Friday, 26 July 2013

Sex Party - April 2013 - Part 2

Mike had spent quite a while with Kiyomi and went off to find what the others had been up to. They had been keeping themselves busy – Vicky had let Laura play with her (and played back) and Sue had fucked Neil while Melissa had been busy upstairs. Mike knew that Vicky planned to have a session with Bennett and convinced Sue to join them. Bennett ended up enjoying this quite a bit as Sue licked his cock and Vicky’s cunt while they fucked, but as she knelt on the bed to do this, Paul decided that he wanted to make use of Sue’s cunt and took her from behind. This seemed to work out quite well for everyone and people enjoyed watching (foursomes are fairly rare at the parties). They switched places so both Sue and Vicky were kneeling on the bed and Paul & Bennett fucked them both, switching between them every now and then. The audience really liked seeing two large breasted girls being fucked together and Emily convinced Sara to take advantage of the situation and sit up at the head of the bed so the Sue and Vicky could take turns licking her. It was decided that whoever came last would have to finish Sara off and Vicky won this privilege (by losing). She did at least get to finish off with Bennett inside her and then ate Sara until she came.

After that display, people were even more convinced that Sue was related to me (it’s nice to know I have a reputation!) and she just lay on the bed for a while (still mostly naked) to recover. Mike took Vicky for a walk and they watched some of the other people doing things – nothing else too crazy was happening but Mike managed to convince Hannah to let him eat her and Vicky let Craig fuck her breasts for a while (but he wasn’t allowed to cum as Mike was preparing a surprise for Sue). They played and chatted with a few more people throughout the evening, during which time Mike arranged a couple of things.

Only when the party started to wind down did Mike lead Sue to one of the sofas and start to play with her. Many of the other people there knew what was going to happen and Vicky said that from her position it was obvious that they were waiting, but Mike did a good enough job of distracting Sue that she didn’t seem to notice that people were watching her (more closely than usual). Mike fingered Sue while kissing her and then got her to sit over him so they could fuck (he was sitting up on the sofa so Sue had her back to the rest of the room). As they fucked, Mike slid down the sofa slightly so Sue was leaning over him a little and he then indicated to Bennett that it was time. Bennett stood behind Sue and Mike told Sue that he had a surprise lined up – she quickly looked round as Bennett pushed his cock against her ass but Mike told her to relax and let them fuck her. Sue told Bennett to be gentle but faced Mike again and let Bennett slide into her ass. They gave her a fairly decent session, throughout which Mike kept describing to her how everyone was watching her cunt and ass being fucked simultaneously. Laura got the honour of helping to finish Sue off (she reached under Sue to play with her clit) and once she had cum Mike stayed still and let Bennett cum in her ass before he finished fucking her and came in her cunt (Mike actually came in her while Bennett used protection).

They pulled out and left Sue on the sofa, but this was just the beginning. Mike had arranged with Vicky that she would eat Sue and clean his cum out of her (and then go on to make her cum) and Laura had been told that she could make use of Sue’s mouth (which she did). Sue had figured out what was going on and later told them that she had suspected that she might be the target of a group fuck (as Vicky had been the previous time). To give credit where due, she pretty much surrendered herself to it and let people do whatever they wanted (Mike didn’t let anyone else fuck her ass, but she had a number of guys in her cunt and mouth, generally one after the other, but interspersed with a couple of the gay and bi girls. As an incentive, Mike promised that anyone who made Sue cum would get priority access to a threesome with Sue and I at the next party (which I’m not too happy about – not that I object to the threesomes, but I don’t want to be limited to what I can do at a proper unprotected party).

The promise worked though and Sue got a good seeing to from a number of people. Even Caroline and Melissa were convinced to go down on Sue briefly while Clare went all the way and made Sue cum. This led to lots of teasing from Giles and Mike about how Clare just wanted a threesome with two sisters (even though it was obviously Giles who wanted so see this). To finish off, Laura fucked Sue with a wine bottle (just the neck) while other people groped and fondled Sue’s body (not too many people as she was still on the sofa and not easy to get to – I pointed out that this was bad planning on Mike’s part and he should have held the session on one of the beds).

