, Sue complained that Vicky had already cum so didn’t see why she should get to continue playing. Mike hadn’t been aware that Vicky had cum and accused her of trying to disguise it, but even Sue attested that Vicky had cum quite openly and Mike just hadn’t noticed. Mike still thought that Vicky should be punished and it didn’t take much to convince Sue that they should tease Vicky some more, but that she shouldn’t be allowed to cum (and they all knew that this was basically just an excuse to continue playing throughout the day). Mike and Sue both had turns eating Vicky, getting and then keeping her close to cumming for a while and then leaving her hanging. They went down to have breakfast and returned to the room, at which point Mike got Sue to eat Vicky again and he semi-fucked Sue.

We had arranged to meet up with Clare and Giles for lunch and I had promised Giles that if he wanted, Jen and I would play with Clare again, both at the party and in a ‘private show’. Giles was a bit disappointed that Jen and I weren’t there, but Mike took the decision to tell them that Sue was my little sister and offered her to them in lieu of me. Giles was very keen on this (it’s amazing how even if a guy seems to enjoy fucking you or seeing you naked, he likes the idea of the ‘little sister’ even more). Mike explained our rules of not cumming during the day in the build-up to the party (other than in the morning session), but as a sign of good faith, Sue displayed her crotch to both Clare and Giles and let them see that she didn’t have any panties on. Vicky was similarly attired but Clare not only had panties on but also had jeans on (although she confirmed that she would be wearing a skirt to the party). Mike had a quiet work with Giles and once lunch was over, they headed off to the shops to help find a new sexy set of underwear for Clare to wear.

On the way to the shops, Mike told Sue the plan and she went in to the changing rooms with Clare to ‘help’. It wasn’t quite the sort of help that Clare had been expecting as once her jeans were off, Sue pulled Clare’s panties down and buried her face in Clare’s cunt. She licked and fingered Clare but only for a minute or so and then used Clare’s panties to wipe her face clean before leaving Clare alone to get dressed. This was made slightly harder by Sue stealing Clare’s panties but when she emerged, Mike told Clare that she could have her revenge on Sue later on at the party. They considered finding somewhere so Sue could give Giles a mini-blowjob, but decided to wait until the party and Sue promised that he could fuck her.

They parted and Vicky, Sue and Mike returned to the hotel to rest and prepare. When it was time to get ready and head to the party, Mike produced a number of items of clothing for the girls to choose from (they had their own clothes, but Jen and I had leant them some long socks – Vicky went with black, making her legs look even longer and slimmer and Sue went with white. Mike wanted to spend some time caressing their legs (he is a leg and pussy man after all) but they’d left things a bit late and had to set off (although he could have played for a little while as only a few people were at the party when they arrived).

Sue had already heard about Vicky’s bonus session at the end of the previous party but Mike told the story again as they walked to the house. Vicky said that it had felt incredible, but very tiring and she had felt quite sensitive and tender afterwards. On arrival, Sue kept her promise to Giles and headed straight upstairs with him. Giles enjoyed the session but came too quickly for Sue (he did at least finger her until she came) and they returned to the living room in under 10 minutes. Mike had hoped to get Vicky and Clare to do things together but Clare wanted to start off doing things with guys (she is still getting used to doing things with girls in public). Mike wasn’t too disappointed about this as it just meant that instead of watching Vicky play with Clare and then having a go, he just got to have her straight away.

They made out on the sofa for a while and this progressed to fingering and wanking. Clare sucked Mike for a bit and he pushed her down onto her back so he could eat her with her legs up in the air and he then pushed in to her and fucked her. He interrupted the session to go down on her again, this time getting her to bend her legs right up and hold on behind her knees. Clare didn’t seem to mind that this gave everyone else in the room a good view of Mike eating her. He did his usual trick of eating her until she came and then resumed fucking her – ideally he would have liked her to cum a second time (which would have been rather greedy as there were other people who wanted to fuck her at the party and she can only cum so many times) but fortunately for them, she told him that things felt too intense so he just hurried up and came in her.

Vicky was still fully dressed when Mike found her, although a couple of people had been teasing her about the show she’d put on previously. Mike noticed that Corey had arrived with Kiyomi and while he knew that a number of the guys wanted a chance with Kiyomi, Mike thought he knew how to jump the queue. He asked Corey if he would be willing to let Vicky go down on Kiyomi and said that Corey could fuck Vicky while she did this. Corey was certainly up for this and Mike left him to convince Kiyomi while he retrieved Vicky and took her upstairs. He got Vicky started by eating and fingering her until Corey arrived, leading Kiyomi by the hand. She looked a bit nervous, but didn’t object as Corey pulled her skirt down and Vicky knelt in front of her to pull her panties down. Vicky used her fingers to play with Kiyomi’s pussy and Mike handed her a dental dam to use so she could start to eat her. Kiyomi made some wonderful moaning sounds as Vicky licked her but Corey was impatient and wanted them to get up on the bed so he could fuck Vicky at the same time.