The general horniness of the situation encouraged a few other couples to play amongst themselves but not much else happened once everyone had finished with Sue. She stayed on the sofa dressed in just her socks and actually fell asleep so Laura lifted one of her legs and put her foot on the floor so her pussy was nicely exposed (I thought this was a nice touch). Mike promised Giles that he could have Sue again on the Sunday if he wanted (along with Vicky) and then checked with Vicky to see if she thought this would be okay. Fortunately for him, she agreed (Vicky knows about Jen and I trying to ‘turn’ Clare and was on board with helping her be more adventurous). Mike, Vicky and Sue had to get a cab back to the hotel as Sue still felt very tired. Vicky took Sue’s clothes in her bag and they borrowed Melissa’s jacket, which was just long enough to cover Sue’s nakedness. Once back in the room, they lay Sue in the bed and Mike teased Vicky with his fingers and once she realised that he wasn’t going to stop she let him eat her and then spoon in her (Mike didn’t cum again but semi-fucked her).

The next morning Mike woke Sue by gently eating her. She felt reasonably rested and not as tender as Vicky had after her group session. He went on to make Sue cum and then switched to Vicky (who was awake by this point) while Sue showered. He didn’t fuck either of them as he was saving himself for Emily and Sara.) Mike told Sue what he had lined up for her that day and she seemed a little disappointed that he wasn’t going with them but he promised Sue that if she helped to pleasure Clare and Giles, he would repay her in full. Vicky still didn’t need any convincing and was quite happy to get a cock and a cunt to play with (or two cunts if you include Sue’s). They went out for brunch and met up with Clare and Giles – Mike told Giles to take care of them (as if they couldn’t take care of themselves –I’d have been more worried for Giles and Clare). They arranged to meet back at the hotel at 4 and Mike headed off to Sara’s place where he was meeting her and Emily. The others returned to Clare’s room and used one of our tricks to make a floor-bed by using the duvet and pillows. We don’t know everything that happened there, but this is what we’ve priced together from the various things we’ve been told.

Giles was eager to get started but he waited for someone else to make the first move. Sue went to Giles and quickly freed his cock while Vicky started to pull Clare’s clothes off. Sue ended up fucking Giles and once she was riding him, Vicky sat over his face so he could eat her. They didn’t want Clare to feel left out so Vicky swapped with Clare and (with some encouragement) Clare and Sue both stroked Vicky’s pussy for a while. Vicky then knelt and played with Sue’s clit while kissing her nipples and this was enough to get Sue off even before Giles came. They let Clare suck Giles’ cock clean as he finished her off and as they only had a few hours, moved on to round two almost straight away.

As Vicky hadn’t cum yet it was only fair that she received some attention and in order to continue her training, Clare was selected to be the one to pleasure Vicky. Vicky lay on her back with her legs spread and Clare gingerly started to kiss around her pussy and then finally lick her. Giles was left to play with Vicky’s breasts and Sue lay down with her head between Clare’s legs and pulled her ass down so she could eat Clare’s cunt. Despite the fact Clare is still learning how to eat pussy, she got Vicky off before Sue got Clare off (but to be fair, Vicky had a head start).

As Clare had cum twice in close succession, she was left out of the next round. Giles was sufficiently hard again so Sue and Vicky took him (Vicky on his cock, Sue on his face). He lasted a fair bit longer this time but Sue played with Vicky’s clit so Vicky came quite a bit before Giles did. Sue came next and dismounted Giles so he could finish in Vicky more easily. Giles fucked Vicky a little longer before cumming in her and they had a short break.