Kiyomi lay on her back and as soon as Vicky had crawled between her legs, Corey mounted the bed behind her and pushed in to Vicky’s waiting cunt. Mike helped out by unbuttoning Kiyomi’s top and freeing her breasts from her bra and then watched as Vicky lapped away at Kiyomi’s cunt and Corey pumped in and out of Vicky. Mike told Corey that Vicky liked having her breasts played with so he leant forwards and reached around her body to fondle them – this pushed Vicky even harder against Kiyomi who was still making delightful sounds, but Mike didn’t think they were as cute at the ones she’d made while standing up. He caressed Kiyomi’s breasts and told her how sexy she looked. Corey was pumping hard in to Vicky and had switched to playing with her clit – Mike watched as Vicky’s face was pushed repeatedly in to Kiyomi’s cunt but he watched Kiyomi’s face as she came. She quietly said ‘iku’ a number of times as she came (which I’m informed is ‘I’m cumming’ in Japanese). Mike found this very arousing and ended up stroking his cock while watching/listening. He really wanted to cum over her, but you’re meant to ask before doing this at the party and he wanted to save his cum for fucking people (even if he would be wearing a condom for most of them).

Kiyomi sat up and tried to cover herself but Mike kissed and caressed her which seemed to distract her. He worked his fingers into her cunt and asked her if he could fuck her later on and she told him he could. Vicky and Corey were finishing off and Mike made use of Vicky’s mouth (and then reminded her that her had been inside Claire). Corey got Vicky off and then came himself and pulled out. He got Kiyomi round to have a look at Vicky’s cunt and Vicky was treated to Kiyomi using her fingers to explore her pussy. All the guys present wanted Kiyomi to go down on Vicky, but she wasn’t ready to go that far yet (it’s easier to be eaten than to eat) and nobody is forced to do anything at the parties (encouraged, but not forced) so Kiyomi was allowed to finish covering herself up again.

In the other bedroom, they found Laura making out with Sara and Laura offering her pussy to whatever guy wanted it. Mike knew that this meant Emily was around so he went off to find her and once located, took her into the kitchen and sat her on the counter so he could eat her. She tasted slightly off to him (compared to usual) but he still finished what he’d started and ate her until she came. Laura slid down off the counter and Mike pushed his cock in to her so they could grind together while they kissed and talked. Mike told Emily that he wanted a threesome with her and Sara and Emily told him they could meet the next day but couldn’t promise Sara would let him fuck her. Mike was fine with this and even though he wanted to cum inside Sara’s tight cunt, he said he’d be happy as long as he got to eat her.

By this point in the party, everyone had heard that Sue was actually my little sister and Mike thought that the best way to demonstrate just how close we were was to go down on her (not to make her cum) and then slide his cock in to her. A few people asked how much Sue and I did together and they answered honestly (although a few things were omitted) and said that we didn’t go down on each other and mostly just kissed. Mike decided that he’d waited for long enough and wanted to claim his session with Kiyomi so left Sue to explain herself and asked Kiyomi if he could make her cum (his deal was with Corey so he actually had to ask).

Kiyomi let him lead her upstairs and they used the second bedroom (the first was occupied by Scott, Brett and Melissa (and possibly another girl but Mike didn’t stay to check). Kiyomi had mostly dressed again following her session with Vicky but Mike didn’t mind this as it meant he got to kneel in front of her and slide her panties down. Kiyomi had another cutesy outfit on – a very pink and frilly skirt with white stockings and suspenders underneath. This isn’t really Mike’s favourite look, but he was more interested in her pussy than her clothing and once it was exposed, he ran his fingers back and forth over it and then fingered her. He really wanted to slide his tongue into her and see how she tasted, but we still didn’t know if she was ‘safe’ so he had to use a dental dam. This didn’t stop him from eating her to orgasm and after a short kitty kissing session, he moved up her body and pushed his cock into her. As they fucked, he told her about the unprotected party and asked her if she was going to come to it. She said that wasn’t sure Mike described to her how much he wanted to eat her pussy, taste her and feel its texture and then went on to describe how much every guy at the party wanted to fuck her.

My (limited) understanding is that Japanese people are meant to be quite embarrassed about sex but Kiyomi didn’t seem to mind the dirty talk and as the session got more heated, she started to thrust back against him. Mike got her to wrap her legs around him and they kissed deeply, swapping saliva, as he pumped into her. To finish off, they rolled over so Kiyomi was on top and Mike pounded away inside her at full speed. He held her ass tightly to help guide her and slowly edged his fingers closer together until they were touching on her asshole. It took Kiyomi a while to cum and Mike had to concentrate quite hard to hold back, but he got an orgasm out of her and then once he allowed himself, he came quite quickly. She stayed on his cock for a little while and he told her how he wished he’d been able to cum in her properly and asked her to think about coming to the unprotected party (she agreed to think about it).

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