Vicky was all in on training Clare so suggested that while Giles recovered, Clare eat Sue. Sue wasn’t really ready to cum again but Vicky pestered her and said they didn’t have much time so she gave in and lay on the bed so Clare could kneel and eat her. Vicky decided that she liked Clare’s pussy so crawled under her and ate her in a similar way to Sue had (but Clare was now crouching in a more upright position). Clare (somehow) hadn’t been expecting this to happen but again Vicky was quite forceful and Clare gave in and let her have her way. This time Clare came first, but from what Vicky said, she was quite intense in the way she ate Clare. Once Sue had cum, they set about prepping Giles for his final round.

He was semi-hard after watching the three of them, but having cum twice already he required a little more stimulation. Knowing that Giles likes breasts, Vicky used hers to stroke his cock and then as he got stiffer, she wrapped them around it to do an even better job. Giles liked this but he enjoyed it even more when Sue joined in. At first she bent over and licked the head of his cock as it appeared from between Vicky’s breasts but she then swapped with Vicky and took over the tit-fucking. With Giles’ cock now at full strength, it was time for Clare to be fucked. She lay on her side and let Giles spoon with her but Vicky told them to sit on the edge of the bed with Clare facing away from Giles so she and Sue could lick them both. Clare complained that she didn’t have the energy for this but was made to do it anyway and as one of Sue of Vicky licked Clare’s clit, the other fondled Giles’ balls. This session took even longer than the one before and Clare came before Giles did (helped out by a fair bit of clit sucking). To let Giles finish off, Clare lay on her back and Giles held her legs up while fucking her and Sue and Vicky each kissed one of Clare’s breasts. They had a bit of time left but were all pretty beat so just lay around on the bed chatting. Both Sue and Vicky had one final lick of Clare and suck of Giles before they left. If I’d have been there I would have made sure to mark Clare and Giles with our juices, but apparently not everyone does that!

In the meantime, Mike had been making good use of his time with Emily and Sara. They seemed quite happy to see him and Sara seemed to be in a very playful mood so he told her that he hoped he was going to get a chance to fill her beautiful little cunt with his cock. She gave him a coy look and told him that he might if he was good so he promised to be as good as he could be. They moved into the bedroom and he let Emily and Sara undress each other (technically he asked them to do this). Sara was wearing one of her light pink sets of cute underwear on (and Mike likes cute) so he asked her to keep them on for a while. As she was being so accommodating, he asked if she had any long white socks, but she went one better and produced a pink pair that matched her underwear. Emily didn’t want to be outdone and while she didn’t have cute panties on, she did put on the white socks (she knows Mike likes these).

With the girls looking incredibly cute, Mike couldn’t wait any longer to get started. He really wanted to taste Emily but didn’t want to leave Sara out so asked if he could eat them both at once. They were up for this so Emily sat on the bed with Sara on top of her and Mike licked up and down both of their cunts. He noticed that Emily seemed to taste quite a bit better than she had at the party, more like her usual taste (but obviously he didn’t say this to her) and he partly wished that he was just eating her so he could enjoy her flavour properly. He took turns concentrating on them, but also spent times licking them both. He debated getting Sara to pull her panties off as they kept getting in his way, but decided to keep them on her for the time being as they looked so cute. He got Sara off first and then Emily (with an intervening dual-lick session between their orgasms).


  1. i have only just found your blog and think its great i have gone back and read some of your older posts there so good. are all your stories based on real events ?? i also love your pictures how old where you when you first started this blog ??

    keep them coming this blog is awesome my girl friend has even started reading them

  2. I was 22 when I started writing this and only had 3 years sexual experience (and even though I'd started to enjoy myself, I wasn't doing anything like the things I get up to now (although I guess I'd already started experimenting with exhibitionism).

    The vast majority of stories are documenting things we've done - the older ones were based more on recollections, but once the blog got underway properly, we knew we'd be writing about things so now often make notes so we remember what we did more accurately. The few 'fantasy' stories I've written (some more successful than others) are labelled as fantasies (and there will be another one coming when I write about the group holiday we were on a few weeks ago).

    I'm glad you enjoy the blog and I hope it helps inspires you and your gf to cum many times. I like staying in touch with my readers so feel free to comment or email me (address is in profile) whenever you want and I/we will get back to you as soon as we have time.